2015-07-31 New Avengers Members
Recently, I met with Tony to discuss the idea of having Felicia Hardy, AKA, the Black Cat, join the Avengers. While I rejected the idea of her joining, I realized that by doing so, I caused an issue by not allowing others the chance to speak out. As such, I would like to put forth that from here on out, that when we want to have a new member join the squad, that we put it forth as a vote and allow others to speak out on it. As a committee, I think it would do well if the votes were handled by the original members of the Avengers: Tony, Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Thor, and myself, but everyone is allowed a voice in speaking for or against someone. What are your thoughts on this?
As such - I put forth for nomination, if he decides to accept - Spider-Man. No, we do not know his real identity, but having worked with him in the past, he seems to be quick to pick up on an issue, a fast thinker and strategizer, and could work well within the team dynamic, as he did recently. The only negative I can think of is J. Jonah Jameson's apparent issues with him bleeding onto us should he join, but I think we can smooth that over. Feel free to share your opinions.
Reported by Captain America on 2015-07-31
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