2015-06-11 Paintball
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Tony Marie
GMed by Tony
Title: Paintball

__ Paintball Fields - Bayville __


So they were talking in their base, team orange fixing to go kick team blue's butt. Tony looks at Marie, "Lets make all their bases belong to us!" he escapes out onto the course sneaking along the southside. Seeing an easy target he takes a shot nailing a guy in the back. "One down."

Marie grinned from inside the helmet at the man's goofy coment, she thinks that was some kinda old joke from when she was a little girl… hard to remember though. When they stepped out of their own base she just test fired her gun at an old burnt out metal barrel and it splattered a paintball against the hollow metal with a clang. "Just curious." she said to anyone who looked at her. And then she charged off after Tony and saw him shoot a guy. She raised her gun up and shot at him too, just for fun! Then she tracked around the nearby bushes to see if she could find any targets…

A guy from the blue team isn't far from Marie, "I'll take out their princess." he says not really realizing she is within hearing range.

Marie crunched along some old leaves and discarded forest sticks and steps up behind a tree. She hears the man's comment and leveled her gun at his face and then… shifted it downward and shot at his crotch… trigger pull, trigger pull, trigger pull!
He could hear a man scream and can only imagine what happened. Tony winces at the thought but moves forward but stops barely missing getting shot as oen hits the wall next to him. Stepping back a moment he takes a shot missing Rhodey, "Must have Happy protecting the base."

Marie ran past the man she shot and she smiled at him from within her helmet. "Sorry, the gun is just really heavy for my princess arms!" She tells him and, well, he doesn't seem very happy with her… But she runs onward toward whereever she saw Tony last and arrives just in time to fire shots at Rhodey too to try to cover Tony's position!
At least one of his teammates has his back. Tony waves at Marie to get her to try and trail Rhodey from behind. Motioning towards some rocks for her to head behind. Quickly he aims her way taking a shot blasting someone that was trying to sneak up. That takes the blue time down the three left.

"Can't fly, can't cheat, mustn't cheat." Rogue muttered to herself as she followed Tony's directions and she rustled around the landscape, trying not to trip or stumble like a goofus… walking around in forested ares is harder than you might think… when trying to go reasonably fast. She took cover behind a tree that looks like it was cut down and positioned strategically by the park's staff likely, and then looked up when Tony covered her from being shot from behind! "Thanks." She mumbled, knowing he wouldn't be able to hear her. She looked up and tried to take any shot she could at the enemies!

She takes out another one leaving just Happy and Rhodey from the other team. Tony though notices only he and Marie are left of their own. Nearing the base he notices Happy trying to hide. Though losing sight of Rohodey he waits a moment.

Marie can see Happy hiding and she grins inside her helmet and fires off two shots of paint that splatter on the wood near his head, adding new color to the already paint-stained wall. "Come on out and play!" she shouts over at him… she's not thinking about Rhodey or where he might be, assuming Tony knows and is on it.

Happy ducks when the shots land nearby. "You first!" he calls out to her. "Come and get me!"

Marie heard his reply and she chuckled a little and then flashed her eyes around his base… it had too many possible options to be attacked from… charging it was a bad idea. She exhaled and got up from behind the felled tree trunk and ran toward his base, getting closer to him she ducked behind a broken old wall and then raised up and fired over it at him… just barely missing his head.

It does miss him just barely and he rises to take a shot towards her exposing himself in the open. Happy shoots off a few shots.

Tony notices Rhodey taking a shot at him but misses. He then takes a quick shot at Happy hitting his gun to leave him open for Marie to possibly take out.

Marie ducked her helmeted head just as a shot zipped past it and slapped into some tree branches behind her. She laughed a little and then looked up and saw Happy struggling after Tony nearly got him. She lifts her gun up and fires off two quick shots at Happy! She still doesn't know where Rhode is though….

Happy sighs as he is taken out and leaves the course.

Tony makes his way to Marie, "Listen. I'll draw out Rhodey. He will shoot me and while he does take your shot and then go raise our flag."

Marie smiled at Happy as he walked past her all dispondant about getting shot. She then looked up as Tony came rushing over out of seemingly no where and she looks toward the base where Rhodey must be hold-up. "Are you sure you don't want me to be the bait?" She asked him then.
Tony shakes his head, "Bah. He has been waiting to do this. Plus trust me. It'll do him good being taken down by you." he removes his helmet now laying it aside. "You ready?"

Marie leaves her helmet securely on her head. She may be invulnerable… but she ain't walkin out of here with a paint-smeared mug! She nodded at Stark then and she crouched low behind that wall she'd been using. "Okay, yes!" She replied to him with another grin.

Nodding Tony runs out now into the open heading for the base. And sure enough Rhodey steps out taking his shot to Tony in his chest taking him out of the game.

Marie jumps up as Tony is shot and she stands ontop of that crumbly wall that she'd been hiding behind. She ducks around a wall and sees Rhodey then and starts firing her gun like mad at him, paintballs flying!
Rhodey is hit a few times and he curses under the breath. Taking off his helmet he moves to the side to let her go raise their flag. "You set me up!" he points at Tony.

Tony chuckles lightly, "We came, we saw, and you just got taken down by one bad ass woman."

Marie saw Rhodey get sniped by her shots and she gleefully bounded through their base, long skipping hops that seem maybe a little aided by her internal ability to float and she pulls their flag off of her belt and places it in the fastener and then yanks on the old rope to hoist it up. "Team Marie!" She shouts, and shoots her gun up into the air three times.
Tony shoulders his gun clapping his hands, "Team Marie!" he shouts out. Walking closer he gets Happy and Rhodey to join them. "Ok everyone make a bad ass pose for this." he tells them as someone prepares to take their picture together all four.

Marie smiled at theo ther two and she offered them apologies and asked if they were both Okay, especially Happy since her shots looked like they may not have even hit any padding on him. She then turned to see that their picture was going to be taken and Tony coming toward them… She reached out and patted him on his padding-covered chest. "Your sacrifice will be remembered soldier… in statue form, for the birdies to poo on." She grinned at him inside her helmet and then sexy-posed for the camaera picture with gun up and her left hand on her hip!

Once the pictures are done Tony puts an arm around her shoulders, "Great job! I'll make sure you get a framed copy of that." he tells her taking his helmet when a worker offers it. "We should start a paintball team. But maybe have those two on our side."

Marie grinned and then reached up to remove her helmet, her hair all frazzled now around her face with white strands blowing about in the wind and the rest tied off behind her head. She watched Tony for a moment and then looked at Rhodey and Happy. "I'd like to be on ya'lls team, if'n ya can handle this princess being a team-mate.." She grinned some more and looked out at the others who were talking to each other.

Tony grins at this, "One kick ass princess." he tells her. "For the win you even get to name the team. Ther eis a tournament coming up, four on four. This would our perfect debut."

Marie laughed softly at what Tony said and she lifted her gloved hand up to stroke some of that haphazzard white hair out of her face as she thought on a name. "Hows about the Angry Possums?" She tells him. "Its what my soccer team was named when I was a little girl." She looked at the others around them… "I coulda gone with somethin' far more girly, but I don't wanna be mean like that." She grinned at them all.

Tony nods in agreement with the other guys, "Sounds good. Happy by the wya is my head of security at Stark Industries and Rhodey is the liason between it and the government. Plus he is a conolel(sp)."

Marie smiled at both of them after Stark offered some information on them both and she just held onto her gun agains ther stomach and chest like it were a child again. "Ya'll seem like quite a group. I imagine lots of wild times have gone on around ya." She then reached her right hand out to shake both of theirs and give some information on herself as well, just as a teacher at the Xavier School, whether they knew what that was or not she didn't know! She then looked over at Tony. "It was really hard not to use my flyin…" She told him with a grin. "Good exercise for me, I guess, to not use it."

"You did a great job. And even better for being a teacher." Rhodey tells her, "Don't let this guy get you into trouble." he teases moving now to go get changed.

"Me get someone in trouble?" Tony tries to look innocent walking with her now off the course. "Look there." he points to the telelvisions all showing her taking the game winning shot on Rhodey.

Marie grinned at Rhodey and nodded her head a little at him before she saw Stark's indicated direction and her eyes went to the tv's. "Hey wow, this place ain't no joke… running camera's and such of the action." She glanced back at him with a grin. "If I go home and tell some of the students about this, I might have to rent a bus to bring'em all out here. I can only guess how many would want to do this sorta thing." She stepped over to where some water was being offered and she took a cup of it to have a drink.

Tony also grabs a cup of water to drink, "Do it." he tells her, "There are the team courses, the free for all, even a course where you toss paint balloons by hand. I bet they would love it. They broadcast the action from each course. The food isn't bad and the people are pretty good at helping when its needed." she might notice his logo on a few of the signs which means he owns the facility.

Marie sipped her icey water and she nodded. "I'll consider it, yeah…paint grenades? That would be really fun." She grinned and then looked around a little. "Though some of the kids get a bit excited and tend to fire-off their little abilities, which wouldn't go over so well in a public place like this one. But yeah, some of the more responsible students could be trusted." She finished her water off and took the paper cup to a waste bin. She turned around and grinned at him. "Thanks for showing me this place though. I've only ever heard about this, n'seen it on tv'n such. Its fun to try it out."

Tony grins reaching up to brush some of her hair back from her eyes, "We can always rent it out for just them you know. That way if they do then who cares. But then might serve as good training too right for them? Anyway! Want to try one of the other courses or go get something to eat?"

Marie grinned at the suggestion of renting the place out. "Sounds expensive…" She told him before she looke down at her gun and clicked the safety on it beofre wiping some mud off of it that had gotten onto its pretty casing. "Guess we should get some food… can save the rest for the return trip." She said back up at him then. "No paint on me this time though! I'm just that good." She had been a bit nervous when he reached to swipe her head out of her face, but he had a glove on… yet she needed to bring that up still soon.

Tony nods his head, "Lets go get changed then." he goes to the men's changing room to do just that and he comes out later back in his jeans but with a black tshirt on rather than the one he had on earlier.

Marie nodded and went to do the same. She came back out with the duffle bag of gear in hand and her ninja turtles shirt still on, blue jeans and her rugged old hiking boots. She had those tall gloves on still too that went all the way up her arms to only show just a bit of skin under the tshirt sleeves. She walked with him toward his car and stood ready to put the duffle away. "So I save ya after ya get shot, and as a reward we go and shoot folk with guns." She flashed a grin at him.

Tony laughs opening the trunk up to put the duffles inside, "Yeah. Why not." he notices the gloves, "So. Forgive me for inquiring but.. Emma mentioned I'm not supposed to touch you. Is that like a protective warning?"

Marie put her bag into his trunk and shen leaned back up and straightened her tshirt out around her waistline. She smiled softly at his question and looked around the parking light, nobody was close enough to hear, though someone did occasionally look at the famous rich man who was with the punk-looking girl. "Its part'a my mutant ability-set." She told him, looking back at him now… She'd clearly spent some time straightenin her hair up after being in the changing room, as it looked better sorted about her head, but still quite wild. "My skin makes others fall into deep sleeps, for weeks on end. I touch ya, or vice versa… and I'll… absord your memories and knock ya out for the counter." She explained it all in a quiet voice.

Tony leans next to her after closing the trunk. "No wonder Emma told me not to touch you. But you know she also said you need a good man in your life." and being a man that likes to test things, "So just me brushing my hand lightly on your cheek could put me in eternal sleep?"

Marie grinned at the words he says and she put her hands on the side of his car and stood there. Her shoulders were shrugged inside of that ninja turtle tshirt. "Its not always eternal… it largely depends on how long the touch lingers… But since you're a human with no healin' factor beyond the standard one all humans got… I think a brush to my face would drop you down for, maybe three weeks? Give or take… contact over a minute long, would probably put ya down for the rest of your life though." She nodded softly a couple times and flahsed him a smile. "Its why my dates don't usually go beyond a 'first date' scenario." She then smiled at him. "I'm just shocked that you're not married, honestly."

"Your power works that fast?" Tony asks her with a grin, "You and the world. Haven't found the right woman to stick with being married to me forever." he laughs.

Marie smiled at this response from him. "I guess that makes sense. You're a busy guy'n all… don't have time for the 'chains of marriage'." She took in a breath then as she stood there beside his fancy car glancing down at it to admire it for a moment, she nodded her head. "It works that fast… yeah. I guess I shoulda joined a Nun-school, huh?" She asked, looking back up at him with a little grin. "Be all covered up in them white'n'black robes, and don't never have to worry about gettin' my nethers twixed by someone else's naked bits."
[Xavier's Students] Samuel: Ah, so definitely unseelie then, if she plays in a circle of pokers.

Tony thinks over this a moment, "Well then. I bet I can find a way around it. Gives me something to try. I have a friend that also might be interested in helping figure something out too." he shakes his head, "We have enough penguins. Besides you and I got a tournament to win/"

Marie smiled at him then as she stood beside hima t the car and she ran her gloved fingertips along its curves near the trunk and back window. "I was told that I shouldn't tinker with my given mutant 'gifts'." She says, looking up at him as the wind pushes her hair about her head and shoulders. "That it could cause un-foreseen complications if I did." She then took a soft breath and flashed a smile. "And ya can't draw blood from me cause I sorta absorbed a mutant's powers once, who was invulnerable… so doctor needls just bounce right off'me. But… I guess there's other ways around that, but yeah, Mister Science-guy… I'm not sure I should tamper with it all."
Tony smirks, "Stop raining on my parade." and in a quick test he leans in given a fast kiss to her cheek. "I am still standing."

Marie stiffened up when he leaned in and kissed her and her hands went up to his chest to press against his tshirt. "No no!" She says emphatically at him, a sudden flash of memories rushing into her head, of him being shot by Rhodey and of him staring at Emma's chest briefly in the X-Mansion garage… as well as several others that just rushed her mind.

Tony blinks a few times feeling a slight wave of sickness a moment. "Its ok." he tells her, "Sorry.. " he puts his keys into her hanf. "You drive."

Marie took the keys and helped him into the car then, strapped the seatbelt around him. "Here. I'll drive ya home." She tells him then as she reaches back and shuts the door and goes around to get into the driver seat. "I told ya, ya big… science expirimenter guy." She fired the car up then and went to pull out of the parking lot.

Tony chuckles deeply, "I am aright. Besides we got to go eat." he presses a button on the gps, "Just follow the drections. I'll be alright. Promise."

Marie exhaled and then smirked at him. "Seriously… Iron Man Shot was one headline I had to read this year, last one I want put ontop of that is Iron Man in a Coma… Skunk Hair Girl found at Scene." She looked at the wildly cool looking computer display that showed her exactly where to drive in a 3d simulated map world… and she followed it.

Tony laughs at the thought of this, "A very beautiful skunk haried girl though." at least she is getting to drive his badass car! "I may never get to do that again but at least I got to do it once. Worth it."

Marie was driving the car pretty fast too, when they were out on the lonesome windy roads with no one else about. She'd grinned over at him then when he paid her this compliment and she reached over to pat his thigh a few times. "You're just sweet as can be." She told him then.

Tony grins at the touch, "You are too. So how you like the car?" he asks, "You know I can actually call this car and it will come to me remotely."

Marie looked over at him as she drove and she heard this little bit from him. "Will it drive ya home if you're in a coma?" She asked him with a grin before looking back ahead out the windshield. "I like it though, its very… zippy… My car is like a tank compared to this, and not near as comfortable to drive neither." She gave him another grinning glance. "But I prefer the classics a wee bit more than these sterile modern cars."

"Doubt that." Tony says admittedly, "You should come see my car collection. I have some classics among it you would enjoy. Also my motorcycle or dog as some call it."

"Must be weird…" Marie quietly commented as she drove the car, having heard him say those things. She glanced from the road over at him and then back ahead. "To just… be able to buy whatever ya want whenever ya want it." She paused as she shifted gears and glanced at the car's console. "I mean. I barely own enough stuff to fill one room in Xavier's place… I can't imagine being able to keep track of all the stuff you must own, when I can barely remember whats in my room's closet." She grinned just a little then.

Tony shrugs his shoulders, "I can barely keep up with it myself. That is why I have others that help me. Guess I am apackrat."

Marie pulled the fancy car into the parking lot of the desired destination according to that super fancy GPS system in the dash. She found a place to park next to a mini van and a overcompensator-truck. She shut the car off and looked over at him then and grinned at him. "Ya passing out on me?" She asked him then. "I warned ya, smarty pants…" She said then.

* <END> *

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