2015-07-27 Spider-Voltron!
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Steve, Natasha, Spider-Man, Wade, Lucy, Janie, Clint, Loki
GMed by Steve
Title: Spider-Voltron!

Steve wasn't back from his soul-searching trip for long before he was right back into the swing of working again. A tip from an informant let Cap know that there was a HYDRA shipment that was arriving in the Port in the late evening of the freighter Autumn's Watch. The mission briefing had been crisp and quick, the team was chosen from those that wanted to just really get out and work out some of the kinks of having been sedintary for a bit.

Their arrival at the dock by Quinjet had been quiet and stealthy, setting down on one of the ships of the Navy that makes it's home here. The dock is busy and boisterous pretty much any hour of the day. Large cranes are working on removing shipping containers from the Autumn's Watch, setting them aside in a secured area from the rest of the port. Men is clean suits are speaking to each other as they look over the manifest as several rent-a-cop looking types are holding weapons of a calibre that probably isn't used for the standard guarding fare. A mix of assault rifles and military grade equipment are being used here for protection.

One of the suits looks over to his companion and nods. The companion slips on a helmet. As he does so, the container is opened, and a large robotic looking creature with what appears to be a blank screen steps out. The screen fizzles and derezzes, before showing a holographic 3D representation of the head of the man that slipped on the helmet. The creature moves and stretches it's arms and legs to the commands of the figure before smashing his hands together. The creature then nods in unison with the operator.

From his place behind one of the shipping containers that is proving Steve with some semblance of cover, the Captain grips his shield a bit tighter in his right hand as he reaches up with his left and taps his communicator. "Team, this is Cap. Looks like the demonstration is starting. Everyone in position?" he asks, as he waits for reports from the others before announcing his orders.

It would probably really steam their target to know that they're nothing more than a pre-season warm-up for the Avengers. Just something to work the kinks out, you know? No big deal. Hawkeye has chosen the high ground (naturally.) He made his way up an inert crane, silently and with ease. He's found a spot just behind the control booth, sharp eyes taking in the whole of the scene.

"Cap, it's Hawkeye. I got eyes on. Doesn't look like they're expecting company. They're just playing with their new toy." A beat, "…wonder how many batteries that thing takes."

The Black Widow spent most of her time on the Quinjet ensuring she was prepared for the mission before slipping off onto the ship, then into the shadows, then… who knows where? In that matte black suit, she's one with the shadows. Even the metallic parts of her outfit don't seem to show up. She has an almost unerring sense for when people are watching and not, for when she needs to move quickly and when she needs to keep still.

From her own vantage — atop the control tower of the ship in the next berth over — Natasha speaks softly into her own communicator. "Black Widow in position and awaiting orders. …Someone's itching for an electrocution out there."

What does a housemaid for the Avengers get into the harbor?! Why she is here, Janie doesn't know really herself, just that she has one of those compieces in her ear and the steering wheel of the car the others came with in front of her. Not that she drove the car here, no, she just does the reserve shift, waiting for some signal to bring in the cavalr… eh, car for escape. Just press down the throttle to 15 and keep the pull the right one back till the jet goes down to 15 feet and then press the auto-hover button again, Clint said. Why did he insist on her taking the job of autopilot again?! Damn him, she is a Housemaid, not an Avenger!

Lucy was on the ground near one of the shipping containers dressed in black so as to better hide in the shadows. Crouched down, listening to the comm chatter, she waits for orders herself. This was actually the first time she'd been out with the Avengers as a team, and with that came a whole set of uncertanties. How to react? How to fight? How to avoid getting in the way? Sure, she'd had team training with SHIELD before, but she wasn't exactly a field agent most of the time given her prior 'babysitting' duties. Those worries and concerns are put aside as she just trusts that Steve will know how to point people around and give her an idea of what to do. Over the comm she adds in, "Ready whenever you give the call, Cap."

Loki appears on the scene, dressed in his leather armor, wielding Laevateinn in the form of a bladed scepter. Crouching down in the shadows, he watches and waits, looking for a cue from the others before acting. He's been behaving lately, and doesn't want to blow the whole operation.

"Batteries? Looks more like a wind-up toy to me, Hawkeye." Steve responds, a hint of mirth in his voice. As the responses are coming in, Captain America can't help but to smile. They're running like a well-oiled machine. Things are going well so far. But in the back of his mind, he knows every plan never survives the inital contact in place. "The guy with the helmet is yours, as soon as you have the shot. Widow, I want you to take out the crane operator. He probably doesn't even know what he's doing here, so keep it non-lethal, if you don't mind?" he requests as he grips his shield a bit tighter. It feels good. Like a long lost appendage that has returned from a very long abscence. "Are we sure Janie can handle the Quinjet? I don't remember seeing anything in her file that stated she was flight-rated.." he admits quietly over the com. Oh well, no time to think on that at the moment.

As the first creature is activated, two smaller creatures come out. Quadraped in manner, they look more like mechanical lizards than actual robots. Their screens reflect the viewer of the first screen, that robot more bipedal in function, with the screen set in the middle of its chest and arms that are larger than the rest of the frame.

As another container lands on the ground, a second helmet is donned by the suit that wasn't wearing one before. The crate likewise opens, and out comes a spider. A mechanical spider, much like a widow. A large tank is carried on the back of it. And it's multiple 'eyes' are all screens that reflect all of the heads of the second wearer. It's legs clack and click along the ground, before it opens it's mouth and a hiss of air is released from it. A drip of liquid falls from it's mouth, landing on the deck. Where it lands, it fizzles and smokes, the asphalt of the deck being eaten away by acid.

A third large container is currently being moved into place by the crane, the engine noises and creaking and clamouring of the docks themselves hiding most of the noise that the spider-slayers are making currently.

As Lucy checks in, he nods. "Meltdown, you're to keep the guards pinned down as best as you can." he sends off that message and then lets out a low whistle as he watches the spider-mech wander out. "Hey Widow, your date's here." he tries to quip, bless his soul. Not quite aware of Loki's presence yet - that little surprise will be soon enough, surely - Steve tigthens his lips across his teeth. "Alright, I'll see if I can get bug operator down before he can get that monstrosity up and going. Let's do this, team."

Loki frowns as he hears the orders, remaining where he is for now, narrowing his eyes as a breeze gently blows a few bits of unruly hair into his face. He can shapeshift, he can move things with his mind, he can make someone believe they are a chicken. Loki can be useful! But, nobody trusts him.

"You haven't seen what they can do with battery operated gizmos these days, Cap. They even have these portable lanterns that light up places with a push of your button. It'll blow your mind," drawls Hawkeye. He may be cracking a joke, but his body language is all business. Then he scoffs. "As soon as I have the shot? Seriously? You wound me. I had the shot ten minutes ago. I was just being good. And don't worry about Janie. The auto pilot'll kick in if things go too pear-shaped."

He dials up something on the edge of his bow that slides an arrow into place. He draws in a flash. An arrow sails down from the crane and hits the guy in the neck. Once it hits, the arrow releases a toxin that enters the guy's bloodstream. Unless he's got some kind of superhuman endurance, he should be out cold in a heartbeat.

"Just so long as she remembers that the big button with the red circle isn't the tape deck," Natasha quips. "Hello, Janie dear." She rises slightly on her toes and fingertips, poising and getting ready to leap onto the crane. When she sees that spider, however, she pauses. Hesitates. Peers at it. When Steve makes his comment, she snorts: "I'll be sure to give it a big friendly kiss just as soon as I greet Bob the Builder over here.

With that, she's suddenly bounding. The crane operator's in the cockpit of his own crane, which means his attention is going to be pretty well on his work. He probably won't, say, be able to see the lithe figure that scuttles off the control tower, bounds onto the top of the crane's cockpit, and chucks a couple of pellets of knockout gas in there with him. Away again she bounds, trotting up the arm of the crane to its head. "Signs point to sleepy-time, Captain. What say I give our little spider-friend down there a love tap?"

Of Course, Janie is NOT flight rated. Not even simulator trained or especially lucky. Hell, she doesn't even have a driver's license! But how hard can those steps be? And how likely will they need her to do that in… less than 10 seconds so she has time to check each and every step twice? Well, For now, it is just waiting for that keyword. Cavalry it was, right? Can't be too hard… well… where was the radio again… that button there? Or that? OOOOPS, that was the radio jammer…


There's a screaming entrance of not quite stealth that happens at this exact moment. Probably a little bit before the action starts. if only because the person that's making such noise is known and prone to making such horribad dramatic entrances.

Looking up to the sky will reveal a line of webbing attached to something sturdy. Swinging from that webline is a red and blue blur of hilarity. His body curves slightly as he releases his grip on his webline and aerial cannonballs towards that third container that's being craned around. He makes it a point to land and stand up. He throws his hands on his hips to almost mock a Captain America pose. Not that he knows he's around or anything. It's totally a coincidence.

By the way, this is Spider-Man.

"Is nobody gonna' comment on my totally awesome Silverhawks reference? Ugh. /Fine/." Spidey looks down at the robotic things that are down below and he tilts his head to the side. His masked face is probably not happy at the moment. He's got some frowning going on beneath that mask.

"Hey! Hey! Do you guys have a permit for filming Terminator 5000 here?! Seriously! I need to know!" He's not on the container long because he's firing off another webline to swing off.

"… I /really/ want Arnold's autograph."

Lucy narrows her eyes as a flash of light and a glint of metal catches her eye. Glancing to the side she squints only to scowl as she spots an all-too-familiar individual not very far off. "The Trickster is here," she informs over the… radio? It doesn't sound right in her ear. In fact, it sounds like static. Tapping at her earwig she lets out a small curse. "Goddammit, if this is his fault, double-slaps." With a shake of her head she moves out from her spot preparing to start taking out the guards around the perimeter as she was instructed. It wasn't that hard, really, and she does it the good old fashioned way: By stalking up behind them and punching them in the back of the head with a nice little love-tap.

As the man crumples to the ground she catches him beneath his arms to drag him back into the shadows to hide him. Better that she makes sure no one notices the guards dropping off like flies, right? Best to keep up the whole 'stealth' situation since they lost radio conta-

Lucy drops the man to free a hand just for the sole purpose of facepalming when she hears wisecracking at them. "Oh Jesus tell me it isn't Wade."

Loki frowns. "I had nothing to do with it." He grumbles, coming out of his hiding place and converting his scepter into a sword with a shimmer. "Why am I the first one people blame when something happens??"

"You're talking about a flashlight, right?" Steve, oblivious at times to the expense of his humor, responds to Hawkeye before the arrow flies straight and true and slams into the helmeted suit number two. Within seconds, he's down and out. The mech he was controlling shuts down immediately, it's head bowing, and both of it's lizard drones drooping in unison with the 'master' unit. That's one down.

As Steve comes out of his position, he flings his shield out mightily, sending it frisbeeing forward, where it slams into helmeted suit number one, knocking the breath out of the man and causing him to hack and wheeze. Steve didn't want to aim for the helmet, careful not to try to kill the guy. They have questions, after all.

Lucy is able to get behind the first guard with little issue and take him out like a bag of flour. So far, it's just like training. Even Spider-Man's sudden arrival doesn't seem to cause too much commotion - well, okay, it's because Spider-Man arrives that it all goes south. Or Janine's pressing of the button. Or Loki's arrival. Noone will never be able to sort it all out.

The guards, alerted to Spidey's rather loud apperance, aim their weapons upwards and start to fire away, bullets filling the air as they are trying to send out their own communications.

Janine, bless her, however, jams all the signals in the area. Inculding those that are controlling the Quinjet's hover. It starts to rock and buck, it's nose grinding against the deck of the destroyer escort as it alarms and warnings start to go off within the craft. JARVIS calmly states, "Automatic pilot off. Please re-engage or take control."

The inert spider-slayers are inert for only a few moments longer. Suddenly the screens flash red, and the machines start to reawaken. Following some sort of preset protocol, the mechs push closer together. The bipedal climbs on top of the spider mech, locking down within it. The two lizard mechs leap and attach to the bipedal's arms. The shipping container above suddenly splits open and a pair of feline mechs fall out. They too latch to the bottom half of the spider-mech, and the gestalt congrogation rises high into the air at over thirty feet tall. The creature takes one step forward, crushing the fence as Steve recatches his shield.

He tries to send a transmission out, but the feedback squawk causes him to have to toss his commuincator for now. He scans the sky quickly, trying to get eyes on his team and their help.

As Spider-Man is drawing attention and alerting everyone, one of the guards notices Lucy. Turning towards her, he quickly lowers his gun, firing a burst that is wild and strafes along the concrete dangerous close to her.

Hawkeye was just about to line up his next series of shots when static ticklese his eardrum. He mutters a curse under his breath. "This is what happens when you try to give people a shot. I should just be a killjoy like Steve," he mutters. To no one. Because the radio is dead. He dials up another arrowhead on his quiver, then aims at the wildly fluctuating Quinjet. After taking a moment to make sure he's got it, he lets the arrow fly. It hits a tiny, miniscule little spot on the vehicle's hull and attaches a control unit that will allow JARVIS to cut through the interference and reestablish control. "I'm not paid enough. This job is…"

He turns back and is distracted from his muttering when he spots this new…mecha thing. "Holy Mother of Voltron."

"Auto what? I was not supposed to fly more than down!" Janie screams, yanks at the stick as… well, she wants back, not foraward and then randomly pushes some button, which happens to be… well the flares to get heat seeking missiles away. "Comeon, comeon… where is that autopilot again…?!"

There's a low whistle from Natasha as the spider-thing starts to mold itself into one huge mechaspider. "Did we know they did this?" she asks… into the crackle of a dead radio. Curses. It means she can't get orders from Steve, which means she's on her own. And over there, Janie has managed — clearly unintentionally — to create a pretty impressive distraction. Oh, unintended consequences. But she's going to take advantage. From her perch atop the crane, Black Widow double-checks the charge on her Widow's Bite before making a beautiful swan-dive off…

…right onto the top of the MECHASPIDER. Somewhere, this thing is going to have an access panel. Hopefully she can find it quickly.

For some horrid reason, Deadpool; the Avenger with a mouth is at the island as well and he has on his full Deadpool attire but a tourtisty shirt over it. It says, 'I <3 NYC' on it. He seems to have a small group of out of country tourtists following him and snapping photos. "And this, this is the statute that Doctor Egon 'Bromers' Spengler brought to life using a mood slime." He points to the Statue of Liberty behind him. He grins, "It was used to smash through some evil Jell-O but it was not evil because of Bill Cosby, it was evil for another reason."

A tourist raises his hand, "Mister Ninja-Spider-Man, can you stop ruining this tour of your great history and just tell us what the Avengers are doing over there?" Wade bites his lower lip from underneath the mask, "Oh shit! I'm supposed to be an Avenger and involved with this kind of stuff." He quickly tries to save his public image, "Those are not the real Avengers! Nope! Those are cosplayers and—-oh shit, my wife is over there!"

Wade then pulls out his smart phone and sends a distress signal to his BFF; Daredevil!

Spider-Man is all about making sure he doesn't get riddled with bullets or anything. The swinging and the dodging is done with practiced ease. It happens every time he swings by the NYPD. You'd think he was a menace or something!

"Um. Is anybody else seeing this? Hello? Bueller?"

Spider-Man's mask extends a bit as he gawks at the transformation sequence that happens in record time. It really is too amazing for words and he just sort of stares at the entire process from the position that he's in. Because he's safe here. Since he's stuck on the side of the wall.

He's not there long. He somersaults down to the ground where some of the other heroes are. He just had a habit of popping up behind people that don't quite enjoy his brand of humor. "Man. That would be so cool if it wasn't gonna' kill us."

It was sloppy to get distracted as she was, especially when things were (as Clint suggested earlier) turning pear-shaped. The first boom-crack of bullets impacting into the concrete nearby jerks Meltdown's attention back fully with her blue eyes widening in surprise, and a little fear. There's an almost immediate change a she tenses. A little ripple seems to go through her like waves of heat rising off the sunbaked road in the middle of an August heatwave. Then she moves dodging from that bullet straffing as she side-steps and flings her hand out sending a plume of fire back toward the gunman. It lights up the area with the brightly, orange and glowing like an instant bonfire aimed directly for the gun itself. It all happens in the span of a heartbeat, really, but it was enough of a distraction for her that she only now notices the Mecha-Spider-Of-Doom rising up from their intended target area. "Ffffudge."

The Quinjet bucks wildly at Janine's manic handling, flares illuminating the deck of the destroyer before Clint's arrow slams into the command override. JARVIS chirps and announces, "Autopilot functions and defaults restored. Please take a seat and be patient, Miss Wu. Control functions are being restored."

The radio crackles and squawks as JARVIS tries to re-establish communications with the rest of the team.

With Natasha landing on the top of the Spider-Mecha, there is rolling gears and as she is searching for the access panels, one of the lizards detach from the arm and starts crawling up the mecha's arm and a low mechanical hiss is given towards Widow before it leaps towards her, looking to take a bite.

Spider-Man lands near Steve, and the Captain turns his attention to the webslinger. "Can you get the creature's legs all tangled up?" Cap asks the webhead quickly as he grabs his shield. "I'm hoping that they are as a bonded unit, that they'll stick together, we can knock it down."

Radio comes back to life finally, and Cap taps his commuincator. But instead, he ends up saying something he never thought he'd say. "Loki! Can you provide some assistance?" he calls out to the God of Mischeif as Cap turns his attention to taking out a guard with his shield as he flings it towards a new target, catching it on the rebound as he does so.

The guard's gun is superheated by Meltdown and he yells, dropping it quickly as he tries to blow on his hand.

'HEAT DETECTED.' the spider-mecha announces before turning towards Lucy. A hand is lifted, and it glows blue. 'DEPLOYING WINTER HOWL.'. A blast of super-chilled air is blasted towards Meltdown as the mech swivels towards the female mutant. Sentinel technology??

Hawkeye makes a leap for the crane's cable. He attaches a zipline device from his wrist, then wraps his legs around the wire. He descends part of the way there, then disengages and rolls to land on a five-tall stack of shipping containers. He dials up an arrow with an exploding head and sends it flying towards the loose spider-mecha. "I got anyone with ears on now?" he asks as his own indicator lights note that his control override was successful. "Cap, we could use a game plan. This is turning into a house party that some kid advertised on Facebook and five hundred people show up. Except…with robot spiders."

Sentinel technology? That's. That's really not good news. Nor is the creepy mechanical lizard scuttling up to bite her. Natasha's eyes narrow as she observes the critter, sliding swiftly back and to the side to avoid it, then raring back and giving it a good punt off the top of the MECHA OF DOOM. In the next instant, she decides to deploy the Widow's Bite right into the most vulnerable-looking place she can find. Have the Taser From Hell.

When the comms come back up, she exhales with relief: "This thing is even nastier than advertised. If there's a good suggestion for slagging this sucker, I'm all ears."

With all the activity going on, Wade mutters, "Man, this night has more of a surprise than that time I went on a date with Caitlyn Jenner." He exhales heavily before he watches as the one machine has now targeted Lucy. His wife. Or whatever she is going to be if they set the date. "Now, this is going to be one of those nights that I can't just crack open a cold one with Matt and tell him some good news…" He rips off the NYC shirt and exposes his katanas and guns that he somehow managed to hide under the shirt. "These Rob Liefeld pouches do wonders!"

As the machine takes over control again and rescues her from ramming the transporter or crane or the monster, Janie eventually sighs, falling back to the seat. "It was not my fault." she says, before she looks out of the window, only to see stuff burning and stuff. "Jarvis, that thing tries to cool down that man… can you drop a few flares on it's head? Like into the face?"

Meltdown does exactly what she'd planned: Make the gunman drop the gun and make holding onto any other weapon far harder. She's already on her way toward him at a quick dash to finish putting him down when she hears… that… Sound. Lucy snaps her head around with a wordless oath as she tucks and rolls in an attempt to dodge this 'Winter Howl' thing coming at her even as she engulfs in flames protectively. They don't last though as that super-cooled air hits.

The flames go out almost instantly, but moreso the impact of the air blows her further off her feet than before. She's sent skidding across the concrete toward the water rather than anything hard at least. Flinging a hand out she manages to catch hold of a dock post, barely, digging her fingers in to keep from toppling into the water entirely where she'd be all but useless, and helpless, until she could get herself out again.

"How'd you know I was a leg-man, Cap?"

Spider-Man is flipping up and away from the fray. He drops into a crouch on the side of something that doesn't move and his arms extend. Webbing gets shot out of his web-shooters with ease and he's working on getting a foundation of sticky webs around the feet area of this giant spider-mecha, before he prepares for some swinging and tangling action.

"Is anyone here a lawyer? Can I sue for this? I kinda' have a lock on the whole Spider-Gimmick." Here's to hoping these things aren't stronger than his webbing.

At least the Captain can keep calm under pressure. As he evaluates the ever-changing the situation, Clint's voice in his ear lets him know communication is re-established. "Spider-Man is going to try to web this thing's legs together." Steve says it loud enough that Spidey can hear him as he transmits. "Widow is on the creature. Keep looking for an access panel - Hawkeye, keep her clean." he continues.

The lizard crashes to the ground and once it is severed from the main body of the creature.. it shuts down, simply inert now. The Widow's bite causes the creature's right arm to shut down, rendered inert by the electricty surging through it and severing the very weapon that it was trying to deploy against Lucy. The superchilled air remains around the creature, but at least the temperature is not falling any further.

"Meltdown," Steve continues, his voice calm and reassuring, "Can you get the asphalt superheated? With the cold, it should crack and fail and send this monstrosity crashing down." he responds as he gets Loki's attention. "Loki, see if you can get the rest of these guards away from here. Do what you do best." the Cap offers quickly as he turns his attention around towards Deadpool's arrival. "Deadpool, help Widow take out the mech's other arm. We can take it down piecemail if we have to!" he transmits as he grabs his shield on the rebound.

JARVIS responds to Janie, "I'm sorry, Miss Wu, but any attempt to do so may cause the creature to target us and then you would come to possible harm, which is against my primary programming."

Alarm klaxons ring out across the deck of the destroyer as fire teams arrive to try to fight the fires that have broken out across the deck of the ship thanks to the flares. What had started out as a well-oiled warm up mission has gone very far south very fast. The Captain wasn't aware of the Sentinel technology, or he'd found a different way to deploy Meltdown, as she is facing the full wrath of the creature.

As Spidey swings into action, the left arm of the creature rises up. 'DEPOLYING ODIN CANNON'. The large abdomen and thorax of the spider mech swings around and the back of it opens, deploying a blast of hurricane force winds, meant to buffet and blow away anyone that it smacks into - namely Spider-Man or the Captain. Steve raises his shield quickly to protect himself from the blast, though it does start to push him backwards. "Keep going!" he calls out to Spidey.

When you spent a large part of your SHIELD career alone, you sort of develop a tendency to mumble to yourself. In situations where stealth is not the primary objective, anyway. Clint mumbles unkind things to metal spider bits as he unleashes arrows at key junctures. Something about pest control here, something about RAID, something about itsy bitsy…well, you get the idea.

He's trying his best to sneak arrows in to gaps and damage key systems without really understanding how these damned things work. Simultaneously, he's picking off any detached mech bits that creep off the main body and head towards Natasha. It's a good thing the sound of arrows fwip fwipping by her is a familiar sound to Widow. For someone else it might be rather disconcerting, especially considering how close some of those arrows get.

"Aye aye, Captain." Black Widow, once again, gives mental thanks for the little grippy pads in the skin of her suit. She's able to scramble all over the MechaSpider like… well, like a spider, seeking out its weak points. She and Clint have worked together so much that she can predict where his arrows are going to show up — and he can predict where she's going to go to avoid them and seek the big wind-up toy's off switch. But she's already taken out one arm—the other one should be about the same, right? She swings down and around, actually upside-down when she detaches a little disc from her belt and slaps it up into the mecha's… underarm, for lack of a better word. FZAPPPPP.

Janie sighs and glares at the screen that JARVIS was representing. "Ok, drive the circles… but it was aiming for hot spots with that cold stuff…"

Lucy's down. That's all Wade needs to see before he really gets into the fight. He races over to where she is to help pull her up on the dock. "You ok?" He doesn't wait for a response from her as he pulls his assault rifle out for a rapid fire stream at the robot. His finger just hovering on the trigger; not yet fired.

"Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooy Jenkins!" Wade shouts it out at the top of his lungs as he now relentless opens fire at the robot. "Think you can hurt the one chick crazier than me? You gotta be kidding me!" He seems pissed. Pissed enough that he doesn't respond to Cap's orders. He looks at his own short range teleporting belt and then back at the robot. "Johnny Five is 'X' feet away from me. So if I start running at the value of 'Y' feet per miles… I can calculate how I am going to need to set this teleporter to get the plan into action." Wade starts to use sidewalk chaulk to solve his math problem. "And then, Satan said, 'Put the alphabet in math!' Or something."

Wade clicks a button on the teleporter and attempts to teleport his own body into the robot to short it out. "Oh, Lucy! Look at me! I'm going use my head for something!" And with that, the teleporter clicks in and he puffs into the air to possibly make a direct connection to the robot. Or a taco truck….

Lucy lets out a breath of frustration and just … cold. She was warm herself, but that cold blast had sent chills through her that she didn't really want to think about. Hearing Caps order she gives a nod and responds, "See what I can do to heat things up." Already beginning to lever herself up she's quite glad when Wade is there to help pull her all the way up. "Thanks, Wade," she murmers with a grin as he starts to do his thing firing away at the critter as she contemplates the best way to go about

There really was only one way to do it. Before she can explain the trick she's about to pull, or warn Wade about it, he's off in a puff of smoke. "This was easier when he wasn't super-protective of me." At least he wasn't here to stop her now. Over the radio she informs, "I need to get in closer to do this. My range is limited."

It's the only explanation that she gives as she's already setting off at a dead run to get closer to the Mecha-Spider. Avoiding tangling in any spider webbing, or legs, she skirts around the sides trying to stay out of it's field of vision and reciprocation to get JUST a bit closer. Only then does she stop, lunging into a crouch with hands thrown down on the concrete as she focuses her attention.

A circular wave of flames ripples out from her again, and again, and again, building upon each other and going a bit further each time until the ground beneath over half of the robotic creature is set ablaze.

With Hawkeye and Widow working in perfect concert, the access panel to the drone is found, and the disc is applied to it. As Deadpool teleports away, Captain America realizes what's happen, "Deadpool, don't—!" too late. His teleportation coincides perfectly with the sudden release of the massive sting from Widow into the creature's intake port. The electricity courses through the Spidermech and .. Wade .. as the creature stumbles backwards, it's legs tangled up in the webbing that Spider-Man had sent out. The creature falls forward, landing on it's left side, trying to use that arm to try to support itself, even if it is in very poor shape.

With the creature falling, the remaining guards break ranks. They aren't paid enough to fight this many supersuits. Dropping their rifles, they take off like crazy, scattering like rats from a sinking ship.

JARVIS responds, "Miss Wu, I apologize, but I must follow my primarmy programming. Please be patient, I am sure the Avengers can protect themselves." he offers in smooth robotic timbre.

The short-circuits continue, as the robot fries itselt out, disassembling itself as it tries to fall apart, only succeeding in halfway making it through the disassembly before the asphalt groans and cracks, starting to rise up in places. Cap realizes what's happening and calls out over the general din. "Everyone get clear!" he calls out as the robot lurches one last time as the deck and road lurches and collpases in on itself, sending the pieces of the creature down into the depths of the East River.

Black Widow looks intensely satisfied with herself, but not so cocky as to stick around and wait for the robot to overheat. She leaps away, flipping through the air and making a lovely three-point landing atop a nearby storage container. She doesn't even need to look around to see that Clint made it, too. "I think we can forward the bill to whoever ordered this thing in the first place," she mutters. "Deadpool, you still… oh, why am I even asking." She turns toward the Quinjet then, observing it and the ship it sits on to see if any extra damage is still happening over there.

The teleportation was a great plan! Up until the electrical surge of everything caused what now smelt like burnt dog hair mixed with a charboiled burger. There's a sizzle as the teleporting Deadpool crashes to the ground; his costume in flames and his skin on fire from the electrical current. He exhales as he tries to breathe. "Oh shit. No lungs yet. Or eyes." He tries to force himself to stand but can't manage that yet. "I'm going to take a fifteen!"

Lucy pulls herself up and away as soon as she hears that crack of concrete begin. Backpedaling she looks around with quick, furtive glances as she's obviously searching for /something/. Or someone. "Dammit, Deadpool!" She blurts out over the radio as she finally spots him sizzling away on the ground. Without concern for the fleeing guards or the fact that she could fall into the river herself she leaps over toward his fallen form to grab ahold of his sizzling suit. It only takes a quick wave of her hand to snuff out the flames on him. With that done she grabs one of his arms trying to pull him up and over her shoulder to drag to (relative) safety. "You are going on a diet. Without the 'die' part just… Dammit.

Putting away his shield, Steve doesn't look thrilled at all. A mission completed. But very messily. There will be reports. Oh yes. There shall be lots and lots of post-mission debriefings and some yellings. Or at least stern talking tos. However, there was some things to be addressed. "Spider-Man." Cap offers while he's nearby. "If you're ever on the Upper East Side, drop by the Mansion. I'd like to talk to you further." the soldier offers as he waits to see if Spidey sticks around or leaves. As the NYPD's finest and bravest start to arrive, Steve sticks around to help with reports and such while the rest of the Avengers can head towards the Quinjet if they want. Clean up is gonna be a while.

Spider-Man just kind of gawks from beneath his mask at what just happened. He just kind of freezes there. "Huh? Wait what? Me?" Spidey looks behind him to make sure the Captain wasn't talking to someone else. And then he goes into full on fangirl mode. "Oh. Em. Gee. The Captain just totally asked me… in?" Spider-Man flings a hand up to shoot a webline and gets yanked up and ready to swing off. He can't stick around for the cops. They try to arrest him.

"I gotta' go update my Facebook Status!"

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