2015-05-18 Off The Team
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Widow, Iron Man, Lucy, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Off the Team

Stepping into the gymnasium the first thing one would notice is the large sparring ring that has been set up in dead middle. Make-shift is probably the best way to describe it, maybe more of an arena, as there is a painted white circle to mark where it starts and ends along with a matt to cover flesh from durasteel. Some benches have been set up for those that like to watch a match more then compete.
Moving on there are training bags to work with on the port side of the room, while just next to it is where lots of the more 'high-tech' training equipment is located. With more technologically advanced pieces of equipment one would be able to work almost any muscle in the body. Around the whole edge of the room are two cleared spaces marking them as a track for two people to be able to do laps side by side.

It has been well over a week since Mike and Natasha had that converstation in the kitchen. And, despite Natasha's recommendation to Fury to drop Mike from the team, the Phantasm-Sorceror Supreme is still here. And things are back to normal! Kind of. Mike and Natasha are still showing up at their designated training session times, they're still training, but the lack of talking between them is blatanty obvious. To those who have been sharing the gym with the two of them in the past hoour, they would have been witness to the sounds of nothing but the clacking of the sticks in their hands hitting each other.

Natasha turned away from Mike after he blocked one of her attacks that slammed at him very very hard, it actually splintered the staff in her right hand and cracked it right down the middle. "Good block." Natasha said to him quietly as she turned around in the boxing ring and started walking toward her corner then to replace the stick. She ripped the broken one in half and threw both pieces into a black bucket in the ring's corner, The pieces clattered around in the bucket and disappeared inside of it with several toehr broken sticks. She bent down to pick up a new set of them out of a pile. She had on all black work-out clothing.

Mike gives a silent nod, not replying out loud as he takes the moment Natasha's back is turned to slightly flex his bruised hand, fighting back a steadily forming cramp. The pony-tailed magic user has apparently not resorted to using any of his un-human abilities to avoid the blow landed earlier from a less successful attempt to block. Mike has forgone the all black in his attire for this exercise, in favor of just a generic heather grey color. Must've been on sale somewhere. He doesn't smile but continues to give a bland look as he gets ready for another barrage of attack.

Natasha returned to Mike and re-engaged him another series of attacks. She was saying things, they were just all related to instructions and simple tips or guideance. It was clear, however, that she wasn't holding back. She'd find a weakness in his defense and she'd hit him, hard, with the sticks… not enough to break any of his bones but enough to leave bruises. "You need to focus more on defense and less on looking cool while you fight." She told him then, slightly out of breath.

Mike does not return any verbal response beyond a hiss in response to another strike to his already bruised hand. Upon Natasha's comment, the eyes narrow, A defensive strike is returned to Natasha, harder than before.

"Hit me!" Natasha shouts at him. "Don't be a pussy, hit me!" She strikes at him twice, one quick hit followed by another one. She parried his incoming blows and hit him again the exact same style to see if he'd be better prepared for it a second time. It was clearly that she was going at him on a level that may be above where his skills actually currently are.

As Natasha increases the furiousity of her blows, Mike twists the sticks to bring them back to blocking mode, barely stopping the attack Natasha throws at him. His stance shifts, giving up a bit of ground as he focuses on where the next attack's going to come from. A glimmer of unnatural light comes from Mike's eyes before dying away as he shakes his head. Enough distraction for another blow to come in.

Natasha attacks continued onward, vicious and overly aggressive, but Mike kept up with her… for the most part. She eventually relented and backed up from him. "Thats it, times up." She said. She had a busy day ahead of her and had given Mike an hour. She clumped the two fighting staffs together and turned to drop them into the bucket with the others. It was an abrupt ending that came with no further advice for him.

Tony steps out of the lockerroom with wet hair looking as if maybe he showered. Even so he is wearing black shorts and a white tank top. Ear buds in his ears he moves to a treadmill which he turns on and starts running unaware of the other two at the moment rather lost in Starkland.

Mike is still in a fighting stance when Nat quits. Expression darkening, he walks over to the bucket as well, tossing the splintered practice escrima in there as well. The force of the toss acts as the final blow that causes for the already weakend sticks to break. "Til next time." He mutters.

Natasha had retrieved her water bottle from the side of the ring and she watched Mike deposit his own sticks into the barrel and then she gave her chin an uplifted nod. "Yeah." She said at him before she looked at Stark who wasn't too far away. She took the cap of her water off and tossed at his backside.

Tony is running listening to his music when the bottle hitting his butt distracts him. Being thrown off into the floor he lands on his back. Staring at the ceiling he lays perfectly still.

Mike watches as the bottle is thrown at the unsuspecting Tony. "Geez. Eat some fucking chocolate already." The rocker comments, not really caring if the agent heard him now. He moves over, grabbing his own water bottle to actually drink some of the contents.

Natasha saw the dramatic results of her actions and she crawled between the ropes of the ring and dropped down onto the gym floor. She looked over at Mike then and gave him a glare, but said nothing to the man as she walked toward Tony and then stood beside him looking down at him. "I'm sorry." She said. "I didn't know you had an allergy to plastic bottles…" She offered him her hand to help him up.

Tony lays there a moment staring at Natasha as she neds over him. Ok so the eyes strayed a moment before accepting the hand up. "You jut couldn't handle seeing my tight butt." a playfuly swat is given to her bum. "You sound happy. Telling yourself to eat chocolate or us?" he asks Mike.

Just her." Mike answers, gesturing over to Natasha with his bruised up hand as he lowers the bottle with the other hand. He glances down to Tony before shaking his head, grabbing his towel before climbing out of the ring.

Natasha gave Tony's words and actions a big smirk before she snagged up the bottle she'd thrown and then turned to her things to go sort them all out and sit down on a bench to check her phone. "Mike, you asked for training. I'm giving you training. I'm sorry if its harder than you epected it to be, but thats combat for you. So deal with it." She said to him while thumbing through her phone.

Tony cants his head one way and then another, "She doesn't need chocolate. The woman just needs to breathe the air to be hyper." he turns off the treadmill and walks over sitting by Natasha rather snuggly close on purpose.

Mike snerks, "Right. 'Training'. That's all that was." Once on the main floor he glances over, "Fine. Bring it. But don't you go lying and calling that JUST training. I know what you're doing. And I'm not going to give you the satisfaction by quitting."

Natasha picked up a towel out of a bag when Tony sat down beside her and she glanced at him with a half-cocked smirk. "Its not hyperness. Its, enjoying life, Stark." She then looked down and patted her forehead with the towel. She heard Mike's words then and her green eyes went up to look at the man once more. "Do whatever the hell you want to do, Mike." She tells him. "Thats what you do best afterall." She then lifted that water bottle up she threw at Tony and took a drink from it again.

Tony raises a brow looking between them, "Is this a lovers spat? Do you need to have makeup sex?" he asks rather confused at the pair reaching he takes Nat's bottle taking a drink and then handing it back.

Mike's jaw clenches as he shakes his head slowly, "'Want' and 'Have' are two different words, Nat." He looks over to Tony, "Oh? She didn't tell you?" He looks over to Natasha, "Really now?"

Natasha was confident that she could handle a mouthy angsty hollywood pretty boy like MIke. She gave a smirk at Tony. "I don't think I'm his type." She replied to Stark's words before looking back to the other one. "Come on, Mike. I don't sit here and share everything with iron buns here."

"You only wish you had buns of steel like mine." Tony tells her, "Tell me what? You two went to vegas and got married. Natasha came to her senses and is trying to beat you into giving her a divorce," he glances between them.

"Even when it comes to you trying to remove people from the team?" Mike asks, "Never occurred to you to maybe give a heads up?"

Natasha smirked at MIke now. "Mike, for god's sake, its my job to give my opinion on the members of this team to the people who operate our endeavors around the world." She shook her head then. "If I fucking believe one of them is a losoe cannon then I'm going to share that with my Director." She paused briefly. "That shit at the air port, the shit at the hospital, the shit with the underage mutants at a god damn Domino's pizza? What do you want me to tell Fury? 'Oh yeah, sir, Mike and his super strange powers? They don't seem like a problem at all!'" She made a mocking voice with that last bit in her sentence… and its possible that Natasha Romanoff has never cussed that much in her life before.

Tony looks from one to the other, "Fury can't decide who is on the Avenger team." he said simply to this. "But indeed I saw the footage. Glad to know I made a good showing in hell. Show that even they can't take a great man down. But beating on Natasha doesn't change anything. What happened well.. it happened. Bd enough we have Hulk that can go nuts and hurt others. Are you going to be part of the problem now?" he looks at Mike.

While the explanations and debate is ongoing with Tony, Natasha and Mike, the doors to the gym had opened to allow Lucy entrance. She pauses there as the gist of the conversation washes over her to glance among the three with clear hesitation. "So… Bad time, guys?" The question comes to announce her presence as she shifts her weight from one foot to another. The SHIELD uniform was gone and replaced instead by a pair of comfortable yoga pants, and a sling-back tanktop that shows off her shoulders and the obvious red-black bruises that look as if they might have been caused from the impact of something small and propelled from a gun. Apparently she'd had a bad time of it herself lately.

That shit with the nightclub with the Hulk, that shit with Ragnarock, that shit with-" Mike responds back to Natasha, "Did you recommend Hulk get kicked off when I had to pull him out of a crowded nightclub?" He looks over to Tony, "Each of the things she complained about regarding me, was caused by another person." He looks over to Natasha, "When I realized what happened at the airport. I TOLD you what to do to stop it. Leo's powers? I worked at them until I had them under control WITHIN A WEEK. I was NOT the one who TOOK those kids but Thank you so much for falsely blaming me for that one. Just warms the heart and I SURE as hell was not the one who wiped your memory of the Domino's incident. AND I TOLD YOU THAT ALREADY." He looks over to Tony, "And perhaps you should also direct that question over to Nat as well." Mike's head turns, looking over to Lucy, but not answering her question.

Tony gets up to his feet stepping towards Mike, "So you are blaming her for your stuff? Those kids just happened to be at the pizza place and got pulled into the middle of it. At the airport innocent people could have been killed. I wasn't asking if she was a problem on the team. I was asking you if you are." his eyes are locked on him.

Natasha glanced over at Lucy and then back at the others, when Tony rose to talk she just listened to what he had to say. "I don't have to explain myself to you, Mike. I've given my opinin on other members of the team before as well. My opinion doesn't always lead to any definitive actions either. So I'm not sure why my lone opinion is so important to you." She kept her words vague about Hulk, or anyone else in the Avenger group.

"BECAUSE I RESPECTED YOU!" Mike snaps, glaring at Natasha, "And the way you've been acting this past week has been so God damn contradictory to what I expect from you!"

Lucy sucks in a slow, deep breath as the tension in the room rises significantly. Without uttering a word she mouthes, 'Apparently so,' in regards to her question of it being a bad time. She was already here, though, and she was in need of some gym time to help recooperate, so she edges over to a weight bench to sink down and sit. The towel she'd brought with her is dropped down beside her. Before she can really think to do anything Mike lashes out at Natasha causing her gaze to jerk up again. "To be fair you did kind of get compromised with this whole Sorcerer Supreme thing. That guy's always been an unknown factor." She pauses and mutters, "And a bit of a jackass." With that little bit tossed in she leans over to grab a some low-end handweights to start warming herself up with simple curls.

Tony doesn't like being ignored as if he isn't standing there. "I suggest you chill it. Or I won't need a ring to knock you on your ass. You don't raise your voice to a woman ever. Especially here."

Natasha just softly smirked and she listened to everyone speaking. "I never asked for anyone's respect." She said softly as she stood up and put her things away in her bag, preparing to go for the locker rooms.

Mike points over to Lucy, "I. Am not. Dr. Strange. I'm Phantasm. I'm just babysitting that other title so someone worse doesn't get it." He looks over to Tony, "And no, I'm not THE problem."

Natasha picked up her belongings, she gave Tony's shoulders a soft pat and leaned over to kiss his cheek softly. She then walked past Lucy and gave her a smile… and with one last glance back to Mike she spoke out to him. "Tell Steve about it, Mike. This is his group, I'm not the leader."

Lucy looks up a moment, only to gesture out toward Mike. "Compromised. Look it up in a dictionary if you need. You WERE a known individual, but you've had things happen to you that even YOU can't completely explain at this point. Yet you expect to be welcomed by an intelligence agency with open arms after this? No dice. Even /I/ got to deal with being gone for a year in another dimension. Get your head out your ass and realize shit happens and sometimes you just have to deal with it… Including the repurcussions that you don't want."

Tony stares him down though relaxes to Natasha as she acknowledges him. "And neither is she, rookie." he says simply. "When Cap isn't available I am the one you want to see. Got it? I gave this mansion to the Avengers but I still get a say of who lives in it. So keep up yelling at her and I'll be glad to toss you out through a window. And I don't give a damn what title or name you carry."

Mike looks at the glaring Tony, expression blank before he tilts his head down, giving a bit of a nod, small smile forming on his lips. "I understand where you're coming from…" He looks over to Lucy, "I've been dealing with shit since I was born. But that doesn't mean I HAVE to just take all that without voicing my disagreement with it from time to time." He grasps his water bottle, "You may choose to surrender. But that doesn't mean I have to." Peace said, and with the primary source of discord gone, Mike has little reason to stick around and walks out.

Lucy snorts disdainfully. The weight she'd been using is dropped down to the bench with a heavy THUNK and she stands glaring at Mike for that remark. "Surrender? If you knew half the SHIT I've been through…" A firm shake of her head comes, and she clenches her jaw, apparently hit with more than a little annoyance at that very thought. "I UNDERSTAND though. And I do my job, like I'm asked, until people realize that nothing has changed with ME." It doesn't matter much because he's on his way out the door, so she merely whirls to the side and stalks over to the punching bag to haul back and hit it several times. At least until her shoulder aches, and she leans her forehead against it with a groan of annoyance.

Tony rubs his head, "Surrender to what? How about jut pack your things and get the hell out of this mansion!" he calls out as Mike goes to leave, "You are off the team as of now." oh yeah he did. "Come near any of its members and you'll be considered hostile." and that is that.

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