2015-05-17 School Staff Party
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Marie Tyler Logan Scott Drake Emma Jose
GMed by Rogue
Title: School Staff Party

[* X-Mansion: Swimming Pool *]
The outside pool is absolutely enormous. More than Olympic sized, it is surrounded by trees and cultivated bushes, bordered by a chain link fence to keep any little ones from wandering too close. There is a high dive, a low dive and even a spiral sliding board.
The students come here to have fun or to get into shape, able to swim laps or even set up a volley ball net. A small house sits just behind the pool where the swimmers can go and change, or hang their towels. It also has a mini fridge to hold cool beverages on a hot summer day.


Tyler, around the mansion, looks for excuses to slightly overdress. So he's pulled out some excellent brand-name clothes that make 'pool party' look chic, and managed to be twice the price of a regular pair of board shorts and hawaiian button-up. His face is illuminated by the glow of his smart phone as he approaches the pool house, but he smoothly tucks it away as he enters the party. He's also got a small black satchel-bag slung over one shoulder. "Hey there, hun!" He proclaims upon seeing Marie.

Marie had come out to the pool area about two hours ago now and she was with several other people who'd gone out of their way to set the place up for others to come and hang out. This was far less of a… formal deal than the senior graduation party… the pool was completely fair-game and Marie was dressed for it. She had a loose fitting shirt on that was buttoned up by just two buttons, but beneath that she was in a dark green bikini and some flipflop shoes. She turned to see Tyler show up and she flashed him a grin. "Hey there, Misty." She said at him, her sunglasses resting on her nose. "Want a drink?" She asked, motioning to a wide variety of cold rinks on a table and in ice buckets.

"I do!" Tyler proclaims with a smile, "I brought some of my own stash, too." He unshoulders his bag, producing two bottles of white wine and a bottle of St. George's gin. "If I hoarded this all in my room, I'd have a problem. So…. good to have an excuse to share!" He adds his contributions to the drink table.

With his own large cooler in tow, Scott Summers arrives ins summer wear! He has on brown sneakers, cut off jeans, and an 80's retro shirt of the 'The Clash.' As for the cooler… He has it filled with all sorts of assorted beers and canned beverages. He looks for Logan as he has some of the cheap high proof that he drinks. He also has some wine coolers. He sets it up and looks around before he smirks at Tyler's excitement. He's glad that Tyler is of age to be drinking and that none of the minors have shown up to get into trouble. Especially if Drake showed up to get drunk…. Scott might be upset.

Marie looked over at Tyler then and his pack of smuggled alcohol. She laughed softly and walked over to take the gin bottle and look at it. "Damn, Tyler." She told him. "Where do you keep this stuff? in the back of your toilet?" She asked, grinning at him, knowing the man well enough to know it was highly unlikely to be the case. Then she looked over at Scott and ptu her hand on her hip as she grinned at his outfit. "Thats the party Scott that I love, right there."

"Right next to my homebrew hooch, sweetness." Tyler quips back at Rogue, going right along with the outlandish booze-hiding theory. Tyler glances at Scott, as well. "I would have /never/ pegged you for a Clash fan, Scotty." He grins crookedly, "Looks good on ya."

Walking in from the opposite direction of Scott, Emma has decided to show up with out any liquids, she has only brought herself. Wearing a white bikini top and a white sarong draped on her waist, with a purple flower button holding the thin sheer fabric together over a white bikini bottom. She has decided to wear a thin pair of flip flops that likely cost a few hundred dollars and they clap just like every other pair of flip flops. "No pesky kids!" Emma says her bright grey lipstick shining in the sunset.

Smirking at Tyler, Scott says, "There's a hidden side of me. I like having Joe Strummer's music when I train. It's one of those secrets I keep until I happen to reveal it. Like how today, for example, I was listening to Megadeth for no reason. But I promise, I don't own any shirts from them. Wouldn't say I was a fan of them either." He adjusts his glasses. "Thankfully, it's s—" He pauses, "I'm not going to say. Too many puns could be made with my last name."

Except one. Well, maybe one?

Let's be honest, Drake has no idea what to do with himself. He's not a student anymore. But he's not a teacher. He needs to get his situation straightened out, but he has no interest in bogging down anyone's good times with srs bizness.

Drake shuffles into the pool area, dressed in his fairly typical attire - he's not gone summer shopping just yet, having not taken the time to settle into the off-season mode. But he takes account of everyone present, from Scott wearing some outstandingly '80s duds, to Marie, to Tyler, to - holy crap, look at Emma.

Eyes zip to Scott. Emma bears a remarkable resemblance to Celeste, and somehow acknowledging hotness in a different person who looks like an older version of your girl (uncertain ground notwithstanding) just seems weird. "Heeeyyy, man," he greets with an unusually sheepish tone. He sort of expects to be repelled from the party. But at least he didn't head for the booze!

Marie grinned at Tyler. "I'm having some of the gin, that much I'm sure of." She says before shaking her head at Scott. "You old people and your old music. Honestly." She walked toward the pool house then, her bare feet plodding along on the stone floor around the pool. She gave a big smile to Emma then. "Good thing there ain't no students here, you'd floor the male ones like Scott's laser beams, dressed like that." She told her white queened friend. She noted Drake's arrival and she waved a hand at him too… she wouldn't even care if Drake drank, since they're at home and pretty much completely secluded in the back of the mansion, but she was probabl the only teacher that felt that way.

Not sure if Drake's supposed to be here, Scott pretends to ignore the fact as he says to him, "Wanna cold beer?" He offers a root beer to Drake; hoping that the lame joke is a distraction. He does his best to avoid contact with Emma. She's too much of a temptation for him right now. He's trying to stay focus. Telepathic women; his one true weakness. He does catch a couple glances of Emma but he looks back at Drake, "I think there's some food on the grill." He looks at his prodigy of student, "Also, about that after graduation blues, I'm looking into some online classes for you. Figured we could keep you here as long as you wanted to be here."

Logan walks in carrying a large cooler of fresh drinks and ice. He is in jeans and a tank top as usual. Setting the cooler down he opens the top taking out some stuff for the grill which he takes over.

Emma steps over to the mini fridge in the pool house and grabs herself a can of beer without so much as a complaint and then moves over to sit just outside on one of the large pool chairs, her hands making sure her white oakley's remain on her face. "Hey Marie. That's the point isn't it. Everyone loves the sexy teacher." She says with a playful yet hidden wink to the woman who can't touch others safely. "I think I'm showing too much skin for Drake and Scott." She says with a gesture to the boys that seem to refuse to look at her.

"Gin, coming up." Tyler had some limes in his little drunk-tote, and he sets about making some gimlets for himself and Marie. When Logan shows up, Tyler grins, "Oh thank god. Someone who knows their way around the grill." If Emma's breasts were causing distraction in the other gents at the party, Tyler is immune to that particular boob kryptonite.

Marie was at the grill when Logan arrived and she gladly stepped assigned. "I managed to light it!" She said to him with a grin as she put her left hand up on his shoulder, she had her gloves on, still even if the rest of her was pretty much exposed through the sheer white shirt and the dark green swimsuit she wore under that. "I'll have three hotdogs and two hamburgers, k, chef?" She said to the man with the facial hair.

Drake blinks innocently at Scott. He opens his mouth to protest, then finds a root beer offered. "A-.. hah.. right." The beverage is taken with an awkward smile, then tipped in acknowledgment. "You mean like college courses? I was thinking of enrolling part-time in New York - maybe take out some of the core until I figure out what I wanna major in. But over the summer, I could be into it. Any recommendations?"


"And I'm through the first couple chapters of War." He's all pleased with that.

A glance is shot aside as Logan moves past, offering up a, "Heeeyy, Logaaan!" And the chick beside him. Wait, how did he not notice Marie's in a swimsuit? And one a bit more revealing than what she'd wear when swimming with him. Snap.

Aside to Scott, Drake murmurs, "Summer's awesome."

"I don't think so, Emma," says a blushing Scott, he attempts to look at Emma and keep his focus with eye contact. "I'm just trying to be ready for our 'meeting' on Wednesday. I didn't want to look as if I had other agendas." He seems to miss the part that Emma mentioned it was Drake who had felt that way. He looks back at Drake, "I'm really thinking that online might be the way to go. I will talk to Charles about it if you want." He then looks back at Logan and readies a cold beer for him before the then smiles at Emma; giving her a moment to study her out fit and he grins more.

"Part time classes? That could work for you but I expect more from you," teases Scott. "Hell, I am impressed that you're really reading that. I've been busy dealing with some other projects. Like helping Sam, dealing with possible Sentinels, planning an evening with Mi-" There's a pauses, "Emma, and getting ready for a training exercise."

Logan whistles out a bit at Emma with a grin before glancing to Marie, "Glad to see you didn't blow it up." he teases lightly, "Don't you look lovely." is said. He loads the grill with wieners and hamburgers. He waves a hand at Drake before glancing over at Marie, "You and Emma are like watching a live version of Baywatch."

"Stop picturing us running down the beach Logan." Emma says, not even looking over her shoulder though her hands are busy opening the beer in her hand. She holds it over her tummy, letting the foam drip on her bare skin which causes a shake and a twitch from the cold liquid and then raising it up to her lips to take a sip. "Okay Scott, I'll take your word for it, just, don't ogle so much, it's rude." She says looking from behind her glasses towards Glasses.

Scott looks back at Drake and puts his hands up, as if he surrenders, and playfully says, "I just can't win."

Marie grinned at Logan. "I did not explode it, no." She tells him before she went over to the drinks that he brought and she sorted through them. She took one out and opened it, turning around to face the others. "Storm's around here somewhere too. Inside the pool house I think, talking to some of the others. She looks far better than I do in one of these things." She takes a drink of the Logan Beer and then wrinkles her face up. "Gah… it takes like the pool water!" She exclaimed, and then took another drink of it anyway…
Drake notes wryly, "Keeps more time free for… y'know, extra projects, training, stuff like that." Though Scott's insistance on online classes gets a pause, turning to face his peer directly. "You really think so?" That'd probably free up even more time, but…

He cracks the top of his 'root of beer'. "It's a mansion full of chicks with superpowers. The cards are stacked, man," he observes. "Seems like half of'em can read our minds, too. But that ain't a superpower. That's just being a chick."

Smirking, Scott responds back to Drake, "Moths to a flame, Drake. Moths to a flame." He grabs a bottle of… Surge soda?! "I got these off Amazon. I was hoping you'd show up." He grins at Drake before he looks back at Emma, "You know, I am starting to question if you dress and act like this just to mess with me. You're doing great at it." He grins before he shrugs to Drake, "At the end of the day, no matter what happens, as the male, we will be wrong so we might as well have a good time in the process."

Logan glances over at Emma, "I will try to not think of you running down the beach." though that is where his thoughts go. Reaching into the cooler he takes out a bottle of beer popping the top of it. "I'll be ready.." he sings to himself.
"There it is," concurs Drake, tilting his 'beer' to clink it against Scott's soda.

"Dude, I forgot all about that brand. That's awesome."

A phantom of the night has come! Jose, being absolutly silently, quickly weaves throw the people trying to go undetected as he swipes a beer wordlessly
I don't understand that.

"Scott, I'm not just trying to drive you wild. It's everyone." Emma notes aloud after she lowers the beer from her lips and smirks. "LOGAN!" She says, wanting throw her beer at him but he might catch it with his teeth like a dog. "At least you're not surprising with it." She coos before going bottoms up and pouring the yellow bubbly into her stomach and sets the can on the poolside next to her chair as she stands up. Emma then walks over to Scott and Drake. "He's just a big softy, don't you agree?" The question is aimed to Drake as she rests one hand on each of Scott's shoulders.

Marie looked over at Logan when he sang part of that song. "Why haven't they brought that show back? I thought it was good television." She tried her fourth sip of Logan Beer and then cringed again and set the half empty can down on the table beside the grill. She strutted toward the pool then and pulled her sheer shirt off of her shoulders, tossed her gloves aside and walked up the diving board… crossing down it to stand at its edge. It was actually hot today… it had stormed last night and the air was now just basking from the day's sun

Armed now with a sparkling beverage of ice and gin and lime, Tyler ambles to the pool's edge, toes off his sandals, and sits so he can dunk his feet in the cool water. He tilts his face towards the sun, tolerating the rays for now. A few moments won't hurt, despite Tyler's tendancy to burn like flash paper with his fair complexion.

The phantom Jose pops open the beer. He sniffs the contents and wrinkles his nose. Thing about ninjas, they know how to ninja! None the less he actualy pours the contents of the beer out and whistles on it's top to play music. The only annoucemnt to his presence. The young mutant was wearing his old pair of headphones on his head, and the new pair was around his neck

Drake coos to Emma in a saccharine way, "Isn't he, though~?" He takes a sip from the root beer and continues, "I hear you two are gonna have an evening together. Don't go breakin' my 'dad' now, y'hear?"

Scott smirks as Emma puts her hands on him. He isn't sure of his next reaction so he looks back at Drake, "I'm really in that spot where I'm…" He pauses, "I'm in that situation where it's gone Atari. I am pretty much in that spot where I can't make a move that is wrong or else it's game over." He grins back at Emma as he informs something to Drake, "Not that I have a living will, but in my work station, I do have a vintage Atari. It's yours should I not survive the night." He then smirks as Drake mentions his date with Emma, "That was supposed to be top secret info."

Marie stood on the edge of the diving board with her toes wiggling off of it for a moment. She glanced over at Tyler who sat down on the pool's edge and she grinned at him. "Cannon ball?" She asked him then with a lofted right brow. "I wonder if the splash will reach you?" She questioned. Her eyes went back then and she looked at Logan on the grill. "Hey, Logan. Is my food ready yet?" She asked him, impatient about her meals… the young woman was.

Tyler chuckles, "Go for it. But just don't get any in the gin, okay?" That's a fair request, right? "Oh - and this is effing dry-clean only." Tyler starts unbuttoning his Tommy Bahama shirt. No sense getting it soaked. He shucks the thing, tossing it towards a beach chair. For being the book nerd he is, Tyler also spends a great deal of time being excruciatingly dedicated to his diet. "Do your worst!" he challenges.

"I didn't tell anyone." Emma says giving a stare to Scott's temple with a raised eyebrow before she leans in to put her lips nearly on his ear. "Who did you blab to sweetie?" She asks her hand around his back falling and giving his lower backside a quick pinch before she turns and glances at Jose, but says nothing, acting as if she didn't see him and looks to Marie, "Do it already, someone needs to get wet." Emma demands.
Please, please have Rogue get wet!

Drake lifts his root beer. "Here. Me. He told me, just a minute ago. Don'cha worry, though." He gives an impish smile and recites, "Snitches get stitches."

Vibrant emerald eyes turn to Marie. "Do it! Peer pressure demands it!"

Logan checks the food, "Yes." he tells her. Plating up burgers and wieners, "Come on you all and make your stuff." he places the platters on the table. Now he moves into the pool house and after a few minutes comes back out in just swim trunks that are black.

Scott grins at Emma, "I meant that I told Drake but it was supposed to be a secret that we're going out for more than just a professional reason. It's so no one asks me about why you break up with me later." He teases, "Or that you hear the rumors about me being a heart breaker." He then spots Wolverine getting ready to go into the pool and he smirks, "Go Logan!"

The silent ninja is on the move again. Jose swipes about five hot dogs in one silent dash before appearing back in his spot. He lays back and watches the people as they get ready to swim. Great thing about parties is that most folks, seem distracted enough to do things

"We all know that it's me that breaks up with you. Or at least causes it." Emma says and then quickly gives Scott a kiss on the cheek. She then moves away from him towards the grill and makes herself a single burger and moves to sit on the edge of the pool, her flip flops being shed somewhere so she can dip her feet and shins into the cold water. "C'mon Marie, grow some balls and jump!" That beer really helped class Emma up, certainly.

Drake observes the cheek-kiss with some amusement, watches Emma wander off, then looks back to
Scott. All of his adulations, expectations, and wonderment is summarized in a single word: "Dude."

Marie notes that more than just Tyler was watching her at this point and so she shot out an exhale. "Fine." She says as she tests the board before she springs off of it and up into the air where she curls herself up into a ball, rolls forward through a completely flip and then falls down toward the water in an wild looking belly flop! Aaaaand… she stops falling right at the water level. "Heh, heh, heh." She quietly says as she sinks slowly…. into the water of the pool… until her bikini'd body is submerged and she sinks all the way down to the bottom to touch the floor of it.

Doug happens to be heading through the pool yard and salutes the various teachers and staff before he spots Jose. He smiles slightly; knowing that he should not be there as well so he attempts to pants Jose in a playful jokingly way before he scurries off to not get blamed!

Tyler doesn't see the anti-gravity shenanigans right away. He had closed his eyes and turned his head to keep from getting pool water in his peepers. But when there's no splash he looks back and smirks, "Cheater!"

Scott looks back at Drake; his 'son' technically. He smirks and whispers, "Don't you start calling her 'mom' because that won't end well for the both of us." He then looks back at Emma and then at Drake, "Don't worry, I'm not ditching you tonight for her. Maybe Wednesday night though." He winks.

Jose blinks as he is pantsed! Well….that was unexpected. Jose kicks off his sneakers, and the rest of his pants. It was a hot day anyways! He calls out to Doug "I'll get you next time!!!!"

Jose still wears underware

Logan notices Marie jumping into the pool, "Good one." he tells her while walking to a lounge chair. Sitting down he lights up his cigar before sitting back puffing at it.

Doug has disconnected.
Drake eyeshifts to Emma, then back to Scott. "She can't be 'mom'. There's no room for her between you and Other-Dad, Xavier." Arms fold loosely over his chest, nodding. "Yep. So when're you gonna tell Other-Dad about this new ladyfriend of yours?"

Emma actually frowns at that point and projects a single word to Marie while she's under the water. Her smooth legs sway back and forth in the water, sloshing about relaxingly. "Other dad already knows Jose." Emma retorts for Scott. When the two most powerful telepaths work in the same building they tend to know.

Rogue floated at the bottom of the pool for aabout fifteen seconds before her legs kicked and she started back up from below. A few moments later and the girl's head crested the water's surface and she released a loud "Ahhhh…" But she didn't stop exiting the water at just her head, she shot out of the pool and up into the air to 'stand' above it, the water falling off of her form in heavy streams splashing back into the pool. She suddenly twirled like a figure skater and sent streams of water flying off of her body and out of her soaked-wet mane of hair! And then she flaoted back over to the diving board to stand on it once more.

Scott coughs as he hears Drake. "About that…" He hopes that Emma does not use that information to tease him. It sounds like he and Xavier are in a relationship together. He looks at Drake and then Jose when Emma mentions that. "Wait, I adopted Jose too?"

Logan looks between Scott and Emma now, "And when the hell did this happen?" he asks them. "I thought you were all about Jean and now you are giving it to Frozty?" the cigar is removed and set aside for the moment.

Tyler lifts a finger as if to point to the sky - but instead, a bit of fog materializes and forms a '7.0' in score-card font to grade Rogue's dive. It evaporates in the summer breeze after a moment. Tyler sips his gin, glancing from Logan to Emma. This should be entertaining.

Drake blinks, glancing to Scott, then Emma, then Logan and his super senses - apparently everyone forgot about that - and the whole proverbial cat is out of the bag. Drake is so getting in on this. He pivots fully to Scott. "You… you've been two-timing me with Jose!? You cad!"

Jose cants his head. His mouth was full of hot dogs. And he gives a resounding loud "BBBBUUUUUURRRRRRRRPPPPP!!!!!!!" that echos throughout the yard. Standing up he pats his stomech. Looking to the water he is contemplating getting in the water "Hmmmm

Jose cants his head. His mouth was full of hot dogs that he soon swallows. And he gives a resounding loud "BBBBUUUUUURRRRRRRRPPPPP!!!!!!!" that echos throughout the yard. Standing up he pats his stomech. Looking to the water he is contemplating getting in the water "Hmmmm" (repose with missinged part)

Marie looked over at Tyler as he seemed to be the only one impressed by her re-emergence, but he only gave her a seven… Rogue showed a frown then and she shrugged her shoulders. "Not everybody can understand art…" She quietly said as she turned around and walked back down the board, still dripping quite a lot. She reached up and grabbed her wet hair to pull it all in front ofher and off of her back, as she hated that feeling. She walked over to the food and started to make a plate for hserlf, taking another swig from that half emptied can of Logan Beer, she cringed from it again. "So horrible." She quietly coughed. She then heard Jose's burp and she started to laugh… "Who let the ankle biter in?"

Scott looks at Emma and then at Drake and now Jose. "Dear God, no!"

Jose blinks "Wait…what?"

Emma stands up, taking her legs out of the pool and stumbles once as she walks away. She hasn't eaten much today and the one can of beer she drank too fast has hit her. She moves with a smile to give a wave to everyone and then starts to stumble back towards the mansion, her thongs collected on the way and she carries them in one hand. Emma, is tired and going to call it a day.

Logan was ignored… Nothing new and he just shrugs. Getting up he takes his cigar puffing it while making a hotdog for himself.

Jose looks between Drake, and Scott and definitly looks at Emma. He blinks three times and grumbles "Ain't ever drinking" before he sounds calls out to Logan "On account of the other sounding crazy…is what there saying true?"

Scott watches Emma leave and he sighs. He was hoping to get to know her a bit better before Wednesday but he still has time. "So, Drake," he says he returns his attention to Drake. "How is your road trip planning?"

Emma stands up, taking her legs out of the pool and stumbles once as she walks away. She hasn't eaten much today and the one can of beer she drank too fast has hit her. She moves with a smile to give a wave to everyone and then makes her way towards Logan and looks up to him, "No, we're not adopting anyone. And don't call me Frosty Logan." She says, peering into the man's eyes, able to see his past and his unlocked memories, but not saying anything about them yet. Instead she starts to stumble back towards the mansion, her thongs collected on the way and she carries them in one hand. Emma, is tired and going to call it a day.

Scott looks at Logan and bites his lip. "Jean and—" He lowers his head. He didn't want to be put on stage about that situation. "Jean's interested in other things than what I am. We had a mutual break up." Yeah, she went crazy and still is. "And there is no giving it to Frsosty." He closes his eyes and looks back at Drake, "Wanna go for drive?"

Drake starts to respond to Scott's first inquiry - only for the atmosphere to seem to change. He glances about, taking stock of the situation, then back to Scott, who's clearly no longer in a chipper mood. So, naturally, "Sure. Sounds groovy. We can check in on this bunch later, yeah?" He masks his empathic awareness with a simple, good-natured smile.

Logan just continues to glance between Scott and Emma a moment. "Why is everyone all about one eye." he mutters before lookingat Jose, "Is what true?"

Jose quirps back to Logan "That I apprently got adopted by Scotty there without knowing it" he finaly goes and put his pants back on. Though he dosn't bother with the shoes yet

Marie had gone inside the pool house for a moment and she spoke to some of the others there, Vikce, Storm and even Kitty were inside at a table chatting with one another along with some others who'd come out to get food randomly here and there. A few moments latera nd Rogue came back outside with her plate and she sat down at a table to eat it. The girl was still dripping water like mad and she didn't seem to care. She just ate her food and drank her second nasty Logan Beer. She watched the others though and seemed pretty happy tonight, just to see them all together.

Scott smiles back Drake, "I'll be back in a few. I'm going to walk Emma back to her room to make sure she gets there safe. And to clear to the air about that situation that Logan so lovingly brought up."

Emma goes Out.
Drake gives a quick thumbs-up with his free hand. "Have at it. I'll loiter 'round here. Just gimme the signal or text me whenever you wanna truck out."

Not one to delay Scott any further - after all, it seemed Emma was already on her way out - he turns his attention more towards Jose and Logan. Marie's vanished!

Logan laughs, "Scott, I think Emma is big girl and can walk by herself. You just want to throw your snowballs around and put the dick on the snowman."

Jose goes wide eye and laughs his kokoburra laugh. It was funny after all. He get up and searches for a regular drink this time. Both to stall and see how this plays out

Drake has, by now, obtained a hotdog. He's only just swallowed his bite by the time Doug pipes up - someone he hadn't really interacted with previously. They didn't share a class or anything. "Nahhh. She seems like the type to go after what she wants, and not give up on it easily." Besides, you've gotta root for your boys.

Jose scoffs down his food. Even with his mouth full, he spoke clearly "She wouldn't stop keeping an eye on me when we were at starks place. Give me the chills" shivers as he does so "Does she ever relax, or is she always relaxed?"

Logan sets his cigar aside and then looks around. His eyes fall on Marie and he runs in her direction putting an arms around her middle running to the pool wher ehe leaps into it. >SPLASH< !!!!!!!!!!!

Scott has his keys in hand as he returns to look for Drake.

Drake nods to Doug, pops the remainder of the hotdog in his mouth, and turns to grab the pool-cleaning net. He reaches it into the pool to attempt fishing Logan back out, with every expectation that he's going to be unconscious. Thankfully, everything is lighter under water. But lifting that much weight on a single pole is going to be a challenge for him, anyway!
Jose "It funney at___" gets splashes with water. He laughs and shakes himself off. Of course this cause his headset to splash into the pool "Nice one Logan!" he says cheering the man on! He himself then slips into the water to go fetch them

Marie, looked up from her chair just in time to see the 300 pound metal man slam into her and carry her off to the water. She screamed loudly, louder than anyone's probably heard a noise come out of her to yet… And she was crying out his name right up tot he poitn that the girl and he disappeared into the water!

Logan let her go just as they hit the water so technically he wasn't holding long enough to black out. Swatting the pool net away he suraface with a smirk. "Well that was fun."

Scott smirks as he watches Logan go down in the water. "I wonder if he can heal from drowning." He shrugs, "Or rust." He looks at Drake and is about to ask about the road trip but he looks at Logan surfacing, "Dammit, Logan. I was beginning to think I might miss you."

Drake feels the net swatted and withdraws it with a smirk. "Just tryin' to help!," he calls. The rod is replaced, and his gaze turns to Shades. "Hey, ready to go? Change your mind?"

Jose grabs his headphones and dives under. One can hear whale singing as the young mutant swims about. Course it is distored consdering it is underwater.

Marie bursts out of the water again, sending a wave of the pool water out to the far end of the pool and she hovers there over it wiping her face several times and coughing slightly from having breathed in the chlorine filled nastiness. "Oh, my god. I'm going to kill you." She says to him… "You're lucky you're not sitting at the bottom of the pool right now, ya big ape!" She does't really sound -too- angry.

Logan smirks at Marie splashing at her playfully. He then glances over at Scott, "Wow that didn't take long. What took a minute to unzip, thirty seconds to do the deed and three minutes to get the zipper unstuck?"

Scott looks at Drake, "I'm wondering if we should popcorn as we watch Marie get claws and get her fur on." He grins Drake and Jose, "It's going to take some time for—-" He then looks at Logan and hears he jab. "No, Logan, I'm not you. I have class." He then looks back the man.
"You know, earlier this week, I thought we were actually getting along. I let you borrow my bike and you tuned it up. Now you're back to being a troll. Good job."

Jose come up from the water and chips in "Well, to be fair Scott, he kind of let me take your bike apart! Not even sure how he got it back togeather". The young mutant didn't want the two to start wailing on each other, so tried putting in some humor

Drake knows Scott well enough to know that the thoughts of his bike getting taken apart is not going to put him in a happy place. So Drake quickly moves up to his 'Papa's side and elbows lightly at his side. "C'mon, let's go do a thing. I said I owed ya when you first picked me up - maybe it's about time I paid up?"

Marie floats over to the edge of the pool, dripping water wildly off of her bikini'd body again and she touches down lightly on the pool's edge. She releases a soft exhale and then lifts her hands up. "God." She says, staring at a set of claws sticking out of her hands now and growing at an alarming rate until they're very far out of the backs of her hands. She looks up at Logan and scowls at him. "Ya know these things are f***ing annoying to me, cause I have no idea how to control them and they take weeks to go away, right?" She asked him from across the pool.

Logan swims to the side of the pool and gets out, "Yours go away. Mine don't." he holds up a hand towards Scott the middle claw poking out a moment and then going back in. "Roguerine."
"Drake, it's on me," says Scott as he looks over Logan. "I had a good time, Logan. But this wasn't it." He's getting tired of having to forgive him. He doesn't understand why Logan's been such a hard ass on him but he doesn't care anymore. "Drake, you can drive tonight." He tosses Drake the keys to the Shelby Cobra. "I am not sure why you gotta be a jerk. Poor Marie over there is now going to be stuck with your claws and start to get hairy like you. Plus she'll start smelling everything from miles away. She wasn't ready for that. Another good party ruined." He then looks at Drake, "Let's go." He ponders testing how much damage his optic blast could do to him but he won't.

Jose looks around, at the folks. Just another day the mansion it seems. He sighs gently to himself and after putting his headphones on he lifts himself up onto the side

Logan goes to the cooler taking out a couple of cans of beer, "You are right. Another good party ruined by you being a wet blanket." he shakes the cans up moving towards Scott opening both cans letting them shoot their liquid towards his face and too Drake, "I was having fun and she knew it. Don't get caught smelling of beer, kid. You'll get arrested for drunk driving."

Drake catches the keys with a sigh. Trying to defuse the situation didn't seem to work. He got along well with both of them individually, but together… that's proving to be pretty tricky.

"A'ight," replies the teen with a more sullen tone.

And then he gets sprayed with beer. Clothes now soaked in foul-smelling liquid, he stands there, aghast, shocked, and even a little hurt. The look he gives Logan reflects this, along with a healthy dose of confusion. When he speaks, all he says is, "Seriously?"

Once the feelings start to settle again, his kneejerk reaction is to lead with a fist. But that's the old him - the him from Los Angeles. He's come too far to default to that, and despite this display, has too much respect for Logan as his instructor to take it to that level. So he inhales deeply… and exhales.

"…Gonna go shower. Then we'll head out."

Drake turns to take his leave.

"You're off the team until further notice," says a beer coverd Scott. "Seriously, Logan. Or was it James? Or whoever the crap you think you are. I Don't give a damn if you want to treat me like shit, but you're putting others at risk. Drake's a minor and you're covering him with beer because you think you're funny. The only joke that you have that is funny is your life story. Oh," Scott pauses and starts dramatically flailing his arms around, "I have this claws, I stab things. But I have these harrowing visions about my past so I have the right to act like an asshole towards everyone else." Scott shakes his head, "Get a journal, Logan. If I had my way, right now, I'd have you off the team and you'd be working for the TSA sniffing luggage bags." He sighs, "I tried to get you beer. Tried to be your friend. But if the best we'll ever be is this, you're off my team. I don't give a damn if some of the students worship you over me." He heads into the mansion as well.

Marie just stands there on the far end of the pool looking at the claws sticking out of her hands and the blood that was trickling out as well. She looked up at theo ther side of the pool when the beers were splashed on Scott and Drake and she frowned at this display. She knew Scott and Logan couldn't do well ina room together, but she always hoped… for the best. She sighed and then flexed her hands to retract the claws into her arms… they didn't budge…. She tried again! flex! Nothing. A heavy sigh fell from her lips as she just lowered her arms to her sides and started walking toward the table where her food had been, and thats when the bone claws shot back up into her arms causing the girl to jump a little and release a light startled yelp!

Jose cants his head. ANd is just quiet. He had no idea what to do here as his ears twitch in wonder

Logan watches Scott, "Go cry about Jean some more. OH Jeannnn boohoooo where are youu.. Jeann my soullll mate. You are just a big cry baby and a wet blanket. Of course some of the students like me better, I'm not here to soak up all their fun. And I never asked you to be my friend. But you want me gone. Have it your way. I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire." he tosses both cans at the back of Scott's head. "Go cry to the Professor. Professorrrr… Logan was mean to meeeee.. I don't want him to be here anymore." looking at Marie, "Call me later when Scott is over his monthly."

Marie sits down at the table and releases a light exhale, she slumps back in her chair and shuts her eyes as she hears the two of the 'grown men' arguing with one another. "Good party, Marie." She says to herself. "Thanks, Rogue." She adds. "You're welcome, sugah." And a second later the bone claws shoot out of her hands again and knock her beer over and her plate of food across the table. And, she sighs again.

Jose tilts his head. He hears Marie talking to herself and offer her a sincere "Thanks" that sounds like it is comming from next to her. Of course Jose isn't but it's there
Scott already gave up on Jean. Clearly Logan's too drunk to have picked up on that.

Logan isn't drunk and turning towards Marie he walks over, "Sorry about that. But great party. It was fun.. So. Since I am off the team and I'm sure he will have me out of the school too. I'm going to hit the road."

Marie opened her eyes at the sound of Jose's thrown-voice. "Jose, buddy. Please tell me you haven't been drkining." She says to the air in front of her. Then when Logan approached her and said this she lifted her right clawed hand up and aimed them at him. "NO!" She says, shooting up fast to sit up in her chair. "There's still fourty percent of the student body here all summer, and I'm not going to be left here to tend for it all just cause you and Scottacular are fighting again. He's just pissed! Thats all. You sprayed beer on him and yeah, it was kinda funny, but it was also pretty damn douchey too!" She waved her hand over ot the side and slammed the claws into a hanging potted plant causing it to fall to the ground. "Fuck! how do you LIVE wth these!" The claws on her left hand shot back inside her arm. "God! it hurts every time!"

Jose chirps at Logan "Can I come?" and then at Maries question he says "No." and then comes the yelling. An assult on his ears he flinches a bit but otherwise let them go at it

Logan raises his shoulders into a shrug, "He is the golden boy around here. Let him watch over the students for a while. I'm not needed around here, kiddo." he glances at Jose, "You want to come riding the roads? I neve rhave a plan when I take to the roads."

Marie's eyes went over to see Jose. She figured he'd show up at the party all along anyway. She sucked in a deep breath and looked away. "fine." She said quietly. The claws on her right hand shot back up into her arm and the small wounds they left quickly healed and sealed.

Jose looks between Marie and Logan. He asks Logan "I never been much for plans….but would we be back for the next school year?". He likes it hear, he defintly wanted to come back

Logan sighs lightly, "Right. I promised. How about you come with us, Marie? we three can get a vacation from here."

Marie put her left hand up on her chin but then lowered it, afraid she might poke herself in her eyes… she was going to have to spend most of the night practicing with the claws to get those muscles used to making them work. So it'd be like having six bee's sting your hands repeatedly for several hours. "I can't." She says quietly. "I already told Drake that I'd spend my vacation time taking him to California with some of his friends." Her voice was soft and quiet, down-trodden, even.

Jose thinks Logan has a great idea, and then Marie speaks. He hums a bit "Well promises….are always important to keep" he concurse. But then he looks to Logan "And….just to ask, how good are you with cops?"

Logan sighs deeply, "Yup. Go off with your boyfriend. You want me to stay around here to watch the kids while you go off to California with him. No… No.. and No.. Scott Jr can go by himself or you can go babysit him." shaking his head he heads for the school.

Marie stands up from her chair and she glares at the big hulk of a hairy man. "I don't know what crawled up your ass, Logan." She says, glaring at him. "But -I- didn't do anything to you." And she walks around him and moves into the pool house, disappearing inside of it to go and join the others in there.

Jose looks from the pool house to Logan and then to the Mansion. "Huh….don't think parties are supposed to quite work like that" he muses to himself.

Logan rolls his eyes continuing for the mansion. Once in there his bag will be packed and before daybreak he will be gone.

*< END>*

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