2015-05-29 Brotherhood Fight Club pt 3
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Mystique Elaine
GMed by Mystique
Title: Brotherhood Fight Club Pt 3

=== Cont. from Pt 2 ===

Elaine watches the other approach, though the girl herself is equally taken by the unusual blue physique. Comments made of angelic proporties cause the girl to cross her arms over her breasts, while notions of weakness and timidity demand a strength enhancing breath to be drawn in, the yellow eyes staring directly into her tinted slats cause the masked figure to step back. "It's nice, I have my own room, a bed." she states with as much softness as her microphone will allow, clearly her gaze is downward, submissive. "Yes, they allow me to go out… I have not been able to do that in a long time, I'm getting used to the mask, it was hard to see at first." Indeed the porciline mask shaped as Aphrodite must take some effort.

"Its a bit…" Mystique replied to the girl, pausing a moment. "Theatrical." She said, her strange feminine voice rolling off of her tongue as she circled the submissive girl in white. She did a full 360 around the girl's form and eyed her up and down. She grinned at the arms crossing over her chest, a basic sign of discomfort. "I'm not here to make you feel… negatively, child." She told her. "On the contrary. I want you to be happy here." She tells her, taking a step back… perhaps stepping away will improve Elaine's comfort level. "We all want you to be happy here. This is why we have provided you with these tokens of friendship." The blue skinned mutant just stood there, arms at her bare sides and she stared upon Elaine's hidden face. "Do you wish to be friends with us? After what you've learned of us so far?"
Elaine clearly does loosen up as Mystique backs away, though her arms remain crossed. It is unclear if she is fearful of blue mutant or embarassed of her own unparelled form, perhaps both, but at least she makes an effort and crossed arms release so that hands fall in folded fashion. Merely standing square before another is disconcerting, knowing that the square of her shoulders, the slightness of waist and perfect proportions are on full display, clothed or not. Perhaps if she had grown into it such would be easier, but truely, it was sprung on her when her mutant powers developed, "Yes, I… I'm happy to be here I don't want to go. I have nowhere else to go." she states seriously, true youth audible even through the electronic voice. "I can't even talk to anyone without this suit, and it's not like I could wear it out."

"You can talk to me without it." Mystique replied to the girl. "Your powers cannot effect me." She stood there, about two arms length away from Elaine and she tilted her head to the side. "I can defend myself from it as I am now…" And then she paused and her body began to shift, her skin pealing away and almost immediately she now appeared before Elaine in the exact same outfit that Elaine was wearing, but solid black instead, including the mask. "Or something even more theatrical." She said from behind the mask in a perfectly emulated mechanical-sounding voice that mimmicked Elaine's own. She stared at her, waiting for her reaction to this display.
(OOC:) Elaine says "Ya that is a good idea, there is not reason why the suit would not shield you also. :)"
(OOC:) Mystique says "Well, deeper than that."
(OOC:) Mystique says "I can change my eyes and ears to shield me as I need to"
(OOC:) Mystique says "So even in blue-form I can be immune to the effect."
(OOC:) Mystique says "If still in admiration of a very lovely girl."
Elaine had clearly been watching Mystique close, thus it is not surprising when the masked girl's head turns to the side in dog-like fashion at the sudden change before her. At first the change was seen but not understood, but once it became clear that a transformation was happening the younger girl instinctively hops back defensively, her body again tenses at a sight so very surprising and different from anything she has likely seen. There is a moment of stunned disbelief before she finally speaks, "I'm not really suppose to, Eleanor, she will be displeased if I did that for you… I've already caused problems, two boys, they started fighting." THough this is said a hand does rise to the side of her mask, doubtlessly prepairing to reach for the hidden snaps that secure the mask.

When Mystique saw the girl lift her hand up to her mask she turned around in her all-black version of the same costume and she strutted over toward the counter she'd been dangling off of when the girl came into the room. She turned about and sat back down on its edge, leaning back against the boarded up windows she brought her left leg up onto the counter top as well to perch her left arm atop it on her knee. "Eleanor is a wise soul… but merely a cog in the wheel of the machine we're building here." She tells Elaine. "She gives you sound advice, and the dogs that came at you like you were a soup bone? They've been spoken to. They won't bother you again, less they face the newspaper for it…" Her own black mask stared at Elaine ever still, she was a titan of maintaining eye contact.
It is clear that Elaine is not of a variety confidant enough to stand up to Mystique with any of her own thoughts or opinions, there is a constant fear that she might lose her little room or even the small amount of interaction that has been gifted to her. Timidly she watches as the blue woman strikes a pose a girl her age is not used to seeing from other women, "Well, don't hurt them… It is not their fault." she says softly, her soft soul on display. Glancing toward the door as if to be sure Eleanor is not watching, Elaine finally reaches up with her most delicate hands to strike the snaps that hold her mask in place. Careful not to drop that which allows her freedom the girl cradles the mask in both hands as it is lowered into her folded hands. What is revealed is simply a face that would belong to god if he were a woman, white skin without blemish, lips of natural rose and delicately plump, eyes of the brightest blue and a lone luxurent blonde truss hangs down her forhead from the mouth of the tight hood. Surrounding a most majestic of visage is the faintest white glow that adds to her celestial, if teenaged appearance, one can only think the next years will somehow enhance. While the compulsions her looks normally incite are stifled, one thing is for sure, at the very least Mystique has been treated to the most beautiful face on earth, markedly when timid eyes rise from the floor to meet the yellow gaze completely, magical. "I'm sorry, I can't help it…"

"You have nothing to apologize for, child." Mystique said in resposne to the girl as she continued to just sit there on the counter top lounging like a model on the cover of a car magazine. "Your appearance is lovely, one that oculd easily land you a job in the movie business… or some such. But its your mutant, self, that makes you a force to be reckoned with, rather than just… " Mystique's mask contorted and faded away from within her hood and revealed the face of her Raven persona. "… another pretty face." She stood up again off of the counter and took a step toward Elaine, her eyes flashed yellow but otherwise her face was just that of a lovely human woman… and she didn't seem to be taken in by Elaine's power put on display, as of yet at least. "So what do you think of our operation here?" She asked, idly curious as she walked across the room and looked down to an old box resting on the back wall's desk. She picked it up and turned it over, spilling out a bunch of old moldy newspapers onto the floor at her black booted feet.
Elaine clearly is ashamed of herself regardless of Mystique might say, but the sudden transformation drags her out of any meloncholy reflections in swift fashion. The angel gasps at the still unfamiliar change, as the blue skinned woman seems to become her true self, "Well, you don't seem at need for personelle…" she says with a nervious smile. While the words were meant as an attempt at levity it is the smile so heartrending and the voice so fearfully musical that likely draw attention, the vocals literally echo gently about the room. If someone truely did not know better it would not be hard to convice that she were a prophit of god. Adorably bitting her lip she conciders as the newspapers fall to the floor, "I think it is a good thing that you want to take care of all us mutants, it is a testimate to your management skills that you can supply all the people that come here… It seemed like there was quite a few out there."

"And there's many more yet to find us, or us to find them." Mystique said as she dropped the box back onto the desk and turned around to face the girl again. She would be effected by the girl's mutant ability, if she didn't protect herself on a subsurface level… her transformation ability going far deeper than just skin-surface adjustments. "Its peotry than you came to a church to find us, is it not?" She asked the girl, taking another step toward her now, about an arms length away alone now. She eyed her again, holding her yellow eyes on the girl's own. "You're welcome to stay with us as long as you desire too. But you have to be prepared to offer your assistance, should it be called upon." She paused briefly then. "Is that something you would be prepared to do? Help us in our cause? We aim to lesson the suffering of our people, and to end the tyranny that humans are placing upon us, across the globe." Of course the way she says it sounds very noble when spoken.

Elaine is of course playing close attentions, standing with hands folded around the white mask usually worn. Her expression remains timid, defensive, but not unfriendly under its celestial glow, "I seen you in that ring, I can't imagine there is anything I could do that would be of help to you." she says with apparent honestly. There is a moment where a quick glance by the girl down at herself, "Before I first changed I used to be kinda athletic, I'm not anymore at all, I dunno why…" she starts softly, again nervously presssing her lips together as Mistique draws near, "But I mean, if I /could/ somehow help people, people who are scared like myself… I mean, how could I say no."

Mystique kept her smile for the girl, it was a sweet smile… her face was pretty also, but in a less brain-warping-way… well, maybe not to everyone such as Elaine's power. "You would need to be prepared to expose yourself to those who may stand in our way." She tells the girl. "To put yourself confidently on display before them so as to act as a distraction for us to operate without mass casualties on… either side. This is how you could help mutants in peril, as well as the humans who decide to put our bretheren -in- peril. But…" She reached her right hand up and over to touch Elaine's white hood on the left side, near her shoulder. She brushed at something that had landed on that pretty white uniform. "Is this something you could do? Use your powers willfully and with, pride?"
It is strange for someone to touch her, thus it is no surprise at the brow flicker from the girl as the hand gently brushes the side of her hood. Wisely she is not touched and thus there is no worry of enrapture, though it is very likely that was was prepaired for also. "Why would you need to hurt anyone…" she asks with continued timidity and appearing especially youthful in her current submission. Though fearful, Elaine is drawn in by the true attentions, most who speak pleasantly to her do so out of compulsion rather than what seems to be honest concern, "I mean, it seems like you can do anything, after all."

Mystique's hand patted Elaine's shoulder two soft times before she dropped it back to her own side. "They kidnap us, hold us against our will… they jam needles into us and pump us full of their medications… And." She turned around and started to walk back to the counter where she propped herself up onto it again. "They guard us with their guns and their bombs… executing anyone who attempts to flee or fight, to come and rescue. So, we have to fight back… you see, young pretty. This is the nature of war. Killing and War go hand in hand." She drew in a breath causing the carbon copy of Elaine's own chest, beneath black leathers to rise and fall. "I realize you haven't lost a friend or loved one in this war yet, so that makes it less of an emotional, tug, for you. This is why I fully expect to see you turn and run from us, for fear that we are some… brotherhood of evil mutants. But infact, we're merely trying to save our friends and family. To secure a peaceful future for our kind."
By the nature of Elaine's powers, humans have been especially pleasant to her compaired to other mutants, when she had stated that she did not want to be on the register the goverment offical quite simply agreed. By the time that individual came to his senses Elaine had skipped town, she knew they would return more prepaired the next time. The thought of such in while Mystique speaks of the harsh realities for other mutants causes eyes to fall thoughtfully, though being called 'young pretty' seems to actually annoy her, she true hates how she looks. It is also clear she is not the martial sort, but there is really no other option for her, it is Mystique or the streets, "I'd hate to see our people being hurt, of course…"

"Of course." Mystique replied to the girl with a small smile. "Its food for thought, lets call it, shall we?" She told her. "For the time being you can stay where you are. I hear the large one, Markus? I hear he's quite fond of you. As is Eleanor as well, of course." She threw her leg off of the counter and rose to her feet again. For the time being, you're welcome to stay and participate in our activities such as tonights events… mingle and make friends as best as you can… But know that, the longer you stay the more likely that your services will be requested of, should need arise…" Mystique had walked toward her while speakin, her booted feet crunching on the filth covered floor of the ticket booth. "You were given a phone, correct? If you wish to speak to me, you can find my contact information on it, under M, simply text or dial it, whichever." She seemed oddly friendly in this moment, saying these things… but her yellow eyes were locked onto Elaine's face still, and they seemed sharp as daggers.

And Elaine's eyes seem quite fearful as they meet the yellow gaze, she unsure if Mystique is friend or foe as she is being both amiable yet fierce. "Yes, I will call you if I need it…" she replies with her eyes falling submissively down to the mask she now nerviously fingers. Elaine is still young, smart perhaps but yet to form that confidance required of mutants seeking battle against human forces. Only occasionally does her gaze raise and only for a moment when she does so, there is little doubt she could walk out the door and turn the entire place against Mystique with a gesture, but the girl does not see it, she does not even concider her strength.

=== TBC ===

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