2015-06-01 Wolverine vs an Avenger
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Lucy Rogue Logan Jose Scott Samuel Dyson
GMed by Rogue
Title: Wolverine vs an Avenger

[* X-Mansion: Garage *]

The garage of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is no small affair. This section of the mansion is capable of storing a large number of vehicles each inside of their own 'berth'. The berth's have wooden walls that contain cabinets and drawers, each with tools and parts for their designated vehicles.
The floors of the garage are a polished granite with in-laid designs that are their own artistic displays… intricately placed wild patterns of muted color tones. This, clearly expensive, floor stretches the many yards of the whole garage.
The ceilings of the garage are a good thirty feet off of the ground and contain dark cherry wood support beams. There are tall windows along the walls that stretch up to these high ceilings and some more smaller windows up there as well. There are also silver chandeliers that hang from the wooden rafters that supply soft warm lighting.
Multiple large wooden doors can be raised and lowered to allow for the vehicles entrance into the garage and there are a few large workstations set aside for cars to be parked at for service.
On one end of the garage is the doorways up into the west wing of the mansion itself and the far other end of the garage are the wooden doorways that lead into the horse stables.


The rumble of a motorcycle racing up the long driveway to the school announces the arrival of a visitor. There were enough people at the school with motorcycles, usually teachers, that it wasn't an unheard sound, but the engine on this one was… slightly different. It wasn't Scott's bike, or even Logan's, or anyone else. While it was a deep, solid, strong rumble it was pitched more for speed than power, and had that little foreign sound to it that a Harley or Indian just never seemed to posess. It only takes a few moments for the Honda Shadow, and rider, to come into view. It was a simply painted design on the gas tank: Grey flames on black. Muted, yet still stylish. The rider coasts to a stop kicking a booted foot down on the ground to steady the bike as it leans to the side from the stop.

Lucy was suited in leather pants, leather boots, and a zip-front red and black jacket. The full-head helmet she wore also had flames on them, though these were a bit more stylish as they color-shifted from orange to blue at the tip which fanned back around the rear of the helmet. With the bike off she reaches up to pluck the strap to her helmet loose pulling it off so that her ginger-red hair falls out letting her have a much cooler breath of air out of that stuffy helmet.

Marie had been with her horse all morning. She'd gone out for a ride in the horsefields and even with further beyond them through the trails that went through thw woods. But she had returned now and had put her horse, 'Socks', back into his pen so that he could rest and eat food. She spent a few minutes in the pen with him brushing him and just making sure he was all good before she came back into the garage and walked across toward her car which sat near an open garage door.

Marie stepped up to her classic red Ford Galaxy and leaned over the open convertable top to reach into her backpack… she heard the motorcycle pull up in the drive and she looked out the open door to the unfamiliar person on the bike… They seemed pretty confident riding on up in here, she wondered if they were a family member to one of the few students still on campus at the moment while classes weren't in session. She turned and walked toward Lucy. "Well hey there, mystery rider." She greeted the woman with a small smile.

Lucy tips her head to the side to shake out her hair which had become a bit rumpled beneath the helmet. It's set down in front of her on the gas tank of the bike, and she lifts her now-freed hand to run back through the length of her hair. A grin is flashed toward Marie as she comes over to greet her. "Hey. I'm Lucy," she greets trying to remember the name of that guy she met the last time she had come to visit here. It was over two years ago though, and she wasn't entirely certain he would even be around. "Is… Bobby around?" That was it. Bobby. "Or I dunno, anyone really. I wanted to ask some questions about… Something that happened a bit ago."

Yes, great Lucy, come up and start asking questions about possible students, THAT isn't going to look bad at all.

Lucy tips her head to the side to shake out her hair which had become a bit rumpled beneath the helmet. It's set down in front of her on the gas tank of the bike, and she lifts her now-freed hand to run back through the length of her hair. A grin is flashed toward Marie as she comes over to greet her. "Hey. I'm Lucy," she greets trying to remember the name of that guy she met the last time she had come to visit here. It was over two years ago though, and she wasn't entirely certain he would even be around. "Is… Bobby around?" That was it. Bobby. "Or I dunno, anyone really. I wanted to ask some questions about… Something that happened a bit ago."

Yes, great Lucy, come up and start asking questions about possible students, THAT isn't going to look bad at all. With a frown she corrects herself, "Or, the owner of this place. The old bald guy."

Marie stood there in the mouth of the open garage door and looked out under the roof of the small structure that sat just outside of said garage, enclosing it. She seemed curious about this visitor, based on her appearance and such.. pretty girl… well dressed, seemed a little too official, but, kinda rude?

"Charles Xavier owns this property. This is his prep school. He's inside in his office, I think." She says and then shakes her head, her hands on her hips. "Bobby's in Colorado, white water raftin' or something." She stepped outside of the grage and into that external chamber that was just ouside. "I'm Marie… a Teacher here and you're welcome to bounce any questions ya got off me… Miss?"

"Of course he is," Lucy mutters about Bobby. Go figure, the one guy she sort of knew from here… And it had been so long it was a long shot that he would even remember her. Xavier might, but even then she wasn't certain. Drumming her fingers lightly on the helmet she had worn she seems to think quietly before speaking again. "Sorry. I was kind of hoping I'd run into Bobby or someone else I knew from here. I know Xavier, I just… It's been a long time." Taking a deep breath she shifts her weight to rock the bike back the other way balancing on her other leg just enough that she can lift her left foot and kick the stand down. It's rocked back to rest on it's own weight then, and she swings off entirely dusting her hands off on the side of her legs. "Lucy O'Keene, SHIELD, and current Avenger," she introduces. "I'm not here on official business. I was just concerned a student from here might have been involved in an incident I was part of about a week and a half ago."

Marie just stood there in that outdoor 'foyer' of sorts and she struck a small smile when the word Avenger was tossed out. "Oh yeah?" She said. "You know Tony Stark then, huh? How is he healin up? I was worried them shots he took in Manhattan may'a had some kinda longterm effects on'im, and thats the last thing this world needs… to have their Iron Man put down." She then paused and glanced toward the shadey interior of the garage. "Professor Xavier's doing interviews all week with prospective families that may be sending their children here this fall… I can… make an appoint for you ta meet him if you'd like though?"

And from one of the other doors enters Logan with a cigar in his mouth. Taking a few puffs off it he blowes the smoke into the air. Hearing voices he glances around looking at Marie and Lucy while just puffing a few more times. Taking the cigar from his mouth, "Hi." he syas towards them walking closer.

"Tony?" That earns a grin from Lucy, "He's as much a pain in the ass as ever, but doing just fine." There's a fond, teasing tone to her voice as she speaks of the other Avenger and her friend and nothing actually hostile in spite of her phrasing. It was just how she was apparently. The mention of interviews gets a quick shake of her head. "No, that's more important. You might know anyway if you're staff here." Provided she knew… Wouldn't she? She wasn't ENTIRELY sure how the school was run. Before she can ask though Logan comes out causing her attention to drift to the short, musclebound guy with a rather distinctive hairdo. "Yo," she greets simply before looking between the two. Deciding to give it a go she lightly clears her throat and then reaches up to unzip her jacket. From within a pocket inside she withdraws a photo still from one of the traffic cameras at the intersection where the jewelry heist had taken place. "You guys know this kid?" In it was a somewhat fuzzy image of Jose with a hoodie and headphones on. "He vanished before I could get to him myself. Has a hell of a pair of lungs on him."

Marie looked over at the sound of Logan's voice and she gave him a smile… which is presence near her often caused… not always, but often. She glanced back at Lucy and the nodded her head toward Logan. "Thats Mister Logan… he's the history teacher here, and woodshop… he makes realy mean birdhouses.." She gave the redhead Lucy a grin before she saw the picture of Jose get brandished… Marie started to walk toward Lucy to get a better look at it and she said outloud, "Oh god…" quietly in reaction to see Jose in the photo. "What did he do that needs an Avenger to come find him?" She asked, giving another glance over to the Wolverine.

Logan takes a moment inhaling the scents around him. He stares at Lucy now catching a rather familiar scent to him clinging to her. Indeed he says nothing about Deadpool's scent but he knows it is there. Looking at the picture, "What you want with him?"

Lucy allows the pair to look at the picture while watching their expressions. She may not be the top tier spy that Natasha is, but she was an agent and did have training. Even if it rarely got used in this manner. It's the guarded, worried reactions that seem most interesting to her now. "Nothing. Like I said, not here in a professional capacity. I'm just trying to look out for him. He was a bystander. I thought he might be a student here and wanted to check up on him." There's a pause before she pulls the picture back to tuck into her pocket once more. "Or if he's not a student here, find him otherwise."

Marie glanced again at Logan when he asked the question to Lucy and her eyes swept back to the woman when she replied. "Well… I mean, I don't know for certain you are who you say you are… but I will say that yes, he's a student here, and yes, he's fine… And that its nice of you to show concern about'im." She lifted her gloved right hand up and brushed her white hair out of her face to push it back behind her right ear. "Is this about that thing in Hell's Kitchen?" It roughly fit the timeline in her head for that. "I seen some of it on the news and we talked to him about it… He's kinda of a… free-spirit and dudn't got a lot of fear in'im." Rogue softly nodded her head a pair of times then. "But that rattled his cage quite a'bit."

Logan walks over towards Lucy taking a moment to walk around her bike. "An avenger wanted to come check on a mutant?" he tops in front of her taking a puff from his cigar and the puffs out rings. "You are working with him aren't you?" his eyes watch her closely. "Five seconds to tell us your real intent." a claw appears and he sticks it into the front tire of her bike deflating it.

Lucy lets out a small breath when Marie actually confirms the kid is here. That made it SO much easier. If he were already being taken care of, then she didn't have to worry about another mutant kid out on the street without any help. Like she had growing up. Before she can say anything more though, Logan's begun walking around her bike. She turns toward him only to stop short when he comes up in front of her to blow smoke rings in her face. Instantly she crinkles her nose against the smell. It wasn't that smoke bothered her, but the smell of a bonfire was far different than the smell of tobacco…

"Him?" Confusion flits over her face for a heartbeat. Just enough time for him to stab her bike tire causing it to pop and hiss out the pressurized air within sending it leaning further to the side. If not for the kickstand it would risk toppling over completely.

The confusion shifts in an instant to anger as her eyes ignite with a light all their own. The shift from blue to glowing embers inside could simply be a trick of the light, but there's no time to dwell on that. Heat rises up off her body as she reacts by hauling back to swing a punch at Logan's jaw with an angered cry of, "SON OF A BITCH!" He stabbed her bike!

"Logan!" Marie shouted when she saw his claw go into the tire. She took several steps toward the bime to stand just on the other side of it from the two of them. She threw her red-gloved arms up in their direction. Thats when Lucy threw her punch and Rogue said. "No no no! Chill! Shit!" She glanced back over her shoulder at the garage to see if anyone else was near by and of course there wasn't, so she looked back at them. "We're even, shots fired both ways! We'll fix the tire!" She threw out a bunch of seemingly random words to try to difuse the situation before it got any worse….

Logan growl as he is hit in the face, normally that might leave a bruise but his healing factor takes care of it. "Sure I will fix the tire." he says and raising a foot he kicks the bike over to the ground. Claws out on both hands one now pkes the back tire and then the other goes into the gas tank, "Oops!" he then slides it across the floor into the side of Scott's car. "I'll fix it." he growls.

Jose had been listening in on the conversation after he heard himself mentioned. And then he heard everything else, from the popping tire, to an unfamiliar voice. Whatever was happening, he wanted to get a closer look. He makes his way into the garage silent as a mouse and soon finds himself by Marie. Watching Lucy and Logan he asks "So….why is logan pulling apart random fire ladies bike?" he asks simply followed by a wolfs howl

Lucy clenches her fists at her side with elbows slightly bent so that they were loose enough to strike again. Her 'pretty face' had contorted to one of anger but she hesitated when Marie's arm snakes between them trying to stop the impending fight that Logan had started. At least until he continues to abuse her bike—The one thing SHE owned outright!

There's an audible FWOOMP as the air around her superheats creating a miniature backdraft. It wafts off her in a ring of flame that licks the ground before doubling back toward her with one final crack as her skin hardens, and flames lick over her entire body. The long red hair that had been rumpled by her helmet not so long ago drifts up into the air around her thanks to the sudden updraft as she goes full on defensive, and offensive. The claws might have something to do with it.

"BRING IT, FURBALL!" With that she launches herself at Wolverine with hands going for his shoulders. Her head snaps forward intending to crack her forehead to his hoping she was inside the range of his arms so that he couldn't slice or stab her with those claws.

Marie continued to watch Logan abuse the woman's bike and she gasped with every single new thing he did to it. "Logan!" She says again when the bike lays on the ground. She looked up at Lucy and saw her wild transofmration taking place… it reminded her briefly of some other mutants she knew, but then…. "Jose!" She shouts, looking sidelong at the boy who appeared beside her. She jumps behind him and puts her red-gloved hands on his shoulder. "Miss Avenger, look!" She literally picks Jose up off of the ground quite easily and holds him up in front of her… putting him on display for Lucy to try to get her attention! "Look, lady!" She wiggles Jose back and forth several sharp times!

Jose blinks when he is picked up. As he is rocked back and forth he goes ding dong ding dog like an old father clock. He then fellas it up by singing the line "Somebody call 911. There fire on the dance floor!" complete with background music. He know could tell the situation needed defusing, perhaps some humor would help! Well his kind…mabey…hopefully?

Logan growls as she jumps on him banging her head against his own. Carrying her to a large barrel of water he tries pushing her into it, "Chill out fireball! You'll make this garage blow up and there are kids in this school!"in a rage he rather doesn't notice Marie or Jose.

Crack. That wasn't a pleasant crack. Even powered up fully, the way she was, Lucy finds her head aching. Throbbing. Vision swimming she jerks her head back with eyes scrunched shut tight, and a trickle of blood running out her nose. For a moment as that pain overwhelms her she stumbles back going nearly limp. It's long enough for Logan to scoop her up, and dump her right into the horse's water trough. The shock of hitting the cold water, along with her flames, earns a hiss of steam and a sizzle pop as she does lose her concentration. It was mostly due to the sudden, massive, HEADACHE from her attack though. Sputtering back to her senses as much as she can she still swings a leg out hoping to kick him in the side beneath the ribs. She hopes. Either way her flames are out for now as he holds her down into the water. "Ass! You started it!"
Lucy does, at least, stop struggling as long as he doesn't try to drown her or anything.

Marie ffantically shook Jose up until the point where the water splash came and she immediately set the boy down in front of her, her hands still on hsi shoulders she stared ath the Avenger that was now dunked in the horse trough… "Oh my god…. Thor's going to attack us now." She quietly said. She let Jose go and walked toward the two of them, Logan and Lucy. "Are you guys done yet?" She asked, tentatively… looking from one to the other… She landed her vision on Lucy and pointed back at Jose. "Look, see? He's fine!" She then ran to her car a few steps away to get a beach towel that was tstill in the back seat and she brought over to Lucy.

Jose gives a friendly wave "Well as fine as you can be living in THIS place." he confirms with a grin. And then he blinks "Thor…thor" snaps his fingers and uses Thor's voice "Does though think me so cowardly as to attack defensely children?!". He was still trying to lighten the mood but none the less follows Marie asking "So….who are you?" he says lokking directly at Lucy and giving Logan a friendly grin

Logan hasn't let the woman go yet and he grunts as she kicks him. For that he does try dunking he letting go finally and back up allowing his claws to go back inside. "You are working with Deadpool. Who are you after? Me?" he questions her.

Lucy sputters, and petulantly splashes at Logan even when he backs off. Marie and Jose come her way though and she calms down just a bit more with a grunt of apparent acceptance. "I wanted to make sure you were okay…" She's about to explain more as she starts to lever herself up to try and get OUT of the trough, when she just pauses to stare at Logan. Red hair wet and in her face she blows her damp bangs aside in exasperation. "I'm not WORKING with Wade, I'm dating him! I wanted to make sure the kid wasn't just out in the streets or something. Xavier didn't find ME till I was twenty and by then what the hell was he gonna do to help me!?"

Marie stood there and watched the poor wet woman and felt bad for her now… glancing back toward her wrecked bike…. "Deadpool? Ew…" She said, hearing the name. She immediately look embarrassed then and regarded Lucy. "I mean, the name! not the man… I imagine he's lovely to land a bird like you, ma'am… Just, that name is kinda gross." She shutup and offered the beach towel to her again to dry off and the mentioned to Jose. "Kid's fine though, see? I mean, fine as he can be." She gave Jose a grin.

Jose nods slowly "Hmmm the guy that was going" switches to Wade voice "This are some really nice shoes, were you get em!!!?" he ask trying to confirm his suspiciouse. But he goes on "But I'm fine, though I was technicaly living on the streets for a while, I got a home here. But thanks Hotshot!" he says, and then he looks to Logan "Also…next time your going to trash something, invite me! I love destroying things!" he laughs

Logan stares at Lucy as she claims to be dating the psychotic idiot. What is worse in his mind? The thought of Deadpool with a woman or what Scott does alone in his bed at night. "My girl is hotter!" he walks to Marie an arm going around her waist quickly pulling her to him planting a kiss against her lips holding it a moment or as long as he can muster before it starts to hurt. Letting go he stumbles back a step or two sitting on the hood of Scott's car that has a broken bike jammed into the passenger side of it.

Really hoping to enjoy his weekend, Scott was called in to go find out what the Hell Logan was up to. He seems to be in an almost good mood as he has a six pack of beer in his hand and is looking straight at Logan, "Hey, I heard something was going on and since we're on a truce, I figured I would bring you a peace offering before we start off." He has yet to notice his car. Because he'd just take his glasses off and make sure Wolverine gets what is his share of damage.
"Oh crap, Logan, did you just give poor Marie the bone claws again?" He watches the kiss and fears that poor Marie will turn hairy and sharp again.

"That's… Nice?" Lucy responds quite clearly puzzled by the odd behaivor of Logan. Still, soaked in leather, a bit annoyed, and bleeding from her nose still she glances over to the newly arrived Scott. Snorting faintly she lifts a hand to swipe the back of her nose smearing that trail of blood which she stares at with a scowl. "Now how the hell am I going to get home?" This is more a question for herself, than the others, as she glances toward her tire-deflated and knocked over bike that was kicked into the side of Scott's car. Shaking her head she levers up out of the trough to stand, shaking off what water she could in the process. "Grats, your girl is hotter than my boyfriend, you win. Thick-skulled son of a…" She trails off though turning her focus to Jose. "Good. Just… good. Watch the screaming next time though. Nearly took ME out when you did that," she points out as she runs a hand back through her-goddammit-wet hair.

Marie looks over at Scott when he arrives and thats when Logan comes at her and delivers the kiss to her lips! She goes wide-eyed when her friend… and mentor plants a kiss on her lips… her red-gloved hands shoot up and she almost starts to flail wher eshe stands… with her leather boots squeaking on the floor as her feet twisted beneath her against the polished stone. She jumepd back then and gasped. "God… damnit!" She threw her hands down in anger and bone claws shot out of the back of her fingers. She looked down at her re-invigorated Logan-claws and the girl just sat down on the garage floor, defeated. She put her hands on the ground and the claws quietly clattered against the hard surface.

"Really, Logan? Really? You're going to trash my wheels when we were supposed to be working together again?" says a bemused Scott. "Well, this is coming out of your allowance!" He smirks as he tries to not get upset. It's became a monthly tradition for Logan to trash something of his that he actually valued. "Alright, so what's going on and why are you bringing guests into our motorpool?" Scott gestures to Lucy; somewhat recognizing her from previous incidents. "Is SHIELD part of Ahab's Sentinel Project?" He then looks at poor Marie taking the bone claws and sitting down. "Also, Logan, we're going to have to have a talk about doing that." He looks at Jose; "Can you get Marie some Hotwheels to calm her down?"

Jose nods and despite not being formally trained, sprints off at a pretty good speed. Even from within the building he could clearly be heard "I'll be back from beyound the grave! Muahahahaha"

Lucy glances over at Scott only to narrow her eyes. "Sentinel…? Fuck you," is her response vehemently at that VERY notion. Already fed up with all of this, she starts out of the garage to walk back down the driveway flipping the bird over her shoulder. "Glad I never enrolled. Bunch of…"

Logan is rather out of it for the moment after that kiss. Indeed one day she may accidently kill him on purpose. "I didn't let her in… I came in and she was here." he watches as Lucy leaves flipping them off, "You tell Wade that he and I will need to talk! But yeah go home and…"

Jose was okay… Marie greeted her. Logan showed up and smelled deadpool on her. So logan slashed her motorcycle. She turned into a firegirl and attacked him. He threw her into a horse trough. Then they started arguing about Deadpool Logan kissed Marie to say that 'his girl' is hotter. Marie collapsed out of exhaustion. Scott is here now to find his car is damaged and is asking if Lucy is with some enemy group… I don't know."

Scott hands the six pack to Logan and then pauses, "I heard that SHIELD had some other mutants recruited but with the Sentinel project back up and running, I am wondering if there's a connection to her showing up here." He looks as Jose vanishes to get the toys for Marie to stay buy with before he looks back at Logan, "So, who is this 'Wade' fellow?"

Marie shoots up to her feet, bone claws still out…. she glares at Scott and Logan as they talk about sentinels and such. She lifts both of her fits up and retracts all both the middle claws on either hand giving them both the bone-finger. "Screw you both! You're both pricks!" She says… gaining some of Logan's personality back in full force, including his temper. The girl spins around and moves for the horse stable, slamming the wooden door to it shut behind her and disappearing inside of it.

Logan takes the six pack offering him a can from it before opening one for himself. He then sighs as Marie takes off in a huff. "He goes by Deadpool. Come call him a merc with a mouth. He'd kill friends if he felt justified doing it. I could smell him on that woman."

Scott blinks, "What the —-?" He was trying to be nice to Logan per his conversation with Marie. For once, he tried to not kill Logan and he gets cursed off by two females in one day. He sighs; "Well, Logan, this is another fine mess we find ourselves in." He opens a beer can for himself, "I'm probably going to need this based off how today is going to end." He then pauses, "Sam knows him. Said he was a SHIELD agent as well. Apparently he died twice while saving Sam and some of our other students from Sentinels. Sam…" He looks disgusted with this thought, "Sam said he has Deathpool or whatever… He has his finger in a jar for some sick reason."

Unlike his exit, Jose entrench was silent. SIlent for him to pop up behind Scott "I think it pretty cool if you ask me! I hope show me it some day. And isn't shield that weird orgasnization that tries to protect the world or something" he asks. He looks to the wooden door "Hope Marie going to be okay" he then looks to Logan and then to Scott "Which leaves some unanswered questions"
"Logan, take Jose and find Sam. Sam has the finger and the finger apparently taps on the glass or something according to Sam," says Scott. "It was the middle finger if I understand whatever the heck Sam was going on about. Deadpond gave the finger literally to Sam. Find this lunatic and find out who he is working with and if he's a threat." He looks at Jose and blinks, "Didn't you and Drake encounter him with the bank robbers or whatever that was a month ago?"

Logan drinks the beer down quickly crushing the can tossing it into a trash can. Moving to the bike he moves it from the side of the car determing he can fix it. "Deadpool. There is no telling. Would be better if I face him alone. Kids don't need to be near that kind of crazy." he takes a look at Scott's car as well. He now moves to the wooden door Marie slams and pushes it open, "Marie?"

Marie is at the far end of the stable with her horose. She's sitting on the saddle and is about to ride off when she hears the door open and the voice call out to her. She glances back at the form of Logan on the far end of the thing. "What?!" She shouts back at him, apparently still pissed off with that famous Wolverine temper.

Jose crosses his arms "I AM that kind of crazy. At least according to everyone else" he says in objection. Though he looks to Scott "And, I want to know what's happening with Killian" he turns right to Scott looking up at him.
the horose bites rogue.

Scott looks at Jose; "What do you mean… what's happening with Killian? He's facing some kind of suspension and mediation with Miss Frost." He looks at Logan attempting to calm down Marie. His temper in her body. He can't help but smirk; with Logan now getting a taste of his own medicine.

Logan moves towards her now, "I'm sorry. I know you are pissed at me again.." like an hourly thing most days.

Marie turned the horse around so that its right side was facing Logan and she looked down at him as he approached her on it. "What the hell was that?" She asked him in angry voice. "You just up and kiss me in front of that Avenger that you dumped in water just cause you smelled a guy you don't like on her? What about her bike!? You thrashed it! Thats thousands of dollars! That bike was nice, Logan!"

Jose crosses his arms as he looks to Scott "Well, how bout you tell me why Samuel thinks Killian is an unintentianl infiltrator? ANd where is he exactly? I havn't seen him for a while" He was letting this one go quite yet, unsatisfied with the given answer

Scott blinks, "Great, Logan?! You trashed an Avenger's bike into my car? Do you know what the insurance is going to cost now?!" He sighs, "Charles is never going to yell at me. He made me promise to take care of that car." He then looks at Jose, "Killian is apparently talking to people about the abilities of this school." He sighs, "And I have no idea where Emma took him as I have no idea where Emma is."

Logan pets the horse silently for a moment with a sigh, "I said I was sorry." he looks up at Marie. "I'll take care of the bike and the car."
Jose nods slowly " A person called 'S'" he frowns not happy "Is it so bad he talks about that? How else would people know about the school? Is he going to be okay?" he paces a bit and then nods "Guess were just going to have to find them!" he declares more to himself then anyone.

Marie seemed to calm down a bit then when he said this stuff. She just looked down at him as he pet Sock's face. "A-alright…" She said quietly. "I don't think that woman was here to do any harm to any of us… I think you should track'er down and apologize too… But.." Marie shrugged her shoulders inside that red shirt that matched the red long gloves she was wearing (which have holes in them now where the claws had come out!!! another reason she's mad). "I can't tell ya what to do, Logan… we both know that. I don't know… I'm going to go ride for awhile, clear my head." She tugged on the leather reigns on Sock's head and the beast started to move out toward the horsefields.

Scott looks at Jose, "We already have two of our students missing right now. Two of them that we know are captured by the Sentinel Programs based off what we have heard. There were conversations that Sam recorded from Killian talking to someone revealing our secrets. That's why things are… are a problem." He looks at his phone and tries to reach Emma.

Logan watches as she goes to take a ride. He turns heading back into the garage and goes to the bike now after gathering his toolbox. Pooling a stook over he sits down now working to take off some of the broken parts.

Scott grabs some more beer cans and his toolbox. He heads over to where Logan is and begins to try to do some minor repairs. "Want me to get Drake and Sam here to assist? I'm sure Jose can do some good work. And that new kid… Dyson… strong as an ox."

Jose frowns "Killian not a bad person" he says not defensivly, but more to himself "I know he isn't. Upon hearing Scott though, he does the honors "EH Sam, Drake, Dyson, come to the garage we get to break stuff again!". There was no possibility of THAT message not being heard

Logan has tore up Scott's stuff enough to have extra things in waiting. "Jose. Go into the store room and ge the boz marked Scott's motorcycle. And gab the two wheels next to it." he tells him while setting the tore up gas tank aside. "I know they are all good." he tells Scott.

Scott looks at Jose and nods before he then looks at Logan, "I'm going to order some dinner. My treat. Pizza, Chinese, or whatever you want." He seems to be trying to use this moment to try and bring peace between the two. "Oh, I also have tickets for a baseball game that I am not going to. Maybe you can take Marie?"

Jose nods and head for the store room. He can easily be heard wrestling and rustling about as he looks for these tires and of course the marked box. Needless to say he was just as likely fooling around

For the past day or so, Sam has barely left his room. This is unusual behavior for the mutant, usually out and about or at least putting in some decent time at the gym or the pool, but for the last 36 hours there had been only glimpses of him skulking to the kitchen for something to eat and then a shadow as he disappeared back into his private sanctum. But when Jose calls, in what young Sam assumes is a cry for help, he's down and in the garage like… well, not quite like a shot, but at least like a shot that was putting in a lot of effort not to be the last to arrive. And, of course, he spots the detritus and debris as he comes running, slowing down gradually as more of the destruction becomes obvious. "Oh… wow, ehmm… advanced shop class?"

There's a motorcycle that's slammed into Scott's car. Courtesy of Logan. Oddly enough, a calm Scott Summers is beside Logan; trying to assist him in repairs. Scott casually handling Logan fresh beer as he, himself, works on his car. He looks to see where Jose went off to. "Jose's a good kid. I think he called in the troops to help."

Dyson Dyson yawns as he meanders into the garage at a slower pace, the giant grey skinned young mutant having been woken from a siesta by Jose's 'summons'. Being that he is new here he is probably still suffering from a form of jet lag.. or maybe mild depression which seemed to be noticable earlier on in the day, which he tries to cover up with smiles. Sleepily, he blinks a few times, looking over at at the gathered 'crowd' and the… mess. "U-uhm… What the h-heck is going on?" he asks

One tire rolls out of the store room and after doing a donut it falls over with a thud. WHich left the question of…wheres the other one. Well, he comes the answer, Jose is trying to walk the tire out of the store room by balancing on it! He was wobbling back and forth as he make his way slowly out "Almost there!" though upon seeing Dyson and Sam he smiles wide "Okay! So we not destroying anything….yet! We're fixing a motorcyle!" and over he goes losing balance!

The cat then flies into Marie for the biggest cat fight in hisstory!
Logan cracks open another beer as he works on the bike. He and Scott seem to get along when working on such things together. Perhaps its a man thing that bikes and cars can be neutrel ground between them. "I'm sure the boys will enjoy pizza. Perhaps I cna just get a bunch of tickets and take them to a game."

"I can arrange that," says Scott with a smile, "Oh, I was thinking. It doesn't make sense for me to hog both my bike and car when you don't have wheels. When my car is back to running form, you can use the bike all the time." Scott pulls out his phone to order pizza; "Getting different toppings. I think six pies should be enough for me us. You, me, Jose, Sam, and Dyson. Maybe even Drake if he gets out of bed." He pauses, "Kid has himself a lady friend. Not sure if I am ready to coach him with that. Any advice?"

Current sense of urgency, fading… And as much as Sam enjoys a mechanical or technical challenge, there isn't much to do when two people are already working on their own repairs in their own time with their own equipment. It'd just be… wrong, to interrupt. But social convention is usually lost on him, so he does ask. "Anything we can do to help?" He's already mentally building a new bike out of the bits he can see around, although it's probably not any kind of vehicle a conventional designer would recognise.

Dyson shoots a look over at Jose who is BCing his way on top of the other tire towards him. "I d-didn't even hear you say we were d-destroying anything. Your v-voice was muffles by my p-pillow." he tells him, then walks over closer to the motorcylce and waves to Sam, offering the smaller kid a wave then looks to Scott. "H-hey there, Mister Summers… I-If you can order an e-extra three pizzas and a f-few 2-liters of Dr. Pepper, I w-will throw in." he tells him, blushing as he offhandedly admits he eats quite a lot. The big bottles are probably equal to normal size pop for him. He studies the other, older and MUCH shorter man for a moment.. a bit surprised by his grizzled appearance. "H-Hello."

Jose might be falling, but he wasn't going down. He rolls and pops back on his feet. He picks up the tire and rolls it over and stops by Dyson "Dyson meet the one and only Wolverine. A hard drinking, summer biting, slicing machine!" he says warmly with a large grin. He then proceddes to begins picking up parts "Sure we can't take it apart first?" he asks of both Logan and Scott

Scott moves aside, "Sam, can you help Logan with the bike?" He seems eager. Also because he knows that he might eventually uspet Logan to do something. He nods to Dyson, "Can you help…" He pauses, "Oh, forgive me. Dyson, this is Mister Logan. This kid here is Sam. And Jose is somewhere around here I think." He tries to scan the area. "Dyson, could you carefully remove the motorcyle from the hood of the car? I'll cover the pizza cost if you can do that."

Logan nods to the kids that come around and takes the box from Jose, "Get the jacks so we can put this bike on them." he tells him. "There are doors to your car in the store room." he tells Scott.

Scott nods to Logan and gets up to get the doors. He's amused that he has a stock pile of parts. It's like Logan knows he is going to break stuff. He grabs each door. One at a time.

"Jacks, on it." Sam intones and goes scampering off. He's quite familiar with the layout of the garage, spending a good chunk of time here whenever he's building something that's too large for the student workshops, so he can find them fairly easily amongst the, quite frankly, staggering amount of tools and equipment laying about in the storage areas.

"Oh! Y-yeah, I can do that." Dyson says and looks back at the motorcycle and can't believe he failed to notice that the motorcycle was literally sticking out of the hood of the car. "J-Jeezus.." he murmurs and walks around to the side. He leans over and grips the cycle by it's frame at the hardpoints. The young giant starts tugging and the bike doesn't seem to be moving much but then again he doesn't seem to be exerting much force at all. It's more like he is /testing/ everything. "O-Okay.. Stand back." he warns, waits three seconds, and pulls really quick. It's like the removing a bandaid in a quick pull, motion.. trying to remove one vehicle from the other with the least amount of additional damage to either. There is a loud but extrememly short /skreeet/ and he easily pulls them apart and steps back, holding the bike frame straight out from his body like it were made of lightweight plastic. "This h-happens often?" Once Sam has the jacks in place he carefully sets the bike down on it.

Jose nods "Well…often enough. Between these two from what I hear" and that alot all things considered. He dosn't bring up any past incident and instead looks where the motocycle USED to have tires "He popped both those boys with his claws. Can cut through anything I think"

Running back as quickly as he ran off, Sam puts down the jacks for the frame, judging the distance as best he can and nudging one with his foot a few mere moments before the heavy frame is put down. "Wow… so, we're looking at two new axles, a whole new brake caliper set, new discs, new pads, new gearbox… Was this a chaindrive or a belt drive, 'cause I can't tell anymore?" He walks around the mangled bike, blinking every so often. "Forks are bent, shocks are gone… electrics are gonna hafta be redone, 'cause the distributor box seems to be only half there… But the frame seems to be okay."

Dyson blinks at Jose's comment. "Claws?" he asks, and quickly looks to Logan.. his hands in particular. xs off

Jose nods at Dyson. He then climbs one of the dividing walls like a monkey and listen out for the pizza "I hope there pepporina and shrimp pizza!" he says happily. He looks at the trashed bike and winces "Worse then I rememeber"

Scott Frowns, "I ordered taco, chicken and broc, meat lover's, corn beef and cabbage, seven plain…" He looks at Dyson and nods, "A ton of soda, and a pepperoni pie." He then pauses, "And sausage with spinache." He looks at Logan, "Going to be fun night, eh?"

Marie emerges from the horse stables and she turns to shut the door again after having opened it. She then walks toward her car, folding a blanket that she'd brought with her from the stables. She does't really look around to see whats going on, she merely moves toward her car and towards its trunk, pulling her keys… they jingle a bit while she goes to unlock the trunk's lid.
Marie enjoys a frozen burrito before she ends up getting the Hersey Squirts.

Logan removes the deflated wheels of the bike putting them aside. "Always." he tells Scott noticing Marie has come back.
Dyson blinks at Jose's comment. "Claws?" he asks, and quickly looks to Logan.. his hands in particular. He doesn't see any indication of claws but wisely refrains from commenting on that. He take sa step back, allowing Sam to check out the bike and frowns. "Y-You would probably know more then m-me abut stuff like this. I c-can fix a tractor.. o-or a chainsaw.. But I d-don't know anything about bikes. N-never even ridden one." he tells Sam. His mouth salivates slightly at Scott's description of toppings, though some of them definately sound weird. Tasty, but weird. "I g-guess you guy's order pizza a l-lot?" he asks

Jose grins as he listens "I think I hear a delivery car comming!" he seemes excited. He then looks to Dyson "Well, there ARE alot of kids here. We'er in the off season, but just wait untill augast hits. Vrooom! Kids of all ages….okay not all ages. But kids everywhere more or less" he comes back down and scoops up other spare parts

"Oh, a bike is really just a smaller tractor on two wheels, or a really big chainsaw when you get right down to it." Sam clarifies, probably none too helpfully, but with a certain sense of excitement. He checks the mounts for the axles to make sure they're not damaged, and after assuring that they're probably okay, starts to disassemble the damaged gear box, motioning Dyson over to come observe. "C'mon, I don't know a lot about teaching, but I can show you a lot about bikes while we work on it."

"Only when we don't feel like dealing with Jose's cooking," teases Scott. He gets up to exit the garage so he can pay the delivery attendent for the food before he heads back with the food and begins to put it on a table in the garage. "Hey, Logan, do you think we can-" He pauses, "Alright, let's get these divided." He sets up the plains in one stack; for Dyson. "So, the question I have is… how do we get Agent Lucy here to get her bike back?" He's afraid of what will happen if Agent Lucy brings the merc over. "And Logan, what if she brings the merc?"

Marie stuffs the blanket into her car's trunk and then puts the trunk lid down. She hears them all chatting behind her and she turns around to watch them, the car keys going from her right gloved hand to her left… She stares at them working on the bike. A moment later she is seated on the trunk of her car, having silently floated her way up just enough to use the car as a chair.
Jose jumps down and waves to Marie! He scrambles over to the table and sniffs drooling some "Ohhhh, I want some of that sweet sweet bacon" he calls over to Marie "Want some!"

Logan raises his shoulders into a shrug, "I'll deal with him. Won't be the first time he and I have crossed paths and I doubt it would be the last."

Dyson looks a bit.. uncomfortable.. at the mention of LOTS of kids. "I w-was mainly homeschooled.. O-only went to the high school for e-exams and some special courses.." he tells Jose. The idea of LOTS of kids around him is a bit unsettling. He watches Sam fuss over the tractor, colouring when he is reminded of the similarities, rather than differences, between devices…He looks to see the pizza and he perks up a little. "Oh, Thanks Mister Summers!" he says and walks over to the boxes set aside but comes to a VERY SUDDEN stop. "Wait… A-Agents? M-M-Mercs?" he asks, his voice going a bit higher suddenly and his black eyes growing wide. he starts to breathe a bit faster, heart starting to pound… and instead of getting darker his grey pallor becoems a LOT more pale as he stumbles bac and quickly turns.

"I met the guy at Tony's place a few days ago. Didn't seem too bad…" Sam asserts, utterly consumed in the repair work, which is helped tremendously by the fact that any mechanical bits that get in his way simply seem to move aside once they become inconvenient. There's pizza with his name on, but it seems he hasn't even noticed that small detail yet.

Scott smirks to Logan, "So, he's an agent of SHIELD? Are you sure you wanna go down that path of fighting with a guy who has that on his resume?" He then looks at Sam, "Didn't you mention that you have his finger? I thought you were friends with him." He then pauses; wondering if Sam is outing Killian as a spy because Sam is working with the lunatic merc.

Jose notices Dyson reaction. He abadons the pizza and quickly slides in front of Dyson "Whoa there! Let not get crazy here. Your fine here. There not going to let anything happen to you on campus. Said merc is actualy a pretty funny guy" he says thinking about it. None the less he says "And sides, we have a bunch of pizza here, don't need them going to waste" he says jumping topics.

Marie sat there on the top of the trunk of her car and she grinned softly at Jose and shook her head at his friendly offer. She just sat there quietly on the vehicle and watched and listened, but didn't have much to add at the moment it would seem. She did glance down at the gloves she had on, tall wine-colored gloves that went up past her elbows… she picked at the holes in them were the bone-claws had come out earlier.

"If by friends you mean he's never given me anything worse than mental trauma, yeah, we're best buddies." Sam grins, finally stripping the gearbox so he can start getting the brakes off in preparation for a new wheel and drive belt. "Other than that, I don't know. But I think he's an Avenger now, that was what the party was about anyway."

Logan moves letting the boys take over for him with the bike. He moves over to where Marie is sitting while wiping his hands with a cloth.

Dyson almost bowls over Jose, bringing hismelf up to a stop a hairs breadth short. He is gulping for air, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. "Why w-would a mercenary be c-coming to /this/ school to begin with?" he asks, his voice kept as soft as possible. He doesn't turn arund, not wanting the others to see the sheer panic on his face. "I /g-get/ that this is a school for mutants but the only mercenaries I h-have ever met have tried /capturing/ mutants.. And /killing/ people."

"Sam, I thought you said that the lunatic took on Sentinels and gave you the finger," says Scott and then looks on as Dyson gets upset. "Don't worry. We have our own security system. He goes by Logan." He then looks at Jose, "And we have our own canine too!"

Jose simply grins he pats Dyson on the back having to jump up to do it "To get his girlfriend. Duh!" he says like it's the most natureal thing in the world "ANd his girlfriend happens to be a mutant. So it more along the lines of, don't hurt his girl, he won't hurt you. You dig? Dug, digging it dug?" he zips out crabs a litter dr.pepper and zips back in offering it to Dyson "This particular mercenary even happened to more or less help save me butt."
barks like a rabid dog when Scott mentions he the security dog

Jose barks like a rabid dog when Scott mentions he the security dog

Marie looks up to see Logan nearing her wiping his hands off. She was still picking at them holes in her gloves, but stopped when he got near. She smiled at him. "Glad to see ya'll are fixin' the bike." She said in a quiet voice for him.

Logan looks at them also barking though smirks. He looks at Marie a moment, "I am sorry for what I did… For what it is worth the kiss was nice. But yes we are fixing the bike and Scottie's car."

"He did, and he has." Sam confirms, starting to strip the last of the damaged drive assembly, but it'll take a few hours to machine replacements. "He's just one of those people I don't know much about, 'cept that I can probably trust him. Hey, do I smell pizza?"

A stray dog runs into the room and starts to get friendly with Jose. Hey, he called the dog over!

Scott smirks as everyone seems to be getting along. "It seems like I miss all the interesting people, Jose and Sam." He grabs his pizza and heads to his work bench, "No idea where Emma, Drake, or Killian are. This is intersting." He looks back at Sam, "Yes, help yourself." He grins as he offers a plate; from his spot.

Dyson stands there, clenching his eyes shut tight. He takes a few very deep breaths then.. shakily nods is head. "O-Okay… if you guys say he's o-okay…" he murmurs, though he otes that as much as people are defending him, one of them sure isn't. He opens an eye, squinting for a moment at Logan, before taking the offered soda and slowly turning back to the table. He opens a pizza box and folds it over into a huge calzone and, sitting on the ground, starts to quietly eat…

Jose hops onto the table next to Dyson, he nudges him in the arm "Logan and Wade, the nerc have met before and from what I can tell, don't get along" he happily munch on a pepporiny pizza

Marie smirked at Logan's words and she shook her head. "My kisses are the best of all the kisses… and the worst." She then released a heavy exhale. "And you need to get a girlfriend, ya big monkey." She told him, reaching out to put her gloved fist against his chest. "Before the claws come out next time you get fresh on me." She gave him a wicked grin then from her seat on the car trunk.

Dyson scarfs down that pizza taco in about four or five bites, washing it down with some Dr Pepper before wiping his lips with the back of a massive hand. "Why w-would Mister Logan know a mercenary?" he asks Jose, quietly as not to be overheard. "Why was Mister Summers talking about Avengers? This i-is all getting confusing. I know Professor Xavier h-has some connections.. Thats wy m-my mom called him. I m-met him once when I was a-about ten… Mom s-says he offered to take me then, just a-after she and D-dad got custody of me back, but they refused. Now she s-says he will protect me and h-help me.. But I h-hear people say things about Agents and M-Missions and I am b-beginning to wonder what I h-have gotten into."

Jose nods "Becuase Mister Logan like what, a million years old? Hell he could be my grandfarther for all I know"

Scott does his own thing while Jose and Dyson talk and Logan tries to get more powers drained by Marie.

Logan glances over at the boys, "Standing right here bubs." he says making sure they realize he can hear them. "You liked it." he teases Marie lightly.

Dyson is not paying any attention to an implied snogging or whatever since to do so would make the giant mutant blush till he melted. So instead… "You're exagerating. H-He doesn't look /that/ old. I mean, h-how old could be /be/?" he asks as he reaches up and grbs hissecond pizza JUST as Logan looks at them. Now he /does/ blush. "Soory, S-Sir." he says, and yes there are two O's in that. He /is/ canadian after all. "S-See.. He can't be that old. He h- has real good hearing, too."

Jose cants his head at Dyson "Let's see how old" he looks to Logan and sasy "Eh WOlverine, how old are you anyways?" he munches on more pizza looking at the man intently

This made Marie shake her head as she dropped her fist from Logan's chest and she looked past him toward Scott. "Scott." She calls out to him. "I think you need to take Logan to a strip club. He needs to get some frustrations out, I do believe." She tells him, grinning softly.

Mmmm, thats good Dr Pepp*SNORT*! Dyson inhales the carbonated beverage as Marie gives her two bits about Logan and his need of a strip club.

Scott looks at Marie and then at Logan; wondering how he got sucked into this conversation. He bashfully rubs the back of his head. He can't imagine taking Logan anywhere; especially to a strip club. "Um, I…" He then ponders how to get out of this, and looks at Jose; hoping he can save him somehow.

Jose looks to Marie "Deadpool should take Logon, I think I seen him there before. Course there are alot"

Dyson is still coughing… looking around for napkins…

Logan listens around as they all are talking about him. "Oh shuddup the lot of ya." he says rather sulking now. "Piss off." is said he begins walking towards one of the doors.

Jose grins at Logan "Ahh just a bit of fun, no need to frown" and he ment it to in the best way. He hands a rag to Dyson "Best your going to get"

Marie grins at the others responses and then she watches Logan go to leave and she huffs out a sigh. "Can't ever joke with him with this many folk around… I don't know why I always forget about that." She slides down off of her car's trunk and starts to walk toward the french doors that lead into the school. "Ya'll take that bike back when its fixed! So we don't get raided by the Hulk and Iron Man before mornin'!"

Dyson is wiping his mouth with the rag, oily or not, and looks over at Marie. "P-Please be joking a-about that." he says.

Jose looks to Dyson "Of course she Joking. Though Iron Man is a nice guy" point at his headphone "He helped me make these! Though personly, it would be cool if the Hulk came. I would want to see if we could build a catapult capable of throwing him! He proably be all " switches to hulks voice "HULK SMASH!!!" laughs "That would be awesome!"

Logan comes back out wearing his jecket, "I got this." he tells them and getting on the bike he revs it up. "Good as new. She will likely still be walking. If anything I can track her by scent." one of his powers kind of. A keen sense of smell and hearing.

Dyson watches as Logan comes back and gets onto the rebuilt bike. The young giant looks a bit shamefaced for being part of the teasing, even if he didn't mean to, but says nothing as he revs the bike and heads off. Looking to Jose he shakes his head once. "I would rather m-meet Bruce Banner than The Hulk." he admits.

Scott is at his workstation and probably falling asleep. Because he's boring ass Scott Summers.

Jose shrugs "Two sides of the same coin. Hulk seems alot more fun, but Bruce could be interesting too" and he notices Soctt falling asleep. He takes a deep breath to try and prepare to jolt him awake. That is untill he remember the Kitchen Incident. SO instead he calls out "Yer might want to find a bed, before you head finds the floor!"

*< END>*

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