2015-06-30 Paintball Reunion
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Tony Marie Samuel Jose
GMed by Tony
Title: Paintball Reunion

Marie got the text from Tony after finishing her daily classroom routine. She'd finished up with a small french class and was headed out into the garage anyway to go get something to eat. She then had to avert her course a bit to find Jose and Samuel. Jose was the easy one, she just had to say "Jose, lets go see Tony' and jingle her car keys. Samuel… could be harder to track down. But wherever she found him, she wrangled him up and they all headed to the paintball course where she and Tony had shot up Happy and Rhodey. Her convertable had its top down as they pulled into the empty parking lot and she rolled up to the front gate and parked the car. "Yep." She quietly said to herself, and the other two, as she shut the vehicle off.

Having lost his tech headphones, Jose was hearing everything, and was more then happy to get in that car when he heard Marie! As they Drove he made the occasional sound of a trucker tooting their horn. "I still don't know if I'm going to kick him in the nuts, or hug him" he says as he get out the car. Jose treated death as a serious buisness. None the less he looks around listening for, well anything as he put his 'old' headphones onto his ears. He let out a 'quiet' kookabura laugh

In the end Sam had been fairly easy to find, having a snack in the rec room after classes. Tech Star had made a flight the night before, it was hard to disguise that given the sophistication of the mansion's security systems, but even with the suit being charged in the garage, the young mutant had worked his way through the day's schedule as if nothing was amiss. Would he come meet Tony? Is the Pope Catholic?
Because the sun is out, he decided to complement his usual outfit with a baseball cap and a pair of fairly stylish sunglasses, climbing out of the car without opening the door. "Strange place to meet though."

The gate to the place is open and a man in a suit is visible. He steps towards them not removing his sunglasses, "Ah, Marie, good of you to come and good to see you again." the one known as Happy Hogan greets. "If you all will follow me." turning he heads into the main lobby of a facility, they will see a large snack bar, televisions everywhere, a store that sells paintball gear, and even a place that rents it out.

Jose raises an eyebrow, and follows this Happy Hogan. His eyes dart abaout at the variouse televisons, stores and espeicly the snack bar. He says to Sauel and Marie as they walk "Not that strange. If your going to meet someone, may as well make it fun" he says cheerily. Jose looks around, trying to hear if the place was as abandon as it looked. "So… is your name really Happy Hogan?"

Idly wondering why he made Drake a high tech mask and forgot to make something similar for himself, Sam takes off his sunglasses the moment he steps inside. "Cool place!" As much as he'd like to remain impassive, professional and downright mature in this situation, Sam's twelve dammit and this place looks like an amusement park with paintball guns. Hard to keep up the facade… He chimes in on the question, having run into Happy a few times in the past but never gotten to talk to the man. "Yeah, I wondered about that too."

"It is a nickname." Happy tells them, "You all wait here." he turns leaving the group there for a few minutes to look about if they want.

The moment Hogun dissappear, Jose was checking out the paint guns. "What you think I would be Samuel and Marie, a snipe shot, or a pistol shooter?". He picks makes the sound of a gun cocking as he smile. Unlike Samuel he didn't even bother trying to seem professional and much prefered to be the giant kid he is. He glances to where Hogun left thinking he should have snatched the wallet while he had the chance.

"Definitely a two pistol kid, I think." Sam replies, drawn to the case with the paintball guns as well. "Running in, splatting some fools, laughter echoing down a corridor as you run off to ambush someone else? That's you, all over." His own eye is on the rifles, and he's blatantly going from model to model to check them all out. "Haven't played in nearly two years, you think we're gonna be able to get a game in?"

"Eh, Dual wielding ain't that good, unless your going for surpression instead of damage" Jose says. Though he is checking out various models, he seems to avoid any that look like replicas of real life guns "If we do, I might go snipe. Can't hear where I'm going, won't see where I'm comming from. Set, aim" makes the sound of a bullet comming out from a silencer "Dead. Not for real of course. But you get my drift" Jose says with a grin. He checkds a few of the ammo paint balls, particular the blue and golds, but dosn't even look at the reds "I havn't actualy played paintball before. Done it with bb's though

Sam's feeling like a kid in a paintball shop… hang on… he is! There's no trace left of the lone adventurer that tries to be a hero after curfew, or the zeal of the mutant that wants to avenge the death of a team mate. He's just Sam now, with no worries aside from figuring out if he can afford some of this stuff and if they rent out overalls for pick-up games. And probably that's for the best. "I could teach you a few tricks. But these things aren't really accurate though, especially not the rental ones, they just go everywhere. The professional stuff is where the fun is, but that's expensive."

Stepping out is a man in paintball gear a gun propped on his shoulder. Helmet on it shields his face and lifting an arm he motions towards the store, "Pick out some stuff. Whatever you want." the voice says to the boys and then a bag is slide to Marie's feet, one she will recognize as gear she has used before.

Jose ears twitch. He blinks "Was… that Tony?" it's hard to tell, with the helmet muffling the man's voice. But none the less he says to Samuel "Hey, if this guys offering, then let's grab the good stuff!" He grabs acouple of rounds of ammo and immediatly looks for the good set of guns "Think I will get a pistal, and a sniper" he says in consideration.

"Are you serious?" Okay, so Sam is pretty sure that's Tony. And someone has just offered him to get what he wanted, no haggling. It's an almost immediate short-circuit, sending the boy towards the rifles. Eschewing the flashier models for the ones with the best internals, he equips himself with an accurate model with enlarged pressure tank and a slimline ammo hop to save on bulk. Airforce green coveralls, black knee and elbow pads and a low profile face mask complete the outfit as Sam begins to prepare for paint war.

The helmet is removed and they will see it is indeed Tony with a nice shiny right black eye. "get whatever you want." he says again. "After we play a round we can get something to eat."

Jose stops and stares at Tony for a long moment. As if trying to decide something. Finaly he decides, life is too short to be mad or stay mad, and he quite litterly tackle hugs Tony saying "If you ever scared me to death like that again, I will hunt you down and hang you from a tree!". It not said threatning, but happily (he is the kid that greeted a student by threatning to push them off a cliff after all).

Samuel laughs and translates. "That means he's glad to see you're okay. Good to see you, I've been looking like everywhere for you." And of course while he's making sure Jose isn't misunderstood, he's still putting on his paintball gear, over his street clothes. Life's too short to worry about a bit of paint splatter. "What's with all the cloak and dagger?"

Marie stopped and turned at the bag that hit her booted feet and she then looked up to see Tony, having been listening to the kids talk about the paintball gear'n'such. She had her hands stuffed into her jeans pockets and was just idly looking about up to this point. Now she was looking at Tony and a smirk formed on her lips. "You just been holed up in here playing paint guns all this time?" She asked him.

Tony chuckles as he is hugged returning the embrace, "Sorry. It was something I needed to do." Looking over towards Marie, "No. I was overseas." is told before ruffling Jose's hair slightly. "See this." he points to his eye, "That is how Happy greeted me earlier. I just… when that kid died.. I just.. needed to get away."

"Well go Happy. I was contemplating neutering you" Jose says with approval, though a hint of saddness at the now 'dead' kid. He breaks away and heads back to the store and begins getting on the basic protective gear for paintball asking Samuel "Eh, mind choosing out two high accuracy pistals and one sniper rifle for me?" he asks the more more experince kid, while also giving Marie a bit of time with Tony as well.

"His name was Doug, called himself Cypher. And he was my team mate." Sam adds from where he sits, coveralls pulled up to his waist while he's putting his shoes back on. He'd been happily forgetting everything, but the mention knocks his mental gyroscope back towards 'too damned serious for his age'. "And he didn't die, Ahab murdered him. Just… I don't think he's entirely dead." A pensive look crosses his features and then he adds in a voice heavily laden with sadness. "Don't wanna talk about it right now, 'kay?" Luckily he can always count on Jose to drag him back from his maudlin moods, and soon he's distracted by helping his fellow mutant pick out proper equipment, helping himself to a pistol in the bargain.

Marie didn't really every talk about the Doug related stuff. When iw as being discussed she just didn't say a word, ever, with anyone. She just quietly became background filler. In this particular instance, she'd given Tony a small smile at his response and then looked down at that bag he'd slid to her. Hearing Jose talk to Happy she smirked. "Be nice, Jose." She told him. "He's a friend." She then picked the duffle bag up and set it down on a table to open it and go through it. Looks like it hasn't been touched since the last time she had it on, but she wasn't sure…

Tony is rather glad to drop it for now. "I own the place, boys. You both have lifetime passes for free games and gear as needed." he can afford to do this of course. Grabbing some ammoe he hands it to Marie so she can load up, "If ther eis anything else you want to go with your stuff. Feel free…"

Jose loads up a bandoliar with ammo as he goes checks out the guns Samuel picked out. For his part, he knew that Doug or someone claiming to be doug or douglock…SOMETHING was alive. But he dosn't want to ruin something everyone could use right now; normacy. For a kid who hears everything, he says nothing. "Lifetime passes? Well hot dang thanks man!" he says gratefully. "And if this is going to be teams, I call Samuel!" he says with a laugh nudging him "We're going to need a team name though"

"Figured you'd say that." Sam begins, after making sure he's properly equipped and has helped Jose get the best stuff the shop had to offer. His eye had fallen on a pair of masks, handing one over to his fellow mutant with a grin. Not just any mask… the shop carried the 'White skull' Army of Two Evike customs… "How about Army of Two?" Not waiting for a response, he slides the mask on and pulls the straps tight. With the coveralls, the worryingly competent way he's holding the paintball rifle and the painted grin on the mask, he's looking like nothing if not a miniature serial killer. Pistols on his hips, ammo slung over his chest… let the battle commence. "I appreciate this, Tony."

Marie glanced over at the ammo cannister as it was handed to her from Tony. She gave him a soft grin and took it. A moment later she had readied the rifle she used last time with those paintballs and then looked over at the two kids. "No powers." She tells them. "Just like gym class at home, no powers here for this." She flashed them both a soft smile, seeing them done up in all the gear it was kinda cute. She then took the duffle she had and walked toward the ladies room with it to change into her own stuff as she was wearing fairly nice clothing that she didn't want ruuuuuuined

Tony grins, "We can do teams. Rhodey and Happy wants revenge on Marie and I. So we can do this in three teams of two." he tells them as they wait for her to go change. "You met Happy and that is Rhodey." a hand motions to the man waiting in his own gear.

Jose waves to Rhodey. By now he has assumed everyone here is cool. He does amp up his voice when he says "Hello!" to make sure the man heard him/ Looking to Samuel he grins "More like Two Armies" with a glint in his eye. None the less he looks over the right mask. He thinks nothing of grabbing a few different colord paintballs and smashing them onto the mask for a splattered effect. He then put it on looking ready for battle. Though he does grab ONE more thing, a pair of walkie talkies for him and Samuel "No powers after all" a rule he will 'technicaly' be breaking. He checks to make sure everything is loaded and ready to go "Lets rock!"

"No powers." Sam agrees, glad that Jose thought of some comms now that their usual line of communication is going to be against the rules. He'll just have to remember to press the send button. His masked face turns towards Happy and Rhodey, giving the two a nod. "It will be our pleasure shooting you. Just so you know, we can easily be bribed to shoot our teacher as well."

From afar, Jose uses his powers to whisper into Samuels ear "I don't need a bribe for that hehehe"

Marie spent just a few minutes in the changing room putting on the gear… you'd be maybe surprised hwo much easier it is to get dressed when you can fly and hover as easy as one can walk. After just a handful of mintues she came back out in her own fully geared jumpsuit that had padding built in, even though she could be pelted with paintballs all day long on her bare skin and it wouldn't hurt her. She walked over to Tony and grinned at him from under that helmet again. "Ain't no sneaking around on Jose, he'll hear us wherever we are." She told him. "And I think Rhodey wants to shoot me personally for taking his flag last time."

Tony puts an arm around Marie's shoulders, "Can't touch this." he says pun intended. His helmet is pulled back over his head, "So boys you are team white, they are blue, and we are orange. Oh there is a purple team lurking about too. Once you are hit you are out. Raise your flag on each team's base to win. You two will enter at gate two." suddenly all the televisions come to life showing the course they will be on, brick walls, rocks, trees, obstacles. "You and I will enter through gate four." he tells his partner. "Ok you all ready?"

Jose was practicly drooling as he saw the course. He dances on his feet like an excited little child "Now THIS is my kind of place!" He tags Samuel arm "Come on!" he is on his way to gate two, - and per the 'no powers' rule he could defintly be heard running towards the designated gate "Yea were ready!" he calls from several yards away, being heard as clear as ever.

Samuel shoulders his rifle and nods one last time, before following Jose out to their start gate. Normally he'd be tracking the others by whatever electronic gadgets they carried, but per the no powers rule he simply lets his mind go blank. It's a novel experience, quite relaxing despite the adrenaline of preparing to start the game.

Marie smiled over at Tony. "Team Marie." She corrrected him playfully about the name of their team. When he sent out the all ready call she watched the students go bounding off as well as Rhodey and Happy. She walked toward the table where her rifle was and she picked it up. "I say we just follow Jose and Sammy and get them when they least expect it." She says in a very obvious way of knowing that Jose could hear her, she grinned at Tony and walked toward the exit into the course with her gun held back on her shoulder casually.

Tony smirks following along to their gate. "I want to see you take Rhodey out again." he tells her finding that amusig, especially since that fotage is shown in some of their promo videos now. "The purple team is some girlfriends of Happy. The giggle types. Easy pickings."

"Well, according to Tony, purple team is easy pickings Sammy!" Jose says. Okay so there a no powers rule in effect, but it's not like he can turn off his hearing "Let see, Marie and Tony both have experince fighting. Not sure bout Happy and Roedy. Hmmm, think if I go high I can snipe them? Climbing them trees wouldn't be a problem?" he contines on to Samuel, figureing they may as well get a basic plan down, though he keeps his eyes on the gate waiting for a start signal

"I think Happy is Tony's bodyguard, so he'll know something about fighting at least." Sam asserts, checking his rifle and scanning the area ahead. "Best we stick together, hunt them instead of setting a trap. After all… we're a lot quicker than the old folks."

Marie rolled her eyes at the mention of the purple time. She glanced back at Tony as they moved about their own pathway. "Now that you told me that n'being that I want to shoot them most, they'll no doubt get me from my back when I ain't lookin'." She hopped over a felled tree trunk that was pushed into the center of the path for cover.

Tony shakes his head, "Rhodey is military as you know. He will be on his guard against us both. Should totally leave them open for the guys to take them out as well." maybe he is sharing all of this on purpose. The gates unlock and he holds theirs open for her to step inside and down the path leading to the shooting zone. "Alright pass the line is the kill zone. We can use our hand gestures out there." maybe he doesn't mind eavesdropping right now but on course its on!

"Yea. Rhodey is military" Jose passes on to Samuel "We're going to need more then speed, were going to need wits too" though there was no doubt in his voice they could win. He dosn't just walts right in when the gates open, he is already sticking to the trees as he makes his way further in, his eyes scanning for the others.
Samuel ducks low and runs while half crouched when the gates open, sticking to cover. A veteran of many a FPS, Sam's compensating for not having his usual armored suit by making himself an even smaller target. He ghosts Jose's steps, looking left when his fellow mutant looks right, covering blind spots and corners. "You keep your ears open, I'll keep my eyes open."

Marie walked up to the line of no-return and she paused, then happily hopped across it. "Its huntin season." She said then and readied her paintballin rifle up just as she was taught inside her training (that she stole from Carol Danvers). She looked over at Tony then, to let him lead as he knew the course more than she did, as well as their main targets, Happy and Rhodey.

The purple team, Jose can hear them off to the west. Its two girls who're gabbing at each other. One is talking how she can't get her gun to fire, the other makes a joke about Happy having the same problem. They both then giggled and started to talk about how cute Tony is and how much they want a shot at him once they get tired of Happy. They don't seem that into this game that much and could be easy targets…

"Lets get some rabbits." Tony says now stepping across the line after her. He may know the course but doesn't mean he openly knows the white team or the purple gigglers strategy. For all he knows they might be used as pawns, motiong to Marie he points to a path looking as if he might be tracing it with his finger showing off in the distance where it will lead, then pointing to himself he points at the opposite path hoping she realize they can sneak along and meet up at a different point.

Team blue for now is hiding.

"We got two ladies, west. And hot dang there mean, talking bout happy like he's a step ladder. Let's go shoot them" Jose says to Samuel. He begins to move westward, but not running in case his partner has some objection of better idea. He makes sure his own sniper is ready to fire. He keeps listening for any new information, conting to use the trees as cover

Samuel taps Jose on the shoulder and shakes his head. If the easy marks are to the west, then he can discount that flank as a danger. Instead he points the other way, making a motion for Jose to be quiet and follow. Just like that, Sam's slinking away through the bushes, sticking to cover.

Marie nodded at Tony's directions and she started down that other path… the girl was running on the tampered dirt trail, but she was barely making any noises… perhaps she was reducing the weight at each her feet fell on the earth a bit? Mwah. She darted down said pathway, pausing at any decent cover here and there to stare down her rifle's sights and scan the horizon before continuing again…

Team Purple was still laughing softly and joking around. One of them asked the other if they thought being shot with these things would hurt, so the one being asked lifted her gun up and shot her team mate in her knee. The girl subsequently yelped and started to moan about the pain.

Tony begins walking down his chosen path blinking as suddenly its announced that team purple has already lost a member. "Never give a blonde a gun." he mutters watching the replay from one of the above screens. Catching himself he grimaces knowing that might have given himself away to sonar ears.

The moment he is tapped, Jose changes direction to follow Samuel. He shakes his head having heard the purple team, and gives a light chuckle as he seas the replay. Keeping up with Samuel he gently taps him on the back letting him know "Tony is due northeast it sounds like" And with that he stops behind a brickwall and carefully peeks around it, trying to see if he spies anyone, though naturally he was still relieing on his ears for the most infomation
Samuel nods slowly at the information and waits until Jose has taken up a position. He chooses his own position in a spot of cover nearby, but aiming and covering northwest instead. South can be discarded as they came from that direction, and west was a team that had already taken itself out. Now that they knew where Team Marie was coming from, that only left Team Blue… and he was not going to let them get the drop. He conceals himself as best he can and aims his rifle at a slight hill that would skylight anyone trying to cross it.

Marie saw the big tv scoreboard broadcast the Team Purple stupidity and it made her laugh softly for a moment before she fell silent again and started back down the pathway she'd been headed on. She was scouting for Rhodey and Happy, but had the sneaking suspicion that they were far more well guarded this time than last.

Team Purple was now just one Purple. The girls split up, after one apologized to the other and went back to the main house, leaving her friend alone. The friend was now wandering around and actually trying to 'play' the game a bit. "You can do this, Bridget… Dad made you watch all those stupid Arnold movies for a reason…" She started creeping down the pathway that was leading her closer toward Jose and Samuel.

"I wonder if Jose would allow me to take him on as my ward." Tony wonders aloud to himself, well rather a whisper but Jose might hear it anyway. Now ducking beneath an obstacle he is crawling on his stomach beneath some beams coming close to his meeting point. Though seeing Marie briefly he also notices a blue team member stalking towards her and he takes a shot missing but sending them the opposite direction.

Hapy runs away going back into cover maybe though Sam or Jose saw him just before he did knowing the location.

Jose indeed hear Tony, and he heard the shot. He quickly nudges Samuel and points to where Happy ran whispering "Now were in the Zone. Either Tony or Marie fired at… I think Happy, he ran over there" gestures westward. "Keep a look out for bridget too, she is comming from the west to east towards us". SOund really did give Jose alot of infomation to go by. Soon he is taking to his natural inclination and begins ascending a tree. "Stay hidden!". He tries to quickly acsend to hide within the tree leaves and branches, his snipe rifle hoisted over his back, but at least he wasn't going 'super silent' and could be heard by Samuel or any other -close- persons.

It's a different game entirely when you have a living sonar buoy as a team member. With a quick nod, Sam melts away into the shrub, keeping his rifle now firmly aimed at the approximate approach of Bridget, but also Tony's and Happy's location. His plan? To let Bridget walk up without shooting at her, keep hidden from her sight and let Tony or Happy take care of her. Then, while distracted, he plans on opening fire on both of them, trusting Jose to have his back in case Rhodey or Marie put in an unexpected appearance…

Marie saw Tony fire at the person that had been behind her and she spun around to see the briefest sight of him disappearing down a hill. She still fired off two quick shots of her own in his direction to hopefully scare him a bit more if they landed anywhere near him… She then darted off of the pathway she'd been on and slide behind a set of burnt old metal barrels that were conveniently placed near her… Blue team was apparently close!

Bridget kept going down the pathway with her gun drawn and aimed, she was looking at everything that made noise, including birds up in the trees. She was a -bit- smarter than the team mate she shot though, so she was trying not to make as much noise now… but she was still just walking down the middle of the pathway. Sam and Jose could easily see her at this point, a tall girl with a bright blonde pony tail flapping around behind her head as she scanned the area. She heard a rock fall down and she turned and fired several shots at the area coincidently where Sam was hiding, or at leat near it, but she didn't see him yet.

Tony is suddenly assaulted from behind and sent flying out into the open. It appears Rhodey is using now as time to punish him for making him worry. The two begin tussling now and then he is kicked in the jewels before Rhodey takes off not shooting him.

Happy knew that was coming and just let Rhodey have his time of beating Tony up.

Jose now up in the tree blinks. Well hidden in the tree he is quick to return cover fire when Samuel general area is hot at. He makes three quick shots at Bridget from his position on high. And when he sees Tony and Rhodey in the open he says into his comm "Rhodey just took east, and he is MAD at Tony!" that being said he cuts right down to buisness. He takes a far more careful aim at Tony out in the open. Deep breath. Hone in. Fire! And a single paintball flies towards Tony, along with Jose's prayers that it hits him.

Whoa, hey, unexpected! Noticing the shots splash around his hiding place, Sam can't take the risk that he's going to be hit by a lucky round and double taps Bridget. The comm crackle might have given his position away, but he repositions his aim and lets fly. His target? Rhodey! It's a veritable fusillade of shots as he fans the trigger, aiming to take out the most dangerous player early.

Marie hid behind those barrels as she heard the pop-hiss of paintballs being fired in almost every direction around her. She grinned and then stood up to look over the burnt out old bum-barrels to try to spot Happy… she did shoot him in the last game, so he prolly wanted revenge on her. She glanced over to see if she could find Tony, she saw him just as he and Rhodey split apart, she winced and fired at Rhodey, unsure of how far her gun could actually shoot…

Bridget yelped at her own gunfire and then heard Jose up in the tree shoot… she looked up at him and took a shot!… right as Samuel pegged her twice in her chest. This made the girl scream and drop her gun, hands going up over her head as she looked down at the paint splattered over her chestguard. She shot her eyes up to glare at Samuel then, and gave up… started to walk back to the main house.

Getting up to his feet Tony grabs his weapon now looking for Marie just as it shows team purple is eliminated. Well that means one base is free to raise a flag on and finally though shots are blasted at him taking him out from behind by Happy who is now out in the open.

One orange team member down.

Jose watches as Bridget leave, but only for a moment. Still hidden in his spot in the tree he spots Marie when she stood to fire at the retreating Rhodey! Stark was down, now it time to take her down too! Jose quickly makes aim and fires several rounds at Marie hoping to hit her good.

With his first kill confirmed, Sam keeps his aim shifted to the developing clash between team blue and team orange, conveniently leaving team white in a position to nail them all in a crossfire. As Happy presents himself as a target, the rapid fire shifts in his direction. Is he aiming? Absolutely. Does he care he's going to run out of rifle ammo at this rate? Absolutely not.

Marie watched Tony get shot and she huffed, angrily inside of her helmet… she darted across the trail toward a tree just as Jose started to fire at her and gave his position away off the hill and in a tree. She ducked and rolled behind the trunk of her own forest cover, rolling away from Jose's shots and coming up to take two quick shots back at him! She didn't see Samuel as of yet, or Rhode or Happy!

Before leaving Tony leaves a satchel that has extra ammo and paint bombs for Maria to have. He leaves with Happy once he is taken out by Samuel.

Rhodey is hiding behind one of the walls. Activating a grenade he tosses it out in a direction nearby Jose or Sam.

It was a happy world while it lasted. With Marie supreme aiming abilites Jose get shot by BOTH of Marie's bullets! He climbs down holding his gun up in the air in defeat, hand off the trigger, only to get hit by a paint bomb as he does so. But regardless, there is a grin on Jose face having very much enjoyed it

Pop Pop, another one bites the dust. Seeing the white paint splatter on Happy makes Sam quite happy as well, and he's moving to a better position when Jose is shot. Spotting Marie late, he catches only a glimpse of movement of what will turn out to be a paint bomb. As it approaches, the mutant can feel the mechanism, the fuse… and for a split second he almost deactivates it out of sheer reflex. But, alas, no powers allowed in this game. There's a grin behind his mask as the grenade bounces towards him, far too late to dodge it. "Aww, fiddlest-" SPLAT. Team white eliminated, and Sam high-fives Jose on his way back to the safe zone, dripping paint.

Marie watched Jose get out of the tree then and she grinned. She saw the satchel that Tony had left behind and started to army-run her way over toward it trying to stay low within the forest shrubberys. She got there and saw Sammy covered in paint and then the tv announced White eliminated. So it was just her and Rhodey. Marie snatched the satchel and started to run down the pathway toward where she thought Team Purple's base was… but it turned out to be White's base, so she pulled an Orange flag and started to raise it.

Blue's flag is raised up on purple's base and Rhodey starts down a pathway. Now its one on one with the one that took him out last time.

Tony goes up to the observation deck removing his helmet to watch the action from above.

With the game effectively ended for him, Sam observes the ritual of going into the safe area… His rifle is unloaded, dry fired twice into the ground and then the safety put on before he enters and only then takes off his eye protection. Still dripping paint from the grenade, he makes his way up onto the observation deck, looking around for the people he shot to apologise. Should none be around, he'll go stand next to Tony and watch the end game.

Jose happily returns that high five. He put the safty goggles onto his head and follows Sam up to the observation deck, not havbing any plans to apologize. It was the point of the game, why be sorry about it? None the less he watches by Tony and Samuel and the others if they are there

Its times like these where the training that Marie stole really starts to become apparent in how she moves and manuevers herself about the playfield. Of course, her opponent is just as equally trained… if not better. Plus, in one on one combat… this will probably end on luck more than their skills. Marie was stilla fter Purple Base as she didn't know Rhodey was there taking it and she wanted that extra point. She came around a bend in the pathway and stopped, seeing the base, she leveled her gun and sighted the horizon, scanning cover zones… She saw the Blue flag, he was here. somewhere.

Tony reaches out giving Sam's shoulder a gentle pat and Jose too, "Great job you too." he tells them. "So, Jose, while we have a moment." he accepts a water as Happy brings some over for them all. "How would you maybe like… to be my ward. Like I could be your guardian."

Rhodey is creeping around one of the walls not seeing Marie and then -snap- goes a twig nder his boot. "Shit." he huffs at himself.

Jose goes…riggid. The idea of guardianship was still odd and uncomfortable to him. He takes a water and down the whole thing in one go before answering "Well….errr I am not sure. I think Scott, right now has temporary guardianship? While some legal stuff I don't really get goes down. I ain't completly sure. Why do you ask?" there a hint of uncertainty and suspican. Hell it took a month for him to even get used to the idea of school, and he hardly knew Tony. But he wasn't shooting Tony down, simply approching things catiously "Not even sure where Scott is right now"

Marie wasted no time to act once that twig snapped and she heard the direction it came from. She acted by tossing one of the Orange paintbombs in said direction and standing up to sweep her gun's sights in that direction. She started to walk toward Rhodey's position and started firing, shot, shot, shot, shot… jam. her gun jammed! She turned toward the Purple base and started to run for its cover!

Tony nods his head, "You remind me of me when I was your age. I figure we'd get along pretty well. Your choice though." he looks out at the course watching as the paint bomb takes Rhodey out and he cheers, "GO MARIE!!!"

"Damn it." Rhodey comes out covered in orange paint.

Jose calls out "Come on Rhodey, kick her Buttucks!" and then he raises an eyebrow "I am not sure if that a good thing or a bad." he leans on the railing "I never really decided anything like this. I mean sure, I choose the school, kind of. But I still don't even know what a guardian really is. Will I have to leave the school and my friends behind? What happens if you decide you don't want to be my guardian anymore? Would I be back on the streets? And now that you pretty much flipped the senator off in the face with that stunt of yours, which I approve of by the way. Will Sentinals come after you? Will I have to registar under the human registration act?" All thoughts that run through Jose mind, for someone normally on the chill decide, he seem … worried for once

Marie made it to the purple base and raised the orange flag before she turned around to see that Rhodey was standing there in the orange paint. She grinned inside her helmet and then lowered her gun and walked toward Rhodey to give his shoulder a pat and give him a one-armed hug to show him no hard feelings. She looked up at the big tv that showed the game off and she smiled at seeing them both on it… Then they made their way back toward the main house where the others were.

Tony sighs deeply, "You wouldn't have to leave school and you'd always have a home. A guardian is one that would take care of you as needed, be sure you have clothing or whatever you need. We can wait a while and get to know each other." he nods for him to walk with him and with Happy closeby heads back down to greet Marie and Rhodey, "She is a badass!"

Jose walks with Tony "And having to registar?" he asks though he gives a wave to Marie when he sees her "Man, and here I was hoping you would lose and not b as cool" he says with a grin

Marie laughed as she had her arm hooked in with Rhodey's, trying to be nice to him, having eliminated him twice now and knowing it was probably a bigger deal to him than it was her. When she saw Happy she grinned at him and walked to him, giving him a hug. She saw Tony and Jose show up then and she smirked at Jose's words. "Thanks, chump." She told him before grinning at Tony. "You got stuck right in the middle of everyone out there…"

Tony looks at Jose, "You won't. I promise." he tells him before giving Rhodey a fist bump. "Well faking my death without telling them had them both fuming at me. I guess I deserved it."

Jose looks Tony up and down "Then lets do it" is all he says. He jumped head first into alot of things. Some not so great, some great. What is one more risk, one more chance? Sure he likely didn't undertsand all it involved, but he was jumping at it

Marie looked at the two of them as they decided on this and she rested her gun in her arms like a baby. "Do what?' She asked, giving a look back to see what Happy and Rhodey were doing, probably off to find those girls from Team Purple. She looked back at Tony and Jose then. "Ya'll plannin' somethin?"

Tony looks at Jose with a grin, "I asked him to become my ward." he tells Marie. "You know me being like a father figure or big brother type. Nothing will change other than him having me there for him forever until I grow old and leave him my company and everything."
ose rolls his shoulders uncomfortable with father is mentioned. There is a very sudeen and ear piercing screech, something he hasn't done in a long time. It last only a moment. Jose ignore that he did it and says "Let's stick with big brother

"Dah!" Marie said at the sudden sound of the old screech she hadn't heard in awhile. "Damn, man…" She uttered and looked from on to the other. "Not that I got a problem with that, Tony… But according to the news today, they're already talking about who gets all your shit if you really are dead." She glanced at Jose. "It may not be there for Jose to take, if ya'll don't get tyat sorted out firstly." She said with a small smirk.

Tony covers his ears a moment and then nods, "Brother works." he assures him. "I plan to make an announcement soon. Just wanted to let my closest friends know first. So lets get changed and grab some food."

"Sorry" Jose says quietly. But the mention of food? He was GONE like the wind. Likely heading right for the snack bar, like many teens he can eat practicly his own weight in food if given the chance!

Marie smiled at the sight of the kid running to get changed, or probably just straight to get food, because she knew he probably liked having the paint all over him. She then looked at Tony and hooked her arm with his now. "I'm gonna get taken down one of these times, and its gonna be brutally embarrassing." She grinned and shrugged. "But its fun, all the same."

Tony walks next to Marie towards the locker rooms. "So far we consider you one of our champions." he motions towards the leaderboard. With that he disappears and comes back out in jeans as well a tshirt. "Get whatever you'd like." is told to the boys which we will assume Sam is quietly here.

Well Marie was certianly right about Jose not bothering to clean up. With paint covered hands, he has already grabbed a chicken burger, large fries and a coke slush. He sips on his drink quietly scratching at the paint on his head.

Tony gets himself a burger, onion rings, and a coke slush as well. Finding a place to sit he waves as Marie decides to hea don back with Sam and he promises to get Jose back soon. "So Happy is my chief of security. This is James Rhodes, he is in the military. This is Jose." he introduces the two men to them.

Jose gives a grin to them "Jose Luis Torres-Ortiz! to be exact!" he says followed by his kookaburra laugh, comfortable enough to use his powers. He looks to Happy "Also, I would suggest dumping those dead weight girls. They ain't very nice." he say bluntly before looking to Rhodey "ANd I was rooting for you and Happy the whole time. Was hoping Marie would get taken out" he says with a grin and bite of his burger

"You boys held your own." Rhodey tells him, "She isn't bad as a player. We all plan to make a team together. Should have you two join us and make it a six man team."

Tony eats some of his burger, "That would be fun."

Jose grins "Who would we go agaist?" he asks curisouly. He takes a deep drink of his slush and actualy talks while doing so (and clearly none the less)"I used to play a similar game with some friends in florida. Bit different though, but same concept". He puts the drinks down "And you can Thank Sam for that. He has alot of experince from what I understand!"

Tony grins, "There is a tournament coming up. So we'd go through the other registered teams. The grand prize is 10 grand."

Jose whistles "That can do alot of good for folks" he muses. He then laughs "To bad I can't use the complet set of my abilities. That would be cheating" he says with a light sigh clearly not actualy minding it. Jose adds quickly "But…while were here. Who are you? You did say something bout getting to know one another after all"

Tony chuckles deeply, "It would be." he then blinks, "Well my full name is Anthony Edward Stark, I am the son of Howard Stark. He designed Cap's shield and founded SHIELD."

Jose nods several times "Good start. Now here's a dozy. How in the hell did I end up fighting in hell with you?". Yea Samuel DID have a recording of what happened in hell, but not what led up to it, or how they left. Jose watches Tony carefully his eyes liked on him like a missile

Tony sighs deeply glad the other two stepped away, "I honestly do not know the answer to that. Most I figure is we lost some time in the pizza place. JARVIS had the video too and went searching when he noticed something wasn't right."

Jose grins "Well no need to be so doom and gloom. I know I was having a good time, thats for sure. But still, the idea of not being able to remember stuff" shudders "Not something I particular enjoy knowing. Well I started, you got any questions, or have you been spying on me?". He jumps and juggles his words with a smile seeming to go back and forth on things

Tony chuckles and accepts a box from Happy putting it down sliding it to Jose, "So you asked for something new. A little upgraded model." he motions to his had to show its new headphones.

"Considering the last pyschopath I met decidied to try and choke me with them, that's a yes" Jose says smoothly, and as odd casual as he sound about it, it also didn't sound like he was lieing. Jose looks over the headphones with alot of curiosity "Hrmmmmm, what upgrade they have exactly? Lazors?" is wide eyed now

Tony nods his head, "Nothing too dangerous. Press the button on the right side and say a word. It will register that as your word to activate the lazer and only you can because it will register your voice. On the left side is a little piece that will shoot out the beam, it cna be used as a light source to welding type power or cutting. Your volume button becomes the activator to turn up the frequency." he explains, "Just say 'off' to unactivate it. It will know the tone of your voice to do it."

Jose blinks clearly not having expected that. He slides on the headphones, and first and foremost adjust the volume. He presses the button on the right side and says "xeno" as his codeword. He then carefully says the word agan to see if it will turn on, the excitment in his eyes showing

Tony watches as it does turn on the lowest setitng like a flashlight, "There focus it on the table not me if you turn up the heat." he chuckles deeply.

He turns the volomn, and indeed turns up the heat after making sure it is not facing tony or anyone else for that matter. Pretty soon, since Jose had no fear of dialing it right up to high, it burns through the table "WHoa whao. Off, off!" and it turns right off, leaving a nicely done hole "Note to self, never tell Marie I have these." but there is a grin there

Tony chuckles glad it worked as planned, "yeah keep that feature to yourself. Don't need them knowing I gave you a possible weapon. keep coming up with ideas though."

Jose eyes light up "I have NO lack of ideas Tony. But…" he hesitates "There just ideas, nothing more" he shrugs and gives another adjustment to the volume for his ears seeming to turn it onto low as in regular human range. "Though I may as well tell Sam. He a technopath anyways!"

Tony nods his head, "That is fine. I'll be helping him improve on his own technology. And don't be worried about sharing your ideas with me, Jose. Its those that can change the world you know. Everything ever invented was an idea first before someone created it."

"Would it be possible to map sounds? Even ones you remember?" Jose now asks curious. The gears were ticking in his head, but it hard to know what he means or what he truely intends.

Tony thinks on this a moment, "Map sounds? Like generate those you've heard before?" he asks trying to understand this fully.

Jose nods "Kind of." He grabs a few salt and pepper shakers and empty ketchup and mustard bottles and other assorted items. Even his head phones and … happies wallet? "More like, create an actual picture out of them. He arrange them on the table in a random order on different parts "SOmething, that gives more information then sonar does!" He leans back and closes his eyes. He makes a few odd clicks "Okay, rearrange them!" he ask eyes still closed.

Tony decides to play along with this and rearranges the items at his request. "Alright." he says to him.

Jose makes another series of clicking sound never opening his eyes. He moves slowly, as he rearranges the items back to their previous positions. And infact it was an exact same layout. One could right items with different shapes being replaced off to skilled practice of ecolocation. But items with the exact same shape, but different contents were also put back into the correct position such as the salt and pepper shakers, but Jose eyes never opened. "Are they back in place?"

Tony watches this rather awed by it, "yes they are. How did you.. How did you do that?"

Jose grins "I listened. With sound, alot of information is given. Sound can give depth, width, and height of an object. It can also determin volomn, spacial distance and thickness. For example, I could hear that the salt shaker there was mostly empty, compared to the full pepper one. So when I made those clicked sounds, it was a matter of trying to make it sound like it did befor. Jose adds "It's no different then using an ultrasound to see a babby in the mom. It just a matter or remember.

Tony hmmms lightly, "We should get somethings together and run tests."

Jose nods "That short of where part two comes in. I was thinking, that being able to do that, one could make a sort of portal map, and I guess camera? But with sound. So like in those recodings, if enough sound information is given, you could reconstruct an entire face, map entire cave systems without even entering them, just by playing a recording"

Tony nods his head, "Sounds like a plan to me. That would even help be able to map out places without having to use heat radars and such. No one would be trying to snuff out something that can map by sound."

Jose nods with a grin and rubs the back of his head "Pretty much. It was just sort of an idea that came to my head, becuase it's more or less how I see the world sometimes"

Tony nods, "You'll have to come up with a design for this and we can put it together."

Jose nods and finishes his burger "Though, it sound like to me your wiped out! Becuase it time you got some rest after getting your jewels handed to the cruve by Rhodey there!" he says with a laugh

Tony smirks to this, "Yeah. Maybe I'll stay at the school tonight. I'd protect you all again you know." he tells him, "By the way here is a duffle for your gear." he motions to one on a table nearby, "The other is for Sam. All the equipment is for you to keep."

Jose grins and picks up both duffle bags. He himself hasn't actualy tooken off his gear "I'll make sure to get it to Sam! I'll be a right sharp shooter in no time!" he claims "And Sam already good!" he then blinks "Three things though …. how are we getting home? Are you still a teacher there? And finaly, you do have a good lawyer right?"

Tony gets to his feet, "My car, I think so, and of course." he grins. "Come on lets get there. All of you will now know I am alive before the reast of the world."

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