2015-06-17 Steak Outs and Sentinals
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Warning: N/A
2015-06-17 format
Players: Killian, Emma, Marie, Tony, Wade, Kitty, Jose, Zyraline, Nimrod(NPC), 'S'(NPC)
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Stake outs and Sentinals
  • New York: Hell's Kitchen *]

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City that includes roughly the area between 34th Street and 57th Street, from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.
This section of NYC is a bustling hub of traffic at nearly all hours of the day, but its notorious for its dangerous nightlife. Those that prey on the helpless stalk the alleys and side streets of this district, using the shadows as refuge to stalk their victims. This part of NYC is not known for being friendly to those who take their safety lightly.
The streets themselves are not particularly dirty, but not particularly clean either, the district is somewhere in-between these two levels. However, the alleys that reside between the aging buildings are definitely on the filthy side of things, where homeless gather and loiter in their own makeshift homes.
Hell's Kitchen is constnatly under pressure from both sides of its denizens, the lawful and those who would break the law for personal gain.

"I can tell you're upset mister Rosen, but things got in the way, and I've had a lot on my plate." Emma says with a faint frown towards Killian from her seat in the car. They're sitting in the back of her longer than normal BMW, and she happens to have the massage seat on and is practically melting with comfort. Her eyes move back onto Killian after she finishes peering out of the window from their steak out position.

Killian looks round at Emma, "I'm not upset, just more curious, you've been acting oddly, like leaving the mansion, why?", he activly avoiding getting upset, he's learnt more and more how tied his control is to his powers so has been practicing on repeating a mantra over and over in his head every time he feels like things might get away from him, it's hard but it seems to be working, still not sure if it works for nerves or not, he looks at where the driver is sitting seeing how Jose is doing.

"That was because I was forced to see that I've been acting without restraint regarding my powers." Emma says looking from Killian up to Jose and she gives a frown to the two boys, "I do apologize for setting a bad example for you two. I apparently needed a strong reminder that I was breaking the school and moral rules."

Jose was busy listening to the world around him. "Yea, well we all need reminder every now and again." ANd then suddenly he blinks " SO, we can we get bacon icecream here. Knew it" followed by sassy "Do I look like your maid? Clean your own room". With his head phones off, Jose was on high alert for whoever it is there steaking out for. Which for him, equel not wearing his headphones, allowing him to hear everything within a mile radius

Killian shrugs, "You wouldn't be the only one, you're not the only telepath I've felt in my head there, and we've got people using their powers how they want all the time", like Samuel their resident cyberterrorist, he looks at Jose again remembering him being like this when he first joined the school, suddenly noticing just how far the guy has actually come since then.

"I figured sending messages telepathically and nothing more was perfectly acceptable yet our newest teacher had a rather explosive reaction." The blond admits aloud that she actually messed up. "I'm going to redouble my efforts of following the same rules I expect you all to follow. I'm also going to start cracking down on that as well." She says giving a glance to Killian, knowing Samuel has been on the kid's nerves. "I certainly got that remind Jose. That reminds me, you aren't to pull pranks of that nature any further."

"Ahhh man" Jose says. But Jose seemed to have an an itch going. "Pizza pizza pizza pie, if you eat it I will die. If I die, you will cry, pizza pizza pizza pie". He opens the door and steps out looking back "Well Link me up telepathicly if you want, going to get a better spot. I can hear you guys anyways" and he is out talking about how "Apples have souls too" and "No I haven't been to The Ugly COyote…strippers? No thanks". Closing the door, within ten steps he fades into the crowd, dissappearing like a true ninja

Killian nods, "Well won't be hard to tell if I start using my powers on other students, just gotta count the bodies", serial killer was not on his list of things to be when he grows up, "Nothing has really been going on since you left, nothing really to report", he frowns looking for any signal of 'S'.

/Only because you gave me permission.\ Emma thinks towards Jose as he walks out of the car. "I hope he doesn't get a pizza." She says with a sigh while turning to Killian, "I know I can trust you to follow the rules." Emma smiles with those white painted lips. She glances out the window and waits to see if S is actually going to show.

/I probably will get pizza….but now's not the time. GOAT!!!!\. Yup Jose even thinks what he says. None the less from soemwhere oppisit the car, Jose has managed to get himself a decent spot lounging on some steps. As far as steak out go, most hide. But Jose was in plain sight, but oddly, he looks like any other kid would would be in the neiborhood, and seems crazy as he talks to those who arn't there. Crazy, kid, and fits in? Unlikely to be picked out for a spy on a steakout.

Killian chuckles, "He's definatly gonna get a pizza, it's Jose, he can manage both", his friend may be nuts but he's not gonna let them down, "Do you know when you're coming back to school?". Where Jose is sitting a man in his early twenties stops and leans against the wall, "People watching kid? Wanna be carefull, this is a bad neighbourhood, psychos practicly clawing at the walls".

"I'll be returning shortly." Emma says with a nod before she turns and gives her attention to the man near Jose. /Watch out Jose, there's a man nearby with what seems like a bad attitude.\ Emma nods in that direction with Killian. "Keep your eyes open."

/Now thing get fun. I can hear him right good, don't worry Emma\ is Jose reply back. Jose looks over to the man "Your telling me. Make me glad I'm good at running, had to out do four thugs in an alley by me apartment" is his reponse, before saying "Whatcha talking bout willis. I told you. Lights with lights and whites with whites", though obviously there is no Wilish there. None the less Jose presses on "How bout you, got buisness round here or what?", though not disrespectful, Jose tone just sounds like he was raised in the streets.
Killian nods, "Cool, we need all the help we can get back there", he looks over where Jose is standing and frowns, somethings odd. The man smiles, "Much the same, just waiting on something, four thugs huh? Either you're fast or you heard them coming huh?", he raises an eyebrow looking at Jose, "Should my ears be burning kid?"

Emma leans over and gives Killian a pat on his shoulder. "Message S." The headmistress commands. "I think Jose might be in trouble." She whispers, not wanting to upset Killian but she's trying to keep control of this situation while still being hidden. The blond then gives Jose a message, /I am supposed to worry, that is my job Jose. Now keep your wits about you, I feel he may be the S figure. Or at least working with him.
/I got more wit then a tongue dipped in silver don't cha know\ Jose replies back with a pirate tone. None the less the young mutant looks more fully to the mystery figure and blinks /Eh, he kind of looks Like killian, sounds like him too\. "Well bud, if your ears burning. You might need to see a doctor. I know my ears go ringing when guns go off. But yea, I heard them AND I'm fast. Zip zap and bam I'm gone with the wind. Forget flight or fight, I can soar" he declares proudly a wide grin on his face.
Killian pulls out his phone and sends a message to 'S' asking where he is, "Shouldn't we go over and help him", he's still frowning at the man trying to think why he looks familier. "Well I would but I've got an issue with touching. Thugs and guns huh? Interesting lifestyle for a kid your age…", theres the sound of a phone vibrating in the man's pocket, "…does no one watch you?, friends? teachers?"

Emma gives Killian a nod and a gesture towards the car door and Jose beyond that. "Go. I'll be right behind you." Emma says, waiting just a moment to send a thought to Jose /Keep talking to him.\ She slowly climbs out of the car door, careful to look behind to make sure the door wont get smashed by a passing car. Once out she straightens her shirt and smooths her pants, taking a bit of time to make sure she wont follow Killian directly but is close enough to help should she have to jump in.

Jose stops transmitting messages, but keeps open to them. He looks the man up and down, knowing full well, things were about to get interesting "I can watch my own back. Half my friends are in gangs, they just get shot and die, the idiots. Teachers? Please, they just deal with us to get another pay check and move us along. They don't care" he stretches as if his words really were just the norm. And considering it's hell's kitchen, it really just might be "So no. No one watches me normally. I watch them"

Killian gets out of the car and heads over ahead of Emma wondering whats going on and where 'S' is. The man sighs, "So much for subtlety, blondie over there just stepped things up", with a quick finger motion the headphones Jose is wearing will spin round so the band is against Jose's neck, "I'd rather not hurt you and I won't so long as you stay very still".

Emma's eyes snap in a glare to S as she steps forwards moving forward, "Impulse. Stop." She says before he can even take another step. Her eyes linger on S as she steps forward briskly, watching the headphones tighten around Jose's neck. "Stop this immediately." She demands to the man attacking Jose. Her mind already moving into his silently, stealthily while a call is sent out to the fastest person she can think of. /Marie, it's Emma, I need you at my location in Hell's Kitchen now!!
If it wasn't for the fact, that he didn't want to accidently hurt Killian and Emma, let alone possible bystandards, he would so be giving this guy a thundershout, or perhaps a double gun shot going off next to the man's ears. All thoughts that pass though Jose mind. But he is fairly calm, as he feels the headphones tighten "How bout we lossen the grip, eh?" reaches up to try and loosen the headphones.

Marie and Kitty were in NYC, they'd driven in Marie's car to take care of some errands for the school… Emma just so happened to know the schedule well enough to know that the this activity was going on. When the mental call came from the Frosty Emma, Marie pulled her car into an alleyway and hopped out. She briefly explained the situation to Kitty and told her to climb on. A moment later the two were ontop of buildings and parkouring their way toward Hell's kitchen… Marie couldn't outright fly at 3:15pm on a weekday.. she had to keep the outward mutant powers at a minimum… thankfully they'd been in Times Square which wasn't that far east of HK. So they were nearing the location…

Seeing the headphones tighten on Jose has Killian throwing his whole keep calm thing out of the window and getting ready to draw on any energies in his system but at Emma's command he stops, he's impulsive but he's not going to risk hurting Jose, "Who are you?!", this can't be 'S'. The man obliges and the headphones loosen slightly, not enough for him to run but enough that it's more comfortable, "Chill it bottle blond, stay back and the kid'll be fine and I wouldn't go letting yourself in my head if I was you, playing with fire", he looks over at Killian, "I just want blondie to back off and let you come for a walk, no one has to get hurt Kian".
Kitty follows along easily keeping pace with Marie in more ways than one. Even on the longer, larger jumps… She darts over as if she were nothing more than a wisp on the wind. Or running on the air. Those moments are kept quick and precise as she follows along so as to not show off too much herself. Prying eyes were never a good thing. Her own gaze scans around watchfully seeking the source of the trouble they were called in to assist with.

Emma continues to walk. "Why would I possibly agree to that?" Emma asks, she does stop however, her blue eyes glancing over to Jose, making him know that she'll take care of this. At the word Kian she glances to Killian and breaks her own rule as this is a special situation, /Do you know who he is?\ Though her mind lingers around the attackers, ready to press on the mental pressure points to render him unconscious.

"A walk sound real nice right bout now. But, the whole playing with fire, choke a kid thing kind of ruins it. Just saying. So how bout we all just calm down?" Jose says. Oh he was nervous alright, but he wasn't about to go silent yet. Hopefully without 'S' knowing he tries to pry the headphones away even more.

Marie and Kitty continued their approach, weaving and hopping and leaping the buildings. When Rogue stopped at the stone ledge of a scummy old apartment building she looked down and saw them. "There they are." She said over to Kitty. She pushed the lethaer sleeves on her bomber jacket up past her elbows and she placed her green gloved hands on the ledge, bounded up onto it. "I'm gonna just jump down." She says looking over at Kitty. "I can land right behind the bugger and choke'im out, give'im a taste of his own medicine."

"You're 'S'?", Killian freezes in place, they were right, 'S' is bad, "I..I trusted you", he doesnt answer Emma but there is a thought that something about the guy seems familier. "Blondie, I can feel you in my head, you don't want to push the wrong button there, feedback's not fun", 'S' sighs and Jose's headphones tighten again, "I'm a lot older than I look kid, don't try anything stupid, I'll know". His face softens looking at Killian, "You can trust me, these are just dangerous people you're around, I just want to talk to you alone, there's things you need to know".

Kitty reaches out to touch Marie's shoulder careful not to actually cause skin contact at all. "No, gimme a distraction, Marie. Who knows what this guy can do right? I can let me get the kid safe first. You land in front, I'll land behind?" She suggests as she moves to do just that with a bit of a grin at the plan she has in mind. With a flip she twists herself off the building only to glide down soundlessly as she phases, and shifts to be nearly invisible in the process.

"Don't call my bluff." Emma demands, getting really tired of this real fast. She's probing his mind as a distraction she knows Marie should be here shortly, but she really wants to incapcitate this guy. Something about having the power to control others against their will. It's enticing and alluring. She wants this. She wants to do this but then she doesn't want to show that ability to anyone else here. /Sorry Marie, but I need you here now!
Jose coughs as he feels the headphones suddenly tighten. His finger were between his skin and the headphones not wanting to choke to death, a natural reaction. /Drop this guy, come on, come\. Used to being on his own, restraining himself from self defense was not exactly easy. Sure he know Marie and some girl was here. But boy, he was about to lose it. Breath, breath..breath. "Well, Killian, crazy S man here is kind of right. We are dangerous, especialy when put into a rough spot" Jose says. A sound like a gun being cocked is made, but nothing more.

Marie was crouched on the building ledge when she looked over and listened to Kitty. She grinned at the younger girl's words and nodded once. "A'ight." She said. She watched Kitty begin her decent then… "Get'im, ma." She told her friend before Rogue, herself, then leapt off of the building right out into the middle of the air. She spun around in mid-air and came descending rapidly toward the street below. She landed right smack on the concrete, sending a wave of her mysterious flight-energy pulsing out from wher eher boots touched down. The young girl with the wild hair crouched ther, glaring at this 'S' fella and she thrust her hands out on either side, three bone claws shooting out of either hand… she held them out just like she knew her furry friend liked to do. "Ya'll havin' a party and ya ain't invitin' me? Thats just plain rude where I come from." Distraction, check!

Kitty 'lands' lightly on the ground, or rather an inch or so above the ground. Faded out to be nearly invisible, only those that had experience with seeing how she moves might be able to catch sight of her. Unfortunately she wasn't completely invisible, thanks to the light out, but… It was good enough for what she had planned. Behind 'S' and his captive, Jose, she waits for Marie to distract. With a grin she reaches an intangible hand around 'S'.

For a moment she snaps back into obvious existance unphasing herself. It's long enough for her fingers to wrap around Jose's elbow. Her grip is tight, and unrelenting, so as to be sure she doesn't lose her grip as she phases again. This time it's not just her that phases though as she extends her powers to include Jose.
Kitty adds cheerily, "Your turn, Marie!"
(OOC:) Kitty whistles.

It's Hell's Kitchen. A cruel place to try and live but if you can't stand the heat, get the f—k out of the Kitchen. It's pretty much the catch phrase of late. There have been several crime lords rising and falling with recent events. Some of those events happen to be caused by some red masked anti-heroes zoning in on crime; their prey.

A top a rooftop, a select red and black clothed ninja Spider-Man leans with his night visionm set up. Though, if one was to look closer at the red device, it does say 'ViewMaster' as Deadpool changes the view to 'zoom' in.

"Why the heck are is the Sphynx showing up again?" He sighs as he readies his weapons now. "Time to go make Double-D happy." He leaps off the the five story tenament building and lands on pavement; his knees cracking but healing at the same time to allow him to walk it off. "There's some activity going on. My common sense is tingling!"

Wade shrugs, "I don't make bad calls. I blame other people." He looks for that fourth wall again, "Shh."

Killian nods "Ok, I'll come just let him go", he starts making his way over to 'S' when Marie lands on the ground, "Be careful". 'S' smiles at Marie, "Sorry, where are my manners? If I knew you wanted in I woulda let you know, anythings better than the bad tempered blond over there", he frowns and the feeling of the headphones is gone with Jose, "Joy, there goes my leverage", his eyes glow a similar solar colour Killian's have been known to glow, he's ready for a fight.

Jose shudders never having been phased before. He looks to Kitty and gives a "Thanks Sistah!" He then looks at this 'S' and then at Killian and then back at 'S' "…… oh boy" None the less the moment Kitty lets go, if she lets go, he will be bounding over to Killian's side.

Emma's blood is boiling as she starts to step forward, her mind disappearing from his own as she physically approaches the man her mind becomes one hundred percent silent. While her body however becomes one hundred percent Diamond and as she finishes her approach she cocks her right fist back and slams it forward towards his nose.

Marie watches Kitty successfully nab Jose and this makes her grin a bit. She listened to this strange Fellow's reply and then see's Emma shift forms and strut toward him. Her eyes turn to the street as a car had stopped after seing Rogue simply land in the middle of the road… she looked inside the window to see the soccer mom inside on her cell phone. "I… don't think we're going to have much time before the Fuzz is gonna be here, ya'll." She says, looking back in time to see Emma throwing a punch…

Kitty moves away with Jose so that when he's released he's not RIGHT next to the person who had him caught again. Releasing her grip he snaps back to solidity while she remains a bit phased herself. "Looks like it's time for me to play havoc with the street lights to slow down the police. Make it snappy, guys!" She suggests as she suddenly drops below the surface of the street to do who-knew-what to the electronics in the area.

On the outside, Wade aka Deadpool aka the Merc with the Mouth aka Jack aka Tom Cruise aka Wade T. Wilson aka Chiyonosakeaka Chatterbox aka DP aka Wildcard aka Talkingman aka Evil Evil Man aka Regenerating Degenerate… "And so many more!" … 'Can we get back to our pose?' "Depends, are we going to see any topless chicks?" 'Right, back to the pose…

Wade's outside on the street level just making his way through Hell's Kitchen. He has a his katana sword against the back of his left shoulder as he holds the handle. He's strutting down the street and making his way through the crowds as if he's on a mission. "Need me some gas for my ass." He heads to a small taco truck on the side of a street to get his favorite meal. 'Chimichanga… Chimichanga…' [yelow]"I'll have three all beef tacos, please! Thank you, Senior Jose! You got the best mustache this north of the border."

Killian panics as he sees Marie and 'S' about to fight and he goes to move forward his own eyes going solar and thats when he spots Emma and realises her mistake, "No Emma don't!". Emma Frost is very lucky she's in her diamond form cause it would appear 'S' has a touching issue too, but while she's spared that when she connects 'S's head does snap back slightly he's protected from any serious damage as his hair, body and clothing goes diamond from the point of impact.

"This fight, just got harder, didn't it Impulse?" Jose thumps Killian on the back. His ears pick up everything going on. "Yea, fuzz are defintly going to be swarming, hope ghost lady works some real magic on those lights". Otherwise Jose wasn't sure what to do except be ready to jump in if he need too!
Zyraline casually rides her lavander 21-speed bicycle along the sidewalk, being careful not to bump into anyone. Bump rather the plow as neither her speed nor mass allow for 'ramming speed'. She casually pedals her bicycle along, people watching and enjoying a rare day off.

As the activity begins to overtake the street that he's on, Wade hooks up his iPod to a speeaker somehow. He starts to play with an imaginary drum set before he spots Zyraline. "Sally! Take over for me. I'm going to the air guitar!" The iPod becgins to blast music really loud. The song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jOk8dk-qaU

"Yep!" He's jamming out. "iZombie, keep on the drums!"

Emma's fist recoils and she frowns even in her diamond form and sighs as she's reminded why she doesn't ask for permission. Why life is much easier as the White Queen. With a glance over her shoulder she sighs as this is now a spectacle. Her mind is reeling as she's trying to think of a game plan to put this guy out of commission and get out of sight rapidly. The man's now diamond face has her convinced that he's a power absorber very similar to Marie though she just locked herself out of S's mind with her diamond form.

Marie saw the diamon form transfer over to the man's face and her eyes narrowed. "Dayum." She uttered quietly, she saw Kitty take off to go gum up traffic even worse than it already was. It was here that she started toward 'S'. "I don't much care for seein some street rat chokin' on one of my friends, even if that friend got mud all up on my fridge and didn't say'a word about it…" She refers to the cake day a couple days past. With her bone claws still out she lifted them up and pointed them at 'S'. "Hows about you just come with us… I get the feelin' that Killian has a lot of quetions for ya, as do the rest of us. We can make it nice and calm, or…" She grindedd the claws on either of her hands together and glared through them at him. "We can get rough and dirty…"

Killian clenches his fists, "This isn't happening", is his responce to Jose before he's on the move putting himself between everyone else and 'S', "Stop it! All of you!", he's shaking, "Ok, who are you? and why are you doing this? You said you were my friend". 'S' pulls back a hand to act before Killian is standing there, "I am, I just want to talk to you without the interference of the X-Men, please trust me Kian".

Jose follows close, no one left behind! "How bout I come with? I ain't an x-men". No way was he about to let some psycho, who just tried to choke him, be alone withone of his best friends. His ears twitch as he picks something up "Well that Lady doing a dang good job messing up traffic, sound like a grid lock" he informs to no one in particular. Eitherway he was, well not very tense at all it seems. Though his mind was racing a thousand sound bytes a second

Zyraline coasts to a slow by Jose, she glances at him saying "Hey jose, uh, what's up?". Z pointedly ignoring rock-pool for the moment, despite liking that song actually. She watches the,, scene? debacle? observing this play out for the time being.

Wade shrugs and figures that he's not really anywhere near anyone. He heads down to an alley way and tries to see if his hand grenades work. He quickly begins to pull each ring from each one; while being in the isolated area of the alley way… He shrugs and holds up a sign, 'Oh Shit! LMAO :(' as they go off.

During the next 15 minutes, his body will repair itself while he dreams of being a dog. 'Stupid Timmy fell down the well again! I'm going to go sniff that tree!'

"I can not agree to that. This isn't Killian's choice to make." Emma says, her voice slightly distorted and almost hollow sounding as she's still in her diamond form, looking behind her to the on-lookers and keeps her eyes on S. She eyes Marie and Jose and Killian, and then Zyra, who the hell is this girl?

Marie looks pretty fiercely angry when Killian steps in the way of her, like a dog who'd just had its meal taken away… but she tried to calm herself and it was working. She glanced over to Emma, waiting for the White Queen to tell her what to do next, maybe? She heard the distant sound of an explosion or… several of explosions and she flinched a bit and she sniffed at the air, three quick small sniffs. Her green eyes then refocused on Killian and this 'S' character. "You think we're going to let ya just have Killian to 'talk to'… you're out of your mind, sug."

Killian looks around, "Like hell it isn't", on top of all this crap he's gonna be spoken down of like a child, "We go and talk and you stop the fighting yeah? you explain everything then let me go, promise me". 'S' looks from Emma to Marie before nodding to Killian and dropping the diamond state, "Ok, agreed, no fighting and we'll talk".

For the moment Jose stays silent. Though the massive explosion thanks to some Mercneries make the him jump a foot "What in san's hell!" He looks towards where the explosion happened. But just as quickly looks back to the scene at hand. He remains quiet surprisingly enough, unsure of what is about to happen.

For the moment Jose stays silent. Though the massive explosion thanks to some Mercneries make the him jump a foot "What in san's hell!" He looks towards where the explosion happened. But just as quickly looks back to the scene at hand. He remains quiet surprisingly enough, unsure of what is about to happen. Though he does looks aside to Zyra "Errrr, that a bit…. umm hard to explain. I hardly know myself"

Zyraline flinches briefly at the explosion, and when she isn't pierced by shrapnel she turns her attention back to Jose "Ok, not really my business. Lemme know if you need a hand with anything though." She watches as the exchange, thankfully, starts to de-escelate.

Emma quickly snaps her hand up to her temple and closes her eyes as she at the speed of thought sends her mind into S's mind and shuts it down via her mutant abilities. "I'm tired of you threatening my students and questioning my authority."
(OOC:) Wade says "And WRITE one too."
(OOC:) Marie says "Emma turned off his power button."
(OOC:) Emma meant to say she dropped out of her diamond form too.

And through the sky something streaks by but then it turns coming back. Hovering above the group they can see its Iron Man in his suit. He doesnt say anything nor make any attempt to land. For now he just observes from above.

Shrugging it all off, the scabbed form of Wade Wilson tries to wipe the residue of his actions off. "Oh boy. These days, things are not as fun as they used to be." He aches for a moment as he studies his wounds. "Heh, femur broken. Wait a minute. Not broken." He then looks at his weapons, "Sweet justice!" He limps his way out. "Now, I can totally convince Matt that I got my ass handed to me while battling Mike Tyson. He'll have to look at these wounds!" He starts to look for where Daredevil might be.

Wrigleys Doublemint Gum: "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun"

Killian is about to lead the way off before 'S' clutches his head before collapsing to the ground. Killian just stands there for a moment watching as he figures out what just happened and the teen starts shaking with rage, his irises glow brightly and the whites of his eyes fade to black as a bright energy surronds his hands, "What did you just do?! I was going to talk to him! You had no right!".

Marie gave a glance to Zyraline, she recognized her from a week or so ago at the donut shop. She then heard a strange sound, jet engines? She glanced to her right and up and she could see Iron Man there up in the sky, watching them? But then Emma dropped 'S' so her attention shot back there to see Killian screeching about it… Marie stood up straighter and her bone claws shot back into her gloved hands. "This is no place for talking anyway, Killian. Not after whats gone on here already the cops are definitely comin'… look'it." She nods up to the sky. "We already got an Avenger here, THE Avenger no less."

Jose blinks and looks at Killian "Ummm, Killian, just calm down. No need to errrr, blow up" he gently pat's Killian on the back with the possiblre danger of getting a fist full of Killian "You can still talk to him… I thinK?" He looks at everyone who is here, it a wonder what going to happen.

Zyraline glances at Jose, then at killian, she says "Jose, i'm just gonna stand her keeping my hands to myself, i want to to get behind me please. quickly." She slowly climbs off her bicycle, but keeps her hands on the handlebars. She has no intention of involving herself like this, but if it's gonna turn into terminator vs yoda she's not gonna Jose eat particle blast to the face.

In the sky-line, two Sentinels fly into by as they begin to scan the streets. Green lights begin scanning for any indication of a mutant presence. The police and Mutant Registration Department both have vehicles and troops on the ground that are nearing the epicenter of the recent activities. Police were called by spectators. The MRD; though, were notified, and have decided to bring large vehicles to detain captured mutants from this incident.

Emma takes control of this like she was trying to all along. "Marie, Take him to the med bay and make sure he's restrained. I'll keep him unconscious for the time being." Emma says strongly with a frown then she turns to Killian, "Get in the car. Now. You two Jose. We're leaving." Kitty is sent a message to let her know they're making a quick leave. Tony is given a nod but she's busy and has things to do.

Tony is just above their heads. He gives Marie an Emma both a wave of the hand. The sentinel is then noticed and he watches to see what they plan to try and do here. He isn't a mutant but as an adjunct teacher type he can't just let these here get hurt.

Killian backs up to 'S' looking from Emma to Marie, then up at the incoming flying giant robots and the glow around his hands gets brighter and begins moving up his arms as the entire situation gets to be way more then he can handle, he's angry, scared, hurt, confused and a hundred other feelings that are just to many to be feeling at once.

"Hell's no, I ain't backing down when my friends in trouble" Jose tells Zyra. Though when Killian begins to glow, he does take his hand off Killian's back "Oh crap, super nova" can't beleive it, but he is sure hoping Killian power knocks him out before he actualy blows up

Marie looked skyward again, she saw Tony was closer above them now but beyond him was the sight of those… "Ah shit." She uttered and she shot her head back to Killian. "Go, get in the car. Just do it, I'll take him back to the mansion and we'll get all the answers there." She tries to reason with the kid before she reaches to this 'S' fellow and picks him up like he weighs as much as an empty coffee cup. She puts him on her shoulder and turns around to lift up off of the ground, sending an array of street garbage away from where she'd previously been standing. She flies up and next to Tony. "Heya." She says at him with a small smile, and then looks off toward the Sentinels. "I think we got trouble." She tells Iron Man. "I'm gonna have to scoot… I may have to shake them 'fore they tryin' follow me too." She tells him before she starts shooting off towad the northwest over the HK buildings, holding 'S' like a sack of taters.

Zyraline glances up and will give Tony a wave from her spot,, probably behind jose at this point, she's not moving closer to killian. When Emma gives jose the order to get in the car she just hrms, watching things playing out. To Jose she says "super nova? jose i regenerate get behind me."

Emma purses her lips harder than she's ever done before. She's this close to knocking the kid out in order to safe his life. She knows the sound of a sentinal and she knows it's time to leave now. "ECHO! IMPLUSE! NOW!" She demands, her words loud piercing and curt. She's very upset and very mad and if they don't move now they are literally signing up to die.

Staying airbound is Iron Man watching the robots. "Not today." he says his tone stern and raising his arms pulse beams are released rapidly to gain thier attebtion so the others can get away or whatever they intend to do. "Come on you bastards. I'm in the mood to blow something up. Might make me feel better."

Killian is panicing so much he doesn't even notice what Marie just did untill it's too late and she's flying away, "No!", he takes off running after her but only manages about thirty feet before dropping to his knees and releasing the loaded energy in a pulse in all directions before passing out.

The Sentinels continue to scan as the MRD soldiers open up the back of a cargo truck. A builky angular white robot steps out. The mechanical menace scans a human in the crowd; "I am Nimrod! Your physical nature automatically brands you as felons. The unsanctioned use of those mutant abilities is a capital crime." The MRD officers quickly begin to detain the male with using electric cattle prods.

Nimrod proceeds to walk down the street and scanning for more targets while the MRD officers follow behind; ready to contain whatever targets Nimrod suggests.

Jose visibly pales when he hears the word 'Nimrod'. He says Urgently to ZYraline "Get out of here now, no question, just go" He glances up to Tony really hoping he can fend off that guy. Jose with his hearing, has heard thing before, and that was one of the few he knew ment trouble. He runs over and actualy drags Killian over to the car by grabbing his friend shirt! He may not be super strong or fast, but adreline can get anyone moving. "Man lay off the sweets man!" he grunts as he opens the door to the car

Zyraline watches people yelling, tony shooting at robots, killian nova pulse thing, and is basically seeing all hell break loose at this point deciding she'll take Jose's word for it. She moves her bike to go the opposite way up the sidewalk, hopping on. "Take care Jose, good luck with your friend" and starts riding up the sidewalk, away from the fight.
Marie pages, "Zyra <3's Jose!"

Emma already has the car doors both open for Jose. She leans out of the back side and grabs Killion by his collar as well and with her arm switching to diamond mode she yanks the unconscious boy back into the car and then leans over him to grab the door and pulls it shut. "Get in now Jose." Then she turns to the driver who, smartly has left the car on this whole time and demands, "Drive." And like that, the Seven series is tearing through Hell's Kitchen away from Nimrod. Emma's eyes are planted on Killian as she's probing his mind, trying to find out if he's alive in there.

Tony may not be able to beat this thing but he will try to keep it back from them all. Shooting off a uni beam he does this a couple of times. Rockets release from his shoulders to flash bang in the sentinel's eyes.

Jose pokes his head outside the car and cheer Iron man on! "Come on Iron man, kick his robot chasise!!!!" he exclaims!. Looking back in he looks to Emma "Is killian going to be alright? Wouldn't be the first time I seen his powers, kind of burn him out

One of the sentinels takes massive damage from the attack from Tony. There's a radio transmission sent from the injured Sentinel that goes off to alert nearby Sentinels to show up should hostiles be involved. The other Sentinel scans Stark's armor and displays a holographic image of the blue prints of Tony's desgins. 3D scanning at it's best. Granted; there are details left out as the Sentinel was unable to get a perfect scan and read.

When Iron Man begins warfare at Nimrod, the robot just halts; allowing for the damage to hold before he repairs himself. "Mr. Stark, by the order of the Supreme Court; Article C3F-32.2, I am authorized to be present. Do not engage. You are ordered to stand down or be declared a threat." A video is now displayed from Nimrod's left arm; Senator Kelly is now live. "Tony, it's true. We're authorizing the Sentinel Project to contain the 'Mutant' issue."

"Jose. Roll the window up, sit down, and stop using your powers. You don't understand the gravity of this situation." Emma says glancing up in awe as Jose does something so reckless. She then goes back to working on Killian's mind.

Zyraline is pedaling away along the sidewalk, her 'fast' not being a lot better then her 'slow', as Zyra's raw strength is below human average.

Tony keeps his arms up but fires no more shots, "It is contained so why don't you take your toys and go home." he tells whoever is speaking. "Touch any of them and I'll be more than a threat. I'll be sure you are in a million pieces and DC will mourn the loss of their technology. Though perhaps I should hack them to just dance the ritz and entertain me. But if you want to play then lets play ball."

Jose bring his head back in and rolls up the window murmerring "I wasn't using my powers THAT time. I know sentinels are bad news" is all he says. Though he can't help by watch Tony from the mirror cheering him on silently.

About now, eight more Sentinels appear. Each one targetting Tony Stark's armor. Nimrod would grin should his robotic face allow. "Tony Stark, you're an Avenger. The days of the Avengers have been limited. Your ranks are low, am I right?" Videos project from the mech showing the current Avengers line up. 'Captain America no showing. Hawkeye at bars. Black Widow, Iron Man, Meltdown, and Deadpool as the only current real active Avengers. But then, another video feed that's live…

A cyborg with a harpoon holding up the limp body of a certain New Mutant; Cypher.

"Stark, stand down. Last chance."

"So you brought more out to play." Iron Man raises higher into the air holding his arms out and on either side of him five suits appear. "How about a little music?"

The car radio comes alive with 'Shoot to thrill' by ACDC and so do outside local speakers. "I am an avenger. I protect the people and mutants are people too. So if that means I must protect them from robots being controlled by men that are too much of a coward to come out themself. Then lets play ball!" he holds out his hands his suits following his lead. "Oh by the way. Bite me!" pulse beams are released from all towards the sentinels.

As the attack agains the Sentinels from Iron Man happens, Nimrod's live feed of showing the cyborg with the harpoon and the limp body of the New Mutant known as Cypher begins to take over the TVs locally. Smart phones too. Anything with a screen that is connected to a network has this feed.

The purple metal parts of the cyborg shine as he focuses on the camera recording him. "I am Dr. Rory Campbell but you might call me 'Ahab' for short. I have been involved in spear-heading the Sentinel Project in a new direction with the Mutant Registration Department. Some terrorist groups of the homo-superior as they believe they are… think that they will stop us from protecting us. But they are wrong."

Ahab proceeds to hold up Doug Ramsey with his left hand and then proceeds to thrust the harpoon towards him with the right hand. Before the two connect; the video goes to static.

Nimrod looks at Tony Stark as the screens returns to what they were showing. "His blood is now on your hands. His corpse will be delivered to the school he was last registered at." He begins to head back to the rest of the MRD units while the Sentinels that weren't destroyed self destruct in the air.

Watching this Tony is speechless and yet defeated. Suddenly his suits form a large circle around him. "JARVIS, Protocol ENDGAME." then one at a time each suit blows up making a firey ring in the sky. And then the middle suit blows up too. Did Stark just commit suicide? This incident though is as well broadcasted on televisions and announced on the radio rather immediately. And the questions remains.. Did Tony Stark just commit suicide?

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