2015-06-29 Douglocks, Ghosts and Elementals
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Namor, Surge, Kitty, Boris, Douglock
GMed by No One?
Title: Douglocks, Ghosts and Elementals

[* X-Mansion: Main Foyer *]

As one steps through the large front door, the first they see is this magnificent foyer. It fits the mansion, being in a graceful and classic style that seems so uncommon for a modern era like this.
Dark wood accents take the primary amount of space within the foyer, as well as with the rest of the building. There are two expensive hallways, one going east and another west and these halls are lined with large wood doors, pantings on the walls and sculptures resting atop simple pedestals. There are chairs and tables setup in groups in some of the more open spaces of the foyer where classes are sometimes held in conjunction with one another.
The other main feature of the foyer is the staircase that sits against the wall opposite of the main entryway. A very wide set of stairs lead up to a mid-level landing that has a very large picture-esque window with gorgeous stained glass tinting the sunlight when it shines through to a golden-hue in shade. The staircase splits and two additional cases lead one upward to the east and one upward to the west.

"Adequate." Namor muses with only a mild shade of disappointment. With Drake tugboatting after him, he leaves the doors open for the young man to shut in his wake. His bare feet quietly slap at the hard floor as he inspects he area further and wanders towards the grand staircase.

Drake continues to follow after him, confused again by the response. "What, you-.. you mean the interior? Just adequate? What kind of place are you from?" He realizes he still didn't answer his earlier question; is Namor a mutant?

Comming from a nearby hall is Boris, he is carring a rather large load of books seeming to have just come from the library. Despite his short 4' statue, he carries a load that towers over his head. Peaking out from behind he spots Drake and Namor and quirks an eyebrow not having seen either of those two "Hrmmmmm

"I hail from elsewhere." Namor replies. The tone, rather than appearing deliberately cryptic, seems more uncaring than evasive. He regards Boris as a curiosity, gaze trailing the length of the mountain of books. "How many students dwell within these grounds during the summer?"

"Not many. Maybe fifteen?," suggests Drake, following the attention to the mountain books and largely unknown student who carries them. His attention zips back to the outlander. "Elsewhere, huh? I think we're all from there," he quips dryly.

"Vere be vat? Ah hear Amurica haz sum strangly named places lik Accident in Maryland or Toad Suck Arkasus?" asks Boris curiously. And he seems to mean it too, his flesh like whiskers twitching some. None the less he makes his way to the stairs and carefully tries to climb them, the pile of books wobbling as he does so going barefoot much like Namor.

A sidelong glance is cast to Drake at the sarcasm until Boris speaks up. Namor replies to Boris in German, hoping to stimulate a more comfortable response. "<I have only been to the coastal cities of America. Do you like it here, child? Are they kind?>"

Drake doesn't speak no gat'dang German. This is America, you speak American here!

That is to say, Drake looks generally at a loss. He breathes a little sigh and shifts his focus between the thickly-accented Boris and the German-speaking Namor. He can wait his turn.

Boris stops suddenly at being referred to a child, the top most book falling on his head from the abruptness inciting a loud "Oi!" from the small mutant. None the less Boris carefully turns so he can see Namor more fully say and responds in German while keeping a respectful tone <"Excuse me Sir. I might be small, but I am not a child, I am 15 years of age thank you very much. The people I met have been kind….but I can't really say I like it here yet, too soon, and I miss my home"> he says in honesty. He rubs his fullbeard nevousness and carefully tries to get the fallon book - one apprently on ecology.

Though there was an elevator, there were also stairs in the manor, and Kitty was more prone to taking them than the elevator. It never hurt to actually USE your legs. Looking far better than she had the prior night given her unexpected fainting spell she comes down the stairs now with a few books tucked neatly beneath one arm clutched to her chest so as to avoid dropping them. Not that it would happen. A hand lifts to flip a few curls out of her face as she looks up to spot those here with an eyebrow raising at the language being spoken. "Are we getting international students again and no one told me?" A bright, friendly grin flashes over as she adds, "I could use a new language to learn."

The corner of Namor's lips curls into a thin smile. "<Of course.>" He remarks, eying the book and raising his voice to include Drake. "What is the morale of the student body? Are they calm? Placid?"

Douglock slinks into the room; almost silently, as he heads to the stairway. Signs of static shock cover his nanotech body as it seems to be configuring their new shape and form. He eagerly looks at the closest electrical outlet before he plugs his hand into it. His yellow technorganic skin seems to stop forming as he powers down in his recharge mode; completely unaware of others that are gathered around.

"It's-," Drake pauses when Kitty makes an appearance. Now there's a girl he hasn't hung out with in ages. The last time he saw her was when /he/ was new to the school; they went shopping together to get him new threads. In fact, he's wearing one of those outfits now.

And his old clothes got a viking funeral.

Namor has to take precedence. "Mostly calm. Recent events have shaken things up, but everyone seems to be coping okay." He lifts a hand to whisk through his bangs. Samuel seemed to be at the biggest risk for taking off and doing something crazy, but he seems to have accepted it as a bad idea and settled down a bit.

Finally, to Kitty, "Hey, you," he calls, allowing a small grin to brighten his face. He can't spare too much attention off of Namor, though; not when there are so many questions still in the air.

Of course, "Doug" doesn't go unnoticed. He catches a glimpse through the corner of his eye, gives him a solid stare, and mutters a quiet, "The Hell..?"

Boris seems about to say something to Kitty, when Douglock appears. He freezes "Et can nit be! Wasn't … wasn't he kilt on Television?". The young mutant, having only recently gotten his powers, did not have the best control over them. His begins to shake out of nervous, which of course begins to make the ground tremble, making small tables and stands vibrate and move some "He… iz supposed ta be deid! Vi iz et, he …" can't finish the setence through freaked out.

Kitty gives a nod over toward Drake in greeting. "Hello," she responds, simply, before she reaches out to grasp for the railing of the stairway when the ground begins to quake from Boris' losing control of his powers. Bumping her hip against the rail she winces silently as the wood hits against her hip bone leaving what she knew would be a rather unpleasant bruise to form later. There wasn't a lot of time to dwell on it though—Her attention was stolen by Douglock. "Dougie? Or…" He didn't LOOK right though? With a small sigh of apparent annoyance she snaps, "Calm DOWN, Boris. Deep breaths."

Each new arrival is carefully scrutinized and studied by Namor until Doug moves into the area and 'plugs in.' "Is that- have androids become more common on the surface?" He quietly muses to himself, waxing nostalgic until he's roused from his thoughts by Boris. "Steel your heart, lad!" He berates, squaring off at the uncertainty. "Do not let your strength control you."

And so, the mansion begins to rumble, if even in a localized area. "Eeaasy, dude," calls Drake. "No such things as ghosts!" His voice carries a certainty Drake is no longer truly afforded. Over the course of a single year, Drake has seen some crap. Extra-dimensional warriors, giant robots, world-devouring snakes… ghosts? Why the Hell not.

In the meantime, Drake lowers his stance to better spread his surface area and balance.

The body seems to be relaxed as its in a recharge mode. Some stains of mud and muck can be noticed on Douglock. After a few minutes of recharging, he springs to life. His eyes look to be blue LED lights as he scans the room. "Query; location of self-friend?" He scratches his head as he tries to figure this out. "Logic; in room."

"Calm? CALM!!!! Vere a deid guy standink in sie foyer!" Boris mind was racing more and more. Having only been a mutant for about a month, moving, seeing a student die on t.v, having a teacher spill the beans about some secret x-team (ahem scott), talking computers and now this, a dead dude in the room! Itn was alot to take in in a weeks time. The tremors get more powerful, but as everyone says for him to calm, he bites his lip and tries to. Frozon in place, the tremors come at iregular intervals every minut or two, as he tries to keep in check.

Kitty pushes away from the railingNo, THROUGH the railing as she just 'steps' off the stairs to walk instead on the air coming down quick, yet gracefully, with her little phasing trick. Better to avoid the tremors all together in her haste to get to Douglock. "Doug! Or… Warlock?" The uncertainty is there as she approaches and stops hopefully far enough away that she can avoid if need be. THe other night though… The computer had said she was a friend when asking for her. Though she doesn't mean to, she turns her attention to Douglock. Or tries to. Glancing over her shoulder at Boris she lets out a sigh. "I'm an X-Man," she states, boldly and openly, "I wouldn't let anything hurt anyone under this roof. And besidesIt's DOUG."

"Have you seen Doug-" There's a pause as the sentence lingers. "Warlock? Us?" Douglock frowns. "It's…" His body shapeshifts; his left side resembles more of Warlock while his right looks more organic like Doug. "Unable to locate self and self-friend." His eyes scan the room as he looks at Kitty and offers a smile before the body morphs back into a more Doug-than-Warlock form. "Your query is strange. Change of some sort is inevitable for all things. However, my fundamental programming remains consistent."

He notices Kitty again as he tries to locate his own identity. "Unaccaptable; I must have purpose." His chest begins to change to a blue color; reflecting the New Mutants uniform.
"I am neither Doug Ramsey nor Warlock; I am both. I am Douglock?"

He then looks at the others that are gathered as he tries to absorb who they are. His left eye shapeshifts and looks like a webcam. "WoW Dwarf. Surge. Aquaman."

Namor waves a hand towards Drake, narrowing his eyes as he approaches Doug. "Vyril. It would be prudent to notify the staff of what appears to be…this man returning from a harrowing experience." He directs, crouching down to study Douglock. "One of you needs to take him to a medic. Another needs to bring our young, German companion somewhere to calm down and assess the situation. Somewhere without so many fragile people about. This needs to happen swiftly."

The rumbling, the rattling, the Dougbot 9000, and- Did Kitty seriously just say that out loud? Drake casts her a wide-eyed look. He doesn't know Boris knows. It sounds a lot like Kitty just let the proverbial cat out of the bag, and /dammit/ that's happening a lot lately! But adding further stress to a situation that has very, very quickly gotten out of control will help no one.

Even though Drake has a lot of questions for Namor - important questions - he can't argue with his direction. He's right. But there's an optimal way of doing this.

"Kitty, help the… the Doug."

"Namor, you speak his language. You've got the best shot right now of making sure he's chilled out."

"I'll go let the staff know you're here and what's going on."

A glance is shot between the other two adult meatbags. "If there aren't any complaints, let's go."

Boris is quite litterly frozon in place his eyes wide, his flesh like whisker twitching. Though the tremors arn't constant, every 'burst' is quite violent, his last one even making a table tip over right after kitty mention she /was/ and x-man. His breathing becomes more rapid as he quickly shuts his eyes trying to quiet his mind
"I don't… I don't know what's going on. You LOOK like Doug, but you also look like Warlock," Kitty murmers quietly as she looks the individual now naming himself Douglock. A glance is cast over her shoulder at the others clearly seeking someone to back her up on this. … X-Babies, the lot. And apparently a swimsuit model? Where'd he come from? Namor gets a quick once-over before she turns her attention forward again with a light clearing of her throat. Right. She wasn't the rank newbie anymore—She was an adult.

"I don't know what happened," she repeats again only to continue, "But I'm glad you're all right, DougDouglock," she finishes. "We can help you figure out the rest, now that you're here. That's what this school is for after all!" Forcing a smile she holds it right up until she caves, and leans in to give Douglock a hug. Provided she doesn't get electrocuted or anything similar. It's breif regardless, as Namor is there giving orders, and she lets out a sigh. "As the 'least fragile' here-" she begins, about to go help Boris when Drake tries to take charge. Well. That solved that it seems. "Medical it is."
"Reports show no damage. Do not need to be taken to medical as I am not organic or living." says Douglock as he tries to understand Namor. "Warlock's self-repair mode must have activited to recover -
" There's a pause as his eyes almost operate like monitors showing the last moments of Cypher and then Warlock.

With his 'optics' dimming to a cold blue, Doug acknowledges; "Query solved; what happened to self and self-friend." He looks at his hands and then feels where his chest was harpooned through before he gives Drake a cold glance.
"Help the Doug? As if 'the Doug' is an object; not a being. Objects are unable to have emotions or feel. I can do both and more. Though I am unable to process why you would be so rude to two members of your team; two that have translated from living to deceased while —-"

His optics flicker again, "While no one seemed to concern themselves with a rescue." He proceeds to look to the door that he came through. "Self will explore and adjust on own."

"You look strange. Your appearance may startle the locals; inspire fear." Namor cautions Doug, lifting his chin with distaste at the reckless notion. "It would be wise to allow these people to assist you before you inadvertantly create a situation and endanger yourself, your companions, or innocents."
Namor turns towards Boris and place a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to offer a reassuring squeeze. It is insincere and condescending instead. "<We should go. Let them help their ally.>"
(OOC:) Douglock sends horrible texts from Drake's phone to Killians so that it looks like Drake is into Killian.

A reassuring grip, yet a condescending tone? Namore certainly sent mixed feelings towards Boris. But none the less the young mutant dosn't argue and instead nods, and despite having his eyes closed seems ready to follow Namor. The tremors have at least become less violent, but were still present
(OOC:) Namor says "Elves and Dwarves. They just don't mix well."
Drake deflates a little at… Doug's(?) reaction. He's not Doug! Is he? He doesn't even know Doug well enough to make that call! But Kitty obviously does, so logically, she should be the one to handle that situation.

"Okay, sorry. Doug," he corrects easily enough. "He's right. Kitty'll be a lot more helpful than anything out there. Give'er a chance."

A glance is shot after Namor. He doesn't speak German, so he can't account much for tone. That and the mansion is still shacking, so distractions akimbo. At any rate, Namor and Boris are moving along, so they're doing well. Kitty's trying to help Doug, and Drake has his own job to do.

Without another word, he turns to dash down the west hall.

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