2015-07-19 New Poison Pt One
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: Substance Dealers and Use
2015 07 19
Players: Janie
GMed by Doc B
Title: New Poison Pt One

Walking through Little Italy, is a grizzled looking dude. Here and there he pauses whever he sees less-savory individual. He'll pause, having a seemingly straitforeward conversation with them. Agressive posturing doesn't phaze him. Rowdy hoodlums don't impress him. He'll speak his business to conclusion, before continuing on his way. The gentleman looks athletic, gruff demeanor, to be in his 50's or so, wearing a black windbreaker and slacks. Fairly typical leather shoes, shaved head, and a generic wrist-watch make him a somewhat forgetable individual. (Doc B)

Janie walks down the street, the black polo of the uniform with the green Star-Tech logo on the shoulders and the pocket standing out, while the kakis make clear it is a genuie dress of the avengers' main funder's employees. Though instead of a suitcase like most of the peopleworking for him, or a purse, it is two paperbags she carries, carrying the brand of some smaller food mart in Little Italy. And of course, she is short and looks pretty young for a wageslave of the huge company…

At the next group of unsavory indviduals, the grizzled gentleman after some simple discussions will make a hand-gesture, and they will produce a fairly substantial stack of cash. The older gentleman will then give a quick rifle to make sure there are no blanks in the stack, before pulling a case from inside his jacket. About the size to hold 3-4 fountain pens, or a set of eyeglasses. The case is black plastic/pvc, and has no clasps, as if it simply springs shut. He hands the case to the unsavory fellows before him, and tucks the cash into his jacket. With an utterly emotionless 'have a nice day' he turns and continues his meandering. (doc b)

Janie walks down the street, the food baggage on her arms swaying a bit as she moves. A 1-gallon milk canister jiggles under the steps, and the short woman - or is girl the better term? - has to stop a moment to rearrange the two paperbags, so nothing falls. You can't get a taxi in NY with a credit card… Not even if it is a Stark-Tech company one…

The older gentleman turns and heads into a local gym / fitness emporeum. The 3 hoodlums who made the purchase however, all look as the one flips open the little black case, revealing 3 syringes with an off-white yellowish fluid. "The look small dude" says one of the goons. Another says "If they work, what's it matter what size the syringe is?" And the 3rd thug will take one of the syringes, and inject it's contents into his arm. His compatriots pause, and watch carefully waiting for a response from him. (doc b)

Janie doesn't know of any of the ongoings, so just moves on with the groceries…

The first thug who injected himself morphs, literally, into a different person. Every ounce of fat is consumed and converted into muscle. He even seems to shring a few inchest. The process seems painful as he grits his teeth as his muscles twitch unconsiously. After a few moments the process finishes, and he is a new man. Eyes of a different color open, and he turns giving a nearby dumpster an exploratory punch. The impact BOOMS down the alleyway from the impact on hollow steel panel. Not true super-strength, but a typical goon has in a matter of moments been re-shaped into the absolute peak of human potential. "That hurt like hell," (exaggurating or he'd have been screaming his head off) "but it was worth it" and he grins with a feral snarl, moving out to the sidewalk to start some trouble. The other two goons pause at the thought of the other two syringes for a moment, following thier re-formed (not reformed) compatriot. (doc b)

Janie doesn't pay the brute getting upon the sidewalk too much attention, having hers mostly upon balancing the two bags of food and not running into people. "I need that next train to be at the mansion in time for tea…" she mutters more to herself.

The amped up goon starts pushing people on the sidewalk, getting very aggressive with them. "You want a piece of me, pal?" Most people have no desire for a piece and scurry off, sometimes with a push. The two other thugs just watch for the moment, as their buddy starts trouble on the sidewalk. The amped up thug seeing Janie, turns saying "what do we have here" and takes an agile step foreward, attempting a downward swat at the milk-jug to knock it out of her hands. (doc b)

Janie eyes up just in time to make a jump back, the groceries spilling on the ground. Milk, eggs, flour and other food liters the ground as Janie retreats two steps, the arms lifted in a defensive manner. "Mister Stark will be pissed…" she mutters, glaring at the brute. What can she do against him? Well, the best she can think about that moment is a wedgie extreme, pulling at his panties with her telekinetic power, and slowly trying to rework the cut of them a bit, so the tight grasp around the brutes orbs will stay even if she releases the pull.. though that would take some time… ((like 2 to 5 rounds))

The Amped up goon Groans and hunches over, before suddenly franticly clawing at his pants. Desire to fight redirected currently at whatever problem he's currently having 'down there'. He ends up on his knees *in the flower, eggs, milk, ect* desperately trying to fix the problem. The other 2 goons take a step back having no idea what just happened. (doc b)

Janie slowly backs away, hoping to get into the crowd again, as she tries to turn the boxers the guy is wearing into a tool to… well, the very tool farmers use to remove a goat's man-parts - a sturdy string tied around them, so they rot off in about a week. But that takes some time and concentration, and she tries to move away backwards the same time…

The Amped up goon literally shreds his underwear with a single heave, and starts franticly fidgeting around for the string causing serious problems. The syrum not only amped up his strength, but also his agility, and durability. It shouldn't take him too much longer to sort this issue out, but for the moment he's completely ignoring Janie. He hasn't dealt with many exotic powers before. Or really any. The two associates say "Dude, what's the problem?" making no move to help another dude fidget around in his crotch.

Janie smirks as the guy literally strips down in public, and obviously someone does call police for public exposing, and while she is by far not finished with trying to make it one man less, she sees that she has to change tactics. Still retrating, she targets the shoelaces of the guy next to her first victim, tying them together for the left buddy together. That is something she does with her own shoes all the time… why bend when you can do without?

The two associates aren't moving. They don't care about the girl their friend was hassling, and as long as he's having genital difficulties he's on his own. None of the three, for the moment are paying her any attention. The Amped up dude finally gets ahold of the miscreant thread and begins undoing it's shinanygans. Very soon he's not going to be too distracted to think about other things. (doc b)

Janie chuffs as she repeats the game for the other pair of shoes, a mild headache starting in her forehead as she dives into the cover of a car, looking over it as long as she still ties the knot, before she dives to cover, pressing herself against the grill of the Pickup.

The amped up thug sighs in releif, cradleing his tender members. Finally with a rip he shreds the remainders of his boxers tossing them aside, and pulling up his pants. He glares around looking for the girl as he stands up, but she isn't anywhere obvious. What is obvious is all the poeple on thier phones or taking snaps. He grumbles to his compatriots about getting out of there, and starts heading toward the allyway. The two associates turn to follow suit, and immediately trip on thier sabotaged laces. More exasperations and grumbling as they start fixing that mess as the crowd chuckles at the antics.

Janie peeks over the edge of the car again as she hears them fall, so she can work a tiny bit of her magic upon their dress again. This time she targets the briefcase of one of them though, giving it a little yank so it ends on the ground. Just make them leave a little trail for the cops to follow…

(OOC:) Dr.Bouchillon says "no briefcase, just plainclothes. could un-stitch a jeans back-pocket though"

(OOC:) Janie says "uh,.. wallet? is that the term I look for? The think they have money and drivers license in…"

(OOC:) Dr.Bouchillon says "wallet works."

One of the thugs fixing his shoelaces, doesn't notice the stitching come undone on bis back pants-pocket. With an un-ceremonious plop his wallet hits the ground un-noticed. Finally the trio sort themselves out and beat a hastey retreat down the alleyway before anything else can go wrong. (doc b)

As they vanish, Janie moves to her mess… and then the wallet, waiting for the police to arrive. "Those freaks did mess up my groceries and tried to beat me… and one lost his wallet…" she will tell the first questioning officer.

After several minutes *new york traffic* the police arrive. After talking initially, they will collect the wallet pointed out by Janie, take her statement, and ask her if she would like to press assault charges? If she doesn't want to decide immediately they will give her a copy of the police report to discuss with a lawyer.

Police report does NOT include street drug content.

Later, stark tech lawyers will persue legal actions pertaining to assault against a minor, and vandalism of stark tech property less then 5000 dollars USD, and exposing genitals to a minor.

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