2015-06-29 The Plan
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: The Plan

The back patio is a circular area that opens up into the gardens beyond. The patio itself is half shaded by an awning, allowing for enjoying the sun, or not, at one's pleasure. A pair of tables with three seats a piece sit on the concrete patio, various potted plants and other flora offering some privacy from the rest of the area without being smothering.

Although still daylight out, it is nearing the latter portion of the day. There is light, but it's on the way out and in a relative sense, the outdoors is getting quieter. Mike sits upon one of the seats, turned away from the table and facing the garden area. But he is not looking that way. Instead, his eyes are closed. His fingers are wrapped around a rather old looking book while a pen rests between two of the pages, waiting for use.

Stephen walks into the patio area, seemingly without alarm once more. The wizard seems to be back up to his old tricks, or at least some of them. The greyed wizard steps over towards Mike, giving him a soft smile as he notes the book the young musician is reading, "Hard to put words into lyrics or something just needs to get out of your head?" The former Sorcerer Supreme has had his experience with it before.

When letting go of it means it vanishes back to the drawer it came from, you'd have a death grip on it too." Mike murmurs, eyes opening as he turns his head towards Strange, giving a tired smile. The past few months has not been all that relaxing for Mike, "Good timing. Just finished with a conference call." One hand losens from the book, turning to expose a bruie to one side of the wrist, evident of a stray hit from an escrima stick. He opens the notebook to a page that lists several city names. "Dhaka, Bangkok, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Dublin, London, Here, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Cairo, and now…" He brings the pen over to the page to write another city name in, "Moscow."

With a faint nod, Stephen moves to take a seat on an empty chair and gives Mike a look with those tired grey eyes. "You've done a lot of hard work as the Sorcerer Supreme. I'm actually impressed with you Mike." Stephen says, glancing down to Mike's book and reading upside down. He doesn't wait for Mike to take the compliment. "There's a human factor that none of us have pursued yet."

"If you're talking about the sheer size of the cleanup job, we have a network now." Mike replies tiredly, "But, I could use one more to lighten the load for the St. Michael casters." He studies Strange, not seemingly noticing the compliment. Are you healed yet?" Pale eyes look to the doctor's hands inquiringly.

"I wasn't." Strange says solemnly. "There's a masked figure who was working with the order, if my memory serves." Stephen says, not referring to the network of mages that could very well turn out to save this world.

"A masked fig-" Mike pauses in his repetition of Strange's word usage. "Metaphorical masked or actual?"

"It was a figure, likely a woman, in a helmet. As in a motorcycle helmet." Whispers Stephen, looking away from Mike then asking something he's wanting to know, "Any more appearances from Mordo yet?"

"No." Mike answers, shaking his head, "Perhaps even he knows what's going on and doesn't wish to interfere." The notebook closes. "A motorcycle helmet. Seems familiar. Leo mentioned a helmet."

"That is likely a good sign, but it could be a bad omen." Whispers Stephen, looking back down to the edge of the table, his hand cupping his chin and stroking his facial hair a bit, recalling the history between him and Mordo. He does tend to show up at the exact worst times. "Yes, all black, she seemed intelligent with computers, but I only saw her for a moment before she bolted." He seems to recall as if through a foggy haze.

Mike pauses, "You met this person?"

"It was during the attack on the drug house…" Stephen responds, still having trouble remembering.

"Huh. I don't recall seeing her when we rescued Leo."

"No, when I rescued you with Loki." Stephen corrects Loki, his hand moves from his beard to his temple, "It was a half way house." The warlock recalls now.

"So, that means she was at both places then, doesn't it?" Mike responds, straighening up. He frowns, trying to recollect the night he was taken from the studio. "T-" He pauses, "A halfway house…"

"I think she was. As I said, she was well hidden." The wizard recalls, then Stephen nods faintly, "Yes."

"What are the odds that their new location is a halfway house in the Hell's Kitchen area?" Mike replies, smile becoming a bit more relaxed now, "That would narrow down the search greatly."

Sounds like the odds aren't in your favor." Stephen says, not knowing what he's said. Then, the wizard moves to his feet, "What is the harm in checking though."

Mike nods, letting go of the book. When he does, it vanishes. "I think we can check that out now." He starts to get up, "By the way, Strange. You never answered, are you healed up now?"

Pushing the chair he was in under the table once more, Strange nods softly, "I'm much better now, but I'm not fully healed quiet yet." Stephen responds, though he's nearly back to when he became the Sorcerer Supreme.

The current Sorcerer Supreme frowns slightly. "Ah." His jaw clenches, "Think you could manage a few calls to St. Michael though?"

Stephen lifts a black eyebrow in Mike's direction, "I believe I can do that. Are you busy?"

"Overall or right this second?" Mike asks, "Because since the- switch, I have been busy. I just want to make sure we have enough support for each of the cities."

Stephen blinks a few times at that question from Mike, "I mean why have me call?"

Mike eyes Strange, growing quiet for a moment before gesturing back to the seat. "Sit down."

Stephen eyes Mike in return, suddenly wanting to stand, the stubborn old bastard he is. Instead, Stephen does take a seat once more, his hands locking the fingers together after his elbow are set on the table. Waiting.

I'm getting the feeling that we're running on a partial list of information." Mike replies, "You knowing things that you failed to share. Me not realizing you didn't already know what was going on…" Mike doesn't sit back down. "Ok basic cliffs notes. We have a lot of cities with 'nests' of demonInfest. And we also know that some demons prefer the scorched earth practice of killing their hosts before vacating. So we essentially can consider most of the host bodies out there hostages. If we go after just one nest, that might cause for hosts in the other locations to end up dead. Best approach as far as we've determined. Hit them all at once." Mike gestures to Strange, "Which is why, I want to know, if I can use you as one of the spellcasters when the time comes."

"When you put it so well, and ask so nicely." Stephen then nods to Mike, "Of course you can count me in."

Mike nods, "Good." He nods, "With you, that'll make one caster per city. Basic plan is the Casters will maintain the weapons while we have some designated heavy hitters using the weapons to- 'knock some sense' into the hosts. To avoid some unpleasantness from the last time, we're avoiding using people with the tendency to record things. "

"It might be rather difficult to enforce that rule, but magic itself should prevent any recordings from being made." Stephen says, wondering why he's having people cast magic onto weapons for other people.

"You'd think." Mike murmurs, "At least one of your tech friendly forced volunteers was able to record that battle you pulled us into from the Dominos."

"That's unusual, the mundane humans can't see magic, and I've never heard of it being recorded on film before." Stephen says, lifting his hand to his beard once more.

"Trust me, If you stayed here, you would have gotten an earful about it. " Mike murmurs, shaking his head. "Robots and Mechanical suits are out." He shakes his head, "But it's a mute point. I've all but figured out the roster. Once we're certain we have all the exact locations we'll go."

Standing up once more, Stephen begins to move towards the door. "Let me know."

"I will." Mike replies, watching as Strange makes his way out. Opting to give him some time to make his way out. While waiting, he looks back out to the garden.


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