2015-07-11 A New Kind of Lightshow
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Surge, Rogue
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: A New Kind of Lightshow

Rain is falling in sheets in the Danger Room. The scenery, however, is no different from its standard, inactive decal. In the dead center of the room is Surge, his arms spread out in either direction. His eyes are shut, and every raindrop that touches his frame elicits a dramatic spray of brilliant blue sparks. Periodically, these sparks zig-zag out in instantaneously-formed patterns, the ionic energy lancing between the raindrops. But they never reach more than a ten-foot radius around the mutant.

Rogue is outside of the ten-foot radius. She's wearing her black hooded cape and cowl with the white X's on the shoulders that slide down the flaps that go down her chest. She's merely watching him from beneath her hood as the pretend rain spatters off of her cowl. "Pretty light show'n'all, Drakey. But is it workin'?" She asked him, having been silent for awhile now. "Need'n me to toss ya back into the pool for the full effect?" She smiled softly at him even though he had his eyes clamped shut in concentration.

"Kind'a," says Surge. "I can.. I can see the electricity on /me/, and when it branches out, but…" The electrical currents suddenly cut off and he opens his eyes to look at the hooded female through matted bangs. "It's just so /noisy/ in here!"

Indeed, torrential rain carries with it some noise pollution issues. His voice has to be elevated just to be heard.

"Any suggestions on that?"

"Nothin that I can remedy in the immediate." Came Rogue's response to him as she lifted her arms up and crossed them just under her chest. She was in her full regalia of outfit, black synth leather and dark green highlights of a matte color. When she was told she was going to get wet in here, she dressed for the occeassion to block it, thus her full uniform. "But I'm figurin' Jose's Stark Tech headphones could be dialed up to even just a bit and it'd block out all noise for ya… Course, they're wherever Jose is. Prolly up near the PS4 in the rec room."

"Yeeaah, no," says Drake. He doesn't want to use Jose's headphones. That boy has them on constantly. It's a hygeine thing. "What about the volume?," he asks. "Can ya… can ya just head up there and have'em turn it down?"

Anna-Marie smiled a little at him and she suddenly shot up off of the ground sending the standing water on the DR floor spreading out like a stone had been tossed into a lake. The caped mutant soared across the room and came to a graceful landing again near the door that slid open into the tech chamber. She went inside. A few moments later the sound didn't just turn down, it turned off. Making the rainfall odd to experience… to see it like the natural world… but minus any noise what-so-ever. "Like this?" Came Rogue's unmistakable voice over the room's sound system.

Surge reacts in the only way that seems natural in this given situation. Despite the fact that he's getting wet and feels each individual raindrop impact his frame, it's become a sort of ambient sensation. He looks up.

He gets a faceful of rainwater. Simulated or otherwise.

"Mmf!" The teen lowers his head again, expression scrunched. "Yeah!," he shouts. Sputter, sputter. "That's good! Gonna start again!"

His fingers twiddle a little, then the electricity starts to crackle along his frame. Sparks start flying from his silhouette, starting slow, and very gradually spreading.

Rogue just sat in the control room now with the mutant technician that did a ton of work around the basement level of the school. He was known as 'Mega Byte' and he was a big portley fella with a brigh red face. Rogue just sat in a chair beside him with her metal boots up on an empty chair. "He could see shadows of his surroundins' the other night, like some kinda radar… with his electricity. I don't know the details on it, it sounds like it could be something big for him though." She told their fellow mutant, who wasn't technically a member of the X-Men but he knew all their secrets and often was repairing all the damage the team created to their own tech.

"There we go!," says Surge. "Gettin' something now!"

The teen begins bobbing on the tips of his boots, growing steadily amped by the 'visions' flooding his mind. It's like seeing without seeing - an awareness that's growing louder, more dominant. He can see himself in a curious sort of outline, his features vague, but brightened with pulses of glittery light filling out his form. The electricity discharging from his being is raw and dramatic, coiling in open space. The walls course and hum with streaming lines of neon, and up above-

"Hey! Rogue!"

"Nah. I haven't caught up on it, but I heard Jon Snow died… so I think that kills my interest in even watchin' the god damn show." Anna-Marie replied to Mega-Byte's question when she heard the voice of Drake over the comms. She took her feet off of the empty chair and sat forward to key the mic on again. "Whats up, Doc?" She asked over the loud speaker into the rain room. "Is it workin' yet?" She asked. "Need us to do anything?"

"Yeah! Uh, do me a favor! Fly around! But be quiet about it!," calls Surge. "I think I can see you up there!"

The electrical display is ended. Now, there is only a torrent of mute rainfall filling the Danger Room.

Marie gets up out of her chair and she moves back down the staircase into the small foyer. She keyed the door open and went back into the rainy room, one step, two step and she was back up off the ground and moving through the air with the rain splattering off of her heavy leather cape and cowl. She was flying around at about the pace and speed that the average person walks at, not making a sound. With her costume on, she looked like an evil spirit or a witch up there floating through the air.

Surge doesn't see Marie. Not the spectral figure that she projects, at least. What he sees is a pulse of uniquely-hued green light webbing out, as if mapping her intraveinous system. Her hood, her cape, they do nothing to impede the imprint. The presence is consistent, but each rhythmic pulse defines her shape a little more clearly.

An almost imperceptibly quiet, "Wow," escapes the teen. And then, louder, "I wish you could see this."

His right hand lifts, index finger pointing towards her as she lists through the air. "Is that you…?"

Marie just kept floating there in a circle around the room until she heard him speak and she moved toward him. Silently creeping closer and closer until he pointed at her and she pressed her her own pointed finger at his, her gloved fingertip touching his. "E.T…. loves… Elliot…" She said at him slowly in her best extraterrestial voice." So uh, yeah, it was her.

Surge doesn't redirect his hand away from her. But the pulsing webs of light tell him she's reaching out, that an extremity is coming close. And all at once, he opens his eyes to look at her. Bare skin contact! Bad thing! He'd like her to be able to see what he does, but maybe not by sapping his powers and putting him in the infirmary!

And yet, once he opens his eyes and focuses on her, he's still away of those beats of green in her - if dimly. And once he realizes her hand is gloved, he lets their fingers poke. "Neat."

"…You're green. Did'ja know that?"

Marie did indeed have her gloves on, her left one having the boney hand skeleton art on the back of it, the hand she was touching out at him with. "Well ain't that poetic." She replied to him with a big grin. She shut off her flight power and she dropped down to her booted feet on the metal floor, her hands going down to her hips then. "Being that its my favoritest color of the whole darn wheel." She said. "So's does that mean that different folk are different colors?" She glanced over her shoulder. "What color is Mega?" She asked.

"It's also the color of your eyes," Drake points out. "And.. and I dunno." He runs his hands through his hair, dragging those bangs out of his face. "Sometimes it's different colors. Like what I was doing looked kind'a yellow-y. The walls were a different /shade/ of yellow. You're green…" He squints. "..stiiiill are, I think. And the other guy up there, I dunno. White-ish?"

Firstly, Rogue smiled at him speaking of the color of her eyes, she was flattered that he noticed that. But then she listened to the rest of what he said and she stood there, hands on hips and replied in-short with a. "Huh." And after another moment of thought. "That sounds pretty trippy. Like you're on some kinda drug or somethin." She grinned faintly from under her hood at him. "Maybe its a mood detector, like a ring from the 70s." She teased just a little bit, but then let her smile go and she nodded once. "Well its interesting that your abilities are shiftin' like this, growin maybe even. I wonder if this is just the start…"

"Maybe. It's.. it's just too new to have any idea. But it's /way/ trippy," nods the teen eagerly.

"Oh! Hey! Kill the rain!," he shouts up to the lofty control room. Shortly after, the water stops. Surge stands there, soggier than the soggiest of Cornflakes. "But you're a glittery green. At least for now." A small smile accompanies the assertion. "Whatever that means."

For as pragmatically as he's taking it, his mind is racing with speculation. Is it a distinct color based on their mutation? Is it just a thing that's unique to their physiology, like a fingerprint? Is it because the ability is still developing? Is it her heartbeat he was watching? That last one, he's pretty sure about. A heartbeat sending a bio-electrical pulse through the system.

So, /so/ trippy.

"And it wasn't like X-ray vision or something, I didn't see skeletons."

Surge suddenly adds, noting her glove, "…But I do now!"

"Well thats a shame." Anna-Marie said back at him after hearing this last part. "It'd mean you'd have a hell of a job at the airport security terminal, if this whole… school thing didn't work out for ya." She grinned at him then as she looked down at her skeletal emblazoned arm. She liked the design, made her feel more badass. BUT, she looked back up at him. "Well, do you wanna mess around with it anymore or are you worried that even if this rain is fake we can still catch the death of cold from it?" She looked up and around at the still misty wet room… and it was all fake. "This place still gives me the willies. Strange ass technology."

"I've learned to just roll with it," says Surge. "I.. I think I'm good for now? What about you? You wanna work on anything?" He deepens his stance, right foot shifting back, and begins popping some gentle playjabs are her midsection. "Gettin' rusty with anything?"

Marie stood there while he jabbed at her leather covered stomach and it was as firm and tough of a stomach as you'd find. "I think I'm good." She said after a moment with a grin at him. "Sides… I don't wanna upset the all powerful Surge… after havin' Sammy shock me last month, I'm over feelin that many volts goin through my body at once. I think I'll stick to not puttin my finger into any electrical outlets."

Surge jab-jab-jabs lightly against Marie's abs. They're good abs! At this point, it's gone from playful antics to bopping for its own sake. But he finally stops and just folds his arms over his chest. "Probably for the best. And y'know what's crazy? I've never done that. Here I am immune to electricity, and I've never pushed the envelope!"

Marie just stood there and took the hits, no big deal to her. She smirked though! "Yeah, well its not that fun. Its like… being completely numb and bloated at the same time. Weird as hell, infact." She tilted her head inside of her hood then when he stopped pummling her stomach and she smiled sweetly. "Its like them little fists of yours are like sweet little butterflies. All flutterin' around the room." She lifted up off of the ground again, sending another wave of water rushing out across the danger room's floor… and she started to float around him in a wide circle. "Tony made me an arc-tech bracelet that lets me touch folk." She announced to take, as she passed back around in front of him. "Vince and I had some fun the other night." She said at him with a grin.

"You talkin' smack about me, green?," asks Surge with a raised eyebrow and deliberately smug look. No, he doesn't expect anything to come of it. He doesn't /intend/ anything to come of it. He's not even being serious. Just tough-guy talk to counter her tough-girl sass.

When she begins circling him, he rotates to keep her in view. Her news gets stunned silence, and his mouth drops agape. "Wh-.. really!?," he asks. "That's huge! But- wait, didn't you.. I mean…" He hedges, not wanting to rain on her parade. But he's /so/ curious. "…didn't you.. not… want a fix?" He recalls their first conversation. She was hesitant at the idea of Hank trying to help her. But this? "And hey, whatever happened to him being a whiney emo?"

Marie smirked at this and just kept slowly circling around him with her legs bent at the knee and her cape just barely flowing behind her in the slow wind. "He still is." She said with a grin. "But its cute, sometimes." Her shoulders then shrugges inside of her fancy costume. "I didn't want a 'fix' that required like… altering my physical being. I didn't want drugs or x-ray machines shootin' laser beams at me… This thing Tony made is just a gold glowy bracelet that you can slip on and it senses my… suction and just kinda, blocks it, absorbs it? Denies it? I don't know… you know Tony doesn't really share his secrets."

"In this case, maybe he should," says Surge with a frown. "I mean… I know he's helping us now, but we have to be careful. If we don't know what that thing's doing /exactly/, it might be a listening device, or tracker, or.. collecting DNA samples to replicate your powers or something." He brushes a gloved hand over the back of his neck. "Maybe I'm being too cautious. I dunno. But those sentinels are acting weirder, and we've gotta be careful, y'know?"

It was here that Anna-Marie came to settle down onto the metal floor again, her heavy boots splashing down into the water. "Well, yeah, you're right of course. Safety first." She said with a small grin. She then exhaled and shook her head. "But I ain't even the one wearin' the thing, so I can't imagine its targeting me, if its targeting anyone… Eh… Tony's not the type to work for the Sentinels, he's already stuck his neck out for us once. So, yeah. I do trust him."

"Wait. Who's wearing it? You didn't track down Killian and hand it to him, did you?"

Oh. Wait. Killian went crazy and may try to cause trouble down the road. That technology could be very useful in quelling any problems that arise.

"I'm not trying to be a killjoy," says Surge guiltily, "I'm just… cautious."

This got Rogue to laugh as she shook her head. "Heck no." She said back at him. "Killian's gone. I got no idea where he is… I tried with him. I tried really hard and the kid's anger was just more'n any of us could handle. I sure hope he's okay. Because I liked him, I still like him… but I am guessin' he absolutely hates all of us now." She shook her head again. "But nah, Vince has the bracelet. I think if I took it from him, he'd get suspicious and jealous." She said with a grin, which faded as she thought of somethin' "Shit, its kinda like a key to me or somethin'. Man, thats kinda creepy…"

Surge hadn't even thought of that. When she makes the realization, the youngest X-Man winces. "Oogh… you're right. Rogue, girl, you gotta get your independance back! You don't need no man!" This sentiment is punctuated by a headweave and Z-pattern of fingersnaps. It was awful, and the grin that follows says he's very aware of it.

Rogue watches him doing this she gets a deadpan expression. "Shutup." She said with a laugh following her short reply. "Hey! Speakin' of… I saw your girlfriend at the donut hole down the road… Why does she look like she's lost and homeless?" She lifted her hands up then and pushed her hood off of her head recealing her wonderfully unkempt hair. "She was eyeballin' the donut case like a hungry dog."

"Oh, yeah? She mentioned that," nods Surge. He nips onto his lower lip and lets his gaze lower to the waterlogged floor of the Danger Room. "She's having a hard time fitting in. It's slower progress than I'd have hoped, but.. she's been homeless a while. It's a process, I guess." When his eyes lift to Rogue again, they're wide. "I know! She brought a donut back and absolutely refused to eat it! I did everything I could to get'er to!"

"That poor donut…" Rogue replied to him then with a frown. "It probably thought it wasn't good enough to be eaten… Aww… bless its heart." She put her left hand up over her chest. "I'd offer to devour it, but its been days now and its probably solid as a rock now." She huffed out a heavy sigh then and smiled at him. "Well, you need to drag her to social situations in the school. Make her mingle… thats how ya get her nestled in more. Vince was homeless too, ya know… and he's pretty much over it now I think. I think anyway."

"Vince just suckered onto the local hot teacher like a lamprey eel," teases Surge.

He then blinks.

"Actually, Jubilation's kind'a done the same thing. But I'm not a teacher. Whatever! Anyway, I'm trying to drag'er to things. She didn't even show up for the cookout on her birthday! ..Thank God." He exhales a breezy puff of air. "Anyway, I ate the Hell out of that donut. I pulled out the puppy eyes, she didn't even flinch, so screw it."

"Well I'm glad it found its home." Marie replied to him then with a small smile as she shook her head a little. "I've heard that some homeless folk, have a trouble going back to a life of… plentiful excess… That it makes them feel like they don't deserve any of it. Maybe she feels that way about the donut… that she's not good enough for it." She shrugged her shoulders then. "I ain't no head doctor though, I just heard that on Oprah once, I think." She shot out an exhale and glanced toward the control booth. "Well, I better go shut all this down and make sure Mega's not sleepin' up there."

"Could be. I dunno, she just seems so overwhelmed. Like an adopted kitten. S'precious, but at the same time, I worry about'er." Surge grins. "She's got those big eyes."

"Aaanyhoo. Yeah, I'll go ahead and ship off. But if you need anything, gimme a shout. I'll come runnin'. I might throw Jubilation at'cha for a girls' night, too! Fair warnin'!"

"If she's up for somethin' like that. I'm fine with it." Marie said back at him then as she started to float across the danger room floor toward the control room. "Just let me know." She smiled back at him while floating backwards. "And if you see Vince, tell him to 'share the key' and to 'stop hoggin' it'." She said this last bit with a grin as she did a backward slow-motion-flip in the air.

"Oh, sure!," calls Surge, "/That/ won't cause drama or nothin'!"

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