2015-06-30 The Plan II
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Nick Fury, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: The Plan II

The back patio is a circular area that opens up into the gardens beyond. The patio itself is half shaded by an awning, allowing for enjoying the sun, or not, at one's pleasure. A pair of tables with three seats a piece sit on the concrete patio, various potted plants and other flora offering some privacy from the rest of the area without being smothering.

Although Mike had been planning to follow up on the new hunch, he takes a few moments, looking to the Garden, considering the monstrosity of the situation after Doctor Strange left. "God I hate this job." he mutters, shaking his head, hooking a foot around a chair to pull it back out for him. To sit. Ok, maybe more than a few moments. A man's got to rest at some point after all. Tiredly, he closes his eyes. Simply listening to the sounds coming from the garden.

Hearing the words as he walks down the path coming towards the patio, "You have no idea." Fury tells him raising a hand to rub at his temple a little bit accepting a cup of tea from one of their workers and nods in thanks before sipping. Moving to an empty chair he settles down into it setting is cup on the table.

Mike's eyes open as Fury's voice draws him back to the now and there. "Fury." He greets. He gives a slight nod, "Seems to have been a long few months for us all." Eyes shift to look to Fury's tea before he glances away, looking back to the garden. "Hopefully it'll come to an end soon."

Nick Fury nods his head, "It has been crazy. With the loss of Stark and everything on different fronts." for a moment his eyes close. There is something he likely isn't saying, "That is a loaded statement. One that has many meanings. What exactly will be ending?"

The current sorceror supreme gives a weak smile, shaking his head, "I believe I covered it when I told Natasha I can't directly share what I get using certain means." There's a slight emphasis to the word 'directly', "You know, kind of a jurisdiction type thing. But if you had another way of finding out, well." He shrugs. "At least while I'm babysitting this title thing until Strange takes back over. Then HE can be bound by that rule."

"Need to know. I understand." Fury says simply to this, "You being part of the Avengers team though. I should tell you something that is vital but you need to keep it to yourself."

Mike nods, smile fading, "Go ahead."

Nick Fury raises his cup sipping at the contents inside of it, "Iron Man is not dead. So if you'll need him for anything he will be back here soon. Might be good to give him busy work. From what I hear he isn't… well. Not sure if you need him for whatever you got going but. Just remember that."

The news was not an expected thing which is evident by the blink of reaction, "That is good news." The slowly developing smile does die away as Fury continues, "I'll keep his availability in mind but with the scale of what's going on, keeping the 'not dead' thing a secret would be difficult. And he's not exactly the type of guy I'd want to use for quiet observation stuff." Mike pauses. "…actually. I think I got something."

Nick Fury nods his head, "What is that?"

"Strange came by and brought a person to attention. Someone working with one of the cults. Wears a motorcycle helmet. All black gear. Female. Was working with computers when he spotted her during the time of my rescue from the cult." Mike supplies, "Leo also mentioned someone in a helmet when he got rescued from a different location. It might be reaching at straws but if Strange is feeling the need to actually bring this up, maybe it's someone who could be helpful to the both of us."

Nick Fury goes into thought over this, "A black clad rider. Any idea on who they are exactly?"

Mike shakes his head. "He wasn't specific on that. But, at the very least we could probably wrangle some information out of her. I wouldn't mind having more specific locations to work with."

Nick Fury rubs at his chin keeping it in mind. "We need to do that then." taking a final sip of his tea.

With Fury's agreement, Mike mirrors it with a nod. "Would that be something you think Tony could do? Bring helmet head in?"

Nick Fury nods his head, "I will get him on it. be good to get him back out doing things like that. An idle Stark that can think is bad."

"He's probably just as bad when he's not thinking." Mike comments, shaking his head, "But yes. Boredom plus Tony doesn't equal good things."

Nick Fury shakes his head, "It isn't boredom. The day we all thought he died a kid was murdered. he blames himself for that…"

The multi-tasking musician frowns. "Nothing can take that back. But, whatever information we can get from this could very well save much more. Something to work with, perhaps…" He looks over to the garden. "It's never easy."

"Maybe you can talk with him. Tony harbors a lot of pain inside. It makes his resolve rigid and he may get blinded by revenge rather than the task at hand. All we need is Iron Man to flip on us." Fury sighs.

The frown deepens, "…I'll see what I can do. But mind you, last time we had a chat about what's bothering one of us, I ended up having to move out." Mike glances back to the SHIELD director. "Anything else on the mind?"

Nick Fury shakes his head, "Stark can be cocky. Like anyone he has layers, just take him in stride." getting to his feet. "Keep the information of him being alive to yourself for now. He will reveal himself to the world when ready."

"Alright." Mike glaces back to the garden, "Oh. As a heads up. I may have to 'borrow' a few people of yours for what I'm working on."

Nick Fury nods, "You are part of the team. Feel free to use what you need."

Excellent." Giving a sigh, Mike starts to get up from his seat, foot hooking around the base of the leg to push the chair back under the table without using his hands, "Ok. So in Recap. Tony alive on the down low. You'll get Iron Man on acquiring the helmeted girl…anything else?"

Nick Fury goes into thought, "That is it. If you need anything just let know know."

Mike nods. "Right. For now I'm going to go see about scaring up some more possible locations-" There's a slight shift to his form, "The old way. Later, Fury."


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