2015-06-18 Medlab 'S' Metting
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Warning: N/A
Players: Emma Marie Kitty Samuel Scott Killian
GMed by Emma / Killian
Title: Medlab 'S' Meeting

X-Mansion: Infirmary and Medical Lab
This series of rooms hold the same decor as the rest of the hallways and rooms of the basement. Polished metal floors and shining metal walls, lit by strips of white lights at the base and top of the walls.
The main room of the med lab has a series of beds sitting between dividers, each bed has a high tech computer monitoring system next to it for watching after patients. Off of the main room one can find sliding-metal doors that lead into bathrooms, a surgical room and two private examination rooms.
The X-School's med lab is filled with the latest in medical technology computers and scanning equipment. You could treat even the most heavily injured people here.



"You had some rather great timing." Emma says as she steps into the infirmary and gives the brunette a nod, "I appreciate you Marie." Frost explains as she walks up towards the bed and reaches over to grab a clamp and places it around the unconscious man's wrist, while cinching it the blonde asks, "Did he give you any problems on your way back?"

Marie walked in behind her and she smiled at the blonde. "Nah, no problemes." She said as she stepped over to where their guest was laying. She pushed her leather sleeves up on her bomber jacket with her gloved hands and she then placed them on her hips, thumbs hooking under the leather belt that was cinched about her hips on her jeans. "I'm glad Kit and I were so close… looked like it was gettin' pretty hair for ya'll…"

"Hairy would barely describe the situation that unfolded just after you left." Emma's eyes are still cast down on the individual they had to take captive. Then with a flash of memory she is reminded of what a monster she can be. Turning to face Marie, Emma has a softer look to her face, less stoic and more, human. "I am sorry Marie." Is all the former white queen says.

Marie grinned at the woman as she stood there next to this 'S' fellows bed. "What the heck for? Clearly ain't none of that was your fault. And we handled it… and yeah, I saw the mess on the news… They think Tony is dead, but I got a message from'im. He's fine. Just slipped out of his suit before it blewed up."

Stepping closer, Emma shakes her head gently, "No, not for that, I'm sorry for sending messages into your mind without your permission, and I'm sorry I've made you and the kids witness this." She says with a gesture towards the man behind her.

Marie glanced at the captive and listened to Emma's apology. She then looked back at her and flahsed her a small smile. "Never really bothered me me, personally. You always seemed responsible 'bout that when you did it. And I ain't really hidin' anything inside my head either, so I figure if you go pokin' around in there its all fair game… though its a bit of a mess, so I'd warn against it." She grinned, having the life memories of both Carol and Logan… as well as a peppering of memories from many others, made for a scary head to be inside of. "I imagine other folks don't care for it, but I don't mind."

With a very unusual out of character moment, Emma steps forward the final distance to Marie and wraps her arms around the girl, careful to not touch the girl's skin with her own. "Marie. You are such a very important cog in this school and this world. Don't ever change, even if I go back to being a total bitch, remember I need you around for balance."

Marie was rarely hugged, and wasn't sure if before this moment that she'd ever even shook Emma's hand. She stood there, accepted the hug and didn't want to move for fear of makin' some skin contact. She cracked a big smile then and she nodded faintly a couple times. "I'll keep doin' what I'm doin'. This place is my home, everyone here is like my family… Nothin' bad is gonna happen here, unless it goes through me first." She paused and grinned. "Which, I of course hope that it does not do that…"

Breaking the hug suddenly Emma steps back towards the unconscious S and moves to cinch his other wrist. "You don't have to tell me that. I signed up to be in charge of these hoodlums." Emma says with a gentle smirk. "It will eventually, I'm sure, but we do have the defense systems and then we have all of us and you."

Marie grinned at her as she seperated from her and she nodded once at her word. Her right gloved hand went up and she pushed her white bangs back toward the side of her face. She then stuffed both of her hands into her leather bomber coat and the coat closed over her yellow-tanktop she had on under it. "They all… just… well they remind me a lot me, when I was their age." She looked from S to Emma then and gave her white toothy smile. "I guess that just gives me hope that they can turn it all around and be as amazin' as I am." She said, teasing some arrogance of course.

Marie grinned at her as she seperated from her and she nodded once at her word. Her right gloved hand went up and she pushed her white bangs back toward the side of her face. She then stuffed both of her hands into her leather bomber coat and the coat closed over her yellow-tanktop she had on under it. "They all… just… well they remind me a lot me, when I was their age." She looked from S to Emma then and gave her white toothy smile. "I guess that just gives me hope that they can turn it all around and be as amazin' as I am." She said, teasing some arrogance of course.

"You're starting to sound as cocky as I am." Emma says with a frown towards the fellow mutant. Emma then moves to the man's feet and works on making sure the man's ankles are bound the same as his wrists. "So, are we done with our bonding happy moment for the day?" Asks the headmistress before she cants her head towards Marie, "Did you even notice I was gone?"

Marie stood there with her hands in her bomber jacket side pockets and she watches Emma tightening the straps on the man's ankles. "Uh…" she starts, and flashes her a grin. "You were gone? I mean… I didn't know you were gone, nobody told me… You kinda just go places, though, don't you? We barely ever chat outside of like, business stuff."

Though she could simply arrive through the ceiling, or the floor, or the wall, Kitty Pryde comes in through far more conventional means: The door. It was a medical lab she wasn't about to risk disrupting the electronics in here! Unless it was an emergency. A smile is flashed toward Marie, and a stiff nod is given toward Emma before her gaze wanders over their current 'guest.' "No change?" She asks, simply, out of curiosity.

"Yeah, I had a bit of soul searching to do for a day." Emma says before making her white painted lips smile for a brief moment. "But I'm back and I feel different this time." She does tighten the remaining ankle and then starts to move to the man's waist. Turning her head to give Kitty a glance the headmistress simply answers the girls question. "No, not until Killian comes to will I allow this man to wake. But he's stable and secure."

Marie looked over at the new arrival in the form of one Prydeful Kitty. She grinned softly at her and then looked back at S when Emma replied to the question. "Ya feel different this time?" She said, her eyes going up to Emma.. "I hope thats a good different." She said, giving the Headmistress a small smile before looking back down at S. "Ya think he looks like a relative of Killian's? I think he does…"

There is the slight rattle of the elevator doors down the hall, followed by soft almost inaudible footsteps heading towards the infirmary. After a few moments Sam appears, fiddling with the medical monitor around his wrist, seemingly putting it back on or at least tightening the strap. He stops dead when he spots both the headmistress, a teacher and an unknown man strapped to a bed, all in close proximity. "Oh, ehmm… bad time?"

Kitty purses her lips as she watches the bound man a moment. "Probably a good idea," she responds in regards to Emma keeping him out. There's a hint of uncertainty as she asks, "Are you sure he's going to be okay kept out though? I mean… Is he drugged or…" The rest of the question goes unsaid as she implies that Emma is using her own abilities to keep the guy known as 'S' out cold. Or maybe it was just the kid that walks in that causes her to trail off as she glances over towards Samuel blinking at him a moment. "Just an odd situation," she explains with a faint smile.

"I do, I don't exactly have time to explain it." Emma says as she looks back over to Marie while tightening the buckle on the man's waist. Then looking towards Kitty, "He's perfectly fine, I'm the one keeping him out." She then gives a glance over towards Samuel and nods, "Not exactly a good time around here, but come in and be very still." She eyes Sam, not wanting him to try any thing funny with those powers of his.

Marie looked between Emma and Kitty as they exchanged some words, then when Samuel came in she grinned over at him. "What up, Samsung?" She asked him, looking about the medlab then, Rogue walked over to one of the chairs and she sat herself down in it. "I say we name him… so we don't have to call him, S, anymore. What about… Sean?" She asked with a small grin.

"Wait, that's 'S'? You got him, awesome!" Sam seems pretty pleased with that, coming into the medbay proper and heading to a terminal. With a practiced motion, he presses the medical monitor against the terminal, and allows it to download his biometrics of the last 24 hours. "Sorry to bother you guys, but I hafta do this every day. And as far as I'm concerned, we can call him Sh… nevermind."

"He's not a pet Marie, we're going to refer to him as S for now and when he's awake, we'll ask him then." Emma says as she works the restraining strap across S's head. She then stands up straight, putting her hands on her hips and sighing, "Thanks for the help." No no, she already did all the straps by herself, that's just Emma being sarcastic. Sam is then shot a look at his attempt to cuss in front of her and then she shakes her head, "It isn't exactly awesome Samuel, this is a very trepidatious situation." Emma simply nods to Kitty and sighs looking back at Marie, Sam and then finally Kililan.

Marie watches Samuel go over to the terminal to do whatever it is that he's doing. She then nodded once at Emma's correction of her naming suggestion. "Fair enough." She says quietly before looking at Kitty. "I'll yell real loudly if he wakes up and starts to strangle us all, Kitty. We may need you to phase'im again." She smiled faintly and offered a small right hand wave to the fellow mutant as she made for the exit again.

"Sorry, really… it's… just sorry, Miss Frost. I won't do it again." And Sam's day is not about to get any better. While he was practicing in the shielded areas, to minimize the danger to others, he'd consciously cut himself off from all external signals, despite it taking much more effort to block them than to just let them in, which was automatic. So while he gives a worried glance over towards Killian's recumbent form, and asks an almost uncertain "He's going to be okay, isn't he?" he also lets the information trickle back in. So busy on the net, something is going viral again… Then a blink, and he slowly reaches for his phone, loading up the footage…

Killian has been unconscious since the moment he let out that energy pulse in Hell's Kitchen but he's been slowly coming round for several minutes now and he's remembering what happened and is slowly becoming aware of what is happening in the room and what they're doing to 'S'. He hears Samuel voice his consern and as soon as he glances away moves to get up as quietly as possible, trying to summon some form of energy but he's pretty much dry.

"We'll be fine Marie." Emma says trying to calm the x-man's fears. Emma crosses her arms beneath her chest and gives Samuel an affirmative nod, "He will be fine, just give him some time." She's actually not sure, that burst of power was rather unusual. Then there's a new brain bouncing signals off her own in the room. It's not that she's actively seeking signals, she just automatically does. "Mister Rosen, where do you think you're going?" Emma's foot begins to tap on the tile floor beneath her.
Scott has arrived.

Marie is just seated in one of the waiting chairs not far from S's bed. She's got her hands in her leather bomber jacket's side pockets as its always been kinda chilly in the basement and the girl hated even being slightly cold. "What are we even gonna do with this guy?" She quietly says. "He seems pretty messed up in the head, and thats comin' from an expert headcase…"

The scene fades into the background for Sam as he stares at his phone, now getting the footage everyone seems to be talking about, and which shows pretty much the closest thing he can imagine to a living nightmare. Cypher, his team mate, murdered on live TV. Tony, his hero, blown to smithereens. Nimrod and Ahab walking free and in complete control… It all goes a bit quiet from his side of the room, aside from a mental scream that most likely only Emma can hear. The footage replays again, over and over, the young mutant willing it to change between the viewings, trying to catch a detail that might indicate things aren't as bad as they look…

Almost silently, Scott walks into the area and does a quick head count using his fingers. He looks rather graven. His facial hair shows he's not shaven. He has a dark gray trench coat on and underneath is his Cyclops attire. His face is exposed though. He doesn't seem to want to speak. He closes his fists and begins to head out of the room.

Killian looks over at Emma, while his eyes lack that glow they have when he uses his powers anyone who knows him well enough will know there something different about them now, "I'm getting up", which he does though shakey on his feet, "Now I'm gonna take off those mad science straps".

"We're going to make sure this place is safe." Emma whispers to Marie, she knows just how much of a basket case this guy really is. Poor Marie has only seen what he's shown on the outside. Emma then glances with those harsh blue eyes towards Sam, she doesn't say anything but mentally listens to the boy's suffering as she then looks down to Marie and whispers, "Console him." She would do it but she's a little busy with her attention being sent to Scott, "Stay Summers. We could use your help in here." She demands before her blond head moves over towards Killian, standing in front of his bed so he doesn't have the room to stand up. "You will do no such thing."
I don't understand that.

Marie hears Emma and she looks over to see Sam watching something. She stands up thena nd notices the sexy looking Scott. She gives him a light quiet wolf-whistle. "Lookin' sharp, boss." She says at him with a small grin as she strode over to stand beside Samuel and get a gander at what he was looking at. She nudged him with her leather covered elbow, the sleeve of her jacket bunched up there. "Tony's okay. He texted me." She pulled her own phone out and flipped it to the message, showed it to Sam… Tony sitting at a beachfront table with glass of tea and a thumbs up. "He wanted me to tell ya. And Jose for that matter…" She glanced around the room to try and spot the street ninja, but he didn't appear to be here, must be due to the sound proofing.

"Frost, I'm positive you aren't going to need to need my help. I'm getting a head count before I get the next move ready," says Scott; without emotions. He looks at Killian quickly, "Don't do anything wreckless. All I know right now is that a public commotion of mutant activity in Hell's Kitchen ended up not working in the favor of us. The government is still backing the Sentinel Program and the fact that the Sentinel Program is above the Avengers no longer gives me a good feeling that we're getting out of this easy." He looks back at Emma, "Put anyone who acts up on lock down should they try to disobey."

Scott then looks at Marie, "I'm going to hate myself for saying this, but—-" He sighs, "I need Logan's help.

Sam's about as close to full mental collapse as he's been in a very long time, and hears Marie's words only through a haze of grey fog and his own thudding heart beat. Quite possibly it's the nudge more probably it's the new electronic signal nearby that gets his attention, analysing the information before he even looks at it. His eyes have reddened, and he turns his own phone towards Marie, frozen at the exact moment the spear is about to plunge through Doug on the screen. "They… they just killed him. I mean, we were going to rescue him and everything and… they just killed him. No reason, they just did. Killed him."

"I was done taking orders the second you dropped him when we came to an agreement, he agreed to talk to me and you took advantage of that moment of weakness", Killian is clearly having a problem with how he's moving, "I'm letting him loose, finding out who he is and letting him go". Scott's appearence seems pretty much un-noticed.

"I am concerned about you Killian. I am legally responsible for you. I can not allow you to go off to talk with a stranger who's more than willing to strangle and even kill your friend, another of my charges without a second thought." Emma uses his first name once more. "If you're done taking orders and listening to what the adults around here say…" She trails off to get Marie and Scott's opinion on what she's about to say.

Marie used her green gloved right hand to pat the back of Samuel's nearest shoulder. There wasn't much more she could say to the boy, beyond letting him know that Tony… at least… is alive. She then heard Scott's words and she eyed him. "Logan will help, of course he'll help. All ya gotta do is tell him whats going on, Scott. Include him." She eyed Killian and Emma then. "Emma knows what she's doing, Killian. Ya gotta trust her."

"Kian…" Sam begins, his voice trembling slightly, as he digests so many sudden developments at the same time. "I trust you man. But I trust Miss Frost too. Just… I dunno." He wipes his eyes with the back of his hand, taking off the medical monitor almost as an afterthought. "Safety's an issue right now, man. They just… they just killed one of my friends. I don't wanna lose you too, 'kay?"

Leaning against the wall, Scott waits to the situation calms down. He doesn't really need to say a thing at this moment; or so he thinks. He eventually moves his shoulders and back to casually crack it. "I'm not asking if Logan's going to help, Marie. I'm giving you the memo to pass on to Logan that we're going to be getting ready to show the Sentinels that we're ready to react."

Killian doesn't respond to Samuel but he does get a look a lot softer look than the glares he's been given him, "You may have temporary guardianship over me but I had a way to stop things and find out what I needed to know but you stopped that and I know whoever this is could be serious, I heard Marie ask if we're related, you think he looks like me".

Emma lowers her gaze, this kid is going to be the death of her. She looks over her shoulder to Scott, "I'm going with you when ever you're ready." She says before looking at Killian, and retorts, "You had an opportunity to get yourself killed. Alone. Left in Hell's Kitchen in a dumpster Killian. You have to think about everything and not just solely about yourself." Emma says as she moves over towards S and then says to Killian, "Are you ready to ask your questions?" Emma asks as she moves her hand to hover over S's head and she closes her eyes to send him a 'wake up' signal.

Marie gave Samuel another soft couple pats on his shoulder, seeing him so broken-up about all of this made her feel bad. Then Scott spoke at her and she nodded softly. "I'll go find him now." She told him, turning toward the medlab metal door she started in that direction, giving a glance toward the others before regarding Scott as she passed him. "Need me to say anything else to him about it all?"

With slow, deliberate motions, Sam takes off the medical monitor and leaves it on top of the terminal. He's not even pretending there's something in his eye, or that he's having an allergic reaction to something, he'll willingly admit those are tears. He was clinging onto Marie perhaps a bit more than he usually would, and as she leaves he turns to Scott as well. "He was part of my team, I'm coming with you. Sentinels can barely touch me anyway, an' their goons are never gonna catch me if I suit up. Let 'em think there's a second Iron Man, taking over from… Let them worry."

Scott doesn't react to anyone for moment. "Marie, you can get a hold of Logan later. You're here with the students. I'm not going to need Logan until after the weekend. I'm goi-" He then makes eye contact with Emma, "I'm going to try to reach some people I know over the weekend. Solo mission."

'S' doesn't take long to come round and very quickly starts reaching into the nearby energy spectrum until he spots Killian and appears to notice something the others in the room have not, "What happened to him? He needs to absorb some energy now! Are you people stupid or just bad at your jobs?", the dangerous 'S' is clearly conserned. Killian himself is just frozen in place, unsure how to proceed now that the man is awake.

"He's absorbing the lights in here." Emma says, pointing to the lights above the bed Killian's on. She motions to Marie and Scott to both come in, she could use their help if Killian gets out of hand or if S gets crazier than she can handle.

Marie stopped her exit when Scott told her to do as much and she turned back toward Samuel… but then she heard Killian ask if they were all stupid… This made the girl squint and look over at him. She sighed and walked toward where Emma was to stand beside her, her eyes went from Killian to S and she just remained silent.

Without much concern, Scott goes to the fuse box and starts switching them off. "I'm really not in the mood for this. I'm considering sending someone off to 'Muir Island' while we deal with other issues." He doesn't really want to see Killian shipped off but 'S' is beginning to be a problem for him. "Marie, I'm going to —-" He gives a look over at Emma, "And Miss Frost… I'm going to see if we can get a better idea of what else we're up against this weekend. I'm going to try and recruit some new additions."

Lost for anything else to do, Sam watches and waits. He hasn't been told he's not allowed to help, or not allowed to go with Scott, so he clings to the hope that he'll be allowed to make a difference. For now, however, he stands by in case Emma or Marie need help with Killian. When Scott unveils his plan, he violates the first rule of all professional soldiers … and volunteers. "Send me. I can continue what Cypher started, they don't know me. I can surprise them, you know I can."

'S' looks around as Scott starts shutting off the lights, "You need to leave those on, look how unsteady he is, he' depleted enough that he's eating into his own energy, he needs help", he looks at Emma hoping she's prodding around, /Look blondie please, he's my son/. Killian shakes his head, "I'm fine", but yes he is feeling very unsteady, but now he's found his voice he barely notices the change in the lights as he asks, "Who are you?"

"I need to leave those on? I think you need to learn that you're not in a position of power or in a spot where you can call us 'stupid.' You're temper tantrum in public already resulted in the death of one of my students and friends. I'm willing to take a risk on Killian if it gets you to tell me who you are and why you're so obsessed with him." Scott remains calm but the red light behind his visor suggests something differently for now. "Oh, I might just be a history teacher but I do believe that unfathomable law in science does does hold true. Every action has a consequence. You've been creating an issue for my peers and myself for quite some time but I'm now going holding the cards." He turns the switches back on; restoring power back into the room. "I trust Killian. He told me you're not a bad person. Now prove it or else he's nothing more than a liar."

Emma moves over to Killian, "Lay down and just recharge, okay." Emma says with a soft frown before she turns back to S. "Then answer my questions. Why the secrecy?" She demands from the now parent of her student that tried to kill one of her others. Emma turns to Scott and Marie, "He's Killian's father." She whispers, already getting that answer from him.

Marie looked up at Scott when he spoke of recruiting people… She wasn't sure who or what he meant by this exactly. Then the revelation of this man being Killian's father came to her from Emma and the young southern girl looked between Killian and S… She nodded a couple times. "Mmmhmm." She mumbled to herself softly.

It's a time for conflict for Sam. For the past few weeks he's lived in a state of cold war with Killian over this mysterious S, and now that he's finally captured so many other things are happening that he simply does not know to be elated or depressed. Hovering in the precarious balance between the two, he picks up the medical monitor he just took off, and offers it to Killian, with a look that is utterly neutral. "Put this on. It'll tell us if you really need energy or if he's just trying to mess with our heads. This'll tell us for sure." He gives 'S' a look, squints and tilts his head to the side. "Maybe we should get him to tell us about Cronus, see how he likes that."

"Now you're just being dramatic Summers, I needed a chance to talk to the boy alone and considering you X-Men are on the 'live in harmony' train you're pretty darn paranoid", his fists tighten as Emma spills the secret, /No! He's not ready for that!/, "Can someone just listen to me and help him", he looks at Scott, "You want trust? I could've broken out of this the second I woke up but I'm playing nice". Samuel's question gets a look of alarm, "Thats a stone you do not want unturned kid, Chronus is deadly". Killian sits back as instructed by Emma and is actually reaching for the thing Samuel has when he hears Emma, "No he's not, my dad's in Boston".

"You're not ready for this." Emma says as she dives into his mind for one thing, to pluck his name and then she eyes him deeply with rage in her tone and face. "Aedan, or Spark. Which ever you prefer, I don't care. I want to know why put him through this?" She asks, motioning towards Killian. "Why risk his safety and well being for yourself? Do you have some conscious to clear?"

Marie is third in command here and the other two are handling things as best as they can be handled. So she just stays quiet and observes, looking momentarily over toward Samuel then…. She frowend a little, but her eyes just started going from one person to the other as they spoke.

"His name is Aedan Rosen." Sam clarifies, certain now that he has talked about Chronus, nudging the medical monitor closer to Killian again, looking into his friend's eyes. "Not sure about how he's related to you, but he is, Kian. He has some sort of feud with a mutant called Chronus, pretty much disappeared shortly after that. An' that was about seventeen years ago." He looks to Emma with an apologetic look on his face. "The info's there if you look for it… I looked for it, sorry." And then back to Killian. "I didn't mention anything about it, 'cause… well… not my business. Didn't wanna butt in like… y'know… just didn't wanna make that mistake again. Now put that damned thing on so I know you're okay, alright? Please?"
"Emma, it looks like this one is yours to deal with," says Scott as he heads to the door. He's still worked over about the Doug death.

"He manifested and needed help, help none of you were giving him", 'S' looks worriedly at Killian, /You people are the ones that pushed things so we had to meet, I was just trying to guide a kid I had no idea I had, one you weren't protecting/. Killian however is shakily heading towards the door pulling off a glove as a sign for everyone to stay away from him, he doesn't know why they're all telling him this because it's not true, they guy isn't even old enough and anyway he HAS a dad, he's at home, this is wrong!

"Killian, go upstairs, and rest. If you need to ask Aedan some questions after you're feeling better, you're free to do so only if you come to me first." Emma says, Aedan gets not even a glance this time as she figures what his game is. This is something they're going to have to be very careful with.

"Then he's your uncle, or something." Sam interjects, but none too forcefully. If Killian doesn't want to buy the father story, who is he to object? Plenty of other reasons a mutant can have the same surname and be of a similar age… many things to believe that do not automatically assume this mysterious S is in fact anyone's father. But with everything that's gone on, Sam also doesn't have a lot of persuasive power left, and puts a hand on his friend's shoulder. "C'mon man, let's get some sleep. There's lots to talk about once we've got a clear head… 'cause I sure don't have one right now, an' I don't think you do neither." That said, he pats the shoulder once and then moves away, towards the corridor, leaving the monitor with Killian. "'night guys…"

*< END>*

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