2015-06-09 Cara's Church Baby
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Players: Mystique Cara
GMed by Mystique
Title: Cara's Baby

New York: St. Peter's Church


Wandering out of the A mansion in a fit of emotions and rage, Cinderella herself has been wandering around the city almost looking for a fight but not actively causing one. She eventually walked past the church and had a small break down in constitution. The young mother walks into the double doors, careful to open one and not allow the light from the outside to linger very long. She steps into the main sanctuary and sits at the pew closest to the door and lowers her head.

Cara was left to sit there alone for quite awhile infact. The church had emptied out of its heaviest traffic a few hours ago and now only a handful of people were even inside of the building. There was a priest near the front of the room who was speaking to a woman with red hair, her eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses, she had a trenchcoat on like you see detectives wear and she kinda had that whole 'cop' vibe about her infact.

But, as the minutes rolled on and the quiet air filled the church's interior… a hand came down to rest on the pew's arm beside where Cara sits. "Oh hello there, sweetie." A woman's voice spoke out, an older woman… she stood there beside the pew wearing a floral pattern sweater, she had bright white hair and a big sweet smile. "You look so horribly distrought, I just couldn't stand it anymore to not come and see if you were alright." The old woman came out of seemingly no where, but she seemed friendly enough.

Cara looks up with a startled jump, the young avenger lifts her head and her wrist is used to wipe at the tears. Get them off her face and cheek. The auburn haired mutant's bracelets jingle on her wrist though she starts to talk but no words escape her clogged throat. She softly shakes her head, no, but she tries to smile to show she'll be okay.

"Oh heavens be." The elderly woman said to the young Cara as she saw this display from the girl. She moved to sit beside her on the pew and reached her hand out to place it on Cara's shoulder. "You look completely stricken, deary." She says to her. "Come now… if you need an ear to share it all with, you've found mine… as well as everyone here at the church and his grace above." She gave the girl another warm smile to try to raise her spirits. She seemed genuine.

Cara scoots over so the woman can have a spot to sit but she puts on her best smile, it's not very convincing at all. In fact it makes her look more sad and she then looks back down to the floor for several minutes shaking her head a few times as she tries to speak. Eventually, "I- I lost my daughter…" Cara whispers.

This revelation gets a soft 'oh' out of the woman and she places her right hand over her sweater'd chest. "Dear me." She quietly replies to Cara. "There are no words…" She adds as she squeeze's Cara's shoulder with the other hand. She lets some time go by then before she speaks again. "Was it some sort of medical troubles, dear?" She asked.

Cara shakes her head. It's all she can do. The woman is appreciated but from a numb distance. As if she was feeling a facsimile of the holds and caresses from the woman. The red-haired woman and the priest are all ignored as Cara has a break down in this strange and unfamiliar place.

The old woman sat there with Cara as she cried, her question having gone unanswered usually meant that it was a 'yes' however. But she didn't comment on it. At the front of the church the red head looked back down the pews to their end to see Eleanor seated there with the girl. After a few moments the red headed woman started walking down between the rows of pews toward the two of them, her heeled feet making rather loud sounds on the hardwood floor of the very large open room. "Eleanor." She speaks out, her voice quite lovely. "How is your new friend?" She asked. The old woman did not answer immediately but did stammer out a reply of not knowing the girl's name, only that she'd lost a child… This made the redhead look Cara over more closely… quietly staring at her from behind her sunglasses.

Cara pretends to not hear the two talking, her face is aimed at the floor beneath her feet and her eyes are held shut as her body jerks with the sobs she's crying. It's a very hard day though she does eventually look up, brushing the left side of her hair behind her ear and saying, "Cara. I'm cara." She cries.

Eleanor offers another soft squeeze and a rub to Cara's shoulder, but the red head just stares at the girl… Her hand then came up and pulled her sunglasses off of her face revealing her violet colored eyes beneath. "Cara." She replies to her. "I'm Raven and this is Eleanor." She nodded at the old woman once. "Tell me, what happened to your child?" She bluntly asked the girl, not having time for emotional hangups on social interaction.

"She-" Cara responds quickly and strongly to the forward approach. "She was kidnapped." The young mutant says, trying to keep her head up. Cara's eyes continue to water. "She was taken-" Cara cuts herself off and doesn't say who she was taken by or to where.

Eleanor responded to this by gasping and recoiling to place both of her hands upon her chin. "Oh dear!" She gasped and then both of those same withered old hands were on Cara's shoulder. Raven just stared… her eyes going from Cara to Eleanor and then back to Cara. "Do you know who took your—" She caught herself. "Who took her?" She asked.

Cara shakes her head once more. "It was. I don't want to say it, you'll think I'm crazy." The young mutant says, trying to look away from the two and yet get a glimpse of them to see if they're willing to believe her wild claims.

"So you know who has your child?" Raven replied then, her sunglasses being folded and stuffed into a breast pocket on her coat. "So you are here because…?" She softly shook her head then. "You're waiting on the police to get off of their fat asses and do something about it?" She inquired, causing Eleanor to quietly gasp at the use of foul language.

Cara shakes her head yet again, not sure how she can answer it. Raven seems like she's accept nearly any answer, but Eleanor does seem very proper. "I don't know who has her but I know where she is. I haven't gone to the police." The young mutant admits. "They couldn't do anything."

"They rarely can." Raven quietly replied to Cara's comment, though the reply was just an off-handed reactionary remark. "Eleanor?" Raven asked and the old woman looked up at her. "Go and fetch Cara a drink, and some food." The old woman then nodded then and stood up. She squeezed Cara's shoulder one more time but parted company without saying another word. Raven… now sat herself down in the pew in front of Cara's and turned sideways on it to look back at Cara. "Where is your child?" She asked the girl now, her voice was softer… a little darker.

Cara takes a very deep breath through her nose as she prepares to say it. "Asgard." Cara says to the hymns stored on the back of Raven's pew though those golden eyes glance up to Raven to gauge the woman's reaction to her outstanding claim.

Raven… did indeed stare back at Cara as if she were nuts. A completely blank expression was the immediate response that Cara recieved from this woman… at least for a few seconds. "And how, exactly, does one's child get kidnapped and taken to Asgard, my dear?" She asked the girl then, suggesting that the red head was quite familar with what Asgard was at least.

"She was taken by an Asgardian." Cara says, looking down ashamed, but not allowing the tears to well up this time. "I was tricked by one of them. They looked just like a good friend and it turned out she was after my daughter and by the time I noticed, she was gone." Cara says, the sadness replaced with anger in her voice. At herself and at the kidnapper.

Raven continued to stare at Cara, not letting her eye contact leave the girl, her violet pupils just resting right upon Cara's face. "Do you have any inclination as to why an Asgardian would wish to steal your baby?" Was her next inquiry. She looked like a detective, and she was asking similar questions that one might ask… but these came on the heels of down talking the police openly.

"Because she's half Asgardian." Cara says, getting ready to preemptively cut off Raven's questions. "No, I never slept with any Asgardians. It had something to do with that whole Ragnarock thing." Cara explains quietly, her eyes moving back to Raven's violet, gorgeous eyes.

"Mmm… fascinating." Raven replied to the girl, yet still staring at her. She didn't crack a smile, or any other physical representation of her current emotional state. She just stared. "So then, Cara… Tell me this…" She softly exhaled and did then shift some where she sat on that dreadfully uncomfortable wooden pew. "Why do… you… feel an Asgardian child would be grown inside of your belly? Only to be taken from you after it was birthed?" She paused a moemnt and leaned toward the girl just a little more, her voice lowering a few pitches now. "What makes you so special for such a thing to occur?" She asked at a tone just above a whisper.

"I …" Cara begins, but then furrows her brows as she thinks and ponders Raven's questions. With a squint of her golden eyes towards Raven's purples, she rolls one hand over so the palm is up but with her fingers still numb she makes the glass bracelet on that wrist begin to shift and move to form a perfect crystal ball in her palm. Cara doesn't say anything. She just allows the glass to move like a clear liquid reforming into a solid ball.

Raven's violet eyes only broke from Cara's when the young one put on the show upon the palm of her outreached hand. Raven watched said show and then a a very small smile touched her lips as her violet eyes went back up to Cara's sun-shaded own. "Well now, that is something special, isn't it?" She asked the girl in a quiet tone that sounded quite a lot like something her elder and mentor would say. "So then, Cara. How are we going to get your child back?" She asked her, most notably including the word 'we'.

"I'm not sure yet." Cara says, looking back up to Raven, catching onto the we, but she could feel like she needs a friend. As she thinks over this, Cara's ball quickly reforms back around her wrist as a bracelet only with a blue tint this time, just some mood bracelet likely. "I don't suppose you have any ideas."

Raven held the faint smile on her lips after hearing this. She allowed a few silent moments to pass before she replied with another question. "Do you know Asgardians who are currently located here or near here?" She asked then. "If so… do they hold anything dear, or valuable to them that we could… borrow… in exchange for what belongs to you, sweet child?" She asked, her voice was very soft and light… yet that hint of darkness never seemed to leave its corners.

"Y'know. I do." Cara says quickly as she climbs to her feet, her hands balled into fists as she starts to march towards the back door, just a few feet behind her. "I'll be back soon." Cara says with a faintly evil smile as she slips out of the door and into the streets.

< END >

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