2015-05-27 Brotherhood Fight Club pt 2
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[ - New York City - St. Peter's Church - Sub Basement - Old Train Station - ]

Mystique (As NPCs and Self)

Once Elaine had decided to come out and find Markus in the kitchen, as he'd said he'd be there… the large man lead the girl toward the subasement stairwell. It was obvious something was going on tonight as it was quiet in the hallways and there weren't as many people arund as usual.

The staircase to the sub-basement was a spiral metal set that had a brick wall surrounding it and a few simple hanging light bulbs that Markus had to duck around. Once they reached the sub basement foor he pushed open two large metal doors and the scene before them was one of controlled chaos. Everyone from the church was down here in this massive under ground chamber, and lots more as well… where they'd come from is a mystery, but here they all were and they were spread out into clumps of bodies, each surrounding their own individual 'fight' that was going on. There was a good two hundred people in this huge subterrainian tunnel of a room and the noise level of pretty high as the groups were cheering for their favorite fighters.

Elaine slowly descends down the spiral staircase and enters a sub-basement far larger and far more poplulated than she had expected, doubtless such is a surprise, evidenced by the slight pause when the location is gazed over. Of course the polished white Aphrodite mask which obscures her features and true reactions are impossible to divine, "My goodness Markus…" she states electronically, her voice hissing with every word. "This is not exactly what one would expect to find under a church, not at all." Hidden eyes of godly quality drift to a group fighting nearest, "They do all seem particularly fierce, not at all novices." As always she speaks above her seventeen years, trials having aged her mind a degree in most instances.

"Yes, miss." Markus replied to Elaine as the towering man looked back at her. "Dey take dese… these tournaments serious." He tells her before motioning her to follow him through one of the crowds… The majority of the people here were young, Elaine's age infact, but they were also mostly all dressed like wild punk-rock rejects too… not all, but most. And many faces that were near to Markus and Elaine would look to the girl dressed all in white, they eyed her suspicious stares… some looked angry, others looked just downright curious to know who that masked girl was.

The fights themselves were taking place on different platforms, raised up above the basement's filthy floor. And the combatants were clearly of the mutant variety as it wouldn't take Elaine long to see powers getting used flamboyantly by every fighter. Be it teleportation powers, pyrokinetic powers, or… stranger things such as a giant fat mutant who was puking slime at a very lithe and speedy girl who was trying to dodge it and deliver acrobatic strikes back at the fat spewer.

"Stay close, Miss." Markus told her. "We headin' to the center…"
With hands clasped together Elaine serenely examines the various conflicts carefully being controlled bout this main hall. Statuesque, her head turns slowly while surely active eyes covertly dart about with great interest. After a moment a deep breath is drawn in at the sight of the various attentions that she clearly is drawing, of course she is used to such by now, but not to such a large degree. While her powers are almost completely muffled by the thin leather suit, it is still clear that she is of a physique beyond mortals, and without the ability to enrapture and control, she naturally finds herself more vulnerable than she would otherwise, "Please, go back to your training…" she states calmly with a waving gesture of great allure before stating to Markus softly, "I don't even know these people, and they are angry with me."

"They angry with everyone. It how they test you, see if you weak." Markus says back to Elaine, having leaneed down toward her to whisper that part to her. "Watch your step too, miss." He tells her, his big right hand motioning to the floor that would be the center of this big underground chamber. "Dis used to be a subway station, long time 'go." The gap in the floor where the train would've run is covered over by metal bars and old rotten wood to create pathways for people to cross, like make-shift bridges.

Markus lead Elaine to the center, most popular platform… it having the biggest crowd around it, all cheering wildly at the show going on. Inside the ring, ther ewere two big male mutants, one had the face of a… dinosaur, like a raptor face and it hissed loudly, the other looked like a man out of a Mad Max movie with spikes ripped out of his skin all over his body. Both of them were facing on one singular target, a blue-skinned woman with slicked back red hair and piercing yellow eyes. The two males attacked her and she gracefully flipped her body up into the air above and over them, to land behind them and deliver one leg sweep to both men, dropping both of them to the floor with loud thuds! The audience wildly cheered.

"Dats her." Markus' voice spoke into Elaine's covered ear. "Da… the big boss." He nodded at the blue skinned woman that lacked any clothing.
Another deep breath is drawn in as Elaine glances over the throng of distracted warriors, while she does not run or offer words she does cross her arms defensively, perhaps such was done to obscure her physique. "It is clear that a great deal of thought has gone into this location, having a church to hide the entrance is brilliant." she states seriously, turning her attentions after a time to Markus as he guilds her along. "Nobody would notice mass entrances or exits, nobody would dare attack the building… Truely Miss Eleanor's care for us mutants has included long term and careful planning."

Following Markus toward the ring Elaine plants herself directly beside him and watches what proves to be the very end of the battle which had taken place. There is no visible reaction to the raptor faced man nor the road warrior, though doubtless beneath the mask both widened eyes, however the sight of the blue skinned woman tenses the white woman considerably. Frankly she has not seen an uglier individual, so marred by her mutant powers, Elaine feels a sensation most likely similar to that which she herself garners from those who gaze upon her. They are polar opposites in appearance, "She looks, very, agile…" she states softly, not nearly as comfortable in her body hugging leathers suit as the blue skinned woman is apparently naked. With arms still crossed and eyes apparently still on the lady in question Elain continues, "She appears most, capable… The crowd seems to like her."

"Dere are many ways to get here." Markus said back to Elaine then, looking over the heads of all the shorter people around them. "Different tunnels that lead to other parts of da city, ya see." He told her. "Miss Eleanor has dis all arranged though, for specific nights… for everyone to gather, and, and… train, and fight like dis."

Up on the center stage, the blue skinned woman had the Mad Max guy in a headlock and the raptor guy in a… thigh… headlock between her legs. She was choking both of them out to the cheers and adorations of the audience. "She is… Mystique." Markus said also to Elaine. "And she wants to speak to you. After all this."

When the two that Mystique was fighting both tapped out, the blue woman released them and rolled away… coming right back up to her feet with a graceful ease. She stood there in the center of the stage with the light from above shining down over her head. She cracked a smile then and lifted both of her hands. The audience grew quiet, the other fights in the room stopped and turned to watch, all eyes on her. This silence lasted for several moments, awkward and quiet. Until Mystique spoke, her voice was loud enough to echo through the old station. "We are here to enjoy the night. It is our night. We train for the fight. Because it is us, who have the right." Another lingering pause then and Mystique's hands came down to her side as she started to walk with a sleak sway of her naked hips. "Fight!" The audience throughout the hall chanted that single word right back at her all in unison, it rocked the filthy floor and rolled up toward the ceiling high above. "Fight!" Mystique said once more and once more it was repeated by the hundreds of bodies within the chamber. She then dropped off the stage and two more combatants rushed up onto it and began to engage one another, as well as all other fights within the chamber resuming then.

Much to the envy of many Elaine stands directly beside Markus with attentions equally divided between the bellicose spectical in the nearby ring and the conversation at hand, "This, Mystique is aware of me?" she starts with astonishment, her voice cracking up electronically as her tone gets girlishly high beneath her mask, "With all these people I'm surprised she even knows who I am… I would think she would reserve her interest for mutants more interesting or powerful then myself." Clearly unaware that she might be the most powerful mutant in the room the white woman continues, "It certinaly does not look like she needs my help in any way, look at her, she is amazing…"

There is a moment of silence as Elaine watches Mystique rouse the crowd and incite activites to continue, though she herself remains with arms crossed beside Markus. While the teen hides her endowments behind crossed arms, the woman in blue walks with great confidance dispite being disfigured. What would happen if Elaine walked through a crowd in a similar state? The complete loyalty she could garner, the wisdom she could acrue over an ageless eternity, the world could be at her command… Apparently watching Mystique leave the ring Elaine states softly, "She fancies herself a Sparticus then…" Isolation has made this teen far better read than the average girl, the path to wisdom is already beneath her feet.

Markus watched as Mystique made her way through the parting crowed and across the chamber toward a set of doors beneath an old flickering hanging lamp. "She knows every mutant in this room, what they can and can't do… she takes interest in them, all, but specificly the mutants that… tickle her the most?" He said in his super deep voice as he then pointed toward she had gone. Eleanor came out of the doors that Mystique had gone into and started to wave Markus over. "We should go see what dey want, miss." He told Elaine, starting in that direction, moving to walk over one of the make shift bridges that span the old subway rail that is now filled with filthy horrible water and debris. "Watch your step, Miss… don't wanna fall into dat."

Markus leads her beyond the fighting and the crowds to the double doors where Eleanor is. "Markus." Eleanor says. "Send the girl in, she wishes to speak to her." Eleanor smiles at Elaine. "You look so lovely, my dear, in those fancy garments. You can head through these doors to speak to our Coordinator, she is very eager to meet you."

Elaine could not help but be enraptured herself as she watches the confidant blue-skinned leader strolls away from view, there is a magnificence in her manner and physical prowess. Without words on the subject the young woman now deep in contemplation follows Markus across the tiny wooden ramps overcoming the tracks, still unused to the vision inpedements of her mask leads to a couple stumbles but always she regains her posture. It would seem that with beauty she was always given a delicate countinance, she is not the sort of girl for sports or energetic activity, she is rare soft, meant to recline and be adored.

The tense posture slides away as Eleanor is approached, arms slide back to the sides and one can almost sense a smile beneath the mask, "Hello Eleanor." she greets in her electronic tone before quickly glancing down at herself, "Thank you, it is nice to finally be able to be out around people…" At that a respectful nod is offered to Eleanor while Markus is given a glance, she then steps through the doors and into the unfamiliar room.

"I'll be out here, miss." Markus says to Elaine to reassure her in his deep and quiet voice. Eleanor more smiles proudly at Elaine and then watches her go into the room as well.

Once inside the room, Elaine would see that it is a long chamber that used to serve as a ticket booth, with about six 'windows' where people would setup to buy a ticket to board the train. Now, however, its a trash filled mess with boxes and junk lying about… the lights that hang from the ceiling of the room are still lit, fresh bulbs placed within their sockets. The ticket windows are boarded up, however, but sitting on the counter in front of these boarded up windows is the blue skinned Mystique. She's staring right at Elaine with her yellow eyes locked on the girl in white, her legs dangling off the of counter and her hands gripping the edge of said counter on either side of her bare thighs. "Hi." She quietly says to the girl, simply. "Enjoying the shows?" She added in question.

Normally one would be taken in by the antique surroundings of this abandoned train-station, however it is difficult not to be distracted by the singular blue-figure who completely dominates the room. Thus a deep breath is drawn once again while eyes blacked by tint slits gaze forward, hands fold behind the back as a posture quite literally perfect is adopted. The square of the shoulders, the slenderness of he waist, the proportion of endowments, the curvature of the legs, all perfect, more like an artists rendition than a living woman. "Hello…" she replies with the electronic hiss. Clearly the woman with the Aphrodite mask is looking over the blue woman, "They are more violent than I care, but I suppose it is nice to see people so enthusiastic. You don't often see that, after all."

"Faith is a powerful motivation." Mystique says, her own voice almost sounded slightly mechanized in a way, it was an alluring sound all to its own… She pushed off of the counter and planted her bare feet onto the filthy floor of the ticket booth. "I've heard a great deal about you. I've heard you came into the church, like an angel… floating on glorious wings." Mystique started walking toward the girl in the white leathers, eyeing her form up and down… every inch of it under scrutiny of the woman's yellow eyes. "You seem timid to me, for an Angel… even perhaps a bit too… weak." She paused her walking, standing beside Elaine now she stared right at the mask that covered the girl's face. "Do you like it here?" She asked her then, not waiting for a comment on her other words. "Do you like these clothes we've given you?"

=== Cont. in Pt 3 ===

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