2015-06-05 Zyra Tours Mansion
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Title: Zyra Tours Mansion

Avenger's Mansion: Workshop
This room is quite large, and serves as the mechanic and engineering workshop. Various projects are in the works here at once, including weaponry and armor synthetic weaves, kevlar, etc.
Some Agent Technicians work here during normal business hours, and some projects may be more noticable; such as making improvement to Avenger specific uniforms and equipment,
An assortment of Hawkeye's arrows can be seen at one table and not far away from that is a rack of Captain America's shields, in various styles and paintjobs. There are tools on the various workstations for just about anything an engineer could ask for. Numerous Stark tech equipment can be found as well.
The room is kept chilly at around 55 degrees and there are spotlights that shine down above every workstation to give a wealth of illumination for each area.


Natasha had met Zyraline in the lobby and had began to show her the grounds of the mansion, chatting casually and sharing some information along the way… They ran into a few noteable faces throughout the place as well, including Clint who Nat had given a nice punch to his shoulder before continuing on toward the workshop area. "All the various assigned rooms are on this floor, for everyone to enjoy… they're decked out with all the lavish furniture you'd expect from a man who's willing to hand a girl in a cafeteria a wad of hundred dollar bills." She smirked softly at Zyra. "I Imagine you'll enjoy this room the most, however." Sne keys open the door and lets Zyra get a look at the high tech workshop room.

Of course, it wasn't uncommon to find Adrea in the workshop. As a 'tech-hero' and indeed, one of the Avenger's Tech-Consultant's, she worked in a capacity that mostly involved working on high technology.

Tonight, she wears a high-waisted skirt with a thin belt above her waist, with a blank tank-top under a camisole-style blouse, a labcoat over both of those, and a pair of classic pumps - if not for the recently 'in' peep-toe look on the patent leather heels.

She's standing on her toes now, directing a pair of robotic arms as they nestle a large plate over an even larger robot's chest and push it into place over a large gel-like substance.
Zyraline is 'following' natasha but walking more beside her whenever possible, as she gawks around a the highlights of the mansion. Having met Clint in passing, she follows to the worskshop area. Zyraline nods at Natasha, and chuckles a little more then expected at the cafeteria comment.. She looks around at the gear, before commenting "is there a sewing station or is all of this, like, glued and pre-molded?" She regards Adrea and the robotics work, but opts not to call out to someone in the middle if a delicate 'fitting'.

Natasha hears the question come from the girl and she respond to it by nodding once and leading her through some of the stations and around a set of cabinets until the reach a series of large tables loaded with different kinds of materials and sewing equipment… everything you could want and maybe some things that might be hard to identify. "We do a lot of in-house stuff for the suits and outfits that any-given-job may require, so I could see you fitting right in here." She tells her before she glances to Adrea and offers the other woman a small smile and a light wave. "Thats Dr. Adrea Vanoa… or Doctor Dre as Tony affectionately refers to her when she's not in the room."

Adrea finishes directing the robotic arms as they finally place the composite-armor upon Armalite's flame and it clicks into place. She further directs the robotics to drill it into place and make sure it's secure, before turning around slowly. "My, I thought I heard someone walk-in." shes ays. She blushes just a bit, and nods, "A pleasure to meet you, miss…?" she says, smoothing out her skirt just a bit. She blinks softly, "Doctor Dre? Really? I never really thought of myself as down with the streets in that fashion."

Zyraline briefly surveys the sewing station, nodding to herself, looking at any of the projects which have been left out. She then follows the gesture back to Adrea and nods at Natasha's comment. In response to Adrea she says "Zyraline Alexander, nice to meet you. I'm no doctor of anything but i'm pretty good at sewing." she just chuckles at the irony of the dr dre reference.

"I thought my Stark senses were tingling. What do I do to who when they aren't in the room?" Tony asks carrying in a box heading for his workstation. Today he is wearing jeans and one of his black sabbath shirts. Putting the box down, "Oh look who made it. Hey there, Zyra, welcome to our playpen." now he walks over to Adrea offering a hug if she accepts, "How is my best shopping buddy?" indeed he seems to be in a good mood, "You two keeping Nattie busy?"

"You don't have Stark Senses…unless you're referring to your uncanny ability to locate leggy, attractive women at extreme range and in a 360-degree arc." Adrea says with a light tone of sarcasm. She moves over to her Surface and takes a few notes on her computer, "I hope I'm not being rude, I just have to make sure everything is entered. Armalite's newer armor weights significantly less than his old armor, it requires some calibration." she says. She hmms, "Not as busy as you keep me."

"Pretty much a doctor in stitching clothing together, if I've ever seen one." Natasha replied to Zyra with a small smile then as she saw Tony step up from his own workplace here. "So whats on the cooker tonight for the robotics team? You guys making something thats going to raise up and kill all of us yet? If so, Zyra here could make him a nice suit to wear while he's wringing our necks at least."

Zyraline chuckles at the eccentric ***illionaire's entrance, commenting "Nice to see you again, Mr. Stark. Are you drinking meth or main-lining redbull today, cause you sound CHIPPER!" while doing a little shaking hands thing to punctuate. She just hrms listening to Adrea's tech-jargon it being well outside her level of engineering, which is lighstwirght off turn the lightbulb. She nods at Natasha understanding that bit at least. "uh, i could do that, i just try not to descecrate the dead as a general rule. next of kin find that, a touchy subject. Oh robot disguises, neat idea…"

Tony laughs a bit, "No drugs or red bull. Just high on life." he walks over to Natasha now an arm going around her shoulders. "A robot that could kick our butts? Wouldn't that just be a clone of you?" he teases, "Can call it Widow Bot, black with glowing red eyes and trimming along the body." a finger traces along her arm to demonstrate.

"When he isn't brooding, Tony is often in a good mood." Adrea comments softly. She smirks, "Especially when he's flirty." she says. She nods to Zyraline, "It is a pleasure to meet you." she comments. She looks between the three and then arches a brow before looking back to Natasha, "I'm just working on some maintenance, Armalite took significant damage on our last trip out. I shouldn't have been quarterbacking…"

Natasha looked over at Tony as he traced her arm like that and she gave him that half smirk of hers. "Did you figure out a new breakthrough in Iron Suit technology today, Stark?" She asked him. "You do seem a bit chipper…" She heard Adrea's comment then and glanced from the doctor to Zyra. "Speaking of that night, Doctor. Zyraline here was at that same warehouse… she did some pretty remarkable stuff that night and its helped lead her to be here today… considering our Junior team as a possible option for herself."

Zyraline just tries not to watch tony being slick with natasha, when she pauses a moment, then addresses Adrea "wait, that's the robot that was in that shinanygan at the docks? with all them hydra goons, and that hooker in the blue outfit ninja'ing around the place?" she ohs and nods at natasha "yeah i was the one animating the dead hyrda goons, i didn't know they were going to George Romero the guy with the green lightning…" she then Oh's and asks "How are those 4 agents doing? any side effects other then the normal rest period for being defibrelated back to life?" (should be none).

Tony grins at Natasha, "Maybe…" he then glances over towards Adrea, "Quarterbacking? Been playing football? Soccer? with it… If you make it waterproof it can shower with you and scrub the hard to reach places." and no he won't comment further upon that thought. Though now he starts listening as Hydra is mentioned.

Adrea nods, "I'm actually aware, and I was grateful for her presence there. I still had to write a letter." she says to Natasha, "But I would have had to write more letters home if it wasn't for you, Miss Zyraline." she says politely. She sighs and then nods to NAtasha, "I think she would be a valuable addition to the team." she says. She hmms, "They were fine, Miss Zyraline, thank you very much for your assistance."

Natasha reached over and clicked Tony's shoulder. "No showering with robots. We've been over this before." She tells him with a smirk. After listenining to the other two speak she nodded. "Yes, I think they're doing just fine and… extremely grateful for your assistance, infact." She put her arms together over her stomach then and watched the young teenager. "So does this look like a place you'd like to stitch some suits together at?" She asked her.

Zyraline nods at Adrea and Natasha's comments. "I'm glad they're allright. Repairing corpses is part of my,, eh, abilities. But it was just an idea that i could jump-start their hearts if recently killed. i'm glad they aren't showing side effects. you can imagine anyone with a sense of morality and ethics wouldn't go out of thier way to,,, eh, conduct experiments on such." She then responds to natasha's question "i'm liking the ideas of being around here more and more. especially if i still get to sew or keep my seamstress practice meybey as a 'cover/day job' if you get what i mean… not all of us are independantly wealthy."

Tony nods to Natasha glancing at Zyra and moves through the workshop, "We have plenty of space that you set up something of your own. And as I said I'd back you on anything so the wealthy facot r won't be an issue. A cover shop or whatever." he tells her.

Adrea nods in agreement with Natasha, before looking back to Zyraline, "I'm really grateful. I was quarterbacking and I felt responsible when we lost those agents. It was a relief to know some of them could make it home. I think you'd be a welcome addition to the team." seh says. She looks back to Tony and nods, "I'm sure we could do something."

"When are you going to buy me a rocking chair store, Tony, so I can retire from this life of globe-trotting-hero and spend the rest of my nine-hundred years staring at a wall in peace?" Natasha asked the fancy guy as he made his boldly generous offer to the teenager. She then glanced at Adrea and Zyra. "There's more in the sub-levels of the mansion as well, Zyra. A gym for workouts, a game room for relaxing… some medical facilities and such. This place is almost a small city in itself.'

Zyraline nods at Tony, then listening to Adrea she comments "Blood loss, brain damage, and restarting the heart are the main things i can't heal. automatic defibrelators solve the heart problem. brain damage can disrupt the mind state and while i can repair the physical damage i literally don't know how much of the mind is repaired. you know the neuron connection whatever. Blood loos decreases fluids and what-not, while a certain ammount of tissue 'grows back' it's not gonna magically replace the blood. so if you can think of a way to get me trained up on say, blood transfusions, that'll dial up the poeple i whose lives i can save to an even higher number."

Tony sits on one of the worktables, "We have a pool table. Just don't challenge her." he points to Natasha, "She hustles. And no.. I'm not buying you a store to sit in a rocking chair to stare at a wall. I'll bring one in here and you can stare at me."

Adrea adds to the commentary, "We'd barely even started dating when Tony got me my own place here. He makes an excellent sugar-daddy." She teases, hoping she'll finally get his goat - though Natasha admittedly has more practice. She arches a brow, "Not a pizzeria?" she asks, before lookign to
Zyraline. She pauses a few moments and then nods, "Admittedly, Miss Zyraline, I'm a Doctor of Robotics and Particle Physics…" She pauses, considering Tony, "That sounds very much like you."

Natasha stepped over to one of the racks that hold unpainted Captain America shields. She picks one up off of the rack and it makes a soft ringing metal noise as it vibrates in her hand for a few moments. She holds the shield, lifts it up and down to test its balance and weight and then grins over at Tony. "Park the chair right next to your work table so I can watch you design your shower buddy robots?" She considers the scenario for a moment before she puts the shield back on the rack with the others. "Maybe…" She quietly decides before looking back at Zyraline then. "I love playing pool, its true. Though not many will play me anymore… so I just have to clear the tables all by my lonesome." She flashed a grin at Adrea then. "Rocking chair, slash, pizzaria store."

Zyraline shrugs at tony, taking in what he says. She responds to Adrea "heh" and then "well you were in charge of that mission, so you would know how to get me into some kind of medical stuff, or what ya'll have as capabilities for field transfusions. or at least put me with someone i can talk to about it. get ya'lls emergency response turned up a notch." She then hrms at Natasha's comments "i'm not much for pool, but upholstering chairs is just another type of sewing…"

Tony looks over to Natasha, "Or you can watch Cap flex." he rolls his eyes watching as she plays with the shield. "See she can pad the ricking chair I get for you." sliding off the table he walks over to Adrea, "So what you doing? Anything fun that I can tinker with?"

The conversation was beginning to venture farther into playful, so Adrea didn't feel near as bad when she pulled up a chair and sat at her tablet. She nods to Zyraline, "Well, I certainly know where all my medical kits and defibrillators are." she says ot her. She laughs to Natasha and shakes her head, ebfore looking back to Zyraline and then again to Tony. She listens to the conversation, but quietly starts working again while they talk.

Adrea looks up from her work, looking at Tony with a blank expression for a few moments, "The training bots. They could be more modular…if they were easier to fix and put together, it'd help with the costs when…well, when you and Cap and Natasha destroy them for training."

Natasha smirked softly at Tony. "Steve's muscles are impressive to look at…" She starts, glancing at the shields again. "But they were made in a lab." She turns around then and folds her arms together over her stomach once more. "I find muscles on a man to be more appealing if said man earned them through hardwork and exercise, instead. Not to say Steve hasn't done a large amount of hardwork with his lab muscles, but… its different. Besides… what did I hear the other day?" She asks, glancing toward the ceiling in-thought for a moment. "The 'dad bod' is the new hottness these days?" She asked, grinning at the others.

Zyraline watches Tony's antics, and when addressed by Adrea she simply nods in response. She seems about to say something during their exchange over training droids, but remains quiet. She listens to natasha but doesn't seem to have anything to add to the comments. she briefly rummages around a little in the sewing area.

Tony shrugs to Natasha while going over in his head what Adrea as said. "Cap doesn't seem to hang around much anymore." and now he moves to his work area unloading stuff out of the box.

"Really? What do you think he is up to?" Adrea asks Tony as she continues to type. She looks back to Natasha, and sighs as if longingly, "I work on my muscles on my lab days." She says. "And it hasn't gotten me any notice." She teases.

Natasha smiled faintly at Adrea and Tony. "Steve's been in a funk, its true. He spends most of his time bouncing around the gym and his apartment that is off-sight. Its a vicious circle where he needs a mission, but his psyche report isn't good enough to warrant him one." She paused then and glanced at Zyra. "So do you want to see the basment and all those rec areas, or have you gotten a fair enough look at our nickle and dime operation here?"

Zyraline finally asks "ok who is this cap fellow?" as she watches the echanges between the others. she just shaeks her head at the other antics. "Hah, my whole apartment could fit in this room. nickle and dime. but yeah i'm interested."

Tony puts things away, "Captian America." he says rather surprised someone doesn't know the man that has the red, white, and blue sparkling pajama type uniform with the big round shield. "This whole room could fit in my penthouse and that is just the living room."

Adrea pauses to let Tony field that quesiton, and then looks to Natasha to arch a brow that Zyraline didn't know the cap they were referring to. She hmms, and returns her attention ot Zyraline, fingers pausing on the keys as she waits to see how she responds.

"Steve Rogers." Natasha added to what Tony had said and she smirked also at his words. "Your New York penthouse or your Los Angeles penthouse?" She shook her head a little at his boasting and looked at the teenager. "Steve has been the leader of this operation for a little while now, but he's been a bit low, morale wise. I'm sure he'll find his way back to the top though. Its just personal issues that he'll never share with any of us. He's just like that."

Zyraline just nods at Tony, saying "until a couple months ago i honestly didn't have a lot of interest in the 'hero/villian epic battles for whatever' scenario. Having the power to affect change,, caused me to re-evaluate my perspective. meybey i can't bring down hydra, but if i can learn some stuff and save some lives, that'd be a huge difference. at least for those 'some lives'. Well, and waking up buried alive gave me a big clue into how helpless people can feel". Zyraline nods at natasha's comments, "i look foreward to meeting him."

Tony nods to Zyra, "I'm sure he will be sulking around here somewhere. So.. Shall we show you the game room? There is a lot more than pool in there. Even have video games where you can beat the bad guys that way."

"I think a lot of us start out that way Zyraline." She says quietly. She looks to Tony for a moment and nods, "I think he's among the hardest working of us all, for certain." She says. She hmms, "What's your game, Tony?" she asks.

Natasha smiled a little. "Hopefully we can make that meeting happen." She started to move then and listen to the others, but her movement was a bit slow to see if they were going to come or not. "I took Tony down in a game of Mario Car just the other night." The redhead wasn't very good at caring enough about video games to remember their names, or she at least wanted people to believe that.

Zyraline shrugs at tony, saying "i like candy crush, not really a 'gamer girl'." She nods at Adrea raising an eyebrow at her comment and therefore Tony. she just shakes her head at natasha's comment. Zyraline has heard of the game it's just amusing to her.
Tony rolls his eyes, "She won because I let her." he lies with a shrug. "Candy Crush is addictive! I have to take Nat's tablet away to get her to focus." he walks over to Adrea peeking over her shoulder from behind.

Adrea laughs softly, "How long do you think that excuse is going to work Tony?" She asks. She closes her own tablet and then realizes Tony was trying to see what she was doing, and just grins at him. She looks to Natasha and snickers softly, "I get to play with real robots, not much for video games I suppose."

Matasha turned back around to look at the others as they weren't budging apparently. "Video games are good for the hand-eye coordination. And some offer quite a lot of tactical training, and team building exercises. I admire them for that… But then, withthe Combat Training Room downstairs, its hard to choose a couch-operated video game machine over a fully functional holographic simulation room… But, those tend to make you sweat… which a lot of self-proclaimed 'gamers' don't seem to like to do." She shifted her eyes toward Adrea's workshop table. "Armalite needs a better name, Doctor… Like… Gracie, or Sarah."

Zyraline again just shakes her head at the antics. She then chuckles at Natasha "yeah sewing has it's perks. there's not a lot of heavy lifting involved, though my hands are pretty strong from using a needle, a lot. i'll check out the video games at some point, they just don't usually interest me."

He gives Adrea a quick kiss on her cheek before looking to the others, "I agree it needs a better name. Maybe.. Big Bertha." Tony says with a smirk. "We got all kinds of games. Foosball, air hockey, pool, a place to play cards, and a few pinball machines."

"Armalite has been his name since before I had a Doctorate in Robotics." Adrea says of the robot. She arches a brow to Natasha, "Gracie, really? I suppose you'd like Gracie Lee Freebush?" she asks. She looks at Zyraline for a moment, and then back to Tony, "I like Armalite." She insists. She pauses, "Has anyone tried to see how good Steve is at Pinball?"

"Armalite has been his name since before I had a Doctorate in Robotics." Adrea says of the robot. She arches a brow to Natasha, "Gracie, really? I suppose you'd like Gracie Lee Freebush?" she asks. She looks at Zyraline for a moment, and then back to Tony, "I like Armalite." She insists. She pauses, "Has anyone tried to see how good Steve is at Pinball?" She blushes at Tony and then just laughs at him, "You're just being mean because I closed the tablet on you."

"If thats the name you like for him, then thats the name that he keeps." Natasha answered then with a soft smirk. Her eyes went to Zyra then and she exhaled lightly. "Well then, Zyraline. I'm not sure what else I could show you that might help sell this place… There's a jet on the roof, that would do it." She grinned at the girl. "If you need any more selling than that, I don't think I can provide any further." She smirked at Adrea then. "Not sure the day will come where Steve Rogers touches a game of any variety."

Zyraline doesn't understand the tony/andrea/natasha dynamic, and is not particularly interested in watching. she rummages through the sewing bins a bit, looking at some of the fabrics while 'listening over her shoulder' to the conversation. She glances at natasha "oh that's cool… not really much i'd do with a jet if i had one but you never know. oh i'm pretty well sold on the place already, i may not have a lot of money, but that comes and goes, it's the other ameneties i was interested in to begin with."

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