2015-07-04 An Explosive Fourth
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: Contains drama!
Players: Drake, Emma, Bobby, Samuel, Killian, Dyson, Boris, NPCs!
GMed by Drake
Title: An Explosive Fourth

It's a bright, humid, annoyingly hot day outside. But it's the Fourth of July. There are certain standards that have to be met, and Drake's just the guy to see to it. Well, at least one part of it. The other staple will be attended to by someone else while Drake handles things here.

And what exactly is he handling? A massive, state of the art grill easily capable of hosting twice the standard capacity of burgers and 'dogs anyone could reasonably want in a day. And though Drake doesn't claim to be an expert grillsman (is that a thing?), he's doffed a ridiculously poofy chef hat and suitably corny 'Kiss The Chef' apron. Jubilation might not be okay with the attention this apron garners, ironic or otherwise.

The scent of cooking meat quickly reaches the mansion interior. Many students have gathered and are loitering around (and in) the pool as they wait for things to finish, while others are still arriving, lured in by the siren scent. Drake carefully pats the burgers and rotates the hotdogs with entirely too much attention to detail.

The smell of cooked meat is enough to get most students comming! Boris was no exception. Walking over to the pool, he carefully looks around at the gathering crowd. But this was a day for fun and relaxtion, and by darn it that what he is going to do! He wanders in, but avoids the pool completly for now as he tries to find his way through the the crowd of teenager to where Drake Sweet grilling is happening. Today the hairy dwarf like mutant is wearing a simple pair of shorts, and well that it! What more can you need?

Sleep had done Sam a lot of good. Changed out of his slashed and dirty clothes, and with a few hours of rest behind him, it seems he's even willing to leave his room and attempt to mingle. It's not the boisterous boy that most people remember that hesitantly walks out of the mansion and up to the poolside, but a cautious and nigh skittish creature that still doesn't quite know who he is or what he should remember. Aside from the few he has already met again and his rescuers, or kidnappers since he hadn't quite made up his mind yet, Sam knew nobody. His head throbbed, practically everything ached… but there was food to be had, so he'd been lured out. A cunning ploy to get him to lower his guard? Only time will tell.

Killian wanders into the pool area looking for both Emma and Samuel and is confused at first when he sees the party, oh thats right, the forth of July, while it may be hot he has his hood up and under the hood he's still sporting the apperence he took on with HYDRA, bleached white hair, black sclera, red irises and white pupils along with the glowing pattern of veins across his face. Heading over in Samuel's direction he calls out, "Sam, you ok now man?"

Standing behind Samuel wearing a black bikini covering just enough to keep the guys curious what's still beneath, Emma pats the young mutant's shoulder. She's been the one he's been dealing with most since she and others came to rescue/kidnap the poor boy. "Go ahead. They won't bite, and if they do, bite back." Emma says casually waiting for him to move towards the pool before she herself does.


Drake pat-pats a burger and leans in, inspecting it with a close, careful eye. The first batch of burgers will be a nice, conservative medium-well. Speciality orders will have to come after.

"Food's up!," calls the teen. And instantly, a small swarm of bodies young and old begin to line up in a row alongside the grill. Paper plates rest on a wooden 'appendage' of the grill itself, along with bread packages - both for hotdogs and burgers. Fixings can be found on a quickly-assembled table nearby, including chips and sodas.

Drake begins doling out helpings as ordered. He's made enough to easily handle the amount of students and faculty lingering for the off-season, but Boris gets first crack by merit of being closest!

"Hey. What'll it be? How many?" Drake wags a metal spatula invitingly.

"Ah will have hrmmm five burgarz, and twelve hitdogz, no bread vough, please and vank sie!" Boris let's Drake know. All things consider Boris is more then capable of eating ahundred pounds a food aday, so his order isn't to surprising for those he knows him. Although he does do his best to ignore the wide eye stares he gets, since it is alot of food for his height - despite being wider then most full grown men.

A fragile smile is spared for Emma, and Sam nods his assent to the attempt. Dressed in just a white t-shirt, loose sweatpants and sandals, he doesn't seem to be partaking of the warm weather for now, and a pair of sunglasses shade his eyes from the far too bright sun. He almost instantly recoils from Killian's sudden approach, placing the face with some difficulty. "hey.. hi… ehm… didn't I see you… in the Park? With the, y'know… Sorry, I need to ehm… over there." And he leaves in an unseemly hurry towards the food. A mob of unknown people was suddenly much more safe a prospect than spending any time at all close to the creature he saw surrounded by dead people.

Emma pats Sam once more, she's been careful to almost coddle his new mind, making sure he has a safe place around her. So at Killian's quick approach she raises her hand with her palm facing towards the mutant boy along with a shake of her head. "You don't have to come out side if you don't feel comfortable. It is good for you though." Hoping someone's face might snap him back, she doesn't want to dig into his mind to restore his old conscious just yet if she can avoid it.

Killian sighs as Samuel pretty much runs away from him, he looks to Emma, "What exactly is wrong with him? has there not been any change since he got back?", he frowns, "Anyone tried Tech Star? seemed to work in Central Park", yeah Emma holding up a hand is totally ignored. "I need a drink", he heads off in the direction of the pool house.

One of those wide-eyed gawkers comes in the form of Drake Vyril. "F'real?" He looks to the arrangement of meats, then back to Boris. "A'ight, then."

Drake goes through the process of plopping down a series of burger patties, then carefully stacking the hotdogs. The paper plate is precarious, at best. "Uh.. there ya go, Bill Dauterive. Careful not to drop anything!" He replaces the tongs in his hand with a spatula and points it towards the nearby table. "Dress is with ketchup or whatever, if you want!"



"Voo iz" and then Boris hears the next from Drake. He heads away mostly confused now, not sure who that was, but was able to balance that plate thankfully. None the less he dosn't go for condoments, as most of it was made with plenty of plant matter - which didn't sit well with him. But upon seeing Samuel come over to the group, he happily waves to the mutant who was pretty much the same size of him "Little Tek! How have sie been! Nit see sie in little bit." he informs the young mutant, unaware of what has happened of what is going on. He hasn't quite noticed Killian and Emma yet, but that is life for you

So far Sam has shown no interest whatsoever in technology, or his own inventions. Friends are strangers, and even the mansion is an alien place. But food is food, and free food even better. He joins the line for the barbecue, looking around, avoiding eye contact, and occasionally rubbing the back of his head and wincing. Nobody had shown him Tech Star yet, or provided him with a particularly challenging technological problem. In turn, Sam had shown no sign of having any mutant abilities whatsoever. The line shuffles forwards, one by one, and food grows ever closer.

Behind the sunglasses, Sam's eyes grow wide, and he takes a few steps back upon seeing Boris. "H-hi…? Sorry, I don't know you, I'm just ehmm… Food. Hope there's some left…"

"He's having a case of amnesia. We're going to ease him into his old life, so you had best heed my warnings next time mister Rosen." Demands Emma, giving a strong glance towards Killian before she lifts her gaze back onto Sam, to make sure he's doing well and not giving her the aforementioned signal to rescue him again.

Killian returns from the boathouse with a few of the beers Scott keeps in there, he's not particularly interested in Emma's 'demands', finally getting fed yup of the heat he pulls off the hoodie and gets a few looks from other students for his current look, noticing on top of that his shirt has holes and a couple of blood stains on it he pulls that off to before sitting down by the pool and opening one of the beers.

Drake would assuredly have a problem with Killian cracking open a few beers. He, unfortunately, is in no position to do something about it. He's tending to the others gathered, and between them and ensuring no food gets burned, he has no focus to spare. He does, however, glimpse Sam's reaction to Boris. It gets a little snicker.

The next student, a girl, gets her order. The next, a boy, gets his. The line moves considerably faster when everyone asks for only one or two of everything! And soon, Samuel's turn will be coming up! But not before Drake has to toss a few more 'dogs and burgers on the grill.

Boris is taken back by Samuel reaction, obviously not knowing something is up. Raising his brows he asks "Iz everythink ok little tek?" and despite Samuel stepping back, he wasn't so selfish he couldn't give up some food and offer Samuel a hot dog "Well, vere be quite vee line. Sie kin hav wan of my hotdigs" he offers

It is, most likely, the promise of food that makes Sam approach Boris. Carefully, keeping his shaded eyes on the mutant, Sam reaches out for one of the precariously stacked hot dogs on the paper plate and snatched it, feeling the hot meat sizzle against his fingers. Not caring about such slight discomfort, he nods a quick thanks and scurried back to his place in the line, wolfing down the 'dog in a few quick bites. Hungry, so hungry… and when his turn finally comes up, he eyes the food with undisguised longing. "Ehm… can I… ehm… one of… no, two of everything? Please?" He offers his paper plate up hopefully, almost pathetically, as if expecting to be rebuffed.

"Killian!" Emma shouts as she just got in line and happened to be looking over to see Killian not only take off his hoodie to show he's been doing something way against the rules and second, opening a beer, of which he had many. "Hold this." Emma says, passing her tea off to the person she was standing beside, (Kurt sounds good, right?) "Ja frau." Is Kurt's reply as she storms past everyone on the war path. "Come with me this instant." Emma demands curtly before she starts off towards the interior of the school. Not the main back door either, it's one of the classrooms that's currently not being used.

Killian watches Emma start to storm away before calling after her, "Why don't you discuss the issue with my father?", the then takes a drink and watches the woman for her reaction, she's not helping Samuel so he's bored of playing along.

Drake smiles brightly at Samuel, but it faulters upon seeing his demeanor. "Heeey, you okay?," he asks. Without giving any kind of verification, he's already setting a couple burgers up on the plate, along with a couple hotdogs, all bunned and good to go. "If you need seconds or something, or burgers made a particular way, just lemme know. I'm kind'a winging it at the moment." He points the the spatula. "And fixin's are over there!"

About that time, Emma's voice rings out. A number of heads turn to see the scene unfolding, and all Drake can say is, "God, /seriously/?" Can they not have one outing that something like this doesn't happen? He sees Emma storming towards one of the doors, but without Killian in tow. That's not going to improve anything.

The sudden shout makes Boris jump, which makes his food fall onto the ground. He begins picking them up, not seeming to mind the dirt. But even he can't help but watch and see the events unfurl. And as much as he /would/ be going for that Beer, Killians name being shouted, and Emma looking pissed equel don't go over!

Emma stops at Killians words and her hand by her side slowly starts to curl inward before she takes a breath and turns around to face the touch based power absorber. Killian has her full attention, at least in the physical sense, she is still keeping her mind on Sam and with his words she lowers her gaze to peek out under those perfectly trimmed eyebrows. "Get out." She says incredibly calmly with her back straightening her to her full height and the full weight of her title seems to be weighing down onto the disobedient mutant.

Bobby walks out carrying a large ice chest under one arm and a bag of ice ove rhis shoulder. Setting the stuff down he put the ice in an empty waiting chest before sticking drinks into it. Hearing enough to know something is happening he walks towards Killian reaching for the beer to grab it away, "What the hell is rong with you?" he asks in almost a growl to him. "I'll do more than call him I'll escort you home. Now get up and do what you are told."

Things are, to say the least, a tad unsettled. On the one hand there is free food, and people who are nice enough to let him have some of it, but on the other hand there's shouting and a sense that everything could get violent very quickly. But then Sam has been thinking that for … how long was it? Forever, really, as he thinks back on it, nerves stretched as taut as harp strings… Drake gets a grateful nod and the young mutant disappears, slinking off towards the other table with the rest of the food, carrying his plate like a treasured possession. He keeps watching the scene, seeing the woman who had come to his rescue be angry with the creature he saw surrounded by death…

Killian lets Bobby take the beer, he's got no issue with the man, "Be a trick, she's had him shipped off to SHIELD", he gets casually to his feet, "You might want to find out what she's done before turning on me", the teenage mutant simply stares Emma down, "Really gotta wonder how much you say can actually be trusted, ay?"

Bless the normal students. The non-argumentative, obedient students. They keep the line moving and try not to make too big a deal out of what is obviously unfolding. Despite the remarkable silence that's settled over the pool area, and how nearly /everyone/ is staring at what's going on.

Drake offers them a weak, awkward smile and quietly asks what each one would like, and then offers it over - one after the other, keep the line moving, keep them directed to the next table. A furtive glance is repeatedly cast to Emma. He has no idea what's about to happen, and he's /not/ pleased with this. But he's not going to let any of that show. He's got to try to make this enjoyable for everyone else as he can. So that shaken smile remains on his face.

After gathering all his food from the ground (now covered with dirt), Boris quickly heads to a seat by Samuel. He murmers to himself in german trying not to get bent out of shape. Disagreements and fights happen. Sure there is SHIELD and lieing and …. No! Just concentrate on your food. He set his plate on the table, and well stands considering these chairs may not take well to his weight. Though there is very -light- trembles roaming over the earth, hardly noticible as he concentrates on his food.

Well there is something you don't see every day. Dyson at the pool. Well, Dyson meandinger TOWARDS the pool, at any rate. The young gaint has actually shed his usual geek chic and is bedecked out in pool fare… A red, shortsleeved hawaiian shirt open up the front and a pair of black long-shorts, the type that hand just below the knees. He looks rather self concious, showing as much of his skin as he is, but sucks it up as he gets to the pool area.

A look is given to Bobby of 'Thank you' but nothing is said or even thought towards the ice man. Drake's given a stand down glance. "You dare to call that man your father?" Emma is flabbergasted. A man who he's known existed for less than half a year and he's emotionally attached to him some how, more than the student the man tried to kill. "Of course he's in prison. I only tried to save you and your actual parents the heart break." Emma explains, pissed off that he's making her do so. "I don't have to explain myself. Least of all to you. Now get out of my school." Emma still keeps her mind on the state of Sam, and even gives Kurt a glance, this might get messy, she eyes Bobby once more. Needing to know who's with her.

Bobby watches Killian, "Watch it! I don't care who you got a problem with. That doesn't mena you start drinking and acting a fool." he listens as Killian is told to leave again. "Come on. If you have issues with authority here then you need to go where you are free to act out. Of all days to act out. Independence day, way to go kid."

"Yeah I'll call him my father, thats what he is. That is very different to the man who is my dad however", unlike Emma and very uncharacteristic of himself Killian is staying calm, "Save us? Where was your right? Whatever the circumstances Aedan is part of who I am, part of who my brother is, my older brothers' uncle and my dad's brother, you chose to lock him away where none of these people knew that, so I'll ask again where your right was?"

Drake meets Emma's gaze, and he gets it. She's not going to see any challenge from him. He's annoyed that this is happening now, of all times, but given Killian's history…

Oh. Get out of the school? Is this really happening? Drake mentioned something like this could happen. He'd hoped the behavior problems would be curbed with Jose's help. But from what he's hearing, that defiance just isn't going anywhere. He hasn't spotted Jose present - and that's good. That almost certainly would've meant two expulsions today instead of one.

But Bobby's right. Killian picked a Hell of a day to get expelled. What more independence could he have asked for? Life's friggin' ironic.

"T-two hotdogs, please," whispers a timid female, as if scared being heard would throw the situation onto her.

Drake's attention snaps to her, and he gives an apologetic smile. The food is doled out, and the girl is sent on her way to the next table. Under his breath, he murmurs a little, "Just go, dude…"

Boris, like Dyson is difficult to miss for his size. He waves to Dyson, glad to see someone he somewhat know better then most others, and still not that much. None the less he looks between Emma, Killian and Bobby wondering what is going to happen. He shoves a hotdog into his mouth thinking Drake is a rather good cook, before giving Samuel a worried glance.

At the table, Sam makes himself as small as possible, especially when Boris comes to stand next to him. It's unfair of him, certainly, since he's gotten nothing but kindness from the other mutant, but right at the moment it seems Sam can't deal with weird, odd, uncertain, unusual, or any other facet of his life so far. Food was helping to chase away the pain of hunger, but his head throbbed all the more for it. At times he could swear he could see things floating in the air, like a gossamer web that blinks in and out of reality. Despite his misgivings, he still keeps his eyes on the argument that is developing rapidly across the pool area, poised to spring under the table for cover. He'd look for his protector, but she's currently in the middle of the argument, and any hope he has of fleeing from this stressful social gathering lies with her. He's trapped. Surrounded…

Dyson stops a few feet short of the pool, frowning a bit and casting a look arund with those black puliless eyes that are nonetheless extrememely emotive. It looks like
he was looking somewhat foreward to enoying this american holiday (since his own indepenence day was three days previous, thanks guys) but he seems to have walked into a sort of tense situation. He catches sight of Boris, offering a wave, then looks between the teachers and students alike and his shoulders sag a little. "S-Some school /this/ is." he mumbles as he looks for a chair.. preferable on the far side of the pool.

Thank goodness that Dyson's words were not heard by Emma at this exact moment. Oh lordy! The headmistress is still stuck dealing with Killian's blatant disregards for the rules and then Bobby trying to help, Drake trying to pretend this is happy fun burger time, Boris is over there being german and all. (I kid, he's eating some tasty dirty meats.) Surrounded by faculty and students alike on this WONDERFUL holiday. Emma's mentally divided some of her attention on Sam, just making sure he's feeling safe and at the moment she can tell he's not, but it would spike if she stopped what she was doing and walked directly to him. That would be quite the site. Taking a breath and calming herself once more. "Killian, there was a chance for you to come to me in my office and we could have discussed this, in private, as adults. But as I was put in charge of your well being by your parents and being your legal guardian in that sense, I had the right, you however, have chosen to throw away yours. You will leave the premises immediately and voluntarily or you will be escorted out, against your will. As of this moment, you are no longer a student." Emma says, quietly, professionally, with all the coldness of ice that is her name.

Bobby wants to grab him up by the neck and just drag him but doesn't. There are other students to be concerned with around here. He is there of course to back Emma up if needed and its shameful Killian forgets the ones that has helped him to stick up for this man.

"Then that does open the final question, honestly the thing thats making you angry, I called you out publicly, as much as you're team are gonna stand by you right now there is going to be questions about exactly how you decide whats best", Killian looks to Drake, "Look after Sam and Jose", he tosses the last bottle he had been drinking out of (which if looked at my be noted as non-alcoholic) to Bobby before heading in the direction of the front yard and the gates.

Drake beckons for the next person in line to step forward. But they don't. They're turned all the way around and gawking at the bikini-clad headmistress expelling someone. So Drake no longer has a means to subtly redirect attention.

The spatula is set aside and he leans over to get a look at Killian. He sees the bottle in his hand and instantly understands. What was he thinking? It's tossed away, Killian gives his remark, and starts to leave, sparing everyone the Jerry Springer show some were dreading. Others were mentally urging it to happen. Drake? He's relieved.

The teen's bright green gaze turns to Emma, his expression unreadable and carefully neutral.

Silence settles over the pool area.



"Hotdogs aren't gonna eat themselves!," Drake pipes up. "You! What'cha want?" The next person in line finally turns around, taken off-guard, and stammers out an order. While he's fetching it, Drake spots the behemoth not far. "Hey, Dyson!," he calls.

Wow. Just… Wow. A small part of the giant wishes he had a freakin video camera.. or at least some popcorn. He really shouldn't be finding this entertaining but that small part of him is. Maybe he;s just feeling a little bit spiteful? It doesn't matter, in the end, because Dyson just shakes his head. Not finding any seat that he thinks could hold his weight, he decides to sit on the edge of the pool itself, long legs dangling in the water as he watches Miss Frost try not to have an aneurism. He isn't sure what /is/ going on since he walked into the middle of this but it seems REAL serious. He does feel a little bad for Killian, for some reason, but tries to remain as neutral as possible since.. no context here. He starts a little when he hears his name and looks over at Drake… and nods to him from his perch.

Boris sighs with relief. The tenson in the air was clearing, even if it was still there. Looking to Samuel, Boris knew full well he didn't like being crowded when he was feeling nervous, and could see that a milk away in Samuel. He taps the younger mutants shoulder and point to a fairly empty area that is at least less crowded. The clacking on Drake Tongs is relief, but the expellsion of a student? Not so much. None the less he carefully makes his way over to Dyson and offer him some of his hot dogs "Before sie ask, I ain't Kompletly sure myseulf!" he says quietly not wanting to draw attention. But he does glance over to where Bobby and Emma are curiosuly, wondeirng what those two will do next

Emma watches Killian go, a little faster than he normally moves but she doesn't think anything of it. She instead turns to Bobby and steps closer to him. "Get someone to escort mister Rosen home. I'm going to go call his parents." Emma whispers into the ice man's ear. She turns around, now and moves away from the pool, not once getting wet, or fed. What a day.

All the other students and faculty are left alone. Drake's flipping burgers, Dyson's being, large, and kind of a sultry giant. Sam's going to be left out there for now, if he wants he, he knows where the door is.

And lets not forget the german boy. Boris is just, boris.

Dyson looks up at Boris.. No.. Even sitting on the edge of the pool he looks down at the diminutive mutant.. Just not as much. He offers his friend a meek smile as he watches Teacher and Student heading their seperate ways, yet their destinations sort of entwined. "I w-wasn't gonna ask, Boris. Really. But w-wow." he looks at Sam over thataway, waving, then frowns a bit. "Where i-is Jose.. is he off visiting f-family?" he asks, taking one of the hot dogs offered.. /Consuming/ the hotdog in a bite and a half. He looks at Emma as she heads off and sort ofblushes. "Is i-it legal for her to dress l-like that around kids? I f-feel like I should b-be carded." HE tears his eyes away and looks towards Drake and the grill.. since burning meat seems safer.

Bobby catches the bottle and tosses it into the trash can. Not something he wanted to see today but its his job to back up his boss. "want me to card you then?" he asks Dyson looking at him a moment with a playful smirk. He takes a rootbeer frosting it in his hand before popping it open, "Need any help?" is asked of Dyson.

When Boris moves away, Sam finds himself alone. And all of a sudden, being alone was almost as bad as being crowded. Everything was confusing, nothing made any sense, so in the end the young mutant did the only thing he could think of… Boris had been nice to him, so had Drake, but one was talking to a giant while the other was busy flipping burgers and feeding kids. Of the two, he could only join Boris and does so, taking his paper plate with him as he sits down on the edge of the pool, sandalled toes just dipping into the water. Next to Dyson he looks tiny, but somehow the giant's presence was comforting, solid… "Hi." is his opening sally, but in a tone that makes it clear he's ready to beat a hasty retreat.

"I ain't too sure, never met vis Jose personlly." Boris informs Dyson. "And personly, would nit mind if moar teachurs dressed vat way!" he said, more trying to lighten the mood then anything. But then he looks to Bobby "So! Jist ta ask, do sie have beer? Havn't hid any in five weeks and now seemz good time az any ta hauf wan" not seeming to grasp that said beer was what started this whole disater in the first place

Dyson casts a glance at Bobby, blushing somewhat and shakes his head. "I l-left my wallet in my p-pants." he jokes. "And I d-don;t think I need help with anything… Except m-maybe knowing where Jose i-is.. he hasn't bugged me the last few days." he tells the 'cool' adult. Sam's appearance makes the giant smile a bit. "Heya S-Sam.. Things g-going okay?" he asks, then looks to Boris and blances a bit. "R-Really? because that is j-just short of i-indecent…" He probably protests too much but.. reasons. "Drinking a-age here is 21.." he says, with SOME disgust.. Damned americans.

Drake is still flippin' 'dem burgers.

But soon enough, the line comes to an end. Everyone seems fed, and Drake's got a second to reassess the pool area. Things have certainly calmed down.

Everyone's broken up into small groups, so Drake takes the opportunity to fix his own plate. One burger, one hotdog. Conservative!

Bobby chuckles to Dyson while taking a sip of his drink. "Jose is resting in his room. He will need time to rest up but should be alright." he tells them all. Looking over at Boris, "No drinking on campus and no drinking til you are of age." not to say he maybe broke the rules at a younger age but as a teacher he has to say the right things.

Boris blinks at Dyson "Whit! twenty wan!!!". All this time Boris has made a point to actualy not get -too- close to the water, keeping an eye on the younger Samuel just in case. He looks to Bobby and asks desperatly not wanting to beleive Dyson "Please tell me vat iz joke? I already been drinkink beer fer two yearz!". Which is true, law approved supervised drinking starts at the age of 14 in germany, unfortanly for Boris.

The food is disappearing from Sam's plate with a speed that can scarcely be credited. Now that everything is more settled, he doesn't quite feel the need to be ready to run at a moment's notice. Then again, he doesn't know why he's here, or who any of these people are. Only one way to find out, really… He looks at Boris and Dyson both "You two… talk like you know me. Have we… have we met?"

Dyson smiles sympathetically at his gnomish friend and shrugs. "I know, r-right? Back home it's nineteen." Oh Caaaaaaanada. "Not that b-beer does much for me…" he ahems and leaves that be.. He turns and frowns a bit at Bobby. "R-Rest up? What happened?" he asks, looking a bit.. well not too happy. Resting up usually means something happaned. And no one told him anything. When Sam sp[eaks the giant suddenly sits up a bit. "I.. met you the f-first day I got here." he says, slowly. "Remember? The Gates?"

Bobby sighs deeply now making himself a hotdog, "I don't know the whole story. he just has a couple of broken bones." he squirts mustard on it.

Sam shakes his head, watching his toes make small ripples in the still water of the pool. The day was warm, but he hadn't dressed for it, the only concession to the heat his sandals but even then more because he didn't have any other footwear he could find. "I only got here a few hours ago. I've never seen you before." He looks up at Dyson again with a weak smile. "Pretty sure I'd have remembered."

Boris blinks and looks to Samuel "Of course we do! Sie be Samuel vee Little Tek! Sie built contraption in garage. Vat sie call et now…. Lord Stark, War Lord,no no. like name. Aha! Sie call et Tek Star. Vat waz et!" But as Samuel talks, he frown deepends "Samuel. Sie have telt me, sie have gone ta vis school for, vat waz et? Four yearz?"

Dyson frowns a bit now, looking back.. and forth.. back.. and forth.. between teacher and amnesiac student. "What the h-heck is going on here Mister Drake?" he asks bobby, his eyes narrowing. "My f-friend has broken bones but a /teacher/ doesn't know what is going on. And Sam? He acts liek w-we never /met/."

Drake thinks he hears his name. The teen meerkats up from his procured seat, half a hotdog hanging from his mouth, and he quickly periscopes around the area. His eyes land on Dyson, and he realizes he was addressing Bobby. Drake goes back to eating.

Sam has no idea, no clue what is going on. All he knows is that he finished his food, so he leaves the plate by the pool side. The light is too bright, the day is too warm, everything still hurts, and most of what everyone is saying doesn't make any sense. "I-I…. I dunno. I don't even know where we are, what kinda place this is. I don't know any War Lord or Little Tek, or anything like that, I'm … sorry, but…" A deep breath, and fingers pinch the bridge of his nose, over the frame of the sunglasses. Needles through his eyes, a skewer through his temples, ground glass in his head… "I only just got here. I don't know anyone, I don't even know why I'm here."

Boris blinks and asks Samuel "Do you know who you are?" A fair question all things considered

"The woman… the woman called me Sam." the young mutant hazards a guess as to his name, an answer that pretty much amounts to 'no'. Referring to Emma as 'the woman' may also be a good indication that he's a few hard drives short of a RAID array.

The talk of identity, names and memories is too much for Sam, especially when combined with the heat, the lack of sleep and the myriad minor injuries he still carried. With a slightly nervous nod to Dyson, Bobby and Boris, he pulled his feet up to the edge of the pool and stood. His first two steps were a swaying stumble, but balance returned just in time to let him lurch towards the door back into the mansion… back into the cooler air, and back up to the room that was supposedly his.

As Bobby seems to hightail it out of there, the usuall meek giant seems to get a bit.. frustrated. Especially after Samuel gets up and leaves. He eys the remaining people around him, his brow furrowed and looks like he wants to rip a chunck ou of the edge of the pool. "Does /anyone/ know w-what is HELL is going on?" he finall says, his voice louder and more forecful than usual. "An expulsion.. Jose i-injured.. Sam a-acting like someone Vulcan Mind Melded him?

People all around turn towards Dyson startled by the normally meek giant. Boris who was near the pool at the time, is also startled and jumps up and back, which had him stumbling over his tail, and right into the pool. He quite litterly sinks like a rock


Do I reach.


Drake has popped his head up again, eyeing Dyson with more than a little incredulity. What, one freakout wasn't enough today? He sets his plate of foodstuff down and stands in time to see Boris topple over into the water. "Jackson, you and Natalie get him," he says, motioning towards the pool. Both are students, both are known for augmented physical ability. Somehow Drake suspects Boris is heavy. Probably because he sank faster than the value of the American dollar.


The two students dive into the pool to retrieve him.

Drake, meanwhile, makes his way to Dyson and takes a knee. "Chill. Something's screwing with you, I get that, but this ain't the place."

Dyson gasps as Boris sinks like a freakin lead weight in the pool and looks like he is going to jump in after him.. but the giant can't swim and would sink like a weight as well.. and Natalie and Jackson are much faster at this moment. So as they dredge up Boris, the giant looking VERY guilty, he turns to Drake, his face flushed. "Where i-is the place?" he asks, lowering his voice, sounding strained. "A student was h-hurt and no oneknows why.. and look at S-sam? Why would you ever l-let him OUT here in this condition? Did e-everyone think people would't NOTICE o-once they spoke to him? The teachers /literally/ dragged these secrets out into the o-open and expect us NOT to ask?"

It's a good thing they had argumented strength, becuase 1.Boris is heavy at 500 pounds of dwarf. And 2. he has superstrength as well, and with his panicked thrashing they did a marvolous job of getting him on land. He lays on the ground on his side, water was draining from the 'tubes' in his back spikes as he heaved for air. Natalie and Jackson seem to at least have it well under control

Drake takes his focus off of Dyson just long enough to ensure the students have done a solid job of ensuring Boris is on dry ground again, and that he's not dying. But they're not budging from his side, just in case there is some added danger that's yet to rear its head. Maybe he'll melt or something? Boris is still a bit unknown!

Drake's gaze returns to Dyson. "Somewhere else, with a teacher, without a bunch of confused onlookers. Somewhere it won't make a scene," he replies. His expression has softened into a look of sympathy, his tone even and mellow. "You need to ask Jose or a teacher what happened. And, uh…" Is there something wrong with Sam? He seemed a bit weird earlier, but he had a lot to take care of as it was. "…I dunno what's going on with Sammy. So I can't really say there. But if there is something going on, drawing a lot've attention to it right here probably isn't gonna help him, yeah? Ask a teacher. If that teacher doesn't know, ask'em to find out for you, or to tell you who /would/ know." His head tilts slightly to the side, attempting to match his eyes to Dyson's. "Everyone's got things going on. Doesn't necessarily mean they're secret. But try to calm down, okay? Things are pretty tense around here with what just happened."

Dyson 's large hands ball into fists, and a bit of the molding around the pool cracks easily into powder, muddying up the pool with some granular mist. "We s-shouldn't have to /find/ teachers to tell us. I-Isn't it their job to /protect/ us? Thats what they keep saying. Well they s-seem to be doing a great job at it.. O-Oh, wait.. They /aren't/. And don't say there isn't any secrets b-because we /both/ know thats a crock,. And it's e-even worse s-since they aren't keeping these non-secrets, which t-totally ARE secret, all that secret either.. Secret Non-Secrets which l-like their rather inept keepers a-are supposed to protect us.. Which again they /aren't/." He pushes hismelf up to his feet, looking at the dampened cement powder in his hands.

Is still and breathing, if anything, Boris actualy seems to have fallon asleep. Jackson and Natashia give Drake the thumbs up to let him know that nothing odd seems to be going on with Boris. None the less they do place him father away from the pool, just to be on the safe side.

Unsurprisingly, Dyson is gathering a number of onlookers. A few confused murmurs are starting to rise in the ranks.

Drake notices. His expression goes from sympathetic to sharp. He lifts to his feet as well.

"We shouldn't /have/ to hide what we are from the world, but we do. Realtalk, Dyson: do you want to be here or not? No one here needs another freakout. /No one/. If you need to talk, that can happen /elsewhere/. Not here. Not now."

Dyson stares down at Drake long and hard. "Y-You make it sound like we all have a choice." he says, quietly. "We don't. That doesn't mean we don't want to try and make this place work, now that we are here. But we have t-to know where we actually /are/ Drake. Not this 'Ignore The Man Behind The Curtain' stuff that is going on. /I/ am not f-freaking out. In fact I seem to b-be the only one here with common sense." he looks over at the sleepingBoris, frowning and still looking guilty those he has been assured his friend is okay. Then again he was assured Jose was okay too. "Hiding together is o-one thing.. Keeping secrets that endanger those you are h-hiding /with/? Thats another" And with that he turns and makes for the mansion.

Drake doesn't say anything that might encourage Dyson to turn back around and prolong this increasing security risk of a situation. He /hates/ being an authoritarian. He detests it. But god dammit if he isn't forced into the role. And now, nearly the entire batch is left staring at Drake expectantly. Such an incredible mess. Fortunately, it's gotten late. It's a perfect excuse.

"…Alright, people," says a beleaguered Drake. "It's late. Time to start shipping in. Jackson, can you make sure Boris gets to his room?"

He gets a nod in response.

And so, the students begin collecting their things and filing back inside. Jackson hefts Boris to begin carting him to his room. Drake lingers to pick up some trash and wrap up some of the extra food.

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