2015-07-19 East River Recovery
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Rogue Pepper Tony Kurt Piotr
GMed by Rogue
Title: East River Recovery

Manhattan — East River

Kurt (NPC)
Piotr (NPC)

The first thing Rogue had done after ditching Bobby was fly straight to the trainyard outside of Bayville and get herself a nice big rusty old box car. The second thing Rogue did was lift said box car up over her head and lift up off the ground and fly toward New York City at a fairly unreasonable rate of speed. Her plan was to come in from the norhwest, curve around the island and hit the Sentinels parked at the Avengers building in the Upper East Side of Manhattan… but she hadn't figured on Emma pulling a particular card out and putting it into play. 'The Shut Down' card…

Rogue had been sent into the east river north of Manhattan, the cargo container had come down ontop of her and it may be what has allowed the young mutant to go undetected up to this point, by NYPD, harbor patrol and the coast guard…. not to mention SHIELD and the Sentinel patrols that were about as well. News helicopters, police helicopters, you name it… they were scouring all along Manhattan's eastern river.

Tony lefts going to the garage of the mansion where he left his motorcycle. Handing Pepper his extra helmet and climbs on, "JARVIS, lock onto her last known location and have a suit inbound on my position." he says when pulling the helmet over his head. "Better hold." he tells Pepper while revving up the bike. "Ready?" he asks a split second before taking off burning out the back tire.

She had her reservations about Tony getting that damn motorcycle, but not much she can say about it now. At least this won't scare her as badly as being carried thousands of feet in the air in his suit. She takes the helmet and pulls it over her head, settling behind him and wrapping her arms around his mid-section to hold on tight. She'll complain about helmet hair later. A brief nod is given, squeezing a bit tighter as he takes off so quickly.

In his ear JARVIS is giving him shortcuts and some of them aren't even streets. Tony is take the bike in places that might Pepper wet herself and he doesn't seem to care right now. "I think he has a lock onto her. With the shortcuts it should save some time." he says over the com share din the helmets.

It is that bit of recklessness that has always scared Pepper to an extent. There are times when she clings harder, or curses under her breath. Some of it she just tries to duck her head behind his shoulders just because she doesn't want to look, just in case they crash and burn. "Damn it, Tony, if I knew you were going to try and kill me I would have stayed." Though she can't quite mask the slight edge of fear at his current mood. JARVIS and her need to have a chat about 'acceptable shortcuts'.

Tony drives following all the directions coming to a stop by the river seeing nothing. Climbing off the helmet is removed, "I think she is down there." he points to the water looking back at Pepper. Holding his arms out wide his suit latches onto him and once fully in tact he flies up and then dives into the water searching for the location.
Pepper has disconnected.

Tony drives following all the directions coming to a stop by the river seeing nothing. Climbing off the helmet is removed, "I think she is down there." he points to the water looking back at Pepper. Holding his arms out wide his suit latches onto him and once fully in tact he flies up and then dives into the water searching for the location.

Once at the river, Pepper gets off the motorcycle and removes her helmet, hanging it off the back of it for the moment. She steps out of the way while Tony gets his suit on, looking to the river in concern. "I'll wait.." Splash, and he's gone! "Here." Pepper lets out a quiet sigh, shifting to rest her rear against the side of the bike's seat, arms folding lightly against her chest while she waits. Not much else she can do.

The authorities were searching the river furhter down, they'd started down stream and were moving up… The helicopters and ferries were all visible down a good several miles, but they were definitely on their way up this direction. JARVIS and Stark were correct, the box car had sunk like a rock and hadn't spent much of any time floating down river at all. Tony would be able to see it almost immediately, looming in the dark water with the sun setting off to the west behind Manhattan.

A presence suddenly appeared behind Pepper, large and tall. A deep voice suddenly boomed out behind her too. "Who. Are you." It asked. It was a very tall man, who's skin was covered head to toe in shining metal. Before she could respond a violet cloud of smoke flashed on the opposite side of Pepper and a much shorter form was now in front of her, it hissed at her and his eyes glared at her. It would seem that Nightcrawler and Colossus had arrived… And they did know Pepper…

Tony is down below as the other two are now speaking to Pepper, he does at least know Piotr of the pair. Banging on the side of the car he listens a moment. "I think she might be in an air pocket. If I cut into it the water can rush in and drown her." he says knowing Pepper can hear him.

Tony is down below as the other two are now speaking to Pepper, he does at least know Piotr of the pair. Banging on the side of the car he listens a moment. "I think she might be in an air pocket. If I cut into it the water can rush in and drown her." he says knowing Pepper can't hear him but maybe JARVIS has an idea.

Considering he's in the water and they are stopped, Pepper had taken off her helmet, not even considering that he could've used it for communication. Though as the voice is suddenly behind her, she straightens and whirls around, staring wide-eyed at Collosus, only to whip around again to find Nightcrawler. She backs up a step, nearly falling over the motorcycle before she opts to turn her sides to them and take a few steps back that way, carefully, trying to back away from them. "My name is Pepper Potts." A glance is given to the helmet she hung on the back of the motorcycle. She could hear a voice, but not make out what was said. If his comm is coming through, maybe the mic is still open and he can hear what is going on.

JARVIS would confirm that the girl is inside inside the car, he can pick her up life signs and he broadcasts a holographic image of her floating on her back in the cargo container juts on the other side of the metal wall from Stark. The AI goes through a small list of options, but ultimately suggests Tony just risk drowning the girl, becaus eshe was almost out of air anyway.

"Vhat are you doings here?" Hissed out Nightcrawler in a thick German tone as Pepper backed away from him. Colossus watched her as well and he glanced over at Kurt. "Emma said that they're taking human form now…" He said in his own thick Russian accent. He then looked at the helmet on the bike, having followed Pepper's eyes and he heard the voice as well. He picked the helmet up. "I think I know her, she's the brains being Stark's business." He says at Kurt and he lifts the helmet up to his metal-lined face to listen to the voice inside. "Stark?" Colossus says into the helmet.

Tony can hear Pepper talking to someone and then he hears a familiar voice, "I found Marie. I'm working on getting her out." he begins using an underwater tool to quickly cut throught the box car enough to let him inside but seeing the suit is too lage he ejects sending it to the surace empty to land on the riverbank while he swims into the boxcar grabbing onto Marie. Taking an apparatus he puts it into her mouth to allow her to breathe beneath the water. Swimming back to the hole he sends her first to let her float up to the surface though as he tries going out he gets a shoelace caught on something. Looking at his feet he tries freeing it in a rather awkward position to go backwards. Tapping something on his watch a shot is sent to the surface that Pepper would know to be his personal SOS.

Pepper still backs up a couple more steps away from them and the bike. Tony might know them, but she doesn't. "Taking a sunset ride?" Is the slightly nervous answer to Nightcrawler, though her attention falls more on Colossus. A slow nod is given at her 'designation', but if she's thought to be an imposter, not really much at all she can say that would prove otherwise at the moment.

The Iron Man suit landing on the river bank makes her jump, her nerves on edge after those two showing up and surprising her. And soon, Marie finds the surface as well. Though she isn't sure yet if these two are friendly or not. Though she's expecting Tony to be right behind her. And he's not. That shot a heartbeat later makes the color drain out of her features. "God, he's in trouble.."

Suddenly, now that Tony is in danger, she gets a bit brave. Or stupid, we'll see. She knows she won't be any good going down there to get him, and so she goes up to Colossus to try and snatch the helmet back. "I need that." If successful, she puts it on enough to try and talk into the mic: "JARVIS, Tony is in trouble, can you send his suit back to him? Anything?" Not quite unable to hide the panic from her voice. He's down there without a suit and the time is ticking.

Rogue's body flaots up to the surface of the water and she just quietly appears there in the dark river, almost like a corpose. Piotr looks up and sees the girl, he lets Pepper have the helmet and he shoves the motorcycle out of the way and starts charging at Marie's body. Nightcrawler turns around to see this display and hisses again before he hears Pepper's words into the helmet, he glances at the woman and then at the river… He tosses his trenchcoat off of and another cloud of purple haze he vanishes! !And reappears beneath the surface staring eye-to-eye with Stark, in a display that might surely scare the shit out of Tony. But it doesn't last very long before Kurt is hugging Tony and another sudden flash! !Flash, and they're back on the coastline, standing directly beside Pepper, Kurt hugging the taller Tony Stark, both of them sopping wet. "Hi zere, Mizter Stark." He says at Tony, before finally letting him go and moving toward where Colossus now held the limp body of Anna-Marie out of the water, walking back toward them with her.

Of in the distance, four rocket jets could be seen coming out of the city's skyline… JARVIS would speak up at this point. "The Sentinels parked in front of Stark Tower and Avengers buildering, sir, they're on the move. They're bound for the East River."

Tony coughs out as he is brought to safety upon the shore. "Thanks, Kurt." he gives a thumbs up before getting to his feet. "Pepper go with them and get Marie to safety. I'll take care of these idiots." he coughs a little more, "Just trust me. Piotr and Kurt teach at the school and can be trusted." a hand touches her cheek before engaging back into his suit. He opens a link toa student at the school, "Share this with everyone kiddo. JARVIS, engage the damce protocol and be prpeared to launch it." he takes off to the air.

When Nightcrawler just… poofs and disappears, Pepper has to just stand there and stare a moment. She'll never be fully used to all of these mutants and super powered people. When he returns with Tony, the helmet is dropped haphazardly as she turns to the two. "Tony! Are you alright?" She almost says something else as he touches her cheek, but then he is gone again inside the suit. "Remember your promise."

Turning to the other two, and the girl, once Tony is gone, she takes a small step closer. "Is she alright?" A glance is given to the bike. She's not sure where to go for safety at the moment… at least safe from THOSE things. And -drive- a motorcycle? Pepper? Yeah… no. She'd be more likely to go straight in the river. Or a wall. Or the ground.

The four Sentinels could be seen moving through the sky like missiles on a direct course for this location, their fire-trails sizzling in the dimness of the dying light of the July evening. They made their way toward the river and were down near the search crews and the Brooklyn Bridge…

"We have truck, let us go then." Piotr said as she started to walk up that road that Stark and Pepper had come down as well. The big Russian was stroking at Rogue's face, pushing strands of her hair out of her face. He leaves the rebreather where Tony had put it, figuring it may help her breath right now. "She is breathing…" He says. "Kurt, givez this Pepper the keyz." Nightcrawler was picking up his trenchcoat and walking after Piotr he turned then and offered Pepper the keys. He gave her a big fangy smile and then started to run off ahead of Colossus and Rogue. "Truck is just 'round ze corner!" He shouted back at them.

Tony is in the air now heading for the search crew and sentinels. "Hi." he gets their attention allowing his voice to boom while waving to them all. "Looks like you lost something. want to see something funny?" h has the program launched and the four sentinels start acting like the three stooges among each other and then start dancing like in a chorus line. "So here is a message from me and those of Xavier's School." he shoots up his middle finger in view of the camera before shooting missles at the robots making them all explode. "Instead of picking on innocent kids why not come get me asshole. Go anywhere near that school and my jericho missles will blow you straight to hell. Have a nice night." the camera is now directed so the students can see his face, "I got your back kiddos. The Avengers and SHIELD are on your side. Peace out." it goes black and he laughs zooming back to where he left the others to se eif they got away or nnt.

A nervous look is given to where the Sentinels are going, and Tony. She worries about him, always, but she knows he can handle himself. Turning back to the other two, she accepts the keys. This day has been on a constant fast track, barely allowing her to take a breath, but she's trying to take it all in stride. The smile is returned, if a bit distracted, and she goes to follow them without a word. Though to keep pace with a tall one like Colossus, she might have to partial jog, or at least fast walk.

Around to the Truck, she can't help but stare at it a moment, but ends up just shaking her head. "I'm not even going to ask." Getting in the driver's seat, she fumbles the keys a second before getting it started. Once the other two are in and settled, she drives off. "Where are we going, exactly?"

The Sentinels do indeed crumple before Tony's hacking prowess. He'd had plenty of time to study this particular models as they'd been parked in front ofhis property for some time… and of the Sentinel program, these particular ones were the largest and oldest models… so they weren't the most challenging of targets for Stark… Not like the one that poor Vince had had to deal with about this time last night, the incident that had set all of this into motion. News choppers, police choppers, they were all watching the show and they all watched Tony as he took off, but they couldn't keep up with him.

Piotr had gone to the back of the U-hual and opened the storage door, he crawled inside of it with Rogue and shut the door again. Nightcrawler flashed into the truck in the passenger seat and gave Pepper another friendly grin on his odd looking blue furry face. "Backz to Weztchezterz." He tells her. "We dump zis vehicle, get back in our originalz, good?" He leaned forward and slapped both of his hands on the dashboard, he was amped up. A moment later he was talking into a communicator. "We have ze rogue Rogue, returning to base."

Tony notes his bike is still there so he lands and ejects himself. Sending the suit on he puts on his helmet following the directions JARVIS gives to track them down. So the doors are open in the back and he picks up speed towards the truck going up to one wheel using a ramp type thing on the side of the road to fling him into the air and into the back. Cutting the engine, "Johnny Blaze eat your heart out." he takes off his helmet.

*< END>*

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