2015-05-22 Trouble At The Docks
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black-Widow, Jade Fox, Orc, Phantasm, Viper, Zyraline
GMed by Viper
Title: Trouble at the Docks

The night was never entirely quiet at the docks, being one of the busiest parts of the City That Never Sleeps at all hours of the night and day. It was almost Eleven at night at the docks, in a quiet warehouse located in the district. A number of people had quietly been filtering in one of the warehouses in particular, but things were suspiciously quiet around that warehouse in the docks.

The sounds of distant cranes and busy dockworkers was soon drowned out by the sound of arriving helicopters. The call had been made, and SHIELD started moving in with the sound and the fury they were so well known for. A pair of helicopters flared to hover 50 feet over the ground and a set of ropes slipped out of thier cargo doors as SHIELD agents started to pour out of the helicopters and onto the ground, immediately rushing to positions around the warehouse. The helicopters started a turning ascent to climb and accelerate out of the warehouse district, leaving thier ropes behind.

Following shortly on the helicopters departure, timed for the manuever, two Quinjets slip into different corners of the Warehouse. One bore a cargo of Avengers and a pair of robots, coming in a quick turn to open the back ramp for the Avengers present to pour out towards the warehouse. On the other side, Armalite descends quietly from the Quinjet as several smaller robots jump off the aft ramp to land on the ground and help the SHIELD agents form a perimeter.

Banshee: The package is delivered, Air Assault starts now gentlemen.

A group of the SHIELD agents starts to advance towards any entrance to the warehouse they could find - as stealthily as possible.

Jade Fox: Alright Avengers, time to do what you do. I'll be covering the exits and medical evac. Good luck!

Zyraline is rummaging around one of the adjascent warehouses. Being mostly self-sufficient below the poverty level means having to get creative with furnature and other resources. It >WAS< a nice night to have a looksie around the docks for throw-away chairs to refurbish or whatever else useable, till the neighbors decided it was tactical tuesday. Seeing a shield logo on one of the heli's however, Zyraline opts at least for the moment on the side of discrection, and turns off her shield issue cell-phone. For the time being she'll just keep an eye on things outside. At least the the swarm of shield agents are little less,,, swarming.

Not wishing to be mistaken for a 15 year old girl trying to be up to date in fashion, Phantasm has forgone the tights. In fact, the attire itself would likely not be mistaken for that of a uniform at all with it's simplistic nature. The dark gray velcro shoes and charcoal grey of the sweat pants and the matching colored hoodie pulled over the head would make for him to blend well with the jogging crowd around Central Park during the colder months. The thin set black gloves and the black material underneath the hood that blocks all view of the wearer's face? Not so much. ( Note to self, come up with a more professional looking costume. Oh well.) As the Quinjet comes near for a landing, the attire shifts, moving from fabric to mere shadow. jumping through the transport vehicle to land on anyone who might be waiting to ambush any of the others getting off.

Natasha landed silently on the roof ot he warehouse. She was alone, seperate from the others from her group. She reached over to tap her wrist and the wingsuit she used to descend from the sky folded up into her suit. Six glowing green 'eyes' came to life on the mask that covered her eyes and nose. She spoke into a mic that rested in front of her lips. "Roof bound." She whispered softly. A moment later her large handgun was drawn out of the holster off of her right thigh. She scanned the room looking for any signs of life up there…

Terrock touches down with the ground group. Though not an actual shield or avenger agent, he was asked by Adrea to come along for some reason. He towered over everyone. And he still wore a dapper gentlemans' suit instead of any affilited uniform. This was thankfully his bullet proof one he had for occasions like this. None the less he silently made his way over to the eastern wall, able to look into the window with ease. He says into an ear bud "Got a view of the east side". One hand rested one one of his dual axes, the other resting on the oppisit side

Natasha makes a stealth-entry into the top of the Warehouse, afforded a view of the warehouse before anyone else gets in - and what she sees isn't exactly comforting.

A man does indeed meet with his fence, but it would appear that the Fence isn't the middle-man you might expect. In front of a group of men, each presenting a shining sapphire, is none other than Madame Hydra herself. In glittering silver-green armor, the woman wears a cape with her heeled armor (really, who wears armor with heels?!), making her taller than most of the men there to sell her gemstones. She slides a suitcase forward for one of them to open, taking a case full of the gems in turn. Setting it down, she opens it and almost purrs out, "And who says Diamonds are a girl's best friend, hmmm? Very good gentlemen, now, our guests have arrived so please feel free to die for me." she says with a haunting coolness, waving dismissvely to the criminals.

Towards the entrance, the criminal escort seems more than a little uneasy, but what Natasha sees and Phantasm is about to might make them even more uncomfortable. Waiting in the shadows with a ghastly host of weapons is a number of HYDRA Agents, lying in wait for SHIELD and the Avengers.

Zyraline quietly makes her way to the corner of the neighboring warehouse, so as she can keep an eye on the noisy neighbors, depending where the outside agents are will determine how close she approaches. no closer then half a warehouse width preferring to be at a corner/intersection. Fortuneately her bicycle is chained up at near the entrance to this section of warehouses.

With the lack of people in waiting, there is a momentary pause of disappointment from the Phantasm as he looks around, waiting for the Quinjet to land. As the robots exit, he moves forward silently. An effect that would be much more appreciated if his entourage were as lightfooted. Yep. Stealth is NOT something going on here. But, he sticks with the plan. YAY SHIELD/AVENGERS!

Natasha looks down from above, peering through the dirty warehouse skylight at the individuals below. "They're waiting for us." She quietly says into her mask mic. "I'm marking the targets, they'll appear on your glas headsets." The agent lifts up a small laser pointer device and she aims it at each enemy target that she sees inside the building… snapping the device on them in-turn until she's marked them all for those amongst her team to see outside, hopefully making it that much more easy for Shield and the Avengers to know whats coming. "We have a high priority target, marked in gold." She says, of course speaking of Opheilia. "We want her alive."

Terrock arkwardly put's down the glasses that make up his headset. He looks into the room seeing several of the target marked, and takes carefull note of this Opheilia character. He growls a bit before speaking into his ear bud "Understand." is all he says. He undoes one axe and grips it in his hand. He was prepared to move in and let the fur fly.

Ophelia was the first of the Hydra members to move. She stepped back, with a dramatic swirl of her cape and…

…Simply vanished.

The arrow that shot through the air seemed to suggest she might be in the back of the warehouse, but it suddenly become much harder to see as the arrow lit up the entire warehouse with a bright-flash, mimicing the function of a flashbang and disabling the SHIELD agent's NVGs.

The first group of SHIELD Agents were paused at the entrance, when a unified blast of weapons went off in thier direction, the HYDRA rifles riddling them with bullets. A second group of HYDRA jumped out from behind a set of boxes, directly in front of one of the warehouse walls. They're lining up the shot for Phantasm, firing, when one of them even lights off with a grenade launcher - always better safe than sorry when Avengers are involved.

Ophelia materalized somehow up in rafters, searching for Natasha while knocking another arrow, "Aww, come out and play sweetie, don't let the ghostie and the teddy bear have all the fun…"

Meanwhile, the wall comes down on one side of the warehouse, and a group of HYDRA might even scream, the bulk of Armalite crashing through the wall and leaving a giant hole rather than the cartoon-like silhouette that might be expected. The bot rushes forward to crush the group of HYDRA, likely dissapointing no one at all with yet another catch phrase, "OH YEAH!"

Zyraline doesn't care if she gets in trouble for getting involved, shield agents need help >NOW< so she bolts for the main door on her end of the warehouse as fast as she can. weapons fire is of course much faster then zyraline,, but she gets there as quickly as possible, stopping just shy of popping out into the open doorway. ((will begin interacting next pass to represent time running over))

"Got it." Phantasm replies, taking note of the display from his phantasmed display. The steps stop as the light on the display momentarily blinds him. "Ga-" Although the distraction does give the second group time to aim, it does give the added benefit of Phantasm not seeing it coming. He doesn't even buck back as the bullets pass through him and into the group of robots behind him. Not even appearing injured, he reacts, moving forwards, there is the glint of something flicking out of his hands before the shadow of his form vanishes, leaving the robots to do what they're meant to do in this type of situation.

As the light begins, Terrock quickly ducks his head down to avoiding getting blinded! As soon as it stops though he takes a que from Armalite and busts right into the other side of the ware house, making a smaller but still good sized hole. It's time for the fur to fly as he breaks out his second axe in his oppisit hand.

Literally two small groups of HYDRA are completely overwhelmed by Armalite and Terrock, smashed aside like little green and yellow ragdolls. Rifles go off this direction and that, but it hardly seems to matter. Ophelia starts an acrobatic duel with Natasha up above, the two well matched opponents as Madame Hydra uses her arrows and blades to fight against Widow's Signature Weapons.

HYDRA seems to be springing out of everywhere, literally springing from the woodwork, as a group rushes towards Phantasm, pausing to aim thier rifles at him and waiting for him to advance on them before firing. Madame Hydra's voice rings out from above, another group targeting Armalite on-order, lifting RPGs to aim at the outsized robot.

Zyraline peeks around the doorway into the warehouse, and targets the first 4 corpses she sees. She holds out her hand toward them focusing her will into the lifeless masses. The begin to stir and stand up as the strange power that animates her begins pulsing through their flesh and bones. the 4 heavily damage hyrda corpses rise to their feet once again, turning to face zyraline.

With Phantasm no longer visible, it is likely hard for the group going after Phantasm's group to actually focus on him. What they do get are the remaining robots that are still advancing. Taking advantage of his cheater Mc Cheaterface status, Phantasm runs silently around the group, coming up behind to slice at the back of their tendons.

Terrock was going berzerk in there! If he was remorsefull about killing it hard to tell. He slams his axe toward one unlike hydra shoulder and completly decapates him without so much as a blink. But it dosn't stop there, he hurls both his axes at two of the goons aiming RPGs at armilite taking them down before he jumps onto a third goon. He quickly jumps onto a third goon and begins ripping him apart by hand!

Natasha is fighting with the one known as Madam Hydra. She's throwing a series of punches and kicks desgined to disable the other woman. She also tries to work in some of her technological gadgets she's wearing such as the electricity things and the other disabling devices.

Madame Hydra is a capable component, but she's been around near as long as Natasha and the two prove capable opponents. For every Widow's Bite there's a slash of Hydra's blades, the two knives appearing seemingly out of nowhere as he fights more defensively than offensively, trying to avoid Natasha's disabling tech weapons. After taking a hit or two along the torso, she staggers back, eyes cautiously on Natasha, reaching to activate her ring and dissapear again.

Below, HYDRA begins to look routed. No retreat is in sight, but less and less of them seem to be 'appearing', as more of thier special weapons teams creep out and try to get off a good shot. A set of EMPs disable Mike's escort, while a single HYDRA operative with a suit that emanates a strange green energy is stalking towards the last corpses that Mike made. The undead HYDRA shuffle about at Zyra's beck and call, while Armalite doesn't seem to know whether to smash them again or not. The large robot has a crack in his chest-armor from one of the blasts, but fights on just the same, swinging it's fists in huge arcing strikes and nearing Terrock.

Zyraline calls out to the 4 corpses she's animated already, focusing her will to guide them to act, "Take up arms and stand ready to defend me!" The 4 mangled zombies each pick up a rifle and shamble over toward zyraline, sluggish but obediantly. She then swings her arm around to 4 new corpse, preparing to animate them as well.

Yes. Corpses. Corpses of their CAREERS as HYDRA AGENTS! Good luck walking out of here on your own power, Hydra Folks! MWAH HA HA! With the robots out of commission. Phantasm takes out a fourth agent before moving quietly away from the group, taking note of the one in green walking towards his direction.

Natasha fell back apart from the other woman and she grabbed onto the railing with both of her hands. She clutched the metal railing and looked over just in time to see the woman disappear… "Trus." she quietly said in her native language. She then spun around to loon down at the action below and see how her teams were fairing in the fighting, taking a moment to bend down and pick up her side arm off of the catwalk.

Terrock was stained with blood from the variouse Hydra components. He quickly get his axes back. He quickly tackles a Hyra soldier that was aiming a weapon at Armalite back. Behind the large robot and almost as large he growls out to the machine "Careful Armalite, don't need you breaking down like a lemon" he says in a joking way. He may have been uncomfortable around machines, but Armalite was different. None the less he asks "Want the left or the right" getting ready to hurl those axes again, though he was looking at the zombiefied corpses slightly confused

"Armalite won't break down because Cal Cares!" the robots says, referencing an infamous car dealership. Armalite continues smashing his way through, presumably HYDRA's best, but the herd seems to be thinning quite a bit. Between Undead Hydra, a giant robot, and the fearsome Orc, it seems like there's dead, smashed or disabled HYDRA piling up. The case with the gemstones is recovered as Madame Hydra flutters down to the warehouse floor, daring Phantasm to dive for her as she kneels in front of her green-glowing operative.

The glowing operative strikes out, green energy dancing from his fingertips towards Phantasm's last location. A pair of operatives attempt to attack Armalite in melee, trying to stick a couple of bombs to his chest without getting swatted aside. Meanwhile, two HYDRA agents with what look like cattle prods advance towards Terrock, trying to avoid the cast from Thriller.

Zyraline is more focusing on shield agents nearby and animating of corpses. not really sure who all is in charge of whome, she sticks with the information she's already got. Zyraline focuses her will and animates 4 more of the usable hydra corpses, to shamble to their feet and turn toward her.

It appears that Phantasm's moment of caution was a little too late as Greenie launches an attack of the right type against Phantasm. Seeing the energy coming towards him, Phantasm jumps away from the light but with the chaotic spread of the blast, he still ends up getting hit by the outer portion of the blast. Phantasm falls, landing on the ground, bumping into one of the fallen Hydra.

Still on the catwalk, Natasha reaches behind her and pulls part of her pack off of her back. She swings the heavy device around in front of her and jams it down onto the railing… a moment later a long handle folds out behind the device and a very long barrel extends from inside of it. Natasha lifts the big object up toward her face just as a scope pops out of the top of it completing the high-powered sniper rifle's construction. She peers through the scope at some of the miscellaneous targets on the warehouse floor. The agent fires two quick shots and then lines the red-dot sight up on the form of Ophelia… trying to track her for a shot to her leg, or arm, anything to slow her down. She starts taking shots as she feels they're presented for her.

Well crap, bombs and cow prods. Choices choises. Terrock hurls one axe at one of the goons trying to place a bomb on armalite. Unfortanly this led him to being wide open to the two comming after him. Terrock might be a physicaly powerful mutant, but those cow prods HURT! He is stabbed multiple time by the equipment getting electricuted over and over again, which unfortanly brings the large mutant to his knees.

Ophelia begins advancing towards Phantasm, seemingly oblivious of the man's danger to her. She's just a few steps short when a shot tears through her metallic-armored leg. The blood makes the damage obvious, as she kneels a few steps short of Phantasm. The woman's hair drapes over one side of her face as she blows a kiss to Phantasm, "Maybe next time." she says, sweeping her cape over her form. The cape dissapears a moment later, the woman and case full of gems dissapearing with it.

The prodding HYDRA agents continue to stab Terrock again and agian, trying to disable the giant. Things seem quieter with less HYDRA agents, but the ones left seem to be much more effective. One of Terrock's prodding agents is taken down as he falls to his knees, Natasha's rifle doing good work. Meanwhile, one bomb cracks open Armalite's chest-armor as he swipes away the last attacker. The green-menace remains, now directly targeting Mike and stalking forward cautiously, loosing another terrible burst of energy. What remains isn't much, but Terrock and Mike seem like they're in a bad way as a single attacker advances on each.

Jarred to attention at the presence of a magic attack, and the approach of the soon to be vanishing Ophelia. Phantasm scoots to his feet, directing the unseen hands towards the ones coming towards him, "The eyes are heavy, but the conscious won't go. Fatigue it wears you," When Ophelia vanishes, he points one hand towards the one heading towards Terrock "your energy is low." It's not flashy, but it's quick as a gust of air blasts towards the targeted ones.

Zyraline finally notices terrock and calls out to the first four hydra-zombies, channeling her will into her words "You four with rifles, shoot those hydra soldiers with shock prods, NOW!" Zyraline starts making her way toward the center of the warehouse, turning her will and commnds to the recently raised hydra-zombies who don't yet have weapons "Quickly, mob the one glowing green until i tell you to stop". walking causes her little distraction but there's not much else she can do for the moment.

Terrock is NOT a happy titan. But is greatfull as Phantasmal spell seems to make this shocking stop. Though he is a bit shcoked as he sees Hydra zombies tearing apart hydra soldiers "Okay….just go with it". Since comming to New York, he has learned to take things in stride. He stands up, and with one Axe left, he adds his attack to Zyra's minion and Phantasmal's Magic, hurling the axe right at the glowing green man

Natasha continues to provide cover fire from the catwalk, attempting to assist everyone from her vantage point.

With two meaningful HYDRA Operatives left, the remaining two henchmen take the very worst of what those gathered have to offer. One cattle-prodding yellow and green minion is fatigued, zapped, and riddled with bullets all at once - leaving something the Medical Examiner might have fun examining later on. The other, the green-glowing Magic manipulating minion is soon surrounded by minions his magic has no affect on whatsoever, right before an Axe cleaves into his chest to stick there, and a merciful bullet from on-high finishes him off and puts him out of his misery. That doesn't stop the zombified HYDRA minions from <CENSORED>. And with that, the only sounds left in the Warehouse are the creepy rustling and crunching of bone of the zombified minions enjoying thier fun.

Zyraline idly picks up one of the hydra rifles now that things have calmed down, as she walkes by the snack-attack she pauses brifly, with a slight tilt of her head says "Huh…" as if it never occored to her they would eat the guy… She shrugs and with a wave of her hand all the animated corpse drop lifelessly to the ground. She gives a quick look around to see if any shield agents are dead… any at all.

Terrock shakes himself off. He is more relieved that the dead agents go back to being dead. He picks up one axe and then the other, setting both back in his belt. He commets a simply "Heh, I am out of shape, should work out more". Though he blinks as he notices Zyraline "By the soul, what are you doing here?" and on that note "EH Armalite, you okay!?"

Zyraline sees downed agents and dropping the hydra rifle runs over toward them "i need as many AED's as you have, NOW!!" she drops to the ground next to the agents, and once again she holds out her hands, concentrating. She mutters "hook up the aed's but don't shock till i say"…

With the battle pretty much done, Phantasm glances around one last time for threats before he goes back to being visible. He looks around for any agents still alive that might need an express lift to the hospital…

Natasha's rifle folds back in on itself and she slides it back onto her spine. She lifts her right hand up to her face and lightly touches the side of her half mask. "Send in a recovery team, there are wounded." She quietly says, turning toward the far end of the catwalk she starts to move toward the stairs, she sees a warehouse office that overlooks the mainfloor and she moves to go inside of it to further investigate any information possibly left behind.

Adrea's Quinjet lands at the entrance, two of the small bots shuttling off and providing cover while a medical team rushes off the Quinjet and into the warehouse. They rush to Zyraline and at Natasha's orders. Armalite starts walking, or shuffling really, towards the Quinjet. He looks to Terrock, his visor doing it's best Cylon impression, "Five is alive, no dissassemble tonight."

Zyraline focuses her will, and the dead tissue quickly regenerate any physical damage. She prattles off while focusing on the mendings, "prepare to defibrelate, death by blood loss is beyond me but standard trauma of dead tissue will be repaired, and can be resuccitaded normally"… she focuses a few more moments as the meds do their thing while she works her mojo.

Terrock chuckle "Let keep it that way" he watches Zyraline a few moments, but manupulation of dead people make him…uneased. The job was clearly done as such he turns and with some limp in his own step heads off. It was going to be a long night

And so she requests it, so it shows up. Here comes the med-Tech and here comes the AED!

Don't be greedy

*sighs* Have three more.

Zyraline continues concentrating saying "hook theese guys up and start shocking them, we're at about 3 minutes, we've about 90 seconds before brain damage which is where this process gets REALLY sketchy. i'll keep mending them as long as i can so don't be afraid to cook them a little" she then switches to giving 100% focus on sustaining the mending effect on the deceased, beginning to show fatigue from rapid-firing her abilities.

Hooky Hooky hooky. Done!

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