2015-05-23 Demons chase the Devil in Hells Kitchen
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Cin, Daredevil, Phantasm
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Demons chase the Devil in Hells Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City that includes roughly the area between 34th Street and 57th Street, from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.

This section of NYC is a bustling hub of traffic at nearly all hours of the day, but its notorious for its dangerous nightlife. Those that prey on the helpless stalk the alleys and side streets of this district, using the shadows as refuge to stalk their victims. This part of NYC is not known for being friendly to those who take their safety lightly.

The streets themselves are not particularly dirty, but not particularly clean either, the district is somewhere in-between these two levels. However, the alleys that reside between the aging buildings are definitely on the filthy side of things, where homeless gather and loiter in their own makeshift homes.

Hell's Kitchen is constnatly under pressure from both sides of its denizens, the lawful and those who would break the law for personal gain.

As the daylight starts fading in the kitchen and people start to seek shelter within their respective homes, a pair of persons do the opposite. Exiting from one of the older apartment buildings, which has the long time (and miraculously still standing) home of one Fiona Hannigan, a certain dressed down, knitcapped rock star pauses at the doorway. One hand resting on one of the straps of his backpack and the other acting as a means to hold the door open for his traveling companion.

As twilight begins to set in, Matt Murdock has just left his office and is heading back to his apartment. He passes by the old home, out of which steps a familiar individual. He's met the musician in person once before, and has heard of him on occasion as well, being from the same part of town and all that. The lawyer pauses to nod briefly in greeting toward Mike.

"Thank you." Says Cara, her head finally able to look up, those amber eyes giving Mike a polite smile as much as her lips. She walks a bit slowly due to the added girth of her large belly. "I didn't think I would be this tired this fast." She says with a soft frown as her her hand moves to try and help hold up her womb but caress it just as much. "Thanks." The mutant whispers again, just to be sure and kind.

Mike glances down to the Very preggers Jr. Avenger. "Really?" He asks, "You didn't think you would when you're this far along?" He waits til she steps through before closing the door behind her. "If you didn't seem so stir crazy I would-" The non-mutant, but enhanced by other means, Avenger stops in his sentence as his glance finds a familiar face nodding to him. He cracks a small smile, despite the lawyer not being able to see it, "Hey Murdock." He steps forward, the shift in his stance causing for the ornately carved escrima sticks in his backpack to pap into each other, "Fancy se- running into you here."

"I just hadn't been out of the mansion in so long." The young girl says with a whimper and a heave as she turns to face towards Matt, "Hi." Is all Cara really gets out before she looks at his sunglasses quizzically being night and then it dons on her. "Oh. Hi." She says, repeating herself, still not exactly confident, and totally not awkward, yeah. Cara wrings her hands beneath her belly, trying to hide her nervous nature, taking a glance to her side across the street at the cat scurrying into the alley and stepping up closer towards Mike.

Matt smiles politely, absently listening to the escrima sticks knocking against each other as Mike shifts, Cara's nervous hands wringing, and yeah that cat scurrying into the alleyway nearby too. He can hear her heart racing with anxiety, along with her baby's likely more calm pace. "Mike." he returns the boy's greeting, and can't help but wonder if the girl is his significant other? "How have you been? I…don't think I've met your friend?" he replies in reference to the female voice in front of him.

"Hence stir crazy." Mike murmurs to Cara before helping Cara a bit closer to Matt. "Well let's take care of that then. Matt, meet Cara Richardson. We live in the same building. Cara, meet Matt Murdock. He also grew up around here but stuck around and became a lawyer." Taking advantage of the only spectator outside of his traveling party being blind, Mike glances around, giving a critical eye of any passerby.

Cara's bracelets TINK off each other, the two glass constructs rest against her thumbs as she pulls her hands away from themselves to leans forward, past Mike and to extend a hand to Matt. Not quite catching on that he's blind. She looks down and then up to Matt after a moment and "Oh. I'm sorry." Cara yelps pulling her hand back and wringing it further "My name-" She shuts up when Mike does the introductions for her. Finally interjecting with actual useful information, "You can call me Cara, or Cin." Not too understanding the point of a Codename just yet. Then with a final nod which she then shakes her head quickly to, "Nice to meet you Matt." Yeah, she's nervous.

Matt observes that the two of them seem rather on edge. Cara is certainly anxious about something, and Mike is acting as if he's expecting someone or something to spring upon them at any moment.

He nods when she is introduced. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Cara." This time, he holds out a hand for her to shake. There's a moment of awkward silence, until Murdock can't help but ask, "…you two all right?"

Mike's head turns looking over Cara as she lets her codename slip, giving a shake of his head. As the two are addressed, his attention switches over to Matt. "She's always like this." Mike replies, giving a slight chuckle, "Well, except for being ballooned out but that's due to resolve itself any week now…" He turns his head, glancing around once more. "Other than that, things are just fine…" His glance stops as one passerby isn't really passing by but instead has stopped his walk and is staring blatantly at the trio. Oh f-. "Cara. Take Matt inside."

Cara has fallen silent as she shakes Matt's hand and then moves back behind and beside Mike just in case something happens. "You're from here?" She asks, as Mike starts to look away, her hands resting on her belly as she gets more comfortable with Matt. Her amber eyes do dart around, making sure nothing's happening, "What that li- C'mon." Cara suddenly snaps, her hand reaching to grab Matts and she starts to waddle away from Mike back towards the door they just left out of. "What is it Mike?" She asks over her shoulder.

"Ballooned out?" Matt asks, pretending that he didn't know she was pregnant at first, then nods. "—oh. Right." He smiles. "Well sounds like you're quite far along." But then Mike seems to become highly suspicious of a stranger who has stopped nearby. He lets Cara pull him away. "What's wrong?"

Mike slides off his backpack, looking over to see several more coming up alongside the one looking to them. Well, so much for subtle. "Hurry." He hisses before turning to walk towards the gathering group, away from Matt and Cara. "like childhood all over again…" He mutters.

Cara actually barks over her shoulder at Mike, "I can only go so fast MIKE!" She then frowns as she slumps behind the door and clutches the side of her belly, breathing heavily and taking shallow breaths. Though she does answer Matt's statements once they're inside, though not exactly safe, "I'm roughly 8 months or so, nearly my last month." She says, wanting to slump to her backside but knowing it'd take way too long for her to get up if she had to. "I think they're some demon people or something, I haven't really caught onto the whole story. I've been a little busy."

Matt follows Cara behind the door, more for her sake than his own. "Demon people?" That doesn't sound pleasant. "Why are demons after you?" He asks, though he is still keeping tabs on the situation outside. He isn't in his combat gear, but…if Mike needs help then he isn't going to keep standing there and pretending to be an invalid.

With them out of sight, Cara and Matt are consequently out of mind as the now emptied bookbag falls to the ground. Head tilting low a stick holding hand reaches up to adjust his shirt, allowing for the eye of agamotto to have a peek at what's going on. "You picked the wrong group." Mike comments, bracing himself as several come running towards him.

In the meantime, unseen by the occupied Sorceror Supreme temp, one of the fast moving creatures is running towards the building. In all appearances, a woman, but damn fast and likely in other ways, err… challanging.

Cara runs a hand on her side once more as if that was a form of answer. "She's supposed to be an Asgardian. Like Thor or Loki…" The young auburn haired girl looks downwards, almost trying to hug her child. "I'm sure that's part of it. And-" the Jr Avenger trails off to look out the doorway to Mike, and hope he's doing ok. Cara recoils and screams, falling away from the door, but holding the handle to basically lock the door with her wait. "Help." She whimpers softly, afraid for herself more than the blind guy behind her.

"Asgardian?" Matt arches an eyebrow. "Wow." Oh, he knows what that means. After all he lives in New York. Then Cara suddenly screams and Murdock knows why. He probably heard the woman coming from a long way off. "Damn," he curses under his breath. He'd always hoped he'd never have to fight in his civilian clothes. But it's looking like he might have to. The lawyer sheds his coat, handing it to Cara. "Hold this."

With the speed of the first group, Mike doesn't have time to get off any spells before he's having to fight them. Dodging their strikes as he can, he does give a hiss as a few strikes to make it on to him. But he has an advantage. With the sticks he's imbued with the call to St. Michael, One hit, is all he needs. With each smack he lands, there is one less assailent focused on attacking him and more lying on the ground in confusion to why they are there.

Unfortunately for Matt. Mike has ALL of those nifty sticks, which leaves him with whatever he's got on hand to doeal with the Woman coming up rapidly to the door. With a jump she's dang near the threshold and likely about to breech the perimiter on the next turn. (*ahem*)

Cara's weight pulls her fingers from the door and she drops to her backside with a thwump and she quickly responds by pushing her hand up and towards the attacker. The glass on her right, extended, hand forms into a pointer, until it meets the glass door. Once touching, the whole window seems to change, the density or thickness seem to thin, more opaque and the pointed glass now in her hand points further, reaching out from the glass into the attacker where it circles around her and grows thicker. It takes weight from the glass of the door to make a very strong skin tight band.

Matt shrugs and dumps the coat on the floor since Cara doesn't take it. But now something odd is happening to the glass…so she was another one of those mutants, it seemed. He holds back a moment, waiting for the outcome of her attempt to hold back the attacker. If it isn't enough, he'll step in, but hopefully that won't be necessary.

As the woman demonInfest reaches the door, the sudden presence of a thick glass barrier clinging the upper arms against the body, severely limiting the demonInfest's movement. Even unhappier with this development, she shifts, smacking the wall before turning to face the strongest perceived foe. Between the Very preggers Jr. Avenger and the still standing blind man, she chooses to charge at the blind man t-rex arms and all. Yay Matt!

With the first wave of attackers on the ground, Mike finds time to cut to the chase by casting a spell, "The eyes are heavy, but the conscious won't go. Fatigue it wears you, your energy is low. " Mike steps back slightly, dropping a stick to point an open palm towards a new group approaching him, "Elijah, grant them peace, cease these problems, let them cease. Their mind, let not another peep,The sun is gone, it's time to sleep!" There's a blue light, horizontal to the ground that shoots out blanketing the newcoming group. As the light reaches them, they stagger, before falling to the ground.

With her hand held glass weapon attached to the door and the door then attached to a large glass person-cuff, Cara blinks at the door, trying to force the pencil width glass between the door and the attack to become more solid, less fluid and hold them in place, but it's difficult, there's not much glass to shift the density of. "Watch out Matt!" Cara warns, suddenly there's a metal in her voice as she's trying to protect herself and someone else from something not, normal.

Cara needn't have cried out the warning, though Matt isn't surprised she did. He heard the partially-bound woman coming, having predicted her moves based on everything from the speed of her breathing and heart rate to the sweat on her face and hands. She wasn't giving up just yet.

The awkwardly balanced run is a sure indicator that her arm movement is restricted. Thus, Murdock simply lashes out with a swift kick toward her shins, hoping to knock her off her feet. With the glass keeping her arms in check, she'll likely have a hard time getting back up.

With the second group down, Mike looks around for any possible future groups but upon seeing none, he scoops up the dropped stick and starts to move towards one of the fallen demonInfest. Hearing Cara's shout, the incapacitated are soon forgotten as he runs back towards the building.

Cara's tightening of the glass does slow down the creature a little, which helps with the Matt landing the kick. With the legs buckling, the pencil width segment snaps, leaving the creature to ungracefully fall to the floor. Based from the thrashing as she tries to push herself up with half an arm, she is not happy.

Cara slowly pulls her hand away, causing the shard of glass to retract on her side of the window door, and reform into a bracelet. She sighs as she tries to get back onto her feet but finds some resistance. The demon infest isn't really a concern at the moment as she can't quite get to her feet without a half minute struggle first.

Matt stands over the woman as she flails helplessly on the floor for a moment. Once the glass has retracted he swings a fist, delivering a decisive punch to the side of her head with the intent of knocking her senseless. There, -now- she won't be getting back up any time soon. He then hurries over to Cara. "You all right?" he asks, offering a hand to help her back to her feet.

Mike manages to reach the doorway to see the demon infest inside stop moving. "…Oh good." He comments, a bit relieved to see they're ok. He sighs, walking over to the out cold demon infest to give one solid whap with the stick before turning to go through the door. "I'll be back. Got a few more out there."

Cara gives a soft "Thank you." To Matt as he helps her get to her feet. "Can we call it a day yet?" She asks, with a soft smile towards Matt before remembering his disability and sighing turning to watch Mike finish his work. "Can we go yet?" She asks, sounding annoyed and worried.

"You get them all?" Matt asks as Mike reenters, arching a brow a bit when he hits the unconscious woman with the stick. She was already out cold, why did he need to hit her again? Odd. But he doesn't question it out loud. "Well I certainly hope so." he replies to Cara.

Mike doesn't answer Cara's question as his walk away from the building is likely much more efficient than the waddle of Cinderpreggers thereby leading him out of earshot of Cara. He shakes his head, looking to the now sleeping demon infest and proceeds to give each of them a solitary good whap with one of the sticks. When done, he turns around to walk back to the other two. Pausing as Matt asks if he got them all, he shakes his head before remembering Matt's condition. "There are probably more out there. But none tonight." He looks over to the woman on the floor. "Remember the stories of groups of creatures that popped out to fight the Jotun during that apocalypse type scenario about 8 to 9 months ago?"

Little does Mike know, Matt is fully aware of the state of the rest of the group. He's just very well practiced at pretending to be a normal blind person. Even if this time around, he'd had to let it slip a bit to help protect Cara. Fortunately it hadn't been much. The lawyer picks his coat up off of the floor and dons it once more, straightening the collar and dusting it off a bit. He doesn't seem all that perturbed by the entire situation. "Jotun? Are you talking about The Incident?" Meaning, the incident that almost wiped out New York, that the Avengers had to save everyone from.

Mike pauses, "I honestly don't know which incident- they have had to respond to gets the honor of being 'THE Incident' but the one several months ago which involved-" He pauses, shaking his head, "Uh anyways…We just ran into a bunch of demonInfest. Which made themselves known back then. But the good news is the ones we ran into are no longer infested so once they get checked out and treated, they should be able to go back to their families."

"Demon-infest?" Matt asks, not quite sure what that means. "Like, demon-possessed?"

A stick tilts in direction to Matt. "Bingo!" Mike replies in a forced cheery voice, "Yep. But no worries. We're in the cleanup stages now so the worst part about this is over." He pauses, considering the lawyer, "If you're the open minded type, I'd suggest looking up and learning the lyrics to 'Call to St. Lucia'. No guarantees but, considering what's going on, couldn't hurt."

"Huh." Crazy world. Matt quirks an eyebrow at the song suggestion. "That's good to hear. What do the lyrics to that song have to do with any of this?"

For most. It's just a prayer." Mike replies, moving over to the door to spot his bookbag resting outside the building on the ground, "But to some, it's an ace up their sleeve." He steps outside to grab his bookbag before coming back.

Bag acquired, Mike shoves one stick into it and pauses. Setting the bag down he moves over to Matt, "Here." Taking his hand, he sets the escrima stick in the lawyer's hand. "Just in case. Now, the spell in it won't last for long but it will last long enough for you to get home." Mike steps back, "I will swing by to pick that up later."

Hm. Matt nods, taking the stick. "Thanks."

"Well it was good talking to you again, Mike. Hopefully next time we won't get interrupted by uh…demons." he smirks a little. "I'm glad the situation seems to be under control, however." He nods and leaves the house then, heading back to his apartment for the night.

Mike watches Matt walk off quietly, before he brings out his phone to dial up a number. Bringing up the phone to his ear, he waits patiently until someone on the oher end picks up. "Hey, we got about 10 deposessed demon infest here. Yeah, medical and interviews…"


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