2015-05-18 Driving On
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Scott, Drake
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Driving On

Scott invited Drake to bring a couple friends. Drake's response was to come alone. It may be the saddest thing ever.

"They were all busy! Mostly with being away," is the explanation. After all, most of the student body has dispersed for the summer! The other folk he tried were all busy, so it's going to be just him and Scott. That's good, though. He wanted some time to talk.

The ride to the mall was not a quiet one.

"So, hey, awkward question?"

Scott's used to being the alone one of the group. Even with the original X-Men, he never was able to be 'normal' like they were since he could not control his powers. He just smiles to Drake before he finally gets that part where he has to interact with him. He wanted to give him some time to talk about but now he's going to be put on the spot. "Sure, Drake." He's hoping this is not the fatherly talk speech he has to give.

It might be! But odds are, it isn't. Drake fires off a blunt, "What's the deal with you and Logan? There's gotta be something in that background. I mean, before yesterday, Logan seemed more or less normal. Then, bam. Turned all weird."

The talk probably would have been easier. Really, it would have been.

Scott pauses and smiles, "Jealousy. Logan's pissed that I get respect and treated like a leader over him. I'm rational and methodical. He's pissed that I was dating —-" He pauses, "Jean. He was pissed that I was there before him. His ego is huge but he's a loose cannon."

Scott then pauses, "We're not in Kansas anymore."

Drake quietly 'ohhh's. He tilts his head slightly, studying Scott's expression. "I think I see." It explains things a little, but it doesn't exactly dull the feeling of betrayal. He thought the institute's faculty were tighter than that. In fact, he's not quite satisfied - he'd like to hear from Logan about it and maybe work out these wrinkles.

"Well, you didn't throw down. So there's that, at least. That was my first impulse." The teen exhales a breezy sigh. "I'm way different from how I was, though. Anyway, on to lighter subjects. I had a thought or two." He eyeshifts over. "Wanna hear?"

Scott sighs and looks at Drake, before he smiles again, "Go for it." Any thought is easier than thinking about Logan. "And thanks." He tries to acknowledge that Drake is his friend still; even after these questions!

"I've been thinking a lot over the past month about what I could do for the mansion - to stay, y'know? Marie made a good suggestion, I think."

Drake folds his arms languidly behind his head, much in the way he'd done when first riding to the mansion with Scott. In a way, it feels like they've come full circle. "First of all, for a normal job, what do you think about me being a peer counselor? Maybe use an office or desk to do meetings, people sign up for a timeslot, and I help talk people through the stuff they're going through."

Drake's been through a lot in his short life; from criminal activity to being abandoned by his parents, to finding horrifically mutilated bodies, and believes he's come out unbroken.

"First, can I get you a sign that says, 'The Doctor is In' that has Snoopy or something set up?" Scott seems amused; unaware of the thoughts about the mutilated corpses of Drake's parents being had. "I think you'd do great. Maybe we can work you in as a recruitrer and e mentor in Emma's school idea." Scott doesn't say it's his school or Xavier's anymore. "Unless you wanna live off campus?"

Drake laughs musically at the thought. "Yes. Very yes. Snoopy sign'n all," he nods eagerly, bangs abounce. "And sure, sounds groovy! Whatever way I can help out, y'know? But that leads me to my second thought."

At this point, the teen sits up a little more.

"What do you think about me being a New Mutant trainer? I think I know the ropes by now, and I think I could really help shape things up in that department."

"I'd be… honored to have you serve as that." Scott grins as they get to the mall. He tries to think about how proud he is of Drake; even though he is not his biological son. Or from an alternate reality. "You'd be great at this."

Drake positively beams at this reaction - he couldn't look happier. Much of his life prior to New York was spent rebelling against his parents, but Scott's considerably different. To be fair, he doesn't /quite/ view him as a father figure. It may be closer to a brother. But perhaps in the end, it's easiest considered a pure and simple mentorship; he looks up to him.

"I really hope so."

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