2015-05-29 Rec Room Dyson
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Warning: N/A
Players: Dyson Rogue Killian
GMed by Rogue
Title: Rec Room Dyson

[* X-Mansion: Rec Room *]

The Recreation Room has just about anything and everything a student could want to unwind after a long day of classes. Video game consoles with a massive library of games, a monolithic CD and DVD collection… big screen TVs, projection TVs, couches, chairs, beanbags in all colors… it's comfortable and a great place to relax.
A curved mahogany bar curls around one corner, where a full self-service soda fountain can be found as well as refrigerators with numerous cold drinks (No alcohol!). Snacks are abundant, as is space- the room is able to hold a couple of dozen students without becomming crowded.


—- Dyson
It's rather late, though not late enough to /have/ to be back in one's room for the night. Being as it is between semesters and that the school population is at it's lowest, it's not QUITE surprising that the rec room is rather empty of people. Though teh one occupant seems to be trying his best to make up those numbers in shere personal volume.
Dyson sits in one of the largest bean bag chairs teh room has to offer, off in a corner. The giant mutant is reading from his large tablet and sipping from a tiny can of Diet Coke. The TV is off but faint music can be heard from the pair of Beats hugging his otherwise bare head.

—- Marie
The ride had been long and… well, she'd enjoyed every minute of it really. Marie enjoyed most things these days, she happily drove her new car back across the States and drove it with some of her closest friends alongside her.

The car pulled into the mansion grounds with the sun down and the moon up… it parked itself in the garage quietly and the passengers all carried various things back to various locations and then mostly all parted ways. Marie… herself… wanted to sit down and relax a bit before heading to bed so she went to the rec room. She was wearing a large t-shirt that didn't fit her and it had a scantily clad woman in a bikini painted on the thing, pretending to be her own body… she'd lost a bet and was forced to wear it.

The doors to the rec room opened and she walked toward the kitchen area to pop open one of the fridges, she was humming a tune and bobbing her head a little… quite energetic still it'd seem.

—- Killian
Killian is tired, those few nights of well staying up all night are starting to take effect and he's not used any form of his powers today which he's noticed tends to make him sleepy, still it's to early for the sleeps and he said he's find Marie after they all unpacked so here he is! "Hey Marie, hey err… Tyson?"

Dyson isn't asleep, not at all.. He may just be lost in the newest Harry Dresden novel or being lulled by the symphonic metal sweetness of Within Temptation's cover of Imagine Dragon's Radioactive. So it takes him a moment to look up from his tablet when he notes movement out of the corner of his eye. He lowers his tablet, staring at the woman who is rummaging through the fridge. Yes, staring. Thats quite a.. shirt. And Hairdo… He looks her way, silently, maybe justtrying to become part of the furniture, until Killian enters and speaks towards him. He grunts, once, flushing and looking directly at the other young man. "D-Dyson." he reminds him with that deep stutter of his.

Marie yanked a bottle of chocolate milk out of the fridge and then hip bumped the door shut as she turned around with a big smile on her face at looked at Killian. "What up, traveller?" She asked, then her eyes went over to where Dyson was and she widened her eyes quite a bit. "Woah there." She says. "Hey…" She looked between them. "Dyson?" She said. "We get some new folk around here this week? You comin' in for summer classes?" She asked the new guy.

"Dyson, right Dyson sorry", Killian walks over and drops onto a couch over the back, "Marie? something with sugar please? fading fast", he waves a hand dramaticly, he looks over at Dyson, "Feeling a little better yet man?"

One would think that as often Dyson gets that sort of reaction he would be used to it. Nope. He blushes even more as he comes under the young woman's scrutiny and nods his hairless head just once. "Uhm.. y-yeah. Dyson.. Dyson L-Lonsdale. I got i-in a few hours ago." he says softly and takes another sip of the dainty (to him) can of pop and sets i down beside him. "I think.. I think I a-am taking summer classes. I'm still sorta, uhm… c-confused about c-coming here. My M-mom thought i-it would be safer f-for me here." he tells her, then looks to Killian. "I th-think I am." he then smiles sheepishly. "yeah, thats not much o-of an answer. Lets j-just say i think I /will/ be.. ok."

Marie watched Killian flop and she immediately lobbed him that chocolate milk bottle she'd gotten out of the fridge and she reached for an apple on the counter instead for herself. She listened to Dyson's response and a grin slowly crossed over her lips. She softly nodded her head and looked down to the apple in her gloved hand. She could see, obviously, why the young man's mother might feel this way about him. "Well." She starts, looking back up at him. "I'm a teacher here, though I figure you can't really tell by how I'm dressed… I apologize for that… I've just… been away for a week on vacation. And I lost a bet, and they made me wear this cause of it." She looked at Killian and stuck her tongue out at him and then lifted the apple up for a bite from it.

Killian lets out an overexagerated "Ow" as the chocolate milk hits him in the head, "Thank you", he grins at Marie, "Hey I didn't make you do it, thats down to Lord Killjoy and your lack of finding famous people", Lord Killjoy or to use his fullname Lord Killjoy Scott the Second is obviously Drake, he looks over at the tiny coke in Dyson's hand, "We need to start ordering keg-sized cokes".

Just like with Emma, the young mutant has a hard time making eye contact with the other teacher. He seems to look either just past her or at his massive feet (sans shoes). "Oh… It's o-okay. I mean I'm n-not one to judge on clothing.." he looks down at his geeky innuendo t-shirt and half conciously closes his vest. "It m-must have been a fun vacation i-if you came back with that, though, Miss…."
He turns again to Killian and chuckles, a little embarrased, and looks at the can. "Wh-when I find who t-to talk to about b-buying food, I will advise them to buy me 2-litre bottles… I h-have money to buy my share of food s-since I know I eat quite a lot…"

Marie smirked at Killian pretending like that bottle hurt him. She knew he was a good enough athelete to have caught that if he'd wanted to catch it. She crunched on the apple and stood there off to the side of the sitting area that the two boys were parked in. "Ya don't gotta buy your own food." She said with a full mouth before swallowing the apple bits. "But, the Professor probably won't raise a fuss if ya do… these guys 'round here are like food monsters." She grinned thena nd looked down at herself… the cartoon bikini girl was a sight to behold on ene's self. "I found Bradley Cooper at a record store! I got HIS autograph… I think that should've counted… Ain't my fault if Pitt's out of town…" She then sniffed and shook her head. "I think you'll enjoy it here, Dyson… and you can call me Marie, or Rogue. Whichever you like."

Killian nods, "Some of us can eat a lot, couple of months back I was doing some sort of power thing and I was starving, pretty much emptied most of the fridge, though didn't actually eat most of it cause the kitchen sort of exploded", he's not sharing further details on that one, "Marie count yourself lucky, some horrifying things went down in California, horrifying things".

Dyson slowly pushes himself onto his knees from the beanbag, then up to his feet, curling himself to his full height. "I l-like pulling my o-own weight, if I can. I w-was lucky we lived on a f-farm or else my family's food bill would have been w-worse then it was." The can in hand, he walks carefully to the kitchen. There is a *crunch* sound and he frops the now thumble sized ball of aluminum into the recycling bin and opens the fridge for another can and stops. He looks over his shoudler in maries general direction. "O-Okay.. Marie it is then." he says as he snaps up another can and meanders back to the bean bag he claimed. "I l-loved Cooper i-in The Midnight Meat Train." he admits as he sits down. He shoots a look at Killian and raises his brow. "E-Energy has to come from somewhere. We're all basically just chemical t-to biological power engines." he then frowns. "Is this the e-explosion thing Jose was telling me about?" he asks. "And w-what is so horrifying about california.. except all the vegetarians?"

Marie was looking down at her apple again when Dyson rose up to his full height and she grinned and laughed a little before looking up at him. She drew a blank stare then at the young man's massive height…. he was a good three feeet taller than her. "Wow." She said softly. "I mean, yeah, right." She shook her head while he got a new pop and she looked to Killian. "I'm sorry you didn't have fun, Killian. I was hopin it'd be a way for you to unwind and relax some." She flashed a frown then and took another bite of the apple. "I had a good time." She said with a full mouth as she regarded Dyson when he sat again. "Another science guy… Hank will love ya!"
"I didn't say I didn't have a good time, mostly had a great time short of that one night and a couple of things that are going to my grave, but apparently that builds character", Killian rolls off the couch and gets to his feet, "You're into science, well that mutant thing is gonna blow your mind Dyson, some of us can be powered without the whole chemical biological thingy".

Killian pages, "Tis cool, you made Killian breakfast and we hung out in other scenes, plus you put up with so much of his drama, you deserved your flirty time rps."

Dyson's face has turned a very dark grey at Maries reaction to his stature, but now thathe's sitting it is easy to see he isn't offended. Embarrased, yes, offended, no. "H-Hank? I haven't met him yet, I d-don't think." he tells her as he pops the top of his can with care. For his size he has a very graceful dexterity. "B-but it would be n-nice to talk to people who know science a-at my level.. or higher. The closest I e-ever got was online forums because.. well.. Being a mutant a-and all." he tells her. He sips his drink and then looks at Killian. "I k-know quite a bit about mutation, e-even if the w-word has only be used, really, in open public usage the past year. I've been studying i-it since I was a child.." he then realizes how that sounds. "Well.. m-more of a child then I am now, anyways."

"Ya'll got a leg up on me when it comes to that science stuff." Marie said to them both as she leaned against the center countertop at the edge of the kitchen. "I barely passed that course my senior year." She grinned and took another bite of apple. "I'm glad to hear it though, then, Killian… I wasn't too sure… I was worried that you felt trapped there with us." She glaned at Dyson then. "Have you had a chance to meet Samuel yet? He's another science guy… Fancies himself the next Tony Stark."

"When Drake started pulling the 'under my roof' routine maybe but otherwise nope, not trapped", Killian finished the milk and tosses it in the trash, "Yeah Sam is cool, one of those real trustworthy types, pretty mature for his age too".

"Sam i-is the small guy who met me at the g-gate." Dyson says, quite confident. "Jose said h-he is a technopath, which would p-probably g-give him a leg up on Mister Stark." he says with a faint smile. "The o-only reason I am so g-good with science is because I… spent a lot of time around laboratories as a young kid…" yeah, he doesn't eleborate. Boy, this Diet coke is gooooooood.

Marie smiles at hearing Killian speak positively about Sammy. She nodded softly a pair of times at his words and then listened to Dyson speak about him to. She grinned then. "I'm glad to hear that Sam and Jose have been taking care of the joint while we were out… I feared this place being a heap'a rubble when we got back." She watched the empty milk get tossed into the bin and then threw her apple core in there too. "Hey, tomorrow I can take you to the labs, Dyson, if you'd like. We got the best student resources in NYC for that kinda stuff. Maybe it'll blow your mind?" She asked him with a grin.

Dyson chuckles softly. "Jose r-reminds me of my little sister. Mischevious.. Rebellious.. and a f-far nice person then they believe themselves t-to be." he tells them. "And Sam t-tried to be very nice to me when I arrived, so.. I think we'll all get along just fine." he says as he drains his can and slowly stands once more, grabbing his tablet. "Lab's?" he asks, looking a bit more perky now. "I.. I w-would like that. A lot." he says, then suddenly he yawns.. and yeah, thats a big one. "S-sorry. I think m-my trip is catching up with me. I h-had to fly on a charter and I d-don't… uhm.. like heights." he fails to mention that the charter as an animal charter plane, for moving sedated horses cross country. "It w-was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Marie."

Marie grinned at his summation of the other two students. "You got a sharp eye for folk, it would seem, Dyson." She said to him and she walked over to him when hn stood up, she looked up at him and offered him a gloved right hand for a shake. "Pleasure to meet you too… and you'll meet a ton of wild characters around here… so be ready for it, they're all good folk though… some ya gotta dig a bit deeper than others to find, but yeah." Another grin was flashed for him then. "I look forward to helpin ya out around here… but yeah, I think its bedtime for myself too… eighteen hours drivin'll do that to ya."

Dyson looks at the gloved hand, finding it a rather peculiar thing to be wearing… oh well. he Still can't quite make that eye contact thing work, but he doessn't just stare at his feet now. "Th-thank you for the warnings." he jokes. "And I h-ope you rest well.". He smiles at Lillian, offereing the man a nod. "S-See you tomorrow." And with that he slowly makes his way towards his room, yawning again.

*< END>*

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