2015-07-20 Medlab Recovery pt 2
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Players: Rogue Emma Bobby Tyler Scott Dyson Jose
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Title: Medlab Recovery pt 2

X-Mansion: Medical Lab
State of the art medical equipment lines the walls of this spacious, serile room. Beds line one wall, usually empty. This facility serves as a mini hospital for those mutants who are injured on the spot, and more advanced facilities for those who cannot go to a normal hospital. The atmosphere is cool and metallic, but the lighting provides a more homely environment so people don't feel so uncomfortable.


Rogue had woken up late last night, around 1:00am to the presence of Bobby and Logan who'd just gotten back from his latest Japanese adventure. She'd been a mess, at first, lost inside of her own mind of jumbled memories and internal turmoil. She'd been shut off… while in a haze of range and anger… and it'd left here in that emotional state when she woke up, drawing off of similar memories she's taken from many other people.

Now, however, they'd talked her down and even drugged her to go to sleep, at her own request. She was awake now, however, laying in bed and her head was tilted to the right, her hair was a mess, tangled and laying about her pillow and over her shoulders. There was an ipad on the stand beside her bed and it was playing the news, people outraged about… everything that had gone on two days ago.

There's a soft clicking as the door opens and a certain white wardrobed woman walks into the room. Emma stops behind the door after she shuts it and looks around to see where Bobby and Marie are and what their status are. She moves over to Marie's side and pulls up a chair, she's not sure if the woman is awake again as her head is facing away. Emma sits, her hands in her lap and very somber looking.

When the chair came over to the bedside Marie looked over from the ipad and the news bullshit to see Emma. She stared at the white queen for a moment. "Hey." She then settled on as her response. "I think I'm a wanted criminal now." She tells the woman, not sure what else to say. "Should I turn myself in?" Its just a blunt question, but asked to the most blunt person she knows.

Emma's strong blue eyes lock onto Marie's own eyes. She stays silent, listening and pondering the girl's questions. Emma quickly knows exactly what would ensue. "You know that's a very bad idea." Emma says, keeping her hands to herself but wanting to pat the girl, hold her, comfort her, something, but she can't. "They'd have you killed or worse within the month." Emma says flat and calmly, she'd calculated that quickly.
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Bobby jumps awake looking around, "Huh?" Rubbing at his eyes he sits up straighter looking between the two now quietly.

Marie was about to reply to Emma when Bobby awoke. She looked over at him and smiled. "Hey there, sleepyhead. You got more severe bedhead than I do." She said at him in a quiet voice, which also wasn't even remotely true… her hair looked like a nightmare. She then regarded Emma once again. "What am I supposed to do then? Just, not go into public anymore? I mean, I don't think they got a clear shot of my face… but, I don't know."

Emma simply nods to Marie's question. Then with a faint glance to Bobby, "Rise and shine before you start to melt." Emma says a bit teasingly, "That's exactly what your supposed to do. For now. You'll help Scott when it's time, but before then, you, and everyone else are refined to school grounds. More specifically inside." Emma says with a faint frown.
Bobby rubs his hands up through his hair to smooth it down. "Don't make me sit on you. I'll be happy to do that, Marie." he tells her with a sigh. "I should of been with you."

Tyler has arrived.

Anna-Marie, laying in her raised-up medical bed, listens to both of them and she glances down to her lap, she still had that silver body suit on, no actual idea who put that on her while she was out cold, but it kept her warm in this chilly secret lair basement. Still no gloves though, she picked at her naked fingernails. "I shouldn't even have been there, Bobby, let alone you." She told him in a quiet voice. "I got the whole world looking around this area now, tryin to find me, find any answers they can." She shook her head and glanced back at Emma. "Professor hasn't come to see me, so I'm pretty nervous about that wrath."

Emma leans back in her chair once more and then shakes her head softly. "I'm the one you should be worried about." Emma whispers, "You were, stop dwelling and dawdling." Emma says, frustrated with Marie's choice of words and her complaints. "Choose not to worry about these issues, worry about getting better and working with the X-men when Scott actually has a feasible plan.

Marie's eyes lifted up from her lap again and she put them on Emma. She stared at the white queen for a moment before replying. "Is Scott -capable- of a 'feasible plan'?" Was her question. She added a soft shake of her head then. "Cause from my point of view, the guy's fallen off the god damn deep end. LIke a total nervous breakdown or some shit." Her voice was still soft, emphasizing that husky undertone that was always present to some degree, made her sound almost tired now though, probably due to laying in bed for nearly 24 hours straight.

Tyler leans into the lab, "Hey - is the patient taking guests?" he asks Rogue, seeing that she's awake and alert and chatting with Emma. He has a thermos, a bowl, and a spoon in hand. Emma can feel the wash of concern and sympathy from the erudite mutant, his lips drawn tight at the corners as he heads into the room. It's not simply the worry and despair from the loss of Vincent - but the further impacts of such an event.

Emma shakes her head faintly, the length of her hair exaggerating her motion. "I don't think so, but I do have to trust him. He's the one Charles put in charge…" She says solemnly once more, she knows he's been dropping the ball but she's a bit too far stretched as far as being the leader of the school and the vigilante team. She doesn't want to mention too much in front of Tyler, not sure how much he knows at the moment.

Marie listened to Emma and then looked back to the medlab entry way. She saw Tyler and it immediately made her smile softly from across the way where here medbed is. She lifted a hand up and waved it at him softly. "Hey." She said at him. "Come on in. Say hi to the most wanted woman in America right now." This got a smirk from her, she wasn't proud of it… at all… but she wasn't sure how else to put it. Her eyes went back to Emma and she just threw out the suggestion. "Put Logan in charge. He'll do a better job, ya know."

Tyler is no hardened battle mutant. And while his thoughts are usually quick and snappy and hard to catch like silver fish in a stream, Emma would have no problem figuring out the depth of his knowledge with a bit of focus. He's heard the stories of the Sentinel attack, of Stark's involvement, Vincent's demise, and Marie's… episode. As far as the politics of the active 'X-Men?' Not very much. He's an academic and educator, first.
"I brought you gumbo, you southern belle, you. Granted, my recipe is mostly cribbed from the internet, but it should at least be /passable/." He set the thermos by the bedside, propping the bowl atop it upsidown and the spoon atop that. He glanced from Emma to Marie and back again. "Any word from Stark?" Under that question is a surge of distrust and nervousness.

Emma shifts her look to Tyler, remembering to be careful around him with the subject of the X-Men. "I haven't heard word from Stark in some time." She then blinks back to the memories of last night when she received a voicemail from the man and makes no mention of it. "He was here helping with the student round up, but had Major Rhodes and his associate Mister Hogan help out when he went and helped retrieve Marie. Why?"

"Well. Those Sentinels were parked outside of Stark Tower for a chunk of time before they were attacking mutants. And while I'm thrilled that the school is suddenly as subject of /charity/ for Mr. Stark, I feel it prudent to constantly question the motives of the rapacious, man-child, industrialist, playboy, tech-god." He smirked, and shrugged a shoulder, "Call me paranoid, right?"

"I understand your concern Tyler, however, I have spoken with him to great lengths, he's one hundred percent trust worthy, plus he himself was attacked by a sentinel while protecting Jose and Killian and myself one night." Emma says to Tyler firmly, "So questioning him isn't the smartest choice of action currently." Emma's stoic and powerful, her eyes go back to Marie but say nothing before looking back at Tyler.

Tyler narrows his eyes at Emma, his thoughts rankling at the imperious tone of her response. His voice is tight, "Notice I'm not questioning /him/. I'm voicing concerns to our resident psychic mind-reader. And pardon my questioning - it's not like we're particularly immune to lapses in judgment these days, mhn?"$

"You post a very interesting point." Emma says, leaning back in her chair once more. The man isn't wrong. "I will admit some of the fault is my own." Emma looks down, looking over at Marie but trying to not make lingering eye contact.

Marie had accepted the food delivery from Tyler with a gracious amount of excited glee. She'd thanked him profusely and went about diving into the various items brought down to her from the kind fellow instructor. She just sat there and listened to them speak to one another while enjoying said gumbo. She shook her head softly. "You're doing your best, Emma. Sometimes there just ain't no right answer… no right path… only the one that may cause the least amount of destruction."

Tyler pulls up one of the rolling examination stools, and sits down. Forearms resting on his knees, and fingers laced together, he nods. "No one's accusing, Emma. It just bares consideration. I'm glad Stark's help is genuine. And I absolutely trust your assessment."

"I am, but I should have known better, should have taken precautions." Emma says, lifting a hand and wiping away a tear when the two are working at the food, and not looking at her. "I know." She responds to Tyler. "I figured we needed someone with a strong personality and influence…" Then she looks at Marie, a light bulb snapping on in her head, wondering if the girl could somehow read her mind or connect the dots she's started.

Marie was pretty lost in her food, she was a hell of a lot hungrier than she'd realized and she didn't really pick up on anything Emma said for several moments before she looked up and then looked at Tyler, and back at Emma. "Wait, what?" Was her response. "Someone to talk to Stark?" She glanced at the door. "I'm surprised he hasn't come by, actually…"

It doesn't take a psychic to see that gears are turning in the White Queen's head. Tyler looks between the two women, mouth shut, wondering where they're going with this…

"I got a message from him last night and he did help rescue you." Emma says softly towards Marie, then she pulls a phone out of her pocket and sends out a quick text. Putting it away in her bra, Emma glances over to Tyler, "What're you thinking?" Asks the headmistress softly.

This made Marie bring in a sigh and release it as she sat down the gumbo container on her lap that was covered over by the medbed sheet. "I swear if my actions get the Iron Man taken down, I'm gonna… I don't know, be really pissed off?" She asked the room, no one in particular. "I mean, I guess I've already played that card… ya'll will get sick of me doin that one." she smirked very faintly. "He's probably just layin low, while all this stuff blows over a bit… Once the news finds a new topic to leech onto like a feedin parasite."

Tyler shrugs at Emma's question, puffing a breath out between his lips, "Not much, really. For events like this…" He pistol-points at Marie and her suggestion about the news, "…I think going quiet for a bit is probably our best option. Not exactly something we're good at /doing/, mind. Everyone's secondary mutation seems to be the 'misbehave loudly' gene."

"You're not wrong." Emma says towards Tyler then there's a faint buzzing from her phone and she sighs softly, already knowing what it says. "I've got business to attend to. I'll leave you two alone." When she gets to the door, Emma stops and looks back to Marie, "Come find me when you're feeling better." And then slips out.

Marie watched Emma move to leave. "I feel absolutely fine. Logan and Bobby are givin' me drugs and telling me I have to stay here." She glances at Tyler with a smirk. "Yeah, I flipped out… but god damn… who wouldn't after what these fuckers did?" She looked down at her lap again and shook her head. "I want to get up, and go rip some new a-holes." She mumbled the last part.

"Oh, sweet. There's enough a-holes in the world without you making new ones." Tyler winks at Marie, a smirk curling his lips. "Any other requests? How was the gumbo?" He wheeled the stool to come more in-line with Marie at her bedside, now that Emma had left.

Marie looked over at Tyler when he wheeled over to her on that squeaky chair. She smiled at him. "It was great." She said back at him. "I appreciate it." She glanced at the ipad that she'd been watching the local news on and it was still gabbin' about stuff, but politics now… and not her near-Godzilla attack on New York. "I just can't get the thought out of my head. One second, Vince and I are i nthe pool together, havin fun… goofin' around. The next? He's gone." She did a very faint shake of her head and looked back at Tyler with tears welling up in her eyes again. She bit down on her lower lip and looked at her lap once more. "Its bullshit." She said softly.

"…it doesn't get any easier, does it? We'll have services soon, I hope. It's good to have a… a /moment./" He frowns, breathing in and sighing again through his nose.

This got a soft nod from her. "I haven't cried over something like this since I was a little kid, thinkin about my mom and dad, not havin' any idea what happened to them or whatever…" She shook her head then and glaned back up at him, her messed up hair was draped over her shoulder and hiding most of her face at this point, it hasn't been washed since she was in the East River… yeegh. "I know that dyin is apart of livin' and its somethin' we all gotta deal with, but god damn… I mean, it was two months ago that some weird ass 'future version' of the guy came to see us here. From some… paralell'ish diminsion'ish sci fi crap. So I just, I don't know." She reached her left hand up and touch her nose tip with it. "I guess I just didn't think it was possible he'd die, here, in our… reality. Stupid as all that sounds when you say it outloud."

Tyler gives her leg another pat. "Who knows how things will work out? I think… especially with our vantage… we know that death isn't always the end of things. Not hardly." He produces a weak smile, cocking his head to the side as he stood up. "I should get back topside. Prepping for my colonial lit section and novel theory. When you're able to get out and about, I think you deserve a spa day. My treat."

This made Rogue smile at him and she nodded once. "You'll have to buy me a wig first." She told him, glancing toward the ipad again before looking back over and up at him. "I'm the most wanted woman in America now, afterall." She flashed him a little grin then. "Thanks for the food. Means a lot to me."

"No prob, hun. I'll catch you later." With that, he turned and headed out of the lab.


Rogue had had a handeful of visitors off and on all day, but she wasn't complaining. She was in the center medbed on the left side of the room upon entering. She had severla chairs pulled up around her bed, but they were currently empty of people as Bobby, who'd been by her side the whole time she was here, had finally taken a moment to go and shower and eat. Rogue was laying on her right side in the bed, she was staring at an ipad that was propped up and playing what sounded like the news. She just quietly laid there and stared at it, her hair a mess… having not been washed since she was submerged in the East River. She had on a grey jumpsuit, looked like some sort of medical clothing, and a thin white blanket was laying over her.

Dyson has never been below the basement level, not until now. He had heard a little about it but nothing specific.. which is kind of roper considering how the giant has acted about The Secret in the past. Still, it should be sort of exiciting… if only circumstances were somehow different.. But they aren't.. Led to the lab by Piotr, the stoic russian urges the younger, taller, mutant in and once he is sure things are as fine as they can be, closes the door. Dyson stares across the room at Marie, face somewhat drawn, wary and nervous.. But he sucks it up and slowly walks over to her bed, stopping just a few feet away. "M-Miss Marie?" he asks softly. "I.. I can leaeve if you wish.. I j-just wanted to…" he trails off, looking dwn at his feet, shuffling where he stands.

Quietly, Scott slips past the others and takes a seat to check in on Marie. He has somethings for her; an iPod Touch hooked up to the wi-fi so Marie can stream whatever she wanted plus noise cancelling head phones. A book is in his hand, 'Under God' by Toby Mac and Michael Tait. It has post it notes sticking out of it. He has his own ear buds in as well. He does have a small thing of flowers and a sympathy card signed by some of the staff and students. He places the flowers, the card, and iPod by Marie before he heads to a seat to slink into.

Dyson may have been disappointed, when stepping off the elevator onto the mysterious sub-basement, to find it looked almost identical to the primary basement. Piotr came into the medlab as well and took a seat beside where Scott would eventually settle in. Marie looked up from where she was staring and she smiled at the sight of the big Dyson. "Hey there." She said at him, her voice was still rough sounding, but that could be for a number of reasons. "Come on in, take a seat." She told him with a smile. She gave Scott a smile too, but she could see he had his headset on… she wanted to apologize for flipping him off, but that'd have to wait it looks like. She regarded his flowers on the desk next to where Drake's were. She felt unusually special at the moment, which made her a wee bit uncomfortable.

Dyson seems to hunch over a bit.. Not that he has to, the medical bay having a high enough ceiling that he doesn't need to QUITE duck, but the bashful giant seems a bit unsure at the moment. He looks to see Scott enter and for the first time in a while he offers the teacher a mild smile and a nod, before looking back to Marie. "Sit?" he asks, eying the chairs around with a bit of.. well he doesn't look like he trusts them.. se he moves one aside and gently lowers hiself crosslegged to teh floor next to her bed. "I.. uh.. d-din't bring flowers.. or anything e-else really." he apologizes, looking sheepish. And looking as if he is trying to find something to say..

Marie grinned at the big guy as he settled down on the floor. "Ya know, I read that if you can go down to the floor cross-legged-style… and get back up without usin' your hands, then you got at least another twenty years of life left in ya… But if you have to use your hands, then may have less then ten." She smiled just a little and moved to setup some on her paritally-raised bed. "I can fly though, so what does that mean for me?" She asked, joking around a little. She shook her head at him. "No flowers necessary… Ya brought yourself and thats plenty fine." She smiled more openly at him, not as strong of a gesture as she usually does, but her overall demeanor feels, darker, at the moment. "Hows Dyson doin anyway?"

Smiling slightly, Scott watches Dyson. He thinks he can read lip and he looks back at the taller student, "Didn't you sign the card?" He points the card where Dyson's signature was forged; by Scott. He actually forged the signatures of almost all other students as well. He does turn the headphones off and he manages to enjoy his seat. He doesn't let on that he turned them off. He just observes while reading his book.

Comming in next, was Jose, his precense was herald by the sound of heavy feet. He had heard Marie, Scott and Dyson, but he remains quiet as he walks in and watches, with relief apparent on his face. But he wasn't sure what he could say, not that he can. He pat his backpack having rbought that with him too and hoping Marie got the delivery from earlier.

Dyson returns her smile with his own… a smile that while sincere is.. it's not /dark/ but there is conflict in it.. But it's /sincere/, so that is okay. "D-Dyson is doing.. as well as Dyson c-can do." he respond, honestly. "I.. accidently broke m-my cellphone… and b-by accidently I mean on purpose and by broke I mean i-it is imbedded a foot into the g-gym wall." he says with a blush. He quickly turns to cott, looking panicy suddenly, but his shoulders sag relief when he spots his forged name. He nods to the teacher, mouthing a Thank You, and then turns his big pupiless eyes back to Marie. "I h-have been getting u-up not using m-my hands.. for years now so I g-guess I get to live forever.." he trails off, frowning as he realizes that joke may not be a good one, all things considering. "S-Sorry."

Marie looked over at the card that Scott spoke of and she reached over to pluck it up and sit back on the bed with to read. It brought a warm smile to her face, to read all the names… but they did look oddly the same in style… no matter though. She listened to Dyson's words and looked up at him. "I broke my phone on accidental-purpose too… Maybe when I'm outta here we can go get new ones together." She said at him. "I'll have to wear a wig I guess though, since the feds are lookin' to put me to the electric chair, or somethin'." When Jose came in she smiled at the sight of the familiar face. "Hey there, Boss." She told him. "Whats shakin' in Josetown?" She reached her left hand up to push her dirty tangled hair out of her face, but it wasn't going to obey her.

Jose grins ride and though his mouth moves, no words come. But it eventualy ends with him giving a double thumbs up! He reaches into his backpack and produces:Honey Milk! He holds the bottle out to Marie with a grin, it best not ask how he got it. But none the less Both Dyson and Scott get some happy waves as well.

Dyson looks over as he sees Jose step up and gives his friend a smile back. "H-Heya Jose.." he says,then notes the milk.. And starts feeling bad again that he didn't bring anything. Still…. To Marie he nods. "If we a-are gonna get new phones together, I guess we will b-both need wigs. But I c-completely draw a l-line at being the one wearing a dress." he says as deadpan as he is able.

Marie watches Jose as the kid brandishes the honey milk and she opens her eyes wide and shouts at him. "Swaaaaag!" She laughs a little when he holds it out and she reaches out to carefully take hold of it, she didn' thave any gloves on, was wearing some light grey medical jumpsuit that monitored her vitals on the holographic monitors next to her bed. "Donut shop?" She asked Jose, recognizing the brand, she made an internal note to go and pay for the bottle later. She did grin at him though. "Thanks, Jose… Sorry if, I like. freaked you and everyone out the other day." She then looked over at Dyson and grinned at him. "I'll wear a sun dress and you can wear a tuxedo, and we'll both wear big poofy wigs. We won't stand out at all." She twisted the cap on the honey milk and took a drink of it.

Jose waves Marie apology off not seeming to mind, and yes, he did technicaly steal it, but he figured hey, it was for a good reason this time. In his book at least. But then the whole Sundress and Tuxedo comment makes him blink, and he looks from Dyson to Marie and back again. He laughs, though it is a regular laugh and not his standard kookaburra one. He pulls up a chair next to Dyson and gives him a nudge raising an eyebrow as if asking if him and Marie were really going to do that.

"Dyson, I'm not sure if anyone hear has a dress that you can squeeze into," replies Scott as he flips through his book; almost as if he wants to reveal that he is pretending to not pay attention to them. He offers a smile, "Though, I am sure that if you give Jose enough time, he'd scrounge one up somehow. Kid's got sticky fingers." He streteches a little as he gets up and puts the book down. "By the way, remind me to ask Emma to make wipe the image of any of you in a dress from my memory. I don't want any nightmares."

Dyson tries to keep a straight face.. he really does.. But the sight of hismelf in a tuxedo brings a deep giggle-like laugh from his lips. "It w-would be like a magicians m-misdirection…" he says an then looks at Jose. "Who knows, m-man." he answers the unpoken question before making a face at Scott. "You w-would have to mindwipe m-me, fi I ever w-wore a dress." he remarks, thinking Scott is joking about Emma doing something like that. Because no one can WIPE minds, right? Of course not.

Marie looked over at the fake-reading scott and she smirked at him. After Dyson spoke at him she added. "And I look bangin' in a sun dress, Summers, you know its true." She glanced down at herself and reached up to toy at her unkempt hair withher non-milk-holding hand. "Maybe not right now… yeah, but… after some groomin, I'd put folk on the floor, yo." She smirked then and took a sip of the honey milk, her favorite drink on the whole planet.

Jose takes a double take on Scott raising both eyebrows. Rolling his eyes, he makes the crazy gesture before pointing to Scott. Though the idea of a mind wipe has him shivering up his spin uncomfortably. Not one to stay still for long he begins to look over th halographic protections, and even tries sticking his hand through a few of them seeming curiouse.

Smirking Scott says, "Well, all I can say about who looks good in a sun dress and not is that, 'Emma' has a solid leash on me." He watches Jose with amusement. "You're that kid who has to break everything just to see how it works." He tries to not dwell on the negative actions of late; or bring them up. "And Dyson, we have some spare phones if you need one for an emergency."

Dyson doesn't think that /thinking/ about teacher rocking a dress is wholly appropriate… He shifts where he sits, blushing a little, but his smile never quite leaving his lips. He watches Jose playing around with teh holodisplays when Scott gets his attention. "I-I'm okay for now.. I t-text my mom over the net right now anyways…" he says. He looks aroudn again, sort of admiring the room. "I f-feel like I'm on Star Trek.. I k-keep expecting Doctor Crusher to walk out a-any moment.."
I don't understand that.

Marie looked over to Jose to watch him toy with the holographic display of her in a 3d projected field. The projection blinked a little in the kid's hand motion, breaking up like a flashlight beam and going silently back to how it was when his hand moves out of the way again. She heard Scott and Dyson's exchange. "Tech's gotten pretty crazy over the years, yeah… this place does look like one of them shows." She glanced around the room. "I guess if you're in with the likes of Stark, you get all the fancy stuff like this." She looked over at Scott. "Sorry I flipped you off, Summers. I was just pissed off, and I don't know, in the moment it sounded like you were mockin me… I… I got a lot of Logan up in my head, ya know." She frowned a little at him, but looked down at her lap then and took another drink of the honey milk.

Jose puts on a goofy smile at Scotts comment and spins on his feet in excitement. Destruction was his speciaty, and as if to prove Scott right, he pulls out of his pack what WAS a school issued phone….well what's left of it. Mainly considering of the mother board, chips and a few wires. One can only hope it was his. He looks between marie and Scott with a bit of wonder. But Dyson and Marie talk of Star Trek, Scott and the likes got him thinking as he observed the holographs…

Jose pulls out a small mirror - good for spying around corners, or make shift phazers! He gives the Vulcan hand greeting before using the mirror to reflect the holograms on Dyson shirt in quick Succesion as if trying to stun him.

Scott just smiles at Marie. "You're like a sister to me. I don't take it personal. Especially when you are going through a lot. I still love you like a sister, Marie. That'll never change. Even if you flip me off." He looks at Dyson and Jose, "And I love all of the students as well. But as students. Except for Drake. He's like a son or a youunger brother. It's kind of complicated." He looks around again, "I'm just glad Emma's not here tonight. I think she's mad at me."

While Jose is using his back as a drive in movie theatre screen, he smiles at the interaction between Scott and Emma, thoug looks too ambarrased to add anything at the exact moment. He turns to look at Jose and is blinded by a hologram of a gheart monitor projected on his eyeball and 'gahs' placing a hand between him and the playful mutant. "Are y-you sure you just don't /tolerate/ J-jose?" he asks, making a face.

Marie had watched Jose a bit until Scott spoke up and said these things to her. She immediately bit down on her lower lip, pretty hard, but it didn't really accomplish anything because she didn't really feel pain. She put her free hand up to her face for a moment and then just held it there kind of shielding her eyes. A couple seconds later she lowered the hand again and cleared her throat and took a sip from the milk bottle. She then reached over to the counter and grabbed a pill that was sitting there in a small cup. She put it in her mouth ad swallowed it. "I really appreciate everyone comin' down here to see me like this. I mean, considerin I've kinda made things worse… out there."

Jose grins wide having seem to hit his intended target of Dyson. But the playfullness soon fade as he looks between Marie and Scott. Out there, were the sentinels took the life of two people here that he knows of. Out there were Marie had more or less gone on a rampage and worried the entire school sick. Out there where the world was changing fast. Jose seems thoughtful a moment, there wasn't much he could say, he couldn't say even if there was. So, he does the next best thing, he whistles the song "Bless the rains down in africa".

"Does anyone want anything to eat or drink?" asks Scott as he looks over the group; trying to ignore Jose's pranks. "And Dyson, you need to find a way to tolerat Jose so you can love him as your brother. He's just very special." He winks through the glasses. "Need a bottle of 'Pepper,' Dyson?"

Dyson looks back at Marie, frowning slightly at her self recrimination. "No." he says, maybe a bit sharply.. But sincerely none the less. "Don't b-blame yourself. D-don't EVER blame yourself." he almost orders her, but then his face softens and he shoots a look at Jose and his taste in music. "Really…." he asks.. then playfully daps Jose shoulder with a knuckle. "I /do/ tolerate him, Mister S-summer. He's m-my best friend here. And y-yeah.. i'm hungry AND thirsty."

Marie's mood lifted up again when she recognized the song that Jose was whistling, she wasn't even sure how he could know that song. She looked at Scott and shook her head softly. "Tyler brought me some gumbo and now I got this sweet milk here from the Street Ninja. So I'm good." She looked over at the big Dyson and smiled at him. "Thanks, you're right, I know you're right. I just… ya know." She shrugged a bit. "I think I'm going to try to sleep some more though, I just took a pill for it… I just, kinda have a hard time, not wantin to be asleep right now."

Jose stops whistling to grin at Dyson. Not having spoken a word, let alone used his powers since being here, he flips out a note book and pencil. He scribles on it 'Shockers, Meat and Lemonade?' and shows it to Scott. He then pulls out a plastic bucket from his backpack, days of busing, you learn. He picks up 'rains down in africa' again notcing the good mood it put marie in. He whistles and gently drums on the bucket not being obnoxiously loud as he follows the rythem and the beat of the song, sure not as perfect when mimicing, but he know how to drop a tune.

Scott nods, "Dyson's getting the soda and Jose's getting a pulled pork sandwich with lemonade. Not sure if I can easily get the Shockers." He looks at Marie and smiules back at her, "I'm going to leave these two as your bodyguards." He winks at Dyson and Jose, "Dyson, you're in charge of your best friend. He's a good one to have as a best friend. He's a pain in the ass but her's got your back and best interest at heart."

Dyson smirks at Jose, shaking his head as he turns back to Scott. "H-He's a pain in my ass because he can't /reach/ my back without climbing around like a m-monkey." he says, then sits up straighter as he gets unnoficially deputized as a Bodyguard. He nows it is just an adult trying to make the kid feel more important but, it does help. he turns to marie and nods once, looking as brave as he can.. "I kn-know, Marie.. trust me that I /do/ know." he says soulfully, compassion in his eyes.. he carefully reaches over and tucks her in, smiling sadly. "G-get some rest, Marie… "

*< END>*

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