2015-05-29 Murdock's Gemstones
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Title: Murdock's Gemstones

[ New York: Nelson and Murdock ]

The lawfirm of 'Blake, Murdock and Nelson' is essentially a large rectangular space with four rooms. One steps through the front door and finds themselves in the receptionist area that has a desk against the far wall under the room's windows that allow daylight to shine in through their glass panes.
To the north of the room is the door marked 'Murdock' on the fogged-out glass window. Murdock's office is very spartan and extremely well organized. The desk sits in the center with two chairs for guests on the front and one behind it for the owner.
Just beside Murdock's office is an open doorway that leads into a fully stocked kitchen with a sink, fridge and several shelfs loaded with coffee mugs and some various foods kept on-stock for the staff and their guests.
Two similar offices rest on the southern side of the receptionist area and are marked off for their respective owners.
Overall the lawfirm isn't the most prestigious that one could find in New York City, but its kept as nice as the owners can possibly make it and there seems to be an air of positivity about the lawfirm.


It's still early evening, and Matt is waiting in his office in Hell's Kitchen for Dr. Venoa to arrive. Fortunately he'd been able to come up with some excuse to dismiss Foggy and Karen early. Though with Foggy that was starting to get harder and harder each time because Matt isn't his 'boss'. But this time he'd gotten away with it, somehow. Perhaps next time though, he might need to pick a different location…

Adrea comes in in her regular office attire - minus the labcoat. She opens the door wearing a black skirt with the bottom-hem pleated, just past her knees. Black heels compliment the outfit as well as a green collared-blouse. She has Natasha in tow, and carries a messenger bag as she makes her way into the office, waiting for Natasha before she closes the door. She nods, "Mr. Murdock, we meet on business again, it would seem."

Natasha was just a pair of steps behind Adrea, coming into the office with her left arm clutching a dark black leather binder and her right holding a bat at the side of her hip. She was dressed in casual business attire, black skirt and heeled shoes and a white top… but she didn't really expect to be putting on any visual 'shows' in this office… for a number of different reasons. She just walked in alongside Adrea and her eyes scanned the interior of the place… she liked it, and she wasn't really sure why. It looked, trust worthy? if thats even possible. Then she regarded Matt also after Adrea spoke, she kept an even expression but spoke to him. "Hello, Mister Murdock. Its been awhile, since… Wade had brought you to the mansion, I believe, yes?"

Murdock nods politely when the two women enter. "Yes it would seem so, Dr. Venoa." He also recognizes Natasha's voice and mannerisms from the Mansion. "Yeah," he smiles slightly at the mention of Wade. "I hope you did find that pesky rodent eventually."

Adrea nods to Murdock and looks for a seat, pulling one out for Natasha first. She smiles warmly and sets her tablet down, looking around, "I just want to make sure all the shades are drawn and the like. There's been a lot going on that you may or may not have heard anything about."

Matt's words draw an honest smile and a soft laugh from Natasha, which is an extremely rare thing for the woman. "Yes, I got him. He's safely living in a mouse condo somewhere now." She tells him before moving further into the office and when Adrea tends to a chair for her she smiles to her friend. "Thanks." She says softly before smoothing her skirt and sitting down in the chair.

Zyraline would check to see if the business is open, and finding the door unlocked, wheels her lavander 21-speed bicycle just inside the door rather then park it on the street at this time of night. She glances around briefly "Hello?" as she replaces her bike helmet with a grey woven flat-cap.

Matthew chuckles at the mouse condo comment. "That's good to hear." Then it's straight down to business as Adrea begins to broach the matter at hand. "Well if there are any shades that still need to be drawn feel free to close them."

Then the door swings open and Zyraline walks in abruptly. She would find that the office is mostly empty, now that Foggy and Karen have left. "Er, excuse me." Matt walks into the reception area. "Good evening Zyraline. Foggy and Karen took off early tonight, apologies if you were looking for them."

Adrea looks to Natasha after a moment, listening carefully. She hmms, and nods, "She was there, during the raid." she says. "Saved two of my men. What do you think, Miss Romanoff?" she asks formally, politely.

Natasha watched Matt rise up and exit his office, she glanced over her shoulder and recognized the girl. "I recall." Nat says back to Adrea before turning again to look behind Matt's desk at the far wall. "She was at Stark's party the other night as well. She seems like an interesting, mutant?" She quietly asked, her voice too soft to hear from the other room without being Daredevil, but thankfully that masked hero isn't around right?

Zyraline has normal senses, so she's oblivious to anything not obvious. She glances, seeing poeple through the office windows commenting "oh ok. i'll try again sometime. i know being a legal office sometimes ya'll have to attend court and stuff. Well i should get going before it gets too late outside. not sure i brought enough mace to ride a bicycle through hell's kitchen after midnight." she smiles and switches back to her bike helmet.

Matt nods. "Of course. It's quite alright. It might help to try calling ahead next time, though." He smiles and turns back toward his office where Natasha and Adrea are.

"Sorry about that, she's a friend of mine."

Adrea nods to Matt, "She's a good person, it's quite alright. Me and Natasha have met her." she says. She takes a breath, "I came here to share some intelligence, and get your thoughts on an important matter." she says, returning her attention to the task at hand. "We're going to need more than our resources, " she starts, gesturing to her and Natasha, "To get at the core of this matter."

Zyraline wheels her lavander 21-speed outside, making sure she closes the door behind her, and peddles off into the night.

Natasha did not look back at Zyra as Zyra would easily recognize her face, thought that that would be a huge deal… however, its just unnecessary being seen in pecuilar places. She watched Matt return to the office and listened to Adrea speak, but she had little part to play as of yet, herself… except look pretty, or for Matt, smell? pretty?

"Oh?" Matt smiles slightly at Adrea's mention that she has met Zyraline before. "Small world then, I guess." He nods as she begins. "I'm listening,"

Adrea nods, setting up her tablet to play the Intelligence they had so far. She talks along with the 3-d images represented on the tablet. "A group, presumably HYDRA, has been sponsoring a widespread series of robberies throughout the United States and some outlying places as well. They've all been jewelry stores or places with extensive jewel collections. We found thier fence last week and raided a warehouse where they were buying the stones, large Sapphires of a particular cut. It turns out the stones are crystalline storage devices, solid state memory…and we think they might be collecting sets of blueprints for something…nefarious."

"I was hoping they were going to make me a necklace or some ear-rings… but I guess that dream has died." Natasha replied to Adrea's words with a soft sigh and an wishful look before she smirked softly and went silent again, her eyes flicked over to Matt across the desk.

Matt frowns, listening to Adrea's descriptions since he can't really see what's on the screen. "Hm. Solid state memory, huh. So someone's been hiding blueprints in jewelry. Any idea what they're of?"

Adrea remembers that Matt can't see the screen and pulls the stone Tess found out of her bag to hand it to Matt. It'll feel normal, but off somehow. She nods, "Solid state memory, and we only have a couple of gemstones, one of our Officers recovered one while playing police officer - the others…well." she coughs, looking to 'Miss Rushmore' and then back to Matt. "Madame Viper has them."

"She's not as interesting as the Viper-name would have you believe." Natasha says with a quiet sigh and a light shake of her head. She crossed her legs together at the knees in the chair and then placed her black leather binder atop her lap.

Matt turns the stone over in his hand several times before putting back on the desk. "Has anyone taken a look at what's on the drives, then?" he asks. "Madame Viper? Who's she?"

Adrea blinks softly, she hadn't really expected that response. She pauses a moment, "We've thought at one time or another she was in charge of HYDRA's actions in New York. She's come and gone. She's always dangerous and she always means trouble." Adrea says.

Adrea blinks softly, she hadn't really expected that response. She pauses a moment, "We've thought at one time or another she was in charge of HYDRA's actions in New York. She's come and gone. She's always dangerous and she always means trouble." Adrea says. She pauses, and nods, "We only have one stone, so it's incredibly fragmentary. An agent at HQ ran it over and over on one of our supercomputers. It might be a power source - which we think means a weapon is involved."

Natasha remains quiet and she sits there with her hands on her leather binder. There wasn't a lot for her to add at this stage.

"Hm." Matt consideres this information. "Any idea who it belongs to? If we could figure out who came up with those designs, that's one step closer to finding out what it is and why it was hidden in these gems. And how we might be able to track them all down before this HYDRA does. Hopefully they'll need all the pieces of the puzzle before they can do anything…"

"Origin unknown." Adrea answers, looking to Natasha, "I think right now we're more interested in finding out where they are takign them, and what they are trying to do with them." she says, before looking back to Matt, "And we wanted to know if you'd heard anything else about them we might not already know. Unfortunately, the robberies have stopped…we fear that means the worst."

Natasha drew in in a breath of air between her darkly painted lips and then she glanced between the two of them. "Not to sound too cynical about it though. Perhaps they know we've caught onto them and they've abandoned their plan." She smiled at Adrea. "Too good to be true?"

"Maybe but it might give us a better idea of what they are in fact trying to do. After all who would know better than the creator? Who knows maybe we can get them on our side, convince them to help us thwart the criminals." Matt shrugs. "So anyway."

"These robberies specifically, were these sapphires the only gems stolen? Or just the only ones you found to be more than simple jewels? How many exactly were taken?"

Adrea shrugs softly, "One of the reasons we came here to discuss it with you, Mr. Murdock." she says. She sighs and nods, "I wish we knew, but they didn't exactly leave thier Hancock on our slice of the prints." she says. She nods, "They stole all the gems, but they used a strategy of using one of the supposed civilians at some of the crime sites to make sure they got away with THOSE big sapphires in particular. When they could, they made off with every piece of jewelry in the store. We're thinking it was HYDRA's payment for the robbery in the first place - they didn't use any of thier own people for that.

Natasha looked from one to the other before glancing down at her leather binder on her skirt covered lap and she popped the binder open and pulled out a folder of papers. "We've prepared this for you to have, a run down of everything we've talked about here." She offers the folder over onto MATT's desk, it was of course printed in a fashion he could 'read'. "This is a lot of information to digest at once, afterall."

"Have we tried getting any of the contractors to talk?" Matt inquires, when Adrea implies that HYDRA did not send its own people to the jewelry heists. Plus, he tends to be good at that sort of thing. That is, getting affiliates to talk.

He nods when Natasha places the folder on his desk. "Thanks, I'll be sure to keep this confidential." he says, taking it and putting it away in a file drawer.

"The contractors are told nothing but the goals. Agent Vale made sure we had plenty to interrogate." she says, "She managed to disable a half-dozen with some help in that highly publicized street shootout after a high speed chase." she says. She nods to Natasha, "Thank you Miss Rushman, I appreciate your hard work on this."

"Oh, well, you know me… all nighters, every night." Natasha replies to Adrea with a small smile and then lookes back to Miiii-att! She closes the leather binder on her lap again then and places her hands atop it once more.

"Well, let me know if there are any leads on tracking these things down. If the data is fragmented and HYDRA is using it to create a weapon, then I think it would be safe to assume they'll have to bring the all the pieces together in one place." Matt replies.

Hm. There's a pause. "We're missing something, here. Why hide fragmented data in sapphires sold at jewelry stores? If whoever did this thought the information was dangerous and didn't want it to be found, why not just destroy it completely? Did they intend for someone specific to find it and gather all the pieces?"

"I'd venture they didn't know what they were when they were mined, or however they got into circulation." she says. "I'm not really sure if they were mined or just put into circulation…it really would help to know thier origin." Adrea says. She shrugs to Matt, "Sorry…"

"Maybe these are two over-lying… plots, and we're looking at them as if they're simply one?" She asked both of them before looking from one to the other and then back down at her leather binder as though she didn't have anything more to say.

"I can't really justify anyone -accidentally- leaving solid state drives hidden in rocks." Matt says with a shrug. "It had to have been intentional. The question is why. I'd suggest sifting through your database—see if there's anyone who's done something similar in the past or perhaps would have the skills and resources to do it. And a good reason to."

"Certainly, we're working the problem from every angle we can concieve." Adrea says politely. She considers, "Do you think you'll be able to find anything else out?" she asks him, "I mean, you've been known to be able to…gather information, shall we say?"

Natasha looked over at Adrea and she gave the woman a smile. "I'm sure he'll let us know. We've given him all the info we can and we'll just give him time to process it." She tells her, looking then to Matt. "We shouldn't take up any more of your time, its getting late and you've certainly got pressing business to attend to." Natasha then moved to stand up from her chair.

"I'll do what I can." Matt replies with a nod. It's true, he kind of does have a knack for being able to figure out even the most obscure of things even from across the street. "Thank you both."

Adrea nods to Matt and smiles brightly, "I'm glad I came to you. I felt I could trust you and I don't feel as though that's been misplaced. I hope you have a good night, Mr. Murdock. And thank you."

< END >

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