2015-07-20 Relief
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Players: Dyson Alex Chamber Killian Bobby Samuel Jose Tony Pepper Douglock Hogun(npc) Rodey(npc)
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Title: Relief

[* X-Mansion: Classroom - Gymnasium *]

The gym is the place where students come to work on their training, keeping their bodies in good physical condition. Expansive, the gym has a huge selection of training and gymnastic equipment, enough to make the Olympian drool. Treadmills, high beams, low beams, medium beams, I beams U beams…everywhere a balance beam. If you can dream it up, it's here. Weight machines ranging from a few pounds to a few tons are in the corner, an indoor track and even arial equipment high above with catwalks surrounding it.

Alex stands near the center of the gym, his previous loungwear replaced with the dim glow of his dark containment suit. He paces back and forth in silence as the students are led to the assembly area, hand pressed against his temple as he coordinates the movements with the rest of the team via telepathic assistance.
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Jose soon finds himself in the gym after having helped some other students into the gym. His voice is plenty loud as he calls it "COME ON PEOPLE! DON'T KNOW WHAT'S UP, BUT Move SOME MALASSASESS!" his voice megaphone loud making sure those on the way hear him. He himself wasn't completly sure what was going on, just that he got a message from Samuel, and the evacution more or less f the student body to th gym.

Killian leads the last of his group of students into the gym with a final cry of "No you can't go back for you Ipod!", he points towards the other kids and once everyone is inside leans back against the door, "And don't take his either!", this sounded easier than it was.

He'd said he'd be a few minutes for a last sweep, and indeed Sam is the last to arrive. It's plausible to assume he actually double checked all public areas and locked doors behind him, but it seems he also took the opportunity to prepare. He knows enough about the situation to know that it calls not for the presence of Sam Morgan, but the implacably solid presence of Tech Star. With the helmet retracted, his head and face can be seen above the slope of the carapace, making him look less like a robotic monstrosity… but it is the suit of power armor that clanks through the door just before Killian closes it, and Tech Star with Sam aboard turns to face the doors, helmet sliding in place and standing guard.

The suit tilts its head to the side and then moves with a speed belying its bulk. It opens the doors and clanks off at a dead run… Tech Star, it seems, is needed somewhere.

Alex approaches Killian and Sam, placing a grateful hand on each of their shoulders as he passes. "Thanks, guys. Good work. Tech Star, if you can have Gen-X establish a perimeter. Line of sight and coverage are important."
A worried smile falls upon Killian. "…and you. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Your help is more then welcome. I could use your presence with the students. Help me get through to them. They need to know what happened. Not…not details. They just need to know that they've lost a friend and we're setting safety protocols in place for their protection until we learn more about the situation.

"Well if you need some Jams to calm things down, I can handle that easy!" Jose offers. He himself dosn't seem to know completly what's going on. He looks to Killian questioningly for a multitude of reasons. Then more to Alex "So…what kind of safty protocols we talking about anyways?" He looks around at the gym and it's occupants.

"Well if you need some Jams to calm things down, I can handle that easy!" Jose offers. He himself dosn't seem to know completly what's going on. He looks to Killian questioningly for a multitude of reasons. Then more to Alex "So…what kind of safty protocols we talking about anyways?" He looks around at the gym and it's occupants.(last pose in the scene)

Bobby walks into the gym a bandage around his head with a nurse trying to stop him, "I'm fine. You patched me up and gav e me meds now stop!" he tells her before moving further inside. Not in the best mood he sighs deeply.

"Keep the music off for the time being, Jose." Alex requests, moving past the group to check on Bobby and finding a hovering nurse. "This is a more defensible position. If you want to ensure his safety, find him an adequate corner and see to his health from there. Hope you're feeling better, man." He says with the best reassuring smile he can offer. He's got a lot on his mind too.
Alex moves back to the center of the room and raises his hand to calm the mass, lifting is voice to assist in the process. "I know you all have questions!" He begins, lowering his hands when he gathers attention. "…I'm going to do the best to answer those questions. My name is Alex Summers. I know I haven't been able to meet both of you. In the coming months I hope to remedy that."

Speaking of corners, Jono's in one. He's leaning against the wall with his head down and his arms crossed over his chest. One typically finds him all in black and this is no exception— wrapped from under his nose to his chest with those black wrappings, wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, black boots, and his blac coat thrown over the lot. He's there, like requested, but stays quiet so questions can be asked.

Bobby walks to Alex putting a hand on his shoulder, "Good to have you back." right now they need all the help they can get. "Emma is hiding and the Professor isn't here. Not a good day."

Jose leans agaist the wall by the door. He takes a double take on Bobby "What In Sam's Hell happened you?" and then more to himself "Speaking of Sam, where in Bobby's hell is Sam?" He then looks to Alex and listens for answer to the question. The young mutant closes his eyes after glancing to Jono in wonder. His ears twitch as he listens for possibly anything going on in the building.

It wouldn't take a lot to figure out where Sam is not too long after Jose asks that question. Tech Star comes clanking back in, closes the door behind him again and once more takes up his position as guard by the doors. Where he's been, however, that's another matter entirely.
Alex nods his thanks to Bobby and sighs. "Ms. Frost is working as we speak. She's communicating with me in her method." He explains, clearing his throat and directing his attention back to the crowd.
"Last night there was an incident involving a sentinel attack. Vincent Black, a friend to many, was killed in an attack." Alex remarks, taking pause to let each digest the information in their own way. "The faculty are securing the situation and have established a viable defense. We /will/ protect you. We will give you everything we can."

Does Jono know he's been looked at? Maybe so, since he looks up at about the right time to see Jose looking at him. He does have that whole telepathic speech thing going on. Maybe he really /is/ a telepath! Hard to tell. Either way he doesn't maintain eye contact for very long at all, and tips his head back down as if his crossed arms were fascinating.
Sam's arrival gets him to look up too, because what the hell, armor clanking?! And when Alex begins to talk, Jono tilts his head back up and turns his attention to him. Vincent Black… Jono didn't know him personally. Still, Sentinels have started attacking random people. It was only a matter of time before they came here.
… A part of Jono's mind worries that /he/ could have been the one to bring the Sentinels here. His powers are really strong, and he can't really control them. Maybe they picked it up and came here following it. He keeps this quiet, though, tilting his head back down and trying not to draw attention to himself.

Jose becomes… unsually quiet as he find out this is over a a staff member being killed. The second death that he know of to have happened here (the first having been Doug). He looks over the crowd and hears the whispers quite clearly of the worry that not only did Doug die…but now Vince was gone. He shakes his head and mutters as he hears Alex saying "Vincent is either going to pop up or something" after all Vince from the future has come here before…so this vince has to live, right? Right??? The worry was apparent

Alex calms the crowd again with a gesture, pacing back and forth as he considers the gravity of the situation. "We have no evidence that sentinels are coming, or that they even know of our existence. Until we know for sure, we're locking the schol down to keep you safe. New Mutants, report to the upper floors for assignment. Gen-X will continue to provide security for this location. I'll set up guard shifts and send them to team leaders shortly." He explains, turning to walk away and halting in his tracks. "I know you're scared. Hell, I'm scared too. We'll persevere. We have strength in eachother. If anyone wants to talk. Anyone, I'm hear to listen. This is a hard time…" He trails off, tossing the notion aside with a wave of his hand. "…but, none of you are alone. The staff are here for you, and you have eachother. This will pass."

Well if Gen-X is in charge of security, may as well have a bit of fun with it! At least that Jose thought process. Of course people react to hard knews in different ways, but he thought no harm in some melodious music. Jose begins to whistle a tune, it's not from any specific song. Not fast, nor slow it was simply calming as it has an oddly natural reverb despite the crowded gym. A few of the student listen to this musical sound while other whispered aong the themselves about all this. Though as good as a mood as Jose is known to be in, there was a certain saddness and anger in the whistle that may have matched many of the feelings the student might have right now.

Dyson rarely comes down to the basement. Other than a specific room or two the 8'3" carbon giant finds it rather.. claustrophobic. And institutional in a governmet facility way, which has a lot of bad triggers for him. That said he was tasked with sweeping the nearby grounds for students who hadn't yet evacuated to the gym… A trio of younger kids preceeds him as he ducks into the large space. They may be wide eyed and fearful but Dyson seems.. on the verge of manic, perhaps. His big black eyes shining a little too brightly. "Th-Thats all I c-could find." he says as he steps back against a wall and slides down until he is sitting on the floor, hugging his long legs.

Killian had been making sure all the other kids were comfortable and as unafraid as they can be before he'd accedently crashed out in the corner, it had been a long and between that and the meds he's been taking it got a little too much but know he's jerking awake with a sudden, "Stay back!"

Jose blinks as he hears Killian "Take it easy man! It's alright!" the whistling sound didn't stop even when he talked, multiple sounds come easy for him. But then there is Dyson who he knows is probably not doing the best himself. He looks between the two "…Are you two alright?" worried about his two friends.
Tony enters the gym dressed casually in jeans and a tshirt of some sort. With him i Pepper Potts as some know the ones that has been his assistant for years. Looking for anyone that happens to know the current situation.

The ginger haired woman at Tony's side is 'dressed down' to slacks an a simple sleeved dark blue shirt. Forgoing the heels for flats, as well. There might be running, and in her experience, running in heels? Sucks. Though for the moment, Pepper remains quiet and at Tony's side. She's just here for support, as much as a 'normal' can give, anyway.

Dyson remains seated on the ground as the illionaire and his 'assistant' enter, back against the wall, still hugging his legs and his face pressed between his knees. The young giant is very still, only taking a slow deep breath every few long moments.. like he is trying to hold his center. In… Oooout… In… Ooooooooout… He's as calm as he can be, trying to hold it in.. There we go, easiy as P.."AIEEEEE." he jrks up, skittering away from Killian. "Wh-What the /HELL/ man!" he hisses, those black eyes bright and glossy. His breath quick, he looks around at everyone, his face burning dark grey with embarrasement as he finally focuses on Jose. "I d-don't freakin /know/, Jose.. I w-was told to comb the grounds for s-stragglers because of s-someone /died/ and we needed to get i-into here because of possible danger. How is a-any of this alright?" his breathes are starting to come up short.

Killian gets to his feet, "None of it's alright Dyson, we lost someone today and everyone has reacted in their own way, people are greaving but they're also reckognising there's a danger which is why they have us down here", he pulls a bottle of pills out of his pocket and looks around for some water after checking the time, "Now we have to pull together to get though all this, the staff are doing what they can to protect us, we've gotta help by keeping it together".

"Vince died" Jose informs Dyson. And Killian was certainly right about people reacting in different ways "Death is a fun way to pass the time though. Seven little bullets moving in stacato as I journey all through the land of psyco!" he says followed by a power cord guitar sound, and perhaps it may even see like Jose isn't even bothered by the fact someone died, someone he knew none the less. "Everything going to be fine. Just another day in the waves of life" he says "We get through this, we grow, we live". He then waves to Tony and called out "Hey Tony!!! And… Weird Red Head!" boisterious as always.

The whistle tune changes somewhat. Sounds of clapping, stomping and belly slapping begin to come togeather to form a rather nice deep tune. Some of the students relax as they talk amongst themselves, while other seem to be talking to various other staff members that are helping out

Tony raises a hand to Jose, "This is Pepper. She isn't that weird." he says with a light tease though that drops as the name given sinks in. "Vince?" the color from his face drains and he turns looking at Pepper, "That is Marie's boyfriend. No wonder she has gone nuts. Those robots will go after her next."

Dyson didn't have a face or name to go with 'someone's dead'.. not until now. The grey giant teenager's eyes go even wider. "Oh g-god… no.." he whispers and the corners of his eyes bead up a little with moisture. One of his hands slip from his leg, alling into a fist and it quavers a moment before he looks at Killian. For a second, behind the fear, there is a wash of rage in his eyes and he looks like he is about to say something about how they are being protected but.. he looks at all the younger kids, trying their best to be brave.. and his fingers unclench and he looks away from the pill-popping man and back to his friend Jose, his teeth grit. "D-Don't.. Don't you /dare/ act l-like this is just one of l-lifes… things… Like it's some a-afterschool special." he says, his vice as controlled as he can make it. He glances at Tony and Pepper, eyes narrowing slightly.. but then growls and pulls his cellphone from his jacket,=, thmbing on the screen.. tapping furiously. LOOKING furious as well as frightened.

Slender eyebrows raise at being called 'Weird redhead'. Admittedly, that is a new one. Pepper looks from the others over to Tony as her own color fades a shade. "Losing someone that close won't leave her in any condition to fight." She looks to Dyson a moment and his furious typing, shifting a half step nearer to Tony before murmuring to him lightly, "Is there any way for you to stop Marie from this suicide mission?"

Killian looks at Dyson, "I'm not, I was however there when it happened, I saw that thing show up and I saw what it did, I also know the last thing Vince asked for was to get a message to folks here about what happened so they can get ready and have a fighting chance, cause like it or not this is one of lifes things for us, and we can either collapse or keep fighting, and I'm gonna keep fighting, cause thats what he did", he's completely calm as he swallows two of the pills, "Have you seen Marie Tony? Have any of the others got to her yet?"

"What can I say Dyson. It is one of life things, weather we like it or not. And sides, why would I act, I am TERRIBLE" Jose says with a grin a careless shrug to boot! But the music that was playing wavers and distorts momentarily as if on a bad channel on a radio. But then he hears Tony's and Peppers words, and the music flat out stops, the suddenly quiter gym apparent. Jose dosn't say it, but anyone who knows Jose might know what he is thinking let alone what he begins acting on. He quietly begins heading towards the door, he wasn't fully healed and had only found out Vincent died. But one thing was on his mind: Go Find Marie. It was suicidal probaly and chances of success close to 0. Who knows if anyone will or will not take notice.

Tony glances at the others a moment and at Dyson as well. He then looks back as Happy Hogan and James Rhodes walks inside. Jose knows who h=these two gentlemen are, "Protect these guys." he tells them, "Pepper, lets go." he take sher by the hands to walk her out with him.
Tony pages, "feel free to npc rhodes and hogan as needed"

Tappity tappity tap tap tappity TappitytaptaptapTAPTAPPITYTAPTAPCRACK! Dyson blinks as as his thumbs punch through the Starkphone.. He stares at his ruined device and sudenly growls and then just crushes the thing between his hands. The sound of plastic, glass, and metal being mashed together is short, but loud.. "Damnit!" he curses and the giant suddenly tosses the now ping-pong ball sized peice of compressed ex-tech across the gym, burrying it into a peice of un-inhabited wall. He pushes himself to his feet, glowering at Killian. "I /told/ them!" he seethes at the much shorter man. "You act like our h-high and mighty teachers are completetly /innocent/. Thats s-sure a turnaround, from w-what I have heard." he then turns to Jose and watches him suddenly turn about. "What a-are you…. JOSE!" he calls after his audiophonic friend.. Then stares at Tony and his growing entourage. "I-If you want to protect us you should b-be UP THERE, Mister M-Moneybags. All of you. We d-do not need your help down here."

Pepper glances back as Happy and Rhodes arrive, giving the two a quick smile, but a distracted one. Arriving and leaving just as quickly, it seems. She looks once more to the others remaining, "Be safe. Happy or Rhodes can get ahold of us if you have need." With her hand claimed, she goes to follow Tony.

Killian shakes his head as Tony completely ignores his question, probably meaning the current answer isn't a good one, "Ok, shout about how the teachers are wrong and you're right Dyson, remember how far that got me", thats all thats offered to the giant who he figures is set in his opinion of the matter and isn't changing that anytime soon, he quickly walks over and puts his hand on Jose's shoulder to stop him, "Come'on man, you need to stay here, and when Marie gets back she's gonna kick your ass for thinking about heading out, so stop yeah?"

Bobby walks back inside half catching what Killian said, "How are we all wrong? Like this is our fault? Like we cna control those damn things!!" he holds onto his head.

If it wasn't for the fact that BOTH Dyson and Killian more or less put a stop on Jose advance, Happy and Randy probably would have. As it stands the gym has gone death silent as more or less the entire student body stares in Dyson's general direction, it is soon followed by very hushed whispering. As it stands the strangers Randy And Happy didn't make things any more at eased. Seems order was about to break down hard if something didn't happen.

Randy is the first to step up to the plate "Now I don't know what's going on in this place, and I won't pretend I do. But this young man" gestures to Killian "Was standing up for you and the teachers" He tells Bobby. But then Randy then turns more to Dyson and explains to him "The reason Tony has me and Hogun here, is in case He and the others fail. I won't say it's enough, it certainly isn't, but he is up there trying to help defend you and your friends, classmates staff personal." Hogun for his part stays by the door, arms crossed over his head as Randy talks.

Jose has remained silent, it's clear he still wants to go. He dosn't know if he can stand to lose another one as much as he /seemed/ unbothered by it. No words are spoken, no sounds are made, he is as silent as they come his fist unclenching and reclenching as he tries to decides. His eyes are tightly shut as his ears twitch as he hears the whispers, the worries, the sorrow of those gathered. This was real.

The techno-organic ghost of Doug slips into the gym and begins to scan each presence of everyone gatehred as if he is taking inventory and stock of who is missing and who is not. "Calculations suggest that all is currently up to resson." He then tilts his head as he spots Killian. "Fascinating. The one who is off the list due to being a hostile per Headmistress Emma Frost's instructions is currently inside the walls." He frowns as he starts to get mental feedback.

"Acknowledgement of prior memories of prior situation. I was in the Sentinel prison when all of the X-Men went to nullify his father over resucing Doug and Warlock." His pale blue eyes light up and flicker.

Well actually.. Killians words do make the giant stop short a moment.. just a moment.. He was still glaring at the door where Tony and his paramor stepped out, leaving their jackbooted thugs to look after the poor little kiddies. "Yeah.. keep w-walking you twat." he mumbles at the door and turns back to look at Killian.. "So.. y-you talk a-about how we have to k-keep fighting at this m-moment, but you won't stand by your own words from b-before?" he asks… oddly this is not as much accusatory as it is just confused.
"T-two persons affiliated with this school h-have died i-in a /month/. How many of these kid's p-parents were told…" Dyson stops, frowns, and just shakes his head. "Look… I'm not /not/ going to fight. I will /tear/ through anything that t-tries to get in here. Because these kids d-deserve better then they have been /given/, and not just by our p-potential attackers, but by their supposed p-protectors as well." He clenches his fists at his sides, the sound of indestrucable bone and muscle creaking under the pressure.
Bobby entering makes the giant blink once, but he doesn't respond.. because the look on his face says he agrees with at least two parts of the snowman's personal assesment. Randy's comment on the other hand.. "Two of you… R-right. Well where were y-you and your hi-tech boss when these things were b-being built. Seems t-to me that one o-of the richest men in the world with the h-highest tech base available c-could notice resources being funneled i-into a tech-project of like this." he tels him.
The giant is nearly floored though when the freakin ghost appears. "What the /hell/?"

Killian is saved from having to explain whats going on by Randy so he focuses on Jose, "Marie needs us here Jose, this is our side of the fight right now, they'll let us know if we're needed", he looks to Dyson, "I stand by what I said to Emma before, she was out of order for what she did, but I went about things the wrong way, that I don't stand by", he very suddenly distracted by the Doug ghost, "Errm Jose, isn't that the guy that… the guy Ahab got?"

Bobby looks among them all, "Killian is here because Miss Frost has brought him here under our protection. We are doing the best we can with this situation to protect all of you. When you leave these walls on your own there isn't much we can do. Its summer so we aren't at full capacity."

With a frown towards the others as they seem to talk about him. "I did have a name prior to the incident. Doug Ramsey. Warlock. Cypher. I was a New Mutant. I also was friends with Warlock." He pauses as he realizes none of this matters to them. "Security perimeters and objectives have been met." He moves to an outlet so he can recharge. "Question. Why does Dyson get freaked out by my entry? In a school full of mutants, how am I the scary one?"

Jose looks to Douglock "Well nice to meet you Doug. Warlock…cypher. You know what, let go with Douglock" he says with a genuine smile. That's Jose for you "And well…. you were kinda of…. dead? No offense but dead people comming back to life is a bit on the freaky side, even for mutants." He looks back to Killian and gives a defeated nod and even gives Dyson a worried look he makes his way to a Bucket and turns it over…

Randy looks over Dyson "To be blunt Sir. Busy getting shot trying to protect folks like yourself, let alone trying to protect this country. I don't know what Tony does in his spare time, and frankly I normally rather not know. The jerk can't even bother telling his friend he alright after being missing" he says annoyed with Tony, and Hogun says in agreement "Make me happy I gave him a black eye, and you did shoot him real good" but otherwise says nothing. Randy picks up again telling Dyson and those present "What we CAN tell you, though we don't know specific ourselves is that Tony is apprently working on something to help with the sentinels." Douglock draw both their eyes…but they make no assumtions, it is a school full of mutants after all.

Jose has by now sat on the bucket. He dosn't look at anyone as he begins hamboning - the art of slapping various parts of the body for music. Naturally Jose did this with ease, the harminic rythem easily ringing through out. Each sound was distorted and he seemed intensly focused as if his abilities were going haywire. He closes his eyes and listens to those gathered.

Dyson gahs and rubs at his temples, eyes clenched shut, trying not tho THINK what the damned ghosat/robot/thing is supposed to represent here.. "Things h-have been gone about the wrong way w-well before you spoke out, I'm freakin sure." he grumbles to killian, then his drops his hands to his sides, massive shoulders sagging. The young man looks so very tired, his anger draining him and the fear.. the fear like a backwash.
His eyes open slowly and he stares at the.. well whatever Douglas Ramsey has become. "Wouldn't /you/ be freaked out? B-Because you are /dead/." he answers for himself. "Because y-you were /killed/ and, what.. You a-are just /back/. No q-questions asked? or i-is it just certain p-people who get the explanations? Does V-Vincent get a s-second time around, too? Or do y-you just get special c-consideration?" his voice rising just a little.
He looks back at Randy (Rhodes?) and at the mention of giving Tony a black eye.. well that makes him almost smile. But only almost. "So.. y-you don't get told anythig either, huh. Look h-how well /secrets/ are working out for you." he saysm with /some/ sympathy. He shoots a look at Jose, doing his thing.. The rythym is catchy and.. energetic.. and a guilty look passes over his face as he realizes his small friend is probably not holding toether any better than he has been… and that his outburts probably haven't helped.

Exhaling, the yellow technoorganic skinned male turns almost flesh tone. He looks very human and alive minus the the randomization of his body techno-organic skin adjusting at times to perfect the image. "I am not sure if I am living or dead. However, I seem to be living as much as Warlock was living as he and I have seemingly fused into one being." Doug looks over at Dyson, "We've seen all forms of mutations and anything be possible. Look at you; you're a giant. That should have scared others. But others have accepted you here."

He starts to walk away; his feelings are being processed as he turns back into a black and yellow techno organic look. The fact that everyone keeps pointing out that he is dead has him concerned that he will never have a life again.

Bobby wasn't here when the first one died and evne hates more his best friends boyfriend died this time. Finding a place to sit down he does with a deep sigh, he can't really blame Dyson or any of the others for their worry. None realize it from their angle though at how helpless they really feel in all this so he pulls his knees up trying to hide the tears from the others.

Though all this Jono's stayed where he was, listening, his head down. Though when Douglock starts to walk past him, Jono speaks up. It's aimed at Douglock only, though. > 'Ey. Mate. You're not the only one who's not sure. < Gotta be Jono, nobody else talks that British. > Don't worry too much about it. So long as you're walkin' around, yer can still help. Let 'em adjust. Sometimes people 'ave a really narrow definition o' 'life'. <

«Thank you for your compassion, it means a lot with all things considered lately.» emits Doug as he begins to scan the area for Jono. His techno-organics do allow for some cool feats like that. He smiles t Jono; another mutant who has been forced to be unique due their situations. "It's a pleasure to see you back on campus. Everything here seems to have hit the loo." He does salute Jono and he grins again; though it might seem mechanical as he is mechanical now.

Okay.. /That/ may have actually REALLY brought Dyson up short. That seed of guilt at freaking out earlier has just fully blossomed into actual remorse. Until now he hasn't be quite sorry for what he has said, just that he felt he had to say things. But Douglocks analysis, of himself and Dyson's own predicaments.. Watching the dejected cyborganism walk away… he casts a look around the room, looking at each and every single person.. And then especially at Jono. That last comment of the glowing brit… Thats what does it. He closes his eyes a moment, steeling himself.. and turns and slowly starts to make for the doors… looking determined

Jono nods. «Yeah. Seems to've,» he agrees with Douglock's statement of the situation. This time his words are broadcast, so everyone can hear it. «Jus' do what yer can, nobody can ask anythin' more. An' if they do they're bloody stupid.» He shifts to stand instead of leaning on the wall. «No sense gripin' at each other now. Nothin' anybody can do about what coulda been done or what shoulda been. Let's just deal with what we can, eh?»

Both Happy and Rhoedey both block the door. As usual it is Rhoedy that speaks "Whoa there. Look, I know things are hard right now. But your teachers would flip if something happened to you, weather you believe that or not". Of course neither one of them COULD stop Dyson, and not just because he was big, but because he was A.Invulnerable and B.Super strong. But none the less they were obligated to try.

Jose keeps his handboning up, the beat stayed energetic and lively, but something was truely off, the sound was becomming more and more distorted. His eyes remained closed. Untill his phone rings and his eyes budlge when he looks at it. He jumps up suddenly and holds up the screen calling out "Marrie is fine! Marie is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His screen shows Marie with Kurt, Piotr and Pepper! He sends the link to everyone he can, it was just SOMETHING to be glad about

"Teach the smegheads that we're worth letting to live." Doug looks at Jono and hopes that his understanding of the Engish language is not lost. "I'm going to go recharge. I need ot make sure of sosmethings." He heads to the first wall outlet he could before he begins to merge with it via his right hand.

Happy moves taking his phone holding it out to project a video on the wall. They will know the voice is that of Tony Stark.

Tony is hovering by the east river where a search crew and four sentinels are currently. "Hi." he gets their attention allowing his voice to boom while waving to them all. "Looks like you lost something. want to see something funny?" h has the program launched and the four sentinels start acting like the three stooges among each other and then start dancing like in a chorus line. "So here is a message from me and those of Xavier's School." he shoots up his middle finger in view of the camera before shooting missles at the robots making them all explode. "Instead of picking on innocent kids why not come get me asshole. Go anywhere near that school and my jericho missles will blow you straight to hell. Have a nice night." the camera is now directed so the students can see his face, "I got your back kiddos. The Avengers and SHIELD are on your side. Peace out.

Killian grin when he hears about Marie being alright, well alive at least, "Are they bringing her back?", he looks over to where the video is playing on the wall, "Wow anyone else getting a sudden hit of Sam's usual fanboyism for Tony?, cause that was just plan badass".

What kind of consequences will Tony actions bring? Heck if the majority of the student body cares, they are going NUTS Cheering their heads off. People are hopping and talking loud. It was if the doom and gloom just went away at least for a moment in time! Three sentinels were acting likes stooges, and then were blown up! Well Damn if that not a moment to be happy!

Dyson stands at the door, looking back at the scene as it unfolds on the wall. His face is fairly unreadable.. Because he /does/ care. And he's not an idiot. "G-great… Just g-great. This i-is going to escalate. Badly." he says more to himself than anyone.. and steps out.

The video is played on the wall and Jono… would smirk if he had a mouth. He does not however. But his eyes narrow a bit in mirth, and he gives Happy a thumbsup. Though he does need to get moving. Being one of the New Mutants, he's supposed to be on the upper floors, helping to defend just in case. He also needs to find someone in charge and talk to them about his presence here… he's got to make sure he's not going to bring the Sentinels here in the first place. He waves to those who were looking in his direction and then heads up like Alex said, to head upstairs.

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