2015-06-08 Donut Holes
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Marie Jose Dyson Zyraline Tony
GMed by Rogue
Title: Donut HOles

[* Bayville: Hole-In-One Donuts *]

The smell of fresh donuts and coffee wafts through the air in this old-fashioned donut shop. The floor is scuffed lenoleum tile, the furniture something out of the 70s or 80s, giving a totally retro truck stop feel to the place. Often there are large trucks parked outside, a popular hangout for the road warriors just wanting a good ol' cup of joe.


Marie asked around with as many of the students she could find if they wanted to walk down to the donut shop that was about a fifteen minute stroll away from the mansion. She hadn't gotten too many takers, cause exercise isn't popular, but those who came got treated to a nice lovely walk with Marie! She brought some capri sun packets to keep hydrated and she offered them to the students that joined her. As the reached the donut shop she glanced around the parking lot. "See? Its empty, so there's not fear of people all… gettin' up in our faces and judgin' us." She grinned at the others. "Well, except the employees…" She reached out for the front door's handle.

Doesn't look like he is sure this is a good idea. It's not like he has never ben out in public before. But that was back home.. in his 'hometown'. A small town that, unlike many other places, was rather protective of it's mutant son and kept outsiders at arms length when asked about him. This is a whole different town, in a whole different country.. a country that is having a few social issues with people with of estranged genetics. As it is he has put on his hoody, wraparound sunglasses, and is hunched over as best he can as he quietly follows Marie and Jose and any other students. He is always looking around, a bit nervous. "They b-better have apple f-fritters…" he grumbles.

Dyson doesn't look like he is sure this is a good idea. It's not like he has never ben out in public before. But that was back home.. in his 'hometown'. A small town that, unlike many other places, was rather protective of it's mutant son and kept outsiders at arms length when asked about him. This is a whole different town, in a whole different country.. a country that is having a few social issues with people with of estranged genetics. As it is he has put on his hoody, wraparound sunglasses, and is hunched over as best he can as he quietly follows Marie and Jose and any other students. He is always looking around, a bit nervous. "They b-better have apple f-fritters…" he grumbles.

Jose happily accepted the capri sun. Though he ditches the straw and instead tore the pouch open carefully "Well, it sure is empty. I hope they go choclate, I LOVE choclate" he says begining to give a kookaburra laugh. He stops just as he starts and instead gives a regular, odd chuckle. He had been trying to cut down on his power useage. He nudges Dyson "Oh relax. Worst that can happen is that you eat them all" he says in way of a joke. None the less he eagerly follow Marie into the store. His old beat up headphones where on his head, while his hightech one where on his neck, the band 'showing' sonic sound as it picks them up. Though wild, Jose is not without manner as he holds the second door open making sure everyone gets in

Zyraline has arrived.

Marie pulled the door open to the shop and she grinned at both of them. "Of cousre they have apple frittahs and of course they got chocolate… geeze, you two." She said at them before moving to stride into the store, her leather trenchcoat wafting behind her in the wind of moving into a building's doorway. "Ya'll act like you've never gone to a donut shop before…. and yes, I'm buyin' so get whatevah ya want." She walked into the place and moved toward the counter, hands going into her coat and her eyes going up to the order board after flashing the young man behind the counter a big smile, he just stared back at her with huge scared eyes. Scared of pretty girls? or scared of the 8 foot tall male behind her?

Zyraline is riding her lavender 21-speed bicycle toward the donut place, and coasts to a stop outside. She climbs off the bike and set about chaining it up out front somewhere appropriate with a bike cable and sturdy padlock. Zyra then removes her bike helmet, clipping it to her backpack and dons her more typical flat-cap. She is per the usual in her 'casual' clothes. She moves to follow the group of people into the donut shop, not in any particular rush.
Dyson is the last to enter, holding the door (from teh top of teh frame) for the others. He looks hesitant to enter, especially when the Donut-Dude looks at him. He offers his best smile (it's sort of a weak smile) and then the 8'3" teen ducks into the shop. "No q-quite Tim Hortons…" he murmurs as he ambles up behind Marie to study the 'menu' board as well. He flashes Jose a look, then grunts once. "I only want a d-dozen." he says… "And a D-Diet Coke." and with that he hunches again back into his hoody.

"Well, to be fair, I sort of got kicked out of, mabey eight different donut shops?" Jose admits. He glances back and waves to Zyraline, a girl he had met in a 'special' restraunt in Chinatown. But none the less he looks to ht menu "Huh. I would say, one chocolate glazed, one double chocolate, one chocolate chip, and one chocolate muffine, a a bott of coke!" he says cheerily. He was always sliding over to the refrigerators and pulling out a diet coke for Dyson, and a regular for himself. He calls back "What you want Marie?"

Zyraline as she enters, offers a wave and a smile for Jose, quickly spotting someone familiar. She heads over near the counter behind the group waiting her turn to order. "Hey Jose, how's it going?

Marie stood by the counter and she glanced back at the door to watch them all come inside, including a new face in Zyra. She offered the girl a friendly smile and then looked at the boys as they ordered. When Jose spoke her name she glanced at him. "I ain't drinkin' soda with my donuts, thats like… gross as heck. Get me one'a them honey milk bottles they got." She told him before grinning at the employee behind the counter. "Hi…" She told him and then added in their order. "Can I get everything they just said, but… ah… maybe three dozen in three different boxes, half glazed style and the rest just assorted, maybe two of everything?" She asked him, and he looked fairly surprised at the large order but went about filling it out. Marie looked up at Dyson. "You didn't really say what kind ya wanted, Dyse. So yeah. one box all for you, assorted style?"

Zyraline as she enters, offers a wave and a smile for Jose, quickly spotting someone familiar. She heads over near the counter behind the group waiting her turn to order. "Hey Jose, how's it going?" she gives Marie a nod back. A group of 3 ordering more then 4 dozen doughnuts gives her pause however… almost getting self-concious about her own order. After they have settled paying, she'll order "I'd like 1 bear claw, and a 6 shot caramel breve, and if you don't have espresso i'll take the largest black coffee you'll sell me. We're talking high-octane BUCKET of coffee, like a gallon." and she waits for her bearclaw which should arrive more quickly.

Dyson catches sight of the new face for a momemnt and tries hiding as best he can (more hunching his shoulders) since he /doesn't/ recognize the face and thus that makes her A Local. He quickly looks back at Marie, blinking behind his shades and his grey skin darkening a bit. "Wha… O-Oh.. A b-box of Apple Fritters and a box of d-donut holes.. glazed." he quickly adds to the order. He steps to teh side so the other girl can get by and place her order.

Jose scoops up on of those bottle honey milks like Marie asked. He says to Zyraline "Bout as bad as you can be when thing are way to good. COurs when thing are good they get bad and life get itself balanced once again". If that made sense to anyone, Woot but otherwise Jose says "In short, I am doing okay. How bout you?" He make his way to a table with actualy chairs instead of the benches, would probably be easier for DYson to sit. He looks to Dyson and says "Realx Dyson, she's Fortunes friend" he says cheerily and then looks to Marie "Don't knock it till you try it by the way!"

"I'll pass…" Marie says with a grin at Jose, seeing that the kid already knows Zyraline… he sure is a popular one, it would seem, for being someone who bbqs roadkill. "Did ya get all that?" She asked the employee with a big grin. She glanced over at Zyraline. "We're not eating all of the donuts, we gotta take some back to the school we're from… just so's you don't think we're a buncha fatties or somethin." She then pulled out her money clip and folded out a few bills offering them to the employee with a tip. She glanced back at the others. "Why don't ya'll grab us a seat so we can chill a bit?"

Zyraline blushes when she realises she strait cut Dyson off. "i'm sorry, you said something about a dozen box , i thought you ordered already." and she moves to the side to be out of the way. Her first look at him is *wow he's tall* and otherwise seems neutral. Responding to Jose she says "got a HUGE sewing gig, a wealthy client wants a suit for an expo or something next weekend, from me, so i have to get all the cloth and patterns sorted out tonight so i can have the suit mostly ready by wednesday for the fitting, so it can be finished by friday and final touchups, so it can be pressed for the weekend expo. so if i fall asleep before i've finished tonight's work, it'll screw up the entire week, and i'm boned." she then oh's and nods at marie, before commenting "i know a range of people, with a range of, exotic metabolisms. i try not to assume to much."

Dysonlooks at his diminutive (to him) friend and frowns a bit. "I a-am relaxed." he states, his imhumanly deep voice kept soft, on the edge of a whisper. "And who i-is Fortune?" he asks as he steps back another step so the younger, smaller students who came along can find chairs or booths.. Dyson looks like he is content to stand. "I still d-don't know the names of all the other students." Then looks at Marie. "S-speak for yourself.. I'm e-eating all mine." he tells her then blooks down at the Zyraline and quickly brings up a forestalling hand. "N-No… It's c-cool. I'm in no h-hurry." he says quickly, his deep burr punctuated by his stutter.

"Sorry, hard to tell with you sometime" Jose says with a grin "And fortune isn't a student, it, a thing? Kind of like father time It's fate sister. And every know Fortune dosn't favor fools." he then looks to Zyraline "Don't forget I get 20 percent of the profits!" he says jokingly of course. None the less he does a table by the windows with the sunlight streaming in. In the quiet of the store, his ears make his headphone twitch. Marie, Dyson, Clerk, some people in the kitchen, are all hearbel, but he dosn't hear Zyra's heartbeat. He hmms but thinks nothing of it moving on after seeming like he was scanning the place "Eh Fellas, want to solve a problem" he ask everyone there

Marie stood by the counter and waited for their order to be boxed up and such. She glanced over at the others. "I used to have a bird named Fortune when I was little. LIke… ten, or so… I loved that bird. But he flew out the screen window one day and… uh, yeah… my Fortune was gone forevah." She then turned back to the counter and accepted the four boxes and one large white paper bag of donuts. She gave the employee a grin and then made for the table Jose picked out…. passing by Zyra she nodded at the girl. "Friends of Jose are welcome to join us." She told her before setting their stuff down at the table. She handed Jose the paper bag with all his stuff in it and then the top box had all Dyson's dozen donuts so she grinned and gave that to him…. and reached out for the bottle of honey milk for herself… she stood there beside the table a moment a just popped the cap off the drink for a sip from it.

Zyraline shrugs and nods at Dyson, and will start nibbling on her bear claw when it arrives, waiting for her coffee. She chuckles and shakes her head at Jose "well, if all goes well, this one gig could literally spark off my career as a seamstress/tailor, so it's a big deal for me." She smiles at maries offer, and when her coffee is delivered, moves to join them at the table. Once situated, she produces a tablet from her backpack, and starts swiping through some men's formal wear patterns. Not unlike technical schematics for building clothes.

Dyson uhhhhhs.. and looks even more confused by Jose's explanation.. or real lack therof. "Okay.. I-if you say so." Now Marie's explanation makes a bit more sense to him, since it's abot real things like animals. "Awww. Thats s-sad." he says with synpathy as he pops the can of Diet Coke open, which looks absolutely tiny in his massive hand. "I only e-ever had one pet… You can't count the l-livestock as pets. A black tomcat w-with a snaggletooth named The H-Hudson Hawk." he sips his soda.. well.. dains his soda and licks his lips. He oooos and takes the ofered box and is about to flip it open when he spots the

Jose nods in agreement "Sad is right. I would hate if anything happened to Lucky" he says before looking to Zyraline "Or? How much you think you getting? ANd where you meet such a rich guy anyways? I thought those type always stay locked up in their homes or something like that" he notes with wonder. He happily digs into the glazed donut

Marie regarded Zyraline as she spoke of her job and how it was taking a upswing turn, she smiled at the girl but then shifted her gze over to Dyson when he spoke of his cat. "Thats a cute name… thats a… Bruce Willis movie, yeah?" She asked him as she then pulled a chair out for herself and sat down in it with her long leather coat getting pulled around her legs to get comfy on the chair and not have the garment hanging on the floor. She lifted the lid on the second box of donuts and fished out a blueberry one for herself… She leaned back in her chair and bit into it and happily munched on it!

Zyraline smiles at Dyson "i can make almost anything fitted to almost anyone with a decent pattern, and some clean measurements. Bluprints for clothing, and with the internet now-adays, it's even easier." she turns to jose "well, let's just say the down payment for the cloth was 1500, and that's not what he's paying me for my time. i probably should have discussed payment in more detail, but the rep gained will be out-of-control valuable so honestly i coulda borrowed money to do it out-of-pocket and it'd still be worth it." she comments to Marie "i've seen that movie too. OH, i'm Zyraline Alexander. i forget introductions sometimes."

Dyson has made at least two apple fritters dissapear as well as a number of their donut whole children in a span of a minute or so, washin them down with the few drops of soda he has left before he licks his fingertips and nods at Zyra. "I d-don't think the Internet made getting custom fit clothes a-as easy as it should have.. Or else I wouldn't h-have had to learn to make my own." he says with a sigh. He doesn't say anything else as the girl intriduces herself t mArie, instead eating another fritter

Jose let the introduction get underway. He stuffs another donut into his mouth, and evidently a regular glazed one ended up by his bag as well. Taking a gulp of cola he ask Zyraline "Dang, 1500? As a down payment, that is just crazy" he says in disbelief

Marie grinned over the table at Dyson who was scarfing entire donuts like they were bite sized candy bars. When Zyra made the introduction Marie sat up in her chair and she nodded softly at the girl. "Pleasure." She said. "I'm Anna-Marie Elizabeth D'Ancanto Carlyle… But… 'suppose you can just call me Rogue. Most others do." She said in her thick southern accented tone, she looked at Dyson then. "This is Dyson. He's still not sure if he likes us'r not, but I figured donuts may help a bit. I'm a teacher at Xavier's school, which is just around the bend down the road a smidge."

Zyraline nods at Dyson's internet comment saying "i kinda like the goth look, and modifying your own clothing is,,, HIGHLY encouraged. i also run un-naturally pale for… reasons. Dressing gothy keeps this detail a little more low-key then it would otherwise present itself." She nods at Jose "Silk's a B####, but it feels SOO good." She nods at the other female present "Nice to meet you anna-marie." and for the tall gentleman "Nice to meet you Dyson."

Dyson raises a hairless brow at Marie, looking a little bit hurt at that comment. "I n-never said I don't like you guys. It's.. things." he tells her, brushing some of the powdered sugar on a napkin. "And D-Donuts help with e-everything." he murmurs as he looks over at Zyraline and his face darkens a bit and he looks at his feet. "N-Nice to meet you, too." he says, a bit bashfully. "M-modifying for me is m-more a necessity than a fashion statement."

Jose chuckles "Well, comming to the school, can be a bit of a jerk, I gotta give it THAT much" he says with a grin. "I never really worn silk, cept mabey shorts, and I aint even sure if that is reak silk" he then looks to Dyson "Don't look so hurt Tiny, Marie just fooling with yall is all" he says encourgingly. He pops his third donut into his mith after dunking it in soda

"Sounds like ya got a real good deal going on then." Marie said back at Zyraline with a smile before she took another sip of her milk and another bite out of that first donut she got got. She glanced at Dyson then and nodded at what Jose said. "Yeah, I'm only foolin'. I mean, how could ya not like me?" She asked him with a grin. "I'd make my own clothes, if I didn't have a million other things going on all the time, that sounds like a heck of a lot'a fun, really. Takes forever to find somethin' ya got pictured in your head."

Zyraline just nods at dyson "i understand when there are ,,, things. all too well." being a little cryptic all of the sudden, but eh.. She just nods at jose's comment about silk. She nods at marie "lately my luck has been auto-correcting for the better, after the rough last couple of months i've had."

Dyson himself wasn't trying to be cryptic.. he's just not that good at expressig himself.. besides the usually blushing and stammering and shuffling of feet, all of which he is doing right now. The young giant smiles, just a little bit and closes his box-o-donuts to save for later. He nods to Marie, showing he knows she was teasing him, and continues to listen as he strolls over to the drink cooler and plucks out a few bottles of Dr Pepper.

Jose scarfs down the rest of his food. But soon enough he has finished his entire bottle of soda. But something was comming, something big! It rises from the pit of his stomech and BURPAGEDON! Well not exactly, but Jose's burp DID echo out through the entire resturant, which made the clerk do a double take looking from Dyson to Jose wondering who really did that. Jose though grins and says "Sorry, drank a bit -too- fast that time"

Marie was grinning softly and she watched Dyson rise up to go get something and then she glanced over at Jose to see him… oh god… she reached up real quick to cover hear ears with her black-gloved hands but he burped before she could so her eyes just clenched shut! She peaked then. "Damn, Jose…" She told him, glancing around the donut shop, the girl waved at the clerk with her right free hand and then muttered under her breath before taking a sip from her milk. She looked over at Zyra then. "I need to hang out with more of my own gender, I think." She told the younger girl.

Zyraline just chuckles and shakes her head at the antics happening around their table. When addressed by marie Zyraline nods saying "the only female i seem to hang out with, on any regular basis, is um, much older then me. i have been having trouble finding,,, peers. age differences, ability / management differences in authoroty, few of my own gender in general. this is only compounded by me not being interested in a love life right now, and most of the females i know seem to be in relationships of some kind. cause things weren't awkward enough for me without that."

Jose grins at Marie "Relax, not everything I do end up at THAT" whatever /that/ is. He looks to Zyraline "Nothing wrong with that. Just ride the waves of life and you'lll be fine. Though" he looks between both ladies "Guess I am Lucky, I usaly hang out with guys somewhere in my age group. Like Dyson there" gesture to the big guy. Hey, it may have only been a few times, but the mellow mutant counted it

Marie grinned at the two of them and glanced back at Dyson to make sure he was okay… she'd seen a couple of trucker guys come into the shop a momnet ago they but they seem to have disappeared, maybe gone off to use the restroom. Marie looked back at Jose and Zyra. "Relationships are the drivin' force for most folk, its true… People gotta continue the species afterall." She grinned and took another bite of her donut. "So you go to school somewhere, Zyra?" She asked the girl then.

Zyraline raises an eyebrow at jose "you and i have hung out a few times. how much time do you spend just hanging out with people anyway?" asking him in a playful tone. She then responds to Marie, "I got my G.E.D. so that i wouldn't have to dead with school anymore. i pretty much work full time. I was working part time in a library, and part time on sewing, but i'm currently in transition between jobs. Still sewing especially since i've got that big project *crosses fingers* but another gig that's gonna be better off for me came along, and i'm working on finalizing that. I don't wanna jinx it and i don't know if they keeps things on the down-low or not, so not gonna go into details about that tonight."

Dyson returns with his soda(s),, having paid for them and tucked all but one into his messenger bag alongside his remaining donuts. He twists the cap off the one remaining and sips from it.. only taking a third of the bottle. He licks his lips as he comes back to the tables and catches the conversation. "T-Truthfully, until I moved here I m-mainly hung out with my sister and.. p-people on the internet." he says honestly then smirks at Jose. "You m-make life sound like surfing. It's not quite as fun, d-dude." he tells him, sounding a bit melancholy.

Jose blinks and stare at Dyson "Life IS like surfing. You take the downs with the highs and cruise on that wave of life. ANd at the end, well, at the end it is just beggining. Life is only as fun as you allow it to be. And I for one plan to live it to the fullest" he grins widely. Though he looks to Zyraline "We hung out TWICE and on one of those hang out I had to chase after Sam!" he says with a laugh "But I sometime hang with folks here, a few in Hell's Kitchen, or I am by myself" he admits.

Marie lifted her bottle of honey milk up at what Jose said then. "I'll drink to that." She replied. "And as someone who was just at a beach surfin it up just a few days back, I kinda have to say I agree with that speech. And Jose, if that was an english course poem… and if I were your teacher, I'd give ya some bonus cred for that little speech." She grinned at him then and took a sip from her milk.

Zyraline nods at Dyson "i came out here to get 'lost in the crowd' in a big city, since there's too few poeple in my hometown. i needed to get away from familiar faces." she regards jose commenting "and today, but we did still hang out." she hrms briefly at marie's comment "i've never been surfing. i tried skim-boarding at lake michigan once, it didn't go well. i'm like a baby fawn on a frozen lake when you put me on a contraption that rolls or glides."

Dyson snorts at Jose. "S-Suck up." he teases, hipchecking the way smaller mutant… GENTLY, of course. He shudders at the mention of surfing again, as if the idea is almost repellant. "Me a-and deep water.. and not very good friends." he says, making a face and taking a sip of his soda again before regarding Zyra. "Getting lost i-in a crowd… That sounds sort of nice."

Jose staggers a bit from the hip check, more from not expecting then any actual strength behind it. But it has him smiling "Hey. I can't help it if that how I live" and then he grins at Marie "Thanks. Hmmm, mabey classes won't be so bad after all" Though he does turn to Zyarline "Mabey longboarding? I always wanted to do that, closest thing to surfing on land. Cept you can surf right through a crowd of people" he glances to Dyson "mabey we can make ourselves some!" Looks to Marie "What you think? Schools got a workshop dosn't it?"

Marie smiled lightly at the others and nodded. "I hadn't ever surfed before either, but… I'm pretty light on my feet, you could say, so it sorta came natural to me. With a bit'a quality instruction from our guide." She grinned and then tapped her booted foot against Dyson's shin. "Ya don't wanna blend in with a crowd, you're too awesome for that." She grinned at him and looked over at Jose. "That sounds kinda dangerous, but you know what we could do is water skiing, if any ya'll'd be up for that… we got all the stuff for it and its… ya know, similar to surfing. Sorta anyway."

Zyraline will hrm at Dyson's comment "Kind of a necessity. i'm so not ready to answer certain questions my family would have if i turned up. you know, since i died." she just shakes her head at Jose "i broke someone else's shin the last time i got on a skateboard. Broke it. He was so emberrased he didn't give me grief about not being able to ride." she nods at marie's comments so she knows attention is paid to the words, thought no comments on what marie says.

Dyson sighs at Jose and shakes his head. "S-surfing /through/ people is the last thing I wanna d-do, man." the young giant says. "Thogh m-maybe doing it down a v-vacant stretch of road would be cool." He snorts at marie's nudge and makes a face. "S-Says the person who can dissapear in a crowd." he tells her, then looks to Zyraline and blinks. "W-Wait… what? /Died/?"

Jose blinks and stares at Zyraline. His headphones shifts again as he listens to the interior of the restaruent. She had just said she died, and he didn't hear any heartbeat after all. But he stays quiet electing to instead drink his shoulder and begin eating his chocolate muffin!

Marie had stood up from the table after what she'd said previously and she was over by the trash can tossing her empty milk bottle away. She missed the part that Zyra had said and she was now over by the register talking to a couple of the male employees.

Outside the roaring rev of a harley can be heard as it pulls into a space and the engine is cut. A man dressed in black jeans with a black shirt can be seen getting off, he has on heavy black riding boot, and dark shades covering his eyes. On his head is a black bandana tied in the back covering his hair and into the place he walks. The glowing arc through the shirt gives him away though, so how often is Tony Stark seen dressed like this? Once inside the shades come off and tucked in the front of his shirt. It appears he is chewing gum as he slowlys looks around.

Zyraline is nodding at what dyson is initially saying, and then when he seeks clarification she nods again "yup, i got smushed by a truck. And i don't mean clipped, i mean pulverized into a brick wall. It was a blue truck. that's the last thing i remember, before waking up buried alive in my own coffin." she glances at the fellow walking in and gives him a wave "Hey tony".

Oh it's just your average day in a small town donut shop. You know.. Pastries… a young teacher and her teenaged students, one of them being over eight feet tall.. sitting around talking about dieing and coming back to life. Yeah, the giant teen still looks so mortified and fascinated that he doesn't notice a well known multi billionaire walk in. "H-How.. Hos is that even /possible/?" he qasks,.. then blinks once. "S-sorry.. Thats r-rude of me.. and I shouldn't b-be talking since, you know…" motions to his grey skinned self, blushing. He turns his head as Zyra greets this 'Tony' fellow.. "H-Holy Crap!" Aaaaaand YEP. Recognition!

Jose grins "That explain why you don't have a heart beat" before saying to Dyson "Anything can happen around here. Anything" and then he turns seeing Tony. The young mutant had met the billinair before, when he had help Jose to make the high tech headphone he currently wears around his neck, the old pair being on his ears. He waves to Tony saying more like he was a regular person he has known then anything "Hey Tony, hows it going?"

Marie was chatting it up with the guys behind the counter when Stark walked in and she heard all the students say his name, which made her do a double take to see that it was in-fact Stark. She lifted a gloved right hand up and held it there, wiggling her fingers in a wave at him. "What'n the hell are you doin all the way out here?" She asked him with a grin, having not seen the man in some time. "And hi."

"Hey, Zyra." Tony gives her a wave before removing the bandana stuffing in his back pocket. A brief nod is given to Dyson before he glances over to Jose, "Hey there! The headphones still working good? You know I got your design saved if you ever want to change it up again." though now he looks towards Marie offering her that award winning smile, "Was doing a charity ride thing. I've been her ebefore just been a while. Fancy running into you here, Marie." indeed he remembers her name.

Zyraline shrugs at dyson "there was some kind of strange chemicals leeching into the ground, and my family is all about fancy wood-work coffins, not high fangled time-capsule spaceman kinds. So the chemicals leaked in and somehow i can control dead flesh. starting with my own." she chuckles at Dyson's recognition of tony commenting "so the other day i'm hanging out with jose's friend Samuel, and he gets an invite to 'a party, that sounds cool, let's go' and i'm like Ok no problem. we end up in the penthouse of stark industries, some norse lady-warriors beamed in on a giant rainbow, it was just nuts… there were not taquitos, but properly assembled miniature tacos."
Dyson looks a BIT oiverwhelmed by all this.. He takes a step back and just… yeah, he'll be sipping his soda."

Jose gives Dyson an encouriging nudge "Now I know your a bit zoned now. But try not to faint here" he says chuckling. He then looks to Tony "Oh! I almost forgot about that…eh do you think we can make these things fire lazors that burn through metal?" Yea, the young mutant can still be quite a bit crazy. But then he looks to Marie and Tony "How you two know each other anyways?"

Dyson looks as if he is starting to feel very out of place here. Donuts and Dead Gurlz. TEachers and Tech magnates. Stories of Goddesses and Tacos. The young giant sort of leans back against the wall, since no seat or booth will hold him, and he weakly returns the nod to Tony. Then furrows his brow at Jose. "I'm n-not gonna faint. But thats T-tony freakin Stark." he hisses underhis breath… and pulls out another Dr. Pepper.

"Fancy indeed." Marie said at Tony with a grin, she was clearly flirting with him already based on the way she posed herself when replying to him. But she tried to tone it down when she heard Jose's question and she laughed a little. "I uh, well… I got Tony out of a jam a month or two ago was it? Has it already been that long? Man… time goes so fast." She grinned at the Iron man once again. "How ya feelin anyway? All healed up? Ya seemed a bit down last time I saw ya…"

"We are secret lovers." Tony answers at first though isn't able to stay straight faced totally expecting Marie to pop him for it. "Why do you need to burn through metal though?" he asks rather curious to why he'd want this as an addition. Now though he looks over to Dyson, "Are you alright? I don't bite really. Can ask Marie or even Zyra. I haven't bitten either of them yet." his attention now goes back to Marie, "I am good as new thanks to you. I still owe you that date."

Zyraline listens to jose and dyson, commenting to dyson "ignore the money for a minute, and he's a dude. deal with the dude he has people to deal with the money." she listens to tony/marie and 'hrmmms' at the couple months ago part. She then adds to tony "not even your lawyers can handle shinanygans involving minors, Mr Stark." but she gives him a smirk understanding he's just being friendly.

"Zyraline right. Tony like any other guy. And pretty chill I got to say" Jose says in agreement. He looks to Tony "Becuase if it can go through metal, it can go through people, wood, mountains, and other things. And I can try some fun stuff" he says wigglings his brows. He looks to the clerk and wonder if there used to this kind of thing or not.

Dyson shifts a bot, not sure if he is comfottable watching a teacher, even if she is not THAT much older than him, flirting with one of the richest and smartest men in the world. He then blushes a darker grey, the colour of a number two pencil lead to be exact andnods quickly at Tony. "Y-Yes sir.. I mean yes I'm arlight, n-not yet you will bite.. I mean… It i-is an honor to meet you, M-Mister Stark.." he rambles then looks at Zyraline. "H-He's not just a dude.. He's /THE/ dude. H-have you ever broken d-down a starktech motherboard? T-Three-Dimensional, multi substrate, solid s-state poly-circuitry! /HE/ Designed that." Yeah, there is a WEE bit of hero worship there and, maybe, not of Tony's alter ego.

Marie listened to them all and she was a grinning fool as she put her hands in the pockets of her leather coat and swayed back and forth a bit. "Maybe Dyson should come along on the date too?" She said then, hearing the kid fawn over the man so much, it was cute. "But yeah, I just figured you were busy and all… so I haven't been lookin to pester ya on some date. "Jose, you don't need a laser cannon, accept it." She tells the other student of hers. "I'll give you a laser -pointer-… uh, maybe." She considered Jose with a laser POINTER might even be pushing it. "So what are ya here for, coffee and a donut?" She asked, still grinning at Tony like a fool.

"You heard him. I am THE DUDE." Tony chuckles lightly rather liking that for some reason. "Minors yes.. But Marie isn't a minor." he keeps his eyes upon her. "Do you need a chaperone around me? Afraid I won't be a gentlemen? I promise I will be on my best behaviour, Miss Marie." now he glances at the choices, "What do you recommend?"

Zyraline listens to what dyson says, but she just shrugs at him, until he gets to the bit from 'starktech…. circutry' her eyes all but completely glaze over. she shrugs at dyson "and i'll bet you he can't sew a tie to save his life, but you need someone to write softward and build a machine to sew a tie, and he can tell you a few things boy howdy." a touch of her midwestern accent slips through at the end. She just shakes her head at her own internal monologue, as marie and tony flirt.

Dyson notes the glaze over in Zyralines eyes and.. hunches a bit, looking embararsed in a different way, and shrugs. "Whatever." he says.. Then offers Tony another weak smile. The joke about him joing a date, though, is probably enough teasing for him. he pushes off the wall. "S-sorry, guys.. I'm.. not feeling that well.. probably t-too many donuts. I'm heading b-back." he murmurs and starts for the door.

Jose looks at Marie "Ahhh man. I never get to play with the good stuff!" and yet he is grinning. "I best bounce myself. I to now se if Sam will build me a lazor now" and zip he is moving off though he grabs to boxes of donuts "I'll make sure these end up by the kitchen!"

Marie looks at Tony and she grins. "I like the blueberry donuts and well, milk… They all were drinkin' soda with donuts, but that about makes me wanna puke." She flashes him a grin and then hears the students talking about needing to go. "Ah… well shit, I better go with them. I can't have them walking back without me, I guess that'd look pretty sour for a teacher." She went to the table to pick up their stuff, all the boxes for the others back at the school. She glanced at Zyra then and gave her a smile. "Nice meetin' ya, Zyra. Good to see Jose's got friends outside the school."

Tony watches as they all begin to head off, "I'll call you tomorrow. We can set up that date." he tells Marie as she heads towards the door. "I'll take a dozen blueberry, a dozen glazed, and a dozen custard filled ones. Those at the mansion would like them." he orders from the one behind the counter.

Zyraline nods at dyson saying "it was nice to meet you. we should hang out again sometime." she chuckles saying "see you next time jose". "Likewise anna-marie, and i'm drinking coffee with dougnuts, the classic." she smiles and gives her a wave. She just raises an eyebrow at tony. "you should ask for 6 packs or they might not fit on your 'hog'."

Marie grins then as she reaches the door and opens it up. "So long as ya still got my number." She told Tony with a wave for him and Zyra. "Have fun, kiddos." She said before going outside with the boxes of donuts… eyeing Stark's bike a moment as she walked past it to catch up with Jose and Dyson.

Tony looks back at Zyra, "True. Need a ride?"
Zyraline finishes off her coffee and starts heading outside, taking off her flat-cap and replacing it with her bicycle helmet "nah, i rode in myself" and heads to her lavender 21-speed to unlock it.

*< END>*

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