2015-05-14 Aftermath
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Players: Marie, Scott, Logan, Killian, Emma, Jose
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Title: Aftermath

[* X-Mansion: Staff Meeting Hall *]
The Staff Meeting Hall is a wide open room that used to be a music and dance hall. It is now occupied by a large wooden conference table and multiple desks for all of the school's teachers. These desks are arranged in mostly the same fashion with small wood seperators between them for a vague amount of privacy so students can schedule meetings with specific teachers and come in here for them. Each desk also has a computer setup for each teacher to store needed information.
The room has hardwood floors and the far wall stretches down the backside of the mansion. This is the wall that the teacher alcoves rest and they have natural lighting shining in from the large windows that look out into the backyard of the mansion acreage.
The center of the room is where the big conference table resides and it is often used for teacher meetings as well as for new student orientation. The front wall of this hall is lined with large oil paintings and art sculptures.
There are ornate crystal chandeliers that hang from the ceiling illuminating this hall when it is night time outside.

Scott glances back at Rogue, who is smiling away. He smirks before he looks back at Emma who is trying to read his thoughts. He tries to think of a distraction from Emma's mind reading. He's learned how to block Jean out. "I'm not sure you'd like what you would see, Miss Frost." He crosses his arms as he smiles, "Yes, I do have the X-Men and I am grateful for that. Beyond grateful." He then exhales, indicating he's holding back. "Charles has been quiet lately. I'm trying to pick up the weight with every move I make. I just have some internal issues I need to work on."


And… Marie stares at them with her chin planted in the palms of her hands and her fingertips wrapping against the side of her hairline up underneath those white bangs of hers. She's turning her butt back and forth in her swivvle chair causing the office chair to turn back and forth while she just sits there, starring happily at Emma and Scott.

"Well, I'm not going to be as quiet as Chuck has been. You can have Mr. Morgan, I'll be taking over as principal for the rest of the students." Emma notes suddenly. With a glance towards Rogue and a slight lift of one of those bleach blonde eyebrows, she projects, /Something amusing Marie, you are unusually happy.
"You can have the students. I'll be working on the after school activities," says Scott with a small smile. "Sometimes I have—" He pauses, as he looks back at Marie, who just happens to be smiling. He rolls his eyes from behind his glasses, "Ah, that explains it." He reveals something, "Last night, I met your gentlemanly caller. He said his name was 'Remy' and 'Bonjour.' He then said something about a car." He then looks back at Emma, "Since you're the principal of the school and I'm running the after school activies, I am sure there's a lot to be brought to table. Would dinner next be a good time?" He pauses, as he tries to rephrase it so it does not sound bad. "I mean, are you available?" He then retreats his desk.

"Remy mentioned me?" Marie asked as she heard this, still smiling, still staring at them with her chin in her hands. "He's pretty dreamy… and yes, he gave me a car." She adds then. "I told you about it… in the gym, that time that Drake fell off of the balance beam. God, Scott. You never listen to me." She was teasing him of course, smiling her big dopey smile at them both.

"I can do next week." says Emma, as she moves her mouse and makes a few clicks on her calendar. "You'll pick me up around seven pm next Wednesday, and you're going to take me to Saint George, and we'll speak more of it then." Emma says having turned towards Scott and then her eyes glance to Marie, unsure of what to do in regards to the soul sucker other than ignore her, which she does and goes back to her computer screen for a few minutes.

"What will I be instructed to order and wear, Miss Frost?" says Scott, bemused by how Emma just took over the invite. Right about now, he starts to miss having to deal with Wolverine argue with him about plans. Because a debate is better than instructions. He looks back at Marie, deciding to let out some minor information. "Betsy had me go with her to some dive where I met Remy. He was very interested in you." He begins to second guess his decisions; Jean, Betsy, and now Emma. Why are all the interests he have telepaths?!

Marie watched them continously and she then spoke out. "I feel so honored that I got to be here to see the two of you discuss your first date." She says to them, still swivvling right and left in her chair. "I hope that I get to be in the wedding. I love bridesmaide's dresses. They're always so colorful…" She said, still smiling.

Emma actually scoffs aloud at Marie's words. "You know my bride's maids are going to have to show almost as much skin as I do." Emma then winks quickly to Marie then shoots a glance to Scott, "You will wear your third best suit. Nothing too fancy, I don't want to be outdone by my date." She doesn't deny it's a date. "Should I prepare a bride's maid dress for myself for you and this Remy character?" Emma asks calmly towards Marie.

Scott coughs, "First date?" He glances back at Emma and then at Rogue; "I think you might be mistaken. It was a professional courtesy as we both will be instructing the student body. In some ways, my practices will be against what Miss Frost will be teaching. My students will need to know that the battlefield has its own set of rules." He then bites his lower lip; chewing on it for a moment. "Not to suggest that I find anything wrong with the notion of courting Miss Frost." He looks down on his desk's computer screen and goes sees something on the news page of interest. "Is that one of our student's in Hell's Kitchen? There was an incident and it looks like…" He pauses, "One of our students got photographed with a stray dog during the event."

"Ain't nobody puttin a ring on this finger, hon." Rogue replied to Emma as she stopped swvilling in her chair and let her hands fall down onto her desk's top. "Ain't a man on this planet worthy of my fine self." Her grin blossomed at Emma then before Scott started yammering and she looked at him. She shot up out of her chair and went around the desks to where Scott's PC monitor was… "Oh, son of a bitch.. thats Jose." She announces, seeing the headphones.

Standing up calmly and moving away from her laptop as Marie speaks. "Nice to have some arm candy at least." Emma replies to Marie, as she closes her computer as she moves towards the door and turns to give Scott a sultry smile before she steps into the hall shouting loudly, "Mr. MORGAN!" Must be some puddles on the floor.

With Emma in the hallway, Scott looks at Marie and shakes his head, "A date? You called it a date? She seems very controlling at times. I am not sure if I am—" He pauses, "Ready for that or dating. I already did the fifty shades of Jean Grey saga. I think it took years off my lifespan and I'm cracked from it." He exhales. "Remy seems nice though."

Marie watches Emma go find Jose and yell for him, she'd never met the kid before.. she's been gone the whole time. "Yo, Emma, he can hear us right now." She says. She then talks out to the room. "Jose, bud, come on down to the Staff Meeting Hall if you can." With that said she looked over to Scott and sat down on the edge of his desk, picking up one of the nick-nacks on his desk and looking at it. "Jean's gone bonkers, Scott. I'm sorry about that." She said in a serious tone, looking over at his ruby-shades.

Soon Jose is in the staff hall, his foot steps are never heard, being ever silent. He has changed since comming to the mansion. Now wearing long jeans, his sneakers, and a sweater, despuite the warm weather. His headphones, battered and beaten where of course on his head. But otherwise he dosn't really look at anyone, he simply comes in, avoding any eyes

Scott pulls out the drawer labelled 'Students' Files.' It's filled with HotWheels for some ungodly reason. He smiles at Rogue as she places with the stuff on his desk. "This was unhealthy habbit. I purchased one new car for every time I wanted to drive away from it all." He then suggests something, "She should be sent to Muir Island. It would be best for everyone." He starts to pull out some of the HotWheels. "I got this one just on Monday."

Marie is seated on the corner of Scott's desk and she's peaking over the thing, lookin in the hotwheel's drawer when he opens it up for her to see. "Damn, Summers, yo…" She says laughing lightly, she lifts her hands up to keep her hair from falling into her face as she stares at all the little metal cars. "You got a ton of toys in your desk." She looked at him and laughed, before sitting up straight again and looking over to where Jose is. "Hey, bud, come here, check out all the cars that Summers is hiding."

A whole five minuts have passed and Jose still didn't make a sound let alone talk. He did go over and peek at all the cars. He puts on a small smile, but nothing much else

"Being that I spent my childhood without having much in the orphanage, I remember having a couple of these. I kind of imagined driving away from it all. Especially with th-" He pauses, "And now I have a date with the /Ice/ Queen? Thanks, 'Rogue.' I'll make sure I tell Remy something nice when I see him again." He smiles at her, letting her know he's somewhat joking. "I need a good excuse to cancel that date. I need to master the art of being a jerk." With that, he grins, "Has anyone seeen Logan lately?" He then looks at Jose, "Are you ok?" He hopes that the kid showered after the dog urine incident.

Jose most certianly DID shower. Even a runaway knows how to keep clean. None the less Jose nods his head at Scott and shuffles through some of the pictures. Sure he is saying he is fine, but anyone that know Jose would know he would have at the very least done some sort of kokoburra laugh or at least mimiced a car engine. But he was nothing silent. He adjust his headphones more to comfort himself then anything after hearing Scotts words

Speak of the devil and he shall appear in which Logan does. He tosses some keys onto Scott's desk, "Even put gas in it this time." Looking between them, "What I miss?"

Marie was going to say something to Scott before he regarded Jose too and she could tell the kid was pretty down on his mood. She watched him fiddling with those old broken headphones and she frowned. Her eyes went over to Logan then as he appeared. "Jose got peed on, but a stray dog." She quietly said to him and then looked back at the kid. "What were you doing in New York, Jose? How'd you even get there?"

Scott covers for Jose. "He was on a field trip with Drake I believe." He reaches into his desk and pulls out a pair of new headphones; ones that he never used. "Here, thanks for helping Drake." He looks at Marie and Jose with a smile. He nods back to Logan. "Thanks, Logan." He just gives a basic nod.

A spark of anger jumps through Jose eyes as he jumps back and hisses like a -very- angry cat at Scott. He holds onto his headphones as if they would be taken any moment. And then he falls silent once more he turns and seems about to leave, he almost seems to be holding back tears.

Logan looks over at Jose now, "Kiddo are you ok?" he asks this being the first time he has seen him like this. "Jose helped me tune up your bike, Scott. he and Killian both actually. And it has never been better."

Marie watched Scott pull those head phones out and she reached out. "N—" but it was too late and Jose reacted at them. This got a light exhale out of the girl as she sat there on the corner of Summer's desk. "Jose, we ain't gonna touch your headgear." She told him. "Yours are like… them grizzled old atheletes that have won nine championships. They've got mad respect. Not gonna just throw them out. So don't fret on it, bud."

Not sure if Logan's taking a jab at him that the bike is better than when he works on it, Scott refrains from acting on that thought. Instead, he lookse at Jose, "You ok, Jose? I didn't mean anything other than that these are just extras that I won't be needing." He looks at his inbox for a second and sees the new changes. He already knows he might be no longer a teacher if he keeps rewarding students. He shrugs, knowing that Emma is going to yell at him anyway, "Oh, Logan. I had to take these away from Hector." He pulls out a wooden box full of Cuban cigars. "Figured you'd know how to dispose of them the best." He looks back at Jose, kind of confused on why the kid is hissing his way. He tries to not react since Marie has the situation handled.

"There not respect! There all I have!!!" Jose nearly shouts "And no one going to take em!!!", but it wasn't his voice, infact it was no one from the mansion, shield or anywhere, but a strangers voice by all accounts. Today, out of all days has likely been the hardest hitting for him. Tears were now there, he couldn't hold them back any more. Though his voice didn't sound like it was the sobbing kind. He turns and says "I didn't have many classes, so went to new york ta pawn some games off" he admits trying to avoid it at this point "If…I'm not in trouble, can I go?" Should he even go?

A computer's AOL newsfeed shows a video of Hell's Kitchen's recent events with a dog urinatng on Jose. Just in case Logan needs to see it…

Logan blinks as Josa flies off the handle after taking the cigars pocketing them to smoke later, "Woah.. they weren't trying to take them. If anything they were offering another pair to go with it. Noticing the feed he lifts a brow and then back to Jose a moment. Hearing the voice he grabs the boy by the back of his collar to spin him around to face him, "Who are you?" he asks strongly.

"First of all, Jose, you are not in trouble. We're going to work with you. You've had a bad day and I know what that's like. I've been pretty much waiting for a good day to happen." The teacher thinks that next Wednesday won't be a good day either…. Anyhoo, Scott smiles warmly as he pulls out some diecast cars for him. "Here, have fun with these." He nods to Logan, still trying to keep calm, "I wanted you to have a second pair so you could protect that pair." He's not sure where the voice came from but he's letting Logan handle it. "Marie, remind me to get three Matchboxes when I head out tonight."

Marie wasn't the most motherly woman around, but she did feel a large amount of pain when she saw just how much of it Jose was in, but thats when Logan reacted as Logans do… and she reached out both of her hands to try to stop it… but it to, was too late. "Guys… guys!" She says, looking around herself at all the males… "He's bomboarded with sounds, non stop, twenty four seven… three sixty five… Chill!" She tried to reason with them, shed some light. "Its like, sensory overloard shit…" She looked at the kid. "Jose. We're going to try to help you find a way to tune out however much sound you want to tune out, we just gotta make you something for it… something sorta like Scott here uses on his eyes. But…" She pointed up at the kid's headset. "For your gear there."

Jose eyes go wide, and it is almost like a fast forward, Jose plays the entire memorie of how his day been up to when the car crash happened, fast forwarded. And then it a sudden change, the sound slow down to 'normal' speeds and it sounds like there in the ever glads all around. Distorted voice are heard talking, followed by gun shot and screams, different from the ones at the crime scene today. Jose then becomes silent for about 10 seconds, and it hits. The same scream he did that day all those years ago, that same scream he did when ever got adopted, the one he did when most upset. His death wail. It's sound was horrible, it didn't just hurt the ears, it may as well hurt the soul itself with it anger and pain. And it was getting -loud-

Logan blinks letting him go to cover his ears as the boy begins to scream. "Not another one." he growls out remembering there is a girl that can do much the same. Oh yeah being right in his face does rather shake up everything in him.

Quickly, Scott goes to cover his ears but manages to knock his glasses off. He proceeds to cover his eyes and his ears with his hands. A red glow around his fingrrs suggest he's having a hard time. He closes his eyes and tries to keep them closed as he moves his right hand to the ground to fish for his eyewear.

Rogue felt a wealth of pain from the sound, for sure, but it wasn't quite as bad as the others… because her pain thresh-holds were a hell of lot higher than everyone else's in here. She saw Scott's glases go tumbling down and she hopped off the desk to pick them up and put them into his hand as he searched for them. She then turned around and faced Jose, "Stop!" She said sternly at him. "Jose! You can't stay here anymore if you don't stop this!"

The wail dosn't stop, Jose couldn't stop. He hands were on his set as if trying to drown out his own screaming. Sure he done this before, but this has been one of the very few times he has ever done it twice in one day. Eventually he collaspes on the ground, unable to take a double dose of his own medicene. The scream slowly dies away despite being outconciouse, and becomming more rough, like someone about to lose their voice. The young mutant was sweating bullets, tears underneath his eyes, and his headphone rolling a few inches away when he collopses

Logan holds onto his ears but fights through it to pick up Scott's glass placing them on his face. Last thing they need is to be deaf and blown up. As the boy finally faints or whatever he stares at him. "What the bloody hell was that?" he asks rubbing at his ears unable to really hear what he just said.

"Thanks, Logan." Scott can tell it was Logan who put the glasses on him. Stale beer and cheap cigars scents. He shakes his head as he tries to get the painful ringing out from his ear drums. "Who has been training and working with him? His powers are not being disciplined. He can ruin it for all of the other students if he gets out of control." He makes a note, "Emma will need to deal with him."

"Nobody has, god damnit!" Marie shouts back at Scott, she was crouched over the collapsed boy… she then exhaled softly. "I'm sorry." She said more quietly. "Nobody has, I've been trying to get him assistance for weeks now and I keep getting brushed under the rug. Being told 'how busy everyone is'." Her eyes went up to Logan then. "Or people just not being around here." She said to him too. She then looked back to Scott. "I've been trying to… make him feel more comfortable here, to come out of his shell, but these -things- he's going through, they're above my paygrade, out of my wheelhouse… however you wanna explain it." She looked down at Jose and put her gloved hand on his shoulder and then reached over to pick up the kid's headset to keep it safe until he woke up.

A few hours latter

[* X-Mansion: Infirmary and Medical Lab *]

This series of rooms hold the same decor as the rest of the hallways and rooms of the basement. Polished metal floors and shining metal walls, lit by strips of white lights at the base and top of the walls.
The main room of the med lab has a series of beds sitting between dividers, each bed has a high tech computer monitoring system next to it for watching after patients. Off of the main room one can find sliding-metal doors that lead into bathrooms, a surgical room and two private examination rooms.
The X-School's med lab is filled with the latest in medical technology computers and scanning equipment. You could treat even the most heavily injured people here.

It has been a few hours since the incident. And only now does Jose actualy stir. Opening his eyes he for the moment stares at the ceiling. Everything is silent. Wait silent! His hands fly to his ears almost paniced, but to drained to do much else. Either he was deaf, is not hearing as much as he is used to

"Careful." Marie said to him as he woke up. "You're in the med lab. Walls here are sound proof." She then stepped around the bed and looked down at him. She was still in that green Rangers hockey jersey and she had his headset in her hands. She offered it to him. "Here." She said, looking calm. "How ya feelin, kiddo?"

Logan is sitting there reading an actual book his hearing coming back slowly. Good thing he can regenerate or he'd be permantly deaf. A hand rubs at his chin and scratches, "This book is stupid other than about the war." his voice raised a bit because he has a hard time hearing it. He is reading Gone With The Wind. Looking up he puts it aside and stands, "Oh he is awake." voice still raised.

Killian 's ears are still ringing from the scream Jose let out earlier and after a lot of wandering about and asking questions he's finally been pointed in the direction of the infirmery. As he was chilling alone in his room before running out Killian is missing his usual gloves and long sleeves so he knocks on the door of the infirmery with his foot.

Jose take his headset carefully, not moving as fast as he would normally. Infact, he seemed absolutly drained. His eyes flicker to Logan eyeing him warily before Killian knocking actualy make him jump! Used to noise all the time and having to pick them out, it's an odd experince having them be so 'clear'. But even then something else was on his mind. He remember what happened, and is almost certain of his fate when he asks "when…when do I leave?"

Marie looked up as Killian stepped into the room and she gave him a soft smile. She then stepped aside to let Killian have her place at the bed and she walked over to where Logan was, the waiting chairs not far away. "Jose, you're just here to relax and get some rest in… So enjoy it and just, chill a bit. You'll be able to go when you're feeling top notch."

Logan looks between the pair a moment taking a moment to catch what was said. "If you mean the school. Jose, we aren't kicking you out." he tells him to clear that up. "But for now eat your chili when Marie brings it." yes some stuff got lost in translation.

Killian walks in and stands next to Jose's bed, "You ok? what the hell happened?", he frowns looking round at the mention of 'kicking out', "Yeah of course he's not, why has that even been a thing? Whats happened?", Jose can be a little… energetic at times but kicking him out?

Jose runs his hand over on of the cups of the headset, his ealier collapse had cracked the cup in half. He put his headphones on and sighs, not even sure how to explain. Instead opting to say "I'm fine Killian, relax". Yea right, the worse liar in the world would sound move convincing that him right now

Marie watched the two friends and she sat down on the arm of a chair, her gloved hands going to rest together between her knees and the jeans she had on. "Apparently." She starts. "Jose took a little trip into the city and was unlucky enough to end up in Hell's Kitchen, during a violent robbery…" She says, watching Killian's reaction. "According to the news, it was a pretty damn nasty exchange."

Logan moves to sit next to Marie, "Our kitchen isn't hell. I cleaned it." he tells her clearly not understanding what she said. "He screamed upstairs and passed out." is said towards Killian his voice raised because well.. He was right in jose's face whn this happened and he can't hear well now but its getitng better slowly.

Killian 's fingers twitch, "Another one? Did they hurt him?", he looks to Marie and Logan "If this all went down in the city why did Jose go supersonic here?", somethings being left out and even Killian can see that, "And why does he think he's being kicked out?", yeah he's talking like Jose isn't there but he doesn't really seem to be.

Jose didn't want anyone to be in trouble. And he wasn't secretive either, being fairly open. He states in almost a whisper of a voice, playing through the scene in his head "I over-reacted, that's all Kian". Which is true, it was a bad day, and things, just spun out of control

Mare propper her left elbow on Logan's shoulder and she watched the two students in front of her. "Yeah, it was just a sudden reaction." She said. "Stress enduced and such." She then stood up from the seat and looked at Jose. "You need anything from the kitchen?" She asked, looking at Logan and Killian. "Any of you? I'm gonna go grab those left over cupcakes and bring them down here for you, Jose."

"You got kicked in the nut? Put ice on it." Logan tells Killian while rubbing at his ears. He glances at Marie, "I don't want a cup of tea. Get me a Dr Pepper and maybe one of those cupcakes."

"Over reacted to what Jose?", nothing is ok here, this isn't Jose, Jose jumps around and makes noises and talks to himself like a crazy person, Jose doesn't sit down quietly and stay still, Killian has never seen Jose so… not Jose.

"Logan grabbed me and spun me around, asking me I was. Guess he thought I mighta been a shapeshifter or something. It no big deal really" Jose says. And then he looks to Marie and gives her a small smiles of appreciation. He seems to be in thought and says "I..i'm sorry." to those in the room

Marie looked at Logan sitting there in the chair and she smirked at the thought of that man eating some brightly colored cupcake. "You got it." She said softly to him before looking back to Killian who was yet-still searching for the smokin-gun on this place being Hell on Earth. She ignored that, and looked to Jose. "You don't gotta be sorry, bud." She said to him. "You just gotta rest and get back to laughing that laugh of yours." She smiled a little and turned to make for the doorway. "I'll be back shortly, boys. Play nice…"

Logan gets to his feet, "I'll go help." he follows her.

"Wait, he did this to you?!", Whatever Killian was planning to do is stopped by Logan scarpering out of the room with Marie, he would go after the guy but he's not leaving Jose alone in a room with no sound, "Sorry Jose, I should've been there to help", he actually would've been there today but he had one last assignment to complete before the end of classes so asked to switch days.

Jose gives a weak smile "He didn't mean too." he sighs and lays back exhasted "Was bound to happen sooner or latter. It's…it's not the first time. You heard smaller versions, but never the big one" he says. Jose has a bit of a faraway look and shakes his head as if chasing stray thoughts away

Killian sighs as Jose sinks back into being quiet, gotta be a way to take his mind off things, "Oh, hey Jose, watch this", he walks over to an electrical outlet and places his hand over it and the lights flicker as he absorbs, walking back over to Jose his eyes are now an electric blue colour, he holds out a hand aiming at a metal object on the other side of the room and a charge runs up his arm, the metal thing shakes a little before flying into Killian's hand and when it connects his clothing, body and hair turn metalic, "Cool right?"

Jose stares. It's a long moment before he gives a rather quiet kokoburra laugh "Grow a few inches and yer can be the tin man!". It wasn't much but it was something "Think yer kin reverse it?". Even drained, there was a mischieviouse spark that flickered across his eyes. The thing about echos, is that they always come back

Killian grins, part because theres a little of Jose back, part because as much as he won't admit it, using his powers feels good, "Lets see", taking a deep breath the metal starts moving away from his body until his armis just turning back in the dirction of the metal, once he's completely flesh and blood again there's another charge and the object is blasted across the room and the wall is left with a nice blackened outline, "Oops".

Jose looks to the outline, to Killian, and back to the outline "Now I KNOW I aint taking the blame for that one… Let use knives next time" he says giving a full blown kokoburra laugh. He tries to get out of bad, but feeling better ot not, he wasn't 100
as he begins tripping up and almost collapsing again, having to grab the nightstand for support.

Jose looks to the outline, to Killian, and back to the outline "Now I KNOW I aint taking the blame for that one… Let use knives next time" he says giving a full blown kokoburra laugh. He tries to get out of bad, but feeling better ot not, he wasn't 100 percent as he begins tripping up and almost collapsing again, having to grab the nightstand for support.

Killian grabs Jose to steady him making sure not to make any skin-to-skin contact, once he's steady Killian heads over to the blackmark on the wall and moving a plant in front of it, "Problem solved right?", Jose maybe shakey but he looks like he's coming back to himself, or is at least on the way.

Jose nods "Whit problem?" he quips back. Soon enough though he was back in the bed, moving forward wasn't an option, and the time was getting late. Jose is soon still again and he remove his headphone, but they stay firmly in his grasp "Think, mabey I'll jist sleep the rest of this off…." he gives a tiger's roar in place of a yawn, but it still quieter. Though he looks around, it was still a sound proof room after all "Mind jist, opening the door, or turning on some facets…it's so quiet here"

Killian walks around the room turning on the medical shower, a couple of mechines and opening the door, "There we go", he pulls out his phone and turns some music on and puts it down, "Get some rest then, I'll check on you in the morning ok?", he waits a sec in case theres not enough noise.

Jose looks around a moment, as the room comes alive, his ears twitching. And before he know it, the young mutant is knocked out cold! It is not long before he is turning and tossing, but at least he was getting back to normal. Whatever normal is for Jose anyways

* < END > *

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