2015-06-10 Dyson's Woes
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Warning: N/A
Players: Dyson Rogue
GMed by Rogue
Title: Dyson's Woes

X-Mansion: Driveway

The large black metal gates open to continue the twisting road through a set of hedges easily ten feet tall and onto an estate with rolling hills and trees. The driveway curves up a gentle slope to the front of the school where it forms a loop around a large fountain for easy turn-around.
The landscaping is well maintained, flowers and hedges lining the driveway, and cobblestone walk ways running alongside it.


Dyson stands quietly just inside the gates, looking beyond at the surrounding countryside beyond the school. Just passing dusk, the mutant giant has his hands tucked in his pockets, his BEATS over his ears, and seems to be just.. thinking.

The unmistabkable sound of a bicycle can be heard clicking its way up the road outside of the gates… not that Dyson could likely hear it with that fancy headset on, however the bike comes around the bend and Rogue is sean on it. She's been out on a long ride today and looks to be pretty sweaty. She's got a black tanktop on and some gloves on her hands, some dark green shorts and black spandex shorts beneath that… her feet are lit up by a neon yellow / green pair of tennis shoes. The girl pedals her bike up to the gate and she stops when she sees the big huge form of Dyson. She sits back on her bike then and plants her feet on the ground. "Hey there." She says, adding a wave of her hand so its easier to understand her greeting if his music is too loud.
Though his hearing is well beyond average, teh sound of the bycycle /is/ hard to sense beyond the harsh melody of Within Temptation's cover of Imagine Dragon's Radioactive. When he sees he rpull up he pulsl the headphones off andnods at her once. "H-Hey, Miss Marie.. How w-was your bike ride?" he asks, bashfully, not used to seeing teachers in that much spandex. He finds the catch on the gate and carefully pulls it open for her.

Marie stepped off of her bike then and she grinned at him. She walked the bike through the gate that he opened for her and she nodded at him with a smile. "Thanks, Dyson." She told him as she paused her pushing of the bike once inside the school walls. "It was good fun. I forgot how… energizin it can be to just get out and ride and enjoy the sun." She glanced around to see no one else was with him. "What are you doing out here all by your lonesome? Gettin' sick of being inside that big ol place already?" She asked him.
Dyson closes the gate behind her, Making sure to latch it as well so the automated system will still kick in. "S-Sice the sun is mostly down you m-must have been out there a while." he says as he tucks his hand sinto his pockets and trudges alongside her, eyes foreward. "And no.. n-not sick.. I just wanted some f-fresh air. T-to think, ya know?"

Marie watched him shut the gate and then when he joined her where she stood with her bike she started to walk along the pathway that curved through the front yard gardens. "Yeah, I was out since four or so… guess time just got away from me" She replied to him at first, grinning some. She leaned down to snatch her water bottle out of the holder on the bike frame and then lifted it up for a sip before glancing over and up at him. "Whats ya got floatin' around in that head'a yours then, mister?" She asked him, still smiling.
Dyson shrugs, still looking foreward. He seems a bit pensive, the way he holds himself as they follow that path. "Just wondering… If I-I belong here." he says, honestly. "I know I'm h-here for m-my safety… or l-lets be truthful, my family's safety… But…." he sighs long and low.

Marie paused her bike pushing and she reached her left hand over to bump his forearm to stop him also. She looked up at him then. "Are you feelin homesick?" She asked him then. "I mean, I can understand if ya are… ya haven't been here very long and I've seen a lot of students your age go through that same thing." She paused for a moment. "But I kow ya had some strange info just thrust into your lap too, and that that ain't been helpin much neither."

Dyson nods his head at that, agreeing. "Y-Yeah.. The strange information.." he says, souding a bit sick still. "But it's n-not just that. it's not just being homesick.. And y-yeah, I am homesick… It's.. It's the future. I mean I got just ober ay-year and a half hear and I will be graduated.. So… What then?"

Marie stood there beside her bike and she listened to this question from him… it made her softly smile up at him, she'd heard it many times from other students and the answer was a clear one for her. "Well, what do you wanna do?" She asked him, a flash of a grin given then. "I mean, look… Dyson. I can already tell that you're smart as a whip and you're gonna to ace your courses. I'm sure of it… So you shouldn't be scared of your future, you should be excited for it… cause once you pick a direction to go, after here, you're going to be set for a good life ahead."

Dyson stops… and looks down at his teacher… and the look on his face is one of fear… "I a-always wanted to be a scientist.." he says softly. "And thats w-weird.. because I was exploited by s-scientists. But I love science. Chemisty.. Physics.. M-Medicine.. Engineering.. I know I'm smart." he says, without a trace of ego, more like a tinge of sadness. "I could h-have grqaduated yars ago.. but m-my parents told me to t-take my time.. have a life like I n-never got until they were able to get m-me back.. And I agree with that still. B-but when I do graduate.. W-Where do I go to university. I c-can't become a scientist with o-online courses. I need to go to an a-accedited school. And how many of them w-will accept me? How can I w-work and l-learn when I w-will be reviled for what I am? Even scientists h-have prejudices, Miss Marie. Do y-you think by the time I go to university will j-just stop hating mutants? I c-can' pretend I'm not a human. I c-can't just put on a wig or makeup…"

Marie listened to everything that the big guy said down at her and she took a moment to twist at the cap on her water bottle's top as she thought about what best to say back at him. "Ya know, not all colleges are full of bastards, right?" She said back up at him with a small smile. "Some of them have far more accepting student bodies and faculty than you might think… I know of at least one pro mutant college in Washington State that has several mutants who're directly in charge'a the place. A lot of our former students go there, infact… ain't no reason you can't get a shinin' recommendation from Professor Xavier to go there too…" She then reached her gloved hand out and gave his forearm a squeeze. "Oh and hey! If you want some fancy smancy stuff to put on future applications? Guess who I'm good friends with? Mmmhmmm.." She nodded once and released his arm. "Mister Tony Stark… what if I asked him if you could intern for him over the summer? I mean… its a long commute to New York City, but if you went in maybe once or twice a week? I could ask him anyway… if ya'd like me to." She gave the tall mutant a warm smile then.

Dyson seems at least /sort/ of mollified by her answer.. The idea of a pro-mutant school is a good one, though he has towonder if they are hiding any Mutant 'heroes' like this school seems to be… Yeah, there is a BIT of an uncertain look on his face, though not quite as bad as a few moments earlier. He blushes more at her touch of his arm, eyes looking away, but his shoulders quiver with a bit of excitmenet when Tony Startk is mentioned. "G-god.. that would be like a dream come true." he says, his voice picking up a bit, but then his shoulders sag just a little. "But.. Being an i-intern is something I would want to earn.. And being in New York by m-myself… i-is sort of scary."

Marie heard his response and she released a light sigh and she reached up to take her green and yellow bike helmet off of her head then, her gloved hand then pulling her crazy hair back and pushing it over her shoulder. "Dyson…" She started her response for him. "I learned quite awhile back that success 'round this world is earned through 'who you know' and not nearly enough about 'what you know'." She paused and flashed a grin up at him. "If ya got an in with someone, take the chance… then prove you're worth it once you're there." She then glanced forward toward the pathway that curved around the hedges and rose bushes. She started walking her bike again, assuming he'd join her. "As for New York, trust me… I been there a lot, ain't nobody gonna mess with ya when they see ya comin down the street."

Dyson holds her helmet for her as she ties her hair back, nodding slowly as she explains her view of how to get ahead in the world. "I.. g-guess that makes some sort of sense.." he admits. "It s-sort of goes against my grain but.. thats p-probably just me." he offers he back her helmet and snorts once. "I think it would b-be different with me than you. I k-keep seeing picthforks and torches and b-being chased like some g-genetic frankenstien. You g-go to new york and all people s-see is an attractive young w-woman who could probably b-be a model… " he stops and the blush gets a LOT darker as he winces. "I-I'm sure.. you get.. what I a-am trying to say."

Marie took the helmet back with a soft 'thanks' and she listened to him as they walked. His compliment didn't go unwelcomed and she grinned real big, but just stared forward. "Well… my weird hair has gotten me more than a few 'skunk head' comments from folk out in the open world… But thats alright." She glaned over and up at him. "Dyson though… ya gotta know that words don't mean'a thing and that most folk won't violently attack you just cause you're tall. You can wear a coat and a hood and most folk won't even think differently of ya. I know its summer though, so thats a bit much this time'a year." She shrugged her shoulders. "You're a big guy Dyson… you can take care of yourself if someone gets up in your face, ya just need to work on this self confidence some. And I think an internship at Stark's place could maybe help with that… and hey?" She looked over at him. "I could ride with ya when its your on-days? Make sure it all goes well."

Dyson looks like he /knows/ he overreacts at things, that he is completely aware of his paranoia and his neurosis and othr emotional baggage. "I know." he whispers. "I j-just…" he stops again and quickly looks around once before looking at the 'skunk-haired' woman. "Marie.. I /k-k-killed/ people." he tells her, his voice so hollow it is almost painful.. he looks haunted. "I'm so afraid I w-will do it again. Afraid I w-will lose control. I still see them.. a-all of them.."

Marie let his words sit in the air silently for a few moments as they walked around one of the corners, her bike tires crackling on the pebbles and rocks beneath its tread. "If ya did it, then I assume ya did it cause ya had no choice, huH?" She asked him looking up at him. "Some bullies pushed ya into a corner, or someone ya care about?" She asked him then.

Dyson slumps back against the building, his hand spushed into his pocket as he hunches.. looking at his feet. "I d-don't know what the professor t-told you.." he says, sounding a bit ill again. "I'm here b-because three weeks ago we were having a f-family barbeque.. celebrating my grades.. And t-two helecopters dropped into our farm.. There w-were guys.. in black body suits… There w-was a gunfight and m-my dad tried hiding m-me in the barn… and he.. he.." he gulps for air..

Marie stopped pushing her bike then and she set it up against the wall of the garage now that they'd come close to it. She turned to face him then and when he started to speak she stepped toward him and stood there in front of him, the cool evening breeze blowing strands of her loose white bangs about her face. "He did what then?" She asked the young man.

Dyson clenches his eyes, finding that air to fill his massive lungs. He inhales sharply, shuddering. "They shot him.." he whispers. "SO many times.. I-I'm the indestructable one. I should h-have been protecting /him/. And everyone else.." his hands clenched. "They killed m-my dad.. and… a f-f-friend… and… and I lost it…" he opens his eyes, the orbs gleaming like wet black opals. "I r-ripped them apart. I smashed them. I c-crushed them and.. and… ALL of them!"

Marie listened to all of this and at the end of it she let a couple seconds pass before she stepped up to him and her left gloved hand went to the side of his right arm and she gave his bicep a soft squeeze. She looked at his eyes and said with a serious tone to her voice. "I woulda done the same thing." She nodded her head softly once. "Just about any one woulda…. So ya can't feel guilty for their deaths… Them a-holes earned it… earned every last bit of it."

Dyson tries to straighten his shoulders… to look stronger. Not physically but mentalluy.. spiritually.. But there is that look in his eyes.. like some war vets would get. "I know I shouldn't.. b-but I do. I'm always afraid I will hurt people.. I spent all my life trying /not/ to… It's a world that is half my size and I thought I had it under control and it slipped away and there were a d-dozen dead men in my yard.."

"Those weren't men." Marie replied to him swiftly after he said those words. "They were filthy monsters." She told him… and its true that the Professor probably wouldn't phrase it that way, but Rogue has a sketchy history that leaned a little more toward… another side of mutant beliefs toward humans that wanted to cause harm to the mutant-kind. She gave his arm another squeeze and then let her hand fall from him. "Look. Your dad wanted you to be happy and have a good life… and thats what we want for you here too. And if ya stick with us here, we'll all make sure that happens… Or at least I will." She held another faint smile for him, unsure if her words would help much or not.

For all his size and stature.. For his strange pallor and pupiless eyes.. For all of that Dyson is still a seventeen year old boy.. one that has seen quite a lot. The fact that he hasn't gone crazy yet probably speaks well for his mental strength, even if he doesn't know it. He wipes his hand acorss his nose, sniffling, and nods. "I j-just miss them.. him.. so much. H-he spent so long f-fighting to get me back.. I wanted him t-to see me graduate.. to see my sister get married.. h-have kids… maybe see m-me get a nobel prize." he looks from his hands to her. "I d-don't want anyone to go through this, Marie. I hate wh-what I did.. I'm afraid to f-fight.. But part of me.. part of m-me /wants/ to. I c-can't stay in the background forever.. It.. it w-would be cowardly.."

Marie nodded softly at his words a couple small times. "Then ya can maybe see why we do the things that we do here…" She tells him. "We're trying to prevent this stuff from happenin to as many of our kind as we can. But we're not fightin' back with equal force… we're trying to prevent violence, to anyone… But its like trying to throw a bucket'a water onto a barnfire… ain't a lot of good gonna come outta it, but ya gotta try… can't just stand there and watch it all burn down."

Dyson nods at this and straightens up a bit. "It's c-called Asymmetric Warfare.." he tells her. "war between belligerents whose relative power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly, often involving strategies and tactics of unconventional warfare where the weaker combatants attempt to use strategy to offset deficiencies in quantity or quality." he smiles weakly. "M-My dad was a s-soldier.."

Marie grinned at these words from Dyson then and she nodded her head softly as she stepped back toward her bike. "Maybe you should be a teacher here someday, all talkin' like that." She grinned at him then. Everything he just said triggered a series of memories inside of her head, memories she'd stolen from a soldier… She glanced down at her bike and hid the dismay that he memories put on her face by busying herself with putting the water bottle back into its cage on the bike frame. She hoisted the whole bike up off the ground then in one hand and walked into the open garage door, looking back at him, she paused. "You know I'm here, any time ya wanna talk about anything going on in that head'a yours, right?" She asked, standing here holding the bike up without any shred of difficulty.

Dyson knows she can fly and has suspected she is a lot stronger than she looks. He is someone with enhanced strength and he knows how /he/ moves so it is not hard to fathom she may be enhanced qas well. So one handed bike? No problem. "I know, M-Miss Marie.. And.. I p-promise I will try. You're.. easier to talk to then I thought y-you would be."

Marie grins at him then and she nods her head a single time. "Good to hear. Yeah… I don't bite. At least not the students anyway… that'd get me fired and thrown back out on the streets, right?" She stepped into the garage then, not sure if he was going to follow her or not.

Dyson walks in behind her, snorting once and shaking his head. "M-Maybe.. though what if y-your mutation /involves/ biting… wouldn't be f-fair to be fired over a genetic expression, w-wouldn't it?"

Marie walked over to the wall where there were several bikes and she hung hers up on one of the empty hooks. She laughed softly at what he said then and she turned around to face him. "Ya may have found a loophole, by gum." She told him then and there. "Sadly though, I don't think I got any mutant powered bitin' abilities…" She stepped over to her red convertable classic style car and she reached into the open backseat to pull up a canvas backpack, military style in appearance. "Though I guess enhanced strength counts for my bitin' too… no wonder I enjoy chompin' on ice cubes like they're chips." She looked up at him and grinned a little.

Dyson smirks and eyes the car… almost longingly. he runs a finger along it's edge, admiring it's classic lines. "E-ever bit through a fork? It's not fun.. especially when you swallow the t-tines. I may not get damaged by stuff but.. things still can be uncomfortable." he grins back at her. "Nice c-car for a teachers salary." he teases.

Marie laughed softly at his words, and winced too at the thought of the fork bits. "I've never done that, no." She quietly said as she rooted around in the backpack she got out of the back of the car. She pulls her glove off on her right hand and then lifts itup. "I got these forks though." She says and three long bone claws rip out of her hand and stand long and proud up from just above her knuckles. She smirks through them at him. "These feel like bee stings when they come out." She retracts them right back into her hand then and the wounds immediately begin to seal up again. "And the car was a gift from some sweet talkin' man who was tryin' to woo me." She told him with a little smile.

Dyson acks and stumbles back, wide eyed as she pop boneclaws. "H-Holy CRAP!" he exclaims, looking more surprised then anything. He calms down just as quickly and back, looking embarrased. "He tried to w-woo you.. and you have /claws/…. Brave m-man."

Marie laughed a little at the young man's reaction and at his words. "Well, they're temporary… Part'a what I do is when I touch another mutant, I'll borrow their power for a spell… usually around three to four weeks depending on how long I touch'em. In this case… I touched— wait, no, Logan touched me twice in the span of about two weeks… so I got stuck with his… side effects for … I don't know, really, till August'ish maybe?" She asked, not expecting anyone to answer her. "He does it on purpose, it amuses him cause his healin' power prevents him from passing out if he only touches me for a moment or two. Where anyone else would drop like a sack'a potatoes."

Dyson never really knew the specifics of her power… AT first he seesm rather excited. "You t-take on the unique c-characteristics of those you touch?" he asks.. Teh idea sounds FASCINATING.. But then he realizes something. "The gloves…. Oh g-god.. thats why you wear the gloves. if you are able to replicate s-someones abilities.. and their ability to u-use them.. that means…." Yeah, his brain IS a fast one.. priocessing on multiple cores, a gamer would say.. but this time his conclusion makes him look very sad now. "You c-cannot control your own ability." he states. The peices fit.

Marie smiled at him as he said all of this and she kept rumamging around in side that backpack. She finally pulled her phone out of it and set it down ontop of the canvas bag. "Yep." She told him, looking up at him once more. "So as you can see, my current state of attire makes me a bit of a walking… death trap?" She glaned down at herself in the short shorts and tanktop, a sigh given. "I just look so damn good though. Its a crime not to show off little, and besides, exercise! I can't go around on a bike in a parka in the middle of June!" She laughed a little and shook her head softly. She looked at him again then. "This is why you'll see students take 'the long way' around me… a lot of them learn this about me and do their best to avoid me, which is fine… I mean, they should."

Dyson sort of smiles, trying to remain upbeat.. and his cheeks colour a bit as she jests at how good she looks and he quickl.. looks somewhere else and coughs.. damned forg in his throat. Ahem. "I.. guess? G-god, that sucks still. And I a-always thought it was because.. you know.. shy young lads with a Mrs Robinson c-complex." he coughs again, thumps is chest.. THERE we go. "Has anyone tried to.. y-you know.. come up with a workaround.. a therapy? Something?"

Marie grinned at him and she shook her head. "Most of the studnets around here focus on their own age groups… though I try not to be like… nasty about what I do or wear. I mean, I don't want to cause any issues, ya know? Sides, a lot of our teachers are pretty, I'm probably not even near the top on that hotness list." She glaned at her phone a moment before looking back up at him. "Hank McCoy, yep." She tells him. "He checked me out when I first got here and said that there were probably things that he could do for it, yes, but htat it could have 'gross side-effects' that could 'ultimately lead to far worse pain'." She said, making her best Beast-voice impersonation. She shook her head. "Professor and him both talked me outta pursuin' it… and over the past few years its just become, I don't know… easier? I guess I'm adjustin' more as I get a little older. Still is pretty hard though… like the fella that gave me this car… he sure is a handsome one." She exhaled then.
Dyson blinks at the mention of Hank McCoy.. "Wait… The h-hank theyare always talkingaout is /HANK MCCOY/?" he asks, looking so amazed he forgets the rest of the conversation. "Will.. W-Will he be back bythe time fall classes start?"

"He was here this morning. Dropped off some stuff for the Professor. " Marie replied to him then, seeing another sign of wonder-lust in the young Dyson. She flashed him a grin then as she pulled a tracksuit jacket out of her canvas bag now and went about pulling it on and zipping it up so she wouldn't be TOO dangerous now that she was back at the school. "He'll be teaching a summer class too, infact… one'a his science courses in his lab in the basement. You a fan'a his or some'n?" She asked him, obviously knowing the answer already.

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