2015-05-15 Jose's Pet Bat
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jose Marie
GMed by Rogue
Title: Jose's Pet Bat

[* X-Mansion: Library *]

The walls of this room are completely covered in book shelves from floor to ceiling. Books on just about every subject imaginible are contained here, almost putting the Bayville Library to shame. The acoustics of this room are such that it almost negates noise, keeping the atmosphere quiet and conductive to reading. Computers are placed on tables throughout the library to do more research, connecting to the internet at OC4 speed.


It had been the last day of classes! Of course many of the student were thrilled at this prospect! Some had plans of staying to attend additional classes, or do some work dureing their stay. And just as many were looking foreard to going home, to see friends and families. In mnay of the classes there was goofing off. However one student, was rather a phantom in the crowd once more. No one has seen Jose all day, outside of classes anyways. He had certainly attened them, but otherwise, nothing, vanished. And such was how it was all day. Though some reported him being seen occasionly in the Staff Hall talking with teachers.

Fast forward, and here we are in the library. A place almost all student avoided at this time of school year, and this time of day. Jose had turned many of the books, into towers and building, just goofing around really. But many of them were also open to "advanced" subjects in regard to Jose grade level. Biology, chemistry, geology, continets, Natural History, programming even. These books were scattered about the building of books, open to different pages. And within this seeming city of words was jose looking at a book on bats currently. His headphones were of course atop his head. He played quiet music that he could remember that filtered softly through the libary. Nearby were pamplets and papers on the summer programs

Marie had been busy all day, she'd had to deal with a ton of stuff with her classes and saying goodbye to several students who were going home right after classes were over. But as the day wound down she found herself nearly finished cleaning everything up and this was her last stop… returning some books to the library. She walked in with an armload of them and strode across the library, putting them away as best she could… she knew she'd screw some of it up though, but she was doing her best. When she caught the sight of Jose's headset over the books he was surrounding himself with she grinned. "Whats up, Duderino?" She asked him.

Jose looks up from his reading. He had heard her comming, but was kind of in his own world, His order of books seemed almost chaotic but none the less he returns the grinn "Jist….jist some light reading is all. Been here almost all day" He looks back down into the book and furrows his brow. He immediatly shifts to another book, it appears to be a dictionary and quickly looks something up. He runs his finger slowly over a passage, very slowly "…we got any books on submarins?" he looks right at her "How yer doing?" followed by "Girl, that dress, what do you want me to say, it's a dress!"

Marie continued to put some books away into the shelf not far from Jose,she listened to him then and laughed softly. "Uh, submarines huh… What kind of book on subs… like, fictional or true stories…. World War two stuff or modern day…?" She glanced over at him. "Be more specific, yo." She flashed him another grin then.

Jose cants his head "See something with it, and grab it! That what I been doing!" which would explain why despite as his books being radicly different, might be connected. He himself were already scanning the selve for anything of the nature. After a moment he asks "….are your ears alright?" clearly last night/early morning was still weighing on him.

Marie looked over at him as she put another book away then. "Mine?" She asked grinning again. "Yeah. I'm fine. I can take a shot gun blast to the face, and be fine." She says, glancing over at him with a serious expression. "But lets not test that, okay? Still stings." Her hands then start working to organize the shelf cause OTHERS had messed it all up before she was even here, and she mumbles about that too.

"I heard THAT, we all can't be librarians yer know!" Jose says with a chuckle. He begins to help organize books. In some ways he seemed ready to talk, and in other not so much. As he helps to orginize the books rather well he says "It's not something I can control"

"I know." Marie said back at him then, glancing at him as he started to organize books. "I realized that the first time we ever talked, man." Her shoulder shrugged then insie of the dark green sweater she was wearing. "Don't gotta control it around me, so long as you don't shout me to piece." She grinned at him again. "You should stay away from Hell's Kitchen though, and NYC for that matter. Place is super dangerous, lots of nasty stuff going down there."

Jose gives a quiet kokoburra laugh "Can't promise that. Follow the crumbs, and you'll unlock a trail of mystery, except you know the answer already" he switches three books "I know it dangerous, it why I like it". Irony ain't it. "I'm used to dangerous" He flips open a book on worms and slowly looks over it "School system sucks sometimes"

Marie gives up on the book shelves and she turns and walks to a tall-backed comfy leather chair, falling down to sit in it. "School goes away, eventually, though." She says to him then, watching him look at that worm book. "It seems like its endless when you're in it, but then you graduate and.. its gone for forever. And you kinda then realize… 'hey, that was actually sorta fun.'"

Jose raises an eyebrow looking up from the book "I like the science classes. It fun when they let you do stuff. But math and english! Just kill me now" which also happened to be his worst classes. As evident from various tests let alone his grades

Marie grinned again as she looked over and found a book on the table beside her chair, it was a big book about the rain forests. She pulled it over onto her lap and glanced at the cover of it a moment. "So does that mean you're going to take some math and english classes over the summer?" She looked up with a small grin. "Tackle your fears, Jose. Conquer them."

Jose freezes at the statement. He gives the much shorter, but still just as painful scream Marie has heard many times before. The young mutant smiles somewhat "I do it all the time. Still trying to do the conquer part right" he eyes the rainforest book. Squinting his eyes he says "amazon rainforest right?"

Marie closed her eyes at the scream and then left them shut while she registered his question a few seconds later. "Yep, you got it." She told him, lifting the book up to set it on her knees and show him the cover of it, a big pretty shot of a rainforest waterfall and some strange ruins poking out from under the white falling water.
Jose squints in concentration "Waterfall…amazon, arn't there like, over thirty tribe native to the amazon. Many of them speak different languages, but due to expansion of primarily the spansih empire, that many of these languages have become dead?". Why was he falling school?

Marie opened her eyes again when he said these words and then she stared. She turned the book around to look at the cover of it. "Uh…" She started. "I don't know. I just… know that Indiana Jones realy likes it there." She sat the book back down on her lap and stared at the kid again. "You some kinda big time fan?" She asked, even though obviously he was…

Jose shakes his head "I snuck into the library alot when I couldn't get to a shelter. I'm slow at reading but I can read. I hear everything already. Alot of people watch natgeo, animal planet, the history channel. Sometime I just spend time listening to those, better then paying attention to the other random crap people say". He shrugs like it is no big deal and then smiles pulling out an Indiana Jones voice "Ta bad I hate them snakes! Amazon be full of them!"

"Makes sense." Marie said then wit a small smile as she grinned at the Indy voice, sounded just like that old actor guy. "So what are you going to do for the summer then? Sticking around or are you going to do something else?"

Jose rubs the back of his head "It was either stick around, or dissappear. Because I ain't going back to those….replacements" he hisses with disdain, but not hate "If I can convince them anyways" he shudders at the thought.

Marie tilted her head and put her elbow on the arm of the chair, propping her head up in the palm of said hand. "What was wrong with the, replacements?" She asked. "I know that foster parents are always weird, yeah, but what specifically about these ones was?"

Jose touches the cracked earmuff on his set and says quietly "It not them, it the idea of them. Course, these one kind of shipped me off when they found out I was a mutant and kind of plan on sending me to another family, so there's that. But that reason is a side reason compared to the real reason". He nods firmly and begins putting his mess away. He is trying hard to put the various books of all kinds back where they go

"Well." Rogue said then as she heard this. "Have you started to feel that this place, is like home?" She asked. "I mean, do you like it here enough to want to even stay here? Or… are we just a bunch of pseudo-replacements to you also?" Her tone was a serious one, truly interested to know.

Jose becomes still. He knew the answer, but how to say it. He finishes putting a book on the shelf and takes a deep breath, followed by Rue's whistle from the hunger games, complet with reverb. "Well, when I first got here, yea. All of you, were just people trying to replace something that I didn't want replaced but now…" he not sure how to voice "Now it feels like a home. And that, is what scares me the most"

Rogue didn't know the voice, she'd never seen the Hunger Games movies. She just stared at him, listened and then flashed a smile. "Then screw it. You can stay here however long you want to. I'm sure the Professor would agree too. This can be your home." She exhaled softly. "But don't be afraid of it. Be happy about it."

Jose takes a deep breath, and it clear the idea was terrifing to him, but there was also a look of happiness there "I won't say it's easy for you to say. I know alot of mutant here have had colorful lives. But….it been three years since I called any place home. How can I just do that?" Now it was his turn to sound serious "Wouldn't my folks be angry, that I just, gave up on them? I wouldn't want that" he bite his lip, caught between two rocks

Marie smiled softly at some of the things that JOse mentioned then before she shifted in the leather chair a bit. "So where are youre folks then?" She asked. "You don't mean the foster parents, do you?"

Jose rubs his headphone again, there were some tears there "There dead, along with my twin and older sister. There…all dead" he dosn't face Marie never turning from the book self, but he was shaking a bit

Rogue truly didn't know that about his family and it made her frown rather intensely. She let a linger lay between his words and her next as well. "Mine are too." She says back to him. "Never got to know'em. Don't even have a picture of my dad. Got a few of my mom before she met'em though." She shook her head a little. "I imagine your foster folks would be happy just to know you were happy here enough to want to stay."

Jose ears twitch making his headphones slide off before he slides them back on. "Yer really think so" he thinks to himself but is speaking allowed unknowingly "I can never remember, but always recall"

Rogue flashed him a grin then from the chair. "Sure I do. Foster parents goals are to make a child feel happy and safe. If they see that you've found those feelings here, then they'd… damn well better… be happy -for- you. And accept it." She glanced around the room that encased them both. "Besides, this house is pretty damn awesome, as far as houses go." She grinned again at him. "And I'm here!"

Jose crosses his arms raising an eyebrow. They may have still been tears there, but, perhaps for the first time, his first real smile since all of this has gone down "Good, that means I can introduce you to Lucky! Cause let me tell yea sist….Marie" he wasn't -that- ready yet "You and everyone else, might be in for a wild ride

Marie grinned at him and she laughed a little. "Uh oh." She replied at first. "That sounds a little ominous. Is there any details you can give me to soften the inevitable shock of this reveal?" She asked, sitting up in her chair ready to hear about a pet dinosaur.

"Well, he nine feet tall, kind of humanoid, with this big long tail, and saber like teeth! Soft enough fer yer?" Jose says with a grin. But then says "Just joking, it just a bat I been letting sleep in me room!" and with that Jose grins wildly.

Marie heard this and she cracked a big grin and shook her head lightly. She reached her right gloved hand up to itch at her ear under her wild hair. "Uh, well thats cool." She told him. "Hey, why don't we ask Logan to help build a pen for him to stay in maybe in the horse stables?" She asked. "There's a couple stalls that are empty, we could get a nice place to stay there. Or, your room, I guess. If you'd prefer him in there with you."

Jose laughs "I can't keep him coop-ed up! He's a bat, not a dog! Though….I did learn one trick" He goes over and opens a window. Jose opens and closes his mouth several time, but….nothing is heard? He turns back to Marie "Might be a few minuts, dosn't always work. Been trying to train him, but well like I said, he aint no dog!" he settles back
Jose blinks "We have a horse stable?
I don't understand that.

Marie's shoulders shrugged then when he said this and she watched him at the window. "Well, I only say it cause I don't want him to get out into the main house and have someone… you know, hurt him, thinking he's just some random bat, ya know?" She asked. "It'd be for his safety." Her head nodded. "Yeah, ya goof. The stables are off of the garage past the work trucks. I got a horse, as do several of the othr teachers." She grinned at him. "Do not go out there and spooke them, it'd make them feel bad and scared and I don't think you'd want to do that too them. Go with me, or another teach."

A small bat flies into the window. It has large ears and wing bigger then it body it seems. It body was mostly brown, but it had a white and black mohawk! It lands on some nearby books with a cricket in it's mouth. Jose grins "Marie, Lucky! Tada!" jazz hands at the batt. Then he says "I play safe with horses. But I don't go and try ta spoke them animals yer know"

Marie watched the bat, she didn't look scared, because… well… she's invulnerable. But she didnt seem TOO impressed by it either. She did smile at it though. "Its definitely a bat." She glaned over at Jose. "You do know that they carry diseases, right? You could get… like, ill, kiddo." She sucked in a breath and glanced back at it. "I mean, it could be a bit dangerous."

"And yer do know a dogs tongue is cleaner then a humans, and they like to drink out toilets" Jose retort back with a sly smile "I think I'll take my chances" he walks over and gently prods it into his hand. It flaps it wings before settling down. "They make good noises, very clear"

"Well, I hope nobody else gets bit then." Marie replied to him with a small grin. "Just try to keep him in your room then. But I'd think he'd like a little home of his own." She watched the boy with the bat and was impressed with how good he seemed to do with the creature.

"He kind of comes an goes when he wants. I leave my window open and zip, there he goes, and there he comes! He only comes when I call sometimes. I don't think I get the noise down just right". Even Jose has limits and is still a young mutant. None the less the mohawked bat takes off out the window. It had no time for silly humans! "I doubt anyone going to get bit

Marie grinned at the display of the boy and his bat. "I hope not. it'd make for some seriously irrational people around here." She told him, as she rose up from her chair. "You know how people can get around here." She said with a smile. "Alright, I gotta go and deal with some stuff, Jose. Let me know if you need anything." She stepped around the chair and started toward the doorway, dragging her right hand along the bookshelf as she went.

*< END>*

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