2015-07-29 Meeting of the X's
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Players: Emma Storm Bobby Logan Scott
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Title: Meeting of the X's

- Meeting Room - X-School Basement -

Emma stands against the wall, her arms crossed beneath her chest as she waits for everyone to enter the room. Behind her on the wall, in a 2d hologram, is a map of New York and parts of the other states surrounding, "We need to discuss and map out our plan in the proceeding days and weeks with what to do with this Sentinel problem and what to do with the students." Emma begins quickly and harshly while walking around to the table and lowering her hands on the edge and leaning for emphasis.

Ororo stands at the edge of the table, her arms folded over her stomach, she was in a black zip-up jumpsuit, almost like she'd swiped it from Black Widow's wardrobe. "Although, I know that we must worry about the Sentinels, of course." She says, her blue eyes going up to Emma, her voice soft and cool as ice. "But, to be realistic, there are mutants all across the world… the Sentinels, at least currently, have their hands far too full to deal with all of us. We do yet still have that, as an advantage." She glanced then toward the chamber exit. "The bomb shelter is still a viable option to keep thie children safe, should we ever get over-run… It is certainly our best… last, restort." She fell quiet then.

Listening as the women speak over this, Bobby isn't real sure what he can add in to any of it. Staying back his arms fold over his chest while leaning against the wall.

Logan leaned back in his chair. Both of his arms were crossed as he looked at the holo-map. His leather coat made a few rustling noises as he was eyeing the map. It was the bomber coat. He was probably the most blue-collar looking int he room with the coat, a pair of faded and well-worn and loved blue jeans, dark brown cowboy boots, and a black tantop. His blue eyes looked over the map. His ears took in what others were saying, "We should use that shelter. Make it a new panic room, part of an evac. plan. Somethin'. Sentinels are out there in force right now. Got Jubes pulled outta the streets. She was shakin' like a twig. I'm sure she ain't the only mutant shook up. It's figurin' out what ones are safe too," he hated to be devil's advocate, but someone had to.

Wearing black today is Scott Summers. His shirt is a black work out t-shirt with black jeans for pants. His eye wear scans the room as he exhales. He then takes a seat; by himself. He makes sure that it was the most distant seat he could grab. "I'm thinking of having the students do a semester abroad at Muir Island. I believe they will be the safest there while we can handle the threats locally." He smiles at Ororo though, "Though, you are right with your suggestion about the fall out shelter."

He then plays with the water bottle in his hand. "Logan, thank you for keeping Jubilee safe. I really appreciate it." He wrinkles his nose; almost concerned that he is being nice to Logan and that will lead for a stabbing later. "Can we get Forge on to making some EMPs? We need to test them on the Sentinels. Though, I know once we get that answered if they will work, the Sentinels will adapt and we'll have to find another solution." He then pauses, "F. M. L. We're going to need to talk with /him/ soon. I know Charles can trust him at times and we all have our reservations but I believe that 'Eisenhardt' or 'Lehnsherr' or whatever he's calling himself these days might be a viable weapon if we can trust him to not harm any humans in the process. Sentinels are still made of metal and he's magnetic." He lowers his head, "I'm not a fan of that idea for the record. It's just that a temporary truce with the Devil that might help us keep some of us alive."

"There's a reason they're confined to school grounds." Emma says with her eyes going over everyone, then she says to Ororo and Logan, "Our evacuation plans have been organized for quite some time, that has and will continue to be our backup plan." Emma notes then pushes back up and paces a little bit, "What I need to know is what we're going to do to stop this problem. Beyond having fallback plans, we need to get proactive, with ideas. Now." Her eyes linger on Bobby lastly, he's one to be counted on for coming up with something sometimes juvenile, brash, and intelligent. Then Scott finally makes it down stairs. "Busy off campus?" Emma asks tartly, but still listens to his recommendations and then scans the room to gather everyone's opinions on such ideas. "We're not in a position where we can have opinions on methods to ensure our survival."

Storm listened to Logan as well and nodded at him, but Scott vergalized the thanks for saving Jubilation. She then took a moment to glane down at the map again and listen to everyone speak. "Let us not forget that Tony Stark said that his missile defence system is guarding our property here as well…. Should it go off, if it doesn't obliterate whatever threat sets it off… then it could at least serve a warning for us. Also…" Storm said softly, pausing briefly as she looked around at them. "I think I may know how to find one of these Sentinels, like the one who killed Vince." She told them. "Perhaps we could capture it, to… give them a little of their own medicine, and run tests upon it." She said all of this with a stone=cold demeanor.

"Hiding isn't going to work forever. We need to face them." Bobby says out loud, "So far our students have come face to face with them. I kno you all got away from them but ther eis going to be a time we have to take a stand." he rubs a hand at his chin.

"Muir Island might be safe in the short term, but we can move em' here. Muir Island they're just gonna be sittin' ducks when they're found," Logan looked at Scott then gave him a nod. There was some mututal respect there. It was bound to last until the next stabbing.

"E.M.P. might work but these things are gonna fight smart eventually. A misplaced E.M.P. n' we look like terrorist," a hand went to Logan's chin. Ears started to turn. Then he looked at the map. Sitting up Logan started to move it without asking anyone. It was really like using one high-tech touchpad.

From there he zoomed in on a very specific location. Looking at the room, "Til' we get this thing sorted out how 'bout we move em' there?"
The screen was zoomed in on Avengers Mansion.
Blue eyes looked around the room as he waited for reactions.

"Actually, busy on the grounds of the campus dealing with a faculty member who needed some support. Also I became aware of part of the woods that I was not privied to until that situation came up. There's a cabin in the woods. It's not too far from the main building but it's there." Scott bites his lower lip, "The professor, of course, knows about it as it belongs to one of the staff members that keeps that cabin for getting away as needed. It does have some use for later as it has a panic room beneath." He doesn't offer who the staff member is that he is referencing. "We are supposed to always have opinions on our methods. What we do now will be how we will be judged in history. We're being tested right now for how mutants will be judged in the future." He sighs but then smiles, "The current courts ruled to legalize gay marriage. Perhaps we can try harder to get accepted by showing that we're not the bad guys." He hesitates, "We're going to need to find a way to demonstrate that mutant kind is not a threat to humanity. We need to stick with that and do that with every action." He looks back at the others in the room.

"Bobby, I am agreeing that we should respond back with taking an action." He then smirks at Logan, "Avengers' Mansion? You're actually on the same page of my playbook. I'm thinking that we should, as X_Men, team up, with the Avengers. The Avengers just took on some kind of Sentinel or something close to it." He pauses, "They seemed to have a tactic. Plus, they have the public favor and SHIELD's favor. The Avengers have two mutants that we know of. The girl who sets things on fire and then that weird one with a healing factor. So I think we can fit in."

"I think any outward action on our part is foley. The X-Men are already seen as a terrorist organization by the media." Emma says looking around the room and moving her hand to the patch that was placed on her chest when she signed on and put it there on her costume. She takes it off and looks down at it before throwing it towards the middle of the table. "If we're to help mutant kind, legally and by changing hearts of everyone, then I can't be a member of this team." Emma says, stepping back from the table, eyes on Logan as he mentions the Avenger's mansion. She reaches behind herself and beneath her cape to pull out a letter. "We've gotten a letter from Captain America. Basically he's informing us we have an ally but he wants to share that information openly by having a bbq and taking the kids to a ball game. The ignorant, arrogant-" She cuts herself off and starts towards the door.

Ororo's suggestion was ultimately ignored by the others, so she just let it go. She glanced down at the table a moment and let them all speak before she looked up again and watched Emma finally say this about Steve Rogers. "Associating with the Avengers publicly, is placing all of our faces onto the televisions and websites of the entire world. If we went that route, we could kiss our anonymity goodbye." She glaned around at them all. "This school cannot operate with the media attention levels that the Avengers are bombarded with. I thusly would prefer to stay the course, as we are now… and work from the shadows."

Hell was freezing over. Logan and Scott were agreeing on something. It was just too odd. "I'm not sayin' we shouldn't think of workin' wit' em'. Let's move the kids to the school. Got Avengers's Security, Avengers n' staff members that stay behind. Keep it secret. Move the kids out quiet. We pay fer everythin'. Avengers watch em' while we hunt. When it's over Stark can claim all the education expenses as a Tax Write-Off n' the Avengers look like humanitarians. Win-Win," that was Logan's take on the situation. It would have been like hiding them in plain sight behind some very dangerous unseen walls. He didn't want to dos omething public. That woudl ahve killed their secrecy. However, trying to cover up an attack on the school too made things hard.

"Maybe he wants them to be able to be kids and have some fun. So what if we are mutants, that means we have to hide away forever? No.. Professor Xavier made this school to teach these kids and prepare them for life outside of it." Bobby says lightly, "So we can't take action yet we can't do things legaly because you will leave?" not fully getitng her words there. "Kind of damned if we and damned if we don't. They want us to hide and to encamp ourselves. I refuse to hide like a turtle in its shell anymore. We should strike back! Show the kids we are doing something other than hiding!" he straightens his stance, "I agree with Storm. Lets work on capturing that thing. We team with the avengers, SHIELD, the dman brotherhood and show these kids we aren't sitting on our asses and letting the sentinels win. Hold off fall classes, move the kids to the mansion or Stark tower for that matter. Some of the kids ar elosing hope and faith in us. Lets give them a renewed hope."

"Stark's on our side and so is Rogers? How is that a problem?" asks Scott. "If he's willing to risk his name to help us, then we're on the right side." He then shakes his head, "When I said 'as X-Men,' I didn't we'd have to be our normal code names but as the defenders of the mutant race, we should try to work with the one group who can." He looks back at Emma's patch and then as she walks to the door. "You're always the one telling me to not leave and when I stay, you decide to leave, Emma?" He shakes his head, "I'll leave. This is your school. I'm just the teacher who is dealing with some personal problems while I try to lead the X-Men without Xavier around."

Exhaling, Scott says, "We need to work with the Avengers. We need to not expose the school or ourselves but to work with them as they have been attacked as well. I think if we could work behind the curtains with them, we might stand a chance. We need their numbers and their strength. Hell, we can have Thor take our children on a field trip into that Land of Make Belief that he comes from."

Scott smiles back at Logan, "I think you and work better when we're on the same side. I'm liking this. And I think you're right about bringing our students there for safey. The Sentinels won't openly attack the Avengers' Mansion just yet because that would be an act of war. They know that. So do the politicians. Stark and Cap have a higher approval rating than any politician right now. Pissing them off would be career suicide."

Scott looks back at Bobby and nods to him, "So it seems like so far Bobby, Logan, and I are in favor of having the Avengers /secretly/ act as guardians for our students while the X-Men battle Sentinels behind the curtains?"

"Damn it Scott, I am NOT leaving this school. I can't agree to do this legally, AND fight these guys openly at the same time." Emma says, knowing that the Avengers are good and want the correct things, but doing both just isn't an option. "Either we fight and destroy the Sentinels or we get them removed legally. Both just isn't an option." Emma sighs towards Scott, and then to Logan "I disagree that sending the children elsewhere is better than keeping them here, where they know the halls, were WE know the halls. I'm not looking out for Stark's public image." Emma is debating strongly but not with too much emotion, just firmly.

To Storm's mind, Emma projects mentally, "I feel I can do better work as an individual, not as a team attached to anything."

"Legality does't end with the Sentinels." Storm says, looking over at all of them, sweeping her icey-eyes across them. "We are not the legal guardians of the students. Their parents have the final say on where their children reside. Some do not have parents, yes, but most of them do. Doctors, Techears, lawyers… Katie's mother works two jobs, and knows that her daughter is better off here, rather than at home alone… or at least that what she's trusting us to give to her child." Storm places her hands on the back of one of the chairs. "Moving the children to New York, could permanently destablilize this school's credibility… if we moved so abruptly."

"No one is saying look out for Stark's image. Damn it, Emma… Listen to the words coming out of our mouths closely. So then fine hide them underground.. Tuck tail and run.. Let the damn sentinels determine our lives. No.. No.. and HELL NO… We are aren't looking out just for the students here but one that will eb students. Former students too.. This isn't just an attack on these kids. Its against our race. They are saying we don't have the right to exist!! I will not hide!!" Bobby shakes his head growing frustrated with a raised tone. "We can fight and destroy them but.. We need to get to those that control them too. Or they build more and they keep coming. You all want to go behind the scenes go ahead. I'm not hiding anymore and nothing short of you all throwing me into a coma will stop me."

Santa Clause was now setting up shop in Hell it was becoming so cold. Logan looked at the rest of the group. Then Logan looked at Scott, "Move the kids. Fight the Sentinels. Courts will hold em' up ferever. Just take em' out," then his gaze went to Emma. "And so the Sentinels. They blew the place up remember? Sure they probably got a pretty good peak," he said staring at Emma. He wasn't phased by the debate. Maybe if she would have put more passion into it he would have been. Although Telepaths had to be careful with emotion.

"Gettin' attacked by Robots woulda done more damage than that darlin," Logan said to Storm just pointing out the obvious PR nightmare of having to deal with an attack on a privatized school by robots. It would have stirred the contraversy bowl just a little.

Cringing, Scott closes his eyes. He's battling a couple of fronts mentally and he's been linked to communicating with Emma. He frowns a little, "I'm not sure that I'm in the best state of mind to really make the best calls for myself personally but Logan and Bobby have both made some good points. We can't protect the students and fight for them at the same time. We'd be spread too thin. The Sentinels affect the Brotherhood as well. We need to enlist them with a temporarily cease fire. Who cares what happens after we shut down the Sentinels? We need to get the troops to work together. We stand together or fall individually." He closes his eyes behind the lenses.

"Logan, I'm going to need to work with you and I'm going to listen to you more often than I used to. You've been saying a lot and you've dealt with more than any of us can ever know. You have a lot of valid points. I think your plan is the best." He looks at Ororo and nods to her, "I'm willing to put this to a vote and I am sorry if I am upsetting anyone by seeing this as the best answer but we both seem to be on the same page followed by Bobby." He then looks back at Logan, "And Jean told me to tell you that she's almost back. She believes taht she feels that she has residue of the Phoenix under control and she should be able to return to the team. She misses all of us." He looks at Emma; expecting to get slapped.

Emma sighs, leaving Cap's note and her patch on the table, she's no longer an X-men. "You do as you see fit." Emma says softly, she's always been about the future of mutant kind. She doesn't intend to sit idly by, but she can't allow the X-men to be the aggressors. She looks from Ororo, the one who actually agrees with her, then Bobby, unpredictable Bobby, Logan and Scott, both trying to be the alpha male in this testosterone driven team. "Weigh the consequences, and know every life is precious and valuable." Sooner the better basically.

Ororo listened… and watched. When Emma walked toward the door, she trailed her eyes after the White Queen. This didn't really surprise her, Emma was a bit of a rogue at heart, so she expected this. Storm's eyes went to the boys. "Scott. Xavier has placed you in command. And the votes are clearly cast. Though not all of the team is represented here, it is enough of the senior leadership that this is a deciding vote." She quietly exhaled and glanced down again for a moment. "I have stated my concerns up to this point."

Moving in front of the door folding his arms across his chest, "Emma, you aren't going to quit on us. And we are just talking.. I don't understand what you want. You say we should act and we agree but then now you disagree? I don't understand you. Ororo has an idea so maybe we should all listen." Bobby stands in the doorway with no intention moving. "You walk away now, Emma. Consider me no long part of this team or school. And that isn't a threat its a promise. One walks away and then I no longer feel I have a reason to fight anymore. Bad enough Marie had to leave but I understand why. You quit now then you quit on her and those that have died."

Looking around the room Logan made sure everything was how he remembered it. In what reality did Scott ever push forward a proposal made by Logan. It was a very surreal moment even for him. Still, they were making headway, and that had to count for something. His blue eyes scanned the others looking for reaction.

When Emma left Logan got up and tried to go after her. "If ya gotta vote. Ya gotta vote. Ya know how I stand," he said before leaving. "Wait," he said trying to flag the mutant down. An image set with Logan and he didn't like it. When Emma brought up the value of human lives. "Tell me yer vision. Here n' now. I think we gotta erradicate them but I don't want students to rank up. I just meant seniors. People capable. Leave the kids outta it. No child soldiers," his blue eyes looked to Emma. That was the image fresh on his mind. He had images of the countires that turned their children into war mongers like they were looking for their own answer to Wolverine. That thought was unsettling to him. More than Bobby's speech, it did show they had to be unified though. He was going to get on that one later.

Scott frowns as the turn of events do not go as he predicts. "Ororo, as Emma has now made it official that she wants nothing to do with this plan, I'm going to ask that you help organize the facutly for securing the students within our own school first and then planning a move to the Avengers should we need to. The minute we hear or sense that the Sentinels are en route here, we can transfer the students that are here to the Avengers. 'Field trip' it if we have to. That way, we keep the students here as long as we can and need to but then we have the option to move them to where they need to be should something happen to the school. Can we call this part of a compromise?" He looks at Ororo; hoping to have made some headway with her.

"Bobby, Emma's dealing with something else that I brought up between the both of us. Jean wanted a sit down with me about her condition. I didn't exactly know what to expect but she is acting better and then different at the same time. I'm worried that Jean may have somehow, unwillingly, altered my thoughts." Scott confesses that. "I'm trying to keep no secrets from this team right now and I feel that I should reveal that. In the event that I don't seem all here, it might be that somehow, I'm under some sort of psychic attack from the Phoenix. Jean apologized and freaked out. It was her with the cabin I mentioned earlier. It's her panic room with all the Phoenix issues she's been having." Scott then looks to Emma who seems to be blocked from leaving, "I'm sorry, Emma. I can't risk creating an issue by keeping the others out of that loop. And they should know should Jean have an episode again."

Emma stops in front of Bobby and then looks to Logan. "You're all right in a way." Emma begins, looking back over her shoulder to Logan, "We're not going to go to war with the Sentinels, that's suicide. We should go after their creators and head quarters. A few casualties as possible-" She cuts her idea short and puts her eyes directly on Ororo, obviously thinking at the woman opposite from her. She whispers to Logan and Bobby, "Go work with Scott, he will need your help much more than I." Then she looks to Bobby once more and only him, "I'm NOT quitting on this school, just this team. I can't morally abide."

Storm stood there, motionless behind that metal chair with her hands resting upon its tall back, devoid of emotion she listened and watched the others. "Scott, we have fourty seven students above our heads right this very moment, with upwards of sixty more coming to our doorstep in just over a month. I am not attempting to pick apart your plan, but I wish to point out that at this current time, I am unsure of how to transport that many vulnerable bodies… an hour and a half drive… into Manhattan." A short pause. "If Captain Rogers truly wishes to defend us, it would make far more plausible sense for them… the Avengers… to come to us."
Ororo then cut herself off there and looked over to Emma, just staring at the woman quietly, exchanging thoughts perhaps.

Bobby shakes his head, "I am just going to go visit Marie. Do what you want, Emma. Leaving the team is quitting the school. You are not willing to help think of a compromise. You want to tuck tail and run because its not your way. I give up.. I'm going to go spend time with Marie. She is alone and.. I don't fele she should be." he sighs listening though to Ororo, "Besides no one ased them if we cna take the students there. We can't just go marching in and say HEY. Even I know that and as it is said Stark has security measures in place too. But.. that being said I am heading out of town. Good luck@" he hand waves turning towards the door.

Logan started to thin. Taking out the headquarters would erradicate the team. His gaze went to Emma, "What intel can ya dig up on the heads? I say we oliberate them. Safest way to do it," Logan then heard the whisper. His gaze went to Emma, "He'll always need yer help. Even if he don't know it," the reply was whispered for her to hear before we sit down. "So we take em' up by takin' out the head. Take down theri stations then everything will fall into place, maybe literally if any of those bastards are airborne. I was talkin' eradicate with a group of senior members, not the students," he wanted to clarify that part.
Exhaling, Scott looks at the others, "Emma, I'm not putting the plan up all the way into action yet. I'm working it out. Please, let me know what you would change so I can work with that information." He then rubs under his glases. "I'm trying to make sense of what and who we have to work with." He watches Bobby storm out. "Oh for shit's sake, Bobby, I need —-" He looks back at Logan; probably the one person now who might agree with him. "Five school busses. We'll have Forge find a way to help shield them and keep them off the radar. Five teachers to drive. We'll provide cover. So will New Mutants."

With a jolt, Scott looks at Logan, "Senior team as a hit squad to move in and out? It's a little risky but I think it can work. Perhaps we can work with Stark on getting this team trained and mobile. You, Hawkeye, Black Widow, that merc that the Avengers recruited, and maybe Kitty. She'd help get the team in out and out. Stark and I can defend the school." He then looks at Ororo, "If we have the Avengers come here, then it looks like we're worth the attack." He looks back at Emma, "Does this plan work for you?

"Yes, that plan works for me." Emma says with a quick glance over her shoulder at the team before she snaps a hand out to grab at Bobby's shirt and grab his mind to prevent him from walking. "Wait." She commands. With a sigh she presses her mind out towards the snow man's, showing him what her plan is, why she can't be a member of the x-men, how this school is her utmost priority. Ororo and Logan are both forgotten at the moment. So much is going on and so much of it is more difficult than she ever expected.

Ororo says nothing else. She stands there. She looks calm.

Bobby is grabbed by his shirt and then pulls away quickly. "No you are not. Its suicide." he glares at Emma, "She wants to go after Trask by herself." no he isn't going to keep that a secret. "That is selfish. Trying to be a hero on your own. You are insane and I am out of here! Do not touch me again."

"Keep runnin' yer mouth like that Bobb I'll be happy to shut if for ya," Logan did pick out one detail. Trask. His gaze went to the map, "What do we know about this Trask guy?" He wanted intel on his new target. Old habbits from Weapon X that still lingered.
"And don't do school busses fer the kids too obvious," he gave Scott that just read "what the hell were you thinking?!"They were on the same book just in different chapters. *

With a smirk, Scott says, "I was thinking of having Forge work on that image projector hologram. Mask the busses. The students won't know that they are escaping into 'garbage' trucks leaving the facilty." He then looks back at Ororo who was oddly quiet. That bothers him almost as much as he and Logan becoming MySpace BFFs right now. He then looks at Bobby, "Trask? She wants to go off and take him out? Have her wait. We'll get that strike force led by Logan here to take him out without her getting killed. She can be a part."

He looks back at Emma, "You, Ororo, Douglock. We'll get the Avengers lined up to work with you on getting intel. I'm thinking Tony might be a better candiate." He then pauses, "Rogers, me, and Drake. We'll be the rescue team."

Emma sighs and lets go of Bobby's shirt. "You'll regret it and she'll hate you." Emma says, showing Bobby an image of Marie with pure rage aimed at him. "Stay and help those here who need you." Emma whispers and looks back at Scott, no words are spoken though she gives everyone a glance. Scott, Ororo, Logan and the back of Bobby's head. She is beyond it. She's silent and accepting that her plan to work alone will not be tolerated.
Scott is so sleeping on the couch tonight!
Jean's couch.
Scott can work with that.

Ororo watched the members of her team, Scott planning wildly, Logan threatening Bobby, Emma mind conversing privately… The woman with the white hair glanced down at the conference table and she reached forward to shut the display off. It collapsed in on itself and she walked around the table to stand on the side that Emma had first been at. She stood there and stared at them all. She waited. She watched. She did not speak.

Bobby can't even move and isn't very happy about this at all. "I wish the Professor was around more. He'd never be happy with you using your powers against me this way." he glares at Emma now though does notice Storm stepping forward. "Then do it, Logan. If it will make you feel better then hit me. We are a member down right now and no one seems to give a damn. Most of the students don't even know why she isn't around."

Logan stared at Bobby. He looked at everyone, "We need to take some time off before we loose it." An image was on his mind. Without saying a word Logan stood up, "Chuck would be ashamed of us right now." Then in a whisper he said, "Jean too," then tried to make his way to the door. He knew action had to happen. Him and Scott were on the same page, mostly. However, Emma had valid points and Bobby's sense of loyalty wasn't misplace djust his anger.
From afar, Emma nods. Emma would tell anyone who asked though. Though no one's asked her.

"Didn't I just say that we can get Marie to step down and work with us?" asks Scott. He feels like no one is listening to him. Except for Logan. That's the scary part. "I swear, I'm in the Twilight Zone tonight." He gathers his items, "Emma, release Bobby. Let him go. Logan and I need to work with him to go help Marie." He then looks at Logan, "Right, we'll meet up in the AM to see if we've calmed down and figure out the next step together. As a team."

That's when Emma vanishes, as if Kurt snatched her away. She hid herself from their mental presences, preventing them from seeing her or the effects she has on the environment. She releases Bobby and makes her way upstairs, and from there, who knows.

"Rogue is fine." Storm said softly then from her place at the front of the table. "She is with her family, she is happy, she is safe, she is fine." She told them all in her calm voice. "Bobby, Rogue needs you to be here… she is resting and she will return when she is ready." She held her eye contact with the Iceman. "I need you here too. We all do." Her eyes went to Scott then. "Scott, you and Logan have crafted an acceptable plan… If you truly can get a cloaking device working on transportation… then I support it. Remember, both of you…" She looked to Logan. "We are not yet under any attack. There is no current reason for us to be on-knife's-edge. Or at one another's throats." A short pause. "If you two can continue to work together, in harmony, then make your plan ready… incase things do go south." She exhaled softly, hoping that she'd be heard this time.

Bobby about stumbles as he is finally released. Listening to Storm he sighs deeply. Indeed he wishes the Professor was around and there would be less chaos. At this point he doesn't even know what the plan is anymore. He is the youngest one here.. So not like his voice or opinion matters. "Fine." is said simply with a shrug, "Good night." though he waits in case there is anything else before leaving.

Logan nodded at Storm. She had some good points. He had his reasons for being the way ehe did. Looking at Scott Logan gave a nod to say "I'll meet ya somewhere to hammer out the deitals," then he slipped off to try and think of some contingencies while trying to clear his head.

* END *

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