2015-05-23 California Surfing
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Drake Marie Vincent Killian
GMed by Drake
Title: California Surfing

California - Beach near Los Angeles *


It's unseasonably cool in Los Angeles today, with an overcast sky. It is, however, /crazy/ humid, so it feels considerably warmer. And regardless or whether or not the sun is interested in shining, Drake's not about to let it dampen his mood, nor his plans. Given that it's Memoral Day weekend, he's not alone. And he'd even considered grilling today! But that can wait until Monday.

Instead, Drake's taken the opportunity to acquire a rental surfboard - a bland white affair with a single blue stripe - and is waving the rest of the Cali'-crew over. "Everyone's gonna at least /attempt/ this! If you screw up…" He blinks. "Well, I'll laugh, but that's the only way you get better. So get in here, folks!"

The rental is little more than a tiki kiosk with an arrangement of equally dull, unimpressive boards. But hey, they're cheap(-ish) and available.

—- Rogue
Marie was wearing a bikini, a nice bright green one, but she also had a loose white button-up shirt on that was keeping her mostly concealed for the time being, since it was busy on the teach she didn't want to accidently bump any one… and she tried to make wide circles around children in particular, so they wouldn't touch her bare legs. She had on some sandals, but the rest of her legs were dangerously bare ya see! "Just pick a board out for me… I'm not going to go stand in crowds." She told them and waited from afar, her wild hair blowing around in the window about her head. She watched Drake pick one out for himself from behind her big lensed sunglasses that she'd bought at the mall. "I want the pink one!" She said loudly with a soft laugh, She didn't -really- like pink all that much, she just wanted one of the boys to have to rent it and carry it for her.

—- Vince
Vincent's actually outside and wearing, for him, what amounts to little. He has on a black and orange set of swimming trunks and nothing else. No sunglasses, no shirt, not even sunscreen, but he's made his way down to the water already and is sitting in the waves. Just the top bit of his head is poking above the surface, just enough to have his nose out of the water and breath. He just observes the group he came with, mostly his eyes are on Marie and those around her, but he doesn't really seem to do anything except sit in the sand and water.

—- Killian
Killian followed the rest of the group down to the beach, the hotel was giving him major cabin fever and his trips to the mall ended… well he's glad they ended. He wanders over to where Marie is and watches Drake pick him out a surfboard, "Err Marie? I can't do this". Noticably Killian is dressed very much the same as he always is, tugging nervously on the cross around his neck.

Drake glowers over his shoulder at the bunch'a sour-pusses loitering so far behind. Marie, he understands. Killian… kind of. But Killian's not getting off so easy. Vince, now he doesn't have a daggum excuse. And if any one of them thinks they're getting out of it, they're dead wrong.

"The pink one," states Drake, pointing indicatively. He has no shame in that. Heck, if anyone thought he was weird, they'd plainly see the board he's already toting, and see the hot chick he's delivering the second to. However, he adds, "Ooh, that lilac one, too." And then, "Throw in that camo-colored thing there."

He's already charging it to the room by the time the attendant is asking if he can even carry all of them. Drake doesn't respond - he simply hefts the boards along and trudges through the sand at an awkward gait, towing so much surfboard.

His first stop: Marie and Killian. "Pink for you," says Drake with a little shimmie to let the board drop. He looks to Killian, undaunted by his attire and clear defiance. "And you get to pick between crazy camo or a purple that's kind of pink."

Marie reached out and accepted the pink board from the overworked Drake and she gave him a knowing smile. She then turned to face Killian and she shook her head. "You get the pink one. I take the camo one." She joked with him for a moment and then slapped Killian's shoulder with her gloved right hand. "I'm just messin with ya. If you don't want to try it ya don't have to… I know, I know, there are sharks out there… hungry hungry sharks." She looked at Vince then and stuck her tongue out at him. She had no idea if he was going to try to surf or not. Her eyes went back to Drake then. "So we just wade out there and sit on the board and wait for a wave, or whatever, right? I seen it in that movie, Sarah Marshall."

Vincent's ears perk up and he sits up straighter, hands moving under the water to push up on the sand, "Sharks?" He asks with a quick glance over his shoulder towards the horizon and near. "What?!" A glare is sent to Marie as he starts to scoot closer to the beach. "I- no. I'm not going out there. I don't even know how to swim." The young healer admits, and yes he might heal but he doesn't want to drown,. He's not even sure if he can heal from death.

Killian rolls his eyes, "Fine, did warn you though", he takes the camo coloured one and lays it on the sand before standing on top of it and stripping down to his underwear keeping his gloves on, where his feet touch the board the camo colour moves up to his ankles making it look from a distance like he's wearing camo socks. Stepping off the board he picks it up to hide the 'Mutant' scarring on his chest, "Happy?"

"How the Hell do you wear socks?," is Drake's extremely blunt question. "Whatever, you'll be in the water anyway, no one's gonna notice or care. You're not gonna turn into the water, are ya? Then we might have a problem."

Vincent's complaints reach Drake, and he simply blinks. Someone his age, unable to swim? That's just cray-cray! "Uh.. well… okay. I mean, if you're feeling brave, you can /try/ it? They come with these little straps…" He juggles the remaining two boards haphazardly in an effort to indicate the attached straps. "…they attach to your ankle so the board stays attached to you! And the board's bouyant! It ain't gonna sink!"

Unless a shark eats it. Then it might sink.

Finally, to Marie, Drake gives her an appreciative, if exasperated smile. "Yeah. Kind'a. I'll show ya. It's easy, you'll get the hang of it."

Marie looked to Vince and she grinned softly. "Shark attacks are extremely rare, and besides, there's like a million people out here… its arrogant to assume that -you're- the tastiest one to the shark." She sat her own board down and stood on it too, pulling her shirt off she sat it down with her sunglasses and her cowboy hat that was under her tennis shoes… the spot she'd claimed earlier on the sand beach. She stood there on the board and looked at Killian. She frowned some at the display of his marks, but it wasn't the time or place to ask about that stuff. "Don't sweat it, Killian. You'll look back on this and… well… probably think fondly of it, probably." Her eyes went to Drake and she hopped off her board and picked it up. "To the water!" She said, charging toward it, running at the ocean like a gooooof!

Vincent gets up, standing on his feet the water barely coming up to his knees. The mutant sighs softly and takes a long glance to the open sea as he wades through the tide to claim a board from Drake. He grabs the purple on and puts it on the water before he straddles it and starts to paddle weakly out with the rest. Vince pauses and makes sure the strap is tight around his ankle, no need to be floating off to open water just yet.

"Cause my socks are made out of the same stuff my clothes are made of so my powers don't work with them, that why I'm always dressed so similar and no the water should be fine, I can shower and swim, just be a little cold around me", Killian heads down to the water after Marie and sits on the board once he's deep enough.

It appears the stragglers have been successfully wrangled, leaving Drake behind to heave a satisfied little 'whew'. His modest board is hoisted, and he takes off after the crowd in a sprint. Just as he reaches the surf, he tosses the board down and hops onto it. "Alright, folks! Aaaand paddle!" The teen flops forward and begins stroking the water to make his way further out to the water. There are a few other surfers already making use of the waves and setting an example, but Drake's trying to remain mindful of his group - and to not lose them. Or fish them out, should they dump over, in Vincent's case. He's hardly got the chance to properly soak in the fact that he's 'home' and doing something he hasn't been able to in about a year. It'll catch up at some point!

Marie laid down on her board once she was half-way submerged in the water and she looked over at the others who were either beside her or a bit behind her. "Come on, Team Marie!" She says to her friends, looking over at Drake who was ahead of her… She reached her hands out and lazily paddled at the water… but she didn't really NEED to as she could push herself across the water with an invisible force against the surf board beneath her. She reached her hands up and tied her hair back into a loose pony tail with a band she had on her wrist… all the while still floating further out from shore on her board. "I'll tell all the girls how you conquered the waves, Killian, don't worry!" She looked over at Vince then to see if he was alright. "I'll come down after you if you go in, Vince. Don't worry." She grinned at him… and yes, she wasn't using the board leg strap, she didn't need it.

Bringing up the rear, "I know." Vincent replies to Marie before he lowers his face and goes back to paddling. He may not stand up today but damn it if he's not going to face his fears a little bit.
Surfing is a sport so Killian will do everything in his power to excell at it so starts paddling to keep up with Drake while focusing on his powers so if he does stand up he can lose the camo pattern now on his stomach.
"Nono. /I'll/ get him. We don't need anyone bobbin' around comatose in the water! Or in the room! This ain't Weekend at Bernie's!"

Though now that Drake says it out loud, that would be so hilarious. Oh, the selfies they could take.

They reach a fair distance from the shore - not /quite/ as the swell of the waves, but close enough that they'll have some smaller ones to work with. This isn't how he learned to surf, so he's taking his best guesses on what to do and how to show them proper form. And at this point, the Cali'-native sits upright and turns to his party. "Alrighty. Waves are gonna roll in. Let'em take you, and turn your board away from it - angle it, y'know? And as it catches the board, then you can try standing." Beat. "Or.. like.. getting on your knees."

Rogue came up about eight feet to the side of Drake and she grinned over at him as she just leapt up into a squatting position on her board, feet in the center of it and her gloved hands grabbing either side of it. "I'm going to be on the pro surf tour in no time. I can tell already…." She looked up at the sky with her eyes shut and a big smile on her face. "Natural pro, already…. mmmhmm…" She said to the heavens before looking back behind them to see if there was a wave. "Tsunami!" She shouted in her best Japanese accent… which wasn't very good.

Vincent stops paddling as Marie starts to stand up and he just lays on his belly watching her actually do the surfing thing while he's using his board as a very small boat. He doesn't seem very comfortable about this whole, ocean thing.

As Killian sits up the camo on his stomach is visable for just a second before fading, he then tries to paddle the surf board into the position Drake said, "Like this?", Drake is nostalgic, Marie is having fun, Vince is terrified and Killian is taking this seriously.

Drake nods to Killian. "More or less. But don't cheat like Marie." Like Killian could. Marie's a punk, and she knooowwws it! He shoots her a look, even! He'd reach out a nudge at her board to see if it drifts out from beneath her, but she's several feet away! So he'll just have to sit there and speculate.

"Now, when the wave rolls in," Drake continues, "Try not to freak out. Don't over-extend yourself right off the bat. And that includes you, streaks!" A grin touches his face. "If a wave swipes your board out from under ya, I'd better see you hitting the water! No screwing with physics today!"

Rogue looked at Vince and she fluttered her eyelashes at him from her crouched position on the board. She looked at Killian and nodded silently at the kid's words, but Drake was taking care of the teaching bit… she was just happy to see him giving it his best. She then looked at Teacher Drake and she released a series of goofy sounding laughs before she floated up off of the water holding her board against her feet… a good foot or so before she and her board fell back onto the ocean surface. "I'm kidding. I'm going to try not to cheat. 'sides, there's people all over this beach… I can't go flyin' about without causing a huge fuss, so don't worry." She looked around, waiting for a wave, feeling a little excited at the prospect of it.

"Don't try and bait me!" Vincent says towards Marie when she bats her eyes. "I'm -" He stops talking and then puts his hands on the sides of the board in a very tight grip as a wave washes under him causing him to rock. "Not doing well." He finishes.

Killian takes a deep breath and watches the waves and then shakely gets to his feet…too soon, he wobbles then theres a sound of "Fuuu*splash!*", grabbing his board he pulls himself back up onto the board, spits out a mouthful of water and shakes his head to get the water out of his eyes, "Just guessing… that was wrong right?"

Drake snickers as Marie toys with males, as Maries are wont to do. It's like every time he sees her out somewhere, she's giving a male a hard time.

Get your mind out of the gutter!

"Better not!," he insists to her. He's prepared to give a mini-lecture on Californians and how they react to seeing weird things, when suddenly Killian's spilled right into the water. But he seems to have it under control again. "Right. Wait for the wave to take ya. You'll know when…" Hopefully.

And it isn't long before a massive wave crests the horizon! Well, not gigantic. But it takes the more distant surfers easily. The wave's size and strength decreases considerably from that point to Drake'n'Pals, but it certainly still qualifies as a wave. The teen turns his board a little to feed into it, and the group is lurched into the curl. Drake quickly, nimbly adjusts to his feet and starts to raise - only to wobble. He manages to catch himself, then lift completely, arms out to either side for balance. Nature handles the rest. "You got this, guys~!"

Marie looked over at Killian when she heard him land in the water and she grinned some when he got back up and out of it onto his board. "Ewww. you just feell into the place where fish pee." She chidede the young man. She laughed a little and then just boldly stood up on her board nice and tall, the window whipping her pony-tail back behind her as she looked to the wave that Drake had indicated… its true, she was already cheating a little… "I'll save you Vince, for when you inevitably fall! Don't worry!" She grinned over at her close friend and gave him a little wave of her right hand fingers, wiggling them at him before the wave came! She crouched back down into that frog-like position and angled her board to slide up ontop of the building water. It was a little intimidating, even to her… the ocean was a powerful force.

Vincent gulps as he spots the wave. "No. I'm out." The man starts to paddle the board to face back towards the beach and with his stomach pressed hard on the flat surface he starts to flail his arms horribly. "no no nonono." He whispers to himself, eyes slammed shut and very very afraid.

Killian keeps trying to mimic what Drake is trying to do with varying results, still he's increasingly deturmined.
Vincent bails. The wave swells and carries his fleeing form far back to the sandy shore, where he no doubt will be spending the remainder of the day with a sour look on his face. Drake can't tell, he can only speculate. But for right now, he's snickering. He's found his balance again, the board beneath his feet natural, if a little stiff - it's not his old board. His old board is probably in the trash by now, come to think of it.


He turns his head to regard the others. "Tryyy to stand," he coaxes. "Start slow. The board's gonna keep floatin', don't worry about that!"

Marie leapt up on her board to a standing position, her left leg forward and her right leg back on the board. She held her arms out to the side for the best manual balance she could give herself… a heavy gust of wind came with the board and she admittedly thought that it felt amazing.. the spray of the water landing all across her she laughed and crouched a little on her board, bending her kenes to keep the fiberglass board beneath her feet. "Ahhhh!" She called out as the wave hit her board and she flew backward and disappeared into the water!

—— Time shift forward a few hours.

The day drifted on, as they tend to do the surfing had continued for a couple hours before Marie and the others made their way back to shore. The next couple hours were spent on the boardwalk area enjoying some of the shops and events going on around… but now the group found themselves on the beach again near a fire pit area set aside specifically for people to hang out, cook food for themselves and enjoy the beach. The sun was starting to set on the day and it was getting to be a nice cool evening.

Marie sat near the fire with her white shirt back on, her straw cowboy hat on and a hotdog ona stick held over the fire. "Come on, dog meat… cook already." She quietly told the food item, encourage it to cook quicker… but it didn't seem interested in listening to her. She glanced over at Vince who was fast asleep on his back and then she looked over at the others. "Its going to be hard to leave this place, ya know." She specifically said to Drake, with a grin.

Plumf. A tiki torch jabs into the sand, the final in a series to create a perimeter. Drake's changed to one of his more summer-worthy outfits recently bought from the mall - an event that's been playing frequently in his mind - and only finally turns to the others. Their fire pit is surrounded by torchlight, creating an additional layer of warmth against the growing evening's chill.

"It has that effect on ya. Imagine living here, then suddenly being surrounded by nothing but skyscrapers." The teen makes his way to the hotdog pack, grabs a stick, stabs it, and joins Marie's over the flame. "Major culture shock," he continues. "But this wasn't /exactly/ how I lived. This was how I partied."

Marie watched him set the torches into place and she watched the fire dancing in the beach wind, the same wind that sent her hair flipping about her head and shoulders beneath her hat. "Yeah, I know that we're kinda spoiling ourselves right now like we're a buncha lotto winners… and thats unrealistic to how most people live 'round here." She turned her hotdog over above the flames. "I also have to remind myself of the terrible traffick, the bad air quality, the high crime rates and the little fact that them science-typs say that the entire state is about to break off and sink into the ocean." She flashed a grin at
Drake then. "I'll take going back to Westchester over all those things."
"I'll take family over it, anyway," Drake murmurs.

"Anyway. Hey." He lifts his gaze to her with a crooked smile. "I used to be a part of that high crime rate. West-side, represent!" He bobs the hotdog at her, as if challenging. He then resumes his focus on evenly cooking it.

"Aaanyway… I got a call the other day. While I was still in the room."

Marie grinned at his words and his hotdog bobbing and she softly shook her head while looking at her own cooking food. "Nerd." She quietly said to him in response before he mentioned the call. "Oh yeah?" She asked him then. "It wasn't the school was it?" She asked further. "They callin' to say that Jose has burned the placed down?" Her hot dog looked pretty cooked, nice and burnt up the way she liked them… she pulled it back and put it in a bun then started to dump tastey stuff on it like ketchup and other odd items she had in a plastic picnic-basket-backpack that she'd brought along on the trip for these very occasions.

Drake smirks at her. "You say that, but it's true. Street crime was my trade. I saw somethin' I wanted, I nabbed it. Broke into houses, hotwired the coolest cars, lifted whatever merch' I felt like…"

He clears his throat softly. It's all in the past. It took some work, but he's over it.

"Anyway, yeah. A call. From that giiirrrl~," he drawls, deliberately coquettish.

Rogue stared at the fire a moment before she took a bite from her hotdog and chweed on it while he talked of all of that… she had some of her own stories, but she never talked about that stuff. She looked over at him then, still chewing on the hotdog and other stuff she'd piledontop of it. "The gandalf girl?" She asked with a full mouth, before reaching over to lift up her bottle of tea for a drink. She swallowed and then grinned at him. "So you made an impression huh? Nicely done, Jack." She told him, looking impressed with him. "So what did she say?!" She asked enthusiastically.

Having managed to stand up and ride waves Killian was ok with his progress but figures he should've done a whole lot better. While they were wandering around earlier he gave into his mom's bugging to buy something with some colour in it so he's dressed in a mix of something more summer-like and his usual, enough so he's not absrobing from fabric. He frowns as he cooks a hot dog, "Can I not use my powers? this is taking so long", he looks round at the mention of the phone call, "What girl?"

"Jack?," asks Drake innocently. He lifts the hotdog to regard it briefly, then lowers it again into the fire. Not done yet.

"Yeah, Gandalf-girl." He glances to Killian, clarifying, "Jubilation. Think I'm gonna start calling'er Jay-Bird." He gives a whimsical little smile. "She's all… skinny'n stuff. And her name's four-friggin'-syllables long."

"I picked'er up earlier to talk with'er and get a better idea of what she was doing, and how she was doing it. I dunno if I was the only suspicious one there at the mall, but I thought it was worth looking into."

Marie looked over at Killian and smirked at him. "Just cook the hotdog like the rest of us, hot stuff." She told him with a smirk. "You'll think back fondly on it someday when you're and older, grumpier man." She gave him a sweet smile and then looked back to Drake. "She seemed like an interesting girl, but yeah… I figured she was a mutant of some variety… after all ya don't just make shit like that outside of a movie." She took another bite from her dog and then kept talking, mouth full again. "So what is she? Soime kinda mind trickster?" She asked while chewing.

Killian sighs but leaves the hot dog to cook on it's own, "Even I could tell thats not it, those lights were actally there, but I'm not a hundred percent on what they were but they were like something I've had but not", Killian spouts out abfore really thinking about it, he goes a little red, "I mean I don't think it was in my head".

Drake eyeshifts to Killian, then back to Marie, and finally shrugs. "It's light. Just… light. Like what Ember does, but not. Jay's powers are prettier." And attached to a much less obnoxious person, Drake mentally adds. "She showed me her ability; I showed her mine. She doesn't have parents anymore, and I dunno what her living situation's like. I wanna find out."

He lifts the hotdog again, examining it. Almost there. He lowers it back into the fire.

"Hung out with'er yesterday on the beach. S'why I was scarce."

"She looks pretty hot in a bikini. No lie."

Marie looks over at Killian and she smirks at him before taking another drink of her tea. She stuck her tongue out at him teasingly before reaching up to pick her cowboy hat up and readjust it atop her head, letting her hair sweep about wildly in the wind for a moment before slapping the straw hat back onto her dome. She glanced at Drake then. "Showing each other your little secrets… Thats pretty big stuff right there, fella." She tells him, giving him a grin. She then exhaled softly. "So you don't know if she's got her own place or if she's like, a street… girl? She seemed pretty stoked about that tip you gave her and that fireworks show she put on was a pretty big grab to entertain folk too…. dangerous move also, could get her in trouble with the wrong folk about."

Killian grins and his eyes light up, literally, "I knew I reckognised that from somewhere, you can do fireworks with light?", he listens on as they talk, "Why not have Frost or Xavier or Braddok read her mind to find out, or bring the Cuckoos down", he thinks for a moment, "If she needed help wouldn't the school know and find her? you found me when I needed it".

Drake's eyes widen at the mention of the Cuckoos. "No!" … "I mean… no. No need to bug'em. They've got plenty on their plate." The last thing he needs is a Cuckoo catching on that he's been checking out another girl. Besides, Celeste'n'Sisters have been extremely busy with whatever nefarious plots they have going on. They have been for the past month or so.


"Anyway, she might be a streetmouse. I didn't wanna come right out and ask. But I definitely do think she's playing fast'n loose with her life by doing those things out in the open."

Marie looked over at killian, having finished her hotdog she took another drink from her tea and then put it down. She brought her knees up and put her arms ontop of her knees in front of her. "There's a lot of mutants in trouble out there, Killian. More than we can even count, to be honest." She tried to explain. "We'll go and help the ones that are in the worst trouble, but are also in a condition that we can actually get in to help… and those who actually want help. Some of them would only fight us if we even tried to give them assistance." She then turned to look at Drake. "Do you think that Jubilation is in trouble?" She asked him, honestly curious then.

Killian frowns, "We could just ask her? You know, 'Hi, nice show, you got a place to live and go to school? Cause we got one if you wanna come with?', see easy", he sees it as pretty much the same way as he did when he spoke to Tony Stark for Samuel, asking is the quickest way to find out, playing games takes way longer, "Sounds faster than playing mutant sherlock".

"I think she could be." Drake glances again to Killian and exhales a breezy sigh. "Can't just come right out and ask. She doesn't have a lot of reason to trust us, other than the fact that we're mutants. S'what I've been working on - building that rapport." It just happens to be an added bonus that the spunky Asian is cute.

The hotdog is raised again. This time, it meets satisfaction. He makes his way to the bun, plops the dog onto one, and applies liberal amounts of ketchup. The ketchup bottle makes socially awkward fart sounds.

"I think I'll try to get that information next time I see'er. But, Marie, maybe you can talk to'er, too. You're a girl, she's a girl." Squirt, shake, squirt. "You see where I'm going with this." The bottle is put away, and he chomps onto the hotdog.

Marie listened to them both and they both got a smirk out of her in response, she looked at the fire, watching it closely. "I can talk to her." She says. "Or show her that fancy video that we had made last year for new students. Its on the youtubes isn't it?" She asked Drake, giving him a grin. "It made the school look all professional and shit, I liked it… and we left out all the scary parts, like Logan." Her shoulders shrugged inside of that thin white shirt she had on. "I'll chat with her about it though, but yeah… its weird havin' a bunch of strangers ask you if you want to move across the country to their strange cult-school. I don't know if it'll go over well, but then again if we offer her regular homecooked meals, she may just fly right into my car and bounce around like a dog waitin to go on a ride."

Killian shrugs and grabs his hot dog, pulls off his glove and holds his hand a couple of inches away to absorb some of the heat then puts it in a bun and takes a bite, his eyes glow a momentary red colour, "Finally, hot dog good", man he was hungry, "If that had taken any longer, I was ordering a pizza".

Drake shrugs his shoulders at Marie. Once he swallows, he replies, "I'unno. I wasn't a part of that thing on the 'tubes. I was a student, after all!" Unless they got some candid shots of him, as a student, doing student things. He takes another bite, chews quickly, then grins at Marie. Once he swallows, he adds, "But'cha gotta put in a good word for me. I think she's int'a me."

"Its cause you were flashin them fat wads around in her face." Marie replied with a laugh following her words when she glanced down at her lap a moment and then looked back up at the others, a big smile on her face. "I'll talk to her about it though. Invite her along on whatever it is we're going to do tomorrow. I want to go on a hike or somethin, but also drive down and see some sights in the hollywoodland area. So she's welcome to tag along, this place has the best convertable weather afterall." She looked over at Killian. "Pizza does sound good too, I bet they got some killer joints around here for that kinda stuff." She glanced over at Vince who was snoring in the sand on his back and she smirked at him.

"Somm'a the best," asserts Drake. Of course, being a native, it should probably go without saying that he'll vouche for nearly everything.

"I was thinking about taking you guys to see those Hollywood stones, where everyone's jammed their hands into the cement. Maybe get one of those star maps and let you guys stalk your favorite celebrities!"

This made Marie chuckle softly and shake her head. "That would have to be the worst kind of touristy thing we could possibly stoop to." She told him, glancing down at her arms on her knees in thought for a moment. "Unless the map's lead us to wherever Angelina and Brad live, then count me in." She says looking up at the other with a grin. "I'm just sayin'… I'm not opposed to that." She shrugged her shoulders. "So yeah, invite the girl along. We'll see what she says about it all. And if she wants to be totally freaked out, well then I'll fly around like Peter Pan for a bit, see if that convinces her we are who we say we are."

Killian shakes his head, "You want to make her think you're trust worthy by bringing her along while Marie stalks hot celebrities? Good luck there", he finishes his hot dog and gets up, "Gonna go for a quick walk, back in a few".

Drake blinks at Killian and waves as he departs. Once he's left, he looks to Marie, bemused. "Little ray of sunshine, isn't he?" He suspects the girl would be entirely amused by it. That's what star maps are for, after all! "And c'mon, you're a tourist. Embrace is. Don't make me get you a crappy t-shirt to commemorate the event."

His eyes suddenly light up.

"Okay, here's the challenge. You get Brad Pit's autograph on a star map, or you have to wear a lame California t-shirt for a few days after we get back to the school. One or the other."

Marie looks up to watch Killian leave as well as she smirks at the words from Drake as she sees the kid getting smaller down the beach. "I'm pretty sure he's going to age and turn into one of those old man muppets that sits up in the balcony and gives their thoughts on the rest of the muppets around him." She grins then and shoots out a heavy exhale "Woah now! We don't even know if he's in-town or not, he could be like… on the other side of the world shootin some awesome war movie or somethin'… So thats a challenge I'm not sure I can fulfill! Even, if it is… more than a little exciting to think if I -could-."

"That's the challenge! It's been said! It's established! 'Sides, you saw'em just a few days ago!"

Obviously that's why she traipsed off on her own in the mall.

"So, that girl - Jubilation - she's a gymnast," he mentions. "Like, really good. Did a little demo for me earlier."

Marie laughed softly and shook her head. "Fine. I'll try. If we can find out where they're filming whatever movie… but they don't even film stuff in Hollywood anymore… thats what I've heard anyway." And she shook her head. "It wasn't him… It was some other hot guy though, who did ask for my number… so I gave him Emma's." She grinned softly then and nodded a little. "Gymnastics huh? Thats a surprising skill for a streetmouse to have. I wonder who her parents were before she lost them. But, thats obviously not something I'd ask her about."

Killian wanders back over from his walk and drops a bag down in the sand where they're sitting, "Don't ask questions, just enjoy ok?", he sits down and tries to catch up to the conversation they've been having since he left.

Drake spots Killian's return, and blink when some mysterious bag is dropped before them. "Did you.. wait. No questions." He rephrases. "I vote stolen candy."

He clears his throat softly.

"I'm not really sure where she picked up the gymnastics, but apparently she was pegged for the Olympics before she turned mousy."
[Xavier's Students] Killian: Sam, left for your mission yet?

Marie lays her head down on her arms and stares at Killian as he sets the bag down after returning from his short walk. "My god, I hope thats not a human head." She says, joking course, before shifting her stare over to Drake. "Huh… well that sounds like a bummer for missed opportunities. But at the same time, she seems to have all the traits needed to really succeed with us… so it could be a perfect fit." She lifts herhead up glances toward the setting sun that was nearly gone behind the ocean now. "You might go easy on the romancing parts though, if she really does need help and the romancing goes south… it could mean she'd be too uncomfortable to come with us, and may just remain here on her own, which could lead to bad stuff for her." She shrugged her shoulders again. "Thats just my opinion though, perhaps a bit negative, but also a safer scenario maybe, for her well being anyway."

Killian raises an eyebrow, "What am I? asix year old serial killer? No it's beer", he pulls one and absorbs the heat to make it all frosty, "See? nice and cold", he pulls out an other one and does the same holding them out to Drake and Marie.

Drake blinks once more. Then a third time. And then he frowns.

"Come on, man." He shakes his head. "Can't be doin' that. It's illegal. Marie can, but you and me? Nuh-uh." Not only does he have a genuine desire to avoid breaking the law these days (cementing his complete break from his criminal past), but Scott would have him lynched if he let that slide with the minor they brought along.

Marie reached out and took the beer from the kid. She wasn't as stringent on this stuff as Drake was. Everyone here was legal to drink… in London law. She opened her ice cold brew and took a swig from it. "Drake's right, but I really don't care and don't want to be held responsible for it. If you touch the stuff you're going to be grounded for the night and have to go right back to our place and sleep it off. Here to there, no going anywhere else while on this stuff." She looked at Drake and figured he'd think foul of her, but its Killian's life and she really isn't his boss.

Killian shrugs, "Ok, sure whatever", he chills a few more bottle and drops them into the sand before grabbing the bag and those still in it and getting up, "I'm gonna head off, you're doing the serious talk, catch you later", he steps over the seat and starts heading off in the direction of a group of teens his age.

Drake blinks yet again, this time at Marie, agog at her decision.

Fortunately, Killian seems to have taken things into his own hands and is carrying the bag off. To a group of teens his age. …Oh, lord, let him be returning the booze and not partaking with them. Drake didn't want to assume parental duties this trip, but given the arrangement, he just /knows/ he'd be held at least partially responsible.

The teen drops to the sand, flumping down onto his rear, dazed.

Marie watched Killian go. "I'm not kidding, dude." She said after him. "Don't do anything stupid or I'll fly you home at super sonic speeds hanging from a rope. A three hour flight on a rope, we'll see how quickly that'd sober you up!" She smirked at him then and watched him go before she looked back at Drake. "Those kids over there are already drinking, I promise you. Hopefully he just doesn't take it too far and runs off with them somewhere."

Drake remains somewhat dazed, listless. "If he starts boozing it up, you know cops'll come to us, right? I can't do that. You know I have a record here." His gaze flits back to Marie. "I mean, besides the fact that Killian's gotta be held to a higher standard /anyway/ based just on what he's capable of, I'm not a minor anymore. It could come down hard on me for the stuff the cops already know, on top of being a… a temporary guardian or whatever over a minor and letting them drink."

Killian reaches the group who react with recognition, him having met them at one of the malls before, he waves the bag and then he's handed a red cup of something, which he takes a sip off grinning, he's beening dumb but this feels weirdly like a moment of normality.

Marie watched the kid from afar, seeing the shape of the others at their own fire a litle ways off. She then looked over at Drake. "Do you honestly think that I couldn't get us away from some measley ol' cops?" She asked with a grin. "He's fine, don't worry about it. You will be too. Cops got bigger fish to fry around here anyway." Right? She took another drink from the bottle then.
Drake glances over to the group Killian ventured off to, definite worry behind his eyes. "You're missin' the point, Marie. It's not right. And letting'em indulge in this isn't doing him any favors. Boundaries aren't so fuzzy to the law. And what happens when you're /not/ around? What's he gonna do when the cops try to detain'em? Kill them? Eat through the handcuffs? Reveal himself as a mutant?"

He sees the cups being passed and starts to frown. He's not stupid. He knows what's going on there. He'd been a delinquent for seventeen years. "If you're not gonna stop it, I am. It may make me uncool, but screw it."

Well if Drake wants to do something it better be soon cause the group are getting ready to move on and Killian is going with them, his eyes flick back to the other but he shrugs he's here to have fun right? and this group sounds like fun.

Marie leaned her face down against her arms and rubbed her nose against her forearm for a moment. "The kid barely has any respect for me anyway." She says to Drake. "And if this is what he wants to do, nothin I say is going to stop it from happenin… We all get chances to make choices, and he's making his choices now. If he doesn't come back home tonight, well I'll fly his ass back to Westchester by a rope."

Drake shakes his head. "If he doesn't come back home tonight, he could get stupid and /kill/ someone." The teen pushes up to his feet again, jaw set. "If he's determined to screw up, yeah - can't stop him from doing it. When he's by himself. But he's not by himself for this trip. I'm not gonna let him risk himself and every one of us over something this dumb."

With it said, Drake starts towards the group. "Killian!," he shouts. "Come on back, bud!"

Killian very much respects Marie, thats why she was able to talk him into returning to the mansion when he left, when Drake starts shouting a couple of the teens ask who he is, "That Drake, he's usually cool but he's gone all fun police tonight", he calls back, "I'll see you at the hotel later", he hands the bag to someone else and gets ready to head off.

Marie stood up then and she started packing things up. She woke Vince up who slowly came to and helped her. She poured the pitcher of water they had onto the fire and then she glanced after Drake and Killian to see where they were… "Come on, lets head back!" She shouted after them both, not really thinking that either of them was going to listen… She and Vince started walking on back toward their rented place.

Did he just get refused?

Oh, Hell no.

He did not take Killian out here just for him to turn into an ungrateful punk.

"You'll see me at the hotel /NOW/!," shouts Drake, the gentile level of his voice shifting with some obvious irritation. If Killian means to test the measure of his resolve to see that Killian is safe and /not/ breaking the law, Killian's in for one very embarrassing night.

He'll be more than happy to acquiesce to Marie's request - as soon as Killian does.

Killian does take a step to go back but thats before one of the girls from the group steps and intertwines her fingers with his gloved ones and whispers something in his ear, looking very conflicted Killian looks from the girl, to the group, to Drake, "I'll be back really soon, promise", is called back to him.

Marie and Vince are merely walking toward their rented abode, picnic basket and other sundries in hand. Marie keeeps looking over toward Drake and Killian to see if they need her, but she figures they got everything worked out… or will soon.

Drake starts to look satisfied as Killian begins to double back. But then some chick gets in the way. Party girls are nice and all, but not when a minor under his watch is getting lured into said partying. He would have been cool, if Killian just exchanged numbers with her or something, to see her when she's assuredly sober and they're not on their way to booze it up.

But there he goes defying him again.

Alright, Killian. Say goodbye to your new friends.

"Hey, who's that!?," Drake shouts - loudly. "Is she gonna help with your suppository?! You /know/ your bladder's a ticking timebomb if you don't take it! Should I give it to her? Tell her to hang on right there!"

Must be a while since Drake was a sixteen year old as he seems to have forgotten that they're not stupid and can tell what Drake is doing, one off the guys steps back and mutters something to Killian to which Killian shake's his head, he turns to the girl, "You guys head off and I'll catch up ok? I know roughly the place you meant", the girl nods and drops his hand and her and the group head off. Killian clenches his fists and starts walking towards Drake his eyes glowing a firey red colour.

Marie and Vincent are climbing the stairs to the back patio of their rented home. She hands Vince the stuff she was carrying and he goes on inside. She turns around to go stand on the edge of the balcony and she looks off into the dark, it was too dark to see them very well now. She sighed then and turned to go inside…

Drake knows what look. Heck, he expected it. Of course Killian is mad at him - but it only would've gotten worse the longer it was drawn out.

Killian is not met with apology, nor haughty smirk. The elder teen's gaze is firm and unflinching, and the disappointment is palpable. "You were not invited out here to screw your life up. I probably just saved you a night in the drunk tank and being shipped back to your parents with a fresh rap sheet."
"One night, one f**king night is all I wanted, a night where if fit in with other people my age, where I'm not a freak who can kill with a touch", Killian's eyes glow even brighter if possible, "I wasn't hurting anyone, and you couldn't let me have that! You said don't drink the beer so I gave it to them", his fists start to take on a slight red glow, "You spent a whole day oggling that chick from the Mall who I'll note isn't Celeste, and you couldn't give me five minutes of normality!"

"Listen," begins Drake, "there's the good kind of normal, and the bad kind of normal. You just passed beer off to a bunch'a party kids. Which kind of normal do you think they are?" After a beat, he continues, "If you need a gauge, ask yourself if they're breaking any laws. If the answer's 'yes', then they're the bad kind. I've /been/ there, you don't /want/ that."

"If you wanted some time away from the group, that's /fine/. There are lots'a options. You just had to say. There are other options out there."
"Do not tell me what I want, I don't care in the slightest if they're having a drink, you were normal, talking about normal things like school and tv, us we talk powers and mutant hunters, You don't get it, you can control your powers and pass, me I'm constantly gonna be a danger, someone will always find out", Killian's fists glow brighter, "This wasn't about being away from the group, it was about getting something i haven't had in a long time, a release from me".
"Put those away," Drake says tersely, glancing to the fists - the completely unsubtle glows they're making and all. "Pockets if you need to. But get control of yourself and calm down. You wanna talk to someone who gets your very specific circumstance, go talk to Marie. When you're ready to talk to someone who's experienced what you think you want, you talk to me. But this, right here, right now, is not helpful to you. You're gearing up to make a serious mistake."

Killian looks down at his fists and freezes for a moment before they fade back to normal, "I give up, I can't do this anymore, it's too much, I'm done, I'm done with all of this", not even looking at Drake he walks past him and across the road before breaking into a run.

Drake blinks when Killian takes off at a sprint. He has a considerable headstart on him. And, if he understands things, he can't exactly tackle or grab him to stop him. There's only one person who can. So Drake plucks out his cellphone and quick-dials Marie. "Come on, come on, come on. Pick up."

Marie's phone rings for quite a bit before she picks it up on what would probably be the last possible ring before going to messages. "Whats going on?" She asks, she was seated on the sofa in the house already with the large television on.
(OOC:) Killian says "Drake's turn, you know what Killian's doing."
"He's taken off running," says an exasperated Drake. "And I don't think I can touch'em without him trying to sap me or something."

By this point, Drake's reached the parking lot. But given the sprint and darkness, he has no real idea which way Killian took off.

It takes Marie a moment to respond and she finally just says into the phone. "Let'im." She says. "I have chased him down already before. I can't keep doin' it. If he doesn't come back to the house soon we'll look for'im… if he doesn't come back by mornin' we'll contact home and they'll tell us where he is… and I'll go get him and take him home." She tells Drake, she sighs into the phone. "I've tried with him. I don't know what more to do for him. He dwells on this stuff more than I even did. He's just unable to find anythin good around him and focus ont hat stuff. I don't know how to teach someone how to do that."

There's a period of silence on the other end of the line. Drake's currently staring at his phone, bewildered.


There's another period of silence as he processes. The idea of just letting someone go doesn't sit right with him. But he's not spent half as much time with Killian as Marie has - she'd know. And given the predicament, he doesn't know how he could even begin to search, anyway, short of hopping a motorcycle and roving all around town. And even then, he can't exactly haul him back. Moreover, Marie has a point. If he's determined to see the bad and drift towards self-destructive tendencies…


"…Well, okay. I'm coming up."

And with that, the call is ended and Drake starts trudging towards Marie's suite. A part of him is angry - Killian is putting them all in danger, and for what? Because he couldn't hang out with a bunch of losers? But a bigger part of him just feels fried. Either way, a knock will sound against Marie's door soon.

The door is opened by Marie who's still in that same white shirt, but she has a pair of jeans on now. She's also floating in the air when opening the door…. and she silenhtly spins about and floats back toward the sofa. "If he's pissed, neither one of us would be recieved well by him right now. I don't think he can take another speech from me anymore than he could handle more from you right now." She sas as she silently floats down and sits upon the sofa in the living area where she'd been moments before. Her tv is on, Pawn Stars playing on the screen… Chum is messing with Rick.

Drake blinks mutedly at Marie, then just shuffles into the suite and shuts the door behind himself. He continues the little shuffle forward to the couch, turns, and sits beside Marie. He tilts to the side and props his shoulder against hers.

Unless she shoos him away, he stays there quietly for several seconds.

Until, in an Eric-Cartman-comme-vexxed-Hispanic-Teacher voice, "How do I reeaach deez keeedz…"

Marie sits there with her feet tucked up under her and she looks over at him and hsi goofy voice. She stares a second before grinning and laughing, she shakes her head and looks forward again toward the tv. "I don't know. I try to be chill with them and be their friend, but that doesn't seem to work that much either. It makes me easily over-ruled, authority wise… and I know it does that, I don't need to be told that it has that effect anymore… but its just how I prefer to treat folk. I don't like comin off like I'm some kinda authority… er, authoritai?" She said the last word toward him with an arched eyebrow.

Drake shakes his head and bobs his unused shoulder in a meek shrug.

"I don't either. I hated doing that. But I couldn't just… let it happen. And I didn't wanna be that guy who's all 'go to your room,' and junk. But I dunno - maybe if I did that, he'd at least be here where we know he's not putting himself, or us, in danger?" His eyes shift aside, tone sullen, "I'd make such a crappy parent."

"Who's the fat guy?," he asks, voice maintaining its tone, but his head tips to indicate the t.v.

"Thats Chumlee. He gets all the ladies." Marie replies to his last question then as she reached forward and picked up a bowl of popcorn off of her coffee table. She offered some to him and then grabbed some up with her gloved hand. "Killian has a good heart. He won't hurt anyone that doesn't deserve it. At least I don't think he would, unless pushed into a pretty severe corner. You saw those marks on him though when he was surfing… The kid has gone through some bad shit in the recent few years. He's got a ton on his mind. He needs some real counciling and I don't think he's been getting the attention he needs from us at the school either. Specifically from the Professor who's been so wrapped up in dealing with Jean and her issues."

"Counseling, huh?" And in one statement, Drake is stuck rethinking his vocation. He takes a lone popcorn. He pops it into his mouth, chews quietly, then asides, "I told Scott what you suggested - about me doing counseling. He loved the idea. And I thought it'd be something I could be good at, given the crap I've been through and come out of, but… if counseling is what he needs, I don't know if I could do anything for him. He didn't listen to me even a little. If that's any kind of indication, maybe I… wouldn't really be any good." He sounds profoundly disappointed with the thought.

Of course, everything in this setup was prepped for failure, versus the format that he'd intended to implement. That is, /elective/ sessions. Not chastisements. But right now, it's difficult for him to see the difference.

"…Fat dude gets all the chicks?"

"Its his confidence." Marie says in regard to Chumlee with a mouthful of popcorn. "He's not afriad of anyone or intimidated that easily, chicks dig that… oh, and he's wealthy." She then shook her head softly. "I don't think counselor is the right term for the job I was describing for you… something more like Student Relations, or…" She glanced over at him and grinned. "I don't know, Quartermaster? Thats a word right?" She laughed a little and ate some more popcorn. "According to my messed up brain thats a guy in the army, right?" Her memories she'd stolen from Danvers were being tossed around in her head in thought over this before she shrugged then. "Killian just wants to go home. To his real home, and he can't, because he thinks he'll hurt them. I mean, how do you solve that?" She shook her head again and looked back at the tv. "Its just over my head."

"…Quartermaster? Like with money?" Drake turns his head to give her a weird look. He has no idea what a quartermaster does. "Student relations sounds like something completely different." Now a little embarrassed, Drake straightens his posture and de-leans from Marie to give her a confused look. "I thought.. I mean.. I thought I was helping talk you through what you were dealing with, like what a peer counselor does. And I figured that's what you meant when you said counseling."

Which means, if Marie meant something completely different, he's set himself up for failure as both ineffective and a waste to everyone's time. Not to mention the embarrassment of saying that to Scott and having it pass through the school's system to be put in place.

Talk about a trainwreck.

The teen lifts to his feet. "Anyway, you don't solve it. No one does but Killian. He has to be okay with what he is and accept his limitations, and what that means. There's no reason he can't be with his family without hurting them. It's himself he has a problem with, and coming to terms with what's developed."

"I guess counselor is the right word, I don't know…" Marie replied then reaching up to brush her hair back out of her forehead. "I just picture those guys in the polo shirts at summer camps who're always a little too creepy." She looked over at him then and shook her head, grinning. "I'm not the person who chooses your role in the school! Don't put that on me. Its up to Emma and Scott, signed off by Chuck." She looked back to the tv to see the Old Man sitting at his desk talking some nonsense about how everyone at the store is a lazy slacker except him, which made Marie grin and then let out a soft stupid little laugh. "He's my favorite." She idly says at a low volumed voice.

Drake runs a hand through his hair, tussling those hanging bangs, now as vexed as the Cartman-voiced he'd imitated before. But he finds himself at a loss. When Marie laughs at the television, he gives it an inquisitive look…

…and plops back down on the couch.

"Scott's putting up one of those Snoopy signs on my office - 'the doctor is in' one."

"Oy." Comes Marie's reply to this. "Scott's been pretty whacky since he decided that he and Jean weren't a 'thing' anymore.. I'm not sure if this is the precursor to a mid-life crisis or if he's just got a ton of pint-up-rage about how Jean's basically turned into a psychopath and decided she didn't like him. But… I worry about him." She says idly while staring at the idiot-box, taking another fingerful of popcorn up to her mouth for a chompin'. She glances back at him then though. "I'm glad you two are close though. It gives him a friend, which I'm not sure he's ever had that many of those."
Drake slooowwwly turns his head to Marie and blinks owlishly at her.

"You got all that from a Snoopy sign?"

Wacky, sure, but he thought it was funny. And hey, Drake's happy to be the guy Scott can try wackiness with. He doesn't take himself so seriously that he can't roll with it - or even play it up!

Clearing his throat, Drake looks ahead again. "People are really polarizing towards him. They either really like him and admire'em, or they hate'em and think he's the worst. Unfortunately, it's mostly the latter ones you hear from most. That's gotta suck."

"Well he teaches a lot of boring subjects that student don't like either… not because he likes them, but because they have to be taught and he's man enough to do it." Marie says as she watches a commercial break with that stupid Geico lizard, she flips the channel to sportscenter to see who won the Ranger game…. She cringed to see that Tampa bay won 2 to 0 and one more loss and the Rangers would be out of the playoffs. This made the girl boo at the television before she flipped it back to Pawn Stars. "I think Scott is a stud though. He's just not that badboy guy that so many of us ladies strive to find."
"I'unno. Betsy was totally mackin' on'em at the graduation ceremony. And now he's dating another person. And Jean…" Beat. "Jean's… man, I dunno what's going on with her." Drake exhales a puff of air in an upwards direction, wafting his bangs. "I think he does alright for'emself."

Marie grinned at this, eating some more popcorn. She shook her head. "I make flirtatious come-ons at him and he just deflects them like they're nothing at all. So I've given up on that. Besides, he's more like a brother to me at this point than anythin else. And yeah… Betsy's had a thing for him since she met him, I think."

Drake gives a little snort and snicker at her admission. "Iiii see how it is. Scott rebuffs your flirts, and you rebuff mine!," he accuses - though there's a playful, teasing lilt edging back into his voice. He sneaks an additional (that is, precisely one) popcorn from the bowl and pops it into his mouth. If one could crunch popcorn in an interrogative manner, he totally did it just then.

Marie smirked at his words and she reached her elbow over to smack his side with it not too hard, but still… she did hit pretty hard even when she wasn't trying to. "You're barkin' up the wrong tree with me." She tells him. "Look at Vince, do you see him around here? No… cause I respond to his flirts, but they only can get ya so far with me before you realize you've reached a dead-end." She grins at him. "You'd reach that dead end with me and then be runnin away to join Killian on whatever back alley street he's charging down right now."

Drake grunts when she elbows, and returns the favor - only his is decidedly more gentle, more only for the sake of reciprocity. "Plus, I'm already with someone. And I have quite enough girl-troubles!" He settles back into the couch with a snicker. "You're crazy-attractive, Marie, and you've got a great personality. You've already got your pick of the litter, with or without the ability to actually touch folks. Like you said, just look at Vince. That guy's insane."

Marie smiled at him and glanced down at the popcorn bowl on her lap. "I got a thing… where I like to flirt." She quietly said. "Gettin compliments and such, its… I don't know, its addictive and I've always loved it. And I love givin' them back and teasin' guys, watchin ya'll squirm is just plain damn fun… ya know, in the right situations. But it has gotten me… in-too-deep quite often, to the point where I ask why I keep doin' this sort've thing, but I got no answers other than… its fun and I can't stop." She smiled a little and looked over at him before back up at the tv. "Maybe -I- need to see a counselor too."
Drake purses his lips. "Gonna have to make an appointment," he chimes. "There's an app for that."

The teen settles back into the couch cushion, then asides, "And, by the way? You're not so different. A /lot/ of people have that problem; myself included, you might'a noticed. Flirtin' makes people happy. It.. uh.. can go a little too far sometimes, though, yeah." After a beat, he exhales a soft sigh. "And you're right. I shouldn't be doing that with that girl."

Marie grinned over at him then. "Even if she did come with us, she'd end up as a student and ya couldn't date her anyway." She knew that he'd probably ignore that rule or hide from it all… Anakin-like, if Jubilation pursued him enough in return. "But yeah. I think you should focus more on what she needs with the regard to this decision of her going back to Westchester with us… rather than what you'd need, ya know?" She paused then and looked back at the tv. "If she really is livin' on the streets, havin a hard time findin' a meal… I hope she does decide to come with us. But its like I told Vince, he needs to join the school for him, not for me."

Drake eyeshifts over to her. "Don't think I could? I mean, I wouldn't be a /teacher/. Just a peer counselor. If I even do that now." Hearing Marie's redaction of her words, then wobbling over the specifications has thrown a monkeywrench into things, along with this whole Killian ordeal. "And hey, I'm trying to help'er out! That's my top priority there! I don't think she'd be joining the school for /me/ or anything, if that's what you're saying."

Would she? That's a weird notion.

"I know, and it'd be a little hypocritical of me to say, considering my relationship with Vince." Marie replied to him. "But Vince is a lot older… and he's going to be testing out of his High School classes soon… its a bit murkey on him even being labeled a student at all." She shook her head then and shrugged. "I don't know. Do whatever ya want, ultimately. I'm just trying to help maye resolve drama before it starts… but you know, I'd hate for Jubilation to come with us and then face the wrath of Five Ice Twins who'd look poorly on her because of how you and she are with each other? Does that make any sense?" She asks, looking over at him then.

"Oh, the other Cuckoos don't like me," Blaise says with a snicker. "Never have! I don't think, anyway. Celeste likes me because…" He hesitates, then shoots Marie a sidelong look. "It's a very physical thing between me'n Celeste. It's almost ended.. like.. two or three times by now, because I'm wantin' to find something more serious, more grounded. She's very much a here-and-now kind'a girl, and it's really hard to tell where we stand. But to put it in her words? She doesn't expect us to last."

"Doesn't matter if the sisters like ya or not, ya big… guy." Marie says back at him after hearing his admission to her. "If they all think that you wronged their blood kin? What do you think that'll do for that level of them already not likin ya?" She started to nod her head then, chewing on more popcorn. "They're gonna come at ya with gloves off, to use one of my own related expressions. They'll want your nuts on a stick over an open flame… unless you resolve that situation with Celetes… then you'd probably be free to do whatever you want, or whoever, for that matter… But… try not to tell me about that last part. I don't want to know about any of that." She laughed softly and then exhaled.

"Hey now," says Drake, giving Marie a briefly annoyed look, "it's not like I've proposed to that girl or anything. I'm just gettin' to know her. And I can't exactly help /noticing/ other people. Those Cuckoos are strong psychics - they'll know anyway."

Feeling on trial, Drake lifts to his feet and takes a couple steps away. "Geeze, Marie. You're talkin' to me like I'm a jerk or something, here."

"No. I'm talking to you like a friend." Marie corrects him, looking at him as he walks away. "Who's concerned about you being hurt by jaded lovers. But you're right." She says then, looking away once more she sits forward and puts the popcorn bowl back on the table. "They will know. So I'm just showing concern for you. I don't want to see you get treated poorly when I know that you got the best of intentions. So just… keep doin what you're doin, cause you're doin it right so far. Find out if this girl needs us, cause you know how it works… we're here to help her."
(OOC:) Marie says "lol, Emma."
(OOC:) Marie says "Just grab her boobs, squeeze and say "Honk." That'll teach her."

"Right. Good." Drake breathes. "Thanks." He brushes a hand along the back of his neck. "The Cuckoos might screw with me just because. And Celeste might decide she wants to anyway, or mess with whoever I /do/ wind up with. And I'm not writing Celeste off just yet, anyway! Sure, she's not had time for me in.. uh.." He glances to his feet. "…weeks… or…" A very, very long time. "…however long, but I'm not dropping anything until we're at least back at the mansion."

Marie nodded softly to him. "I trust ya." She told him then, leaning back on the sofa and putting her arm on the arm of it. "And you need to make sure to let us know if them Cuckoos -are- going around using their powers on other folk at the school in ways they shouldn't be… cause thats some serious shit, that Emma… and Chuck would want to deal with. They got more power than most of us do, in a far more personal and dangerous way… we can't have that getttin thrown around recklessly.."
Drake nods along. "I know. I've been trying to stay on top of things with Celeste, if I think she might do something, but… y'know, I don't think they've really been that bad about it. Not as bad as people might think."

By this point, the fatigue is definitely registering in his face. "I think tonight's had enough ups'n downs for me. Might be time to head to the ohter suite for me."

Marie listened to him then before she looked over and up at him, lifted her left hand up and wiggled her gloved fingers at him. "Night night, Surgey-poo." She said to him in a joking cutesy-voice. She then leaned forward and snagged her phone off of the coffee table to prepare to send Killian a text.
—-(RoguePotato: Come home stupid. Ill make u a pie.)

"Uh.. lemme know if he turns up," Drake says, glancing to her cellphone. He then turns to take his leave, all quiet-like.

"Will do, Captain Kirk!" Rogue says after the man as she typed the text out on her phone's screen. "Sleep tight!"

*< END>*

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