2015-06-06 Lake Monster Rumors
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Warning: N/A
Players: Jose Killian Rogue
GMed by Rogue
Title: Lake Monster Rumors

X-Mansion: Infirmary
This series of rooms hold the same decor as the rest of the hallways and rooms of the basement. Polished metal floors and shining metal walls, lit by strips of white lights at the base and top of the walls.
The main room of the med lab has a series of beds sitting between dividers, each bed has a high tech computer monitoring system next to it for watching after patients. Off of the main room one can find sliding-metal doors that lead into bathrooms, a surgical room and two private examination rooms.
The X-School's med lab is filled with the latest in medical technology computers and scanning equipment. You could treat even the most heavily injured people here.


Angles from the heaven decende and carries Killian Soul, to the one place it can be happy….wait there is no place, error error! Bring him back boys!

Having been in the medbay overnight and a big chunk of the day Killian is fed up, he's fine, a little drained and there was that one incedent earlier when the thing happened but he's fine. So those entering the infirmery will hear the sounds of Killian trying to talk the medical staff into discharging him, "Come on, I'm fine, so I passed out a little not like I died. Ok yes there was a short coma but who hasn't been in a coma here?"

"I haven't" Jose chimes in. The moment he heard Killian was awake, he came back down "I was here the whole night worried about your sorry rear!" he says. He tosses his bag into a nearby chair, with a heavy thud, making one wonder just what the crazed mutant has in there "And black eyes, that's a new one even for you" Jose comes over with a wide grin
"You were here all night?, geez thanks man", Killian watches the bag wondering what could be so heavy, "Oh yeah that, still trying to work out exactly what the hell that was, like you said, weird even for me", he shrugs, "You alright? all this must be giving you a bit of a headache, sorry", Jose has been working hard not to pick sides when he argues with Samuel and with Scott and with Drake…

Jose gives a spin on his feet follow by his kookaburra laugh "No headach here. You four don't make enough noise to drive these ears mad" He glances outside the door where Marie happens to be talking to someone, he guess she must be worried as well. But back to Killian "And, it no problem, what are friends for" he plops down on his bag, where it sound like multple objects are ground agaist each other "But seriously dude, what has been your problem lately? Cause your temper goes off faster then a bomb with a short fuse"

Killian sighs, "Theres just been so many changes in such a short time, and everytime things sort of settle something else messed up happens, and then loads of crap just builds up in my head and I can't take it, I don't know why, I didn't use to", he rubs his head, "But my problems shouldn't be your problems, you've been getting on well with our nervous giant Dyson right?", hopefully Dyson will give Jose some drama-free time.

Jose watches Killian a moment, his ears twitch and wiggle listening intently and carefully. His headphone, both of them being on his neck "I get along well enough with Dyson. Hell I get along with half the school" he says with a half grin. But then he looks serious "Yea, I been thinking about that. Let me ask yea, what is it you even do? You know, to let out steam and that kind of junk? Becuase trust me, I been in your position, more or less"

Killian shrugs, "Nothing really, I just try keep busy, I used to play spots to blow off steam but that stopped when I came here and can't really risk contact anyway. Marie got me onto the gauntlet games but as most students have gone home those have dried up", he sighs, "I tried hanging out with some kids my age when we went to Cali but Drake put a stop to it and that just sort of put more of a focus on blowing off steam as a normal kid isn't an option anymore".

Jose nods slowly listening "Well, have you ever tried blowing off steam in a none normal kid way? Not that normal exists, but you get my drift" he glances outside. Boy could marie talk ALOT. If the room wasn't sound proof, he would soooo be listening in. But back to Killian "I mean, if you still wanted to do normalish sports. I could think of a few"

The door parted open and Marie walked in. she waved to Hank who wandered off down the hallway in his usual big blue form. She stuffed her hands into her bomber jacket pockets and started to scan the beds… didn't take but a second before she found them and strided toward them with a small grin on her lips. "Whats up, party people?" She asked, eying Killian.

"Actulaly I can't do any normal sports, even ignoring the touching thing I've sort of got an unfair advantage now", Killian was brought up to play fair and he's sticking with it, he looks round as Marie wanders over, "Hi Marie, err you heard I was down here?"

Jose grins "OKay, so you can't compete in any 'official' compitions, dosn't mean you can't play a sport. Dirty biking, sharp shooting, drag racing, dodgeball, snowboarding, skateboarding, golf, all things you can do for fun at least. Espeicly the racing one" he says nodding a few times "And it better then just beating youself up for whatever dang reason. Shoot, but we can get some energy out of you just with the sharp shooting one"

Marie smirked a little at Killian and reached out to poke at his arm. "Jose did, ya mustache." She told him, glancing over the bed at the young Ho-say. "Ya'll wanna go play golf?" She asked. "I love golf… I can send that ball to the green in one stroke, even on a par four course." She rocked back and forth on her feet where she stood with a big proud grin on her lips. "You do seem a bit… hum drum, so yeah, should do something. How ya feeling and what happened anyway?"

Killian raises an eyebrow "People blow of steam with golf? but it's so low energy, where does the blowing off steam happen", honestly he's never played golf so is genuinly asking, "What happened exactly is not really sure? Theres a couple of things it could've been but there short of just ideas, all thats for sure is I kinda went though a total shutdown".

Jose blinks "Don't ask me. People are crazy." he looks to Marie, takes a breath and then "No, not unless we…..change a few things". He gets one of his evil scientist grins. But then he open his back pack and pulls out a broken frying pan. He set it aside and rummages for a couple of things, including pulling out about three frizzbees, and a couple of tenniss balls, whistling a merry tune, well it sound like whistling, he ain't actualy do it "How bout a game anyways?"

"No games in the medlab, Jose." Marie told the kid with a smirk. "There's shit in here thats extremely expensive and you'd get put on a plane to the middle east if you started smashin them up." She then shook that thought off her head and smirked at Killian. "Whats not to get about golf?" She asked. "You go on a nature hike, on a beautiful day… out in the fresh air and the sun… and you take a long metal club and you smash the heck outta some balls. You won't get it though, until you do it… its really satisfying hitting the perfect shot, watching it sail through the air…"

Killian watches the equipment Jose pulls out, "What sort of game were you planning Jose?", either Jose doesn't like any sports so he made his own or he thinks Killian is a puppy, "Marie, doesn't the whole superstrength thing mess up the game?"

Jose frowns "Ahhh man" he looks to Killian "Was going to have you shoot stuff into the frying pan. And I was going to throw stuff! Better then doing nothing, and you did say you wanted ta control your powahs better. Drain yea and train yea" he says with grin. None the less, he wasn't about to be put on a plane so he packs everything back up

"Well yes." Marie replied to the question regarding her strength. "You wouldn't want to put me on the scorecard most likely." She grinned a little. "But I try to tone it down if I'm on a public course… I don't want some fugly old golf type guys coming up to me to hit on the 'girl who can really hit them balls'." She looked over at Jose. "What classes did you sign up for, Jose?" She asked.

Jose looks to Marie "Well, I am planning on singing up for algerbal once I past some sort of test on satureday. I am also taking norwegian, some sort of biology coast. American histroy, and writing class" and he face looks annoyed at having to take a writing class "So wish there was a test for that one too"

Marie smirked at the words Jose flung at her ears. "Al…. gerbal." She repeated, softly nodding her head as she glanced down and tried to hide a smile and a laugh. She exhaled through it and looked back up at him. "I hope that you take some english courses and focus on those a little harder than you do on Norwegian… dear Jose." She said to him with a grin.

Killian listens to the two talk about Jose's summer classes considering his own plans for the summmer, "I thought Jose would be great at language classes, he's such a good mimic, should be a voice actor of something", he looks to Marie, "Are you gonna be teaching over the summer?"

Jose grins at Killian and says "Wo xiang shousi de da dngdan" in a chinese man's voice it seems. He then goes back to normal and looks to Marie "Oh, I'm taking english too. Algerba? Weird word" he says chcuckling

Marie laughs softly and she nods her head at Killian's question. "Same routine for me over the summer. I'm teaching French to whomever wishes to take it, and I've already got three new seniors enrolled… one of the Cuckoos and a couple other girls. One of which is new here, came in the same day Dyson did infact. She's pretty nervous about the place, as much as Dyson is infact." She exhales then. "And I'll be doing some outdoorsy stuff too. I might get a boat class going, to get out on the water some, do one of those boats that lots of guys have to be in to row all the oars… ya know? They look fun. Thats gotta be some serious exercise, yo."

"Rowing? actually it's not that hard once you get a good rhythem going, and in a group as long as you're all in sync it takes a lot of the work off", Killian nods to Jose, "Good on you man, I'd offer you my notes from this year but they're hard to make out if you're not me and I only got a C, you can do better".

Jose goes slightly red in the face. He wasn't exactly the best at reading (though he certainly can). But none the less he nods "Eh, how bad can it be. I can do anything I set out to do" he declares and says to Killian "And so can you" Jose slides onto the floor and stares at the ceiling "Boat rowing, that sound pretty fun admittedly"

Marie smiled a little and nodded once to both of them. "Yeah. I mean. I think so anyway." She said. "If we could fill up two of them maybe we could have a race or somethin. I don't know. Seems like a good team builder. But if there's not much interest in that, we could always just do the individual kayak's and then maybe at the end of the summer go on a river trip. Bobby'n Kitty just got back from one of those in Colorado… they spoke pretty highly of it."
Killian nods to Marie, "That sounds cool but give me a heads up for when you're planning it, I've got some stuff I gotta do this summer and I don't wanna miss anything".

"Then how come you almost blind me when you go BOOM" Jose says jokingly. He then looks to Marie "I would soooo do it. Nothing like a little adventure and fun, am I right?" But none the less he nods in agreement with Killian "Is there a place where all this stuff is kept?" he asks curious now

Marie smirked at them both. She regarded Killian and tilted her head to the right then. "What do you gotta do this summer besides get put into this medlab another six or seven times?" She asked with a growing grind. "Unless thats what you're referencin'?" She shifted her look at Jose. "Where what stuff is kept?"

Killian shakes his head, "I'm gonna meet 'S' and clear my name, even if it takes all summer to do it", 'S' has always been uncomfortable with meeting due to safety issues but it's kinda important that they do meet now, "I think he's means the boating stuff, we do have a lake right?"

Jose shoots a look at Killian and keeps it there "Please tell me, for all that is rightouse and crazy in this world, that you are not doing that ALONE?" he then looks to Marie "Well yes, and no. I mean all the info on these kinds of things you talk about"

Marie stared flatly at Killian and agreed with a nod at Jose's reply. "You're going to want to start by not referring to this person as a single letter anymore… I mean thats a fast trek down Shadey-lane, talkin' about something like that." She glanced at Jose and then back to Killian. "After that, you're going to want to take myself… or like, Scott… with you n any escapades in search of this mysterious Letter-Man you keep referrin too." She then exhaled and looked at Jose, nodding her chin up a little. "Some stuffs already stored in the boat house by the lake… some of it is in the garage and the big boats…? Professor said they were up on the mansion roof in one of the store rooms that are up there. I can jsut fly'em out to the lake though, no harm no foul."
"Thats all I know him by, 'S'", Killian raises an eyebrow, "Yeah like I'm ever gonna trust Scott with anything, actually Emma said I could do this, as long as she knows what I'm doing", he remembers something he was told, "Is there really some sort of giant mutant fish in the lake? some kids in my chem class were talking about it".

"Take me then. If any psycho tries something, there going to wish they were deaf when I get through with them" Jose says defensivly "Meeting people from the internet, aint usualy a good idea. I'm just saying, I can be that little ninja standing by just in case! Out of sight, out of mind" But then the mutant fish is mentioned "Really? Oh we have soooooo got to find it. Let's do it tommorw before classes begin. We just get bread, worms and goggles and go catch that sucker ourselves!"

Marie started off with a frown after what Killian said about Scott… She shook her head with a sigh and then listened to them rant about a lake monster. "There ain't no lake monsters." She told them both. "Not that I've ever seen… I've heard the forest is haunted though, and, admittedly I seen some strange stuff in it before too… but, no the lake is fine… I've swam in it tons and never ran into any big slimey monsters in it… unless you count Logan." She reached over and lightly punched Killian's arm. "Scott's not your enemy, you big banana peel. Don't treat him like one."

Jose seems dissappointed "Well that stinks. It would have been cool to have a giant fish monster in the lake." he pulls a bottle of lemon ice tea out of his backpack and takes a drink of it "As far as enemies go. I say life to short to keep an enemy. Rather make a friend instead"

"I'll drink to that, Jose." Marie replied to him with a small smile. She flashed a grin then. "And we don't know for sure that there ain't a monster out there… maybe its just shy, like Dyson." She then poked Killian with her gloved forefinger and turned toward the exit. "I'm gonna run along, but you text me if you need anything. And stay out of trouble, god…." She released a dramatic sigh then and started to walk for the medlab doors.

Jose makes a -miny- explosion sound to tease Marie flashing a grin her way "Us, trouble, nah!"

Marie smirked back at the explosion sound and she gave the two of them a wingling finger wave with her left hand. She put her hands into her coat pockets and stepped back out into the metal corridor, a slight bounce to her step!

*< END>*

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