2015-06-01 Rainbow Road Baby
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Natasha Cara Tony Mike Wade
GMed by Cara
Title: Rainbow Road Baby

Avenger's Mansion: Patio

The back patio is a circular area that opens up into the gardens beyond. The patio itself is half shaded by an awning, allowing for enjoying the sun, or not, at one's pleasure. A pair of tables with three seats a piece sit on the concrete patio, various potted plants and other flora offering some privacy from the rest of the area without being smothering.


Tony is out on the back potio in a lounge chair. It is stretched out and he can be seen with a news paper over his face while he snores beneath it. On his right is a glass of lemonade and a pitcher next to it. He is wearing khkaki shorts and a white tshirt with no shoes on.

Natasha is sitting on the back patio on a table not far from where Stark is. She's got some work scattered on the table in front of her and she's leaning back in her chair and reading an ipad that is resting in her lap. Her legs are crossed and she's just casually sitting there doing whatever it is that Natasha Romanoff does.

Also taking advantage of the back patio and the oddly pleasant weather is Mike. Having secured the other table, he is currently resting one arm on the table and another with an iron grip on a rather OLD looking book he's reading through. Judging from the old hand written illustrations depicting demons, this isn't pleasure reading.

Cara hadn't been seen for a while as she was busy having a certain procedure done. That's was a few days ago. Now finally on her feet and moving around again, Cara is wanting to show off a little, but is a very shy woman who happens to be a new mother. There is a blanket over her left shoulder and an odd series of bumps underneath in the shape of a young child. She steps out onto the patio and smiles as she looks up to the skies.

"Tony, Natasha, Mike!" Cara says each of their names as she finally looks down from sucking in some rays. "How are you all?" Asks the recently absent girl.

Tony is still asleep so misses he was just spoken too. ZZZzzzzZZZZzz

Natasha's gaze lifts up to the source of whence it came and she looks to see Cara… she peers at the girl a moment. "Hey there, Cara… you had the child?" She asked then, setting her ipad down atop her lap.
So engrossed in his studying, Cara's entrance was mostly ignored until she called out their names. Looking up, Mike's hand lifts off of the book JUST slightly, which is enough for the book to vanish with a whoosh. Mike glances back down to the empty space and utters a curse.

Cara blinks over at Stark and giggles a little before she's addressed by Natasha, "I, I'm not sure what other options there are." Cara winks towards the red headed spy. Her head turns to Mike and she cants her head, "Weren't you just reading a book?" Asks Cara quietly before she wants to nudge Tony's foot with her own.

Tony can feel something against his foot, "Not right now. I am tired." he waves a hand half asleep the paper staying over his face. No telling what he meant by those words either. "Take a cold shower."

Natasha looks over at Tony when the man is nudged and she smirks at his reaction. "He was up all night working on… whatever metallic frankenstein project he's thought up lately." She tells the woman with the child. "Whats the child's name?" She asked then.

Mike clenches his lips, eyes still cast down to where the book once was as he gives a slight nod of confirmation to Cara's question. He sighs. "I was." He replies with emphasis to the 'was'. He glances up, taking view of the new addition. "Oh, it popped out finally?"

"Tony." Cara gasps at his words, finding them striking and somewhat funny. Cara lifts her baby slightly under her blanket and smiles. "Um, I haven't come up with one yet." The young avenger blushes. Then she gives Mike a strong glare, "Yes, I had her Mike." She seems a little agitated for a moment but then she laughs.

There's a soft knock on the patio door as another face shows up with an awkward smile on his face. Suddenly on the outside of the door is a grinning and just as foolish looking Loki giving waves and smiles to everyone present.

Tony reaches up moving the paper from his face before stretching. "My monsters help save all your asses." he says simply with a yawn. Reaching for his glass he drinks some of the lemonade. "Hello, Cara." he says noticing her still half asleep.

Natasha's back is to Loki behind the window so she doesn't notice the wave it would seem. She stares at Cara for a moment before looking over to Tony. "Yes Doctor." She says to him with a small smile before she glances down to her tablet comptuer again and shuts the screen off for now. Her eyes go back up to Cara's. "Well I'm glad the child is doing well, Cara." She gave her a nice smile then.

Wade has arrived.

"Ah. Good." Mike replies, "You'll get to go back to eating normal again too." His attention turns towards the patio door as Loki knocks on it. "Loki?"
Wade is wearing his Deadpool attire but has an Avengers seal on his chest. He has some Dewshine in glass bottles with him as he struts through the group before he takes his own seat. He has some tacos and he grins before he takes his mask off. "I'm loving life for once."

"I didn't stop eating nor- Okay, I'm excited for that." Cara grins widely. "I am too Natasha." Cara's eyes are even smiling in the happiness she's exuding. "Tony. Glad to know you're not dead from your collective hangover." The teens says with a smile before she turns to see Loki and Wade. Cara gives Wade a crooked look by tilting her head. "Wade? Right?"

"Hi." Loki says towards Mike as he walks into the patio and moves to Cara with a pleasant smile, and extending his hands to her, "May I Cara?" The other Jr Avenger is wanting to hold the baby.
Tony gets up to his feet slipping on his shoes. Taking a drink from the glass he places it nearby. "Hey look! Cara had her ankle biter." he walks over to peek at the baby, "Gootchie gootchie goo!" he tries tickling at it blocking Loki.

Wade didn't realize others were here. "Oh, for shizzle?! There are people here?" He grins again and offers the tacos. "I am… guilty of being Wade. I think, I am guilty of that crime. At least I hope I am." He looks on as Tony becomes very… "Hmm, not sure what I can say here." He looks back at Cara, "Oh, hi there! Tara, right? Tara but with a c?"

Natasha watches them all move to see the baby, not even part of her has a desire to do that… and she feels a little bad about that. She glances down at her lap and then over to the taco'd Wade. This mades her smile though, to hear that Wilson is happy.

Cara turns to look at Loki, allowing the blanket to fall, showing off a blond haired amber eyed child. "Ankle bitter certainly isn't her name Tony." She says, giving the iron man's shin a soft kick with her toe. "Tacos are a magical fruit!" Cara giggles at herself and glances back to Wade. "Yes, Tara with a C, and I want a Caco, with a T, if you don't mind." She smirks.

Mike arches a brow to the short response, "…Hey Loki. How was Asgard this time around? Find Thor yet?"

Loki frowns at Tony and then looks over his shoulder towards Mike, "Still on the search, I just heard Cara finally had her baby, everyone back home is talking about it." He puts his hand on Tony's shoulder and asks, "May I hold her?"

Tony looks at Loki, "Not my baby. I am not the one to ask." he says. Now he moves over to Natasha poking a finger against her side. "Gootchie gootchie goo widow."

Wade grins, "Yep, Nat is clearly Tony's baby. It makes sense. He's like twice her age." He winks, "Though, I ain't saying she's a gold digger… but I ain't see her with any broke—" He pauses as he spots Loki, "Ah crap." He goes quiet.

Natasha flung her arm to shoo Tony's fingers as he teased at her like that. "I'll toss you over this table here, Stark." She warned him with a smirk. Her eyes went over to Wade upon over-hearing his statement and she gawked at him. "I'll shove those tacos in the wrong direction if you'd like me to, Wilson." She fired back at him.

"Sure." Cara says with a grin as she holds out the nameless child towards Loki. "You asgardian's don't eat your young do you?" She quips with a content and happy smile. She naps her head over her shoulder as the baby is safely in Loki's hands. "That's just messed up." Cara says to Natasha.

Wade frowns; "Nat, I was making a joke because Tony's like Bruce Wayne over there. Except he was not bitten by a radioactive bat and we know who he is. Plus he doesn't growl like he has throat cancer." He looks over at Nat again, "I know you're not a gold digger. Because you're an awesome chick. Heck, if I was not hitched to Lucy and you were a single lady, I'd be into you." He winks, "But I don't think you like Canadians."
Mike frowns slightly. "Ah. right. Asgardian baby." He pauses, "So, which one is this one?"

Tony laughs deeply, "Right here in front of everyone? Wow my lucky day." he picks up his glass drinking more lemonade. "Natasha can be such a wild one. I like that side of her."

Natasha glanced at Cara when the girl said her name. "They're always asking for it… one of these days I'll just wait until they're out of the Quinjet on some remote desert island… and I'll just flyyyyy away." She motions it with her hand before smirking at both Wade and Tony. "Iron Man and Deadpool… island adventures."

Loki takes the baby gently in his hands and pulls her very close. He whispers to her while lifting a finger to tickle her chin. He says something but it's hard to hear. The black haired jr avenger looks up and rapidly his hair grows much longer and turns a shade of blonde. "She will be cared for and be a great warrior." Loki's voice shifts from his normal to that of a valkyrie's as she looks up and a beam of rainbow light pulls the woman away!

Wade watches as Loki transforms. "Dude, that's what happens? I always knew that Thor was a chick but… It's messed up that Asgardians go Rupaul on you." He continues to relax and eat his tacos as the baby gets up beamed away. "Dude, that's even more messed up! What kind of Reading Rainbow shit was that?" He doesn't seem to fully grasp what happened though.

Wade also claps his hands, "Let's do it again!"
And with the Rainbow warrior vanishing suddenly with baby. Mike pauses, looking to the empty spot. "…Oh for Christ's sake."

"Wha-" Cara asks, looking up at the sky, then at the ground where the man holding her child was. "What? No.." She sobs, still not catching on to what happened.

Tony blinks noticing the rainbow and for a moment he searches the skies. Last time he saw one a woman literally fell on him. It was totally raining women that day. "You can't just send a rainbow and take a child!" he shakes his fist at the sky. Moving to Cara his arms go around her, "We will get her back."

Natasha stood up as she saw the baby napping occur and she looked up after it, a lot of good that would do. A moment later she stepped over to Cara to puer her left hand onto Cara's right arm. When Stark spoke she looked at him. "Where the hell is Thor?" She asked. "He can fix this." She said, eyes returning to Cara.

Wade claps his hands, "Dudes, this magic trick was awesome! Send her back now so we can do an instant replay!" He's not grasping what just happened. "Baby here. Baby there. Baby back with new underwear." He looks around; wondering why things are now getting pretty grim. "Wait-" He tosses the tacos off the patio, "Ok, it looks like this was a real baby kidnapping?" He closes his fists, "Frigging Loki took Lucy from me. And now your baby?" He then pauses, "Can't you just have another one? You didn't really get a chance to know this one."

Wade's not so understanding of attachment, FYI.

Cara's having trouble standing, her knees give out and she slumps to the ground. Her eyes are nearly a stream of tears as she can't seem to look away. She had an idea this was coming, based on Loki's warning from a few months ago, but she didn't think it would be so suddenly and so final. The words from everyone else seem to bounce off her until Wade speaks. The bracelets on her arms quickly sprout very sharp spikes, like some form of glass version of biker gear. She's upset.

That wasn't Loki." Mike corrects, looking over to Natasha, "Nor do I think he'd be pleased someone else was using his likeness for this." Jaw tightening, he glances to the vacant space and then to Cara. With Tony and Natasha all over Cara there's not much he can do here. The movement around the wrists do draw his attention. "Cara! Stop!"

Wade pages, "Wade's horrible grasp on the situaiton is going to get better. Don't fret. :)" - To: (Lucy and Natasha)

Natasha shot a glare over to Mike then, having not really heard what Wade said anyway. "Mike! Don't tell her to stop! Some damn rainbow powered nutcase just flew off with her kid!" She stepped away from Cara then and went to grab her things. "I'll go see if we have any idea where Thor is… or, the actual Loki."

Wade grins, "I know this guy who can help you get a new baby in no time. It's like that time I had just gotten a new pet fish named 'Stinky' and he died a day later. I was not exactly too attached to him so it was easily to replace him." He grins still. "I'm friends with Brad and Ang. I was their personal body guard when they went to adopt from Wakanda." He grins as he gestures, "So pick a color for a baby and I'll call them up to find out what models and colors. Gender too! We can have you with a new one in no time. Faster than the stork can fly a new one over."

Yep, Wade still thinks babies come from the stork. "So, can I got finally kill Loki? He did take Lucy away from me for about two years and now he took Cara's 'Little Me.' I wanna get revenge. Revengers, assemble!" He pulls out a toy lightsabre as he does it.

Tony sinks with Cara to the ground and then suddenly there are spikes in his forearms. Letting go he is up uickly trying to hide the pain in his eyes. Taking off his shirt he begins to dab at his bleeding arms where the spikes got him

Cara stops her mutation from acting on the glass further at Mike's words. She looks up at him, the fear, anger and rage on her face totally apparent. She tries to get her feet under her and can't find the nerves in her legs. She's not working right. She see's Tony's arm and gasps. "I'm sorry!" She whimpers, looking to Natasha then to Wade. "Please make him stop." He's going to make her want to kill in just to know how it feels.

Mike glares at Natasha but doesn't bother correcting her as he moves over towards Tony and Cara. He pauses as Cara's request and sighs, turning to look to Wade. "WADE! SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU'RE NOT HELPING!"

Wade shrugs, "I was trying to…" He pauses, "Help. That's all I know how to do. Be a problem solver with a revolver." He sighs, "I'll go leave. I understand when I'm not wanted." He really wishes Clint was around; "Barton so made these events so much more fun. All I know is that Loki goes off with a little kid." He gives Mike the finger. "I wanted to kill Loki for three years and I was told no. I tried to help but now I am doing things my way! So stop TALKING IN ALL CAPS!" He pauses, "And you will get me a beer later!" He proceeds to head out. "I'm so going to meme war them for this!"
He still doesn't get the whole ordeal yet.

Natasha had already left at this point, rushed inside eto try to send out the worda bout what had just happened.
Wade doesn't care. He hates Loki! He stole Lucy!

Wade is misplaced. "More than you ever know!"
Tony is working on his arms right now.
Mike crouches down next to Tony, looking to the dabbed at arms, "How bad is it?"

"I- I- I-I'm so sorry." Cara says with a frown as she slumps again. Everything's wrong.

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