2015-05-20 Defenders and Avengers
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Widow, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Defenders and Avengers

Doctor Stephen Strange's mansion is located in Greenwich Village. The address is 177A Bleecker Street, New York City, NY 10012-1406. His Sanctum Sanctorum is located within the mansion. There is a large window in the pattern of the anomaly rue (a strange magic algorithm). Guests are greeted by Wong. Unwanted guests are usually stopped by protective spells.

It's been a few days since Mike has been kicked out of the Avengers. While his belongings haven't quite made the full move out of the mansion, Mike has for the most part respected Tony's wishes. And so, the current Sorceror Supreme is back in the building he ever so hates. Deep within the building Mike stands, arms crossed over his chest, eyes closed, head tilted downwards and toes a few inches off the ground.

Wong, who seems to come WITH the new digs is busying himself, cleaning up the entryway of the abode.

Natasha arrived outside of the mansion on her black ninja motorcycle. The found a suitable parking spot and dismounted the bike before walking toward the fancy-pancy house's main doorway. Her hands came up, the helmet came off of her head and she reached over to press the call button on the building's exterior wall. While waiting the woman looked around the front of the building… yep, it had a weird vibe about it… she was't even remotely surprised by this either. She sighed softly and waited.

Hearing the buzzer, Wong lifts a cloth off of one artifact, looking to it, the door, and then at the artifact again. After a pause he turns, moving over to the door to peer through the peep hole at Natasha. Recognizing her, he opens the door. "Yes?"

Natasha doesn't really know Wong, though she's met him before… which barely counts in her book, for all she knows he's a made-up figment of her imagination. Its hard to be sure around here. "Hello." she says to him, her right hand stuffed into her leather coat pocket and her other holding her motohelmet against her hip. "I'm looking for Mike." she tells the butler-guy. "Is he around?" She asked then.

Wong nods, opening the door a bit wider, "Yes, The Master is having a conference call at the moment. But you are welcome to come in and have some tea while you wait."

Natasha stepped into the doorway and through the threshold of the house. "Thank you." She told the man before letting her eyes roam about whatever it was that was beyond the front door. "Who is he having a conference call with, if I may ask?" She questioned, looking at Wong again.

"The Defenders." Wong replies, looking over to Natasha, "Did he summon you in person?"

Natasha hears the response and really has no reaction to it. The question asked of her earns a shake of her head then and she glances about the room again, roaming her eyes over various things. "He did not…" She replies to said question, her booted feet quietly walking a little further into the Strange mansion.

"Interesting." Wong replies, giving a polite smile and nod to the woman, "And surprising he wouldn't bring more of Strange's roster to his own. He seemed fond of you." He leads Natasha over to the room that Mike is floating in, gesturing over to the seat. "Just wait here. I will get you some tea."

Mike doesn't greet her but instead looks more like he's asleep. This is one QUIET conference call.

Natasha sat down in the indicated chair and she put her helmet down on the floor at her feet. She leaned back in the chair and placed her arms on the chair's arms. She stared at Mike, her green eyed gaze was a calm and leveled inspection of the man… she knew what he was doing, or at least had an idea of it… and it was hardly any more odd to see than wolves appearing out of no where… or giant snakes. So she waited, in silence.

Natasha does end up waiting a little. Wong returns, setting down a placement of two. Natasha is served her tea first and the servant does a silent watch of the sorceror for a few minutes before he preps the other cup. Task completed, Wong gives Natasha another bow in greeting before heading out once more.

Feet gently setting upon the floor, arms lowering and head lifting, pale blue eyes look over to the green set. There is no addressing of names, just a silent glance before Mike turns and walks away from her general direction.

It took her awhile before she reached up to pick up the tea and give it a taste. But she did. There was no real reason not too, its not like it was poisoned, right? Hahaha… she brushed that thought out of her mind and tried the tea. Beyond that the woman just sat there in her chair almost completely silent other than the occassional movement here and there.

Mike stops at an ornate cabinet, a hand hovering around one drawer before it unlatches and slides out. Entry given, he reaches in, pulling out a notebook and pen before turning around to walk back towards where Natasha is sitting. He doesn't address her yet as he opens the notebook up and starts jotting down in it rapidly. He doesn't even look as he sits down, finishing up what it is he's writing. The book snaps shut. "Yes, Miss Romanoff?"

This sort of display is the style of thing that bothers Natasha about all of this. She watches him and tries to hide her displeasure with the theatrics… She glances down at her knees when he fianlly does address her and then she exhales and looks back up at him. "I was taking my anger out on you, rather than your situation. Your stiuation frustrates me, and I was aiming that frustrating at you rather than it." She tells him. "I was additionally upset at the inclusion of the Mutant children, which… had nothing to do with you, so I was also misdirecting my feelings on that at you, rather than… your situation. Which, by all accounts, you're trying to keep reigned-in as well as one could be able to." She pauses a moment. "I'm inviting you back to the Avenger's mansion to rejoin the team. There are going to be additional updates to the roster to improve our defenses. We need as many trusted individuals as we can get, if this demon infestation situation is not yet resolved… let alone other growing threats that are appearing on our radar." There, she explains her situation for him and immediately falls silent…. OH, wait! "I'm sorry." She adds, THEN shuts up.

Mike rests the book on his lap as he reaches over for his cup. While Natasha explains herself, he sips the drink. The cup sets back down. "What about Tony?"

"Tony believed that you were attacking me unfounded and he defended me." Natasha replied to him then. "I've informed him of the situation and he's in compliance." Her head was shook then, the short curly red hair waving just a little about while doing so. "He won't be an issue. Stark is a busy man, Mike, you know that he barely regards any of us for more than a few minutes at a time. I wouldn't expect the two of you to be playing racketball together any time soon, but nevertheless, the issues are resolved." Another short pause as she sat up straight in her seat. "We are a team and we only function properly if the team is together. You're being offered the chance to return to us, stripped of any 'junior' afiliations. You're being offered full membership in the Avengers and will be treated with equal levels of respect."

Mike's head tilts a bit at the mention of dropping the 'junior' in the title. "…There are conditions to me coming back." His glance moves to the notebook, "Once more, because of the situation."

"Fine lets hear them." Natasha immediately replied to him without even thinking about it or skipping a beat. She remained seated on the edge of the chair with her back straight and her hands on her knees before her. She watched him.

Mike sighs, holding the notebook as he stands up, "The new abilities come with rules. One of which is not to use those abilities to benefit… earth level problems. Basically it's a jurisdiction thing. Information I get using those abilities, I can't share with you unless it's a matter of protecting the world from outside forces. Otherwise, we run the risk of getting someone who has no business being sorceror supreme becoming one." He holds the notebook up, "Fortunately, most of this information was done by other means. The remaining bit, does fit into the jurisdiction."

"Thats fine." Natasha replies to Mike's rundown and she takes a breath between her lips while thinking for a moment. "You just do what you can for the missions that we're presented with as a Team. I'll trust your judgement on said matters and how you use, whatever it is that you're capable of using. We're just about getting the missions completed, afterall. Anything else?" She asked.

"Not in terms of the conditions." Mike replies, "I will tell you that you're not wrong about there still being a demonInfest problem. We still have to deal with the ones already on earth. But, we're not alone in handling it."

"Well thats good then." Natasha replied to him as she stood up from her chair and brought her helmet up off of the floor with her. "We need all the help we can get, right?" She asked him. The redhead held the helmet in her left hand and turned slightly, preparing to leave. "And yes, I happily await your return to the mansion…" She paused and looked around the room they were in. "The uh, other mansion." It was clear then that the woman was turning to leave.

Mike smiles slowly, perhaps to fight off the stiffness of the facial muscles, "Race you there."


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