2015-07-15 Pietro and Raven at the Zoo
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Warning: N/A
Players: Pietro Raven
GMed by Pietro
Title: At the Zoo

New York: Central Park Zoo


For a weekday, the zoo is filled with families and children. The 'blessing' of summer. Pietro glides through the crowd earning few second glances from the passersby. His usual uniform is hidden beneath a worn set of jeans and an old jacket. Admittedly strange attire for the time of year.
The young man stops before a cage of primates, picking at the blue cotton candy in his hands as he studies tham picking at bugs upon their backs.

It is summer. It is quite hot and it is quite packed with unruly and arguably disgusting human creatures walking freely between the zoo exhibits. A lovely woman in a very nice and professional all-white attire steps up to the display beside Pietro and she looks at the monkeys as well. She stares silently at them for a moment before looking over at Pietro and offering him a small smile. A moment later this woman leaves and she walks away, mixing back in with the other pedestrian traffic.

Something bumps into Pietro's foot on the opposite side of him from where this woman had just been. Its a push-broom, a zoo service worker (janitor) is cleaning up around a trash can there. "Sorry, pal'y." He says to Pietro with a gruff New York accent.

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Pietro sends a glance in the woman's wake, as any hot-blooded Transian man likely would, before lifting a foot and sending a distasteful glance towards the janitor. "Move around me." He replies, narrowing his cold eyes then looking back at the apes. It's always an advanced game of where's Waldo with this woman.

"You got it, tough guy." The park worker said in response as he kept brooming at the ground, pushing some discarded cups and hotdog wrappers around in a pile, mixed in with some old crucnhy leaves and diiiiiirt. The worker steps around Pietro and onto his other side. "You see that hot tart that was just here?" He asked Pietro. "She was eye'in you like you were some kinda fruit, ready to be plucked!" The janitor guy started laughing at his own words, quite amused with himself. "You shoulda said somethin' to her, ya missed yer shot!"

Pietro frowns as he shifts away from the rail to study the janitor, tearing a piece of the candy and letting it melt in his mouth. "-what do you think I can offer a woman like her, hm?" He asks, lips snaking into an arrogant smirk. "I mean, I don't even have a /broom./"

"Its not your broom, dat'a womman like that wants." The park employee said with another heavy arrogant laugh. He then leaned on said-broom and reached out to slap the back os his right hand against Pietro's arm. "You gotta give her what you got, what she neeeeeds, pal'y." The guy just grinned at Pietro then. "Like that cotton candy there. What fine piece'a woman doesn't want some dried fluffy sugar treat, am I right?" He smirked then and there. "I'm jsut sayin'… ya miss a hundred percent'a the chances you don't take, right Gretzky?"

Pietro emits a heavy, weary sigh. "Fair point, 'Pal'y.'" He remarks, tearing off a piece and offering it to the janitor. "It certainly helps that it's blue, doesn't it?"

"Psssh… I guess, Chuck." The park worker responds with a shake of his head as he lowers his broom back down to the ground and starts pushing the pile he made toward his service cart that was sitting off on the opposite side of the pathway. "Keep your head up, kid! Never know what might happen if ya don't!"

"Ain't that just so." Comes another voice, this one from the opposite direction. There, leaning back against the metal railing is a red headed Raven, a face familar to Pietro. She was wearing a large sun hat and her red hair was draped down her shoulders. She was in human form, and just appeared to be an average (but quite attractive woman). She too had a puff of cotton candy all of her own. "This stuff is good, if… tooth rotting."

The park worker started pushing his cart down the pathway past them both. He looked at Pietro and gave hima big thumbs up!

"Damnit! Every time I think I have it…" He trails off, grumbling as he violently tears at his snack. "Your enjoyment of toying with me…at times I wonder if you're more cat than woman." Pietro muses, leaning back against the rail.
The candy is waved at the spot beside him. "Have anything good for me today? I mean, if you're /bored/ I might actually have something fun for you."

This achieved a small smile in Raven as she leaned forward to pull some of the cotton candy off with her lips, the pink puff of air-dried sugar water. "I stole a van loaded with already stolen jewelry." She proudly tells him. "It was entertaining… I have been living off of that laugh for awhile now. As well as the money it earned. You can have some of that if you want it." She said with a smile at him as she reached up with her free hand to dab at the corner of her mouth.

Pietro looks almost insulted by the insinuation. "If I wanted ill-gotten gains you know I'd enjoy taking them myself." He declares, giving his head a shake.
The rest of the cotton candy is devoured, leaving him, as always, hungry for more. He fishes through the pockets of his jacket to retrieve and apple and takes a large, crisp bite. "I've been doing some scouting. Not your way, my way. Found something big I've been studying for the better part of a year. Father has some questions but remains wary and unwilling to act without more information. Because he's /always/ slow to act." He grouses, snorting irately and waving the fruit at Raven. "You're better at getting the kind of information he needs than I am. Interested?"

"Hmm." Comes a soft reply from Raven as she listens to this from the associate. She pinches off another bit of the candied treat and pops it into her mouth. "In the spirit of sharing, this sounds like an intriguing opportunity." She tells him. "And you know that your father may seem slow to act, but when he does act… its with a massive force and an ability to get results that few of us could dream of… So have faith in him and his ways… reckless speed isn't always the answer, friend." She says at him with a small smile that lingers a moment. "So, what have you come across that you feel could use my personal touch?"

"It only appears reckless when /none/ of you can think fast enough to understand." Pietro derides, giving his head a shake. It is true that he had been reprimanded at great length for that assassination. She may be right.
His eyes study the woman curiously for a solid minute before he finally acquiesces.
"I found an island nation. Humans have gathered and enslaved a large quantity of mutants. Keyword: enslaved. They're using them for menial labor, using us for our powers. I have fairly accurate noted on the make and size of their military. Weapons, manpower, and technology." Pietro explains, taking another bite and chewing it down.
There's hesitation as he prepares himself to continue. "At his urging…I admit I have some information I want to collect that I'm not quite equipped to. I want to make contact with the slaves and learn of their morale. Wat is the framework of the human society and government? More importantly, /how/ are humans forcing mutants into slavery?"

This all left Raven rather quiet while she listened and casually picked at her cotton candy. It was something that internally upset her, obviously… but it also didn't surprise her at this stage of her life. This is the sort of thing she's been dealing with for a… long time. "Generally it means that the slavers have some sort of leverage over the slaves. Something that keeps them bound to their duties as a lesser-servant. Be it through an important hostage that the slavers are threatening the life of… or through something more devious, such as mind control." She paused and looked up at him. "All the same, I can certainly… poke around… and see what the situation is there. If this is what you want of me."

It's rare for Pietro to show outward concern to any but Wanda, but it is clearly there. "…I don't think it's something as simple as coercion. I'm afraid we have race traitors." He murmurs, pushing himself away from the railing and turning a very obvious, fearful stare to Raven.
"This is a new level of danger, Raven. We /need/ to save them, but…please be careful, sister. I'll ask father if he can make you an emergency transmitter. IF you're in danger, I want to be there to help."

This earned a smile from the woman for the young Pietro. "I appreciate your concern." She tells him, popping another pinch of her pink cotton candy into her mouth. "I am sure that I will be fine though. This sounds like a strange case, yes… but… I'm sure that these fools are underestimating the capabilities of our people." She glanced back down at the treat in her right hand. "That being said, we should proceed with some caution and not simply… rush in expecting to take the place with immediate force. It could fall with much less necessary action, such as simply cutting the head off of the snake."

"I know. That's…" Pietro narrows his sharp features into a disdainful glower. He is not comfortable admitting his shortcomings. "Thats why I came to you. I won't have mutants die because I was impatient. We /must/ save them."
He machines his way through the apple and tosses the core into the cage with the primates. Probably not smiled upon by the staff. "Genosha. It's a small island southeast of Madagascar. Stay in contact. Stay safe." No fanfare. He vanishes in a violent gust of air and a nearly imperceptible blue of silver.

* END *

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