2015-07-20 Medlab Recovery pt 1
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Players: Emma Bobby Logan Rogue Drake
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Title: Medlab Recovery pt 1

X-Mansion: Medical Lab
State of the art medical equipment lines the walls of this spacious, serile room. Beds line one wall, usually empty. This facility serves as a mini hospital for those mutants who are injured on the spot, and more advanced facilities for those who cannot go to a normal hospital. The atmosphere is cool and metallic, but the lighting provides a more homely environment so people don't feel so uncomfortable.


Bobby nods his head, "Stark made another strike against them. All the students say it via a live link. I think he is trying to draw the heat away from us. He basically told them to come after him."

Emma sighs with a frown and moves to get up and move over towards Marie's sigh, wondering why the girl hasn't woken up just yet. Maybe she just wants to sleep. "that's not good." Emma says faintly, she needs him to be himself, the school has to take care of their problems, not have the avengers hurt themselves.

Bobby sighs looking at Marie, "When will she wake up?"

"She should already be awake." Emma says faintly as she glances down to Marie's sleeping form and then over towards Bobby before she glances over to the table and examines the pieces on it. "Hmm. Oh." She says with a deep frown at the contents of the pile.

Bobby gets to his feet slowly, there is a bandage on his head from where he cracked it on the stairs. Walking to Marie's bedside he igmores the stuff, "I hate seeing her sad or hurt."

"I hate any of you getting injured or depressed." Emma retorts, her hand moving to grab her own jacket with a frown and clenches at the fabric. It's a very tough situation. "I don't see a good way out of this Bobby."

Logan walked into the room. A leather bomber jacket hung off his person. Jeans clung to his feet and under the coat was a black tanktop. His blue eyes took everything, "Someone mind tellin' me what the hell happened?" Business in Japan had pulled him away. He came as soon as he could, but Logan's quickest was far too late.

Bobby looks over as Logan enters, "Vincent got killed by a sentinel and then Rogue lost it. She was rescued by Stark, Kurt, and Piotr last night from the river. She hasn't woke up yet.. I tried stopping her."

Emma turns away from Logan, knowing how he feels about the young woman, she keeps her eyes on Marie, "Glad to have you back." Emma whispers. "Should I wake her?" Emma asks as she lowers her hand above Marie, careful to not touch her, but she does start to send her mind towards Marie's.

Seeing Marie in the bed put a few things into perspective. Logan had always counted on seeing Marie there. So, seeing that she was still vulnerable made him realize maybe she wasn't always going to be there. The pill was a hard one to swallow. "No. Let her come to on her own, if she's out fer a few more days then try," his words were low. He didn't want to meddle only until it was necessary.
Emma has disconnected.
Bobby folds his arms over his chest, "Might be better to let her rest a while. Seeing that ring and her broken phone may only set her off again." he tells Emma and then looks over to Logan now. "Many of the students are scared. Most blame the teachers for this."

Rogue didn't wake up softly or easily, she didn't float back to reality, she thrust up in the bed and her eyes shot open. She gasped loudly and started to frantically look around the room, her hands lifted up… she had no gloves on… she started to rip monitor wires that were taped to her arms, she didn't seem to know where she was. She threw the hoses off and started to try to get out of the bed. She was having flashes of someone else's memories, someone else that wasn't happy to be in a place like this.

Logan moved to her quickly. If he needed to move his arms in the way they were ready to do so. They couldn't have touched for long, but it would have been long enough for someone to hopefully restrain her or at least help him. Logan's blue eyes burned with intesnity, "MARIE!" he yelled. "GET A HOLD OF YERSELF, YER AT XAVIER'S! YA GOT HURT!" The words he was hoping to get through to the woman.

Marie was shaking visibly when Logan grabbed her. She was in a silver bodysuit so grabbing her wasn't a complication, but she had no gloves off… Her hands went up and she put them on logan's chest, but on the fabric of his tanktop. "What the hell is this!" She shouted, still looking around. Her eyes scentered on his, green toward his blues. "Logan, logan!" She looked from left to right, she clamped her eyes shut then and a wave of emotion hit her, she lowered her head and her wild hair fell about her face. She started to cry at this point and her body went limp.

Feeling sorry for Marie Logan stroked her hair away from her face. Then moved close careful not to touch skin. The shoulder was there for if she could sense it. If she zapped a little it was fine. Moving out of the way Logan made sure he was free of any longterm touch.
Bobby comes back in after taing car eof something. He moves to Marie's free side, "What happened?" he asks.

Marie lifted her head up and she looked at her friend, the man she looked up to most in the whole world. But she was a mess, mentally a mess. "How did I get here?" She looked around the medlab once more and then held her hands back to her chest to feel the medical suit she was wearing. After a moment her eyes went back to Logan. "I can't be here!" She says at him, still on the verge of full blown weeping. Her green eyes went over to Bobby. "I -have- to do something, t-to-to them! To make them suffer…"

Holding her down lightly Logan said, "Not in yer current condition, kid. I'm all fer givin' em' a black eye, but ya ain't ready. Heal up then we'll talk givin' it to em'." Logan was going ot wait for a few days to tell her the fate of her boyfriend, one difficult pill to swallow at a time.

The fate of her boyfriend is what pushed her over the edge. "Listen. Stark already got to them." Bobby looks at her, "Logan is right you nned to heal up for a few days."

Rogue's eyes went from one of them to the other. From Logan to Bobby, she breathed heavily and just sagged where she sat on the bed. "Stark?" She asked. "What, what did he do?"

Logan gave Bobby a look as the youngster was there while he wasn't. That was all up to the younger member to run over the highlights.

Bobby sighs lightly, "It was after he helped get you out of the river. Crews were looking for you and he went and confronted them. He played the video for all of us to see. He made the robots dance and act stupid before he shot them the bird on behalf of us all. Then he blew them up and told whoeve ris controlling them to come after him."

This made Rogue sigh and she fell back in the bed again. "I'm sorry." She said to both of them. She crossed her arm over her chest and put her other arm up to cover her face with her hand. "I must've made a huge mess…" She just laid there hidden behind her hand. "I don't know what to do… What the hell am I supposed to do? I can't rest, not even part of me wants to rest here in this damn bed… I need to move…"

"Yer alive. That's what counts. Ya gotta stay in here fer a few days darlin'. When yer rested up they'll move ya," Logan said in a firm voice. He had to give this speech a few times, and Logan always felt like a hypcrite giving it since he could heal anything at a decent pace.

Bobby shakes his head, "You need to stay here and rest. Let the rest of us handle things. I know you are hurting. But you really made some of the others worry about you."

Rogue is laying in the medical bed and she has her hand up over her face. She heard everything both of them said to her and she let it linger for a moment. "Did I mess everything up?" She asked them. "I mean, like, did the school get ratted out or anythin?" She lowered her hand then and flopped it onto her lap. "I just… was seein' red… I didn't think I'd even live. I thought I'd die and that'd be it, I didn't think ya'll track me down and bring me back… exposin' us."

"Yer gonna have to talk to Bobby on this one darlin'. I had business in Japan," Logan looked down. He was about to say something. Unless it was to Charles, Marie and a few others, people weren't going to hear Logan say this often (if at all), "I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough gettin' back here." God, did he feel bad about that.
Bobby shakes his head, "No it didn't. And you really thought we'd not come after you? Marie, there are people here who love you. I was going to go help you. You left me here…." ther eis hurt in his eyes, "I'd do anything for you and you lied to me."

There's an awkward, but flighty rapping of knuckles against the doorframe just outside the room. Immediately following, Drake slips into the room with a small cluster of brilliantly-vibrant flowers gripped in his hand. Upon spotting Marie, he rushes forward to get as close to her bedside as possible; Logan and Bobby permitting.

"I just heard you're here! I've been so busy with security, making sure the students are safe, and- doesn't matter, you're here! You're okay! I'm /so/ sorry I wasn't there!" His words are soft, but rapid-fire, his eyes bright but with an uncertain, almost alien timidity in them. Would she be mad at him? "I brought ya flowers. See?"

They're raised. And then he realizes, "I forgot a vase."


"You're okay, right? Are you hurt?"

Marie first regarded Logan, she shook her head at him. "You can't be blamed for not bein' here, you had stuff to do… its fine." She paused a moment and then flashed a smile at him. "I mean, I wish you were here. But its fine… really. You're here now." She flickered her eyes at Bobby, looked away from him in shame a bit. "I'm sorry I lied to you, Bobby. Really. I felt bad doing it. But
Thats when Drake came in and she saw him, saw the flowers. She showed a faint smile at him. "Thanks, Drake. Its fine. I really screwed up… I made all that security shit happen. I feel awful about it too." Another small pause. "Thanks for the flowers, they're sexy lookin'." She glanced around for a vase. "There's probably a beaker or somethin' to put them in around here somewhere.."

Logan allowed Drake through just for a moment. If the circumstances were different he may not have been so kind. A hand went to Bobby's shoulder as Logan tried to comfort the younger person. He was trying hard not to impose too much because there was a lot of emotion that had to come out. "I woulda done the same Marie, Bobby, don't feel too bad or be too hard on her cause ya know others woulda done that too."

Bobby nods his head, "I know." he does have a bandage on his head from an injury of his own. "I'm sorry, Marie. I just worry about you. You are my best friend here and if I lose you. I'd have nothing else…" looking at Drake now he glances around stepping away and coming back with a beaker he put water in, "Here."

Drake looks less timid, but somehow more anxious. The teen bobs once on his feet, then turns to scan the room - only for Bobby to approach with a beaker. "Thanks," he says quickly, dunking the stems into the glass before turning to Marie with it. And then he realizes he can't exactly just hand it to her. He turns again, carefully propping it upright.

/Finally/, Drake turns his full attention onto Marie. "I… I get why you did it, I think. So y'know what? Don't sweat it right now. You just need to relax and rest. That's the only thing you're responsible for right now."

Marie smiled at Logan's words, just faintly though, she didn't have the spirit to take the gesture any further. She listened to them all. "You guys are the best." She quietly said to them. She looked over at the flowers and then back at Bobby and Drake. "I don't know how to rest. How to sit here… I think I'm gonna need some kinda drugs. Any ya'll got any drugs on ya?" She asked them with a little grin.

Bobby moves towards Logan as he does this pretending to look about. Finding some pill bottles he takes the ring sliding it into his pocket while reading the bottles. "Looks like they thought ahead for you." taking two out as directed he gets her a small cup of water to wash them down. "Here this should help you relax." he offers them.

Logan said nothing then looked at the duo, "If she could get some needles there'd be some right here. See if McCoy or someone has some pills. The good stuff. She could use em'," Logan had tuned his back away from the group and managed to look down. There was an ipad with some notes along with an engagement ring. Quickly the man backed out, loaded Netflix, first he put on "The Killer Speaks," followed by "The First Forty Eight," and lastly "H.H. Holmes: American's First Serial Killer." The sound was muted. Each program ran for a few moments. Logan made it look like he was scrolling through things as the features played long enough to go into "Continue Watching."

What he was actually doing was making sure Marie, upon inspection, thought this was a true crime buff. It wasn't out of the question that one of the students may have wanted to be a detective. He put it down then blank screened it with Netflix open. This made the ring the last thing she would have discovered even if she snooped around in it a bit, if it didn't kill the battery first even if no program was currently running through the streaming service.
Bobby moves towards Logan as he does this pretending to look about. Finding some pill bottles he takes the ring sliding it into his pocket while reading the bottles. "Looks like they thought ahead for you." taking two out as directed he gets her a small cup of water to wash them down. "Here this should help you relax." he offers them.

Drake scans the area quickly at Marie's behest. "Oh, well, we did." He dips low, vanishing beside the bed, only to re-emerge with one of the unused IV tubes. "But you broke the sippy-straws."

"Finally broke down and got an ipad, Logan?" Marie said at him with a small smile when Bobby brought her the glass of water and the pills. "Thank you." She said softly and took the pills and then a drink from the water. "I'll be shocked if the Professor does't toss my ass out on the street after this one.."

Bobby shakes his head, "You know better than that. Professor would never do that to you." he helps to pull the blanket back ove rher if she allows.

Drake lets the IV tube drop and smiles amiably. "He won't. At most, he'll wanna keep an eye on you. You've more than proven your worth around here, and we /know/ we can trust you. This…" He draws in a slow breath, only to exhale it in a gentle whoosh. "This was a unique circumstance. He'll get that."

*< END>*

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