2015-05-18 Harvey the Cat
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Warning: N/A
Players: Mystique (NPCS) and Elaine
GMed by Mystique
Title: Harvey the Cat

[* New York: St. Peter's Church *]
St. Peters is often referred to as 'The Christmas Church' because of founder Clement Clarke Moore, who created 'A Visit From St. Nicholas,' the worlds most famous Christmas poem.
Founded in 1831 to serve the growing neighborhood of Chelsea this church is a pillar of the community and is still a happening hub of activity.
The classic design of the facility is an architectural marvel. The interior of the church has massive ceilings that stretch high above the floor. All original old wooden pews line the middle of the church floor and aim toward the impressive stained glass windows taht sit behind the main stage.
There is a second level to the church's main room, with additional seating that fills up quite heavily during service hours.
Another popular feature of the church is the extensive outdoor gardens where visitors can roam through the carefully landsacped lawn and enjoy an outdoor oasis of peace and tranquility.

Mystique (As NPCs)

Eleanor had lead Elaine to the basement, which was accessed through that ktichen room on the main level. The basement was a series of well lit hallways with white painted walls and many doors. The doors that were open, it could be seen that they were all small bedrooms and some of them had even had other people in them who were casually resting or doing various random things. Some of them greeted Elanor and the new masked girl.

Eleanor showed off the basement kitchen, the eating hallway, a library and a social / rec room with televisions before she took Elaine to an empty room and assigned it to her. Since then, Eleanor has been just another face in the church's busy schedule, checking in on Elaine here and there and bringing her additional sets of clothing… all very casual in nature, sweats and tshirts and such. The others in the church basement didn't seem too interested in Elaine's presence, but they did watch her a bit out of curiosity over the 'new girl'. But as of yet none had spoken to her.

It has been nearly two days sense Eleanor had fashioned Elaine with a room and fresh clothing, but each time she was visited the teen remained wrapped in her grubby obscuring clothing. She was afraid to show herself, thus she bathed at odd times, eat at odder times and kept solitude always. It is in such solitude that she finds herself now, sitting within her small room at the edge of a plain cot that has provided more comfort than expected in light of her time on the streets. She is in a contemplative state, looking upon the simple dresser and nightstand that make up all her possessions, or more specifically the church's posessions. She does not dare open the door, for she finally changed her clothing and now is attired in light grey track pants that nicely with a ordinary dark blue tee-shirt. Bare-arms, neck and face are of undescribable perfection, truely the most frighteningly beautiful individual in the world or perhaps anywhere else. Blonde hair is pulled back into a simple ponytail but lack of style does not diminish her godly strands which have the quality of blonde ringlets without effort or attempt. Eyes as blue as blue has ever been gaze forward in sombre contemplation. To look upon such a creature, most can never imagine…

The church had been busy on Sunday, as to be expected, a lot of foot traffick could be heard above the basement as visitors came and went and even today had been rather busy and still was… the church was not only an operating place of worship but it was also a tourist attraction so it got a lot of bodies in it throughout the day. One notable event for Elaine was that the church's resident feline had been following her around every time the girl had emerged from her room for food or bathroom useage, and it followed her back to her room every time as well. He was a big fat cat that looked like he was used to wandering around the gardens outside as well as sleeping… quite a lot likely. The cat's collar had a tag that read 'Harvey'.

There came a sudden knock to Elaine's door then.

Elaine had noticed the cat, she had even picked it up on one occasion as she quietly padded toward the showers, she is not unaccustomed to people and animals paying her special notice, she was surprised the cat seemed to like her. It is this very compulsion that keeps her away from people, one glimpse of her and what seems to be a quiet community of individuals will be rife with jealousy, fear and desire. They will compete for her attentions and trample each other to do so, anything for their goddess, and Elaine can think of nothing worse. While concidering this notion a knock comes to the door which raises her eyes to the door, it is only a moment of pause before she to rises from the bed and takes the one step toward the door. Such is gently opened, "Come in…" she says with an ethereal whisper before backing off and folding her hands.

The door to the room opened and it was that giant homeless-man from when Elaine first came to the church that night. "Scuse me, ma'am." He says in his super deep voice. "I was told to ask ya if ya wanted to have any of the left overs from da lunch today. I put them down in duh kitchen here… Iz chicken'n'pot pie, ma'am. Some fruit and such." He says, his big brown eyes looked at the girl a moment from his 7-foot tall form but then he looked back down to the ground not wanting to stare at her.

Elaine's lips press together nervously as someone other than Eleanor enters the room, a deep breath is also drawn in by the teen. She is clearly self-concious about her appearance, perfection is singularity and the attention she draws is of a most uncomfortable variety at most times, it is hard to imagine that in the years to come she will only enhance as she reaches her prime. As of this moment she still has a youthful look to her face, though in the very last stages of youth, "Thank you… Umm, are there other people out there?" she asks timidly, noting the man's attempt to politely look away. "Perhaps, you can bring it in here to me… I am not commanding you… Merely asking." It is as if God himself asked for a favour, and she is aware, "But only do so if YOU wish, only if you would do it for anyone else."

The big man does't say anything to her as she makes this request of him and he does't look back up at her either. He merely lingers in the doorway a moment and then nods his head softly before closing the door and vanishing again. It takes a few minutes but he then knocks upon the door again and cracks it open once more. "Ma'am. I brought you the food." He says, and then the church cat comes charging into the room through the open doorway and immediately runs to Elaine's ankles where it starts to rub against her ankles affectionately.
Elaine only had time to pause and glance around her room when the big man had moved away toward the kitchens, thus she was good and ready to open the door once again to retrieve her food. "Thank you…" she says with a smile that doubtlessly fluttered or frightened his heart, even if he is able to steel himself. Taking the food tray just as the cat slips into the room

Elaine nods and gently closes the door if that is indeed the end of her conversation with the man. Alone with the cat, the teen that gives off the most gentle of glow seats herself on her bed and sets the food on the night stand in careful fashion. Attentions than drift to the cat that she guides to her lap. "How are you little man." she says softly as she attempts to take the best into her arms and press it to her breast. Her fingers quietly stroke the animal while she rubs her chin against its head, this action persists for some time before she finally turns to her pot pie and moves the cat to rest beside her.

The cat was grateful to be in the girl's arms and it was known by the deep purring that was rumbling throughout his chest. He rolled around against her and seemed to just generally be in heaven's embrace with the girl, even making quietly cat noises for various unknown reasons. It seems doubly interested in the pot pie as well, as it had an insatiable need to eat all food around it and thus is why it had a pretty big belly pushing out from its grey and black fur coat. After severla minutes there came another knock at the door. "Deary, its Eleanor." She says. "May I come in?"

If the cat were in the arms of another there is little doubt that the pot pie would be first in his mind, however the delights of Elaine's embrace are not lost of the beast. With the animal now at her side and under the control of one hand, the tray was moved to rest across her lap, with the pie cut into with a fork Eleanor is heard. Drawing another deep breath as she is to be nervously revealed to another, the teen lets out a magical, "Of course, do come in…"

Eleanor stepped into the room upon hearing the invite and she flashed a smile at the girl. She carried a pair of water bottles and closed the door behind her. "Oh Harvey, you little minx! Leave the poor girl alone!" She said to the cat, who looked up at Eleanor with giant round eyes and then made a loud meow sound before it dropped down on the floor and ran under the bed, it could still be heard purring under the bed.

Eleanor sat down on the office chair that was in here and she offered one of the water bottles to Elaine then. "You look so radiant today, deary… you really clean up wonderfully, like a living angel." Sha said to the girl grinning widely as she took a drink from her own bottle and tried to collect her breath as she was a bit spent.

Elaine naturally looks to the cat as it falls to the floor but quickly raises her gaze to the old woman seating herself nearby. At the edge of her bed the girl sits with immaculate posture with legs crossed at the ankles beneath her, form and shape flawless, even the single blonde ringlet that has escaped the clutched of ponytaildom hangs delightfully upon her brow. The complements offered cause flicker a nervous smile, "I year ago I did not look like this, it just, happened…" she says softly, accepting the bottled water. Eyes of the brightest blue depart as the timid girl continues to eat her pie, it is easier to talk when not making eye contact. "It is never going away is it?" she asks softly, "I used to have red hair, I miss my red hair."

Eleanor smiled at the girl and she lightly shook her head. "It is not going taway and you shouldn't wish it to, my dear." She told her. "This was a gift, a gift that most would dream of having and you should relish in its arrival." She told her. "I can only imagine, however, the level of trouble its given you in this past year… what with you stuck on the dirty nasty streets with this… beauty of yours?" She asked, in a way and then sighed loudly. "Did you have much trouble out there by yourself, deary? Were the masses of the unenlightened cruel to you?"

Elaine keeps her eyes on the pot pie resting upon her lap, gently she squashes the food with a fork before finally taking a morsel up for consumption. "No, they were always very kind, protective." she says softly, clearly noting Eleanor's comment on her beauty, she had hoped the old lady was immune to notice. "They had no reason to be, there was no real friendship, it was all fake… Everyone is nice to me, even my parents, my parents did everything I asked them."

"Mmm…" Eleanor replied to these words from the young girl, her head going up and down in a series of nods. "But they wished to follow you, one after the next… like a growing herd of cattle to the call for feed." She ascertained and put her wattle bottle on the desk before placing her hands on her knees. She was wearing grandmotherly clothing of khaki slacks and a bright blue wool knit sweater with a flowering scarft around her neck. "I assume you saw several of our residents over the past few days, yes?" she asked, grinning. "As well as their… vivid rainbow of appearances and uniqueness… They are St. Peter's pride and joy, they are our gifts from the Lord Almighty hismelf. And we are training them, each and every one of them." She told the girl.

Elaine continues to eat while she listens to the old woman, her eyes spending most of their upon the pot-pie. "Yes… Sometimes they even cry when I look on them, as if I've done some great kindess." she says in a fashion far softer than humanly possible. "They bring me gifts, fight over me, place me on a pedestal." The girl swallows and looks up, the form of her features doubtlessly offering understaning of the people's actions toward Elaine, "Your the only person who does not seem caught up in me, the others, it is only a matter of time. One boy saw me running back from the showers the other night, I could hear him breathing outside my door for hours…" At that the girl pauses, "You are training them, for what?"

Eleanor smiled brightly at the girl and put her hands up together beneath ehr chin. "Oh my dear, your beauty effects me almost as much. But, you see… I've been around a long time and the powers of mutants are vast… and I've experienced them all. Over time you learn to better cope with such wonderful gifts as yours…. Otherwise, however, aren't quite so well abled." She drew in a breath then and let it back out. "And we are preparing our wonderful mutant children for the revelotion, of course. Mankind is… bubbling, you see, simmering… like a hot teapot, ready to squeal. Soon the steam will spout and it'll be ready to drink…" She flashed a smile. "Or in our case, it'll be ready to fight to preserve mutant-kind and fight off our oppressors." She reached her right hand out to place it on Elaine's left knee. "We so hope that you'll join us, and train with us, and be there the day we must act… and save our people." She flashed a big smile. "I know you will though, you were sent to us for a reason, yes?"

Eleanor's eating slows as the old woman reveals her intentions, as such should from an intelligent individual, evidently she has not put much thought into politics of late. The hand touched to the leg invites sensation as perfect as sight and sound, one could not ask for a more delightful misture of strength and softness, "You can't expect them not to be afraid, can you?" she asks with more thoughtfulness that could be expected from a teen, but this one has spent a great deal of time alone. "I did not allow myself to be registered… I wonder sometimes if that action creates the very distrust which you and others seek to rebel." There is a moment of thought, "Would not action prove them right in their actions thus far?"

"They will act before we do." Eleanor says softly in reply, still smiling as she withdrew her hand and clutches it again within her other on front of her throat. "It has been foretold. Thsi is why we train, we have to be ready to fight for our kind and defend ourselves from their nefarious… wicked plots." She sucked in a deep breath tthrough her nose then. "They hurt us, deary… every day, they capture our kind and perform terrible, unspeakable experiments upon our bretheren to attempt to find chinks in our armor, ways to make us weak so that they can devour us like a shark." Her eyes went toward the door a moment before snapping back to the beautiful teen. "Marcus there… we rescued him from one of their compunds… they were torturing him… and they." She bit her bottom lip and looked away from Elaine toward the floor. "He'll never get his family back from that place. It was too late for them when we arrived."

The nature of Elaine's powers almost completely remove her from the experence of an average mutant, everybody is willing to help and care for a goddess. Her trials have been somewhat unique though she evidently still has empathy for others of her kind, indicated by her magnificant gaze lowering as the old woman describes the horrors their species faces. It is only a matter of time before someone or something will come for Elaine as well, no matter how charming she may be, "It is against the law to perform experents on people against their will, if you have proof put it before the government, no doubt they will be just as shocked by such realisations." Wise council for a teen but filled with nievete, "Are you sure that Marcus was not exaggerating? I mean, I hate to think…" There is a moment of thought by the beautiful creature, "We are just as much their sons and daughters as any, how could they kill their own children?"

"Fear." Eleanor replied to her. "That same fear you spoke of, deary." She said to the beautiful girl. "That Fear is what makes them ignore the laws… they claim those laws were written for Humans and not for Mutants… it is the loophole they'll use to defend their actions. They act within the shadows of the government… a cause that has been going on for decades now, sweet child." She tells Elaine, her voice passionate about her beliefs. "You are a heavenly angel sent here to help us. To help Marcus and those like him, who've been captured… or whom we've already lost to their dark and Devil-influenced ways." She paused then and a big smile hit her lips. "I have a gift for you!" She says, almost bouncing in her chair. "Marcus!" She calls out. A moment later the door opens and the big black man steps into the room with a box… he does NOT look at Elaine… he stares straight down and walks in. "Marcus, give the girl her gift!" The man nods. "Yes, ma'am." He turns and moves his giant hands toward Elaine, offering her the large box. Should she open it, she'd find inside the box a set of clothing… specifically tailored for the girl to wear that could cover her, be comfortable, and also functional for the girl's abilities.

Youth has allowed for Elaine to be of pure spirit, thus it is clear that she is not entirely convinced that humanity will turn against mutant kind in extreme fashion. That is not to say she does not understand the old woman, rather her brow flickers beautifully as she doubtlessly will concider the subject at length for the first time. She is clearly self-concious about being called an angel, thus a deep breath is drawn in at the comment. It is only when Marcus arrives is she snapped out of either thought and Elaine rises to a glorious stand, casting aside her food tray and paying attention to the giant man. Obviously aware of his attempts to avoid her gaze she reaches out and takes the box without a thank you or the slightest touch as hands pass the object from one to another. After a glance at the box the girl lowers herself wonderfully to the edge of he bed and rubs her fingers against the box, "You did not have to buy me anything… Letting me have a place to stay is more than enough." she says softly, once Marcus presumably leaves. A polite smile is offered to unintentionally rend the old woman's heart before opening the box, her brow flickers at the strange articles within, naturally the look odd. "What are these?"

Eleanor smiled at the girl as she opened her gift, her hands claped together still in front of her. Marcus did leave and he did shut the door again. "You can consider that the outfit to be worn for your training with us… designed specifically for you to let you move about… wherever you wish, to speak to others, without fear of your gifted greatness effecting them and… we hope that is as beautiful a garment as you would deserve to wear, my dear sweet girl." She told Elaine. "But, should you not wish to be with us… should wish to move on, you may still keep it… as it is a gift, pure and simple… an offering from us to you."

Resting the box open upon her lap, Elain lifts out the mask which sits on top of the folded clothing, such is looked over appraisingly, turned over and over in her hands. While it is well made there is something meloncholy in knowing that one must live the rest of their life behind a mask, "Thank you…" she says softly. A bodysuit made of a thin layer of soft white leather is then withdrawn from the box, "Do you suppose it will even fit me?" she asks softly, a glance is offered to Eleanor. Boots and gloves finish off an all white ensamble, the mask itself is made in the character of a beautiful woman, though the eyes have tinted lenses and the mouth has a speaker skillfully hidden within. "I suppose this suit will be more me, than me, after a time…" she says seriously, there is little doubt if she is to be out of this room that she must wear it, she must wear this or a chain.

"Your you actions will speak louder than the skin you wear." Eleanor replied to the young girl as she stood up from the chair, watching Elaine as she looked the garments over. "And I am quite certain that it will fit you as I know it was destined to be yours." She gave the girm a big smile and then picked up her water bottle once more. "Try it on as your leisure and you can emerge from your room whenever you wish, if you wish to at all. Oh, one more thing…" She reached into her sweater and pulled out a ridiculously expensive looking smart phone. She offered it to Elaine. "This is yours. I've already programmed a host of useful information into it as well as my personal number. You can call or text whenever you need anything, deary." She hands the phone over and then pats Elaine's shoulder. "Such a pretty girl." She quietly notes as she parts from her and moves toward the door once again to step out of the room.

< END >

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