2015-06-12 Samuel's Outburst
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Players: Killian Marie Samuel
GMed by Rogue
Title: Samuel's Outburst

X-Mansion: Main Foyer
As one steps through the large front door, the first they see is this magnificent foyer. It fits the mansion, being in a graceful and classic style that seems so uncommon for a modern era like this.
Dark wood accents take the primary amount of space within the foyer, as well as with the rest of the building. There are two expensive hallways, one going east and another west and these halls are lined with large wood doors, pantings on the walls and sculptures resting atop simple pedestals. There are chairs and tables setup in groups in some of the more open spaces of the foyer where classes are sometimes held in conjunction with one another.
The other main feature of the foyer is the staircase that sits against the wall opposite of the main entryway. A very wide set of stairs lead up to a mid-level landing that has a very large picture-esque window with gorgeous stained glass tinting the sunlight when it shines through to a golden-hue in shade. The staircase splits and two additional cases lead one upward to the east and one upward to the west.



Marie is seated at one of the tables setup out in the main foyer for 'over flow' class space. She had been teaching a reading class today to students around the ages of 13 and 14 years old. But that class had ended just a few minutes ago and the students who'd been at the table with her had fled for their lives, because it was the last course of the shorter summer day schdule. So there sat Marie at a table that was covered in papers and pencils and discarded projects that they'd been working on, she was scribbling stuff down on one of her notepads that notoriously was always with her while she was teaching.

Killian yawns walking in from outside with a bag over his shoulder, he has not been talked into taking any summer classes so has been finging other ways to occupy his time and judging by how tired he looks he's found plenty to do. As he walks in mast Marie theres a mumble of something resembling a "Hey Marie".

The young teacher looked up from her notepad to see Killian's somber-looking-self and she flashed him a big grin. She sat up in her chair and leaned back in it. "Well hey there, stranger." She said to him. "Haven't seen ya in like, weeks." She nodded at one of the empty chairs in front of her. "Why don't have have seat and we can chat it up?" She asked and then noted just how tired he looked. "Unless you're headin' up to your room to crash… You been workin' or somethin?"

Killian flops into the chair dropping his bag on the floor, "Nah, just had a few late nights recently, you know?", he shakes his head to bring himself round, "What have you been up to? Judging by all this I guess the summer classes have started up now? Back on the clock?".

Marie leaned fotward and folded her arms atop one another on the desk as she stared over the desk and its scattering of papers and pencils. "Back on the clock." She told him. "Though the days are shorter than the fall and winter schedule. So its kinda nice. Plus we got a bunch of new kids in this summer, guess their parents were eager to shovel off their baggage." She grinned at him, joking of course. "So, what happened with your job at that law firm in the big apple?" She inquired then.

Killian nods, "Yeah I ran into some of the new kids, they ask a lot of questions, the gloves seem to be a topic of interest when they see me, hard to explain without scaring them", he leans back in his chair, "Firm isn't getting as much business right now so I offered to cut my hours until things pick up, no big. What you upto other than teaching?"

Marie grinned at what he said and she wrapped her own fingers against the table top, her own gloves going all the way up her arms past her elbows and ending just below the cuffs of her dark wine-shaded tshirt. "I went paintballing yesterday with Tony Stark. That was an interesting exeprience. Kinda fun, actually… I was going to consider asking around if any of the older students would be interested in doing it as like a… weekend thing, or somethin."

Samuel has connected.

Killian nods, "With Stark thats an intersting afternoon, normal paintball or mad techno-crazy paintball?", hard to guess with that kind of guy, "Oh I wanted to tell you, Scott wants me in the New Mutants, like properly, maybe learning to lead".

Marie and Killian are seated at a table in the foyer that has two chairs on each side and they're sitting across from one another. There are papers and pencils all over the table as Marie had been teaching an English class here in the foyer to a group of students enrolled in the summer course. The course had let out a little bit ago and there were a number of random students coming and going throughout the foyer, as classes had let out for the day… summer schedule being a lighter one. "It was an average game of paintball." She replied with a grin at him. "We played against some of his friends and other folk that were just there. Some guy called me a princess, so I shot'im in the crotch." She grinned wider then and sat back in her chair as she watched Killian. "Leadership huh? Thats a lot of responsibility. I think you could rise up to it though."

Killian winces, "Not there Marie, never shoot there, anywhere else but there", he shrugs, "It's a lot of responcibility though, what if I'm not up to it, I can barely lead myself let alone other people, I nearly fried my own brain the other day, Scott must be nuts".

Marie smirked softly and she shook her head once at him. "He's not nuts. He just likes to challenge people to try to break them out of a shell that he may feel that they're in. Ya know, break them outta their 'norm' to see how they do. Its like a momma bird nudgin its little baby off the branch to force it to fly." She grinned at him. "Not to make ya out to be a baby bird though, you're far too big for that to be the case. But yeah, its just to see how ya swim."

A baby bird he might not be, but 'ruffled' might be one of the better ways to describe Sam as he comes down the main staircase and into the Foyer. He hadn't missed any classes, but nobody is seeing him around much anymore. And now that does show himself, it might be obvious why… It looks like he hasn't slept in days, hair unkempt and eyes puffy. The young mutant keeps a firm hold of the bannister, coming down the stairs step by laborious step.
"I'm sticking with nuts, makes the most sense", Killian raises an eyebrow at Marie, "Well that metaphor really got away from you didn't it?, well either way if I'm ever sent on a mission and come back with enough parts to make a New Mutant, that'll be one of the better days", he doesn't yet see Samuel coming down stairs.

"I didn't name the teams around here." Marie laughed softly at Killian's words as she drew her hands off of the table and folded her arms over her stomach while she leaned back in her chair. She looked over at the fuzzled Samuel and she called out to him. "'Ey, yo! Sammy!" She shouts in her best Cheers impersonation. "Whats happenin?" She asked over to the kid, the table she and Killain were sitting at being only a few paces away from that main staircase.

Sam wanders over with half a smile and a half hearted wave. "Oh, hiya, didn't… hadn't… seen you. From up there, kinda." Two blinks and he's back to the present, giving Killian a nod even as he responds to Marie. "Y'know, stuff. Building things, really busy. s'this still Thursday? Still thursday, right?"

Killian nods to Marie, "Ok just expect the worst is all I'm saying, explosions and the like", Samuel just gets a look as he walks over and starts babbling to Marie, he'd decided to just ignore the kid but he can't help himself and mutters, "Sure you don't wanna be talking in code?"

Marie wasn't aware of any issues between the two students. She she just glanced at them both. "You guys look like you're in some kinda'a grunge band together." She grinned at them a sshe sat up and started organizing her papers ontop of her folder in front of her. "What are ya building now, Sam'o?" She asked him. "Please say its not a killer robot."

"It's a…" and then he hears Marie's request. Whatever he was about to say, he stops and then can't help but shrug. "Okay… I won't say it then." So far Killian's remark hasn't gotten any response out of him, and it seems he's going to let it go, Sam having decided that he has enough to deal with at the moment. "Someone broke into my room two nights ago. Haven't really slept much since."

Killian raises an eyebrow at Marie, "I don't think grunge is a thing anymore, died out in the late nineties", shrugging he reaches under the table for his bag and opens it before rooting around inside for something.

Marie regarded Samuel with a curious expression then, pausing her organization of her teacherly papers. "Who on earth broke into your room?" She asked him then, gicing a smirk over to Killian's comment about the grunge bands. She looked back at Sam. "I'd be afraid to do that, ya probably got a defense network of your own all setup in their, like a Goonies-nightmare…" She grinned just a little at him.

Sam shrugs, admitting his ignorance on the identity of the burglar. "Dunno. Had all my alarms turned on, but he came in through a locked window without setting anything off. Didn't wake up until Jose warned me… twice. I'm kinda… worried about that."

"Worried about not waking up or the person coming into your room, or, Jose being in your room?" Marie asked him all three question in rapid fire mode as she sat there with her arms on the table. "Nobody told me a word about this, did ya report it to anyone? I assume the person who broke in got escorted out?"

"All three?" Sam responds uncertainly, as if he'd just been asked a trick question by a teacher during a snap quiz. "Well, Jose coming in not so much, I like him. But the rest… yeah. An' I called the usual number while the guy was in my room, Jose distracted him, Colossus and the guys showed up, I hid in my bathroom. Guess he got thrown out."

Marie watched the kid for his reaction, she found it to be a little strange since he usually seemed to upbeat. "When that Asgard… tank… fell out the sky, you acted like that was the best day evah." She replied to him. "What makes this one seem like its the opposite?" She realized this msuta happened while she was out with Stark the other day.

"Asgards show up with a lotta flash and warning." Sam clarifies, struggling not to yawn. "They're just aliens. This guy just appeared, for no reason, with no warning, in my room. In my room! What if he'd been there to … " And at that Sam falls silent, trying to find words. It's getting increasingly difficult, it seems, to keep his thoughts straight. "If he'd been working for AIM, or Magneto… In my own room, Marie!"

Marie nodded softly at Sam's words. "Hey. I'll talk to Piotr about it, maybe he found more out about the guy before he kicked him out." More than likely Piotr tossed the guy off a cliff… but… she'd have to go and ask. "As it stands though, sounds like he was just a wayward traveller and that all is well. So… chin up, Sammy." She smiled at him. "We're still good here."

Sam does not seem reassured by this. At all. "Wayward traveller… that manages to get into my room at night without me noticing. If a random guy can just get in, how much chance do I have when someone actually wants to come in to hurt me huh? Have to… have to improve security. Installed new motion sensors, but I'm gonna build some kind of robot too. Maybe then I can sleep again…"

Marie frowned softly and she laid her hands together ontop of her papper stuffed notebook. "Sammy, don't build a death robot that will devour all of our faces." She said. "Seriously, the security here is great. I'll try to find out who this person was and how he got in… It sounds like he just randomly picked your room too, so I doubt it was anything personal about you. Guy's probably out their poppin in on random folk for fun." She assumes it was mutant with teleportation powers.

Killian chuckles and mutters something about 'Karma' finally removing his hand from his back, leaning back on his chair he shrugs, "Probably imagined it, god knows you've got serious paranoia issues, sees spies and assailants everywhere", does Killian have any simpathy for Samuel? nope, far as he sees it having someone snooping around his room is similar to Samuel poaching files from Killian's phone.

Sam's been trying to be polite about this, to turn the other cheek and to not be the first one to cause another shouting match, but he's really not in a good mood. The young mutant blinks slowly, and focuses his attention on Marie. "Security really isn't great if a random guy can get into my room. B'sides, it's hard to build a robot that eats faces, I'll probably just build it with a taser or something…"

"Taser is acceptable… but make sure it stays in your room." Marie replied, giving a 'look' over to Killain to see why he's being so snippy, but she assumes its cause the kid is tired. "Sam… thing is, there's just no way to stop everything. We live in a world where the abilities that come to the surface are simply impossible to fully defend against. All we can do is our best, and we are doing that."

"Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming to get me…", Killian sings to himself as he continues to lean back in his chair fiddling with what looks like some sort of stress ball, "Hey Marie, when did the time limit on having to wear that shirt run out? I never did remember how long you were supposed to wear it for".

Sam rubs his eyes, trying to pretend very hard that he didn't hear Killian try to provoke him again. When his eyes open again they flash lightning for a moment, and then settle back to their normal coloration. "I s'pose you're right. It's just… just gave me a scare, that's all."

"I understand." Marie replied to Samuel. "It'd scare the shit out of me too." She offered him a small smile and then looked over at Killian, she smirked again at him. "It was for the rest of the ride home. Thats how long. So don't get your hopes up. And why are you trying to antagonize a student after they had an intruder break into their room, Killian? Thats pretty serious stuff and its pretty silly of you to try to make him feel bad about it."

"Oh? But Marie didn't you hear? I've dared to have a friend on the outside, I'm a traitor and clearly a spy working to bring down the school and everyone in it", Killian straightens up, "Though actually funny thing is that I'm not, our paranoid little cyberterrorist here used his powers to take my private messages before handing them to Scott while telling him I'm a spy and then after I'd been dragged halfway across the world and been told I can no longer contact my friend Sammy here again declared mt a traitor, so yeah no sympathy from me that he had someone go though his stuff".

Sam just shakes his head and walks away, eyes now constantly flickering with lightning. "Not dealing with this right now."

Marie didn't entirely blame Sam for just walking away. She released a light exhale then and she started to poorly sort her teacherly papers again into that folder of hers that was covered in colorful stickers and happy little doodles drawn in different colored inks. "So don't be friends with him anymore, Killian. Fine. We get friends and lose them in life. Its just how life goes. Once you both graduate from here ya ain't never gonna see each other again." She paused and looked up at him. "But in the mean-time, be civil! What Samuel did to you may have upset you, being called a spy would upset me too… and it did, because I was labeled as one when I first got here by several other kids. But the fact is, what Sammy did was done in the hopes of security and safety for the school. And its over now. Try to… let it go."

Killian gets out of he's seat, "Like hell does Sam care about security, he's spent so much time using those powers of his to but into everyone elses business that he can't take not being able to find something out, Sam places information over trust, he might aswell just be one of those little toys he makes for all it matters", he grabs his bag and heads towards the door, "If anyone asks I'm in New York".

Yes, too far by half now. Sam stops and turns, calling over the intervening distance. "I'm dealing with trying to find a way to defeat a cyber warrior from the future and an alliance of every bad guy ever, who are kidnapping mutants with power sets even remotely like mine, making me number one with a bullet on the hit list." His eyes still crackle as he indicates Killian, an arc of current earthing out on his own sleeve, leaving a small scorch mark… which is probably not supposed to happen. "Then along comes chuckles here, saying how happy he is he can talk to a complete stranger he's never seen, doesn't know the real name of, and who mysteriously managed to contact him on a phone nobody had the number to, and all he wanted in return was to be told everything there is to know about the school." More electric arcing as his voice rises in volume and pitch. "You tell me you wouldn't be worried! You tell me, with a straight face, that it wouldn't worry you! I was worried about you, you… stupid…. stupid head!"

Marie exhaled then and she shook her head, the two getting their vitrol-filled words out she just stood up from the table and muttered something about taking a job as a kindergarten teacher somewhere. "You've said your peace, go your seperate ways now." She told them both.

Killian is still heading out the door, he's really not interested in what Samuel's got to say, the kid betrayed his trust and now he's lost 'S', he chuckles as he's called 'stupid head', "Clever retort Sammy", and he's off down towards the gate.

Sam waits for Killian to leave, then turns, walks a few paces, turns back and eventually stands perfectly still, pinching the bridge of his nose. Lightning crackles around his hands and arms now, and before long more electric bursts are starting to appear around him. A thin haze, a bubble a few feet wide, flickers on and off around him, catching random busts of lightning as they seem to want to shoot off away from him. "M-marie?"

Marie was going around the table picking up the kids' work and clearing it all off when she heard Samuel speak her name and she looked over at him to see this… light show that he was creating. "What are you doing?" She asked him then as she sat her things down on the table and moved toward him, standing just a few steps away from him and watching the bursts of light coming from the kid. "Shut it off." She told him.

"I'm trying to." Sam admits, though this doesn't seem to have an appreciable effect on the energetic output. As time passes, the intensity of the bursts seems to increase, but so far all of them seem to be caught by the bubble. "I'm just so… so tired." And then his eyes open, the normal color entirely gone, replaced with shifting pools of electric blue and bursts of lightning. "And so angry…"

Marie wasn't really intimidated by electricity. So when Samuel seemd to be having trouble controlling it she rushed him. She went to wrap her arms around him and pick him up like a sack of potatoes to throw him over her shoulder if she could.

It takes a conscious effort by Sam to not form the defensive bubble when he sees Marie rush him. By now he intellectually knows he's lost control over something, and trusts the faculty enough to believe they can handle whatever is happening. The shimmering haze around him drops the moment Marie would have contacted it but snaps back into place almost immediately afterwards to catch another bolt of lightning as it tries to shoot away. And a moment later he's flung over a shoulder, wonder what's going on.

Marie lifts them both off of the floor and she turns and flies at a very quick clip toward the front door that Killian had emo'd his way out of a few minutes ago. She yanks the big oak door open and then soars outside with Samuel in-tow over her shoulder. She comes to a soaring halt and sets the boy down in the grass near one of the hedge gardens and she moves her hands down to his own. "Samuel!" She shouts. "Where the power coming from?!" She's absording as much of the electricity as she can, taking the brunt of it…

As far as is known, Sam can tap into many power sources and shape the energy as necessary. And when he's being flown off, a line of electric fire follows, connected to the mansion until both are clear and the line dissipates. That should, in theory, have been the end of it… but as he's being set down, the storm continues, and the young mutant looks at Marie with a look that is now bordering on panic. "Me… I'm… I'm generating it, but… I can't do that, it's not something I can do… what's going on?!"

Marie continued to accept the brunt of it all, absorbing the power into her and it was clearly effecting the young woman as her eyes were shut and her hair was all static'y and standing out like puffy 90s hair… And then, on the front steps of the door was the form of Xavier. He'd caught wind of what was happening, as he was so good at doing, and he emerged with several other students crowded around him in his metal chair. /Samuel\ he said into the boy's head. /Calm yourself\. And it wasn't a suggestion so much as it was a mental command, he took this rare opportunity to 'make' Samuel shutdown and go to sleep.

There is, at this point, not a lot that would get through to Sam… but luckily mental communication is one of the things that does. "Professor?" and shortly after hearing his name spoken in his own head, comes the command. Calm. Exhaustion and the telepathic command combine and shut the young mutant down hard. One moment he's upright and panicking, the next he's slumping forward…

Marie disconnected from Samuel and she shut down too right as he did, causing her to collapse toward her right and slump over in the moist finely trimmed grass next to the hedge. And thats when the other teachers started to rush toward them, Collosus appeared and he charged toward Samuel and Marie… Ororo ran at full speed too. Piotr went right for Marie and he kneeled down to examine her. Ororo went to Samuel but she knew that he was out cold on purpose and likely fine. "We'll take them both to the med lab." Storm told the russian male. Collosus wasted no time and he just straight lifted Marie up like she weighed nothing… and Stormd id the same with Samuel, though it was a bit more clearly heavy for her to pick up a nearly teenaged boy.

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