2015-06-08 Getting Back in the Flow
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jean Grey, Scott Summers
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Getting Back in the Flow

With a file folder in his hands, Scott Summers seems to be heading to a small empty bench in the mall to think. He has his laptop, his head phones, and a cup of coffee with him. He is planning the next semester.

Leave the mansion grounds? Jean hadn't been doing much of that since she had returned from, well, where ever it was she had vanished to for a while. She just seemed to be there, but not, and distant compared to before. Still, today she had managed to be convinced by Scott to get out and, well, here she was, at the mall she used to spend plenty of time in, yet strangely out of place now. She stepped over to Scott and leaned over him, "You know, you're supposed to put your work away when you go out to play, Scott."

Scott blinks before he puts his 'work' away into a backpack. He smiles, "Well, you know me. Always working." He then looks around; grinning that he was able to get the ever elusive Jean Grey to show up. "What would you like to do today, Jean? I figured you could use a chance of scene. And this place has it all." He then rubs the back of his neck, "So, how are you? You look great!"

"All work and no play makes Scott a dull boy, hmm?" Jean said in the teasing tone he would be so familiar with. She gave him a warm smile as she moved down onto the bench next to him. "I suppose you're right, I probably could. Hmm, I'm not sure. I really have no idea what I want to do." Was that about the mall or in general though? She looked down at the preppy ensemble she usually favored, "This old thing? It was still in my closet and I threw it on, that's all. I'm doing alright though, no fiery episodes recently."

"Are we talking about my eyes again? Shucks. I've been trying to keep them under control," says Scott in a playful tone back to Jean, "Let's get you a new Chromebook or a tablet. I'm hoping to have you help me train some of the new students. They're starting to believe you aren't real." He smirks audibly, "And you'd look good in any 'old thing,' Jean." He points to the stores; "I have a giftcard for the mall that I'm never going to use. So let's do something worthwhile with it. And I know you're worthwhile."

Jean pouted at him for a second, "Of course not, I wouldn't joke about that with you." She leaned against him, shoulder to shoulder, as she often had done before and nodded, "That's not a bad idea. I don't even know where my old tablet got off too. I could probably use one, even though I am graduated from college finally, and don't have a job like you and the other teachers." Proud Columbia University alumni, she certainly was. As he continued she shook her head, "Flattery will get you everywhere. But thank you for your generosity, you know I appreciate it."

Smiling, Scott rests his head against Jean, "I was teasing with you about that. I know you wouldn't make that joke but I can." He taps his lenses, "So, whatever are you going to do? I mean, you can just go and do the 'recluse' lifestyle or you could see if someone you know might need help teaching and training some of the gifted youngsters where you graduated earlier. That is, if you want to." "Flattery only works when it can be proven to be true."

"I don't know what," Jean said softly, her eyes gently closed for a moment, "After the places I've been, the things I've seen, it's hard adjusting back to my normal life. Especially since the Phoenix isn't controlling me or anything. It's just me in here, just more powerful than ever before." She let out a long sigh, "I suppose I will end up getting recruited back as a teacher one of these days by the Professor, and back to active duty service as an X-Men." She does respond to his comment with a gentle elbow in his ribs though.

Scott shrugs, "The Professor…" He lowers his head and almost whispers, "Charles is not as active as he used to be lately. He's been more or less reserved. He doesn't come out as much as he used to." He inhales and exhales, "I've been running most of the show myself. It's been taxing. I wish I was there for us-" He pauses, "I wish able to have you helped you more when you were going through these trying times." He tries to smiles, "If you need anything, I am sure that the guy who is running the place would be glad to welcome you back." He smiles.

"I know the feeling," Jean idly replied as she leaned back up straight, "You were born to lead, Scott, I'm not worried about how the team and the school will fare under your leadership, so don't worry yourself either, alright?" She wraps an arm around his waist and gives him an awkward, sideways hug, "I missed you out there, you know. Saw so many things I wish I could have shared with you. But I'm back now. I'm right here. Everything will work out."

Scott smirks, "Good because I might need your help to get a new team up and running. Some of the younger students. Too young for New Mutants but they have just as much potential. I want to get them going and I could really use you there. We're two of the five. Hank's off with his experiments. Bobby left. Warren's dealing with his family. That leaves just… 'us.' And I believe we can make it work." He smiles as he hugs her back. "Some things have changed with the place but everyone knows you're the legend. I made sure of that." He smiles softly.

"You know, if someone had assigned them to you, you would have made a comment about babysitting and diapers," Jean teased, "But you know I'll help, and with all the telepaths if we currently have any." Her cheeks flushed a bit and she pouted again, "How can the woman live up to the legend in front of them though?"
Trying to think, carefully, Scott smirks. "Let's see. We have Betsy and Emma as well right now for other telepaths at the school. They're also instructors. Betsy teaches…" He pauses, "Something. She has purple hair and expensive taste. Emma does too but Charles named her as 'headmistress' so I have been working with her on getting things together." He smiles, "I know everyone will be happy to see you back at the campus."

Jean makes a dismissive sound at that, "Pfft, they're rank amateurs compared to the raw power I've seen and held in my head. A burning match in a windstorm." She quirks a brow and looks up at him, "Headmistress, huh? With you as headmaster, no doubt."
Scott smirks, "You might get to like them if you give them a chance. But you are right, amateurs." He then shrugs, I have no idea if I am headmaster. I'm more worried about the X-Men while I let Emma control that rodeo."

"Don't worry, we'll get things sorted out," Jean said as she looked around the mall, "School-wise and team-wise, we'll get things back to where they need to be. After all, we have to be ready for…anything that might come our way."
"I'll make sure you wanna stay," teases Scott. "We do have a lot to catch up on though." He pauses, "Nothing major on my end. Nothing you'd wanna hear about." He shrugs, "Drake's now going to be an X-Man tomorrow. I'm going to bring some students into the team if you wanna be there for that."

Jean nodded, "I would like to be there for that. I haven't worn the uniform, such that it is, in far too long." She gives him a squeeze again, "Oh, the things I've seen, Scott. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe."

"You people?" teases Scott as he smiles at Jean, "You make it sound like we're such commoners now. That' not the Jean I know." He squeezes her hand as welll, "We'll get you there if you want to be there. I'm not planning on forcing you to be where you don't want to be. Some things have channged so you have to bear that in mind. But no matter how things have changed, you're still my best friend."

Jean gives him a small knowing smile, "I was quoting a movie, Scott," she replies with a laugh, resting her red-tressed head on his shoulder, "I want to be there. I've been lost, so lost since I returned. Something familiar to center me would be nice…" She tilts her head back, stretching out to give him a kiss on the cheek, "You're my best friend too"

Scott blushes, "Thanks, Jean. You still mean the world to me. Even if I don't know your movie references." He pauses, "We better get that tablet for you. We do need to get you up to date on what's going on." He stands up and offers her his hand to 'escort' her. "Just like old times, right?" He grins.

"That's true, I watched it with Hank and Bobby," Jean said, "It's Blade Runner, old scifi flick, their kind of movie." She nodded, "Yeah, you're right." She reached up and took his hand, letting him guide her to her feet, "Mmm, it's close….not quite right…" She moved in close, shoulder to shoulder, and wrapped her arm around his, "Now it's like old times."

"Wait, are you saying that you're a replicant?" says Scott as he allows Jean to get close like that. He smiles, "Careful, if you keep this up, rumors will start that we're dating. The students love to start rumors about me for some reason." He blushes.

Jean just gave him a curious, enigmatic little smile as a reply to the first before she laughs as he continues, "It's not like we ever actually officially -stopped- dating in the first place. Besides, they do it because you're handsome and single."

"Well," Scott muses, "There's stories that I scared you away or that… I'm dating Betsy or Emma or Marie or…" He smiks again, "Or that I'm dating Logan. The stories never stop. Even if try to clarify them." He pauses, "How does one offically stop dating anyway?" He starts looking at the tablets though; trying to not look her directly in the eye.

"If you want to date any of them, that's fine. You know I won't stand in your way. But if you aren't honest with me…" Jean pokes him in the cheek with her free hand, "I'll know. I am a telepath after all. And you officially stop by breaking up, which we never did." She looks over the tablets, "So what do I want…"

Trying hold his own, Scott thinks to himself of what he should do. "It's not that I wouldn't want to have a future with you, Jean. It's just that things became complicated. I'm not dating any of them. Especially Logan." He almost feels sick at that thought, but he tries to refocus, "Red, you know you will always mean the world to me. I need to figure this out. I didn't want to put you though a situation that we're still us when you need to focus on you. I have been spending time being friendly with Miss Frost but that's to show she's not the 'Ice Queen' that everyone said she is. Kind of like how you and Logan used to hang out. Except I was a jerk for being jealous."

He looks at some of the tablets, "Or do you want a Chromebook?"

"You and Logan would be an interesting couple. Opposites attract, I suppose…" Jean said in a teasing tone. "I know, we have all the time in the world, the universe to figure things out, Scott. Don't think that I don't have a lot of thinking too. Don't worry, I'm not going to be jealous of you and 'Miss Frost'." She looks over them, "I don't have a computer, I'd like a tablet that can handle that too. Don't they have Windows ones?"

"Logan and I can't work. Even when he tries to be nice, he's sitll an asshole to me." says an amused Scott, "And Jean, I'll aways be there for you. Even if Miss Frost manages to find her way into my head." He teases, "We all know you got there first." He nods, "Windows based tablet? What about a Windows based smart phone with a Chromebook?"

"You just want me to worship Google, don't you?" Jean says with a laugh as she leans against him, "Windows. It's what I know. Maybe a nice Surface or something." She reaches up, poking him at the side of his head, "That's right, I was here long before she was."

"I personally prefer Linux!" teases Scott, "And we all know I worshipped you over Google way before hand." He still flirts with her. He knows this. He knows hy he is too. "I could be evil and get you an iPad." He nudges her. "Pick whatever model you like."

"I'm not a computer geek, remember? I like what I know!" Jean replied with an easy, familiar warmth in her voice. She pouts a bit and points over at the display model Surface. "I want one of those!"

"I always saw you as a 'MyPod' kind of girl," teases Scott as he gets his wallet ready, "Awesome. What extras did you want? A case?"

"That's for music, this is for typing, silly. I still have one of those around. Somewhere. I have to go through my room later. It was so dusty when I came back." Jean says as she looks over things, "I think a keyboard cover and case is all I really need."

Scott nods and grabs a couple of options, "If you want, you can take my room. In the mansion. I'm not staying in it lately. Drake and I moved into the pool house." He smirks, "You were the last person to see the room after all so it should still be the same way."

Jean shakes her head, "I'm hardly in my room lately anyway, I should probably actually dust and air it out. That should be fine." She laughs, "The poolhouse, eh? You sound like you moved out of your parent's house, but not too far away."
Scott smirks and then pretends to pout, "Darnit, I moved out my bedroom at my parents' house and straight into the garage." He nudges Jean, "To be fair, I eyed the pool house and always thought it would have been fun if we moved there. There's still that extra room." He starts to head to the sales associate to see about getting Jean her device and parts.

"You did! And you even needed a roommate to pay the rent!" Jean said with a laugh, "That's true, lot more room, plenty of privacy compared to the dorms." She followed along behind him, running her fingers along the counters.

Looking at the sales rep, Scott mentions that his friend needs the help but he's paying. "Hey, technically, Drake was just a kid I took legal guardianship of so he's more like a 'son' I guess than a roommate.'" He leans against Jean, "Which would make him your's on weekends."

"Oh, so we're a broken household now?" she as she rubbed at her forehead, "Besides, I'm not old enough to be a mom! Even if people accuse me of being one."

Laughing, he quips back with, "Like I'm old enough to Drake's Dad?" He pays for the items and hands them over to Jean with a smile, "Use these in good health. And promise me you won't be so distant anymore?"

"I'm only like four years older than he is!" Jean exclaims with mock frustration. She takes the bag and leans up on her toes to kiss his cheek, "I'll try, but you're bringing a vacuum and helping me clean out my room in the mansion. I'll let you get back to your 'work' again, if you want. I'll see you back home. Thank you again, Scott."

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