2015-05-25 Five Six, Pick up Stick
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Daredevil and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Five Six, Pick up Stick

A small entry way with a single window near the main door leads to a set of wooden stairs that lead down into the apartment's main room.
The main room is a large rectangular shape with a kitchen to the east and a bedroom to the west. The north wall of the room is occupied by very tall windows that look out directly onto another building that is lined with brightly glowing advertisement signs. The signs shoot glaring bright light into the windows at all hours of the day and night.
A sofa and chair set sits on a nice simple rug in the middle of the main room. The kitchen is kept quite clean and the fridge is well stocked with all the basics and even some beer.
The bedroom is also kept very clean with silk linens on the bed always made during the daytime hours. There is a bathroom off of the bedroom with all the essentials.

Matthew is waiting in his apartment for Mike to come by to pick up that stick he'd lent him. The lawyer hadn't really a need for it, but he appreciated the gesture nonetheless. He's glad that the young man chose to call ahead. Unexpected guests sometimes led to…complications he would rather avoid.

To avoid other complications which presented themselves the last time he ran into Matt, Mike took a shortcut to the apartment by doing a quick hop through a couple dreams. Popping into the hallway. The phantasm shifts back to human form. Once again becoming flesh and blood, some of which is being held in by a bandage under the back of his shirt. In his hand, a six pack of Guinness. In another, a backpack.

Matt hears Mike's footsteps in the hallway outside the room, having already recognized him from inside the unit. But he waits for the knock to come, anyway.

Trek almost done with, Mike walks over to Matt's door. His attire of a similar nature to the last time. At least in style. The knit cap does its work of hiding the hair. There's a slight clink of the bottles as he stops, bringing a hand up to knock on the door.

The knock comes, and Matt goes to the door as any normal person would. He opens it and smiles politely in greeting. "Mike. Please, come in." He steps back away from the door to allow this, noting the noise the bottles make and figuring it's beer.

Mike smiles, despite the receipient being unable to see the token of response. He steps in as requested and lifts up the beer while Matt closes the door. "Hello Matt. I have brought you a small token of apology for last evening." Mike replies, glancing around at the apartment, his attention shifting right over to the large windows with the billboard very much being notable. "Hope you like Guinness."

Yes, the LED billboard is very obvious. Pink and purple lights glare in through the windows, casting an eerie glow on the furniture. Matt shakes his head. "It's all right, you did your best and we handled it. That's all I can ask for, really."

He moves over to the living area and gestures toward the sofa. "Please, have a seat."

The lawyer shrugs at his last comment about the drinks. "I'm not too picky. Thank you."

Mike walks over to the sofa as indicated, setting the drinks on the table in front near where he assumes Matt to be sitting. "Guess I should be glad you became a defense lawyer instead of civil stuff then." He looks over to the window, "Have, you considered getting curtains?"

"Heh, yeah." Matt chuckles as he goes to fetch the stick Mike had lent him. Bringing it over, he sets it on the table near the drinks and sits down. He frowns at the comment about the curtain. "Oh, sorry about that. I guess I never have, since it doesn't bother me at all. But—maybe I should, for the sake of guests."

"And the sake of your own privacy." Mike replies, reaching over to take the stick and slide it into his backpack. "Imagine if you had a high profile client and the tabloids got wind of where you lived." He gives a sigh, looking over to the window. He slides back in the chair getting comfortable. "Any additional problems getting back?"

"Ha." Matt chuckles at the idea of -that- high-profile of a client. "Honestly if I ever did get a client high profile enough to worry about tabloids, I probably wouldn't be living here any more." he jokes, then shakes his head in response to Mike's question. "Nope. No more demon-possessed people, at least none trying attack me."

Mike smiles, giving a nod, "Good." He closes his bookbag and sets it at his feet. "Can I depend on you NOT to mention last night's events to anyone?"

"Of course." Matt nods. Mike needn't worry about keeping secrets. After all, the lawyer has secrets of his own, and understands the need for secrecy as well. "I fully understand the need for confidentiality in certain matters."

A feeling of relief washes over Mike as Matt agrees to keep the issue underwraps. "Excellent." A hand taps on the side of the chair. "I do want to ask what brought you by there."

Matt shrugs. "Well I was just on my way back here. It was nice out so I figured I'd take some time to enjoy the fresh air." He replies. Well that's -partially- true.

"Okay." Mike replies, taking it by face value, "Is th-" He pauses as his phone buzzes, "One sec." He pulls out the phone to glance to the number. Frowning as it stops ringing. "Well, unless there are any questions on your side, It looks like I havee to go."

"I won't keep you." Matt nods, standing up. "Good luck out there." He smiles.

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