2015-06-04 Jr Avenger Zombie
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S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ: Food Court
Polished concrete floors and a circular shaped room is the foodcourt. It has a few support pillars that stretch up to the ceilings where bright white lights hang down to illuminate the area. There are a large number of round metal tables and semi-comfortable looking chairs that surround each table.
The food court is essentially a buffet where the kitchen staff puts a number of choices out for employees to come and choose what meal they wish to eat on their own. Though the food is more plentiful during specifics hours, there is always at least something able to be eaten here as there is always a kitchen staff on duty willing to cook something up for employees at even an odd hour of the day.


Natasha had been working at the HQ since late last night and this was her first time to get a break. She found herself in the food court gathering up a tray of various types of eats… she was in full uniform infact, even with her sidearms holstered on her hips, she hadn't had a chance to change before just simply wanting to grab food and devour it. So here she was, grabbing a bottle of vitamin water off a metal shelf that was loaded with them… and heading for a table, eyes scanning the tables within the court.

Zyraline wanders in, swiping and tapping her tablet notebook. She slowly shuffles her way through to collect her tray, being careful not to bump into anyone. Rather a lot of pictures of shoes, and what look like schematics - for shoes. She sets the tablet on a tray and begins collecting a meager assortment of food, focusing on meat and sweets.

Natasha saw that the place was only about a quarter full to capacity and it was mostly people she didn't know, well, personally at least. So she sat down at an empty table and put her tray in front of her. She took a moment to open her water bottle and then take a sip from it. While sipping her green eyes noted the arrival of Zyra… that interesting girl from the warehouse, and Stark's party. She watched her go about starting to get food and then simply went on to start eating some of her own that she'd picked out.

Zyraline pushes her tray along, collecting a cup of tea double-strong with 3 sugars, and starts moving to an open place to sit. Briefly she notices natasha, and ponders for several moments before comments "ah, not a lawyer…" and sits down at a nearby table.

Natasha looks up at her and she gives the girl a grin and a slight shake of her head. "Not a lawyer." She tells her as she forks at the salad on her table. "I'm sorry for misleading, but its something I have to do in situations such as that one." She nods toward one of the three open chairs at her table. "Join me, if you'd like."

Zyraline moves over to natasha's table and takes a seat. "i don't like being deceived, but it's not like you can go around say 'hey i'm a shield agent, but please pretend i'm a lawyer. shhh just between us' any more then i'm eager to tell poeple about myself."

Natasha grinned at the girl's words and she glanced at her when the girl joined her at the table. "Yeah." Is all the spy really gave in response to that. She released a soft exhale. "Admittedly I was surprised to see you there… but at the same time, I know just how big the net is for a Stark party… draws a lot of bodies in." She lifted her drink up for a sip. "You were with Samuel Morgan… friends with him?" She asked.

Zyraline shrugs at natasha "i'd say pals, we've hung out a couple times, usually revolving around Jose. I'd seen him in china-town while i was picking up that last of the silk for Mr Terrock's suit and thought i'd stop and say hello. that's when he got the message about the party, so i was literally just in the right place at the right time to catch it." she munches on some lunch-meat briefly while giving her notpad a swipe to a new set of pictures.

Natasha gently nods a couple of times to the girl's words. "He's a good kid, as far as I know. I'm actually the one who put him on Stark's invite list to that party infact. Because I knew how much of a fan he is of Stark." She took a moment to fork at her food again. "Has he told you much about that school he attends?" The agent asked then.

Zyraline shakes her head at natasha. "nope, and i got my GED so that i wouldn't HAVE to deal with school anymore" with a chuckle. "it was a bit of a cluster-F,,, well you know. does Mr Stark always do parties spur of the moment like that?"

Natasha flashed a smile then as she adjusted a napkin on the table beside her metal tray. "No." She said with amusement in her tone. "Most of his parties are planned, infact, well in advance. Generally they are for fundraising purposes for charity, or post-tech-expo scenarios, wanting to keep the positive feelings going after a big show of some new tech." She took another sip of her vitamin water and glanced at the girl's tablet computer. "Nice boots." She idly commented.

Zyraline chuckles at that "So he has a lot of business/working parties… Full of himself, workaholic, difficult to draw his attention outside his own interests.. " realises if she's literally billions of dollars and dating habits away from being a female tony stark. You can see the shiver go up her spine. Commenting on the boots snaps her out of the internal monologue "Oh i like to sew. i needed a new project and well, i don't wanna go the old route of painting doc-martins, so i going to do like a pair of slip cover style spats to go over a nice pair of like 18 eyelet boots."
I don't understand that.

Natasha flashed another smile at the summation of Stark. She had other words to say on that subject but she kept them to herself, for now. A slow pair of nods was given then as she watched the girl who gave details on the boots and her project involving them. "Thats an impressive hobby to have for someone your age." She told her. "Is that something you want to make a full time career someday, or… keep it in the hobby arena?" She inquired, her right hand toying with her food a moment before taking a small bite off of the sharp fork's end.

Zyraline says "i'm already working on making it a career, one client at a time. I made a black silk suit for Mr Terrock already. Hand-tailored made from scratch. poeple occasionally offer me part time jobs but i love to sew. i really only have one client for now, but when he's ordering 3 piece suits hand tailored in silk and fine cotton, i need meyey 2 more clients once a month to cover rent. pocket change for now, but if i can add say, a matt murdock and a tony stark, that's name recognition for a starting young artist as well as people i know can pay. well one of them anyway." and she smiles.

This warranted a grin out of Natasha. "I see." She replied at first to the girl whom she'd seen at Murdock's lawfirm the other day past, almost a week ago now, but she hadn't engaged her in a conversation there, nor had Zyra seen her face while there. "Would you like me to put in a word with Tony?" She asked. "I'm sure he'd wear it to one of his events… but, wait, you know what?" She reached down on her belt and pulled a sleek smart phone out of its pouch there. "You'll need a website first… she goes to tap the screen of her phone and looked up at the girl. "Assuming you don't have one?" She asked then.

Zyraline shakes her head "doing a no on the seamstress website until i have a few returning clients. plus i have to get the OK from Mr Terrock first. i'm a stickler for asking permissions for pictures. i already have a personal space on pinterest showing off my personal projects like my kilt here." She stands up briefly to show you.

Natasha eyed the kilt and nodded softly a couple times, giving another small smile. "Very nice." She told the other then. "Well I suggest the website because… Tony's attire gets brought up during his large events, they will give the name of who made it… you know, 'Who is Tony Stark wearing'." She laid her hand over herphone on the table's top. "This is why you'd want a website, because it would inevitably get you some serious hits on it. Some very high end clientel. If you're as good as you seem to me." She shook her head lightly once then. "I am not familiar with any… Mister Terrock's, however."

Zyraline ohs saying "then i'll do a website up if i get something going with Mr Stark. put a 'hot ticket' fixed at the top of the page so Mr Stark can Debut as a main ticket but then end up in the archives later". Zyraline then hrms at a thought, still unaware natasha was at the docks… "well Mr Terrock is like 7'5 or so, big beard, thigh bushy head of hair, barrel chest, thick arms, more typically muscular build, last time i saw him before i finished the suit, he had this kindof spandexy synthetic bright red 'i'm pretending i'm the devil' looking suit on that was, a nice cut and flattering on him but more like a costume piece then a proper suit."

Natasha listened closely to the girl and even released a light laugh. "Be-still-my-heart." She said at the mention of the man's description. "Sounds like a barbarian man, just my type." She grinned, jesting of course. She took another sip of her drink then. "Sounds like you did him a good favor. Some guys grow up and never really know how to evolve their wardrobe with their age leaving their teens or twenties… They end up wearing cargo shorts into their 30s and beyond. Its, sad, really." She said with a small smile. "You'll have to send me some photos and I can show them off to Stark… I know it won't interest him much, to be honest, but he'll wear it if its a good suit and makes him look dapper… or at least if I say he looks dapper in it." She held a faint grin there.

Zyraline chuckles at natasha's comments. After a moment she says "well, i can send you images of just the suit. it doesn't do as much justice without Mr Terrock wearing it, but you can at least get a ballpack for what i can work with." she flips and swipes her notebook till she gets the images to come up, of terrock's suit on a very padded seamstress manequin.

Natasha leaned forward then on her seat and looked down at the images on the tablet. She stared a moment before glancing up at the girl. "This isn't a hobby for you, this is a mastery level career here." She tells her with a serious tone. "I'm impressed." She simplifies it as she leans back in her seat again against the metal of the chair's back. "You could be charging quite a lot for this sort of thing and have quite a life for yourself."

Zyraline nods at natasha "i've been working at it for over a decade. literally most of my life has been spent sewing. i picked up a needle and thread when i was 5, and there hasn't been a point in my life where i didn't love doing it. some people are good at smashing hydra agents, i can sew, but i love doing it. i don't wanna get burned out, but i'm at that point where i'm beginning to come into a real level of talent. now i need some clients, and it can actually become a career rather then a job."

Natasha listened to this closely and let it all sink in for a few seconds before she summoned a faint smile. "I've seen you handle yourself rather well with Hydra. So I think you're capable of a great many things, quite actually." She tells the girl, tapping her fingers of her right hand against the table lightly. "And, I'll be more than happy to help you get this tailoring gig off the ground, if you'd like that too. Maybe you could even open a shop in New York… that'd be something, huh?"

Zyraline chuckles and nods at natash "but first things first, a couple clients and a couple good looking suits, and then a webpage." she hrms for a moment before asking "you've seen me handle myself with hydra agents?"

Natasha slowly nodded her head a pair of times at the girl. "Yes." She replies to her. "I was there at the warehouse the night that you rushed in to offer assistance. Very brave of you to do that. Foolish as hell… But it was very brave. And you displayed a large amount of talent, albeit a bit morbid talent… but talent none-the-less. I've done some reading on your in your Shield files. You're an intriguing one. I'm not sure you've even figured out half of what you're possibly capable of yet, but what you do know, you seem to be using… responsibily. I admire that."

Zyraline shrugs at natasha's words and nods "i'd kill a cereal killer, or to interrupt a murder, but i don't believe in indescrimenant killing. the ends don't justify the means, but sometimes a murderer has to die to prevent the death of his or her future victems. i don't have the right to choose but i definately won't stand by for the death of an innocent. and i may look fragile, but i simply managed to get through that fight without getting hit. you'd have gotten a different picture of the situation, if i had been. i'm keenly aware of my abilities, all of them, simply not thier full scope."

Natasha gave another short nod of her head to the girl. "One has to be fully confident in their decision that a target, is infact deserving of death… Otherwise it could heavily affect you internally, should evidence come to light to suggest that he was infact, innocent." She then drew in a light breath, moved her hand to grab her drink and lift it up to her lips for a sip of it. "Perhaps we should advance your training some. Take it to the next level, so to speak… That is to say… if fighting, and defending the innocent is something you're interested in continuing doing with your life? Or if you'd rather focus entirely upon the Tailor-lifestyle."

Zyraline hrms at that.. "if you're asking me to choose between helping people, and sewing, that's not even a decision i can think about yet. but i wouldn't mind some training. i like to make informed choices and if i don't know what possibilities lie out there for me OTHER then sewing i can't decide properly if sewing is the one thing i really want to do. you know?"

Natasha grinend at Zyra's response faintly. "Well, let us help you with that." She said then. "Shield has been keeping tabs on your actions for some time, and no red flags have come up. You seem to live with the best intentions as your guiding force… I admire that." She says. She sits up in her chair then and messes with her food tray,organizing some of the finished dishes and utensils. "How would you like to come to the Avengers mansion and enroll in the Junior Member program?" She asked her. "We could assist you with training and maybe help develop some of your talents there… see if the team itself is something you'd like to e apart of?"

Zyraline woah's at that "that would be great. i've never heard of the Jr Avengers, what's the deal with them?" she's, kindof heard of the avengers, who hasn't. "i've heard about the avengers on some of the news reports, but i've been mostly living in small town america, then being dead, then trying to sort out my life as a living dead person in a big city. i've had a lot on my plate lately".

Natasha grinned softly at Zyra's latter words. "Yes, that is a unique situation. One that I'm… fairly unaware of the side effects on how that much effect yoru psyche. Even after all of my eighty seven years on this planet, I haven't run across someone precisely similar to you, or even close, truly." She then paused and exhaled lightly. "The Junior Avengers are an entry level program. You work with us, the main team, in training scenarios and exercises that we use to gauge your skills and how much of an assistance you could be to the full Avenger team. Its like an apprentice-ship, basically. You can live and stay at the mansion, interact with all of us on a daily basis and should your skills improve to a serviceable level… go out on missions alongside us… and one day, when its decided most fitting, you become a full member."

Zyraline listens to natasha nodding at what she says. She then adds "i have almost zero servicable 'skill'. i have some abilities most of which you're aware of, and i'm almost un-killable. firstly i'm already dead, and secondly i can heal or regenerate any damage i take which doesn't oblivionate me. i havn't experiemented with head injuries, but the car accident that pulverized me was completely healed after the chemicals i was exposed to altered my body. i still feel pain though, which sucks, but i have no heartbeat or circulation, and i only breath to talk."

Walking into the food court area is Tony, not often he is here but lately he has been working on some stuff. Glancing around a moment he grabs a tray and begins getting some food for himself. A salad, some kind of sandwich, a jello dessert of some kind, and a bottled water as well as an apple. "

Walking into the food court area is Tony, not often he is here but lately he has been working on some stuff. Glancing around a moment he grabs a tray and begins getting some food for himself. A salad, some kind of sandwich, a jello dessert of some kind, and a bottled water as well as an apple.

Natasha listens to everything that Zyraline says in regards to her powers. "It sounds like a very similar set of initial powers to a member we already have in our team. Wade Wilson." She tells the girl before she notes the arrival of the swaggering Tony getting himself some food. She tries to signal at him with a raise of her right hand and a litle wave, if the trillionaire would just look her way.

Zyraline hrms at that "don't recall meeting wade. basically at the docks i knew i could run into harms way, because the only way they could kill me, Maybey, is if they vaporized my head with an energy weapon, i'm just not all technicly proficient with guns and fighting and spycraft and such." she glances over offers a half-hearted wave to the chillax wealthy-dude.

Tony does notice the wave and walks their way. "Hi. Mind if I join you?" he asks not wanting to intrude in case this is girl talk or something he shouldn't hear.

Natasha grinned at Zyraline and shook her head once. "Not everyone is good at that stuff. It takes a lot of time and dedication. But I saw you perform in the field and you did extremely well in a very nasty situation. With proper training? Who knows." When Tony showed up she half-smirked at him. "Sit, sit… I want you to meet your new tailor." She tells him.

Zyraline smiles and offers her hand to tony "pleasure to see you again, Mr Stark. I'm zyraline, skilled seamstress and now getting drawn into a shady world youngling avengers and veteran shield agents. i can show some of my work if you like, but i apprently come highly recommended."
me Tony. I remember you from the party." he grins before sitting down now. "We could always use stuff like that… Maybe you can help me with something that won't be so hot when in the suit."

Natasha grinned a bit and crossed her legs at the knee while sitting there, having finished her own meal now she was just lounging. "I suggested we could assist her with her extremely impressive skills by mentioning that you're wearing her attire at your next event. But, she should probably get a website first, for the inevitable visitors it would get based on that."

Zyraline would turn the tablet so tony can see the suit she has currently displayed. "Are you asking me, to make a breathable 2-3 piece formal suit that can be worn inside your iron-man armor? Cause i think i can do that, you'll just have to foreward me images of the color scemes of the armors you'd likely wear so i can make sure you don't step out of iron-man looking like some douche-bag car salesman." she nods at Natalie adding "if i know i have a celebrity endorsement i'll have a webpage knocked out in a day or two. i know a guy. was kindof thinking of making more exlusive like a best kept secret they have to hunt for a little bit, not too hard but a little bit trail of breadcrumbs. that'll keep me from getting burnt out with requests."

Tony looks at the picture, "Nice." he says taking out his cellphone, "Doesn't need to be formal." taking his cell he pulls up a picture of his suit. "That is the one I wear mostly."

Natasha listened to both of them as they spoke and she smirked softly. "I think the suit that Zyra would make for you would be more for your benefits and fundraising events, dearheart." She told him before taking another sip from her drink. "The stuff that Pepper organizes for you and you show up to late at? Remember those?" She grins at him.

Zyraline Ahhs and nods at tony's picture "So we're talking black suit, black tie, red shirt, black pants with gold stitched hem, and gold cufflinks/buttons. emphasis on breathability and low profile jewelry to prevent snagging, not sure about the handkerchief though, red or white…" she hrmms a moment pondering. she chuckles briefly at nat, commenting "Pepper? i don't believe i've met her."

Tony rubs his head, "Sounds good to me. Pepper is my assistant and is away right now." he answers. "So you need help to get things going like a backer?"

Natasha sat there holding her drink and listening to them and she nodded her head softly. "Yes. They often talk about the clothing you wear to your public events. I thought it'd be nice if you wore something of Zyra's and it could help her get her seamstress work some serious street cred."

Zyraline nods at natasha "jumping right to tony stark might be trimming the lawn with a combine, but it'll certainly take care of the buzz aspect of the business. i'm more small shop best kep secret situation so the backing i need is, pretty much just getting my name out there. plus i have until the suit is ready to have a working website. though at some point i will have to do some dresses or pants-suits for ladies, because i don't wanna get 'hemmed in' to menswear."

Tony nods his head, "I'll back you." he tells her. "Whatever you need." taking a bite of his sandwich he looks between them.

Zyraline nods at him "Thank you very much Mr… ah, Tony." she hrms a moments "first suit will be normal, but if i got my hands on some kevlar or flexweave or whatever secret squirrel cloth goes into armor theese days i could probably make you something a little on the defensive side too. while still maintaining highest possible standards for appearance."

Natasha grinned at the both of them and nodded once. "We have all those sorts of materials at the Avengers mansion, they'd be available to you in the workshop if you decided to sign on for the Junior team." She said, sipping her tea again. She stood up and picked her tray up to take it over to the counter where they were turned-in at.
[Avengers] Natasha: And we have to carry him around and put sunglasses on him and pretend he's alive the whole weekend.

Tony nods his head, "And we can even set you up with living spade and workspace in the mansion. Just tell me what you need and I can get you set up. Also if you want I cna move some funds into a business account for you to be able to get the web thing going, buy materials etc."

Zyraline smiles at both of them "that's awesome, i'd really like to work with some armor stuff. all those fundraisers that costumed freaks shoot up you'd think someone would learn to make an armored tuxedo already…" she sighs at that "oh and i have my clients do a down payment up front for materials costs. it's almost nothing out of my pocket. this is the standard for custom work because the likelihood anyone can use or want something specifically designed for a different person is minimal." she picks up her notepad and gives it a couple swipes and taps open her calander… "i have 1 project in progress, but i can get your measurements at some point this weekend, and probably be ready to start construction on monday, ready for fitting wednesday or thursday depending on your availability, ready for debut by saturday. at the earliest."
Zyraline adds next saturday for final product, at the earliest.

Natasha grinned as she came back and heard all of that. "Well great." She says, sitting down again at her chair. "Tony was shot recently, you know?" She asks. "He was in a regular old suit that had no such protection in it. Could've used you around a couple months ago, it would seem. Tailor to the Avengers." She said, glancing at Stark and reaching out to give his left shoulder a soft pat.

Tony takes out his wallet, "So how much?" he pulls out a stak of hunreds and begins counting them out, "Five?" laying five one hindred dollar bills down, "No?" he lays out three more waiting for her to say when its enough. He glances to Natasha nodding in agreement to her words before glancing back to Zyra, "Perhaps you could also make something for Natasha as well."

Zyraline hrms at tony "well it really depends, but for best heat issues, we're talking silk-weight polypropelene undergarments, high thread-count thin cotten, and silk for the jacket, cotton for the pants, 500 for yours would be fine. natasha would be an entirely different cenario. would she be in an active dress, coctail dress, modular dress, pants-suit, ladies suit with skirt, matching colors, comperable colors, totally her own color scheme, materials it's like a whole 'nother discussion. and who is this natasha anyway?" perfectly strait face, she has no idea.

Tony slides the five hundred towards her and the question makes him think a moment. "Just a woman I see often. A beautiful one actually. She could use a nice dress or pants suit." he says trying to cover his own butt.

Natasha grinned at the man and she shook her head softly before she reached over to take at one of the hundred bills… "Sugar daddy be paying out tonight." She joked at him. "See Zyra, its all about who you know."

Zyraline would take the money, and fold the bills in half, placing them into one of her jacket pockets. She'd then immediately tap some notes into her open calender in the notepad about the project to remember she needs to get it started. "well, if you want me to make her something to wear to you debuting your suit, theese are questions that will need some degree of answer. and i'll need her measurements one way or the other. you can't make a custom fitted dress or suit without measurements and a fitting. i mean i can cheat like a mother… like you wouldn't believe but i still need ballpark measurements. i'm good but i can't make a size 57 mumu look good on natalie portman."

Tony thinks this over sliding the other bills to Natasha figuring he will owe her for this. "Her measurements are like hers. From head down to those hips. But I could never ask her measurements she would smack me. But yeah they are similiar in size down to the little feet."

Natasha kept grinning and she gave the hundred bill back to Tony, slid it over to him. She looked at Zyra. "I'm Natasha. I have many different names, so do not fret on it. And we'll consider something for me at another time. I'd honestly just be thrilled to see what you could come up with for Stark on a… protective level, after he was shot, I was pretty worried about his safety outside of his Iron Suit…. so this is fortuitous."

Zyraline squints at natasha about to call BS or some such when natasha just has it out on her own. "ahh ok. and it'll take me a while, each fabric acts differently so i'll need to see what available, and then practice with it, before i can make it hang like normal clothes. Oh i should exchange numbers with ya'll. so if there are apparel issues, or death issues, i can get involved as quickly as possible. i did bring 4 out of 5 dead agents back to life at the docks that one time." she pulls out her shield issue cell phone, and offers each her number.

Tony types her number into the phone and then offers a card that has his own. Taking the money from the table he puts it back into the wallet tucking it away.

"I already have your number." Natasha says in resposne to the girl. "Infact. I'll text you the address to the Avengers mansion and you can swing on by when you're ready to take a look around the grounds, get a nice tour of it all and maybe think on the Junior team member stuff. I don't want to push you into anything, of course, I mean its a lot of hard work and can be pretty exhausting at time."

Zyraline nods at natasha "i'm not much in the physical labor department, but have been working on my mental endurance for a few months, almost constantly." she punches tony's number into her contact list. she shoots him a quick text to make sure everything's working. "so does that timetable i mentioned work for you mr., ah Tony?"

Tony glances at the text and grins before putting the phone away. "That works just fine." he tells her now munching on his apple. "I do thank you much. As I said let me know if you need anything."

Natasha shook her head. "You'll do fine. I am sure." She tells the girl before she stands up and walks around Tony to pat him on the head. "I have to head back to the control room. Before Fury sends out the search party." She starts to strut off back toward the food court main doorway.

Zyraline gives tony a nod "will do" as she puts her phone away, and tap-taps on her notpat briefly, jotting down some notes, before setting it down again. She regards natasha as she moves to depart "it was nice talking to you, i'd appreciate it if you kept my,,, abilities to yourself. i don't always receive a positive reaction and i like to handle that one-on-one rather then face a dumb panicy crowd of villagers with torches."

Tony watches as Natasha goes to leave, "Do tell him I say hello." like he'd care. "See you later." he glances back at Zyra now. "You could hide in my tower."

* < END > *

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