2015-05-14 They Went to Jared
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Tess Drake Jose Lucy Wade Sidney Raven
GMed by Tess
Title: They Went to Jared

[* New York: Hell's Kitchen *]

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City that includes roughly the area between 34th Street and 57th Street, from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.
This section of NYC is a bustling hub of traffic at nearly all hours of the day, but its notorious for its dangerous nightlife. Those that prey on the helpless stalk the alleys and side streets of this district, using the shadows as refuge to stalk their victims. This part of NYC is not known for being friendly to those who take their safety lightly.
The streets themselves are not particularly dirty, but not particularly clean either, the district is somewhere in-between these two levels. However, the alleys that reside between the aging buildings are definitely on the filthy side of things, where homeless gather and loiter in their own makeshift homes.
Hell's Kitchen is constnatly under pressure from both sides of its denizens, the lawful and those who would break the law for personal gain.


The sound of distant sirens is by no means unusual in Hell's Kitchen. Though the sirens start to grow louder as they near the intersection. The sound of engines joins the sound of sirens, the distant whine of sirens no a more immediate "wee-oo, wee-oo" A large Red Dodge Charger powers through a red light down the street, followed by 3 Squad Cars who have trouble following him. Those who have access to a radio on the police channel might hear the police express frustration.

As the Dodge Charger charges down one of the Kitchen's main thoroughfares, bystanders at a nearby intersection will see a lone Ford Interceptor come screaming down the street and sliding through a corner to head towards an intersection, perpendicular to the Charger's path of travel - and with the green light. Those with a good view may see the Interceptor appear to be on an path to hit the Charger as they charge along perpendicular paths that may indeed soon intersect. A woman starts to cross the street, oblivious to the cacophony of light and sound that nears the intersection, chatting on her cellphone as he heads towards the person-shaped symbol on the other side of the street.

There's a bright flash as it becomes more and more clear the Interceptor is almost certainly going to hit the Charger. Some of the more perceptive watching the chase might see a claw-shaped object imbed itself in the door of the Charger while the Interceptor screams towards it, engine blaring above the sound…

Everything stops for those watching the chase scene - the telltale hit of adrenaline starts to sink in as everything slows down to a moment-by-moment real-time slideshow of the events unfolding, the Interceptor police car roaring towards the crosswalk and the intersection, the criminal Red Dodge Charger screaming away from the other 3 Squad Cars and towards the intersection as well…

Jose had been walking around when the sound of sirens got irritaitngly loud to him. And then he see the two cars about to crash into each other. "Oh crap!" is all he could think. The young mutant was out with his shorts, a t-shirt, and his headphones plus a backpack. He was close to the lady who was crossing the street and tries to quickly pull her out of the street "NO time for talking, it time for moving!"
Marie said she'd look into things, and Surge has no reason to doubt her. But it's been a while. A bankful of frozen solid victims is difficult to shake, as is the mysterious presence of an unnamed, red-clad individual. The whole thing stank, and it's made for an uneasy Californian. He has someone in Hell's Kitchen he could nudge for information, at least. So despite being in uniform, Surge is not seeking trouble.

Funny how that works.

The undeniable sound of carnage reaches him at his rooftop perch, pausing mid-stride to peer into the near distance. It's perfectly clear to him - a couple cars are about to collide on an occupied crosswalk. Despite the almost non-existent likelihood of him being able to prevent this from happening, he hurries to the edge of the building to begin hopping down the fire escape to descend into the adjoining alleyway.
Hell's Kitchen had become a spot that one of Lucy's friends spent far too much time in lately, and as such, so had she. Just exiting from a small restaraunt where she'd been picking up tacos she pauses on the sidewalk as the car chase goes screaming by. She blinks a single time, and looks down to the bags she carries with a sigh of annoyance. "So much for off duty."

Raven stands in a side alley along the street that the cars are barreling down. She's wearing a black long coat and dark sunglasses. She glances toward the street to see the police cruiser and the red charge zip past, but it doesn't seem to be related to what she's doing… hopefully. "Come along, hurry up." She quietly says to a pair of fat bald and incompetent coherts that are unloading a moving van beside her, carrying boxes into a storage warehouse.

The Interceptor's driver is either very good, or out of her mind. As the vehicle gets closer, bystanders can see the blond driving with a determined look on her face. The rims turn in slow motion as that 'oh-shit' adrenaline continues to cause everything to move slowly. Jose is able to take the woman and clear the path of travel for the Interceptor, which affects what might be an impressive drift to leave tire marks on the pavement around the two.

The two vehicles impact with an undoubtedly loud cacaphony of sounds - the crunch of fiberglass married with the mash of metal-on-metal and even another bright flash as the EMP stuck in the side of the charger discharges completely all at once.

Both cars slide as two through the other side of the intersection, where they both smash into a the pole holding the traffic lights up and come to a complete and irrevocable stop. There's the signature hiss of smoke that says 'traffic accident' as time slowly starts to return from a crawl to normal. The Interceptor pins the Charge to the light pole and airbags have deployed in both vehicles. Meanwhile, a block and a half away, only 2 of the Squad cars pull up to the intersection, shifting 90 degrees to the accident and getting out of thier cars to draw thier weapons on the accident. The Charger's driver starts to stumble out, dazed, while the Interceptor's driver is leaned back in her seat, unconcious. The cops don't quite have a clear shot at the fugitive because of the light pole and the accident, as he kneels next to his vehicle. Meanwhile, engines in the distance can be heard. This is probably where the narrarator would say that things had gone sideways in a hurry.

With the stranger lady safe, the impact of the cars and there slider causes Jose to grab his earmuffs as if pained by it. He grumbles and quickly blends into the ground silently. With the ability to become completly silent he carefully make his way closer to the crash site while avoding the cops gaze

Boots drop to earth. The sound of metal crunching fills the air and stills the teen wearing said boots. A few seconds later, a masked head surreptitiously peeks around the corner of the alley.

Yep. It's exactly what it sounded like; a major accident. But the cops are in position with weapons drawn, so they have that ostensibly covered. The fugitive is out, but it looks like there's only one of them.

While this is a royal mess, this does not justify breaking protocol. The first, most cardinal rule of being a New Mutant has always been simple: "You are not a cop." Don't get in the way of the police or rescue workers. Let them do their job. The only possibly acceptable time ot kibosh that rule is when they are so clearly incapable of handling the situation - like if a horde of jotun are rampaging through Time's Square. This situation, so far, ain't like that.

He stays put.

On a street corner, the unmasked and healde Deadpool leans against a mailbox and seems to furiously doing something on his phone, "Come on, Homer. Hurry up! I don't want to spend the donuts to make you do your thing. I wanna get my next prize." As he talks to no one in particular, some tourists are taking photos of him and start talking to him; "Can we get a photo with you, Mr. Reynolds? We loved your work in 'The Green Lantern' even though the movie was bad." Wade shrugs and pauses his game. "Not sure what you're talking about there but sure!" He starts to pose for his photo with the tourists when there'a screaming in the streets behind him where. The tourist who was taking the photo's attention focuses on the impact causing Wade to react. "Hey, Jerk! I'm over he—" Wade's attention shifts to the impact as well. "Oh mother pus bucket. Lucy's supposed to be in the area. I hope she's ok." He pushes the tourists away, "Get inside. Get cover!" He slips on two metal devices over his wrists and then pulls his mask over his face. "Time to be a hero."
A kid watches Deadpool get ready to take the streets and shouts, "Mom! Look! Ninja Spider-Man is here to save us!" Wade then strikes a pose like the famous wall crawler; showing his shiny new bracelts that look exactly like the web shooters and silly strings the kid. "Yep! I'm Spider-Man!" He then leaps into the street and heads to the scene of the impact.

One of the unloaders at Raven's van stumbles out of the vehicle and nearly drops the box he was carrying. "Hurry up, you baffoon." the red haired Raven snarled at the man before she looked back to the street. The sound of a crash, those two vehicles… intriguing. The woman put her hands into her black coat pockets and started walking down the alleyway toward its mouth, her dark high-heeled boots splashing in the water that collected down the center of the alley. When she emerged she stared out from behind her shaded glasses at the crash near the intersection… she just stared at it, now motionlessly watching.

The cops seem ready to move in, weapons drawn. A few cautious steps forward though, and they can't help but notice the 'distant' sound of engines becoming less and less distant. Black vans used in the jewelry store robbery less than an hour ago are barreling down the street in Hell's Kitchen towards the parked Cop cars. The police are barely able to dive out of the way in time when the vans barrel through the impromptu barricade and stop after sweeping the police cars aside. In the middle of the intersection eerily well-armed masked 'bandits' start climbing out of the vans. The two police officers don't last very long.

As the driver of the Charger finally finishes coming to, he starts advancing towards the Interceptor that plowed into his charger. He moves to his car and fishes around for something, coming back out, he continues stalking towards the Interceptor, raising an arm - the blued steel .45 unmistakable as he aims it towards the police woman.

The bandits start to fan out and form a 'perimeter', on the police side first, one of them pointing a weapon at Deadpool, "Don't get any ideas, Mr. Reynolds, I like your movies too much to want to shoot you!" While on the other side, they begin to advance towards the cop car and the Charger driver, "Hurry up and finish the job!" one of them yells - they're starting to look awfully professional for jewelry store robbers. They must have gone to Jared.

Jose eyes widen as he see all the bandits and guns. The silent street ninja quickly hides behind a car and watches. His heart was racing at this point as he tries to keep his cool

Oh. Crap. Looks like it's suddenly turned into one of 'those' situations.

Surge slips out of his cover to quietly, efficiently move in closer along the perimeter, his form ducked low to remain beneath the window-level of the cars parked along the street. After moving along a certain length, he spots Jose up ahead, ducking and covering. "Aw, man, really?" It isn't disappointment. Rather, he's very glad Jose is exercising caution. But having him here and in danger is far from ideal. It puts Jose's safety at the top of his priorities.

At a very quiet whisper he's /sure/ the young mutant can pick up, he urges, "Hey. You. Come here. Keep low to the ground, but hurry this way." Should Jose look his direction, he'll find Surge waving a green glove behind him in gesture, hoping to indicate where to put him.

Lucy was more than willing to allow the police to do their jobs… but when it became apparent this was more than just a simple situation that changed entirely. Dropping the bag of snacks she'd purchased on a post office box she strides down the sidewalk toward the circle of vans. Just a simple, short redheaded girl making her way closer while scowling… No… Smiling? Her hands flex at her sides and heat waves seem to shimmer off of her as her temprature rises just shy of catching fire. With foot descending on an errant piece of newspaper, which ignites into flame and flutters away into ash, she starts for the nearest crimninal without a word. A fist swings out to punch at one of the gunmen's heads. "Hey, idiots!" She yells out mocking toward the group. Wade was nearby—-If she could just offer herself as a distraction she knew they could solve this quickly.

Raven started walking toward the scene. She passed behind a a tall display stand in front of a store that had closed up for the night… A young New York City policewoman came out on the other side of the display and continued to walk toward the intersection, her right hand reaching to her issued holstered side arm. She unclipped it and drew the piece, holding it down at her side as she walked toward the crime scene, her eyes dead-locked on the action.

"Who the heck is Reynolds? Do I look like a wrap to you? Has the whole world gone crazy?" Wade really seems annoyed with the robbers. "Oh, ok, crazy is as crazy does." He pulls out a small fire arm and presses it agains this own chest. "Eat your heart out America!" He cringes as he pulls the trigger and he drops down to the ground rather quickly as a little bit of blood begins to squirt out of his chest. While on the ground, he says, "Hey bank robbers! Your laces are untied!" He smiles and tries to rip the shoes off the closest bandit.

The first bandit goes down like a sack of meat after Lucy takes him out. The rest of the bandits on that side of the vans immediately turn towards Lucy and open fire, while one of them fires into the air instead, having foolishly ignored Deadpool at his own peril. The rest of the criminals on the other side or farther away start firing warning shots, warning people to keep farther from the scene.

Meanwhile, as the Charger Driver - the only one not dressed like a bandit - gets ready to execute the driver of the Interceptor, he twitches, a dart embedded in the back of his neck. "What the-?" a soft *zzzt* sound greets his unfinished question as his body convulses and he falls to the ground near the Interceptor. Tess blinks awake and shakes her head softly as she finishes waking up, "What an asshole." she says, opening her door and slipping out of the car as rifle fire lights up the side of her car. The bandit closest to Jose is still firing when he takes one of the double-pronged darts in the middle of his chest and convolsuses before collapsing. Up above in the skies of Hell's Kitchen, a drone whirrs around quietly, too far to be seen by the naked eye, the small tazer-dart turret on the bottom searching for it's next target of opportunity as it continues flying.

2 Tazed, one torched and one wondering what the f*** Deadpool is talking about - his shoes are clearly tie-…shit. Only 12 Assault-Rifle bearing criminals left.

Jose can certianly hear Surge, and everyone else within a mile radious. Eveyr shit fire causes the young mutant to make a violent twitch as he cover his ears. He looks over to Surge having had heard him. This was perhaps the only time the trickster has looked scared. He goes to head off to Surge doing as order.
That is, untill more gunshot go off and one of the bandit drop on the ground. He stops frozon in place

Ripping the shoes off the bandit is exactly what Wade manages to do. He quickly stars to swing the shoes by their laces and he grins from under his mask as he looks at his target. "Oh, it looks like you're de-feet-ed!" He smirks, "Oh, that wasn't punny, was it? Well, it looks like your feet are pretty corny." He shrugs, "Nah, those jokes just didn't kill… but good news!" The bullet that he shot into his chest pops out and the wound heals instantly. "I do!" He quickly puts his hands inside the shoes and uses them as gloves while he starts his kung-fu punching against the bandit. "I always thought it be hysterical to beat a guy with his own shoes. Seriously, it's like each punch to your face is exactly makes it funny."

"And to think, I was going to go into that store to pick out a nice gift for someone special. But thanks to you, my date night is ruined!" After he proceeds to try to beat the guy down with the shoes, he pauses again, "Seriously, where did you get these? These shoes feel like their good quality."

Lucy swings her foot out to kick away the rifle from the downed bandit she'd just punched out a split second before the others open fire on her. The first bullet causes her shoulder to jerk back with a cuss of annoyance —That was going to leave a bruise. Her hair begins to rise and float up around her from the heat she was generating. The slug that hit her falls down as a melted ingot that blazes red. "Forgot how much that hurts…" Raising both fists they burst into flame as she charges after the next nearest guy, and the next, with a series of punches and kicks that proved she hadn't been slacking on her SHIELD training. "Wade, hurry up! I'm going to be sore as hell later from this! Grab a gun and use the shooty end!"


Surge moves forward to meet Jose halfway, a hand moving to the younger teen's shoulder to give him a decisive, but not violent push towards the next car with a firm, "Stay low."

Shots are being fired. People are dropping. Surge steals a glance in time to see Ryan Reynolds grab at a guy's shoes, a redhead who kind of looks familiar punch a guy out, and a couple more systematically convulse, then drop. One cop is closing in, which is good, but she's not going to be able to handle that many gunmen on her own. Right now, he's in an excellent flanking position.

Two targets present themselves. One is the group cowling the civilians; the other, the group firing on the redhead. He starts to angle an arm towards the latter, only to find her go into what appears to be full berserker mode and tank the Hell out of the gunfire.

"…A'ight, then."

The arm redirects to the former. Tendrils of brilliant blue electricity snakes along his arm and gathers at his palm, only to blast forth with a coil of lightning into the first target. One the electricity has made contact, it lances off into a second hostile, then a third for a couple seconds. The power output is considerable, but carefully measured to avoid lethality.

The lone NY Policewoman had been paused on the inter-section corner watching the chaos unfolding across the way. She stared at the sights of the various individuals who were appearing to assist in defeating the criminals… Her eyes went from Deadpool to then Lucy, they seemed to know one another and were handling things nice… The cop's eyes then looked upon that of the lightning casting one, she stared at him for several seconds, finding him particularly interesting… But then an armed individual, one of the criminals, rushed around one of the van's and leveled his gun at Surge… The lone NY Policewoman walked across the intersection, raised her side arm and aimed it directly at the back of the bandit's head, and she pulled the trigger.

Confused and trembling a little as she looks around dumbfounded, Sidney can hear her own heart thundering in her ears more than anything at the moment. One second she was trying to figure out why her momma couldn't hear her on the other end of that silly smartphone she just got and the next she was grabbed and then a crash where she'd been. Wideeyed and blinking in what felt like slow motion she watched the guy take off…toward the fighting? It was the gunfire that registered in her ears first, a sound not unfamiliar to her. She grew up on a farm after all. Then it was the screaming and the panic around her.

Bright blue light seemed to snake out from behind a group of thugs holding guns toward the people around her. She heard more gunfire and instinctively sepped in front of a little old lady that was nearby. That was when she felt the sting. At first it was like a white hot pinch to her shoulder. It wasn't until she saw the blood dribbling down from her sweater that it registered with her what had happened. "That's gonna stain.", she muttered, still stunned and in shock to panic.

Tess is in an unenviable position, the INterceptor not giving her cover from a few of the bandits. She rifles through the Charger Driver's pockets quickly, ducking low to avoid getting shot. She seems to find what she's looking for and rolls under her own Interceptor, rolling out on the other side. She's trying to open a flank as she slips out her own service pistol mid-roll, downing the two bandits farthest from the fan, but she's taken a couple of rounds in her chest herself.

Things weren't going well for Tess, but they were going far worse for the bandits. Two more have been torched ruthlessly, what's left of them crumpling to the ground, another three did a megahertz shuffle as Surge made the drone's tazer darts look like toys. Wade finished the one he started, and the look in the eyes of the one closets that aims his assault rifle at deadpool still looks terrified, even if he is shooting at Deadpool. Two on the farthest flank were downed by handgun fire from Tess herself, though she's now lying in the prone and doesn't look too good. That leaves two more on each side of the vans for a grand total of four. Now outnumbered by the heroes, they start to run towards Tess' position, the two on the 'wrong' side of the vans attempting to climb into theirs and drive over towards Tess.

Jose felt Surges leading push and did make it behind the car. But he also saw how there was a redhead tanking guns like mad, and another one beating a bandit with shoes of all things. And then he sees the girl he might have saved step in front of an old women to save her. This was all becomming to much as memories long forgotten rush back to him. And they needed an outlet
Jose closes his eyes tight put his hand over the cups of his headphones and screams. The scream wasn't human by any standard, and can only be described as a horrible sound that was getting louder and louder, as if trying to drown out all other noise.
(OOC:) Lucy says "Greeeat and we've got Banshee over here… ;)"
As bullets tear into the flesh of Deadpool, he looks at the shoes he once used as a weapon and frowns as he sees the battle damage. "Well, that was sole destroying!" He tosses them into the air and begins to take charge of the situation by using his personal teleporter. First thing he does is vanish but he reappears with some chef's knives and he starts to take aim at the bandits. "I'm so going to have to pay for these."

There's a lot to analyze here, but Surge focuses on the closest and more immediate situations to keep his own head attached to his shoulders. To that end, when someone gets into place to level a gun on him, he instantly crouches to avoid what is sure to be a patter of bulletfire. Instead, there is only one shot. Bang. Surge peeks first through his cover's windows, then lifts enough to spot the policewoman. He blinks, offers a wary smile, and taps a couple fingers to his brow in boyish salute.

There are a few problems here that could use some help - the chiefest of which being the two guys bearing down on the policewoman. But before he can do that, Jose lets out an ungodly screech. It looks and sounds like the boy is losing it, and that's not good for /anyone/. He doesn't know the extent of Jose's abilities, but there's no scenario in which this left unchecked is good.

With regret, he has to focus on Jose. Jose /has/ to be his priority.

The younger mutant may feel himself jarred against the car next to him, Surge's left hand going for his shoulder while the right makes to cover his mouth.

"Jose! Quiet! Look at me!" The hand, should it have successfully set to his mouth, now gestures towards his eyes. "Right here! Focus on me! I need you to stay on my eyes, and that's /all/! Can you do that?"

Naturally, he has to spare a glance to either side to ensure no one is taking advantage and intends to mow them down.

Lucy takes great pleasure in the guys falling down beneath her fists. One managed to shoot at her again, causing a tear and a welt that would soon bruise heavily on her stomach. It didn't penetrate her skin at least which meant she would manage. She wasn't a healer like Deadpool over there. Before she can start in on the next batch though, Echo 'speaks' up causing her to clap both hands over her ears as the decibles get louder, and louder. "Shit!" She utters as her head ducks down with a grimace of discomfort. The flames thatran over her flicker and waver as her concentration was beginning to slip from the loud, and uncomfortable, distraction.

The lone NY Policewoman who shot the bandit in the back of the head, sees Surge's smile and she returns one of her own… gun still aimed in the direction the bandit's head had been… She lowered her weapon then as Surge ran to Jose's side. The Lone NY Policewoman moved to the van she was beside and started looking around inside of it. When the screaming mutant boy's pitch began to build, the Lone Policeoman slid the doors on the van's storage area shut, then moved to its driver seat and climbed inside, closing the door… once inside she started to turn the wheel apparently beginning to drive off with the vehicle.

The shock of getting shot has the little country gal pretty numb for the moment. She's feeling it but not really 'feeling' it yet. She stays in front of the little old lady as the chaos continues to unfold and bullet fly, trying to block her body with her own, her arms around the tiny figure of the old woman as she urges her down into a crouch as much as she can but arthritis is a beotch. Looking across the carnage she spies the woman crouched down behind a van in her light grey office clothes. She looked at the blood on the woman's chest and locked eyes with her, flinching as more gunfire sounded. She wanted to go help her, drag her out of the danger. It's how she was raised to look out for others, especially when in need but there was no way she could get over there and no way she could leave the little grandma. A look of sympathy was sent to Tess as she held onto the old woman, feeling a little light headed.

At the sound of the young man that had intially saved her she covered her ears and cringed as the sound went through her and chilled her to the bone, making her shiver. It drew her eyes to him and the guy shooting blue fire over by him, hoping that the end of the fighting was close, for everyone's sake.

The Screech from Echo stops just about everybody in thier tracks. The results is that one of the bad guys make it to one of the vans, while his partner actually runs INTO Deadpool, knocking them both over. On the other side of the Van, after the criminals get over covering thier ears, thier OTHER van goes barreling past them. They come to completely now, and start cornering around Tess' Interceptor. Tess meets Sidney's eyes and offers a weak smile, sharing a gaze for a moment that seems longer than usual. She sniffs, tears starting to cloud her vision as she lies beside her vehicle.

The criminals start to round the Interceptor, while the van still driven by a criminal pulls up next to Tess, cutting off Surge's immediate view of the policewoman lying next to her vehicle. The by-now familiar *zzt* takes out the first bandit as he prepares to execute Tess, a familiar trend as the woman fires wildly at the second one who stands close to the van, giving him a few in the chest as he stumbles to the side, and starts to level his weapon again while the Van's driver opens the door, "Hurry up, she's got the gem!"

With enough bullets in him, Wade tries to stand. "Oh, ho ho." He cringes as he begins to feel the sticky fluids leaking from inside him. "All I wanted was a fugging Pepsi and dinner tonight but the healing factor ain't working all the way still. Need more Pimp Articles." He starts to clutch his chest before he drops to asphalt; blinking his eyes as he tries to stay awake. "Su-sup-superman, where are you…now?"

Even with his mouth covered, the scream didn't stop, but the scream did become muffled, and still increasing in volume. Out of control this muffled scream sounded like it was comming from everywhere and nowhere. If it wasn't for drake Jose scream may have even knocked some people out. Regardless when Jose looks into Drakes eye, it is a haunted look. Jose could not stop

Surge's hand plants to Jose's mouth again to muffle the sound. "Shh, dude, shh! It's cool, focus on me, just me!"

He spares a look around their vicinity. A giant van is blocking his view of the policewoman in need, and he no longer has a clear shot at anything. His focus has to remain on Jose. Unfortunately, he's quickly running out of options. Of Jose doesn't chill out…

Those emerald eyes return to the underclassmen. "Jose, /please/ calm down!"
They were circling. They were going in closer, and starting to focus on a target that Lucy couldn't see behind the car. With hands still over her ears to block out the increasing sound she was unfortunately too close to. Her gaze swings to watch Wade go down realizing that the only help SHE knew of was out of the count. Then there was the police woman who had vanished. A deep breath is drawn and she withdraws her hands from her ears to instead thrust her hands out. The flicker of flame grows within an instant into a whirling ball that launches through the air at the gunman taking aim in the hopes that it will knock him back into the van in a firey burst of pain and demolition.

Then Lucy claps her hands over her ears again, "Holy Christ on a cracker!" Shuffling to her feet, hands still over her ears, she staggers toward the downed Deadpool trying to reach him. He /was/ her partner. Sort of. Mostly. Just… Don't ask.

She was getting a little light headed but Sidney stayed conscious somehow. She felt the warmth on her upper lip and knew from looking at some of those nearby that it was was blood. Other people's noses had begun to bleed from the scream the kid was putting off. Trying to stay down and still move she tries to get people moving out of the way an down the street. "Come on folks!" she tries to shout over the noise of the scream. "Move on down the street! Stay low!" Arm still wrapped around the little abuela she tries to duck walk her away from the violence now that the thugs attention is focused elsewhere.

Seeing them move along reluctantly her mind is drawn back to the sheep on the farm a moment before she turns back towards the fighting, nose bleeding, shoulder bleeding and looking pale. Moving towards where she saw the woman in the grey suit on the ground last she tries to stay behind vehicles for cover as she inches her way along to stay out of sight and out of the line of fire, hands clamped to her ears.

With the van fired up and driving in the direction away from the chaos at the inter-section the Lne NY Policewoman in the driver's seat glances to her left and looks in the mirror at the carnage going on behind her vehicle… Her entire form begins shift and change until she morphs back into the blue-skinend woman with slicked back red hair. Her yellow eyes return to the front of the van'ce windshield and she cracks a large smile… she reaches her right hand out and flips the radio on inside of the van's cabin, some lovely classical music… as the van drives off, the music is turned up quite loudly….

The bandit that Lucy blasted flies backwards into the van, slamming the door shut on the one trying to get out of the van, more than dazing him as the screaming continues. The sound seems to be dulling everyone's senses, as the bandit on top of Deadpool starts to get up, panicing at the site of all the blood on him - thinking himself shot, he starts looking for a wound.

There's a telltale 'fwip' to Jose's ears, but it might be impossible for him to tell where the dart was aimed - when the drone attempted to disable the young mutant with it's air tazer dart. The early evening is suddenly eerily quiet, with the ghostly lighting of the police lights on Tess' Interceptor and flames lighting the intersection. The heroes nearby might even hear Tess croak, "Help…" as she bleeds out on the pavement.

Welp, the dart definitly knocked the young mutant out. He collapses to the floor. Even in sleep, his powers easily manifested. Luckily, it was -nearly- as loud, and probly at most a whisper. Lions roars, wolve howls, people talking, were all sound Jose was now making, but they hardly carried beyound where he layed

And suddenly, Jose flumps! Surge blinks innocently, tilts his head, and spots the dart embedded in him. He can't help but smirk a little before plucking it out and flicking it aside. If Jose couldn't get under control, something had to be done. He presses a couple fingers to the teen's throat to ensure there's a pulse, and once satisfied, reassesses the situation.

His gaze lands on the girl not far from him, bleeding from the nose and shoulder. His right hand raises in a halting motion - though given its similarity to the posture he uses when blasting out electricity, she would be forgiven for having a little freakout.

"Stay there. Stay low." Now that the sound is almost imperceptible (no doubt due to auditory overload to begin with), Surge can afford to use a softer, gentler tone.

He lifts again, noting the van just before him. He hops from his cover to yank open the passenger door and immediately course electricity through its interior, letting the ionic energy web between the metallic points of the van and hopefully sizzle any thugs hiding therein. Again, mindful of the output level to avoid any accidental deaths.

Slowly, Wade manages to come to but his blood lose is affecting him. "Ok, ok. Woke up. No memory of what's going on. Or where I have been for a good while. Bleeding. Give me something brain and voices." "Uno Memento." "Memnto?" Like the movie? "Sure. Why not? We could use a new plot device." Limping he tries to get away from the activities. "I need to find John G. I need to kill John G." [nromal]He grabs a black 'I <3 NYC" shirt from a cart and slips it on while he tosses out his mask and gloves. "Need to kill John G and remember who I am."

Sidney saw the dude with the electricity raise his hand and cringed back a look of fear in her eyes but she relaxes a little as she hears him and sees him turn toward the van. She'd stay low but not stay still. Staying crouched (easier said than done in a sundress and flats) she moved around the car she had her back to on her hands and knees, moving slowly towards the fallen woman from behind the car, on the opposite side where the van was. She could see a foot from her vantage point and hears the sizzle of electricity aswell as the tell tale smell of ozone it put out, like right before a lightening strike. She hoped that the lady with the fire hands and the lightening boy would take out the other bad guys.

"Lady? Ma'am? Can ya hear me? You still with us?", she called out softly towards the foot she could see, pausing. She really didn't want to see the woman dead. It would haunt her dreams if she did. Althought she had a feeling that this day was gonna work itself out in her art sooner or later anyway. Her sholder hurt like a bitch and she raised her hand to her nose, wiping at it lightly to try to get the blood from under it. She wouldn't move til she heard something, anything from the woman on the ground.

All of the bandits were now accounted for, not a one of them standing or concious. A few of them were lucky enough to have been zapped by the Drone or 'Surge', now unconcious rather than toasted or shot. The Interceptor bathes the scene alternately in red and blue, while Tess looks up at Sidney, "Well hi." she says weakly, "Still here…" she makes a face, her eyes wet, "Really hurts." She says. She pauses, trying to breath, "Shoulder, through and through." she says, "Yours too." she comments. Another sucking breath, or at least an attempt, "Chest, lung, collapsed." She says. "There's…tube..large…needle..medkit…car…"

Jose stay unmoving for now, except for a soft whisper of rolling ocean waves.
Lucy hesitates where she stands as she considers a moment. Wade was moving so he was alive, and he had a healing factor at least. A look of sheer pain crosses her face, and she turns away to tend to the woman who DIDN'T have a healing factor. "Sorry, Wade," she whispers. At least she's pretty sure she whispered it—Her ears were ringing beyond reason though thankfully the sound had stopped. Blood did trickle from her nose, and even one of her ears, but so far she could still move. … Sort of. She lists to the side losing her balance some only to drop to her knees catching herself from falling entirely by slamming her hands down on the blacktop. "Shitshitshit.



Surge draws in a slow breath, then exhales it again with a sigh. Everything seems calm now. It won't be long before the police arrives, he suspects. But he needs to get a better look at the situation as it's unfolded.

Suddenly, the driver's side door of the van swings open with a green-booted kick! Surge hops out shortly after and maneuvers around the car to join Sidney and the policewoman. Upon spotting the latter, a cringe immediately sets to his face. His hearing hasn't fully returned, but he offers a soft, "Ambulance is on its way, 'kay?"

He has some first-aid training. But that's not going to be sufficient for digging out bullets or whatever has happened to her. He didn't arrive in time to hear about the medkit. But he does open up a compartment of his belt to retrieve a phone and dial up a quick call for EMTs.

"Right.. medkit..car.." Sidney repeats, ignoring the now throbbing pain in her shoulder for the time being, lucky enough to have gotten it in the 'meat' of the shoulder instead of the bone. When the shock of all this wears off she's gonna be in world of hurt. She's just to scared and pumped full of adrenaline at the moment. Crawling on around the car she sees the woman fully and bites her lip, worried. "Now don't you be talkin more than you need to. Save your breath. I'm sure the ambulance will be here directly ma'am."

Opening the door of the car she looks around, trying to spy a medkit. Seeing it she pulls it out and crawls over to the woman, kneeling beside her as she opens it and stares at the contents like they are alien life forms. Raising her voice a bit and hoping it's just the 'good guys' left she calls out "Anyone know how to take care of a collapsed lung? Someone? ….Please?" There is a small edge of panic in her voice as her shaking hands reach for the package that has a large needle and tube in it, cringing. Seeing the electro man over by her now she holds it out to him. "Can you…?" There is a pleading note in her voice as well as in her eyes.

"Yep, called them myself." Tess says, though it comes out sounding more like a whisper. She winces everytime she speaks. She's unbuttoning her shirt, "The vest…" she says to Surge, hoping he'll be able to figure out the rest himself. Blood is starting to pool up beneath Tess as she looks around at Surge, Lucy and Sidney for help. "Already, called, vest…please. Ignore my screams." she says.

Her gaze shifts to Sidney, "You. Got. This." she says, conveying her confidence in her gaze. What sounds like the beginning of a breath is cut short with a wince. "Okay, open the kit." she just about whispers, "First. Take the painkillers." she says, "You'll be…focused…adrenaline does that." She huffs, "Wait for him to get my vest off. bandage obvious bullet wound with the square…sticky…one…"

Tess sighs, "This is…really…awful." She huffs, "After bandage, take large gauge needle, only one." she whispers, "Second intercostal, space between…second…third…rib." she says. "Stab stab. You'll know if you miss."

It took awhile. Too long, really, but Lucy manages to get up and work her way over to the small crowd around the fallen and injured officer. With a grunt she greets Sidney and sinks down to her knees beside Tess. "Large syringe in the kit," she requests as she reaches down to press light fingertips to press to the side of her chest determining which lung needs the treatment. "You'll be fine. Just relax and… I'd say take a deep breath but this isn't really the time for that. But sorry, hon, got to deal with the lung first." Glancing at Sidney she requests, "You can put pressure on the wounds, right?" That'll work. As for that big ass needle… There was a reason she was helping to remove the vest now, too.

Trying to keep his focus, Wade staggers alongside the street; trying to avoid the police and others. However, a man approaches him. "Wilson?" "Ga-Garrison?" Wade seems to take a defensive stance but the other man shrugs, "Not tonight, Wade. I'm hear as a friend." The other man hands him a small device. "You're going to need this." He smirks and then walks away.

Wade studies the device. "Yeah." He looks tosses it into the trash. "We might be dead by tomorrow."
No sooner is the phone put away than Surge turns to find Sidney giving him that sad look and pleading. He looks at the equipment. He hears the prognosis. He's seen enough docto dramas to have an idea of what's about to happen. "O-oh.. oh God.." The trepidation is clear, even on his masked face, as he starts to reach a trembly hand down. He's prepared to help. He has to. He /knows/ he has to. He's in this to make a difference, to help people. But this is terrifying. He spent such a long time learning to control his powers to avoid killing people, and now he's running the very real risk of doing it out of sheer ineptitude! It's scary! Mortifying!

Suddenly, the redhead invades his realm of consciousness. Surge slips back to give her some room, and she gets a /sincere/ look of appreciation. He even murmurs a quiet, "Oh, thank God." Of all the things that just happened, the prospect of accidentally killing someone like this - someone innocent, a servant of justice - was the worst.

So Surge puts his attention on Sidney. "What about you? Are you okay? Did they tag ya?"

Sidney opens the sterile package with shaking hands and takes out the big ass needle, handing it out to Lucy as she nodded in response to her question "Pressure. Right.. I can do pressure." Handing the rest of the package to Surge she fishes out a large gauze pad and opens it, pressing it to the wound in the shoulder with one hand as her other reaches to take Tess's hand and hold it. "Now you just shush now sugar. Let the nice fire lady take care of things, kay?" She tries to use the same soft tone she'd heard her mother and grandmother use a million times over and be reassuring but her voice is still shaky.

Answering Surge as she keeps an eye on the policewoman's face she nods "I'll be fine sir. Just a flesh wound. Barely feel it." Okay so that's an obvious lie but she knows she's not nearly as sore or tired or in danger as these folks that fought off the thugs. She's not about to whine and complain about it.

Tess smiles to Sidney, and then her gaze slowly shifts to the redhead as she blink. She sighs and huffs again, "Make her take the painkillers…" She effects a smile, "I'll be fine as long as she doesn't miss…." she hisses out quietly. Her vision swims a little bit, but at least the blood flow is stemmed and she isn't losing any more blood.

After a bit, Jose begins to stir a bit. He was slowly comming too. The young mutant headphone had fallon off when he was knocked out. He groggily reach about trying to find them, being a bit confused

"She's in shock, she'll have a few minutes more before she starts to realize it," Lucy assures Tess in regards to having Sidney take the pain killers. The needle is taken in hand while her opposite runs beneath the shirt to pop the buttons feeling for that rib. It wasn't going to be easy but she had done this plenty of times.

On a dummy. That counted, right? Yes, of course it did.

"It's not a bad idea though. Take the painkillers, just not Asprin," she informs. Best NOT to give the other woman a blood thinner when she was bleeding from her shoulder. The masked form of Surge gets a quick look before she nods simply a single time.

"Say, did you guys hear about the kidnapping?" There's a pause before she informs, "He woke up."

Just as the punchline to that terrible groaner of a joke is given, Lucy stabs down sending the needle into Tess' chest.
A stray dog comes over and sniffs Jose's leg before he lifts his own hind leg.
Surge takes the pack from Sidney, totally accepting his tertiary role in this medical procedure. In fact, he's happier that way. But at the mention of Sidney taking a painkiller, he fishes into the kit to scrounge for something suitable - which he does, in short order, and wags the bottle in her direction.


"Huh?," Surge asks to Lucy. "You mean the bank-… oh." /Oh/. He elevates his voice, specifically for Jose, "Hey." Err… "..You! By the car! Come'ere!"

"I'll take care of that in just a minute hon. Don't you worry." Sid reassures Tess as she gives her hand a little squeeze. "Just do what the fire lady tells ya now, alright?" Nodding in agreement to Lucy she keeps her eyes on the downed woman's face, not wanting to see the needle go in. She might faint for real if she did. "I'm fine right now." But as the bottle was wagged at her she raised her eyes to the masked man and about that time sees the needle going down and sways, nearly passing out right there.

Tess' eyes widen as she suddenly inhales, taking a sudden breath. She makes a fwoosh sound as she exahles and sighs, talking a little more normally, "See, there we go…" She says, blinking. "Good job everyone…" She says, the sound of ambulance sirens in the distance. She starts breathing a little more regularly. "Everyone…did a great…job…" she says.
NY EVENING NEWS HEADLINES: Faux Cop Foils Robbery Escape, Takes One For Team. Band of Mutants repond to Active Shooters in Hell's Kitchen Streets. Streets of HK Safe?

Tess squeezes Sid's hand back, "My hero…"

- END -

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