2015-07-19 No reason to stay
This scene is rated PG-13
Warning: Cussing, Gore
Players: Killian, Vincent
GMed by Exitar
Title: No Reason to Stay

It's early afternoon in the suburban street where the Rosen family resides, pretty much your stereotypical family home, nice enough house, lawn, garage with a basketball hoop near the top and a smudge where it looks like something has been resently washed off the wall. Outside the house are two Killians, well one Killian and one twin Liam, playing ball and taunting each other between shooting hoops, picture of a normal family home.

A certain yellow harley pulls up outside the Rosen residence, grumbling up to the sidewalk with what should be a familiar face in an open face helmet. Vincent pulls up against the curb and sets his feet down with a small stretch of his hands off the bars. One hand stays up towards the twins out front. "Hey!" Then he blinks and asks, "Um, Killian and um, Killian?"

At the end of the street, it appears as if it's that glorious time of day that mail finds itself worked into mailboxes. Bills and junk, really. An aging mailman pulls the white truck to the end of the street and begins sorting and arranging items by address.

His wrinkled brow crinkles into a squint as he struggles to read some of them. Patty said he needed bifocals, but, damnit, he wouldn't hear none of that.

Both boys stop what they're doing as they hear the bike getting closer, Kaden has one and he's due back in a bit but the two quickly realise it isn't their brother when they see the bike itself. Reckognising Vincent Killian puts up a hand, "Hey", with Liam doing it at the same time. "What are you five? Liam this is Vince, he's with that school I went to, Vince this is Liam". Liam shrugs when Killian comments on the wind up before holding out a hand to Vincent, "Nice to meet you", he spots the van "Oh, mail's coming Kian, might have dad's package".

Vincent stays on his bike and tries to get Killian to come over. "Hey, mind if I have a word with you?" Vincent asks, putting his helmet on the gas tank in front of him. It is a long drive, especially on a motorcycle. "It's about school." He gives Liam a nod but not much more, he's never the talkative type.

Henry Tucker lifts one of his chubby hands to angle his pith helmet back and wipe the sweat from his brow, easing his attention from the mail in his hands to the sun outside. "Neither snow nor heat nor gloom…" He curses under his breath.

Henry divides the mail into bundles and slides them into his messenger bag. It's difficult for him to remember the heart medication since the surgery, but he manages to do so. He unscrews the cheap, white plastic cap from the orange tube and removes a pill, washing it down his parched throat with water. Kicks like a damn mule.

The door slides open and Henry steps out, gripping his shorts to pull them high and limping to the first house on the block.

Killian nods at Vincent and looks over at his brother, "Mind going inside a sec Li? Just need a couple of minutes". Liam nods and starts heading inside, "But this means I won by the way!", and the door shuts before Killian can argue that. He heads over to Vincent, "Did you want to come indoors, don't think the mailman can hear us or would understand anything said but… you want a drink or something?"

"I was actually going to swing by that diner I saw on the way into town, if you wouldn't mind coming with me?" Vincent asks with a soft nod and a look over his shoulder towards the mailman just curious where he was after Killian mentions the man.

Henry still appears distant, near the front of the block as the duo go about super, secret business. Oblvious and agitated by mundane worries.

Killian nods, "Yeah sure, if you'd rather talk there, I'm just gonna quickly text indoors to say I'm heading out, they've been a little overprotective since I got back", he pulls out his phone to text Liam about where he's going so he can pass the message onto whoever might ask.

Vincent hands his helmet over towards Killian and gives him a nod before he starts the bike back up and gives it a few revs. "We'll be back shortly." He says over the rumble of the bike and after Killian sits down, he dries off towards the diner.

Killian nods and puts on the helmet before climbing on the back of the bike, looking back at the house he figures his appointment today will just have to be reschedualed, they wouldn't send Vincent all the way out here if he didn't have something important to say.

Vincent and Killian make it to the diner without much of an issue, other than Vincent not remembering where it is exactly. Eventually it's found and Vincent steps into the doorway with a small jingling bell setting off as a warning that new customers are entering. He gives a nod to the wait staff and moves to an empty booth where he waits for Killian to join him.

Killian pulls off the helmet and follows Vincent into the diner wondering why he picked this place, shrugging he heads over to the booth, "What made you want to come here? sudden craving for a hot dog?", the menu on the wall does appear to offer ever variation of the hot dog there is.

The only person on duty looks as if he may be the owner. And older man, heavyset in an apron draped over an old wife beater and a pair of cargo shorts. He may have had a hairline once, but it has long since left with only a tufted ring of grey from ear to ear. His massive jaw sets into a stable frown as he gathers a pair of menus and heads to the table, passing one to each customer. "'ey, how you boys doin?" He asks, looking at each then rubbing his eyes. Weird. "Name's Bobby. What can I get each of youse to drink?"

Killian looks up at the guy as he hands them menus before nodding, "Yeah, can I get a water please?", he looks to Vincent to see what he's gonna say, this is afterall where he wanted to go and Bobby is waiting.

"Doin' alright." Vincent responds, "I'll have a tea." Vincent then looks to Killian, "I came cause I've been craving a good burger for a while." Vincent says. After a time he whispers to Killian, leaning forward on his elbows. "I was sent by Emma, y'know, your best friend." Vince starts off with a bit of a joke. "She wants to make sure you're not talking to anyone about what you know."

"You got it boys. I'll be back with those drinks." Bobby replies with a wry chuckle, clenching and rubbing at his eyes as he lingers longer than he should before waddling away.

Vince's little joke does get a chuckle before Killian shakes his head, he waits for Bobby to walk off before actually saying anything, "No don't worry, no matter how pissed off I might get I'm not gonna say anything, doing that would have two results, people thinking I'm nuts or getting the mansion raided", "I don't look good in a straight jacket and people I care about live there and a bunch of innocent kids, saying anything would just get people hurt".

Bobby comes back with a glass in each hand, setting down the water for Killian and the tea for Vincent. He wipes the condensation on his apron, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose a moment before bringing out a notepad and pencil. "Sorry, guys. One hell of a headache today, I tell ya! What can I get each of ya?"

Vincent looks up to Bobby as the man drops off their drinks and whispers. "Cheese burger all the way, and chips." The young healer gives a soft nod to Bobby before he turns his head and wits for Killian.

Once Bobby leaves, Vince looks back at Killian, "It's less about you and more about our enemies. She would like you to come back and talk to her about the consequences of the things you know and have done."

Killian looks from Vincent to Bobby as he comes back over, "Errm, can I just get a plate of fries please?", once Booby leaves he raises an eyebrow at Vincent, "Consequences of what I've done? I pissed her off and she kicked me out, consequence is pretty clear there", he takes a sip of water, "When you say what I know, you mean she wants me to go back so she can do some sort of mind wipe right?"

Vincent nods softly to Killian, "That's what I understand." He takes a sip of his brown drink and laces his fingers. "She's all about that compartmentalization. I don't claim to know her or her plans, but she was very serious about getting you back there, for at least an afternoon or night." Vince lowers his drink and grabs a napkin from the side condiment area and then brings the ketchup bottle over to his side of the table.

Bobby grunts as he takes the orders down, wheezing slightly as he turns to walk back to the kitchen to deliver the orders. His waddle turns into a stumbling shuffle as he grips his arm and winces with pain. His eyes slam shut forcefully as tears begin to stream down. "Christ almighty! My fuckin' head! My Chest!" He wails.

Bobby collapses to his knees and doubles over, heart racing and stuttering as his breathing heightens. "Christ, no! I'm havin' a heart attack!"

Killian is about to tell Vincent that there is no way Emma is getting free reign to go poking though his head making changes when Bobby suddenly collapses onto the floor, "F**k!". He gets to his feet and pulls out his cellphone to call 9-1-1, "Vince, can you see if he takes any meds or anything?"

Vince looks over and turns around in his booth to see if there's anyone around the building that could help more than he can. Vince spots no one and quickly slides out of the booth and onto his knees next to the man. "Do you take any medicine or anything? Do you have asprin in the back?" Vince tries to ask the man about his own howls and grumbles of pain.

Killian is now on the phone with the 9-1-1 dispatch, "Hello? Can I get an ambulance to the diner of the coner of…", he gives the address, "…there's a middle aged guy here, I think he's the owner and he's having a heart attack I think, can you send someone?".

A great snapping of bones comes from Bobby's crumpled form, loud enough it seems more like frozen branches snapping in a winter storm. His skin begins to crack and tear, leaving streams of blood trickling down his arms and bald head.

"The fuck does that /mean/?! M-Mutant?!" Bobby screams in anguish, spitting up more crimson into the floor before him. "The fuck…does…tha-" His voice is strangled away with a mechanical grinding as his face snaps aside to center a vacant stare at Vincent's face. The cracking on his slashed features is familiar. Reminescent of something larger. More conspicuous. "Mutant lifeform detected." Bobby's electronic voice reverberates throughout the diner. He lifts his arm and spreads his fingers, flesh sloughing away to reveal a titanium hand with a single point of light in the palm. A violent beam of energy explodes from the cybernetic limb towards Vincent's face. "Sentinel Prime Unit 0143 activated."

Killian quickly looks over when he hears the word mutant and feels the shift of energy as the thing inside bursts out, dropping his phone he runs and dives at Vincent trying to knock the man out of the way of the attack.

Vincent's already up and moving away from the diner owner as he starts to crack and split. "Killian, get out of here! Get back to the school! Let them know-" He grabs Killian's hand and shoves the motorcycle key into the young mutants hand. "Go. Now." Vince then stands up and puts himself between the mutant and the sentinel, both arms cut open on the interior side as blades spin out at his wrists cutting the meat of his arm and hand for a brief moment. The healer zips his wounds up rapidly and defends Killian. "Don't argue, GO!" Vince starts to step up, to buy Killian time to leave.

Killian can't just go! Not without at least giving Vincent a fighting chance, near the door he pulls off a glove and puts a hand over a electrical outlet absorbing as much as he can, focusing on what he discussed with Samuel he tries to release it as a pulse to EMP the Sentinel as he backs out the door towards the bike.

As Prime Sentinel 0143 rises to his feet the remains of Bobby's skin tears away like construction paper. The hollow eyes sunken into the gaunt, skeletal face shimmer to scarlet points of light as the reactor spins itself to full capacity. When it reaches full height it towers nearly seven feet tall, wearing nothing of the former, unwitting host but the wife beater, an apron, and several errant strips of meat. The recording of Vincent and Killian's conversation plays, nearly deafening before the synthetic voice follows suit. "Uplink initiated. Upload complete. Identify terms: Emma. Mansion."

Though apparently a statement of internal instructions, it seems clear that the synthetic is questioning the duo. "Video upload complete. Neutralizing." The second arm raises and both palms begin to fire beams of violet at Vincent.

"Don't help me, go. Or so help me god I'll erase your mind myself!" Vincent says with his teeth gritted and his rage at it's fullest. That's when he rushes the sentinel, his left and right blade aiming to pierce into the things shoulders.

Killian would stay and fight but there are several factors that make Killian think he should for once do as he's told, one the sense of urgency in Vincent's voice and how he's fighting to give him a head start, two the fact that this thing was completely unphased by the EMP and three it just mentioned the mansion and he has no idea how much of their conversation it heard. Oh and four Vincent sounds displeased by the idea of help. So with a "Good Luck!", he's out the door, on the bike and heading off as fast as he can get it to go.

"Genetic dampener: intiating." 0143 states, reaching down to clsp Vincent by one wrist and allow the mutants other claws to slam into reinforced chassis. "Genetic dampener: online."

Vincent's claws snap apart like balsa wood against the sentinel, shredding his arms and sending shards of bone spiking through the skin. There is no visible sign of healing to either Vincent or Killian. While its organic adversary is otherwise overwhelmed with shock and pain, Prime Sentinel 0143 reaches forward with his free hand and gently removes Vincent's head with surgical precision. The body drops like a sack of bricks as it turns to face Killian through the window and begins striding forward with a whirring of servos and grinding of steel on stone. The sentinel releases its vice grip of Vincent's head, alowing it to drop and roll ahead of it before crunching it under the purposeful path towards Killian.

Killian tries to force himself not to think about the grusome way Vincent just died and guilt that he didn't do anything to stop it, he just forces the bike to go as fast as he can away, Vincent was right, someone needs to let the mansion know, they need to know what just happened and the Vincent is gone.

"Distance to target increasing. Acquiring signal. Signal established. Accessing surveillance." The Sentinel pauses a moment to unch a path through the wall, stomping into the panic of the street. It's head turns from one side then the other, scanning the area with a complex suite of sensors the rockets into the air when the thrusters at its feet engage. "Target acquired. Download complete. Course set: Master Mold."

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