2015-07-19 Sunday Fundays
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Players: Marie Bobby Emma Killian Scott
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Title: Sunday Fundays

X-Mansion: Main Foyer
As one steps through the large front door, the first they see is this magnificent foyer. It fits the mansion, being in a graceful and classic style that seems so uncommon for a modern era like this.
Dark wood accents take the primary amount of space within the foyer, as well as with the rest of the building. There are two expensive hallways, one going east and another west and these halls are lined with large wood doors, pantings on the walls and sculptures resting atop simple pedestals. There are chairs and tables setup in groups in some of the more open spaces of the foyer where classes are sometimes held in conjunction with one another.
The other main feature of the foyer is the staircase that sits against the wall opposite of the main entryway. A very wide set of stairs lead up to a mid-level landing that has a very large picture-esque window with gorgeous stained glass tinting the sunlight when it shines through to a golden-hue in shade. The staircase splits and two additional cases lead one upward to the east and one upward to the west.


"Sunday fundays!" Marie said as she was stepping out of the east wing hallway with a large wooden bedframe held up in her hands on one end. It was a new student's birthday today and he was a big guy… so Marie had come up with the bright idea of making him a new bed, after having heard him complain about the one in his room being too small. So, with Logan's help down in the workshop she was trying to correct that. She'd dragged Bobby into this too, since Vince was still up in his room sleeping. "Hey, maybe you can ice the stairs on the way down and we'll just push the old one down into the store room." She said with a grin to her oldest friend here at the school as they made their way into the foyer.

Bobby carries the other end of the frame, "Bed surfing on the steps! I am sure that would be fun and you know all the students would bring out their matresses." he turns balancing the frame with the back of his hands. "Alright ready for the climb?"

Standing at the bottom of the steps, looking up towards Marie and Bobby, a certain white clad headmistress stands with her arms crossed beneath her chest. "Don't be doing anything foolish you two." Emma says towards Marie and Bobby, though her eyes linger on Marie's for a moment longer than she normally does. "When you two get down, I believe we have something to discuss."

Killian is standing in the corner of the foyer where Emma left him after walking him in, trying to process things and very much trying not to throw up, he was dreading telling the folks here what happened as is, he's really not ready to have to tell Marie, fighting the urge to run he waits until he's called.

Marie was the one having to walk backwards with the frame, she volunteered to do it. It was a big damn block of wood that she and Bobby were carrying, well carved and stained a dark color. She could've lifted it by herself, but moving furniture is about grace and strength… you don't want to slam into a bunch of stuff in a place like this, leaving behind marks and scuffs everywhere. Anna-Marie heard Emma's voice and glanced back at her as they neared the stairs, then before responding to her she saw Killian. She took her right handd off of the bedframe and waved at him. "Hey there." She said softly at the kid… she knew what Emma planned to do to him, and it made her sad. Her eyes went to Emma then. "We gotta do a buncha shit up there, so you may as well say your words now." She told her and looked to Bobby. "We can set it down here, can take a break." She smiled at her friend on the other end of the frame.

Bobby nods his head setting the frame down gently. "A break sounds good." he tells her looking at Emma and Killian both given a little wave. "So whats up?" he asks Emma noticing the look given to Marie that lingered longer than normal.

"Marie, come down, have a seat." Emma says, motioning towards the steps and then looking a Bobby with a hidden frown. Moving out of the way of Killian, while turning to face the youngest she gestures with a hand towards the boy to come up and speak.
Killian can't even look at Marie knowing what he knows, he's also fully aware of what Emma is planning on doing with him, Vincent pretty much out and told him but he couldn't let the guy die and not come here and warn everyone like Vincent asked him to, he looks up when Emma gestures at him and makes his way over.

Marie set down her edge of the bedframe on the steps and she put her left arm up ontop of it to proper herself up. "I don't need to sit down. I'm fine." She said with a flashed grin, glancing from Emma then over to Killian. "What happened?" She regarded Killian. "Are you alright, Killian? Jose and Sam are around, they're gonna flip out when they see ya." She said at him with a small grin.

Bobby moves around until he is standing next to Marie feeling for some reason he needs to be there. "Yeah whats going on?" he asks them.

Emma shakes her head at Marie gently but doesn't say anything else to the belle. "Go on Mister Rosen." Emma whispers.
Headphones on, Scott's in a good mood still! He's listening to some crappy music on his headphones too! What is it? It sounds like 8 bit video game music. He waves to the group; as he passes through. He really wants to go for his jog it seems as he doesn't seem to even react to the fact that Killian is in the mansion; the very person he and Drake were fighting about bringing back last week. Scott mentioned in front of his brother, Alex, that he wanted to bring Killian in to sort things out and Drake fought Scott on that concept. But now he's back!

Scott checks his running shoes laces while his noise cancellers do their work.

Killian still can't look at Marie but goes on when prompted, "Earlier today Vince came to talk to me about coming back to have something dealt with and we were talking at a diner", he takes a deep breath, "Something happened with the guy that ran the place, he… a sentinel came out of him, it called itself a prime?", "Vince tried to fight but it said something about a power dampener and… and Vince…", he forces himself to look Marie in the eye, "I'm sorry, Vince didn't make it".

Marie's eyes had gone to the presence of Scott when he showed up, she could hear the music in his headset even, it sounded like NSync or something, which made her smirk a little. But then she regarded Killian as he spoke. His words just fell onto her and she stared at him through them, and after them. "What are you talkin about?" She said, shaking her head. "Vince is up in his room sleeping. He sleeps in like, every Sunday… like a bear." She looked over at Bobby and then to Emma. "What is this? Some kinda sick of fuckin' joke?" She asked the headmistress. "Some new memory you put in him?"

Bobby looks at Scott as he walks inside. He puts a hand on Marie's arm as she begins to lose it. Not another students! And it just has to be the one Marie is dating. "Marie.. You know she wouldn't do that." he says softly to her hating the thought that this is true.

"He just arrived Marie." Emma says softly, not taking her eyes off the younger woman. She can feel the thoughts coming off Marie and just allows them to come, she doesn't try to calm Marie down or console her, or even convince her what Killian said, she just answers the questions, "No, not a joke Marie. I haven't gotten to Killian's mind yet." She may not now… The awkward one in the room is shot a glance before she thinks to Scott, /Situational awareness honey. Something we need to work on.
/What? I can't go for my Sunday afternoon jog without being forced to talk to everyone all the time? I kind of was looking for some quiet time now that I've been spending all my time with you, Drake, and Alex. I just needed some 'me' time before I get stressed.\ thinks Scott as his smile fades to a neutral expression. The fight with Drake has him actually wound up.

Killian freezes up not sure what to say with Marie so visibly upset, he does however reach into his pocket and hand something to Emma, Vincent's motorcycle keys. Other than that it's mostly blaming himself for Vince not making it, there must've been something he could've done.

Marie looked over at Bobby, though her expression was one of disbelief and she seemed to be going a few shades lighter in tone. "I don't know that she wouldn't do that!" She says to him before looking back now to listen to Emma and then see Killian hand the familiar keys over to the white queen. This transaction made her react. Marie released her hold on the bedframe and the huge bulky piece of wood went toppling over toward the staircase railing… and the young woman leapt straight up, she didn't fly because it wasn't a straight shot to the upper floors… she leapt, like a wolverine. Once on the third floor she could be seen zipping away down the hallway toward Vince's, blowing past a group of students who were up there coming down the stairs past her, they all looked rather wide-eyed at this display.

Bobby watches as she does this, "I got this." he tells them while being sure the frame doesn't go over the railing. Once secure he heads upstairs to find Marie.

Emma releases a gentle sympathy filled sigh as Marie leaps off up stairs. She then looks over to Scott. "None of us said you couldn't go for a job, I'm just asking you to be a bit more observant, a bit more conscientious. Please." Emma says towards Scott and then turns her attention to Killion and the keys in her hand. She glances at them for a moment before she clutches them and looks back up the stairs.

With the head phones still on and blocking any real noise, Scott just uses his hands to try and form what looks like a heart as he heads out for walk; almost completely oblivious to what is going on. Fortunately for him too! He does spot Marie going off but he assumes that Killian or Jose did something wrong. This is a good a time to run away before he gets stuck with the paperwalk! He continues to head out and to enjoy his Sunday!

Killian watches Marie run off and almost goes after her before figuring he's probably the last person she'd want to see right now, instead he forces himself to focus and get a hold of himself for the moment, "Vince wanted me to get straight here and warn you, I think he thought there might be more, the guy was so normal, these things could be anyone".

Marie appraoched Vince's bedroom door and she shoved the thing open, cracking the doorframe and sending the door itself in and onto the floor where it slid across the carpet a few feet. At this point, some of the students she'd flown past in the hallway were now coming to see what the teacher was doing, a group of six students of various ages and sizes watched her rush into the room and wildly search about it, looking in the bathroom and then back out into the main room. To say that she was acting frantic, would be an understatement. "I brought him here!" She shouted at no one in particular. She looked up at the kids, but didn't really 'see' them. "To be safe!" She yelled more, part of her wanting to cry, the part of her… a swelling rage that was making her skin boiling hot.

Bobby follows her into the room, "Marie…" he walks over trying to pull her into a hug if she will allow it. He really doesn't know what he can say about it.

Emma lets Scott go, things are going on that she can help with this more pressing situation before she stops herself mid thought. "No." She says towards Scott. Then she turns her head and says, /Another student and helper is dead. I don't want anyone outside these walls for a time. If you must jog, go to the gym downstairs.
Scott sighs and looks back at Emma as he takes his headphones off. That's two dead students and helpers in about a month. All in this summer too. He tries to digest this but he can't help but ask, "Who? Which one?" His focus goes to Emma as he hopes he doesn't hear the name 'Alex' or 'Drake' - not that whoever died is any less important. "I'm gearing up and going to get some results." He doesn't wait for the name as he turns around and heads up to his room.
Having done what Vincent asked him to do Killian decides he should probably go now, he's not a part of here anymore and by coming back here all he's done is hurt Marie, trusting that with a pre-warning Emma and Scott can put up a defence to keep everyone else safe he moves towards the door to slip out and try and find a way back to Boston.
I don't understand that.

Marie shook the hug off from Bobby, she was too worked up for any gesture such as that… not that she was mad at him, but her mind was elsewhere at the moemnt. She was pacing inside of Vince's room and she had her phone out… dialing his number. She heard the infamous 'busy' sound, she disconnected the call and tried again. The same painful busy signal sound. This made the young girl scream and throw her phone against the wall where it shattered into a literal shower of pieces that scattered across the room. She looked over at Bobby. "I'm gonna kill ever last one of them." She said at him with gritted teeth, her head shaking. "Not the robots. Fuck the robots. I'm going straight for the people makin' them." She pushed her sleeves up on her white cuff-off shirt and then started to stomp her way back toward the hall, the cloud of students parted to let the white-brown haired teacher move between them. She rushes past Scott on his way up the stairs… she glares at him, gives him a death stare, but doesn't say anything as she descends the staircase at a rapid pace.

Bobby watches all of this and then runs after her, "Marie! Stop!" he is trying to catch her as she goes down the steps. Foot catching on the bedframe he tumbles into a roll down to the floor cracking his head on the bottom step. Sitting up slowly blood trickling down from his head over his face.

Emma steps in front of Scott, attempting to prevent him access to the path he desires. "You will do no such thing." She looks over her shoulder, up the stair case at the howls of Marie, "It was Vincent." Emma whispers, her hand moving tenderly towards Scott's. "You can not go off on your own. Especially with the thoughts of harming anything or anyone." Emma speaks, so it is. Then Emma looks past Scott towards Killian, "Mister Rosen, you will be staying here for the time being. I will inform your parents that you are at the safest place you could possibly be during this time." Then she does something absolutely stupid. Emma turns and stands as firm as ever in front of Marie. "You will do no such thing!" Her voice is booming and consuming. Emma's trying to keep this school in one piece and the students in the number of pieces they're accustomed to. Then Bobby takes a spill. "Bobby!" Emma yelps and steps forward to try and give him any assistance she can. With a frown she lifts his head to her lap. Her hand moving through his hair to his wound. "Are you okay?"

"I'll do what has to be done and I'll do it as I'm in charge of what goes on with certain things. I'm going off and just doing recon." says Scott as he continues to head up thanks to Bobby acting as a distraction. He does pause though to make sure that Mr. Drake is okay. Scott feels that the focus on the school and the students has been distracting him for too long for focusing on the real mission he was assigned to; leading the X-Men. Playing teacher was nice but the war is going on and he needs to lead the charge to stop it.
"Miss Frost, I'm going to just head out to see if I can get some intel on what's going on and to deal with this threat. If we're going to be having out students be at risk, then we should be prepared to deal with these threats." He automatically knew it was a Sentinel threat as it's the only thing he can imagine. "I've heard whispers of other mutants organizing in New York City to deal with things. I'm going to see what they know and if they can be our allies."

Killian just stops where he is when Emma tells him too, he's in no way arrogant enough to think he can handle any of this on his own, to be completely honest he is terrified, he can't get the image of when that thing did to Vincent out of his head, he does however call out a warning to Scott, "They can be people!".

Rogue came face to face with Emma and she glared right at the woman… and Bobby just saved her from forcing Rogue's hand in making Emma get out of her way. "Try'n stop me." She told the headmistress before she glanced back at Bobby, but both Scott and Emma were tending to him… nothing she could do there anyway. She rounded the last steps and moved down into the main foyer, passing by Killian and not even looking at him she moved toward that eastern hallway and the elevator for the basement…

"Marie!" Emma calls back. This whole situation is shit and she can't help but feel responsible. "Go with Scott…" She says with a defeated sigh. Emma's loosing today it appears. She looks back down at Bobby and shifts herself to her diamond form with the sound of tinking rocks. "I'm taking you to the medbay Bobby." She says with a frown and starts to walk to the elevator herself. "Killian, stay with me."

Bobby can feel the ache in his head but gets up regardless of Emma trying to help. This is against the rules but he lifts a hand freezing the elevator door shut before Marie can go into it. Walking towards her, "Marie, think about what you are doing. Do you really think he would want you tp put yourself in danger."

"I'm doing this alone for now," says Scott directly to Emma. He bites his lower lip, "I'm going to check out the leads that I can get and also check with the other mutant groups if I can find them. We're going to need to band together if we're going to have to deal with a threat like this." He looks at Marie, "I'm sorry for your loss. VIncent was a great guy. He was a great student, friend, and member of the -" He pauses, "Member of the school. He will be missed greatly."

Scott knows a lot about losing loved ones; his parents, his brother, Jean, and some others that he won't bring up for now. "Emma, I need to leave the school and handle things on my own. If we're going to function as a couple, we have to trust each other to handle things on our own. I trust you with the school and I don't question your calls. Trust me on the outside part."
Alex wanders into the room snacking his way through a half-sleeve of saltine cracks, crunching away the afternoon. There's a palpable tension in the room that he was not prepared to encounter today.
"-what? What's going on?" Alex inquires, folding the crackers over and stowing them in the front pocket of his grey hoodie. A small smile is offered to Marie then Bobby. Is that ice?

Killian does as he's told and follows silently behind Emma only looking back up with the arrival of Alex, must've got some new folks over the past couple of weeks.

Marie stepped up to the elevator doors when the blast of ice swept past her sending her hair flowing back behind her and casing the doors in a thick smooth layer of ice. This made Rogue scream and she slammed her right fist into the ice layer, splintering it like a rock against a windshield. "Fine." She says then and turns back to the main foyer…. she knew if she kept pumelling the ice she'd probably just disable the elevator behind it. She stormed through the main foywer toward the front door and when she heard Scott's voice giving her what sounded like a hollow message about Vince she just lifted her right hand up and gave him the middle finger while moving to throw the front foyer doorway open and move to the main doors just beyond them.

Emma helps Bobby up and walks over towards the elevator with a frown as she turns her attention onto Scott, "I trust you. I know how she feels, you could use her help and she could use your help." Emma says, also not wanting Scott to be out alone if he must be. She sighs and is choosing to focus on Bobby at the moment as he is actually injured and needs medical attention. "Could you open the door for me?" She asks the blond mutant. Alex isn't given a look and she expects Killian to be on her tail.

Bobby isn't worried about his aching head and he is following after marie even though he can't walk straight. "Marie! Rogue!" he calls out to her, "Come back here." raising a hand this time he aims for her fet to freeze them where she stands if he is in time.

WIth Marie giving Scott the finger, he frowns. He was sincere. He doesn't understand what he did wrong; but he isn't going to stay around and ask. He looks at Emma who is trying to help but it just isn't in Scott's agenda to deal with Marie right now as she made it clear to him that she has distain for him. "I'm going to send out a message to Logan to see if we can get him back to help. I'm also going to see if I can get a hold of that girl from SHIELD who hangs with the Avengers. She's a mutant and we've had run-ins before. She seems trustworthy enough to work with. I also understand that she has a mutant partner that has history with Logan but he's on her side. So if she's on our side, he'll be on side as well. We're going to need as many hitters on our side as possible. It won't bring back Doug and Vincnet but it'll prevent more of our losses." He glances as Bobby tries to restrain Marie from leaving and now Alex just showed up. He bites his lower lip rather hard now; he's not ready to leave with Alex just back in his life.

Marie threw the first set of doors open and was moving to do the same to the exterior doors now, when Bobby's ice magic attacked her feet. She lifted up off of the ground then to avoid the floor, but she knew his powers well enough to know that they were very fast-acting. "Damnit, Bobby!" (Hank Hill?) She screached at him in as angry of a tone as she can muster. Hovering now she flew backward as fast as she could toward the front double doors and went right through them, determined to leave, shedding ice shards off of her legs as she went… she was just a lot stronger than your average person at fighting off that icey-power.

Bobby is still bleeding but his resolve is much deeper than his own pain. "Wait. I am coming to help." he calls out before looking at Emma, "Just trust me." he then puts a slide of ice in front of them letitng his form shift into ice and away he goes after her. "I may not can stop you but I'll help." he tells once catching her, "Your car or mine?"

Emma sighs once more, looking down and dejected by this whole thing. "Bobby, clean up your mess please." Referring to the blood and the ice, but Bobby's words cause her to sigh once more. "Leave." hen she looks at Killian, "You're a guest here until this whole sentinel thing is past us. I'm going to inform your parents and prepare a statement for the school." Emma says before she turns to go to the west wing towards her office. A lot is about to change. She gives Alex a look and whispers. "Sorry."

"Hold on a moment, guys. A lot of anger, talk of SHIELD." Alex remarks, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his knows. "Marie looks pissed, Frost looks exasperated, and Scott looks ready to optic blast a path through New York. What the hell is going on?"

X-Mansion: Front Yard
The driveway crosses partway into the front yard, which is lined by tall hedges with a fence hidden inside for protection. The plush green lawn extends for acres, dotted with landscaped sections with flowers, stones and small ponds.
The yard curves around either side of the expansive mansion, leading to the back yard and to the side patio. A set of wide stone steps leads up to the front porch and the main entrance to the mansion.

Marie dropped down onto the driveway that circled the front of the house and she spun around to see Bobby sliding out of the wrecked doors toward her. She lifted her right hand up at him. "No!" She shouted at him. "You can't go, Bobby. This is somethin I gotta do… I can't have it lead to you gettin hurt or fuckin' dead too." She looked over toward the driveway near the garage doors and she saw Vince's motorcycle parked there, and dropped down to the ground into a heap and put her face into her gloved hands with her hair falling around her shoulders and arms, hiding her.

Bobby changes back to his true forn and lowers down next to her. "Marie.." he touches a hand to her shoulder. "I know this isn't easy. I won't have you go off alone to get yourself killed. I lost you once and I can't lose you forever. We will make those bastards pay. Together."

The girl just sat there in the middle of the roundabout and she felt his hand on her shoulder and heard his words through the mess of wild hair hanging about her head. It was obvious she was crying, quite clear to tell even if she was hiding it pretty well. "They're a mess." She said to him from behind her gloved hands. "All of them in there, they're not capable of forming a cohesive team. She looked over atnd up at him. "These robots are going to win, Bobby." She told him, her face all beat-red. "The only choice we have is to kill the people makin them… and then kill whoever tries to do it next."

Bobby moves to sit behind her to allow her to lean upon him as needed, "I know they are a mess. We have allies, Marie. What about Stark? Maybe you should appeal to him for some help. All I know is we can't all fall apart now. All doing our own thing isn't going to help now. For Doug and for Vince we have to take a stand against these things."

Anna-Marie just sat there and she didn't really react to him being behind her. She wasn't really the type to touch people that much afterall. She did, however, glance back at him and then back toward the garage and the parked motorcycle. "Stark would help. But I can't ask him to risk himself for this." She stared at the yellow and black bike. "He was just here… We were out at the pool, goofin around. We were supposed to watch a movie last night." She staggered out a shakey sigh and put her face back down into her right hand, covering her forehead. "I'm gonna find where they make those things… and I'm gonna rip it apart." She softly says.

Bobby keeps his arms around her with a deep sigh, "I'm sorry for your loss, Marie. I know he meant a lot to you." for a moment he rests his head down on the back of her shoulder and she might feel the campness of the blood. "We will stop them. I promise."

Marie rested there on the ground like this with him for a moment before she sniffed audibly and lowered her hand again. "Would you do me a favor?" She asked him then. "Would you go get the keys to his bike from Emma?" She glanced back over her shoulder at him. "I don't want that nutcase to have them and I want to put the bike in the garage… and cover it up or somethin… I'm gonna have to find Vince's family and… I don't know, he has a sister in the city somewhere, I never got to meet her."

Bobby nods his head, "Of course. You will be here when I come back out?" he asks lightly.

Marie stood up then, her booted feet making crucnhing noises on the roundabout rocky surface. "I'm gonna go over and check the bike out. I'll be here." She said to him then and started to walk toward the driveway area, her left hand going up to push her hair out of her face. She seemed pretty dark at the moment, completely distracted.

Bobby goes to get up but stumbles a little bit. A hand touches his head but he continues to ignore it before getting up fully. Turning he heads back towards the mansion to step inside and get the keys to the bike.

Rogue watched Bobby go into the mansion and then she turned around toward the main road and she took off into the air, leaving a ring of driveway rocks flying out from where her feet had been… She disappears into the sky, flying off toward the city.

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