2015-06-01 Rec Room Rescue?
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Players: Scott Marie Dyson Jose
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Rec Room Rescue?

[* X-Mansion: Rec Room *]

The Recreation Room has just about anything and everything a student could want to unwind after a long day of classes. Video game consoles with a massive library of games, a monolithic CD and DVD collection… big screen TVs, projection TVs, couches, chairs, beanbags in all colors… it's comfortable and a great place to relax.
A curved mahogany bar curls around one corner, where a full self-service soda fountain can be found as well as refrigerators with numerous cold drinks (No alcohol!). Snacks are abundant, as is space- the room is able to hold a couple of dozen students without becomming crowded.

Marie is seated at one of the tables by herself. She's got a bunch of stuff strewn out in front of her on the table, papers and pencils and little tools… it would seem that she's drawing? She sits there sketching away on a page inside of some nice leather bound book of blank pages and she's quietly humming a tune to herself. She pauses and reaches over to a buttle of tea inside of a drink coozey to keep it chilled and from dripping water onto the table.

Jose quietly make his way in. He has both his headset on his neck instead of on his ears as if listening for something, but he smiles when he see Marie. Though he moves silently as usual, he makes a whistle to announce his presence and hopefully not startle her into messing up whatever it is she is working on "What you drawinf over there?"

Wearing a t-shirt with some random design on it looking like it's covered in black birds and transparent skeleton, Vincent's top is covered as the lower some what. A pair of black basketball shorts with a grey stripe down the sides and no shoes at all for the mutant as he peeks into the rec room and scans around looking before entering.

Scott stumbles in with his laptop. He seems to be trying to fix it based on the software he is running. "Has anyone seen Killian or Miss Frost yet?" He seems actually concerned. "I'm hoping that they are back by now from wherever they are."

Marie's eyes go up at the voice of Jose and she shows him a big smile. "Hey there, kiddo." She says at him. "Well… last night I ran across my old drawing kit in the bottom of my desk drawer… thought I'd take it out for a spin again. I used to love art class the most in school, so… I'm trying to draw a picture of my horse." She spins the leather bound book around and shows off an actually very good pencil-sketch drawing of her horse with all brown fur, except for four white socks. When she heard the question from Soctt then she looked over at him. "I didn't even know they'd gone anywhere…" She says back at him. "Why would Emma take Killian somewhere?" She caught the sight of Basketball Vince and she grinned at him.

Jose crosses his arms "Becuase Killian is apprently a sleeper agent or some crap like that" he states rather unhappily seeming worried "Bunch of bull. Been listening out for any sign of Killian and Emma" grumbles in several different voice, likely not realizing he is doing as such. Regardless he does say to Marie "Nice horse by the way. Aweful purdy the way she looks"

Vincent's now somewhat 5-o'clock shadowed face gives Marie a really quick smirk in greeting as he steps in all the way and shuts the door behind him. He's expecting to be at Scott and Jose's back so hopefully they don't notice him as he moves around the perimeter of the room.

Scott looks at Jose, "Can you gear up tomorrow? And get your passport ready? It looks like we might be going to France to go looking for two of our own." He pauses, "Shit, I wish we had Doug around. He'd be a perfect translator should we need one. Maybe we'll do this on Wednesday instead. Tomorrow, we'll go get Doug out from the Sentinel Project." He looks at Jose and point at him. "We're going to need you on your best behavior if you and I are are leading a small rescue party tomorrow night."

Marie leans back in her chair after smiling at Jose and giving him a nod of her head. "Thanks." She said about the compliment for her picture. She glanced at Vince again who was sneakin' about but she didn't rat him out, just let him do his thing. After hearing Scott starting out. "France…?" she asked him then. "Sentinels?" Her gzaze shifts from Scott to Jose, back to Scott. "Kid's not even got an hour of combat trainin' under his belt, Chief. I don't know if you should be takin' a fifteen year old student into war…"
Jose crosses his arm "Hey, helped fight demons before? I think I'll be fine thank you very much" he says in his defense, Samuel did after all show him that video of them in hell. Regardless he says to Scott "I have all my gear on me already" points at his headphones…becuase besides a few momemnto what gear could he possibly have. But he nods "And yea, I be on my best behavior, promise. Though we should take Marie, I swear I heard her speak french loads of time. Else someone else is doing it"
Scott blinks, "We still need to rescue Doug from the Sentinels! He's like six hours away in Pittsburgh. We need to rescue him as well!" He facepalms, "Remind me to give Logan a beer and send him out that way. He'd have him back by now." He then looks back at Jose; "You do know that Marie /is/ your French teacher next semester, right?"

That's when Vince steps forward. "What's happening in France?" The young mutant teachers aide asks as he steps forwards, he wants to help, and he thinks he might be useful in a fight. He did do a lot of it to survive out on his own. "I may not have training but I've got real world experience."

Marie just sits there, leaned back in her chair now with her drawing pencil resting in her right gloved hand… she lets the pencil roll over her fingers, nimbly moving it from one to the next like it was 'walking' across her hand almost. She just eyes the three boys as they cat about all their plans.

Jose glances to Vince, he was shocked, he had heard him after all "We're looking for Killian" he then looks to Scott "Well if thats true what we sticking around here for?" the young mutant as unexperinced as he was, was rather enthusiastic about the whole thing. But then he blinks at Scott "8th graders take french class!". For all intent and purposes, Jose was still in middleschool, and might be going to highschool if he did well enough in summer courses. But then he looks to Marie "What you think bout all this?"
Scott looks at the group, "We do need to rescue Doug… aka Cypher." He frowns; getting ready for the big reveal should anyone ask. "So, Vince, Marie, Jose, and myself. We'll rescue Doug tomorrow. Deal?" He looks over the group again; waiting for Marie to snap at him should she question his idea. "Jose, we're going to be testing you big time tomorrow but I believe in you. Do you think you can handle this?"

Vincent gulps as he looks to Marie, waiting to hear what she has to say. Seems like his volunteering wasn't even questioned as Jose is the main concern though according to the boy, he's done a lot more group fighting than Vince has. "Is there a costume or anything?" Vince asks stupidly.

Marie listens to all of them, first giving Jose a small glance at him asking her which she smiled softly at and then to the other two. She tapped her pencil on the table softly a few times. "I guess I haven't put on that black leather suit in awhile…" She huffed out an exhale and looked at Vince. "There's protective gear. I'm one of the standard uniforms would fit you… Some color choices too, blue and gold suits, black… some others." She then smirks at Scott. "If some'a our folk really are in danger, then I'll be there to bust'em out."

Jose nods at Marie and then he looks to Scott and considers the question. Not one to lie and be honest normally he goes with the flow "I can try. And if I can't hopefully I knock out everyone else before the team get knocked out" is his reponse. He then does the robot and days in a robotic voice "Side how bad can giant Killer Robots be?"

Scott nods to Marie; "I know I can always count on you." He then looks at Vince; "What's your code-name?" He looks at Jose, "And pick one. I was thinking of calling you DecihHell because you are Hell on the ears." He smirks before he looks back at the group one last time, "I'm going to try and call Emma first but we do need to get Doug back."

As Scott asks his codename, Vincent's attention snaps to Marie as she had joked earlier about his having some awful combination of words to be his code name. "No." He mouths silently while walking to her side briskly as if to have a quick conference about it.

Marie smirked at Jose's little question. "They try to design these things to match every registered mutant power, to discover weaknessses in all of us… so they can break us down and murder us… the things represent the worst of everything going on between humankind and mutantkind." She regarded Scott with a smile at her being worthy of being counted on and then when Vince approached she grinned at him. "I told ya it'd come up eventually. I say you just make it some'n simple, like Spike."

Jose cants his head at Marie. It never easy to tell when the young mutant is taking something serioues or not. So he gives a thumbs up and says "Bring it!" He then looks to Scott "Aint that obviouse. I am" wait for it "Echo" an unknown voice rings out from nowhere and everywhere and repeats several times, each one quiet then the last like an actual echo "Simple and to the point"
(OOC:) Scott says "Stubble, anger issues, tossing beer bottles at Logan…"
Scott just looks at Jose, "Echo? Really?" He shakes his head, "IF you're 'Echo' does that make us the 'Bunnymen?' Come on, pick something better. I'm Cyclops but at least that sounds intimidating."

Whispering, "I'm not going to use spike." Vincent says with a frown and shakes of his head. "Isn't that taken anyways?" He does look over to Scott and then Jose, finally back to Scott, "Echo does kind of make sense."
Scott smirks, "I was kidding with Echo." He then looks at Vincent, "You're kind of like Fort Knox. You take a beating but can give it back. Knox." He then nods, "Yeah… Spike." He rolls his eyes. "Don't remind me." He looks at Jose, "You two would get along."

"Codenames aren't exclusive… I mean ya can't throw a copywrite claim on one." Marie said with a light smile while she started putting her drawing tools away back in their nice wooden box. "There's probably several other folk out there that call themself Rogue…"

Jose looks to Scott "Hey, I rather be called an Echo, then be named after a mythical creature who dies becuase he is to stupid to realize that he needs to stop echoing the name Noman in order to get help" is his reply back "And sides, it what I do" he grins at Vincent "WHy not just go with Vince?"

"I'm not against that Jose, but Summers makes it sound like it's a requirement." Vincent says after shrugging off the suggestion of Knox. Makes him sound like a beefy armed fighting robot.

"I'm sure there are, but you easily take the cake as the best." Vince says, nudging Marie with his shoulder.

Marie drew in a breath and then exhaled it. She sat the wooden box of art supplies down atop her leather drawing book and then looked to Scott. "Can just put him down as Vince in your books, Scott'o. I don't think he'll ever come up with one he likes." She looks up at Vince then and gives him a big grin. "And thats perfectly fine." She reached over and patted his arm softly several small times.
Scott finishes doing something with his phone and then a minute or two later, a wait staff delivers some food to the Rec Room for Scott. He sets up his pizza and stack of cookies before he looks at Jose, Vincent, and Marie, "So, who wants some food?" He nods to Marie, "So, 'Vince,' how old exactly are you again?"
Old enough to kill you.

Jose already has some cookies in his hands. The kid works fast "What you say?" he scarfs down another cookie happily. "Vince is a good one. We practicly call him that anyways!"

Looking at Marie, Scott gives her a quick nod and heads over to her; "I'm thinking of bringing Vincent in on the team." He says that; in almost a whisper and he hopes that Jose can't exactly hear him, "I'm also thinking of starting up the experiment with Jose. The third option. He's a perfect candidate for it."

Jose cant his head. Yea, conversation for a mile away, Scott whisppering in the same room….not much of a difference "Sp what experiment is this?" he asks bluntly. His eyes were locked on Scott, like a jet missile to a target

Vincent looks over to Marie, his face stoic like it normally is, though his eyes betray a hint of worry that the woman would be the only one to see. "Uh, What team Scott?" Vince asks, turning his head around.

Scott waits for Marie; "Dammit, the two of you will never let me keep a secert, will you?" He grins, "Vincent, have you—" He turns to face him, "Ever considered being an X-Man? You have the courage and skills that we are looking for." He smiles warmly, "And Jose. You're too young for that kind of options," He faces him, "So I have been working with some others to set up a group where you can be capable of being the best that you can be. You're going to have your own uniform as well. You're part of a project called 'Generation X.' You're one of a few candidates. From there, you will advance into the New Mutants and X-Men should you prove you can handle it."

Marie stood up from her chair and she went to the kitchen to get a drink. She came back to stand near Scott and she reached a gloved hand out to pat his stomach. "Keep eatin' pizza and you're not going to look as good in them sweaters." She teased him before taking a slice of pizza for herself. "I showed Vince the bird…" She said to Scott then, with a 'knowing' look… She looked back to Vince then. "And I think this all sounds appropriate… we're on thin ice with Jean, walkin' in the woods all the time."

Jose cants his head. He looked oddly weired out and even shivers "Long as you don't do some were mad sciene stuff on me, I say why not!" he grins inviting the oppotinuty along "Sides I can handle anything you throw at me….now what this about the bird?" he tweets like one

"I hadn't really considered it." Vince says with a shrug while looking more at Marie. "Bird?" Vincent asks confused before it clicks what the bird was. "Oh yeah. That's awesome." Vincent says with a smirk to Jose.

Scott grins, "Well, we'll have to talk more about this later." He then shutters about the thought of Jean. He tries to not comment.

Jose nods at Scott and then hops onto a nearby counter getting a drink from behind and a bag of shockers "So, we saving Doug first and then Killian, right?"

Marie moves around behind Vince and she puts her gloved hands onto his shoulders, giving them a soft squeeze. "We'll get you suited up in a nice black leather bodyglove." She grins at him as she rubs his shoulders. "Doesn't that sound nice?" Suddenly the bone claws on both of her hands pop out, right beside Vince's face on either side!

Scott stretches, "Jose, what are you eating?" He grins.

Vince looks over his shoulder at Marie with one eye, "I'm sure you'd LOVE that wouldn't you." He says with a wink before turning to look away and then jumping out of his skin nearly. "The fuck Marie?!" The healer says moving forwards, away from his girl friend.

Jose looks to Scott "Shockers, garentee to give your mouth a zing" pops 10 into his mouth and chews. Luckly he can chew quietly! He get the sour overload face but pulls through it and drinks some cook

Marie leaps back when Vincent leaps forward! She lifts her hands back and lookws at the long boney claws stick out of her hands and her gloves. "God damnit! not another pair of gloves!" She shouts loudly before she looks up at Vince…. the claws shoot back into her hands and she winces at Vinces. "Sorry?" She tells him. "I was massagin ya and… I just don't quite have full control of them yet…" She started to rub the back of her left hand… it hurt badly every time the things shot out of her nearly invulnerable skin.

Vincent's never shown her his fully and has only kissed her the one time. He does note that the shape of the bones are similar to someone else's around the mansion. "I uh, guess you bumped into Logan recently?" He asks, with a raised eyebrow, not sure he wants to hear the answer.

Scott looks back at the action between Vince and Marie. He then looks at Jose, "Maybe Marie needs a Shocker?" He grins before he looks at Jose, "Wait, don't. She'll stab me."

Marie kept wincing a little at the words from him and she shrugged her shoulders softly once inside the green tshirt she had on. "He tackled me into the pool last month at the staff party." She says. "I got the claws then, and they were just about faded away outta my system until last night when Logan was trying to make someone woman feel jealous? And he just leaned in and kissed me." She lifted her black gloved hands up and showed them off, holes in the tops of the gloves and all. "So they're recharged now? Another month? Maybe two… now?" She softly shook her head. "I - I don't know exactly, my absorption is weird like that."

Jose grins, it was too late. he was already heading over to Marie. he hold up a green shocker "From Scott to you" he says

Vincent actually recoils visibly when she tells him about the kiss. "I. Oh." He says softly, looking down at her feet, likely the first time he's not looked at her face in a normal setting. "Okay." He is rather quiet, wanting to move for the door but he stays still. Fight or flight is acting up this time. He waits for things to get worse or not…

Marie looked down at Jose as he offered her the candied treat. She reached out and took it in her forefinger and thumb, staring at it. Her green eyes went up to Vince's face and she watched hsi reaction to this. "I told ya, all ya'll guys keep leaping at me for the lips… its outta my control!" She says before looking back to Jose. "Go tell him that I'm gonna stab him." She says to the young mutant.

Dyson ambles into the Rec Room, looking tired though it's nowhere near morning OR bed. He didn't realize there were other people here and is about to offer a hello when he overhears something about stabbing, and sloooowly starts to turn around.

"I believe you." Vince says looking back up to her eyes faintly. They flash her a faint smile before he turns around and starts to walk towards the door, slipping past Dyson on his way out.

Jose quickly incepts Dyson after Marie takes the candy "Whoa big guy, no need to run away. Folks joking and having fun. Like How I threaten to push you off a cliff" he says with a grin
Scott grins at Jose; "Man, this kid will do anything. Almost the prefect 'minion.' Or something." He ignores that Marie threatened to stab him. "Jose, wanna go grab ice cream? I think we need to prank Drake-…" He then spots Dyson though and he waves.

Marie watches Vince walk out… she wasn't the type to chase after guys if she didn't feel like she did anything wrong and she doesn't think she did anything wrong, but she wasn't entirley sure. She looked at Dyson then, but Jose was harrassing him already. "Jose! don't scare the new kid… god, you'll end up turning him into Killian part two…" She turned to the table she was seat at… sat down at it and put her face down on her leather art book… and quietly moand in frustration.

Dyson stops and turns back, giving Jose an odd look. "But w-why would you threaten to do that in teh f-first place?" he asks, obviously not used to being the but of /friendly/ jokes. He returns Scott's wave andsteps aside for the other man he doesn't know. He raises a hairless brow, casting a look at Marie. "H-He's not scaring me. Just c-confusing. Like e-everyone else around here." he says as he makes for the fridges and fetches himself a 2L bottle of Dr. Pepper.

Jose blinks and shrugs "Don't know. Just how I am? I remeber, when I had a job, I threatned to run my co workers over with a car among other things. They thought me crazy and would laugh about it! Worked in a garden shop then. I also used to name all the hoes there" he nods, and seems like he actualy means what he says "Good times"

Scott looks back at Dyson and worries that he might get diabetes with the amount of soda he drinks. He then looks at Jose teasing Dyson and spots Marie He decides he might remain quiet.

Marie, with head down on the table, hears the boy's talking to her right. "I'm not confusing, Dyson." She says, her voice muffled by the table. "I'm just surrounded by hormonal men." She then lifted her head up and reached over for her tea. She took a sip from it and stared across the room and quiet shadey-eyes Scott. "You're plottin somethin aren't you, Clops?" She asked him.

"Always plotting something, Marie. Always plotting something," Scott says before he blushes, "But I promise that I am not plotting to kiss you. Not that —-" He shrugs, "Forget it. You know why. Emma would kill me." He smirks.

Dyson takes a few big gulps, almost draining the bottle by half, then lets out a loud but short burp…. Then blushes and grins at Jose. "C-Co-workers? What was your j-job?" he asks and leans back against the counter.. basically sitting on it. "I am n-not discriminating, Miss MArie.. You are /all/ confusing." he says, half joking then furrows his brow at Cyclops.

Jose grins "Sales associate. I help to sell plants and find folks what they need" he open his mouth and mimics Dyson burp just for fun "You know, I doubt I can beat you in a burping contest" he sits in a chair, with his feet hooked over the back, his back on the seat and his head pointing towards the ground "But I quite after a few weeks" he admits.

Marie stood up from the table with all of her stuff and she walked across the room past Jose and Dyson. "Sorry its been so weird around here, Dyson… but, its proably just gonna get worse before it gets better." She walked over to where Scott was and sat down next to him. "Emma stole Killian? Cause she said he was a spy? Killian's not a spy, you know, right? I've spent a lot of time with him… he's just a grumpy emo little teenage boy."

Scott looks at Marie, "Sam presented info to Emma about Killian being a spy. Something about working with a 'Mister S' or something." He looks around, "Also, this was kind of the type of topic we should not talk about in front of Dyson. We're going to scare him away."

Dyson eyes Jose for a moment, then smirks. "P-Plants, huh?" he quips, sounding not qyite a naive as he sometimes lets on, for a moment at least. He then shrugs and drains the last of the soda to less than the dregs and then walks to a fridge and starts flling the bottle with water from the dispenser and looks back over his shoulder at Scott and Marie both, sighing. "Spies. M-Mercenaries. Agents. A-Avengers." he turns around now, facing the others with arms now crossed. "SInce I h-have no real choice in being here and y-you all keep dropping these little nuggets… M-Maybe you should just, oh I dunno, just /tell/ me everything?" he asks. He almost seems… well.. angry.

Jose nods "Yes, plants. You know the things that grow in the ground?" he wonder what was so odd bout that. But at seeing Dyson looking almost angry he cants his head "Well what you want to know exactly? I am more or less an open book"

Scott looks at Marie and Jose. "Can you explain the situations to Dyson?" He looks back at Dyson, "I'm not just Scott Summers. I'm also Cyclops; a 'superhero' if you will." He gestures to the others, "We're the X-Men and the teams that are part of it." He bites his lower lip. "We're good guys. I promise."

Marie listens to Scott just throw it all out there and she drops her head back on the sofa and stares at the ceiling of the recreation room. "We're a school that houses mutants… but we don't like to tell the world that thats the case… because a lot of folk in the world want to harm mutants. Thats the big secret. We're just trying to offer a place for young mutants to come and learn skills without suffering from judgement or ridicule."

Jose adds on "And so, the x-men and asscociated team try to deal the covert problem that may threaten the school or mutants in general. Right now, a kid named Doug has been captured by Sentinels, so we're preparing a rescue mission to get him back. And we're also searching for our friend Killion who has gone missing. Basicly, alot of weird craps happens behind the scenes, even more then you see on the cover" he grins "And some students, if they so choose to accept or something like that become a part of it"(repose with my name)

Dyson frowns a bit at the teachers and their explanation, and looks even more stubborn now, and perhaps peeved,. "So this school is.. wh-what? less like being the mutant version of Eastland School, with one o-of you playing Edna Garrett, and instead being b-being Hogwarts…." he takes a deep and steadying breath "… Complete with, a-apparently Dumbdore's army? Holy /crap/." he pushes off the counter and starts pacing in a circle. "Pk… I g-get that we are not advertising to the public in g-general. Believe me, I d-do. But there is a d-difference between opening a school to h-help mutants.. and housing what sounds l-like a covert militia m-made UP of mutants among the s-students and staff!" He stops quickly and turns to Jose. "You are y-younger than /me/. I'm /sorry/ your f-friend is in danger. But neither of u-us can even VOTE yet, let along j-join the army. And they /recruit/ from a-among teh students who meet their standards? Do you /know/ who else hides /combatants/ among c-civilian populations and recruits from them? /Terrorists/!"

Jose waves his hand "Whoa big guy, calm down. Not it's not a private army! I not really sure how student recruitments are based. I think it goes with weather ot not it will help the student grow in the long run?" looks to Scott and Marie for confirmation on that one but then looks back to Dyson "But for the record, do you know what else Terrosits do? Purposely go out to kill folks, goverment, or building that don't agree with them. We definitly don't do that. Part of being part of this school is trying to coexist peacefully with humans. We're not looking for trouble, we don't want trouble. Hell most of us avoid trouble. But sometimes, trouble finds you. What do you do then? Just call up the police and say 'Hey, one of my kids was kidnapped by giant robots becuase he a mutant, mind helping us'?"

Marie stands up from the seat next to Scott and she exhales. Then she walks toward Jose and Dyson and she looks up at him. "You should probably meet with the Professor and propose any questions you may have with him." She glanced at Jose then back at Scott. "I figure that'd be more comforting than hearing about it from us." She glanced up at the big one again. "We're not terrorists. We're simply trying to help the mutants that are hurting, or being hurt by others. We're trying to smooth out the tumultuous waters of human and mutant relationships." She starts to walk toward the rec room doors and turns back a moment. "Just go and see the Professor when he's available. He'll explain it all."

Dyson grinds his teeth a little, a very dsiconcerting sound considering his inhuman strength and the fact that said teeth (as well as the rest of him) is invulnerable. He glares a moment at Jose, not angry wioth the kid but at the situation. "Y-Yes! Thats what we are SUPPOSED to do. G-Go to the police. B-because if we /don't/ and k-keep trying to protect /ourselves/ w-without legitimacy we are /screwing/ ourselves. Y-you can't fight from OUTSIDE the system. You n-need to fight from within!" he turns those black eyes on Marie. "Okay, so n-not terrorists. What then? F-Freedom Fighters? Do you understand h-how thin the line is between the two? And You a-are damned right I a-am gonna talk to the Proffessor about this. I came to this school to b-be safe. And if p-people start c-coming after your X-men or whatever you want t-to call them h-how long before you /can't/ keep us safe. How many students /know/ about all this? Did he t-tell their /PARENTS/ that this school could become a /target/. People a-already /died/ because I was a target. " Sets down his bottle and stomps for the door, but comes to a stop a few feet short and turns and looks at /all/ of them. He looks about to say something but his eyes are getting puffy, and he wipes at them one before storming out.

Marie watched Dyson go and she sighed. She glanced back at Jose and Scott. "This is why we can't talk like this in public. Jose… you get excited at these prospects, but not all of these students are like you." She tells the boy, looking to the teacher then. "Scott… not every mutant is going to grow up and want to be in the X-Men… some of them just want to live a peaceful life without being a self proclaimed 'superhero'." She went to the table and picked up her belongings there and then made for the door to leave also.

Jose ears twitch as he hears that grinding sound. But he look were Dyson stompped out "Well….that could have gone better" he crosses his arm, not angrily but worried. He rocks his head back and forth as if trying to decide something "I'll check on him in a few, needs the time I bet." He rolls off the chair and onto his feet, wondering what he could even do to help fix this mess. He then nods at Marie in understanding.

Scott looks back at the others; "Give him space and he'll see what we are all about. He needs his space to digest what just happened." He hands Jose the bag of Shockers; "Now, we need to show him that we are normal. Well, as normal as mutants can be." He grins at Marie; "I know he's not a superhero… yet. But he will see he was meant to be here and for greater reasons." He remains calm. "And Jose?"

Jose cants his head "Yea" is already picking through the shockers "Hmmmmm"

Scott smiles, "Good speech." He seems sincere about being impressed by Jose's comments. "You're coming along fine."

Jose shrugs "Just repeatings I hear is all" though he does offer Scott a grin. He glances up his ears twitching now and again "But Marie does have a point. If he does just a normal life, he should" he whistles and heads for the door "I'll give him these in a bit. Like yer said, needs some time"

"There's nothing saying that Dyson has to be a hero or a not just another student," says Scott as he gets ready to head out. "Have a good night, Jose. Don't drink all the Red Bulls I hid in tha above counter." He leaves now.

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