2015-05-25 Memorial Day Parade
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Players: Cin, Echo, Grave Gal, Phantasm, Tech-Star
GMed by NA
Title: Memorial Day Parade

The vast green expanse known as Central Park stretches all along Manhattan, giving a welcome and refreshing natural element to an environment otherwise crafted of mountains made of metal and glass. Here, trees stretch heavenward and water flows open and free, grass rambles along hill and meadow, and trails wind through, with lights dotting the trails and benches sitting every so often. The park brings a heart and soul to a city most see as overbuilt and cold: this is the natural spirit that elsewhere is denied.

On this side of the park you can find the Museum of Natural History as well as the Hayden Planetarium. As an adjunct to Central Park there is a smaller park called the Theodor Roosevelt Park dedicated to the late 26th President of the United States. You can also find the Naturalists' Walk here with rustic benches nestled among trails that wind through tall trees and rock outcroppings and over small streams.

Memorial day! A important day, for it is in remembrance of our troops! Through out the day a parade has been going on, marching to the beat of drums, at least in the begining. Hundred if not thousands of folks lined the sidewalk watching as the troops new and old march past, along with variouse schools, and even local boy and girl scout troops. Bands played sporaticly through the miles long group of people heading down the street, even some old war cars and vehicles were in the parade. Many in the audiance clapped and cheer in remembrance of the troops

Ah, memorial day. A day to reflect on freedoms fought for, freedoms gained and freedoms retained. In this particular case, at the start of summer and with an end to classes, Sam gained the freedom to travel to the city more or less at will, enabling him to see, yes, the memorial day parade. He's one of those people lining the route, applauding and cheering, encouraging the veterans and the regulars as they walk past, and applauding the skill of the marching bands as the sound of one musical piece (Souza) overlaps the piece being played by the next band in the parade (also Souza). There's good cheer, there's lots to see, and for once the young mutant can act his age, swept up in the moment.

Amongst the audience, Mike stands, positioning himself in a way to keep people from bumping into VeryPreggers!Cara. With the exception of listening to the music, Mike's attention seems to be anywhere BUT the parade. His head does turn as another band comes up. "Huh. Strauss." Way to be different there, Mr. Band Director.

"C'mon Mike." The aforementioned 'verypreggers!' Cara nudges Mike in the stomach with her awfully pointy elbow. "Don't be such a hater because you're not out there playing and marching." She says with a playful smile to the promoted avenger. She is grateful that he's been letting her out as of late, regardless of her very precarious position, so she lets her pleased smile linger for a bit before she moves back to the balls of her feet and tries to look over another person's shoulder.

Weaving and bobbing through the throngs of people is the young mutant Jose. He had his 'good' headphones on, keeping his hearing very minamalized. None the less he cheerered loudly for the troops. And with so many folks around he had not a fearr of soundding like a whole section of crowd himself, as his noise simply faded into the rest. Everywhere, memorial parades are the same, and yet different. There was nothing quite like getting out, and not in trouble for once

With so many cameras around following the parade, and the helicopters overhead keeping the news vultures supplied with camera feed, Sam has to keep at least part of his mind on not getting into focus too clearly. He cheers, he points, he waves, he does everything he can to make it hard for anyone get a clear snap shot of his face.

Mike gives a sigh. "It was a lot simpler back then." He murmurs, shaking his head. "Wake up, practice, eat, practice some more, play gig, drink, go back to sleep. Simple."

"Sounds kind of boring if you ask me." Cara, the artist, not musician says. "I mean if you enjoyed it good on you but that sounds like it would be exhausting." The mutant notes before she turns back to the parade and swaying onto her other foot and lifting up again to look, almost bumping Mike with her extended belly.

It dosn't take to long for Jose to spot Samuel. As the parade contines it march past west central park, Jose goes with them and eventual finds himself by Sam. But why just hello when you can have a -tiny- bit of fun? Sounding like Killian Jose says "What yer doing out her Sam? Though kids stayed at the mansion!". Though he of course 1.didn't really know the rules and 2.didn't follow them to well anyways

There are two things Sam knows for certain. One is that Killian is quite literally a continent away, and that there is only one person who could mimic a voice to such perfection. He still glances over his shoulder to check, because stranger things have happened, and then waves Jose over, towards a spot at the front he'd been keeping reserved by sheer force of will… and elbows. "C'mon man, you're gonna miss all the good bits." Of course, being this close to Hell's Kitchen, the good bits might be more exciting than anticipated.

Mike looks over to Cara, brow raising, "More exhausting than doing that, training, and three additional jobs on top of it?" He shakes his head, glancing once more to the parade, and those in the crowd on the other side of the street.

"I wouldn't know a thing about that." Cara swings her wide belly towards Mike just so he gets the idea. "I didn't even come to the mansion until after this happened." The young woman says with a slight, frown that she tries to hide by brushing her hair behind her ear and looking at the shriners in their little cute cars. "Aww. Look!"

Jose immediatly comes over! He says to the crowd "Okay, move it folks, just trying ta get with the little bro!" he says with his own voice this time. Luckily with all the noise already happening, few if any notice. He stands behind Samuel, not wanting to block the shorter students view, but none the less they had PRIME spots. Though as the parade rolls past, his ears twitch as he hears a familiar voice. Mike's voice. He looks across the crowd and spots them. "Eh Sam….isn't that the guy from the video?" Though of course he contines to clap for the parade looking happy as he sees shriners

"Guy from the video?" As much as Sam would love to keep watching the parade, and in fact does so with at least half of his attention span, he looks over to the other side of the road and spots Mike. Ah… /that/ video. There sure was a lot of explaining to do, but it would have to wait. No way was the young mutant going to just run across the parade.

Mike looks down to the tiny cars driven by men in fez hats and casts a look over to Cara, brow raising. "Are you one of those types that thinks everything tiny is great?"

Cara isn't exactly tall so she crosses her arms and gives Mike her motherly glare, or at least her practice version. "I mean, sort of. Depending on the subject." She thinks of winking to Mike but then blushes instead and turns to face the street once more.

On any other day, or any other holiday, Jose would be bouncing across that street. But for now he let's it go. He gives Samuel a rob on the head "Want a snakc? Got some in me pack boyo!" He shakes his bacpack, it seems pretty well stocked. He glances to Mike once more but returns his attention to the Parade. gives a 'fake' dog bark as he sees some dogs go by
"Ok…" Letting the topic die out, Mike looks back to the parade and the crowd across the street. His scan of the crowd glosses past Sam and Jose seemingly looking for someone or something else.

It's indeed one of those days where Sam can't be bothered to go deal with something extraordinary. The mundane, for now, suffices. It takes him no time at all to take Jose up on his offer and return to being just a kid in the crowd, though he does occasionally glance towards Mike. And since the man is now looking at him, he'll give him a wave too.

"What're you looking for?" Cara asks, leaning over and whispers to Mike, having to tilt up and stay on her toes. She then turns to look back out to the street, waiting for Mike's answer.

Jose opens his backpack, inside is an assortment of candies, and fruits. From sourpatchkids to granny smith apples. There is also an old notebook, a few bottles of water, two wallets, and juice pouches. Jose says happily "Take your pick little man!" he himself takes out a bag of Shockers: one of the most sour candies he has ever had

Perhaps surprisingly, Sam helps himself to an apple. It's been a while since breakfast, and all the candy he's had over the past few hours had run their sugary course, making him crave something a bit more substantial.

With a second pass of the crowd, a hand motion does draw Mike's attention, causing for Jose to get a second glance. Mike blinks, head tilting before looking onwards. This motion is altered as Cara's question draws Mike's attention. "The same thing that attacked us a few nights ago." He answers simply, voice lowered, "Probably not here. Just enjoy the parade."

Zyraline is riding her lavender 21 speed through the park in a lazy fasion. Not particularly in a hurry to get anywhere just glad to be not all cooped up. She idly people watches, and glances around at the scenery as she winds her way along the foot-paths, seeing what's going on this eavening.

"You know that's gonna be difficult now that you told me." Cara says, giving Mike another rapid frown.

Jose scrunches up as the sourness hits him! He chuckles and quickly opens a fruit punch taking a drink of it. He does wave to Zyraline as he sees her passing in the park behind, though it is difficult to tell. He turns back to the parade. He is some thought as he 'eaves drops' on Mike and Cara's conversation "Hmmmm, wonder what it was?" he says to himself. None the less he gives another loud cheer for an upcomming band

"Then you shouldn't have asked." Mike replies matter of factly, giving a casual smile. Bringing a hand up to mess up Cara's hair. "Relax and watch the parade. We're fine."

Zyraline sees a wave, but can't see who, so she starts threading her way in the direction. She eventually finds Jose who is the only person she recognizes at all, but that's better then being alone in a crowd of people she's never had 1 sentance of conversation with. She gives him a nod as she gets off of her bicycle to walk it the last bit of distance.

"You don't have to answer honestly Mike." She says with a gulp and then moves her hands to fix her hair with a giggle. She is a little bubbly this afternoon. The whole parade spirit has taken her over.

Jose elbows people aside so Zyraline has room. He offer her some of the food in his backpack "Careful not to dry up out here!" he says cheerily. Directly in front of him is the shorter Samuel. He nudges at him "Eh Sam, meet a friend of mines"

"Hmm." Mike doesn't say much else as he just lets Cara watch the parade while he watches the crowd.

The nudge brings Sam back to reality, and he glances over at the person Jose just indicated. In mid-bite of his apple, he recognises the teenager who gave him the invaluable tip in a certain chinese restaurant, and nearly drops the fruit in sheer surprise. In the end he settles for a lame wave, mouth too full to say anything intelligible.

Zyraline hrms briefly at jose's comment before regarding sam, who she has bumped into before, offering him her hand "Zyreline, nice to meet you, again." she honestly doesn't remember if she & sam OR she & jose have exchanged names, so she's just gonna dial things back to polite and hope for the best :)

Cara just looks around the crowd and looks across the street, her amber eyes now glued open and darting around. She doesn't want to miss anything. "I'm not feeling very comfortable Mike…" She whispers.

Mike looks down to Cara once more, he gives a bit of a grimace, "Shit. Sorry Cara. How about we go back home? They'll probably be grilling today."

Jose frowns as he hears Cara from across the street. But he keeps his attention focuses mainly here. He says to Zyraline "In case you forgot already, I'm Jose, and the little fello here is Samuel, but just Sam. But you can call him Spam too, for alot of reasons". He snatches up a bottle of water from his back and takes a quick drink.

Cara shakes her head at Mike, "No. You need to be here, right?" She asks, trying her best to not look worried, though failing just a little bit.

"All those except the last one." Sam agrees and shakes Zyraline's hand, wondering… why… it feels a bit… off? Never mind. He's minding his manners at the moment, which take all the more minding since he often forgets he has any.

Mike shakes his head, "Nah. I don't. I can look later." He looks down at Cara, "… And now you got me thinking of hot dogs and burgers. I'm not going to get anything done until I grab one of those anyways." He gives a smile, "Come on."

Zyraline will just wave her hand no at jose's backpack of snacks "i'm good for food thanks". She glances between the two "Jose and Sam, ok." looking around briefly but more interested in poeple she can talk to. even an epic parade is still a bunch of slow moving stuff that has little to do with her.

Cara actually stamps her foot. "No Mike. I want to help. Please." She gives him the puppy eyes.

Even throughout the introduction, Sam's attention has at least been partially on the parade. He's surprised that in this city, nobody has tried to attack, subvert, vanish or explode the parade yet… it's uncanny.

Jose Puts his two finger to his mouth and gives an extra loud whistle in support. He laughs "Always liked parades, lots of things to listen too" he says canting his head.

Zyraline just chuckles "unless i get a park row macy's party to watch the thankgiving parade from a balcony / livingroom, just not that interested. but poeple watching, meeting, talking eccetera, does interest me.

Uncanny indeed. And yet there it is! A parade that has not been attacked. The odds makers in Vegas are probably very upset right now.

Mike looks to Cara, "Do you want to stay til the end of the parade?"

Cara bites her bottom lip in a needy frown towards Mike, "Yes. Please Mike. You know how crazy I'm going, right?"

Mike gives a sigh, nodding as he does. "Alright. We'll stick around til the end of the parade."

Jose downs the rest of the water. It seems they were nearing the end of the parade. "Well you could always run out there and say Hello to those find fellos." he chuckles.

With undiminished enthusiasm, Sam cheers on the closing units and the last few bands, resolving to get across the street as soon as the parade ends to ask Mike some /very/ pointed questions.

Zyraline doesn't understand a lot of things. Aside from the parade, she get's not much of what's going on. she's just glad she kept her bike with her, rather then chain it up somewhere. For the moment she watches the trail end of the festivities.

Cara turns her attention back to the parade and sees a rather tall hatted group of people marching in rhythm that they create. "You Ok Mike?" She asks, curious, but not facing him.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Mike replies, watching one of the last groups of the sparade go by. Damn budget cuts. "Well, that was a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be."

Jose watches the last guy go and chuckles "Huh, and here I thought parades in New York were supposed to be longer!". And soon enough the crowds of people that were on the sidewalks were now spilling into the street itself. Jose shakes his head "Guess something always stay the same!"

"It's hard to keep paying for these kinda things, I s'pose, when there's so much of the city that still needs rebuilding." Sam remarks and scampers across the street as soon as he can, waving at Mike "Hey!"

Zyraline gives a chuckle. she just stands there for the moment, as the poeple that were packed all around her start going places NOT standing beside her like they wanna lap-sit. She just watches the slow-motion reverse maelstrom of poeple milling.

Cara looks over another shoulder and then to her right far to see if any more are left. "That was all?"

Cara's question is rewarded with a nod. "It seems bigger on TV." Mike admits, offering an arm over to Preggers. There is a flash of movement which causes Mike to glance up quickly, but upon seeing who is waving, he looks back to Cara, "So, back home the long way or short way?"

Jose blinks and goes after Samuel "Sam where the heck you going, your going to get crushed if you not careful!" Okay, mabey being a bit of a worry wart he weaves and bobs through the crowd following as he calls back to Zyraline "I'll be back….if we don't get lost!"

"My feet a getting kind of sore, buuuut, what's the long way?" Cara asks, again having to look up slightly to look into Mike's eyes. She's curious.

The dash is, unfortunately, not a straight line. There's a lot of stragglers behind a parade, including quite a few vehicles. Sam is having to weave through all these obstacles, and it seems like he's not getting closer to Mike no matter how hard he tries. At this rate, the man might easily get away before the mutant gets there, frantically waving to get his attention.

"The one where you go 'what's that?' and walk over to check it out thereby adding an hour to the normal walk time." Mike answers, already starting to walk them into the park area. "Central Park is full of a lot of interesting things, after all."

Zyraline just shakes her head, she leans over to jose "every moment in a person's life has a particular theme song. Right now, sam's is the benny hill theme" ….

Even with Jose catching up to Sam easily he hears Zyraline despite her being so far away. He chuckles and calls back "Whit's mine then?". And he double taking a short cut, he begins car hopping, electivng to go over cars instead of around them. Sure, some people through nasty words at him, but it make it alot easier to get through towards the other side.

With a hand held onto Mike's arm, Cara walks beside/behind him, her feet clapping on the sidewalk and she eyeballs the Sorcerer Supreme, "Hey, I'm not like a dog or some overzealous teeny bopper." The Teenager Jr Avenger argues with her superior.

"Alright. Short way it is." And like that, their getaway is much quicker.

And by the time Sam is on the other side of the road, the person he's been meaning to speak to for weeks has disappeared. It's frustrating, infuriating, it's… almost enough, but not quite, to make him swear. "Oh, bother."

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