2015-07-26 Cannolis and Conversation
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Lucy, Steve, Watkins
GMed by Steve
Title: Cannolis and Conversation

Early afternoon on the Upper East Side. The churches are just starting to let out, the colorful mixes of dresses and other bright clothing mixing in with the weekend tourists and those that were unfortunate enough to work the weekends. Approaching Dominic's Bakery, Steve has recently returned to the Avengers from a mission of soul-searching and re-discovering the country that he loves. And apparently learning of some changes within the Avengers while he was away. "So.. Mrs. Wilson?" he decides to ask his companion as he walks with Lucy. "Is that right?" he finds himself self-correcting as he leads the way. "I have already read the dossier on your rather colorful husband. But what can you tell me about yourself?"

Lucy still felt a bit awkward out in public though she didn't LOOK any different than anyone else on the street. There was just a certain tension around her that was obvious the way she kept scanning the skyline as she walked beside Steve. It had become a habit and matter of survival as of late to remain aware, and watchful. The question causes her to smile as she digs her hands deeper into the pockets of her jeans with a light shake of her head. "Not quite yet, we're only engaged. As for me…" Trailing off she glances aside toward the Original Avenger flashing a wan smile. "What do you want to know? I've been with SHIELD since I was nineteen. I have…" Again she hesitates, flitting a wary glance around as her voice drops a notch, "Certain skills that others don't. Nothing like Romanov, though." Lifting her hand she rakes it back through her hair which was held back on a ponytail self-conciously. "I'm technically a year younger than I should be thanks to Loki sending me to a different dimension and forgetting me there. Time ran differently and when I came back… Boom. A year had passed. Found out I'd been written off as dead by everyone but Wade. He kept looking for me. I guess that's kind of how we started out."

Steve smiles, but it's one of sympathy. "I know what it means to be forgotten." he says with a little chuckle. "But then again, I suppose Captain 'Hospice' doesn't hold the same meaning as Captain America though." Pointed out as he pauses at the door to open it for Lucy, the smell of fresh baked goods fills the air. "My mother used to come here on Sundays to get me canolis when I was a kid. Dominic was actually alive at that time. I think it is his great grand-daughter that runs things now." he shrugs his shoulders. "But I do know that the recipe has not changed in all of that time. So why did you decide that you wanted to be an Avenger?" The question asked, he gestures to allow Lucy to make her way in first as they seek out a table to take a seat at.

The shop is very much a throwback to the era that Cap grew up in. No wonder he visits here. There are old war posters set in frames, pictures of friends and family, even one with Captain America in uniform with Dominic, the original. Besides the smells, the sound of big band music plays over the din of bakers toiling at their work, bringing up fresh pasteries, piping and frosting cakes, and filling the canoli cones. As he makes his way up to the counter, he smiles briefly.

"I'll have a dozen canolis, the original ones, if you don't mind, and two coffees. Black.. and.. do you take cream or sugar, Miss O'Keefe?" he finds himself inquiring.

John wanders through he city as if he were in a dream. The events of his previous night plague him without any answers to be had, unless spiders the size of a bus are common in America. For the first time in a long time, he takes a day to disappear into the city to immerse himself in the population and try to relax. With the aid of a cup of bubble tea, for now.

He wanders right past Steve and Lucy without reaction initially. The woman isn't familiar to him. Rogers, on the other hand. "Y-you're Steve Rogers."

"Yeah," Lucy murmers in shared understanding. Though her 'departure' hadn't been quite as long as Steve's she could sympathise equally. It had hurt more than she let on… That was awhile ago now. "I missed a year of my daughter's life." That perhaps hurt worst of all. Before she can spend much time dwelling on such things they reach the bakery and she slips in with a nod of thanks when he holds the door for her. "Really? That's… That's actually really cool." Her gaze rakes over the walls and photos there earning a smile as she listens to Steve reminisce. "Just a bit of sugar is fine, thank you. I joined the Avengers because of Tony mostly. I was always around the mansion, anyway, and heck. I can help out. I feel like I've got a better chance of doing that right now than ever." Before she can explain herself John recognizes Steve and she falls silent grinning a bit at the man. So this is what it was like to walk around with a celebrity.

A reluctant celebrity, at that. Steve immediately gets a chagrined smile when he is called out. Yes, the bakers and such here know who Steve is, and have mostly kept quiet about it. With Watkins' approach however, it seems the cat has been let out of the bag. "I am sorry about the time away from your daughter. That could be quite heart-wrenching. But I am sure she was pleased to see you upon your return and you've more than spoiled her to make up for it." he says with a chuckle, as he turns his attention fully to Watkins. "Yeah, that's what it says on my driver's license." he says with a grin, trying to disarm the suddenly anxious looking guy. Or excited. Steve isn't sure. But he's just this guy, right? "Coffee black and a coffee with sugar, please." he says to the counter rep before returning his attention to Watkins. "But you seem to have me at a loss?"

John slides a somber look towards Lucy at her remark and draws his lips into a thin, private smile. "Yes. I'm afraid the celebrity status is quite different for me, ma'am." He states. His voice betrays a suppressed but detectable british accent, his eyes appear reverent.

"Sir. My name is John Watkins III. You cannot imagine what an honor this is for me…my grandfather was a contemporary of yours during the war from the V Battalion." He tries his hardest to explain despite his obvious excitement.

"Howard Stark and Jim Hammond as well but, I won't…be…seeing them." John slowly trails off, clearing his throat and thrusting his hands in his pockets. "Anyway. It's an honor. Uh. Sir."

Lucy holds up her hand to give a little wave at John brushing aside any concern he had regarding her speaking up making a clear 'don't worry about it' gesture. When Watkins introduces himself she smiles faintly and turns toward the woman at the counter. "I'll get our order if you want to grab a seat?" She suggests to Steve. "I'm okay with talking war stories." The offer is there, at least… This place was somewhere that reminded him of his own home she imagined. Running into someone related to an old war buddy, she could understand that, too. Maybe this whole 'roll with it' attitude was how she managed to get along with Deadpool of all people.

All it takes is the mention of V-Battallion. Steve quickly runs down the mental list of members that he rememebers making contacts with. The first Human Torch, Spitfire, Union Jack. And what happened when they ran afoul of Baron Zemo. "It is a pleasure to meet his descendent, son." Rogers offers, sticking out his hand in greetings to John. "I had nothing but the utmost respect for the V-Battallion. In fact, they were all kind of heroes to me." he admits with a chuckle. Likewise, it seems that Captain is used to rolling with it in this new time and place that he's found himself in. While he's speaking with John, the order for his and Lucy's table comes up and Steve starts to reach for his wallet with his free hand to pay for it. "May I buy you a coffee? Or something to eat?" he asks Watkins.

John takes pause then smiles proudly, nodding his head to Lucy as a show of gratitude. "Thank you, ma'am." He offers then shakes his iced beverage to Steve. "I have a drink, but it would be a pleasure to join you, sir."

John seats himself beside the two, though his attention seems split. "I don't know how to say this: I'm glad you're not dead?"

Lucy flashes a faint smile as she takes up the coffees to walk to the table figuring that Steve would have his hands full with those cannolis. Those were a lot of cannolis. The coffees are set down at the table, and she sinks into a chair herself with a nod offered to John. "No problem. Got to be better than my stories," she points out with a wry grin. "Paperwork sucks." Of course she'd not been doing as much of that since becoming an Avenger. Amazing how that went. Lifting her coffee she raises it to her lips to take a sip-

Abruptly there's a loud BANG outside. It was just a car backfiring, but it's easily heard over the big band music piped through the speakers in the bakery. Lucy jolts, spilling coffee on herself as her head snaps around with a wide-eyed stare. The hot coffee is ignored as she just sits, tense, and unmoving for several moments. Not batting an eye, or even breathing, as her free hand latches onto the edge of the table with a white-knuckled grip. Whatever might be said around her is ignored in favor of scanning the street warily.

Carrying the plate of cannolis, Steve sets them down with ease and actually manages a laugh. "It is good to not be dead." he repsonds to John's awkward statement, ready to say more when the backfire occurs. He knows well enough the difference between a backfire and a shot or explosion and his nerves never quite get on edge. Whatever more he is about to say is aborted as he notices Lucy's sudden and deep reaction, and reaches over to give her shoulder a touch. "It's fine." he points out to her. "Just a car backfire." he looks out the window and finds the small dispersing plume of black exhaust and points it out to her. "See. Used to happen all the time when cars used leaded fuel." A small grin is offered, more to reassure Lucy than anything. She's a trained SHIELD agent.. and well, he may not have his shield with him, but there's surely a trash can lid or even a helpful manhole cover nearby if things were to get bad.

John, too, starts at the backfire and feels quite the fool for it. He lifts the drink to his mouth and take a few slurps, stealing a few balls of tapioca with it. "So…you're both Avengers, are you? How different is that from giving it a go alone?" John wonders, tilting his head to study Lucy. He considers what she must be able to do. Kill people with her mind? Turn into a dinosaur? Impossible to tell.

Lucy takes a slow, deep breath letting her eyes shut at Steve's touch and reassurance. A single nod is given as her attention is pulled away in favor of grabbing some napkins to mop up the splash of coffee that spilled on her. "Thanks. And sorry," she adds apologetically. John is given a nod though as she confirms, "I'm on of the newer Avengers, yeah. I go by Meltdown." Not that it had come up yet, but that was her codename. SO much better than her old one.

For a long moment she pauses before adding, quieter, "I'm a Mutant." Which explains the tension from such a simple noise. Unclenching her hand she flexes her fingers a few times looking askance at Steve. "Been a bit on edge lately."

"Meltdown, huh." Apparently Steve didn't read up on the files - or just didn't want to out Lucy. Either way, she handled it herself and he nods. "I am not pleased with the voices and actions of some of our elected officials as of late. I may need to say something about it." Not that he hasn't already, but you know, it's the principle of the thing. Once he's sure that Lucy has completely calmed, he turns his attention to John. "Did you happen to follow your grandfather into the service?" he asks, meaning is he part of British Ops. Or Excalibur. Or.. what have you. Picking up one of the cannolis, he quickly makes short work of it, licking a little of the filling from his fingers before sipping from his coffee. A thumbs up is flashed towards the owner before he pushes the plate to a more central location, where everyone can share. "Can we get a couple of wet towels?" he finally asks a passing bus boy. "I'd hate for Miss O'Keefe to have stains or a burn from the coffee."

"That seems tough. Sorry so many people are turning into monsters about it. Those robots…" John muses, voice tapering off and shaking his head slowly. "…I'm just sorry." Speaking of monsters, John slides aside with a grinding of the metal share on the hard floor, leaning in close with a furrowed brow. "I do hope this doesn't seem too odd, but I've a question. Do either of you happen to know of a spider the size of a car in this city?"

He clears his throat and turns a polite nod and smile to the staff returning with a towel, waiting for the man to move away before he continues. "You're both in the unique position of having more information on this sort of thing."

Lucy flashes a smile of thanks to the both, seemingly relieved by their support. She was actually. It was one thing to be told you're okay by one person, but knowing that others backed her as well… She pauses though at mention of the burn glancing down at herself. "Oh, yes. I should go get that looked at I suppose." It didn't affect her at all, really, but the fact that it would affect a normal person… Yeah. Clearing her throat she places her napkin down on the table and pushes to her feet. "Thanks for the coffee, Steve, and good to meet you John. I'll catch up with you two later." Before she vanishes though she does steal a canolli on her way out.

"See you later, Lucy." Steve waves congenially to Lucy as she makes her way out. Then it occurs to him - she's got a fire based name and the coffee probably didn't even phase her. Right. Watkins' question snaps him out of his own self-foolishness and he considers. "A spider the size of a car? Mechanical or living?" he asks. "Could be a Spider Slayer." he finds himself admitting thoughtfully as he picks up a couple of more cannolis to down. He can work them off later.

John rises to stand with Lucy smiling pleasantly and offering awkward words of parting. Only when she's out of sight does he claim his seat again. "I believe it was living, sir. Though I cannot be certain. Large and black with a handful of red eyes. It sounds mad, but I assure you it is genuine."

"Huh. That's a new one. Even for New York." Steve finds himself admitting as he considers. Then he reaches into his billfold, pulling out a small Avengers card. Taking out a pen, he writes down a quick number. "This is my contact information. If you come across this creature again, let me know when and where, and I can have the team come investigate it." he offers a smile. "We can always use the extra hand or eye in the streets, after all."

John extends a hand for the card and pinch it between his fingers for closer inspection. He seems a bit shocked to have Captain America hand him a business card. "Thank you, sir. If there's /anything/ I can do to assist you in your work. I don't have a card, but I can give you this."

John folds a napkin in half and produces a pen from his pocket to jot down his cell number. "Before Grandfather died, he trained my Grandmother as she did my father. I'm just the next in a long line. I've been working out of Hell's Kitchen and the Bronx since moving to the states and, I must say, it has been a truly enightening experience. I know everyone is worried about terrorists and robots; there is plenty of reason for concern. The traditional gangs have been overlooked as of late, though, and the chaos has proven quite profitable for them."

Street level crimes is not usually something that Steve handles, but he's a kid from Brooklyn at heart. "I know that the Baxter Foundation had done a lot of work with the Yancy Street projects." he says thoughtfully. "And SHIELD has a few initative programs." he looks thoughtful for a moment. "It's not as it was in the days when I was younger - and all we really had to turn to was the gym or the Y for some action." he chuckles in a faint moment of self-bemusement before he accepts the napkin and carefully tucks it away in his billfold before and removes a couple of dollars putting it away. He grabs one last cannoli, leaving the remaining three on the table before he places the tip on the table. "I should get back to the Mansion myself. I was away for a long while and i have a lot of catching up to do." Rising to his feet, Steve once again offers his hand. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Mister Watkins. I hope that we can work together in the future." And he offers a genuine smile at that.

John returns a firm handshake and a warm smile. "I do hope so, sir. Truly an honor." He eagerly replies, grasping up his drink after and taking a sip. He considers offering Steve assistance in reintegration, but realizes he is little better, himself. He turns to go, shuffling towards the door without a word until he stumbles across what he could offer. "Welcome back, sir. We needed you." He remarks. Not a beat longer passes before he slips back into the crowd and returns to his business.

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