2015-05-30 Rogue Splashdown
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Warning: N/A
Players: Dyson Scott Rogue
GMed by Rogue
Title: Rogue Splashdown

X-Mansion: Breakstone Lake

The sparkling lake extends as far as the eye can see. Surrounded by lush plants and flowers, this is a perfect spot to come and relax or seek inspiration. Rocks of all sizes are scattered around, most of them making good places to sit and think.
The ground turns to sand right at the lake's shore, gently lapping up against the tall grass. The boat house is here, providing shelter should a sudden rainstorm hit, and the docks branch off to provide a landing point for the small boats that sail around the expansive lake.


It is not long after dinner and Dyson excused himself to go for a nice long walk, exploring the school grounds and the forest in particular. It's when he finds the small lake that the giant mutant finds himself a nice plce to sit on it's shore and for the past while he has been enjoying the solitude, tossing rocks every once in a while.. They skip pretty far. Like across the entire lake far, and beyond into the forest.

About 50 yards away from where Dyson is there's a rustle up in the trees and a moment later Rogue bursts out from the branches flying at a fast speed over the lake. She dips low toward the water and soarms right over it, sending spouts of white water flying up behind her in her wake! At first she's soaring away from Dyson's place on the shore, but she's soon to arc and start heading back toward him, with that same wild speed… like a small bullet in the sky she's seen zipping toward the boat house now!

His sun glasses on and his head phones muting the world around him, Scott has on his athletic mesh t-shirt and shorts. He seems to be going for a jog; not trying to be caught up in any of the stresses that might be hitting me hardcore at the moment. He does not spot Dyson or Marie or anyone else for that matter. He seems to be acting in his own world and accepting of that.

Marie shoots at the surface of the lake like a rocket… and she comes in fast! turns and lands on the shore, her feet digging into the wet mud and fling up her body all over her boots, jeans leather bomber jacket and even into her hair! A wave of water comes rushing up behind her and rolls up onto the shore a few feet, but nothing too major. "Awww… man… damn…." She exclaims as she reaches up and pulls the goggles off of her eyes. She looks down at herself. "It rained last night, shit… mud, everywhere!" She shot out a heavy exhale and took a few more steps further onto shore.

Dyson tries to scramble back a bit from the little tsunami marie has created and he mostly suceeds! Mostly. Hos feet and up to his calves are dampened quite a bit. Still, the young giant doesn't seem to care. he is staring at the now mudied teacher. "M-Miss Marie!" he exclaims and stands up quickly offers her his hand out of instinct to help her through the mud. "H-Holy COw. That was /awesome/." His excited voice can probably heard all the way at the dock.

Marie's head shot up when she heard the voice and she saw the big guy himself. "Dyson! Damn!" She says. "I didn't see you there! I'm sorry, I wouldn't of flown in like that… not many come out here… except the ones lookin' to makeout with each other and most of them graduated or went home for the summer." She reached out her left hand let him help her, though she probably didn't need it, it was just nice to have a guy offer! She grinned then and reached her other hand up to wipe some of the mudd off of her face. Her eyes went over to Scott then. "Hey there, stranger… sorry… I uh, made a mess. I haven't gotten to fly since before I went to Cali… guess I was gettin' a wee restless for it."

Dyson really doesn't realize she could probably benchpress a bus. But his parents, and granparents, and probably his little sister too would give him a stern talking to if he ever DIDN'T offer someone a hand. he's polite that way. "N-No no, it's okay. I just.. I j-just didn't know you could fly!" he says, lookng excited.. But then turns a darker gray, blushing, when she mentions what other activities usually happen here. He looks liek he is unable to say anything for a moment, brainlocked, then quickly turns to the oncoming man.. He recognizes him from his arrival, if just being on the periphery. "H-Hello!"

Scott moves over to where the pair is and he drops his head phones; as he tries to see if he can help out. He knows that Marie should be fine but he produces a clean clothe to help her if she needed to clean herself. He smiles softly, "Glad you and the others are back. The campus was too quiet without you." He then looks up to Dyson. "Hey there." He doesn't know much about the new incoming students yet.

Marie accepted Dyson's assistance and she made it look real good like she needed it too, and gave his big forearm a good squeeze then patted his bicep. "Thanks, sugah." She said softly. When Scott came also she took the towel from him and grinned. "Thanks and yeah, its nice to be back. We had a good time, but that place is not my style… too many a-holes rushin around with delusions a'being the next Angelina or Brad." She wiped the towel across her face a bit and looked down at the rest of the hopeless mess that was her outfit. She had her bomber jacket zipped up though, so that helped guard whatever she had on beneath it. "Everything been quiet around here?" She asked, glancing from Scott to Dyson. She grinned up at him. "We got a wide range of abilities around here, prepare yourself to be freaked out a few more times."

Dyson blushes even more at Maries thanks, doing a perfect aw shucks thing, even doing the shuffling feet thing. "Y-you are welcome." he says and then chuckles softly. "And I w-will definately prepare myself for.. uhm.. strangeness." He listens to the back and forth between her and Scott, then offers the man a hand to shake. "We p-passed in meeting before. I'm D-Dyson."

With a shrug, "It seems that way." Scott rubs the back of his head, as he looks around. He seems to be trying to formulate what he wants to say. About current events with the campus that matter and might not matter. He doesn't want to reveal that information in front of Dyson just yet. As he gets introduced, Scott eagerly shakes the gentle giant's hand. "Guess we've been ships passing in the night? I'm Scott Summers. One of the many faculty members here. Off campus, I mainly will go by Scott." He then reveals that Emma Frost has been perhaps rubbing on him mentally. "On campus, though, I will be Mr. Summers if you are a student." He smiles; trying to show that he was teasing.

Marie grinned at both of them. "You guys are cute as can be. I swear…" She tells them as she tosses the towel back to Scott. "Sorry to splotch up your fancy exercise rag, Scotty. But thanks for offerin it." She walked further up the dock then and had a bounce in her step, her hands digging into the side pockets of her bomber jacket and muddy footprints being left in her wake. She turned around and looked at them, grinning rather large. "I'm just Marie. 'Miss' makes me feel old!" She says as she raises up off of the dock a pair of feet in the air, floating openly here in their land's secretive woods where no meddeling eyes can see her 'cept those that are supposed to. Arms out, head back, eyes shut, she slowly spun in a circle in mid air. "Witchy woman!" She exclaimed at a casual tone.

Dyson says, "I-It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Summers." he says, his hand shake carefully restrained and his face split with that sort of goofy boyish smile. A smile that, while sincere, seems to be tainted with a hint of pain. Not directed at anyone, just in general. He may be massive but he still comes off as a teenager. The stutter makes him seem younger then his build and stature make him to be as well. "An y-yeah, I am a student. It's m-my first time to this school b-but I am a senior I g-guess." he turns his head to look at marie, flushing an even deeper gray now at being described, even ofhandely, as cute. "Oh! you're n-not old at all." he quickly tells her, looking a bit paniced. But seems to come up short when she floats again. "I r-really need to learn h-how you do that.." he says. "I mean.. the actual /mechanics/ of it.""

Scott turns a little red as Marie comments about the pair. "Oh, so you are an incoming senior? That's exciting. We'll get you all set up." He studies Dyson's build and demeanor. He tries to size him up; trying to see where he would fit in. "I'm afraid, Mister Dyson, that we might be forced to expose you to the athletic's department. Between the wrestling coach, football coach, and basketball coach… I'm worried about who is going to try and bribe you away from your studies." He grins and then looks back at Rogue, "And you're in trouble with me." He smiles though!

"With my brain… NnnnnnNnnn!" Marie replied to Dyson's inquiry about how the mechanics of her flying works. Truth to truths, she had no idea how it worked… she just knew how to make it… go. Took a while to perfect to. "Wait, what?" She asked, and suddely dropped back down to the wooden planks of the dock and stared at Scott, her arms waving at her sides then.. standing there in the center of the dock, covered in mud and staring at the man. "What'd I do?" She asked in her southerned tone, sounding confused.

Dyson grins at maries retort, even if he isn't quite looking at her. "T-that may be what YOU think h-happens.. but there has t-to be more t-to it than that." he says with a faint laugh… And then cringes at Scott's mention of.. Athletics. He shuffles a bit uncomfortably at the very thought of sports. "I.. I'm not sure if sports a-are my forte, Mister Summers.." he says a bit wit embarrasement. "I w-was never allowed to particpiate in them b-before.. Not after the goal p-post incident in eighth g-grade." Yeah, that doesn't look like a particularily happy memory. He looks between the two, wondring what Scott is teasing her about.

"Oh?" says an inquiring Scott; almost cocking his head at Dyson with the whole comment about the goal post incident. "We encourage everyone to be who they are. Well, except for Professor Logan. We try to encourage him to be… a good person." He then looks at Marie; waiting for her comment about his Logan jab.

"Logan is a good person, ya bully!" Marie's inevitable jab did come at Scott… like clockwork. She walked toward them both again and shoved her gloved hands into her jacket's side pockets. "He feels bad about what happened at the pool too, but doesn't think you'd listen to him even if he apologized… damn vicious circle, this thing you guys can't get over." She glanced over at Dyson. "Ya see, the two of them can't just admit that they…" She looked back at Scott then. "LOVE EACH OTHER." She said in a louder pitched voice. "Like brothers anyway, at least I hope thats all it is." She grinned then back at Dyson. "Ya can be whatever ya wanna be here, big guy. I teach some of the sportin' stuff but I won't throw it at ya if it ain't your jive."

Dyson has not met this Professor Logan yet so most of this conversation between the two teachers is beyond him.. "I'm a-afraid I haven't met him, yet." the giant admits. Then he sort fo shrugs his shoulders. "I'm.. n-not adverse to /trying/ some sports. I'm just a little… leery a-about hurting someone by accident. I-I'm more of an academic b-by temperment."

Scott nods to Dyson as he hears all of the sob stories of Logan from Marie. He does want peace between the group. He doesn't want to deal with Logan. Right now, he'd prefer Sinister over Logan. "Alriught, tell Logan I accept if he can behave."

Marie looked Dyson up and down. "You'd enjoy running the Gauntlet on a team, ain't no other mutant going to get in your way that you'd be able to hurt… Its just all pure… get the ball into the gaol and don't get shot by… well… I'll show ya later." She told him with a grin and then she regarded Scott. She snapped her body to attention! Legs together, arms at her sides and her muddy right hand flung up to her forehead in a stern salute, sending a few drops of mud and water off of her! "Yes, Captain Scott!" She said to him in a military-esque voice. "I will relay your message, post-haste!"

Dyson looks a bit skeptical about this gauntlet thing. "R-riiiiight." he says, not sounding TOO convinced… But then is cut off from replying bya beepbeepbeep from his pocket. He withdraws a cellphone, absurdly tiny and fragile looking in his massive hand, and looks a bit surprised. "O-Oh.. Sorry.. it's my Mom." he says, apologetically. He turns and flips open the small cell and holds it up to his ear as he wanders towards the mansion. "Hi Mom… Y-yes, I'm doing okay….."

*< END>*

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